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AAP Co-Organizes 7th ASEAN Proposed Manila Road Safety Center AAP ERS Drivers Rescue VictimsAutomobile Safety Forum Highlighted at AAP’s 86th GMM in Expressway Crash Discovering the virtues and prowess of BMW’s X-lineTHE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF THE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION PHILIPPINESVOLUME 8 • ISSUE 2 JUNE 2017ROAD WISE NEW CARS, REVOLUTIONARY SAFETY FEATURESFUN DRIVE: Mercedes-Benz V-Class • Suzuki Ciaz • Toyota Wigo • Mazda MX-5 • Kia Rio Audi A4 • BMW X Series • Mini Cooper • Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

MAKING MOTORING FUN Worse Than Drunk DrivingGus Lagman The current road crash statistics made 8. Defects on roadway constructionAAP PRESIDENT available by the World Health Organization 9. Poor weather conditions (WHO) and being widely circularized by the 10. Improper coning off of construction zones Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) are clear and truly very alarming: Learning about these leading causes, it is • 1.3 million people are killed every year; that’s therefore not surprising that our Congress would pass the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, R. A. 10913, often 1 person every 30 seconds referred to as ADDA. The most relevant parts of the • 50 million are injured every year law are contained in Sections 4 and 5: • 500 kids are killed on roads each day • ½ of all deaths involve pedestrians “Section 4. Distracted Driving – Subject to the • 100% of road crashes are preventable qualifications in Sections 5 and 6 of this Act, distracted driving refers to the performance by a motorist of any We don’t know for sure what the figures are in of the following acts in a motor vehicle in motion or temporarily stopped at a red light, whether diplomatic, the Philippines because the government does not have public or private, which are hereby declared unlawful: an agency that officially collects statistics on fatalities a) Using a mobile communications device to write, send, or read a text-based due to road crashes. However, the Department of communication or to make or receive calls, and other similar acts; and Transportation and Communications (DOTC) estimated b) Using an electronic entertainment or computing a few years ago that around 12,500 people die every device to play games, watch movies, surf the internet, compose messages, read e-books, year on the country’s roads. That translates to 34 perform calculations, and other similar acts. people dying on our roads each day. Section 5. Extent of Coverage. – (a) The operation of a mobile communication device is not considered to In the United States, road crashes result in nearly be distracted driving if done using the aid of a hands- free function or similar device such as, but not limited 35,000 deaths every year. Following is a list of the to, a speaker phone, earphones and microphones or other similar devices which allow a person to send leading causes of road mishaps in the US (they could and receive calls without having to hold the mobile communication device: Provided, That the placement very well be the leading causes everywhere): of the mobile communications device or the hands- free device does not interfere with the line of sight of 1. Speeding and reckless driving – failing to follow the driver.” the speed limit is the most common cause of road The intent of the law seems to be quite straight forward and many of us initially thought that there crashes in the US. would be very few questions about its provisions. But alas! we could not have been more wrong. In fact, it 2. Use of mobile phones – texting while driving has trended in social media for several days! resulted in an increased level of danger on our Comments like “How do we handle Waze?”, “Wouldn’t Uber and Grab find difficulty in locating roads. In the US, national and state legislatures the requesting party?”, “Isn’t the dashboard the best place to put one’s mobile phone when using Waze, have passed strict anti-texting laws, while the judi- or similar navigational tools?” “How will the LTO enforce the law when many cars have heavily-tinted cial system has begun to charge individuals who windows?” And dozens of other questions. were texting while driving that resulted in deaths, I think social media only stopped when the Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced with manslaughter. that the Technical Working Group (TWG) would be reconvened to review and, possibly, amend its 3. Other forms of distracted driving – such as eat- Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). That review was recently held and the agreements are ing, smoking, listening to loud music or changing currently being crafted. the dial, reaching for objects in the vehicle, and Without pre-empting the final version of the IRR, let me just mention at this time, one statement, since looking at or talking to other passengers in the there was unanimity on it, anyway… that when the vehicle is moving, the driver should not hold his vehicle. 4. Driver fatigue – according to recently mobile phone. published data, driver fatigue is the When the cause of 2.5-3.0% of all roadwayvehicle is related fatalities. 5. Drunk driving – and driving undermoving, the the influence of a narcotic substance. Studies show that this results in adriver should 900% increase in the probability of anot hold car accident. There are two notable facts in the above – first, that texting while driving is the second leading cause of road crashes;his mobile and second, texting while driving is even far more dangerous than drunk Completing the top ten causes of road crashes are: 6. Rubber-necking 7. Defective car and car parts AQ MAGAZINE 1

Table of Contents EMAIL US: [email protected] 26 COVER STORY MIAS 2017: New Cars, Revolutionary Safety Features WHAT’S INSIDE TEAM 1 Making Motoring Fun Gus Lagman Editorial 4 Road Savvy Aida Sevilla Mendoza AAP president 6 AAP Club News 7th ASEAN Automobile Safety Forum Gus Lagman AAP Conducts 2nd ERS Drivers Training Program Proposed Manila Road Safety Center Highlighted at AAP’s 86th GMM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “Speed Down, Save Lives” Is Focus of Road Safety Month Celebration Aida Sevilla-Mendoza AAP ERS Drivers Rescue Victims in Expressway Crash AAP Partners Offer More Discounts for Members EXECUTIVE EDITOR Armin A. Amio18 Features Mercedes-Benz V-Class: Redefining the Standard in MPVs WRITERS20 Ciaz: Perfect for the road warrior22 Go Easy with The New Toyota Wigo Kap Maceda Aguila24 Hyundai Unleashes The Next Level of Luxury Randy S. Peregrino GRAPHIC DESIGN Danny Hernando AAP BOARD OF TRUSTEES32 Motoring News Augusto C. Lagman David L. Arcenas President Trustee 28 FEATURES Juan B. Angeles Chairperson, Membership & Admin The 2017 Mazda Miata Cup Vice-President Committee Season is On Chairperson, Advocacies & Gov’t Armando L. Eduque Liaison Committee Trustee Augustus V. Ferreria Chairperson, Motor Sport Committee Treasurer Guillermina T. Gabor Chairperson, Finance Committee Trustee Chairperson, Travel & Tourism Committee Ricardo Guevara Trustee Chairperson, Marketing Committee Augusto M. Cosio Trustee, Chairperson, Governance & Audit Committee Aida Sevilla Mendoza Trustee Chairperson, Publications & Public Relations Committee Email: [email protected] • Website: FEATURES and ADVERTISING Discovering the virtues prowess of BMW’s X-line BEZAM MARKETING CONSULTANCY Bess Zamora Unit 339, 3/F Mile Long Building, Amorsolo cor. Javier St., Legaspi Village, Makati City Telefax: (632) 501-9360 Email: [email protected] MOTORING NEWS is published every quarter by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP),33 The Audi Track Experience Delivers Excitement and Thrills a non-profit, non-tax, non-governmental organization dedicated to serving and promoting the interests of the motoring public.

