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Published by 19bch063, 2022-07-21 17:53:42

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VISION To be a leading Chemical Engineering Department imparting quality education and conducting research in chemical and allied areas for the sustainable development of the society. MISSION To develop and mentor socially responsible, environmentally conscious and ethically upright professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills. To interact continuously with the industry and society at large to respond effectively to their needs. To develop modern chemical engineering laboratories and research facilities. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY NIRMA UNIVERSITY CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 2

FOREWORD I am glad to note that Chemical Engineering Department is publishing the twenty first volume of the Departmental Newsletter “CHEMFLASH”. The newsletter reflects the extensive collection of important data like activities of faculty members, students, expert lectures, industrial training, academic co-curricular activities etc. during the period of January - June 2022. I am sure, this newsletter will serve as a medium to use the information concerning departmental activities and proceeding for continuous growth. I congratulate and thank to all the faculty members for helping in this small endeavor of the Department and in particular Dr. Leena Bora for coordinating the same. I wish this News Letter to be a success. Head Chemical Engineering Department Institute of Technology, Nirma University. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 3

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to thank the Head of the Department for extending his kind support in implementing the changes which I felt incorporating in the latest volume of CHEMFLASH. I would not forget expressing a sense of gratitude to the student representatives for providing a helping hand in the construction of this newsletter. I would also thank Mr. Dhaval Oza for compiling and editing newsletter data. Dr. Leena Bora Coordinator Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Mr. Dhaval Oza Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 4

TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr. No. TOPIC PAGE 1 Glimpses of the Department 6 2 Faculty Members 7 3 Purchase Detail 8 4 Environmental Audit 8 5 Details of Research Scholars 9 6 Journal Publications 10 7 Academic Performance of Students in Last Year 12 8 Curricular and Co-curricular Activities of Students 14 9 Student Selected Through Campus Placement 18 10 Students' Association News 19 11 Art Section 25 12 Writing Section 26 13 Students' Association Members 27 CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 5

1. GLIMPSES OF THE DEPARTMENT The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Technology, Nirma University is a vibrant and dynamic department, with young and enthusiastic academic staff members consisting of a Head & Professor, 2 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors, 3 Laboratory Assistants and 1 Office Assistant. Quality in academics and a whirlpool of personality enhancing activities have geared the students for the future and prepared them to take new challenges, to explore new avenues and to realize, cherish as well as fulfill their dreams. Inherent strength, values, teamwork, dedication & vision steam the confidence of the students. The dedicated staff-members keep themselves updated about the recent developments in their fields of interest, beyond the curriculum and are actively engaged in the research and consultancy activities. They are also provided an exposure to the environment of the industry parallel to academics. The expert lectures beyond the curriculum are regularly organized by the department. The faculty counselors counsel the students from time to time for their career development. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 6

2. FACULTY MEMBERS Sr. Name of Faculty Designation Email-Id No. Members 1 Dr. Sanjay Patel Professor & Head [email protected] 2 Dr. Jayesh Ruparelia 3 Dr. Milind Joshipura Professor [email protected] 4 Dr. Nimish Shah 5 Dr. Mamta Saiyad Professor [email protected] 6 Dr. Amit Kumar 7 Dr. R. N. Reddy Associate Professor [email protected] 8 Dr. Shibu Pillai 9 Dr. Leena Bora Associate Professor [email protected] 10 Dr. Nikita Chokshi 11 Dr. Neha Patni Assistant Professor [email protected] 12 Dr. Sandip Sharma 13 Dr. Ankur Dwivedi Assistant Professor [email protected] 14 Dr. Amita Chaudhary Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] Assistant Professor [email protected] CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 7

ACTIVITIES OF FACULTY MEMBERS 3. PURCHASE DETAIL Sr. Month, Year Name of the Apparatus/ Equipment Cost (Rs.) No. Purchased 1 February 2022 COD Digester Open Reflux 39259.00 140000.00 2 March 2022 Interacting-Non Interacting Tank Flow Syaytem 22890.00 3 March 2022 Hot Air Oven 4 March 2022 Orbital Shaker 124549.00 Total 3,26,298.00 4. ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT Sr. No. Company Amount (Rs.) Audit Work 1 Bodal Chemical Ltd. 1,10,814 2 Mayur Dyechem Intermediates Ltd. 1,39,536 Total 2,50,350 /- CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 8

