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Published by CTM Media Inc, 2022-06-27 21:20:35

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BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE | ISSUE 11 ISSN 2771-5159 How to Track Your Fitness THE CANNABIS Industry's Impact on Search Rankings on Google Top 5 Ways To Boost Sales Tips for Dressing like a powerful entrepreneur kathy motlagh CEO ThinkVirtues

ADVERTISING WITH US Advertise with Business Insight Magazine and reach thousands of people. Let us help you reach the right audience at the right time by customizing your target CONTACT US TODAY [email protected]

ADVERTISING WITH US Advertise with Business Insight Magazine and reach thousands of people. Let us help you reach the right audience at the right time by customizing your target CONTACT US TODAY [email protected]

ADVERTISING WITH US Advertise with Business Insight Magazine and reach thousands of people. Let us help you reach the right audience at the right time by customizing your target CONTACT US TODAY magazi[email protected]

© Copyright 2022, All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial, pictorial, or advertisements created for use in The business insight magazine, in any manner, without written permission from the publisher, is prohibited. EXCLUSIVE Tips for dressing like a ThinkVirtues 59powerful entrepreneur 8and Kathy Motlagh By Kate Wordsmith Inflation is getting 18 How to Track Your 64 worse in America Fitness By Jennet Williams By Tina Jackson Keep Your Team Bikinis are 71 increasingly popular Energized with 22 nowadays These 6 Remote Work Best Practices By Ruth Gill The Cannabis EDITOR IN CHIEF Industry's Impact ANIL ANWAR 30on Search Rankings FRONT COVER FEATURED KATHY MOTLAGH on Google DESIGN, PRODUCTION The Top 5 Ways to CAPITOL TIMES MEDIA 36Boost Sales PUBLISHER CAPITOL TIMES MEDIA Let's Talk About 40 Sex The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Today’s Workforce By Nikki Fielding Short dresses: 48 Website Why are they so popular? Email [email protected] By Kate Wordsmith ISSN Print: 2771-5159 The best GPS fleet Digital: 2771-5167 tracking systems and 58software of 2022

TKHAINTKHVYIRMTOUTELSAAGNHDBUSINESSINSIGHTMAGAZINEISSUE11|PAGE08 What if I told you, you don’t have a communication problem, imposter syndrome problem, leadership problem, team problem or parenting problem. You have a thinking problem. Human beings entertain between 60 to 90 thousand thoughts per day. This leaves you vulnerable to several thinking problems, missed opportunities and subject to a never-ending stream of mental chatter. The problem with mental chatter is it doesn’t allow you to focus on your desired outcomes, causing you to become a victim of your own thinking. Afterall, you cannot escape yourself. So, what can you do to significantly change the uncontrollable chatter in your mind? First and foremost, manage and elevate the quality of your thoughts. Next, understand how your thoughts dictate your life. What we think about, and the meanings we assign to circumstances, people, and situations, give rise to our feelings. Then, the way we feel impacts how we show up in the world.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 09 If you feel good, you are more effective and powerful. In order to change your circumstances, behavior and the way you contribute and show up in the world, you must change this vicious cycle with a virtuous cycle. Ask yourself: Where does your mind go when you face a challenging situation? How do others occur to you? What meanings do you assign to an unkind act? How do these thoughts make you feel? Do these thoughts serve you? Here is a fun fact. We are ‘meaning The majority of people fall into thoughts making’ machines! We make up stories of competition, lack and limitation, about everything. Everyone does! If a which paralyze their full potential in all crowd witnesses a car accident, each areas of life. The foundational problem person will have their own perspective is that we don’t have a method or or story about the accident. We do this framework to cultivate healthier in our lives and in business. contemplation. We have a thinking problem. The problem is a good percentage of the meanings we make and the thoughts we This is not our fault. Our educational entertain are fear based and negative. system does not teach us how to think The unfortunate consequence of fear- differently, creatively and how to based thinking is that it impedes our effectively manage our minds. There are connections to people, hinders our no time and resources dedicated to growth and development and holds us nurturing and cultivating a more positive back from our full potential. way of thinking that elevates and unites us. I don’t know about you, but I want to consistently improve my thoughts and So we are left with thoughts that are meanings in order to get accurate predominantly negative, self-sabotaging, results. In addition, new thinking leads and cause us to contract. Consciously or to an improved emotional state and a unconsciously, this crushes us to our healthier more successful life. core, and damages our potential in all