ROAD SAVVYAida Sevilla Mendoza SoberingEDITOR-IN-CHIEF Road Crash Statistics AT the 7th ASEAN Automobile Safety Analysis (TARAS) are motorcyclists 53%, pedestrians Forum (ASSF) held in Makati last month, 19%, drivers of four-wheel vehicles 14%, passengers a presentation on road safety trends in the 11%, bicyclists 2% and others, 1%. Philippines was made by Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary Data from the PNP Traffic Management Group for Road Transport and Infrastructure Mark de Leon. indicate that 63.9% of road crash incidents in 2015 were caused by driver error, broken down as Co-organized by the Automobile Association follows: Philippines with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program 1. bad turning 26.38%; (NCAP) and Global NCAP, the 7th ASSF aimed to 2. bad overtaking 24.45%; promote vehicle safety awareness among Philippine 3. overspeeding 13.87%; consumers and push for safer vehicles in the market. 4. mechanical defect 6.94%; 5. road condition 6.78%; De Leon’s presentation highlighted the 7th 6. hit and run 5.36%; ASSF’s objective by revealing, with sobering 7. self-accident (?) 4.60%; statistics, how badly we need to stem the surge 8. drunk driving 3.63%; in road crashes as they increasingly take a socio- 9. using mobile phone while driving 3.19% and economic toll on our people. 10. overloading 2.83%. PHP2.25B LOST IN 6 MONTHS Bottom line, De Leon’s presentation underscores the alarming fact that road safety trends in our In the past six months alone, De Leon said, road country are getting worse instead of improving. crashes cost our country 109 million pesos in lives 2017-2022 ACTION PLAN The statistics serve as a wake-up call to fast- lost, 795 million pesos in property damage and 1.35 track our road safety campaign. To their credit, billion pesos in injuries for a total of 2.25 billion pesos government and the private sector have teamed up to complete updating the Philippine Road Safety Action lost. Plan 2017-2022 by July 2017. In 2016, according to the Philippine National In this action plan, the five pillars of road safety will be: Police (PNP) Traffic Management Group and the 1. road safety management; Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System 2. safer roads and mobility; 3. safer vehicles (precisely the ASEAN NCAP’s (MMARAS), there were 32,369 road crash incidents, advocacy); 2,144 of which were fatal, 15,747 of which were non- 4. safer road users; 5. post-crash response. fatal and 27,630 of which caused damage to property. The organizations participating in this mega effort are the DOTr, Department of the Interior andThe statistics Even worse, the Philippine Local Government, Department of Health, PNP-serve as a Statistics Authority (PSA) Highway Patrol Group, World Bank, Ateneo School recorded 10,012 fatal road of Government, Imagined Law, Safe Kids Philippines crashes in 2016. and AAP. Their vision: A Philippine society with zerowake-up call 262 ROAD CRASHES deaths on the fast-track PER DAY If their vision is an impossible dream, their interim target looks more attainable: Reduce the road The MMARAS states that crash death rate by at least 20 percent by 2022, with in 2015 in Metro Manila alone, 2015 PSA data as the reference base year. there was an average of 262our road safety road crashes per day, or aboutcampaign. 11 per hour. The top three casualties in road crash fatalities, according to the 2013 Department of Public Works and Highways Traffic Accident Reporting and4 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUB NEWS Before the forum (left to right) ASEAN NCAP Inspector Mohd HafziMd Isa, ASEAN NCAP Operationalization Unit Communications Officer Salina Mustaffa, AAP Advocacies Manager Cynthia Reyes, Global NCAP Programme Director & Asia Pacific Coordinator Jessica Truong, ASEAN NCAP Secretary General Dr. Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, TGGS Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saiprasit Koetniyom and ASEAN NCAP Research Assistant Hisham Ali. AAP Co-Organizes 7th ASEAN AutomobileAAP board member/treasurer Joe Ferreria Safety Forumwelcomed the participants on behalf of theNational Auto Club.OVER 80 representatives from the government, media, transport and automotive industries and private sector gathered for the 7th ASEAN Automobile Safety Forum co-organized by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) with the MalaysianInstitute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), the Association of the Southeast Asian NationsNew Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP) and Global NCAP. AAP is an ASEAN NCAP steering Ferreria, welcoming the forum participants AA Malaysia Chairman Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar bincommittee member and one of its key in lieu of AAP president Gus Lagman who Tunku Mustapha (left) with AAP board members Aidapartners in road safety. was out of the country, said: “We need to Sevilla-Mendoza and Ricardo Guevara. educate and engage consumers so that they With the theme “Safer Car would evaluate a new car’s safety features AA Malaysia Chairman Y.M. Tunku Mudzaffar TunkuConsumerism,” the whole-day forum was before buying it. Through the ASEAN NCAP, Mustapha with Department of Transportation Assistantheld on May 15, 2017 at the Berjaya Hotel we can and will encourage – if not challenge Secretary Mark De Leon during the tea Makati City. – car manufacturers to build motor vehicles for the ASEAN market that meet world- said Khairil. “We have the technology and the “The objective of this forum and what class safety standards, not only minimal role of NCAP now is to guide manufacturersthe ASEAN NCAP does serve as a catalyst safety standards.” in determining which technology can helpfor road safety as we push for safer cars in save lives.”the region,” His Highness Tunku Mudzaffar MULTISECTORAL PRESENTATIONSTunku Mustapha, Automobile Association At the 7th ASSF, ASEAN NCAP and He added that “from 2011 to 2016, weMalaysia (AAM) chairman, ASEAN NCAP focused on passenger safety. Before, we wouldsteering committee and MIROS board AAP invited not only vehicle manufacturers only consider the crash worthiness of a vehicle.member, said in his welcome address. like Toyota and Hyundai and suppliers If the car had electronic stability control (ESC), like Bosch to present their latest safety it was enough to give it five stars. But starting Welcoming the participants on behalf technologies, but also the Department of this year, the calculations would be different.of Global NCAP, Program Director and Transportation, the Philippine National We will allot 50% for crash worthiness whileAsia Pacific Coordinator Jessica Truong Police Highway Patrol Group, academicians 25% would go to active safety and 25% torevealed that after landing in Manila, they and researchers on car safety, members of child occupant protection.”witnessed two road crashes within the span the motoring media and a lawyer.of a 15-minute taxi ride. “It is in similar road Moving forward, Kassim said thatcrashes like what we saw last night that 1.2 Topics such as the state of road safety in ASEAN NCAP tests will consider effectivemillion lives are lost each year in middle-to- the country, current land transportation laws braking and crash avoidance, blind spotlow income countries in Southeast Asia,” and how to improve them, vehicle safety technology and advanced safety assistthe Global NCAP Program Director said. innovations and shifting consumer behavior technologies before giving vehicles a 5-star in the automotive market were tackled during rating. Advocating a market for safer cars, the forum.Truong pointed out that “Consumerscan’t demand for technologies and safety In his closing remarks, ASEAN NCAPinformation if they don’t know about it and Secretary General Khairil Anwar Abu Kassimthat’s why we need everyone’s help to amplify thanked those present for attending and thethe message of Global NCAP, ASEAN NCAP speakers for sharing their expertise.and Stop the Crash.” “I believe that if customers want safer AAP board member/treasurer Augustus cars, then engineers will produce safer cars,”6 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUB NEWS AAP ERS drivers reading their copies of RA 4136 (LandBatch 1 AAP ERS drivers with Desales (at left) and Isada (at right) holding #3500lives campaign pledges. Transportation and Traffic Code) that Isada and Desales insisted they should know and understand well.AAP Conducts 2nd ERS Drivers Training ProgramTO continuously develop the professional growth of its drivers and foster road safety education within the organization, the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) hooks,” he said. “Know how to properly Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) department held the second module of its drivers secure the vehicle you are towing so that ittraining program on May 16 to 18 and May 23 to 27 at the AAP Tower in Quezon City. doesn’t get damaged while in transit.” AAP’s ERS personnel were grouped Motor Sport Development Program lead instructor Isada added that “You should regularlyinto seven batches assigned to the north, Vip Isada cautioned the AAP ERS drivers to always be maintain your trucks and equipment in goodsouth and central operations were grouped prepared for the unexpected on the road. condition because it is the very source ofinto four batches. Each day, a different your livelihood.”batch attended the whole-day training proper hand signals and when should thesession. driver use them. He also talked to the drivers about what it means, as service providers, to Motor Sport Development Program Additionally, Isada went through deliver quality service. “You should knowlead instructor Vip Isada returned to different traffic scenarios and what the the types of tasks employers and customersconduct the drivers training. “In order to drivers should do when they encountered expect you to be able to complete. Showsucceed at anything that we do, we need to them. empathy when you see that customers arekeep studying, keep learning,” he stressed. upset.” On the subject of towing, Isada Isada first talked about AAP and reminded the drivers that they should show During the training, Desales alsoits objectives. By understanding the proficiency in their roles by knowing the enlisted the assistance of AAP Membershiporganization, the drivers would learn to different types of vehicle parts, as well as Supervisor Melvin Pingal who explained theappreciate their role and love the tasks they maintenance and repair. concept of AAP on-the-spot membershipperform in AAP. and how the drivers could get more people “You must know how to use your tools to join the National Auto Club. “This time around we focused on road such as wheel straps, safety chains and Jsigns, traffic rules and proper customer “It’s part of good customer serviceservice,” said AAP ERS Operations Manager when they understand how to explain theMark Desales. benefits of AAP membership,” Pingal said. Isada explained the three classifications “The training program aims to teachof road signs: mandatory, warning and the drivers the proper mindset when oninformative. He also demonstrated the duty,” Desales said at the end of the program. “I think we succeeded in teaching them that.”ABOUT AAP’S EMERGENCY ROADSIDE SERVICE (ERS)EMERGENCY roadside assistance was Tomas Expressway (ACTEX). FGOOROPDROSEVRIDVIINCEG among the first services introduced to Outside the above areas, AAP providesmembers back in 1973 when AAP was still IawgAtnhrihatrNdehoptieJaotNapxturncitrhdnueoaeolaevdlyerintdyosnte,trAtattadqhshlnleueeehcrideoinvAmwioicAnenePwxtI.enhpiErtetrRoehemrSfsnapsidaedrCrtoddiiavmolmeenhproraistsyflknown as the Philippine Motor Association. 24/7 ERS within 25 kilometers from AAP offices in Alabang, Lipa City, San Fernando, spbtEeheeRrerlSvofioncIrdegnmmre. iadavnDentprcoesoecfweowmreertbahrneeedriargaoe2wun0dat1cesry6dtda,eicndatdAhtienAebdgyPy Since then, AAP has strengthened and Pampanga, Cebu City, and Davao City.expanded this service through the acquisitionof state-of-the-art tow trucks and staff training AAP also extends 24/7 ERS to non-programs and workshops. members who will be charged a fee according to preset service rates. AAP members are entitled to free 24/7 ERSwithin areas serviced by AAP. Corresponding Simple mechanical repairs, fuel provision,charges apply if a member exceeds the allowed (flat) tire change, battery boosting and carnumber of ERS interventions. towing are mainly the emergency services AAP provides. The areas serviced by AAP ERS include allof Metro Manila, the North Luzon Expressway AAP 24/7 ERS hotlines are 723 0808,(NLEX), Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway 0917 812 6000, 0918 812 6000, and 0922(SCTEX), South Metro Manila Skyway and 860 1603.ground-level expressway from Magallanes toAlabang (SOMCO) and Alabang-Calamba-Sto. For more information you may visit the 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service page at ht tp:// /8 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUB NEWSMetropolitan Manila Development Authority MMDA Deputy Chairman Frisco(MMDA) Officer-in-Charge Thomas Orbos San Juan Jr. (2nd from leftwas the guest of honor and speaker at the the seated) and AAP AssistantAutomobile Association Philippines’s 86th Corporate Secretary ElaineGeneral Membership Meeting. Toledo (leftmost, standing) with several members ofProposed Manila Road Safety Center the AAP 2017-2018 Board ofHighlighted at AAP’s 86th GMM Trustees. Left to right, seated: AAP vice president Johnny Angeles, AAP president Gus Lagman, Publications and Public Relations Committee Chair Aida Sevilla-Mendoza. Left to right, standing: Atty. Elaine Toledo, Marketing Committee Chair Ricardo Guevara, Governance & Audit Committee Chair David Arcenas, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair Joe Ferreria.A plan to build a road safety center came up during 86th General Membership Meeting (GMM) of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) and became the highlight of the afternoon when Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Officer-in-Charge, now MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos spontaneously proposed the project thatwould be done in cooperation with car companies and AAP.“We can form a technical working With AAP currently developing agroup with the car manufacturers that children’s traffic safety park in SubicAAP can lead, and I can bring in the Bay Freeport Zone together with theLand Transportation Office and Land Departments of Tourism, Public Works andTransportation Franchising and Regulatory Highways and the Subic Bay Metropolitan AAP president Gus Lagman enumerates the National Auto Club’s achievements in 2016.Board,” Orbos, who was the guest of honor Authority, AAP President Gus Lagman The National Auto Club drafted the Childand guest speaker, said. “The MMDA has expressed enthusiasm for the proposed Passenger Restraint Bill last year and brought it to the Senate. During his privilege speechtwo hectares of undeveloped land near the road safety park in Manila. Lagman said last May 10, Senator JV Ejercito expressed his intent to endorse the bill. Mall of Asia that is currently being used as he hopes that coordination with the MMDA “We are becoming more proactivea parking lot, and we can develop it into a and car manufacturers can make the project with our efforts in ensuring road safety in the Philippines and we hope that youroad safety center.” a reality soon. continue to support us in this endeavor,” Lagman told the AAP members present.With assistance from AAP, vehicle Following the AAP president’smanufacturers are willing to sponsor a PUSHING FOR ROAD SAFETY report on the club’s accomplishments in 2016, the canvassing of the ballots wasprogram to train new car owners on traffic THROUGH PUBLIC POLICY completed with the incumbent trustees being proclaimed as AAP's 2017-2018regulations and road safety, according With this year’s theme of “Coordinating board members. A new trustee, Augusto M. Cosio, was elected to replace Jacintoto Orbos who was able to talk to the car with Legislators for Safer Motoring,” Mantaring Jr., who passed away earlier this year.companies that participated in the Manila AAP intends to intensify its road safety AAP thanked Smart DrivingInternational Auto Show (MIAS) last March. campaign by working on public policies Corporation, FPG Insurance Co., Inc., Camelion Graphics Ent. Corp., Allcard on top of its continuous Plastics Philippines Inc. and Agua Vida for supporting this year’s GMM. collaboration with the government’s land transportation agencies. AAP had already begun by joining the technical working group drafting the implementing rules and regulations of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, Speed Limiters ActLoyal AAP member and former University of the Philippines School of of 2016 and new Anti-Economics Dean Amado Castro (left) shares his insights on traffic with AAP Carnapping Law.Motor Sport Operations Manager Mark Desales, MMDA OIC Thomas Orbos andAAP president Gus Lagman.10 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUB NEWSTHE Land Transportation Franchising Drivers take on the and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) invited challenge and pledge to the Automobile Association Philippines become better road users(AAP) on May 18 to host the Road Safety in accordance with FIA’sOlympics during their celebration of Road Golden Rules of RoadSafety Month which highlighted the theme Safety as they join the“Speed Down, Save Lives.” #3500 lives campaign. Over 100 drivers of public utility Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership Secretary General, and former LTFRB chief, Alberto Suansing talked aboutvehicles (PUV), public utility jeepneys how road crashes are not accidents.(PUJ), taxis and school buses attended theevent at the Occupational Safety and HealthCenter along Agham Road, Quezon City.“Speed Down, Save Lives”SRAOFAETDY Is Focus of Road Safety Month CelebrationLand Transportation Franchising and Regulatory LTFRB National Capital Region (NCR) “ Republic Act 4136, better known as theBoard (LTFRB) National Capital Region (NCR) Director Zona Russet Tamayo told the drivers: Land Transportation and Traffic Code, shouldRegional Director Atty. Zona Russet Tamayo “Speeding has been a recurring violation among be your bible,” Suansing said. “It contains thewelcoming the drivers to the event. PUV, PUJ or taxi drivers especially because you rules on the road that you need to know. We are trying to meet the boundary and get more all need to learn discipline and etiquette on In one of the Road Safety contests, a passengers to increase your daily income. Then the road.” driver tries to write the definition of the casualties happen and often, you get blamed. acronym BLOWBAG correctly to get a We are here today to learn and understand Stressing that drivers should always score for his team. road safety and traffic discipline better.” give way to pedestrians, Suansing warned: “You never play the guessing game with Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership pedestrians. Don’t confuse them on whether (PGRSP) Secretary General Alberto Suansing they should or should not cross.” was invited to talk about road safety in the Philippine setting. He concluded his talk by advising the drivers “Masarap matulog sa kama, hindi sa “Road crashes are not accidents,” the likod ng manibela. (“It’s nice to sleep in bed, former LTFRB chief declared. “The dictionary but not behind the steering wheel.”) Your full defines accidents as anything that happens attention and presence of mind are necessary unexpectedly, undesignedly or without known when driving.” cause. That’s not what happens with road crashes. As drivers, we should always be aware Talks about “PWD Experiences and and accountable for our actions on the road.” Insights on Riding PUV,” “First Aid” and “Role of Passenger Insurance Companies in Road He then proceeded to show videos of Safety” followed. vehicles crashing because of speeding; one footage showed a jeepney hitting an ambulance In the afternoon, AAP conducted a round at an intersection—both driving beyond the of Road Safety Olympics for the drivers. They speed limit indicated on the road sign posted were made to identify road signs; classify beside the street. whether road signs were warning, mandatory or informative; guess road safety terms and Proper overtaking was another subject that define each letter in BLOWBAG. Suansing highlighted during his lecture since this, according to him, seems to be another rule During the closing ceremony, the drivers that drivers often neglect. He showed the drivers pledged to become better road users by following various situations and asked them which of the the 10 Golden Rules of Road Safety set by the drivers in those incidents should give way. Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and endorsed by AAP.12 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUB NEWS The first and second AAP Castor Antang III, Dante ERS teams that responded Pasibe and Ronald to the emergency call were Cerebo are members (left to right) Rhoderick of another AAP ERS Yumul, Cresencio Mahinay, team that rushed to the Ericson Dumayag and crash site to help in the Florencio Villegas rescue effort .AAP ERS Drivers RescueVictims in Expressway CrashBEFORE daybreak on May 19, in a shallow ditch alongside the South Luzon Expressway, a small hand was wiggling through a mountain of construction sand right beside where two trailertrucks had overturned. A little boy was buried underneath the heavysand, struggling to get out. The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) South EmergencyRoadside Service (ERS) team received a report at around 4 a.m.about a dump truck carrying construction sand whose driver hadfallen asleep at the wheel. The sleepy driver had swerved the dump truck abruptly to the AAP’s Mega Fuso recovery truck on standby withright, dragging a trailer truck running beside it into a shallow ditch the overturned dump truck in the backgroundbeside the southbound lane of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx)near Splash Island, Binan, Laguna.When the dump truck crashed onto the ditch together with thetrailer its windshield shattered and the driver’s wife and small sonwere thrown out of the vehicle and thankfully landed on piles of sand.“As we neared the scene of the crash, we realized that twotrailer trucks had overturned —one carrying sand, the other carryingvehicle parts,” narrates Ericson Dumayag and Rhoderick Yumul, theAAP South ERS drivers who first responded to the emergency call. The drivers went around the overturned trucks and sawa woman trying to climb out of sand that had poured out of thedump truck. When she saw the AAP ERS drivers, she immediatelygestured toward another pile of sand where thehand of her little son could be seen sticking out The trailer truck (front) was dragged by the swervingand wiggling. The trailer truck (front) was dragged bydtuhme spwetrrvuincgkd(uimnpbtarucckkg(irnobuanckdg)roiunntdo) aintsohaaslhloalwlowddititcchh aalolongngthethe southbound South Luzon Expressway (SsLoEux)tnhebaoruSpnldashSIosluantdh. Luzon Expressway (SLEx) near Splash “We immediately started digging for the boy,”Dumayag says. “Thankfully, he was unharmed. Island.He was covered all over with sand and had a few fellow drivers form a chainblock. They wrappedscratches, but the medic said that he and his motherdid not sustain any major injuries.” the chain around a post and attached the other The mother and the child, who was about four end of the chain to the front part of the cab,or five years old, were the wife and son of the dumptruck driver. He had taken his family along with him then pulled hard to create enough space underon the drive. the steering wheel for the trapped driver to be But the danger was not over for all those involved.The father, driver of the dump truck, was trapped in freed by the emergency medical technicians.his seat, pinned down by the steering wheel. AAP recovered the dump truck after the “The emergency medical technicians triedpulling the driver out, but everytime they pulled, the crash victims had been rushed to the hospitalfront part of the truck where the driver was stuckkept sinking,” recounts AAP ERS driver Florencio and everything was cleared on site. The driverVillegas who went to the scene with his partner AAP’s Mega Fuso recovery truck on staandnbdy wicthrtehwe oveorfturtnhededutmrpatirluecrk inttrhuecbkackgwroeunrde. unharmedCresencio Mahinay to help in the rescue effort. and AAP ERS removed the truck the next day. Aside from Villegas and Mahinay, the AAP SouthERS team that rushed to the crash site consisted of The AAP ERS team used a chain block to lift the AAP ERS operations manager MarkCastor Antang III, Dante Pasibe, Ronald Cerebo, Ariel front part of the cab where the driver was trapped,Barbonio, Wilfredo Borromeo, Jefferson Estipular, creating enough space for the emergency medical Desales commended the drivers for theirAnsley Lumbag, Romeo Encina Jr., Cenel Taborada technicians to pull him out safely. presence of mind, teamwork and dedication—and Numeriano Lomeda Jr. going above and beyond what was expected of them in the line of duty. Finally, Villegas suggested that he and his “I am truly proud of our ERS drivers,” 14 AQ MAGAZINE Desales says.“ They did a great job in that situation. Our drivers understand their respon- sibilities and are committed to providing safety for everyone on the road including The dump truck driver’s wife and small son saving lives.” who were rescued at dawn wait for the AAP emergency medical technicians to arrive.