5. DETAILS OF RESEARCH SCHOLARS Sr. Area of Research Research Scholars/JRF Name of Guide No. Kangana Pareshbhai Bhatt Desai Harsh Mayurbhai Dr. S. S. Patel/ 1 Solid Waste Management Dr. R.N. Patel Sidhartha Sondh (JRF) 2 Nano-polymers for Drug Dr. Nimish Delivery Shah/ Dr. Tejal Mehta Municipal Solid Waste 3 Management using Plasma Dr. S.S.Patel/ Dr. R.N.Patel/ Dr. Pyrolysis Darshit Upadhyay CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 9

6. JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS Sr. Title of Paper Name of Faculty Name of Vol. / issue, Latest No. Member Journal Page No. Impact Year of Factor Publication 1 Dye-sensitized Solar Amita Chaudhary, Inorganic January- 2.495 Cells With Garima Dwivedi, Chemistry 2022, Polyaniline: A Guncha Munjal, Communication Volume No- Review Ashok N s 135, Bhaskarwar Page No- 109087. 2 Effect Of Physical Amita Chaudhary, Environmental January- 4.223 Properties Of Ashok N Science And 2022, Synthesized Protic Bhaskarwar Pollution Volume No- Ionic Liquid On Research 1. Carbon Dioxide Absorption Rate 3 Experiments On Amit Kumar, Amit International February- 1.53 2022, Liquid Film Kumar Thakur, Journal Of Volume No- 1. Thickness Around Gajendra Kumar Chemical Taylor Finger Gaurav, Narasimha Reactor Reddy Ravuru Engineering 4 Comparative Study Sharma Sandip Research February- Of Ozone-based Prahladbhai, Journal Of 2022, Aops For Ruparelia Jayesh P Chemistry And Volume No- Degradation Of Environment 26. Page Reactive Red 120 No.41-46 5 Novel Oxygen Shibu G Pillai, Biointerface March- Research In 2022, Fused Bicyclic Keyur D. Bhatt, Applied Volume No- Chemistry 13. Page Derivatives And Vishal Rana No.130-141 Antioxidant Labelling: Bioactive Chalcone Based Green Synthesis CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 10

6 Value-Added Products Chaudhary Material April-2022, From Waste Plastics Using Amita, Mohit Today Volume No-57. Dissolution Technique Dave, Darshit S Proceedings Page No.1730- Upadhyay 1737 6 Novel Edifice Pillai Shibu Talanta open April-2022, Calix[4]Pyrrole Derivatives Gopinathan, Volume No-5. As A Potential Sensor For Ajay L. Desai, Page The Detection Of Analytes Keyur D. Bhatt No.100115 And In Silico Computational Behaviour 8 A strategic review on Sidhartha Journal of April-2022, 9.297 Municipal Solid Waste Volume No- (living solid waste) Sondh, Darshit Cleaner 356. management system focusing on policies, S. Upadhyay, Production selection criteria and techniques for waste-to- Sanjay Patel, value Rajesh N. Patel 9 A theoretical investigation Ankur Pandya, Physica E: May-2022, 3.38 on germanene/graphene Saumil Desai, Low- Page No- composite pressure sensor Keyur Sangani, dimensional 115308. under pre- stressed Nikunj Joshi, Systems and condition Ankur Dwivedi, Nanostructur Dhiren Pandit, es Prafulla K. Jha 10 A kinetic model and Sudip Indian May-2022, Page No-44574 parameters estimate for the Banerjee, Chemical synthesis of 2- Mohammad Engineer phenyloctane: a starting Aurangjeb and material of bio-degradable Amit Kumar surfactant 11 A critical review on Amit K.Thakur, Journal of Volume 362, 15 6.633 September thermodynamic and Rahul Kumar, Molecular 2022, 119663 hydrodynamic modeling V.K.Vipin Liquids and simulation of liquid Kumar, Amit antisolvent crystallization of Kumar, pharmaceutical compounds GajendraKuma r Gaurav, Kaushal Naresh Gupta CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 11

7. ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS IN LAST YEAR 2nd Year Merit Roll No. Name PPI 1 8.88 2 21BCH505 Patel Aarchis Yogeshbhai 8.86 3 20BCH033 Shaikh Mohammed Aqeel Abdul Wahid 8.77 4 20BCH001 Abhishek Narendra Baraiya 8.74 5 20BCH030 Agrawal Manav Rajubhai 8.7 20BCH057 Patel Sahil Irfan Yakub PPI 3rd Year 9.29 9.02 Merit Roll No. Name 1 9 2 19BCH019 Khant Prachee Devendra 8.63 3 8.61 4 19BCH043 Patel Kushal Pravinbhai 5 19BCH027 Mallik Ankita Barun 20BCH506 Patel Vaibhav Dineshbhai 19BCH025 Makani Keyur Prafulbhai 4th Year Merit Roll No. Name PPI 1 18BCH026 Kevin S Vadaliya 9.67 2 18BCH032 Mansuri Zaid Ashraf 9.42 3 18BCH018 Kenil Gajera 9.03 4 18BCH023 Kaashvi Greeven Kharawala 9.03 5 18BCH054 Rokadia Zulfiqar Mazahirbhai 8.82 CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 13

STUDENTS’ CORNER Students’ Co-Curricular and Extra- Curricular Activities The entire Chemical engineering department congratulates the following students who excelled at paper presentations and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at the state / national level during the period covered. Life does not only include studies. Students have hobbies that re quire enhancement. So extra-curricular activities provide a forum for the student to show their abilities and it also allows students to loosen up their burden of studies and have refreshment. Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in 21st Century life and workplaces. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 14

8. CURRICULAR AND CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES OF STUDENTS Sr. Name of Event Position No. Name Sem Roll No. Event Name/Sports Secured Alwasi Abhimanu Event 1 Zankhwala annual VolleyBall 1st Rank 2 Harvin Patel 6 19bch074 sports Group Dance Group Dance 2nd 3 Shruti Mishra Anvehsan Group Dance position 2 21bch021 2022 Group Dance 4 Dhruvi Rathore 2nd Anvehsan position 2 21bch061 2022 2nd Anvehsan position 2 21bch015 2022 2nd Yatharth Anvehsan position 5 Agrawal 2 21bch002 2022 Ansh Harendra Anvehsan 1st Runner Up 6 Singh 4 20bch004 2022 Group Dance Group Dance 2nd 7 Tanisha Jain Anvehsan Group Dance Position 2 21bch022 2022 Group Dance Group Dance 2nd Anvehsan Group Dance position 8 Dhwani Thacker 2 21bch016 2022 Group Dance 2nd Pratishtha Anvehsan position 9 Sharma 2 21bch049 2022 1st runner 10 Ankit Hegde Anvehsan up 4 20bch003 2022 1st runner- 11 Meet Shah Anvehsan up 4 20bch032 2022 1st Runner 12 Mahek Vyas Anvehsan Up 2 21bch072 2022 13 Aryan Anand Anvehsan Extempore Winner 14 Aryan Anand 4 20bch005 2022 15 Harvin Patel JAM Winner Anvehsan 4 20bch005 2022 Antakshari 1st position Anvehsan 2 21bch021 2022 16 Shruti Mishra Anvehsan Antakshari 1st position 2 21bch061 2022 CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 15

Anvehsan BGMI 17 Dhruv patel 2 21bch040 2022 Tournament 2nd Position Anvehsan BGMI 18 Kunj patel 2 21bch042 2022 Tournament 2nd Position Anvehsan BGMI 19 Meet patel 2 21bch043 2022 Tournament 2nd Position Anvehsan BGMI 20 Parth patel 2 21bch044 2022 Tournament 2nd Position Pratishtha 2 21bch049 Ingenium Chemathon 2nd position 21 Sharma 22 Heli Modi 2 21bch031 Ingenium Chemathon 2nd position 23 Ritul Tiwari 2 21bch053 Ingenium Chemathon 2nd position 24 Harvin Patel ChemFusion 2 21bch021 3.0 Just a Minute 1st position ChemFusion 25 Avani Taiwade 2 21bch008 3.0 Tie and Dye 1st position ChemFusion 26 Priya Shah 2 21bch050 3.0 Tie and Dye 1st position ChemFusion 27 Heli Modi 2 21bch031 3.0 Tie and Dye 2nd position ChemFusion 28 Zala Himandri 2 21bch073 3.0 Tie and Dye 2nd Position ChemFusion 29 Mahek Vyas 2 21bch072 3.0 Tie and Dye 2nd position Pratishtha ChemFusion 30 Sharma 2 21bch049 3.0 Tie and Dye 2nd position 31 Dhruv Jaju ChemFusion 2 21bch014 3.0 Escape Room 2nd position ChemFusion 32 Ayan Mandal 2 21bch009 3.0 Escape Room 2nd Position Laxmichanda ChemFusion 2nd Position 33 ni Aditya 2 21bch028 3.0 Escape Room (runner up) ChemFusion 2nd Position 34 Jay Patel 2 21bch041 3.0 Escape Room (runner up) ChemFusion 35 Dhruv Jaju 2 21bch014 3.0 Think Green 2nd position Laxmichanda ChemFusion 2nd Position 36 ni Aditya 2 21bch028 3.0 Think Green (runner up) Jay ChemFusion 37 Chaudhary 2 21bch012 3.0 Think Green 1st rank ChemFusion 38 Aryan Patel 4 20bch006 3.0 Quizophilia 1st Rank CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 16