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11| PAGE 10 areas of life, from personal relationship problems to career and leadership problems. We have all encountered “finger pointers” in our lives. You know, those who never take responsibility for their actions. I get it. It is far easier to point a finger than to own up to our shortcomings. The key to living fully in our power and virtues is to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. Personal responsibility plays a pivotal role in how we show up to others and how successful we are in life. Gaining the required skills to own our mind movement becomes a necessary part of our personal development and empowerment. You’re probably thinking, 60 to 90 thousand thoughts, how do I manage all those thoughts? How do you fix my thinking problem? After decades of research and work with some of the world’s most talented and brilliant people in the world, we understand at ThinkVirtues that each person needs an outlet and a support for their own unique journey. It’s not a one shoe fits all. This is where we come in. Here are some things to think about: Are you experiencing problems with your spouse? Do you feel misunderstood at work or among your teammates? Do you feel like you are not appreciated in any or all areas of your life? Are you not seeing the fruits of your labor? Do you hold back on contributing in your personal or professional life, because you are afraid of something? If you said yes to any of these questions, you have a thinking problem. But I have some good news. There is HOPE! At ThinkVirtues, we have simple systems that are easy to adopt and that lead to massive results. When we address our thinking problem at its root and create a path to step into our AUTHENTIC POWER, everything changes. We gain meta-cognition; in other words, we notice an elevated way of thinking which gives rise to a higher consciousness. This leads to a greater sense of self and ability to accomplish anything.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 11 You gain a much higher self-concept. What does all of this have From this level of thinking, you can to do with business, you begin to think differently. You will find you will be far more empathetic and may ask? loving to yourself regarding your Nothing short of everything. circumstances, situations, and people encountered. How you feel is critically Without the fundamental changes in important and tied to how you your thoughts and thinking process, you collaborate vs. compete. cannot express your full potential. This is fact! It is not just a great idea we are This one area alone can make a big hoping will make a difference. It is a difference in your personal performance, proven system to enable you to be more, how you show up in the world, and the have more, and do more. value you add to your family, friends, When you take the time to do the inner and teams. This leaves me with one work, you will notice a huge shift in question, are you ready to make that your leadership ability. You will feel change and to see your world from a more creative, be inspired to be more new perspective? collaborative, and experience more The key to making this change is to balance. In short, you will win at the establish a more positive state that will game of life, at home and at work. This start to heal the different areas of our is called ROA (Return on Authenticity), life. The process allows you to improve which leads to a more balanced and your inner world while your outer world fulfilling lifestyle. In our experience follows. You will begin to heal with leadership training and relationships that were strained. development from Tech industries to the field of medicine and manufacturing, This elevated state of being and thinking they all have noticed massive ROA. gives you a new perspective and purpose ThinkVirtues, a unique and holistic in life. You will start to prioritize your coaching, consulting and education life differently, more in accordance with company, specializes in maximizing your authenticity, sense of purpose, and human potential. Think Virtues. Think beliefs. This newer sense of purpose Vitality. Think Victory. The company ignites passion, joy, and fulfillment.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 12 understand the needs and complexities that leaders and their companies face today. So, if you are thinking you are alone in this ever-changing world, you are NOT! The stakes are high and challenges are equally complex. Without a solid strategy to achieve an outstanding outcome, companies and leaders lose talented and valuable employees, fall behind on innovation, and become irrelevant and self-destructive. There is no better way to change the narrative than to change the way you show up in the world. It is inevitable that you take ownership of your results and start to establish a winning formula for success. For Leaders, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs Think Virtues. Think Vitality. Think Victory ThinkVirtues is not an average consulting/coaching firm. Working with us is truly different. Everything we do is uniquely designed to address the challenges our clients face. Even within the same organization, we approach different teams uniquely, because each person has different circumstances, backgrounds, and needs, hence, our powerful and transformational impact and efficacy. ThinkVirtues’ proprietary methods and frame works address the foundational issues, get to the core authentic self of each team member, and reveal each person’s unique gifts and talents. Our mission is for each colleague to experience an elevated sense of self-concept and a newfound appreciation of their unique gifts and talents. Think confidence. Think collaboration. Think outstanding. ThinkVirtues brings a new inner, unshakable confidence to each team member. Competition is replaced with collaboration and connection and teams create magical outcomes that lead to winning products and offerings. The results are not only higher profits, but also happier employees and clients, and more referrals, a true win/win situation. Leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs not only better understand themselves, but also better understand and connect with both team members and their clients. Sales increase due to a genuine client centric approach and a level of authenticity which lands well with people.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 13 For the leaders who really want to advance their companies rapidly, ThinkVirtues offers a Brand Brief, which becomes the company’s playbook. This invaluable tool is a road map that is used in all communication, public relation, sales and marketing. This tool alone has led to greater clarity in both organizations and teams, and has saved over 30% in costs such as marketing and advertising by creating consistency. Results from The Power of Authenticity, our signature and flagship workshop: Participants report a priceless experience after completing the workshop, leading to more fulfilled personal and professional lives. People discover their life purpose, tap into their full potential and creativity, and become more passionate about life. They also connect deeper with their personal relationships and become more successful at work. Graduates have reported back that they have received promotions, salary increases and feel happier and more balanced in life – a life changing experience. For Families and Parents – “If our family life is not working, nothing works !”Kathy Motlagh To lead our most productive lives, we must be confident that our home life is in a good place, and everyone is safe and happy. Congruency and connectedness to our family life enhances our experience. You cannot have one without the other. Happy, confident, resilient kids and teens don’t just happen because we are good parents. It takes intentional, purposeful strategy and planning to ensure our kids are on the right path to happiness and success. ThinkVirtues brings clarity and proven methods that prepare the whole family for life. ThinkVirtues connects and equips families to reach their deepest potential through tested and proven frameworks and methods that lead to meaningful results. Our community is filled with families that experience the joy and peace of mind of knowing that everyone is healthy and well. What’s more, we make it fun and engaging.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 14 ThinkVirtues offers several different levels of engagement to join our powerful community. Contact us to learn more and to find out which one is right for you and your family. For Corporations – “ThinkVirtues successfully addressed team disconnect. They literally created our dream team. It’s quite magical!” M. Johnson Tech Executive With simple, holistic and highly effective tools and frameworks, ThinkVirtues helps you understand what it takes to cultivate healthy teamwork and interactions. ThinkVirtues inspires self-realization, while cultivating a mindset that is grounded in purpose and drives positive transformative and lasting change. ThinkVirtuesfor business, designs and delivers concise solutions that are coherent with existing initiatives, accelerate team efforts and amplify leadership efficacy. This makes it possible for the organization to accomplish meaningful and sustainable results. “Meeting Kathy and participating in POA has been deeply impactful for me. I learned to tap into virtues that I didn’t even know were accessible to me…The work during the program has impacted my life for now and years to come.” L.S. Garcia COO International Consulting Firm Unfortunately, people lack clarity, unshakable confidence and the proven framework for building and actualizing the life they want. ThinkVirtues solves those issues and specializes in harnessing untapped potential and creating epic results. ThinkVirtues’work doesn’t end at work. They offer proven home tools for families, which make the coveted home/work life balance a reality for employees.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 15 Post pandemic, this has been an invaluable addition to most companies that have engaged with ThinkVirtues. When colleagues are happy at home, their work life also becomes happier, creating employees who are engaged, productive and loyal. We customize each engagement to the organization’s specific needs and desires, which accounts for such high efficacy and outstanding outcomes. We are passionate about helping our clients THRIVE! Innovation is another positive outcome from our engagement. Employees are mentally and emotionally healthier, reach limitless potential and contribute to the growth of the company as a whole. “I am very thankful for the POA…The opportunity to ‘crystalize’ my purpose, passion, and gifts…I am now laser focusedon life and business.” D. Garcia, C- Suite Executive