CLUB NEWS AAP PARTNERS OFFER MORE DISCOUNTS FOR MEMBERSTHE Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) is now offering new and exciting discounts to members after forming new partnerships with various establishments providing food and beverage, autocare, hotelaccommodations and dental services.FOOD AND BEVERAGE GAC New Gammad Auto Center also Tropics Café and get 10% discount on your The Flight Restaurant Bar at Scout offers 10% to 15% discount on all automobile total bill of at least P1,500. repair and services. For information, AAPBorromeo in Quezon City and Wee Nam members can contact Maria Fatima Acuña Since Boracay Tropics is a sisterKee in Alabang Town Center are the newest Gammad at 0917-8402-089. company of Hotel Celeste, AAP membersAAP Partner Establishments in the food and can also contact 887-80-80 and lookbeverage category. A 10% discount on towing and related for Cheanne Lopez for reservations and services is offered to AAP members by GAC inquiries. Take your friends to Flight Restaurant Atatrak Towing Services in Lipa City. Robertand Bar for some fun and get 10% discount Kennedy Gammad will be happy to entertain DENTAL SERVICEon food. AAP members can contact 441- inquiries phoned through 043-774-86-85. Smile Domain Clinic is offering80-06 and look for Melvin Jacinto forinquiries. HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATIONS AAP members up to 10% off on all its Under hotels and accommodations, dental procedures. Inquiries and dental If you’re at Alabang Town Center, appointments can be coursed throughdine at Wee Nam Kee for a taste of their Berjaya Hotel Makati, Hotel Celeste and Ariel Zulueta at 634-20-21 or 0906-428-delectable Hainanese menu. They offer Boracay Tropics are AAP’s latest discount 6005 or you can drop by their clinic on theup to 10% discount for every food and partners. 3rd floor of the AAP Tower at 683 Aurorabeverage transaction. Reservations can be Boulevard, Quezon City between Gilmoremade through 478.9103 and for inquiries, Berjaya Makati Hotel is a favored and Broadway Avenues.look for Federico P. Basa Jr. accommodation either for business or leisure. It is located along Makati Avenue, For other available discounts, pleaseAUTO CARE SERVICES a major commercial thorough fare filled call AAP Membership at 705-3333 during Meanwhile, AAP has also partnered with bars, restaurants and various shops. office hours. AAP members are offered discountedwith more auto care establishments rates depending on room type availedincluding Mein Auto Inc. in Makati as well as which includes complimentary breakfast.DCG Auto Repair, GAC New Gammad Auto Reservations and inquiries can be coursedCenter and GAC Atatrak Towing Services in through Francis Tulay at 750-75-68.Lipa, Batangas. Hotel Celeste in San Lorenzo Village, Mein Auto Inc. is offering 10% discount Makati offers up to 45% off on roomon mechanical repair (labor) and 15% accommodations inclusive of welcome drink,discount on detailing services. Their shop breakfast buffet for two and complimentaryis a flagship Sonax Detailing Center as foot and leg massage. You can contactwell as a model site for Bosch Car Service Cheanne Lopez at 887-80-80 to book aPhilippines. For more details, AAP members room in this quaint boutique hotel.can phone 729-977-73 and look for EmiSenga. AAP members who are soaking up the sun in Boracay can get up to 30% discount If you happen to be in Lipa City and are on room accommodations inclusive ofin need of auto care service, you can avail welcome drink, breakfast buffet for twoof up to 15% discount at DCG Auto Repair. and complimentary foot and leg massageMembers can call Donardo Gammad at at Boracay Tropics in Station 2. Dine at its0916-7030-792 for inquiries. Road Safety Training Park Fund – Raising CampaignTHE Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) has launched Authority (SBMA). Donors can contribute P500, P1,000, a fund-raising campaign for the construction and P2,500 or P5,000. Those who will contribute P5,000 will bedevelopment of the Subic Children’s Road Safety Training Park given a personalized car plate which will be displayed at thewhich is set to be opened in January 2018. The fund-raising park. Sponsorship packages are also available for corporationscampaign aims to solicit Php4 million to purchase 100 helmets, that wish to support the project. For more information, visit50 bikes, 25 karts and to fence approximately 1.3 hectares Interested donorsof land that was provided by the Subic Bay Metropolitan may pay in cash or credit card through AQ MAGAZINE

