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5 mistakes you must avoid while shopping for a Home Insurance Policy

Published by George Martin, 2021-01-27 10:28:03

Description: It feels great to own a home especially after you have earned it very hard. However, more important than this is to get a suitable insurance cover to yoru property that will protect your home and its contents and save yourself from risiking your finances during unexpected emergencies.
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5 mistakes you must avoid while shopping for a Home Insurance Policy

Purchasing a good home insurance policy must follow a careful research. The mistakes you do while purchasing a home insurance plan can prove costly in failing the very purpose of the home insurance. Here are the five mistakes you msut avoid while buying a home isnruance plan. 1. Not comparing between different policy options This is the most common mistake most home owners commit while buying a home insurance plan. While discussing with the insurance provider, you must not fail to ask questions regarding the inclusions and exclusions in the policy, coverage limits, additional covers, discounts and others. While there are a number of insurance companies in the market selling a wide portfolio of insurance prodcuts, there are two very important aspects of every policy that you must not fail to compare.

Affordability is a very important consideration with regard to insurance plans. A number of insurance plans come with affordable premiums. Find a policy that is priced reasonably. Affordability does not mean you msut settle with the cheapest option. If a policy is proiced cheaper, but does not provide the adequate and relevant coverage, buying ti is as good as not buying a policy. So, do not fail to check if the policy you buy covers all the aspects you want also providing adequate coverage. Even while renewing your existing home insurance policy cover, it is good to compare betweent he different options and different providers in front of you before choosing a policy.

2. Compromising with the coverage to land on a cheaper policy Most cheap policies are not good covers by default. The home insurance cover you buy must be able to let you replace the entire house and its contents in the event of a disaster. It is always possible to find suitable insurance plans at an affordable price. Increasing yoru deductibles is a good way to lower the cost of premiums while opting for an adequate coverage.

#3. Not updating the policy in time Most homewoners buy a home insurance policy and forget all about it faiing to update it at the right time. Whenever there is a change in the hosue, it is advisable to make the necessary updates int eh plan you have purchased. This will prove very important to you when you have to face a claim. Keeping the insurance company in the loop is essential to save yourself from major risks. For instance, imagine if an accident happens in your pool and you have not got this cover included in the policy after having installed a new pool at your home, you will have to pay for the damages from your own saving or borrowings. Generally most standard policies come with personal liability coverage which can help avoid such an undesirable situation.

4. Not examining the exclusions thoroughly It is very important to consider the exclusions in a policy. Every policy lists the exclusions that are not covered by the plan like act of God, floods, and earthquake for example. Ask the right questions to the insurnace provider to be able to know the exclusions fully and make the decision carefully.

5.Not paying attention to the decutibles While shopping for a policy, focus on the deductibles to avoid any disappointments and shocks at a later stage. Deductible means the excess amount you will have to pay which the policy does not cover. Only when the deductible is paid by the insurance buyer, the company will settle a claim. Hence it is important to negotiate a reasonable deductible with the insurance company before buying a plan. Always buy a plan after make an accurate valuation of your property. Though it might take, doing some ground work and avoiding the mistakes listed above can help you land on a quality home insurance cover with an affordable premium.

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