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 16 About Kathy Motlagh Kathy Motlagh is the CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkVirtues, a researcher and author. Her career began in the world of finance, an unlikely place for an artist who graduated from the School of Art Institute of Chicago, with a degree in Fine Arts and Design. But Motlagh states that her creativity has enabled her to succeed at greater heights, by forgoing the conventional way of thinking and innovation. This brought her to become the 6th highest female producer and income earner in the country by creating thriving and trusting communities. “It is true that I generated millions of dollars, but I was unfulfilled. I realized my passion was not about the money, but the virtues by which one succeeds,” Motlagh said.” I dove deep into researching human behavior, virtues, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. The result became ThinkVirtues.” Kathy is a certified speaker, author, leadership trainer, curriculum designer and strategist. She has successfully transformed the lives of individuals, leaders, families, teens, and teams. Kathy resides in Chicago with her two teenagers, who have grown up on the very program she offers to the parents and grandparents who are raising the next generation. “My organization raises the bar in personal and professional development. We focus on courageous, purpose-based, aspirational targeting, and excellent outcomes. We specialize on how to win in life, holistically,” she said. “Our systems and tools have been proven to work for people who are seeking a well-balanced life and who wish to thrive.” Authored by Kathy Motlagh To learn more about The innovative ways Kathy Motlagh and ThinkVirtues are empowering companies and individuals to cohesively prosper contact them at [email protected], or visit their website