FEATURE MERCEDES-BENZ V-CLASSMercedes-Benz V-Class:Redefining the Standard in MPVsA commercial van turned into a luxury With the Agility Select system, working mini-conference space. trucks – that is the best way anyone the driver can choose from a number In terms of flexibility, the can easily describe the V-Class, a of modes: Eco, Comfort, Manual,successor to Viano. Mercedes-Benz has and Sport. This selection can make V-Class has a cockpit that ismade sure the vehicle would live up to adjustments on throttle response obviously practical. There are athe ‘-class’ suffix by putting impressive and steering, depending on your few tricks that should be known tospecifications into the multi-purpose preference. get the most of the van’s seating.vehicle (MPV). First, its second row can turn 180 The van-derived people carrier degrees to give way to a meeting To begin with, the rear-drive V-Class inherits the boxy commercial shape room style space. There are seatscomes with 7G-TRONIC with high-torque of most vans. But because it carries that can be removed, although4-cylinder diesel engine. Thus, the MPV the Mercedes-Benz name, the MPV doing so can be a two-person job.impresses with superior handling, efficient is an instant standout, making all You can even store the seats whenfuel consumption, and extraordinary the other vans in the market pale in they are out.riding comfort. comparison. There’s also a decent cargo Thanks to its adaptive dampers, the This MPV’s interior is the hold with standard-fitting shelvingvehicle experience is always comfortable real showcase of Mercedes-Benz system that can load in about half-with the necessary adjustments to befit masterpiece. The V-Class can dozen suitcases. If you would need tothe road you are on. Its steering is light easily be a superior business van, quickly access the luggage, you canand quite quick to react, making the MPV as the middle passenger seats can easily lift the rear glass as well.ideal for urban driving. The suspension is immediately be converted into agenerally effective at absorbing bumps, afeature that facilitates comfortable drivearound town.18 AQ MAGAZINE

FEATURE SUZUKI CIAZCiaz: Perfect for the road warriorDETERMINED to help young The worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila is making driving professionals keep a daily challenge. With more vehicles plying the streets every day andup with their fast-paced road constructions and floodings adding to the equation, getting to one’slifestyle, pioneer compact destination on time is no mean manufacturer SuzukiPhilippines has rolled out Ciaz, powered by best-in-class fuel efficiency and advanced features, isthe Ciaz, a subcompact most suitable for city driving, braving the traffic and moving around crampedsedan that delivers fuel areas. With its superior engine performance that does not compromise theefficiency and a smooth environment, millennials will sure look forward to riding this chic sedan!driving experience fortoday’s road warriors. A JOY TO DRIVE Reflecting elegance with a sporty touch, the multi-awarded car model is designed with redefined interiors tailored to today’s younger generation. The Ciaz boasts a roomy comfortable cabin and advanced features, including an integrated multimedia unit with an Android touchscreen. The GLX variant has audio and hands free connectivity in the steering wheel and keyless push start system.Available in three variants –the GL Manual Transmission, GL Automatic Transmission and the premium GLX – the Ciaz has grabbed considerable marketshare since its release in the first quarter of 2016. It won Best in Fuel Rating underthe Sedan-Gasoline Category at the Department of Energy’s Euro Fuel Eco Run,Best Subcompact Car for the Car of the Year Awards by the Car Awards Group Inc.and Best in Value for Money at the Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards under theCompact Sedan category.For more information on the Suzuki Ciaz, visit,like it on and follow on Instagram at @suzukiautoph.20 AQ MAGAZINE

FEATURE TOYOTA WIGOGO EASY WITH THE NEW Lastly, there is no compromise in safety here as all grades are still equipped withTOYOTA WIGO standard SRS airbags for both the driver and passenger and now, all options forFIRST launched in 2014, the Wigo has since become immensely the Wigo are armed with Anti-Lock Brake popular in the Philippines due to its easy to own, easy to drive and System. Additional safety features such easy to enjoy features. Having sold over 40,000 units since its as the seat belt warning and light remind introduction, the numbers only display how much Filipinos have grown warning have been granted here as well. to love this fun and young vehicle. This summer, the No. 1 automotive brand in the country brings an epic change to its most affordable The new Wigo’s exterior comes in Toyota yet. six un colors. Its newest shade, Orange Metallic, definitely shows the energetic personality of the said model. The mini hatchback also still carries the Silver Mica Metallic, Gray Metallic, White, Black and Red color options. Toyota’s mini hatchback is now Inside, the latest Toyota model shows Variant SRP (Php)powered with a VVT-I engine for a more off a redesigned interior with new seatfuel-efficient drive. On top of that, the patterns and door trims. Additionally, a more Wigo 1.0G AT 599,000latest generation retains its stable and refreshing appearance has been granted Wigo 1.0 G MT 564,000comfortable ride through an optimized on its multi-function and navigation-ready Wigo 1.0E MT 526,000suspension geometry calibration for a audio system. Moreover, with advancedsmooth and relaxing drive. features such as the new steering switch, this specific trait provides effortless access One can immediately conclude that to one’s music. The popular vehicle stillcompared with the previous model, the has one of the easiest ingress/egress in itsNew Wigo parades a sporty and fun category both from the front and rear seats.silhouette that speaks volumes of the fun It now also possesses a rear center head restcar. A re-energized look to its front bumper, for extra comfort.grille and alloy wheels embodies a moredynamic image. The latest version also nowpossesses sleek projector-type headlampswith line guide and LED rear combinationlamps for an edgier look. Moreover, the2017 Wigo is furnished with rear reflectorsand outside mirror integrated signal lampsfor a more premium feel.22 AQ MAGAZINE