ChemFusion 2nd 39 Ritul Tiwari 2 21BCH053 3.0 Quizophilia position Enterprenurshi p Workshop - Enterprenurship Jayvirsinh Dr. APJ Abdul Workshop - Dr. Devendrasinh 40 Atodariya Kalam APJ Abdul Kalam 4 20BCH007 Foundation Foundation 1st Rank 1st ILNU MUN Runner 41 Aryan Anand 4 20BCH005 2022 ILNU MUN 2022 Up 42 Vaibhav Patel 6 Azeotropy Life Cycle 20BCH506 2022 Assessment 1st Rank National National Engineering Engineering Rishabhkumar Olympiad 6.0 Olympiad 6.0 43 Singh 4 20BCH055 Round-I Round-I AIR 54 WDC 2022- WDC 2022- Jayvirsinh National Leval National Leval Devendrasinh 44 Atodariya Documentory Documentory 4 20BCH007 Competition Competition 2nd Rank WDC 2022- WDC 2022- National Leval National Leval Documentory Documentory 45 Manav Agrawal 4 20BCH030 Competition Competition 2nd Rank WDC 2022- WDC 2022- National Leval National Leval Documentory Documentory 46 Raj Kanzariya 4 20BCH024 Competition Competition 3rd Rank WDC 2022- WDC 2022- National Leval National Leval Documentory Documentory 47 Vanshi Patel 4 20BCH069 Competition Competition 2nd Rank CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 17

Runner-up in Group Dance at Anveshan 2022 CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 18

9. STUDENTS SELECTED THROUGH CAMPUS PLACEMENT Sr. Roll No. Name Company No. GMMPFAUDLER 1 18bch043 Dhrumin Patel AMNS India Ltd. 2 18bch049 Kishan Prajapati AMNS India Ltd. 3 18bch007 Aryan Chauhan AMNS India Ltd. 4 18bch044 Harsh Patel AMNS India Ltd. 5 18bch012 Gaurav Desai Adani 6 18bch048 Bhavesh Pithiya Adani 7 18bch020 Chirag Jariwala Adani 8 18bch051 Gautam Rakholiya Adani 9 18bch039 Soham Panchal Merkle Sokrati 10 18bch019 Rishil Gandhi Nayara Energy 11 18bch065 Gautam Vavaiya Nayara Energy 12 18bch038 Abhi Paghdar Dorf Ketal 13 18bch011 Deep Detroja Nayara Energy 14 19bch508 Jay Patel Ametrine India Private 15 19bch507 Limited Tata Chemicals Limited Hiteshkumar Vadher Dorf /ketal 16 17bch008 Mayur Bhuva 17 18bch022 Jaydeep Jadav CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 19

10. STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION NEWS ChESA Club The Chemical Engineering Student’s Association, ChE SAi s an association by the students and for the students of the Chemical Engineering Department. It was established in the year 199 6. The basic aim of the association is to foster and maintain networking among fellow students and alumni through technical and social events on continual basis. It had organized various webinars with the alumni which provided the platform for students to develop their technical as well as organizational skills. These events were managed successfully by the senior and junior board members of the association. IIChE Student Chapter, Nirma University The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, IIChE is a national level organization for chemical engineers. In Nirma University, it was inaugurated on 1 7th September, 2019 as IIChE - Student Chapter. The basic aim of the organization is to foster and maintain networking among students from across the nation through technical and social events on continuous basis. It has organized events various technical webinars in association with ChESA which has helped the students to learn more about the industry. These events were managed successfully by the senior and junior board members of the organization under the guidance of Dr. R. N. Reddy. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 20