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BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 18 Inflation is getting worse in America By Jennet Williams Statistics Bureau reported on June 10th that consumer prices were 8.6% higher than a year earlier, the highest rate of inflation since 1981. Month on month, consumer prices rose by 1%, almost double the 0.3% increase in April. A closely watched survey from the University of Michigan reported a record plunge in consumer sentiment. A stubbornly high inflation rate was the main reason Consumers now expect 3.3% inflation over the next five to ten years, up from just 3% a month earlier.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 19 The bond market now appears to have could be an unmitigated disaster for the shifted in a more hawkish direction Democratic Party, as the GOP is on instead of restraint. Several investors track to take control of both the Senate expect the Federal Reserve to increase and the House. Price trends will not be rates by half a percentage point on June looked at with the forensic eye of 15th, which will be its second straight American voters, or Mr Biden's increase. Some expect a three-quarters- responsibilities with such forbearance. point increase in July and September. Based on calculations by FiveThirtyEight, a website that analyzes polls Biden is disapproved of his performance 53.6%, and he is approved by 39.7%. In response to the inflation data, Wall Street's flagship index sank 5% since the central bank slammed on the brakes. Amazon, Tesla and other tech stocks are down even more. On one hand, inflation is much more than an American problem. Biden's administration, the economic frustrations are only getting worse as In Britain, consumer prices have been rising even faster, with a rate of 9.5% in April. The party of the president rarely prospers in mid-term elections, scheduled for November. High inflation

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 22 Keep Your Team Energized with These 6 Remote Work Best Practices By Ruth Gill The remote workplace will stay in 2020 and beyond. Remote work in 2022 will look a little different than in the past. The business world is a constantly changing environment, and this is no different. The remote workplace will stay in 2020 and beyond. Remote work in 2022 will look a little different than in the past. The business world is a constantly changing environment, and this is no different. To ensure that your team is energized, productive, and successful, what remote work best practices should you implement? Find out how I have kept my team energized, productive, and successful.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 23 The remote workplace will stay in 2020 and beyond. Remote work in 2022 will look a little different than in the past. The business world is a constantly changing environment, and this is no different. 2022: Best practices for remote work

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 24 It is probable that many business owners were skeptical when it came to the idea of working remotely. However, this experiment has shown us that working from home has a number of benefits, for example: Decreases turnover The ability to work from home boosts productivity (77%) Reduces business expenses Improves employee satisfaction Since the advent of remote working, there has been much evolution, from new communication tools to virtual events. More changes will come in the next couple of years. As a result, employers and business owners should follow these remote work best practices to ensure your teams stay safe, engaged, and productive.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 25 Keeping meetings to a minimum Make sure to plan ahead if you must have a meeting. I am referring to In business, you'll need meetings to setting a time limit and creating action discuss projects, issues, and more. But items. Instead of schedule the meeting, when meetings become unnecessary, write a memo or send a short email to you can end up having a problem. In sum up what will be discussed so you 2022, many companies will eliminate and your team can focus on bigger (some) meetings. things. Working too much in meetings is a distraction for two-thirds of workers. This leads to a number of negative effects on your business. By eliminating unnecessary meetings in the coming year, you'll be able to focus on your business.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 26 Health and mental well-being should be prioritized I'm not just talking about getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, etc., you need to keep remote employees healthy if you want them to be productive. It also takes care of your team's mental health to avoid burnout and poor performance. As a way of demonstrating your concern for your remote workers' mental health and wanting to prioritize it, you should: A decent time to sign off Enjoy team days and events with your team Maintain regular contact with them