FEATURE HYUNDAIHyundai Unleashes‘The Next Level Of Luxury’Atrue person of substance has a sharp eye for the best things in life. aerodynamics that allow a smooth drive as it sharp, swift and silent, which is evident in He has the wisdom to know when to cuts through the wind like a true star arriving its interiors. One can bask in the doublework hard and play hard, when to flaunt with a grand entrance. soundproof glass and triple seal weatherhis achievements, and when to go low key. strips which make privacy and peace ofIn a world full of clutter, he can make an POWERFUL AND SMART mind easy to attain. It is like being in a worldunderrated beauty stand out and become a The G90 comes with a 5.0L GDI 32 that is yours alone.force to reckon with. Valve V8 from Hyundai’s award-winning What’s more -- the luxurious cabin Get ready for a game-changer in the Tau family of engines that delivers 425 space of the G90 sport a human-centeredPhilippines’ luxury vehicle segment – a car horsepower and robust 52.9kg-m of torque. design using premium Nappa leatherborn with raw talent, bred to be graceful and Its advanced 8-speed automatic transmission and rare hardwoods as its elements. Thispoised under any circumstance, and trained with SHIFTRONIC employs a new Smart Genesis-exclusive craftsmanship truly bringsto perform with smoothness and silence that Shift technology to ensure you are always forth a total sensory experience.can only be defined as “athletic elegance.” in perfect gear depending on your drivingHyundai Asia Resources Inc., the Philippines’ preference – Smart, Eco, Sport and Individual A FEAST TO THE SENSESofficial distributor of driver-bespoke. Every drive is a welcome awakening ofHyundai passenger and the senses. Fromcommercial vehicles, SECURE AND SAFE the advancedcaptivates the 2017 Even in the oldest of myths, the contender multimedia andMIAS with a show- navigation systemstopper, the Genesis who is the most secure about himself always (easily accessibleG90. wins. The G90 raises the bar on security and with a 12.3” safety with a body made with 51.7% Advanced touchscreen The Genesis G90 High Strength Steel (AHSS) that is designed to display for theis the flagship model of withstand collisions from any direction. Aside front seats, twoGenesis Motors, the luxury vehicle division from having adaptive suspension control (aof the Hyundai Motor Company of South marriage of integrated chassis control and 9.2” monitors for rear seats and twoKorea. electronic suspension control), the G90 has integrated control dials), multi-view a brake system that offers smooth and stable camera, the three-zone air conditioning When Genesis designers set out to deceleration and quicker responsiveness. It system (to maximize the comfort ofmake the G90, they diligently studied is also equipped with intelligent features that the driver, front passenger and backthat moment when an archer draws back deliver a safe drive: Lane Departure Assist, passengers), Lexicon 17-speaker Quan-the bow and prepares to unleash the Blind Spot Detection, Front & Rear Sensors, tum Logic Surround Sound Systemperfectly balanced tension that propels and the nine-Airbag System. (that makes you feel like you’re in aan arrow to its target -- a perfect fusion concert hall), to the wireless smartphoneof power and poise. SUPERBLY SUBTLE charging, you will feel like you are at the True luxury is never loud. The G90 was top of your game with the G90.SUAVE The imposing front design of sleek crafted after the beauty of a flying arrow – The Genesis G90 embodies a smarter, more progressive approach to luxuryheadlamps and wide grille crowned by a with innovation and styling seamlesslymagnificent winged-emblem make a sleek integrated into your life. It passes not theside silhouette that defines G90’s unique standards of automotive luxury, but thestance. standards of becoming a valuable lifetime partner. Suggested retail price is P7.528 Beyond beauty, the G90 is gracefully million (final price upon arrival of the unitmuscular sculpture. Every millimeter of in the Philippines).its body has been refined with tunnels for24 AQ MAGAZINE

Get the best driving experience with the TriAction Advantage of Petron fuels Industry leader Petron Corporation Petron made headlines when it are significantly more environment-continues to blaze new trails in fuels became the first oil company to friendly. They keep your engine cleantechnology with its TriAction gasoline locally produce a full line-up of and efficient because they have lesserand diesel products. Petron’s TriAction gasoline variants that meet Euro-4 tendencies to form carbon depositsfuels have advanced additives uniquely standards in June 2015 and Euro-4 that can clog injectors.formulated to meet Philippine driving diesel fuels in October 2015, aheadconditions and cater to the needs of of the government mandate to make Even vehicles with older engines canFilipino motorists. available Euro-4 fuels by January 2016. benefit from the TriAction advantage offered by Petron fuels with their Petron fuels deliver TriAction More recently, in March of this year, advanced detergent, combustionperformance advantages, namely: Petron once again made its mark as improver, and friction modifier(1) better engine protection for longer the industry leader in fuel innovation additives. With Petron TriAction fuels,engine life; (2) better mileage for when it introduced Petron Blaze 100 all vehicle types can contribute to alonger drives; and (3) better power. Euro 6, which has been rigorously cleaner environment. At the sameThus, in addition to cleaner engine and tested and certified by leading global time, vehicle owners will definitelycleaner emissions, motorists can enjoy laboratories and engine rating experts appreciate the savings from improvedmore savings on maintenance and fuel to have passed the “Euro 6b” emission mileage and lower maintenance costs.consumption, while getting the best standard, currently the most stringentdriving performance from their vehicle. in the world. Petron invested US$2-billion to upgrade its Bataan Refinery and Petron’s full line up of TriAction fuels An Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) test ensure the reliable production ofinclude Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6 (the conducted at a UK automotive testing more environment-friendly andfirst and only premium plus gasoline center also showed that Petron Blaze premium fuels. It also operates a fuelwith an octane rating of 100), Petron 100 Euro 6 cleaned over 70 percent of additives blending plant in Subic Bay,XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Turbo engine deposits in 60 hours. in partnership with leading global fuelDiesel, and Petron Diesel Max. These specialties company Innospec. Withare available at more than 2,200 Petron With these stellar results from its these capabilities, Petron is able toservice stations nationwide. flagship product, motorists can be produce world class fuel variants that assured that all Petron TriAction fuels meet the unique needs of motorists.

COVER STORY DODGE CHALLENGER SRT “HELLCAT” The Challenger may be well known as a powerful and fast car. But for the American manufacturer, this muscle car is “built for protection just as much as for performance.” The reinforced frame has specifically designed front and rear crumple zones that can absorb impact energies and deflect these away from passengers to reduce injury. This beast is also equipped with Electronic Stability Control that can automatically sense if the vehicle in veering away from its path. It intelligently utilizes the car’s anti-lock braking, brake assist, and the all-speed traction systems to rein in directional control. Even the programmed cruising speed gets automatically adjusted to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. A Blind Spot Monitoring system, meanwhile, makes lane changing safer as it alerts the driver whenever a vehicle is in the vicinity of the car’s blind spot. DODGE Challenger SRT Text and photos by Randy S. PeregrinoMIAS 2017 ADdoddigteionPaHl, pMhaoztodacrPeHd,its:NEW CARSS, ARFEEVTOYLUFETAIOTNUARREYSCanhdevHroyulentdPaHiPHIT is pretty obvious that the elements of aesthetics, performance, and perhaps overall grandeur, come into play when it comes to vehicles. But there are car enthusiasts that look beyond these marvelous looks and consider what are called as “imperceptible essentials.” This year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) showcased exciting new cars with cutting- edge safety features worthy of their respective price tags. MERCEDES-AMG GT Mercedes-AMG GT Along with known luxurious aspects of the Mercedes-AMG GT, its designers also gave the car several forward-thinking safety essentials. This powerplant now comes with the capability to think, see, feel, and even act independently, thanks to its so- called Collision Prevention Assist Plus. In addition, an Attention Assist system recognizes typical signs of fatigue and allows it to send visual and audible warning calls to the driver. This AMG GT even has a three-stage Electronic Stability Program to match any desired driving mode. The Acceleration Skid Control (ASR) can also guide the vehicle through snow, wet roads or loose gravel, effectively reducing any chance for the vehicle to skid.26 AQ MAGAZINE

MIAS 2017: NEW CARS, REVOLUTIONARY SAFETY FEATURESMAZDA CX-9 AND CX-5 Mazda CX-9 Today’s Mazda vehicles are all about KODO: Soul of Motion, Mazda CX-5SkyActiv technologies and the Japanese manufacturer’sprinciple of “horse and rider as one”. The flagship crossoverCX-9 was unveiled at the 2017 MIAS, baring its latestform while the new CX-5 got several notable updates. Bothcrossovers feature the SkyActiv-Body and SkyActive-Chassisthat mate ultra-high-tensile steel with integrated straight load-path frame rails providing crash protection for the driver andpassengers. The vehicles also feature Lane Departure andKeep Assist functions to ensure drivers stay on the correctlane. Even its predictive i-ACTIV AWD system was designedto instantly recognize various terrain conditions to avoid anywheel slip. The CX-5’s G-Vectoring Control improves furtherthe vehicle’s stability and agility, especially when traversingwinding roads.VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN This German automaker fully understands the essence of integrating cutting-edge protection elements with great design. Volkswagen introduced the new Tiguancompact crossover at the auto show. Noteworthy is its Front Assist System thatutilizes various controls such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and ForwardCollision Warning to actively help prevent vehicular accidents. Another interestingfeature is the Pedestrian Monitoring system, which is like the vehicle’s watching eyethat can take control of the vehicle’s brake system in case the driver fails to see apedestrian on the vehicle’s path.2017 HONDA CIVIC TYPE R Volkswagen Tiguan The new generation of Honda’s high-performance vehicle literally granted everycar fanatic’s wish. Now more powerful with a new turbocharged engine, Honda madesure to match output with several protection updates. Additional structural bracingwas employed to fortify the frame against crashes. Variable tuning on the dampingsystem allows this sports sedan to conform with the three available driving modes.This function remarkably alters the steering/throttle response and the stability controlinterference of the vehicle. The Civic Type R’s brakes were also given an upgrade asthe standard Brembo calipers are now paired with bigger front and rear rotors.2017 Honda Civic Type R Hyundai Creta Chevrolet Spark HYUNDAI CRETA Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) is expanding its SUV lineup by introducing the subcompact Creta. It may be the smallest in the segment but its frame is fortified with Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS). That means that the body structure is more durable. As for safer handling, this new SUV comes endowed with Vehicle Stability Management (VSM). In a nutshell, the VSM controls both the steering and brakes on each wheel to maintain good maneuvering. It also assists in stabilizing the vehicle when braking on non-homogenous surfaces to maintain a straight path. CHEVROLET SPARK This city car is now powered by a 1.4-liter petrol engine which is more than sufficient to propel the small frame. That’s why it’s only right to equip this mini subcompact car with reliable safety features like traction and stability control. AQ MAGAZINE 27