Expert Session on the Importance of Yoga and Meditation On the 6th of January, 2022, Mr. Lalit G. Singh visited our campus virtually, to throw some light on the “Emerging Importance of Yoga and Meditation” in a student’s life which was organized under ChESA. Students from Semesters 4and 6were in attendance in large numbers. Mr. Singh is professionally an engineer, holding his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VI T ) and an MBA from NITIE Mumbai. He has immense experience in leading international projects for large conglomerates, and today, conducts hundreds of corporate workshops in India and abroad. He has been practicing Vihangam Yoga now, for more than 2 decades. And, is a disciple of Sadhguru Swantantra Deo Ji Mahara j and a co-founder of MERAQUI. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 21

ChemFusion 3.0 Chem-Fusion is a signature event of chemical engineering department organized by Chemical Engineering Student’s Association (ChESA) and Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Student Chapter NU (IIChE NU) from last 3 years. This year, under the ChESA and IIChE, a 2 days’ event had been organised on 20th and 21st April, 2022. There were 7 events that organised on those 2 days. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 22

The events and number of students participated in it are: Event Description Participants Winners Symposium It was a congr egati on of an All Tie and Dye Openi ng Cer e mony and an Expert's Talk by Mr. Pritish Shah It was an event wher e t he 13 t ea ms ( 24 Team: st udent s showed t heir cr eati vit y students) 1. Avani by experi menti ng wit h vari ous 2. Priya patt er ns and col our s t o get t he unique design on their cloth Escape Escape Roo m was a cl everl y 22 t ea ms ( 88 Team: Room desi gned Techni cal Tr easur e students) 1. Shr ey Hunt, wher e t he basi cs of Kaneria Che mi str y and Gener al Sci ence 2. Isha Shah f or med t he basi s of cl ues, whi ch 3. Ut kar sh t he Parti ci pant s, i n Tea ms of 4, had t o deci pher, i n a race agai nst Thumar ti me, t o sol ve all t he cl ues and 4. Kri sh Purwani fi nd t he sol uti on t o Escape t he Room. Quizophilia The qui z was based on Basi c 38 students Aryan Patel Che mi str y and i ntroducti on t o chemical engineering Think Green The mai n obj ecti ve of t he event 15 t ea ms ( 45 Team: i s t o buil d envi r on ment fri endl y students) 1. Utkarsh cell f or t he i ndustry. The ga me i s Thumar all about t o l ead out st udent 2. Jay co mmuni ti es about the bi ddi ng Bhatasana and aucti on skill s wher e t hey 3. Dharm woul d be abl e t o enhance t hei r Moradiya bargaining etiquettes. Chemathon St udent s, i n Tea ms of 3, had t o 4 t ea ms ( 12 Team: sol ve an i ndustri al probl e m gi ven students) 1. Pat hak t o t he m based on t he all ocati on Hardik of Val ves and Pu mps, and 2. Valand Tejas desi gni ng t he Chilli ng Tower wi t h 3. Makani the maximum possible efficiency. Keyur T-Jam T- JAM t est ed t he parti ci pant s' 9 students Harvin Patel i mpr o mpt u Lit er ar y speaki ng skill s al ong wi t h t hei r knowl edge of sust ai nabilit y and pr o mi nent Environmental issues. CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 23

Glimpse of the event: CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 24


11. ART SECTION Pratishtha Sharma (21BCH049) Gautam Rakholiya (18BCH051) Jayvir Atodariya (20BCH007) Anktia Mallik (19BCH027) CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 26

12. WRITING SECTION You said you'd grow old with me In a beach house by the Caspian sea Thought we had time in our lives After surviving our darkest times But when I saw you, my light I felt time freeze by Just a glimpse of your silhouette Was a comfort for my eyes All these years where we stayed apart We both endeavored on our different paths It was the feeling of wanting to be with you Made me work and perspire Just to have a reunion with you I still had the same craze in my eyes But the moment I saw you with someone else I let my feelings die With a heavy smile I bid you goodbye Not knowing what future holds for us The shackles of my promise have gone rusty As I sit in our beach house alone thinking You said you'd grow old with me - Harshit Barmecha (20BCH018) CHEMFLASH VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 27




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