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 27 Make sure your employees take periodic mental breaks to let their brains relax.Therefore, your team will not be burnt out and can perform as well as possible. Strengthening cybersecurity Easy enough to understand: remote work involves working from home. But what else does it mean? Greater cybersecurity risk. Enhancing cybersecurity is no surprise in this list of remote work best practices. As companies become more aware of the threat of cyberattacks, they are improving their cybersecurity training and prevention methods. What's the reason? Small businesses and remote workers are both at risk for cyber attacks. Cyberattacks on remote workers account for 67% of all attacks. Regularly train your employees in cybersecurity Strengthen your team's passwords by encouraging them to use strong and unique ones Work and personal devices should be used in strict accordance with policies Monitoring the remote working practices of employees Secure sensitive data Assign a team member to answer workers' security questions

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 28 Communicating with new technologies The advent of remote work meant that communication tools would help employees stay connected from different locations when working remotely. These tools include Zoom, Slack, and Google Hangouts. This won't change in 2022. You have probably started using video conferencing platforms and messaging apps to stay in touch with your team by now. These communication tools will continue to evolve and grow as more businesses go remote. Communicating well with your team, even when it is partially or fully remote, is an essential best practice.You should use as many communication tools as possible during your remote workweek so that both you and your employees can communicate effectively. You should also keep a watchful eye out for new trends in communication, such as voice conferencing tools, that may be useful for your remote business. We can take virtual breaks together It's long gone for many companies to However, other ways can be found for have watercooler conversations or group your team to interact and hang out lunches, especially if employees are during the day. Here are some ideas. geographically distributed. It's true-virtual breaks and team-building events boom in 2022. Many companies are experimenting with innovative ways to connect. virtual breaks every now and then to boost employee morale and break up the day at my company. Consider organizing virtual lunches or breaks for your team every now and then. They can have fun as well as increase communication, collaboration, and productivity thanks to it

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 29 Tools for tracking productivity Let's discuss the best practices for using productivity tracking tools in the workplace now that we've discussed communication tools. Working from home has indeed increased productivity for many employees. However, not every employee has experienced this increase. No matter where you work, you'll always have employees who are less productive at home. With a productivity tracker, you can keep an eye on your team's progress throughout the day, helping them to be more productive. The retention of employees can be enhanced by using time tracking apps and monitoring the amount of time spent on the computer. For now, instead of implementing tracking tools, you can encourage your employees to make lists, avoid multitasking, and minimize distractions so they can be more productive.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 30 The Cannabis Industry's Impact on Search Rankings on Google

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 31 SEO in the cannabis industry is based heavily on keyword research. In order for the cannabis industry to grow with Google over the years, keyword research must be solid and consistent. There is constant change and evolution in the cannabis industry. Accurate and up-to-date information is becoming more and more important as the industry grows. You can track these trends by using Google Search. In order to better understand what people in the cannabis industry are searching for, we can study the search data from Google.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 32 When looking at Google searches to find out what people are looking for in relation to the cannabis industry, we can get a better idea of what they are looking for. This information can be used by businesses to make decisions about marketing and product development that will be more effective. In the cannabis industry, search terms that are regularly used include: \"cannabis stocks\", \"cannabis legalization\", \"cannabis jobs,\" and \"cannabis delivery.\" We can get a strong sense of what the industry is interested in from these terms. We predict that search trends will continue to change as the cannabis industry continues to grow. Cheapest weed Canada is always changing and evolving. Search terms used to find information about an industry change as the industry changes.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 33 It is easy to keep track of new cannabis The popularity of voice search is another industry trends with Google Trends. You trend to be aware of. People are can stay on top of what people are increasingly using voice search to find looking for by tracking the most popular information online using devices like the keywords. These keywords reflect the Amazon Echo and Google Home. current trend toward greater accessibility Therefore, keywords should not be to cannabis products and services. Others typed, but spoken in a natural way. It that are popular right now are \"cannabis might be better to ask a question like delivery,\" \"cannabis dispensary,\" and “Which is the best cannabis dispensary in \"cannabis edible.\" Denver? Keep up with the latest trends in the How has the cannabis industry as it continues to grow. cannabis Search engine Google Trends can industry provide this information. There is changed increasing competition for rankings in over time? Google searches as the cannabis industry grows. It is essential to understand the latest trends in cannabis industry keywords so as to stay competitive and ensure that your dispensary is easily found online. Long-tail keywords are becoming increasingly popular. More specific and descriptive keywords are better than shorter, more general ones. If you search for a long-tail keyword like \"cannabis dispensary Denver\", you are likely to find much fewer results than if you searched for a short-tail keyword such as \"cannabis\".