FEATURE The 2017 Mazda Miata Cup Season is On THE 2017 Mazda Miata Cup takes off with another exciting season as 17 MX-5s of all four generations race in this year’s first two rounds held at the 4.2-kilometer Clark International Speedway on May 12. Organized by the Miata Club Philippines and run exclusively by its members, the series showcases the club’s special fascination for motor sports and serves as a venue for MX-5 owners to truly experience the true nature of their cars. 28 AQ MAGAZINE

THE 2017 MAZDA MIATA CUP Now on its ninth year, and with the Representatives from Mazda Philippines, Miata Club Philippines and Aggressive Line Events Management sign thesupport of Mazda Philippines, the Miata contract to run the 2017 Mazda Miata Cup at the Clubman Racing Series events this season. Seated from left to right:Cup continues to give MCP members the Mikko David, PR and Customer Relations Manager, Bermaz Auto Philippines; Bob Briddon, President, Miata Clubopportunity to truly drive their cars and Philippines; E.Z. Ligaya, President, Aggressive Line Events.experience the MX-5’s renowned handlingand driving feel in the safe and controlled their affinity with their MX-5s is further The Mazda Miata Cup is run inenvironment of a proper race track. strengthened. This emotional bond is the conjunction with the Clubman Racing driving force behind the brand and is the Series event. Succeeding rounds this year “The Miata Cup has always provided reason why Mazda makes cars that drive will be held on July 16th and October 15tha gentleman-racing experience where the way they do.” at the Batangas Racing Circuit, then backmembers can compete with one another again at the Clark International Speedwayon the track while improving their own For the past three years, the Mazda on November 19.driving skills at the same time,” says Miata Cup has run five different classesMCP president Bob Briddon. He adds, based on the participants’ actual lap times“For members who are into modifying around the track. This ensures minimaltheir cars, the friendly competition in the cost for competing in the event while atMiata Cup drives an attitude of constant the same time leveling the playing fieldimprovement via engine and suspension by grouping racers together according tomodifications. But most importantly, their actual timed performance on thethe Miata Cup races provides the club track.members the means to express themselveswhile enjoying the strong camaraderieprevailing in the club.” For Mazda Philippines, the club seriesnot only highlights the brand’s ethos butalso directly communicates this with itscustomers. “The Miata Cup is the idealvenue to feel Mazda’s Jinba Ittai, or thehorse and rider as one, driving philosophy,”shares Steven Tan, president and CEO ofBermaz Auto Philippines, the exclusivedistributors of Mazda vehicles and partsin the country. He adds, “Because of theunique experience Miata Cup participantshave with their cars in running this event, The Miata Cup is the idealvenue to feel Mazda’s Jinba Ittai,or the horse and rider as one,driving philosophy AQ MAGAZINE 29

FEATURE BMW’s xDrive on full display. Even with three, two or one wheel on terra firma, BMW’s SUV models promise poise and safety.ADMIT it. Spoiled as we are with a bewildering gamut of features in our modern-day automobiles, we seldom think of the technological acronyms and terms they offer. Most of them flyabove our heads, anyway. But really, the only way we can feel the fulleffect of, and appreciation for, our car’s abilities is to be in situationswhich actually need, say, ABS (anti-lock braking), four-wheel drive, or The author disembarks from an X6 after alane-keeping assistance. satisfying run on the sand. X marks the spot:Discovering the virtues and prowess of BMW’s X-lineTEXT AND PHOTOS BY KAP MACEDA AGUILA With this as the obvious premise, are both awesome and awful things. These owing to its location – right in the middleMunich-headquartered BMW recently are integral to life, and can take it away as of a plain quite appropriately called Seastaged the “BMW Destination X: Bromo well. They also help to sculpt landscape into of Sand. The fine powder stretches acrossDriving Experience” to highlight its all-wheel inspiring dioramas – such as the one we saw 5,250 hectares – this while being at andrive system, xDrive, across its sumptuous from our perch at Seruni Point at the heart altitude of about 2,100 meters.line of SUVs. This permanent all-wheel of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Parkdrive works with basic torque split 40 to in East Java. This unique experience is created for60 percent between its front and rear axles. five batches of lucky dealers, principals,The company says that this “torque bias We felt blessed to witness sunrise and media to provide a complete and betterbetween the axles is adjusted according to gradually illuminate a fiery foursome of appreciation of the prowess and performancedifferent road friction coefficient or driving Indonesian volcanoes that are Mts. Bromo, promised by the BMW SUV range. Of course,situation,” which basically means you need Semeru, Kursi, and Batok. Motoring media not all of us have these premium SUVs innot worry even on difficult terrain. from the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, our garages – let alone the inclination and and Indonesia found their way here in style willingness to put them through a gauntlet This we found out in Indonesia which, aboard BMW’s X3, X4, X5, and X6 sport of the Philippines, is situated in the so- utes – setting off from the picturesque Jiwacalled Ring of Fire (or circum-Pacific belt), Jawa Resort 30 minutes away. These are dyed-in-the-wool SUVs froma horseshoe-shaped area of “oceanic the Munich carmaker, not lesser mortalstrenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts Through difficult and steep terrain, the assuming the shape. Alternating as driverand/or plate movements” in the Pacific BMWs had proven poised and unperturbed and front-seat passenger for the journey,Ocean where a lot of earthquakes and just as they had been at the start of our we appreciate the all-wheel-drive virtues oferuptions happen. It is said to host more journey from the heart of Surabaya, the X models. Regardless of the model, it isthan 75 percent of the world’s active and Indonesia’s second-largest city, into the apparent that BMW succeeds in conveyingdormant volcanos. conservation area where temperatures its premium character across price points. can dip into single digits. Mount Bromo is Now if you’ve seen a fair amount of said to be one of the country’s most active While driving on Indonesia’s roaddocumentaries, you know that volcanos volcanos, and gets even more attention network is singularly satisfying – if a bit unnerving, owing to the multitude of30 AQ MAGAZINE X-line units pose for the money shot after a slew of activities and exercises.

DISCOVERING THE VIRTUES AND PROWESS OF BMW’S X-LINE This “X ramp” showcases the vehicle’s balancemotorcycles -- the agenda in our Southeast Reports is correct to say the X4 emphasizes even surprised by its second-row space, andAsian neighbor is clear. “sport over utility.” the level of its comfort over a long journey. On sand though, the X3 seemed timid to I suspect that hardly anyone wakes Up next is the X5, whose 3.0-liter respond to throttle input – perhaps dreadingup and typically says: “I feel like getting Twin Power Turbo sixer roars with approval the impractical demand asked of it. Still, itbehind the wheel of a couple of BMW SUVs despite the abuse. It proves most stable slices through the sand as best it could, andtoday and put these through the paces on and composed among the SUVs – its 306 it is not equipped with xDrive for nothing.the sand.” But that is exactly the kind of horses and 400Nm adequately poweringunrealistic dream given fruition by the good its balanced frame. Cocooned within its Aside from this exercise, we alsofolks at Bayerische Motoren Werke. interiors, you hardly feel the goings on experienced an extreme “taxi ride” aboard outside. The heft doesn’t preclude an an X5 with certified BMW driver trainer A makeshift track on the sand – marked adroitness even on the fine sand of Bromo. Gerry Nasution. He pushes the SUV throughout by nothing more than white plastic poles rougher sections of the 10,000-square-and tire tracks – stretches out over small The X6, essentially a crossover version meter-playground reserved exclusively for us with the Sea of Sand. Through steep inclines Dawn breaks at Seruni Point of the X5, is a beastly number that appears (the Bimmers can handle up to 22 degrees ready to ingest everything in its path. Though of angle for both entry and exit) and unevenmounds and troughs. Queued up at the bestowed with the same power plant as the terrain, the X5 is a sure-footed customerstarting line are the X3, X4, X5, and X6. We X5, the X6 assumes a sportier character, – surely a source of both excitement andare waved aboard in batches. which it displays in a greater knack for security. fishtailing fun while staying on terra firma. I first get on board the red X4 xDrive28i If I needed tokens for the ride, I would have BMW lines up more challenges – thisM Sport. Powered by a 2.0-liter BMW bought an armful just to do it all over again. time man-made. A balance bridge, angledTwinPower Turbo, the four-cylinder Bimmer climb, roller climb, angular climb (collectivelyproves an excellent blend of ability and To be fair, the X3 attacks the sand as called X ramps) more keenly demonstrate theelegance. I coax it through the track – first at best it can, but definitely underachieves in xDrive ability to provide traction in extremespeed, then more deliberately as I rounded comparison to its larger siblings as far as situations where traction is available to butthe deep furrows and abrupt turns of our excitement goes. To be fair, on pavement the three, two, or even one wheel. Even rapidlysandy track. Even as its tires lose traction X3 is a precise and composed ride. I was changing situations do not faze the xDrive,from my heavy foot on the gas, the X4 keeps and one has but to mind the wheel in handits collar stiff and starched, still. Consumer – hardly the ones touching (or not) the ground. Even the amount of torque available at relatively low rpm is very convenient – helping complete the compelling image of the BMW X models as a study in both ease of use and impressive talents. For the German brand, it seems that the value of X creeps towards infinity. AQ MAGAZINE 31