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 34 CBD has grown in popularity Cannabis plants contain a number of compounds, including CBD. CBD has no psychoactive effects, so you won't get \"high\" on it. It has also been shown that CBD can help relieve anxiety and pain. Cannabis industry professionals are becoming more and more interested in CBD because of its potential health benefits. Searches for \"CBD oil\" have risen by 140% since 2013

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BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 36 The Top 5 Ways to Boost Sales 5 secrets can help stoke your overall sales performance and help your business grow like it has never been before! Create a clear vision and mission statement Understanding your business niche and defining your vision and mission will help your business function smoothly, thereby bringing your sales to new heights.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 37 Identify your best strengths and what you Give them the attention they deserves! can leverage for expansion. Perform When you think about what your thorough research on how much your customer will purchase, you should prospects are willing to pay, their likes consider that it will be something they and dislikes. shall use and find valuable, and they won't settle for anything ordinary. Divide your mission into Which tactics will you use to persuade specific goals them to buy your products? In order to achieve this goal, you need to highlight Break down your vision into specific and emphasize what makes your product goals for each division. Create several so strong, and how this will reduce his activity goals that you can control, such costs. Also, it is imperative to show your as proposals per month, referrals, etc. product's benefits and how it will help Then set result goals to measure how solve the problem for your client in order well you are doing. Specific goals to stand out from the crowd. energize your efforts. Sell to the customer needs Go Digital Selling your product is all about the Digital isn't the only thing successful customer. businesses do. The digital world is controlled by them using the full range of their abilities.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 38 To shape the customer experience directly, they build a network of electronic commerce platforms. As the statistics from US retail show, this trend is gaining popularity. The majority of US retail sales are conducted through some kind of digital platform and some of them involve online research at times as well. Most sales leaders take advantage of this trend by using readily available PowerPoint templates to support the growth and expansion of their companies. Some of the world's most renowned organizations use this strategy in order to establish themselves as market leaders. Sell with purpose It is crucial that you know why you want to sell. Every step of the way, you should know your purpose as well as why you are doing it. Identify the target audience, why you're selling to them, what you're going to tell them, what you will say to them, what will be your proposal and how you'll introduce yourself to them. Getting help or guidance will help you at each step of the selling process if you are unsure of what you are doing.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 40 Let’s Talk About Sex The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Today’s Workforce By Nikki Fielding In light of the events that have transpired the past couple years there is general alignment that corporate culture must be changed to better prioritize work life balance, truly solve for issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and recognize and provide resources for team members struggling with their mental health. As a society we were collectively traumatized Photo By Trevor Bennion by the Covid Pandemic, and this triggered in many unresolved and unhealed trauma in their personal lives. It has also shined a light on the failings of our systems to provide resources that promote true healing and freedom from the mental and emotional burdens related to unresolved trauma. Let’s start with defining trauma.

Photo By Robert Taylot BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 41 Many associate it with a distressing or disturbing experience however the true definition is that trauma is the emotional response to that distressing event. Typical reactions include shock and denial immediately following the event and longer-term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships, and even physical health symptoms including headaches, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, depression, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and others. It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy. Our E-motions are simply energy in motion. When this energy becomes trapped in our somatic experience it creates blockages that impact how we relate to ourselves and others. This disconnect or dissociation can create a separation of normally related mental processes and what we commonly label as mental health disorders.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 42 How does corporate culture have the potential to exacerbate this collective trauma? Traditionally it has been unacceptable to discuss topics deemed “unprofessional” in the workplace. These may include religion, sex, drugs, traumatic experiences, and others. However, the best way to increase awareness is through story telling. As humans we are all connected. We are all one and it is natural to genuinely feel for another soul who shares their story of hardship. We want to comfort them. We want to understand their pain and let them know they are not alone. We relate if not to their experience to their emotional response to the experience. I enjoy looking to children as my teachers for how we are meant to show up in this world before societal and family belief system programming teaches us to show up in ways that are deemed “acceptable.” Children are so quick to forgive. Quick to express the full spectrum of human emotions and (arguably for any parents of toddlers or pre-teen through teenage children) to get over that emotion once it is released perhaps in a fit of rage or crying. Society has taught us that it is unacceptable to express certain emotions and the workplace is often no exemption from that rule. I’m not suggesting that we welcome three-nager style tantrums in the workplace.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 43 However, how many have wanted to cry Some still operate from the belief system at work for any variety of reasons and that this is an issue of male on female choked back tears or in some cases let aggression. However that is simply not them flow and are immediately true. Men and boys experience high overwhelmed with guilt and shame for instances of sexual abuse and trauma. this display of raw human emotion? Or Women may be victims or abusers. This felt angry and unable to express this and is a collective issue. A human issue. later projected onto a loved one? This repressing of emotions or the resulting Not a gender issue. According to low vibrational emotions of guilt and RAINN, 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys shame can be a micro-trauma in itself. under the age of 18 experience sexual Energy is meant to be processed and abuse or assault at the hands of an adult. released and there needs to be space to do so in the workplace in healthy ways However, these are likely skewed as that do not cause harm to others. It is many cases go unreported by and men the responsibility of business leaders to are often less likely to report their abuse. create a culture of psychological safety More men fail to disclose their abuse to for their teams where people have even their parents or most trusted circle. resources to process and release their emotions. One of the traditionally taboo This bears discussion and increased topics in the workplace is sex. However awareness by today’s business leaders. we are disregarding the alarming stats related to the percentage of people who As the numbers cannot be easily have experienced childhood sexual extrapolated to all geographies let’s trauma (CSA) and/or sexual assault, assume that the workforce is 47% female sexual violence, or rape. There may be and 53% male. This means that using no truly accurate stats tracking this as potentially drastically under-reported many victims do not feel comfortable numbers in a company with 500 reporting their experience connecting employees a minimum 26+ women and human to human as a healer and being 5+ men have experienced childhood engaged on social media where so many sexual abuse. Based on anecdotal are bravely sharing their stories has feedback the true number is likely taught me it is more common than not. significantly higher. CSA survivors are likely to experience long term effects including anxiety and panic attacks, self- destructive behaviors, addictions, insomnia, and PTSD.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 44 Living in a state of fight or fight is a Behavior that does not fall under the tremendous energetic drain and can scope of sexual harassment or policies rapidly escalate to burnout when that are clearly covered in the workplace combined with the demands of the legally and culturally may still be workplace. An employee suffering from triggering and traumatizing. Sexual burnout is often unable to perform to trauma survivors experienced a lack of their full potential or possibly even at all. consent. And lack of consent is too often As a survivor of CSA, sexual assault, present in the workplace. Unwelcome sexual violence, and rape this issue and unwanted touching, comments, and played out in my work experience more jokes that may have been an attempt at than once. Severe burnout was humor or even flattery can lead to experienced that resulted in taking a feelings of instability and even panic in year’s leave of absence from the those suffering from sexual trauma. workplace and later another extended break to seek treatment for PTSD and These often escalate in celebratory resulting physical health conditions. As gatherings like conferences or someone with a history of above average networking events that occur after hours performance in the workplace -this or where alcohol is present. As someone represents a risk to employers. I share who prides herself on a good sense of my story only in an effort to use my humor, I’m not suggesting that there is voice to speak for the countless others no space to joke with one another. As a who have experienced the same. While hugger I hope there is always space to it may not be the sole responsibility of greet others who desire one with a warm business leaders to solve this issue it is hug. However, it is the responsibility of of vital importance to their bottom line. the person initiating the behavior to ensure that the person on the receiving Attracting and retaining top talent is end consents to it. Ask before initiating extremely important to all organizations physical contact. Ensure the other party looking to grow and continue being is open to jokes that touch on any relevant in today’s rapidly changing potentially sensitive topics. And above work ecosystem. Avoiding this all else simply be kind. We never know discussion or labeling topics as “taboo” what anyone else is going through or or “unprofessional” may result in losing what battles they are fighting. A kind top performers. smile and kind words can make a