MOTORING NEWSChevron partners with Visa for Visa payWaveCALTEX, marketed by Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI), is enhancing cash,” said Stuart Tomlinson, Visa Country Each Caltex fuel-up using Visa payWave Filipino motorists’ gas-up experience Manager, Philippines and Guam. will entitle motorists to three raffle entries forwith the introduction of the Visa payWave every P500 payment increment. Meanwhile,contactless payment technology. Visa “Motorists gassing up using Visa each Visa contact transaction is equivalentcardholders can wave their cards in front of payWave will definitely be able to experience to one raffle entry.readers to pay for Caltex fuel – no swiping, quicker service in our forecourts. Motoristssigning or PIN needed. can transact securely and with ease, knowing Motorists gassing up at Caltex can that they remain in control of their card at also get an instant prize of P50 discount Visa cardholders purchasing Caltex fuel all times,” said CPI Country Chairman Peter to be deducted outright from their fuelworth P2,000 and below at participating Morris. “To excite consumers to try our latest purchase.Caltex stations nationwide can now enjoy the innovation, we’re also holding a promotionsame fast and secure transactions without the that’s sure to give added value to their fuelneed to input PINs or sign credit card receipts. purchase.”They can simply wave their Visa payWavecards in front of the Visa payWave readers. To kick off the partnership, Chevron, together with Visa, is holding the “Drive “As the global payments leader, Visa Away a Millionaire” promo until July 31,always wants to reduce friction in the 2017. Visa cardholders using Visa payWavepayment process. We are excited to partner to purchase any Caltex fuel (Platinum withwith Chevron Philippines once again to Techron, Silver with Techron and Diesel withbring seamless customer experience to Techron D) at participating stations will getmotorists. Visa payWave is much quicker, the chance to win Visa card credit worthmore secure and more convenient than P1 million. Three lucky motorists will also receive one-year Starcash worth P100, 000.Caltex Launches High-Performance Delo 400 MGX Engine OilCHEVRON, marketer of the Caltex brand, unveiled its latest premium diesel engine oil, the Caltex Delo 400 MGX and retaining alkalinity in extended-drain operations. SAE 15W-40, to address commercial business needs “Heavy industry players are grappling with challenges suchwhile meeting stringent Philippine emission regulations. Therevolutionary formulation constitutes a higher specification and is as excessive occupational heat exposure and maintaining anspecially designed to comply with Philippine market requirements. age-diverse fleet operating in both high- and ultra-low sulphurIt will benefit both new and old diesel engines and allow customers environments. With the local launch of the Caltex Delo 400 MGX,to utilize just one heavy-duty engine oil that operates efficiently in an American Petroleum Institute and American and Europeanboth high- and low-sulfur diesel fuel environments. Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (standard compliant diesel engine oil, heavy industries can finally experience synthetic-like “Introducing the Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 to the performance at the cost of mineral products, significantly reducingPhilippine market is proof of our commitment to provide customers premium lubrication costs,” said Joseph Bronfman, Area Businesswith ground-breaking products that not only boost performance, Manager, Finished Lubricants Philippines and Vietnam.but also reduce operating costs and maximize diesel enginedurability,” said Lennard Kwek, Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager at Chevron uses ISOSYN Technology in top-tier Delo productChevron Lubricants. formulation. ISOSYN Technology combines premium base oils, high performance additives and the company’s formulation expertise The Caltex Delo product range includes lubricants and to deliver excellent diesel engine part protection at a competitivecoolants that provide premium protection, performance and value. The Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40’s new advancedbottom-line value for on- and off-road diesel-powered equipment. formula delivers excellent soot dispersancy, wear protection andThese products are utilized in all major heavy industries such as sludge control to guard against loss of engine life and help reducecommercial transportation, construction, mining, agriculture and oil consumption.power generation. The Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 also has the added Delo’s industry-leading lubricants have logged 2.4 million advantage of a single fleet oil, which reduces the need for multiplekilometers and countless hours offering superior protection to diesel engine oils. Specifically developed to meet local emissiondiesel engine parts for smooth vehicle and equipment operations. regulations, OEM requirements and local market performanceThoroughly field-tested in trucks using up to 5000ppm diesel specification, Delo with ISOSYN helps extend service protectionfuel sulfur levels, the Caltex Delo 400 MGX has demonstrated an and optimize engine durability and operating costs.exceptional performance capability in neutralizing harmful acids The newly launched Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 is currently available in drum and gallon packaging.32 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWS The Audi A4 2.0 TDI proved that it had the mettle to go around the track with the big boys. The Audi Track ExperienceDelivers Excitement and ThrillsAUDI Philippines recently staged ‘The Audi Track Experience’ for valued – and 510Nm, powering the immensely light, The Track Day would clients and prospects to demonstrate Audi Space Frame-based vehicle (188 kilos not be completethe power and performance of the German lighter compared to the previous generation) without the exclusiveluxury premium brand’s latest models, as well from standstill to 100kph in a mere 3.2 ticks. VIP test drive of theas, allowing owners of existing Audi vehicles to Guided by Certified Audi Driving Instructor Audi R8 V10 Plus.take their cars out on the track. Christoph Klapper, participants felt the muscle and grace of the R8 V10 Plus as it blazed Audi Philippines Head Benedicto Coyuito with event Held at the Clark International Speedway through the corners and straights of the world- participants Eric Lee (left) and Jude Fernandez.(CIS) in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles, class track. everything in direct view.Pampanga, the exclusive, by-invitation-only“Audi Track Experience” afforded participants On the other hand, the Q7 is the four- Other Audi driving instructors, guidedfirst and foremost, a chance to savor in greater ring brand’s “cornerstone”. Positioned as a participants in effectively extracting themagnitude the power and performance premium family SUV, the three-row, seven- performance characteristics of the othercharacteristics of the R8 V10 Plus in an exclusive seat SUV keenly highlights Audi’s quattro featured vehicles through track exercises.track test drive with a Certified Audi Driving (permanent all-wheel-drive) technology. Guests who brought their own Audi motorInstructor. Aside from the flagship model from “Drivers expressed surprise at the great cars were additionally given the rare chancethe Audi Sport sub-brand, participants also handling of composure of the Q7 even to push them around the CIS, while receivinggot to test drive the, A1 three-door hatchback, when pushed around the track,” reported vital and important tips from the Drivingthe compact A3 sedan, the 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 Audi Philippines General Sales Manager Instructors.TDI variants of the A4 executive car, the TT Paolo Brambilla. “This SUV may be hefty,coupe, and the 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TD Iiterations but it is bred on the track, is surprisingly “We look forward to holding moreof the Ingolstadt marque’s full-size, seven light and agile, and exhibits performance activities like this, even as we add more Audiseater luxury Q7 SUV. characteristics that demonstrate the famous vehicles to our portfolio. We’re particularly Audi ethos of “Vorsprung durch Technik” excited to announce that the much-awarded, “Not all Audi owners get the opportunity (Advancement through Technology).” all-new Q2 and Q5 SUVs are set to arrive into realize their vehicles’ excellent driving our country soon,” concluded Mr. Coyiuto.dynamics,” said Audi Philippines Head The Audi A4 was also a highlight atBenedicto Coyiuto. “Through this Track the event. Lighter than the outgoing model, For more information, please contact AudiExperience, they came away with a greater the new A4 is the widest, lightest, and most Philippines at 7270381 or visit its showroomsappreciation and understanding of how efficient iteration ever in the model’s history located in Greenhills, Global City, Westgatetechnology and good design come together – even as it is almost two inches longer. Alabang and SM Seaside City every Audi model – resulting in a package Now also equipped with Audi’s proprietarythat both docile and exciting – while keeping Virtual Cockpit, motorists can delight in theits occupants safe and engaged.” high-resolution instrument cluster that puts The obvious star of the day was the V10Plus variant of the Audi R8 supercar, one ofthe last true quixotic exotics with a naturallyaspirated engine. The aforementioned versionof the R8 boasts a 5.2-liter heart that delivers610hp – 70 more horses than the base model AQ MAGAZINE 33