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 45 tremendous impact. We’re all likely to responsibility of senior level leadership recall an example where we were having to offer work life balance and benefits a really hard time and the kind words of that address all aspects of our health a stranger touched our hearts in such including physical, mental, financial, deep and meaningful ways. True servant emotional, and spiritual health. The good leadership requires business leaders to news is that there is a wide array of BE the example for their teams. Be healing modalities available that help willing to not only create and document release trauma from our somatic and these policies but to share their own energetic experience. Businesses must stories and lead with integrity by have a focus on profitabilityto continue embodying their values through action. to operate and employ their teams butit’s important to note that these are typically Our words and actions and how we FAR less costly than covering medical relate to one another matters. Simply expenses for the resulting chronic put: Culture Matters. We reach others physical and mental health through our shared experiences. We can conditionsthat arise from unhealed only shift beliefs and awareness when trauma and even more so when we are brave enough to have employee turnover is considered.More conversations and hold space to truly than anything, the focus should always listen to the person sharing. be on PEOPLE over PROFITS. In future articles I look forward to sharing Vulnerability is strength and creating more in depth on some of these healing opportunities to discuss both hardships modalities including meditation, and struggles as well as share hero breathwork, somatic healing, sound stories of healing and recovery inspires healing, ecstatic dance, tantra, and others to show up for those who are various styles of energy healing down and be motivated by those who’ve including reiki, shamanic healing, and overcome their own personal battles. others. These have been widely With a culture of psychological safety practiced in many eastern and tribal team members feel safe to discuss what cultures since ancient times but are less is really occurring in their lives outside common in western cultures. There is so of the workplace and how that impacts much to be learned from cultures who their performance and mindset in the have practiced alternative healing workplace. It makes people feel more connected and less alone. It is the

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 46 Photo By Robert Taylot Photo By Trevor Bennion modalities with great success for thousands of years. Despite advancements in western medical system, access to some of the most developed technology, and traditional mental health therapy modalities we are experiencing a global mental health crisis. It’s time we opened our minds to the full spectrum of healing modalities and find ways to make all of these modalities accessible to all. Everyone deserves to heal. Divine healing is possible for all who choose to claim it, embody the belief it is possible, and take action to make lifestyle changes to support it. We live in a world of miracles and it’s time we expect to receive them. Calling on business leaders to step up and lead the charge bringing true healing to the workforce. How do you repay someone who offers you freedom from potentially life long emotional burdens? Never been much of a gambler but betting it is with loyalty and performing to the best of your abilities with consistency and a positive attitude. Who wouldn’t want that person on their team? Every single human has the potential to be that person. Let’s help people heal and show up as their highest selves in both their work and personal lives.

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BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 48 Short dresses: Why are they so popular? By Kate Wordsmith Do you plan on wearing a short dress? You may want to listen to Rihanna's track Skin. By wearing a short hemline, you will set the mood for fun, flirty and fresh. Whether you're looking to impress your new hot date or simply get his or her attention and admiration, showing your legs might be the way to go. Today, being unique and quirky is more important than just knowing what's in style. Style is about your own personal flair. High and exciting hemlines evoke a unique look that is sure to add style, charisma, and flair to any look. The hemlines themselves can make you look sexier and more sophisticated.

BUSINESS INSIGHT MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 | PAGE 49 Wear flats instead of heels to personalize the look. Try on flats with short skirts to see how they impact the length of your legs. You don't want to spend all your time pulling your dress down. The hem should flow naturally, without exposing too much or requiring manual adjustments. Change your underwear if necessary in case you see visible panty lines. Last but not least, be aware of proportions. Covering your arms can make you feel less exposed, as a balance to exposing your legs.

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