MOTORING NEWS “Every year we try to make the show even more exciting and worthwhile for truck buyers to visit. The introduction of the Isuzu NHR with flexi truck 10 x 10 body and FVM with Fruehaf wing van are our latest addition to the wide array of body applications which can be done on our trucks. Hopefully, it will attract more customers to buy these models thru this display” Koso added.Isuzu continues to show confidence in the truck marketIPC President Hajime Koso (center) leading reliable service” he added. Along with the vehicle display, differentthe toast to success with Isuzu officials. Leading the 12-truck display line-up body builders were on-site so that customers can immediately discuss their purchaseISUZU Philippines Corporation (IPC) were the two units each Isuzu NHR with flexi requirements upon picking the right truck for showed confidence anew in its recent truck 10x10 body and FVM with Fruehaf wing their business. Present during the show were exhibition of its latest truck line-up. Held van, which are specially built by IPC’s trusted Centro, Almazora, KPC, Multilift, Transbilt,on April 20-23, 2017 at the SMX Convention body builders Kyoei Kogyo Philippines Versatemp, Red Dragon, CoolAire and JVFCenter in Pasay City, IPC’s truck display Corp. (KPC) and Centro Manufacturing Commercial.bares its core values of dependability, Corporation, respectively.durability and reliability. As an additional treat, all registered Completing the light-duty truck line-up customers during the show are entitled One of the country’s most trusted truck were the Isuzu NHR with iVAN body option, to receive free dashboard camera andbrands, IPC has been a consistent segment NHR jeepney prototype, NPR dropside, P10,000 worth of fuel card for every closedleader specially for its light-duty N-Series NPR aluminum van and NQR Garbage transaction until June 30, 2017.trucks which holds the No. 1 position for Compactor. For the medium to heavy-duty17 consecutive years. In the past two years, segment, IPC displayed the FVM with crane, “For Isuzu, there is nothing morehowever, the trucks and buses segment also CYZ51 dump truck and EXZ51 tractor head. valuable that the trust that we get fromsaw a significant increase in demand which our customers, it is for this reason, that weis parallel to the growth of the economy, Adding more diversity to the show, continue to provide excellent products andwhich is why IPC’s medium and heavy-duty IPC displayed its leading light-commercial service that best suits the demands of thetrucks sales increased by around 13% in vehicles, two (2) units each of the Isuzu mu-X market” Koso said.2016. Black Series and Isuzu D-MAX X-Series. “The key to our success is not on thesale of our trucks, it’s on the full service thatcomes with every purchase. With every truckpurchase, we provide product orientations,driver’s training and even a professionalanalysis on fuel consumption and actualvehicle operation” said IPC President HajimeKoso. “A truck is probably one of the mostvalued investments for a company, which iswhy aside from providing quality products,Isuzu guarantees availability of parts and 34 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWSThe All-new Kia Rio: Ginia Domingo - President, Columbian Autocar Corp. andReady to make Dodie Gañac - VP for Marketing wavesCOLUMBIAN Autocar Corporation Overall dimensions have been Korean city car (CAC), the exclusive distributor of increased, as this latest model is both winner of 2017 Kia vehicles in the Philippines, is 5mm wider and 15mm longer than its Red Dot Awardbringing in the latest addition of the Korean predecessor. The increased surface for Designmarque’s roster of vibrant, stylish, and area of the vehicle’s hood, matcheddynamic vehicles. with a more upright C-pillar, all for traversing city-to-city streets, making it contribute to its commanding ideal for cruising along country roads and Unveiled last September 2016 at the presence on the streets. highways, too.Paris Motor Show, the all-new, fourth-generation Kia Rio is ready to unleash your Inside, the cabin is kept The all-new Rio will be available“Freedom to Be You” when it hits Philippine uncluttered. The driver’s for purchase starting at P735,000 SRP,shores later this year. contact points at the beginning June 2017. To reserve yours now, seat and steering wheel contact your favorite Kia dealership. The 2017 Rio showcases several of Kia’s are all adjustable, aidinglatest technology and design innovations, in providing maximum comfort during theall wrapped up in a sleeker, yet sportier driving experience. The driver-orientedpackage-emerging as a winner for its dashboard is an innovative solution to acategory in the 2017 Red Dot Awards. common problem, making controls more ergonomic and easy to access. The updated profile of the Rio wasthe result of a diverse collaborative effort. Each seat also provides qualityKia’s designers, based in Germany and passenger comfort, with ample head andCalifornia, worked closely with the team leg room at the back and full automaticfrom the company’s headquarters in South climate control. Other convenience featuresKorea-and the result is a truly global include the Smart Key with push-buttonaesthetic that merges a balanced stance start, steering wheel mounted controls, andwith a confident look. front and rear power outlets for charging your devices. The front layout has been given a sharpmakeover-putting more emphasis on the Kia fans in the Philippines will betiger-nose grille, then strikingly framed by able to avail of a Rio that is specifiedsportier headlights. As a Kia standard, these with a lightweight 1.4L engine pairedlights automatically activate when you turn with 4-speed Automatic transmission. Thea corner, or after you start the engine and combination has been proven to be idealrelease the hand brake. AQ MAGAZINE 35

MOTORING NEWSFord PH brings ‘Ford Island Conquest’to Manila auto showFORD Philippines made the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) held from March 30 to April 2 to showcase both its best-selling vehicles in the country,as well as its unique test-drive and brand experience, theFord Island Conquest. The Ford booth at MIAS showcases Everest, Ranger, and EcoSport. An outdoor Island Conquest is planning scheduledtop-selling variants of its Big Three vehicle course, featuring a water-wading drive- rollouts in Bulacan, Pampanga, Naga,nameplates – the Everest mid-size SUV, thru, is designed to highlight key features Laguna, Pangasinan, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu,EcoSport compact SUV, and segment- and capabilities of the Everest and Ranger. Cagayan de Oro, and Davao, as well asdefining Ranger pickup. additional events in Metro Manila to include The Ford Island Conquest also features Greenhills, Ortigas, Marikina and Quezon Ford has also brought to MIAS the a mock-up Ford showroom, providing a City, among others.Ford Island Conquest, which it launched good opportunity for both owners andearlier this year with two successful events interested buyers to learn more about The Ford Island Conquest also offersin Metro Manila. Ford’s sales and after-sales services and exciting freebies and exclusive Ford ownership packages. merchandise that are up for grabs upon The Ford Island Conquest is the registration and participation in variousultimate test drive arena for car enthusiasts To bring the experiential test drive activities.and interested buyers to experience the activity to more Filipinos nationwide, Ford FORD PHILIPPINES, GAWAD KALINGAOUNVEIL TWO NEW WATER FACILITIES IN LEYTEVER 120 families and households greatly affected by super typhoon Haiyan inin Leyte villages will benefit from 2013,” said Josie Gonzalez, AVP for governmentthe completion of two new water and corporate affairs, Ford Philippines. “Ford isfacilities through a partnership between Ford proud to continue initiatives that provide long-Philippines and Gawad Kalinga (GK). term benefits for these communities.” Since 2014, the project has included eight Ford executives led the turnover of a new Building a communal water system in water facilities built around Leyte, helping provide over 700 families with access to cleancommunal water facility that provides access to GK communities in Leyte was conceived water. The mini-grant has continued to supportpotable water for over 100 families in GK Sto. when Ford Fund through Global Giving made the communal water project, supported byNiño Village in Bato. Prior to the new facility available mini-grants for projects that will Ford dealer employees, GK residents and localbeing built, residents had to get water from a promote volunteerism during Ford’s Global students all serving as one kilometer from the village. Month of Caring. Ford executives also visited residents of Ford decided on Leyte and efforts to buildGK Polpogan Village to unveil a concrete water sustainable water supply in the community bytank that supplies clean water through PVC finding a safe and clean water source, includingpipes directly to 26 households. a set-up of a water catchment facility and a“Leyte was a unanimous choice for us to common area of laundry and other householdsupport, being one of the provinces that was chores.36 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWSMitsubishi celebrates100 years of automobile innovationsMITSUBISHI is celebrating its expo. Customers test drove the new Montero the array of activities lined centennial year of automobile Sport, Strada, Pajero and Mirage. MMPC up for the whole family. manufacturing this year. The first car also included in the roster of available testever to be adorned with the three-diamond units the pure electric vehicle – iMiEV and Live performancesemblem was a Mitsubishi Model A developed the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV). from the country’s popularby the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company Those who missed the series of Montero Sport bands and DJs entertained(one of predecessor companies of Mitsubishi Head-to-Head test drive last year were given the expo goers. And toHeavy Industries) in 1917. the chance to once again test and compare make the event even the Montero Sport with the competition more memorable, Mirage The history of Mitsubishi automobile to prove for themselves the class-leading brand ambassadors Mainebegan with the 22-car production of Japan’s features of the vehicle. Mendoza and Aldenvery first series-produced vehicle. Then from Richards, along with internetthe end of the World War II to the early Aside from a feast of great vehicles action star Ramon Bautista,1970s, Mitsubishi automobiles ranging from on display, MMPC made sure that the visit dropped by in the afternooncommercial vehicles to unique passenger at the Mitsubishi Automobile Expo was of June 10 to greet allcars were launched which paved the way exceptionally worthwhile and enjoyable with Mitsubishi owners and expo guests.for the establishment of Mitsubishi Motors MMPC also treated its loyal customersCorporation which has spawned from and car clubs as they gathered for the firstMitsubishi Heavy Industries. Mitsubishi Owners’ Day. Kids also enjoyed the event as MMPC tapped the services of From 1970s up to the end of the 20th Nickelodeon to hold fun games and managecentury, Mitsubishi automobiles provided the kids’ park area plus special appearancessolutions to the needs for conserving energy of Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol on Saturday andand resources. At the same time Mitsubishi Sunday.automobiles have enhanced driving pleasure For art lovers, MMPC also asked thefor drivers with high performance vehicles father of Philippine Art Workshop, Fernandolike class-leading sport utility vehicles. Today, Sena, to share his techniques thru an artMitsubishi automobiles are as prepared workshop on June 11 from 1-3 pm. Thereas ever to take on the new challenges and was also a Safety and Driving Etiquettedemands of owners worldwide. Seminar during the expo. In celebration of Mitsubishi’s 100-yearanniversary, Mitsubishi Motors PhilippinesCorp. (MMPC) held a grand expo from June8 to 11, 2017 at the World Trade Center,Pasay City. Dubbed as the Mitsubishi 100Years Anniversary Expo, this motor showgave the public a one-of-a-kind and trulymemorable experience not only to Mitsubishifans but to any car enthusiast. The expo wasopen to public from 12 noon to 9pm on June8 and from 10am to 9pm on June 9 to 11. A century of automobile innovationwas showcased with a display of the iconiccars, rally cars and MMPC’s current vehicleline-up. During the event MMPC gave eachexpo visitor a glimpse of the rich history ofMitsubishi and a chance to see actual vehiclesthat were on display at the Mitsubishi AutoGallery located in Okazaki, Japan. MMPCbrought in the 1937 Race (Circuit Car), 1985Paris-Dakar Rally winner Pajero #189, WRCLancer 2005, and the Outlander PHEV whichwon the 2015 Baja Rally. The expo served as the perfect venuefor those who were also planning topurchase a brand-new Mitsubishi vehicle.A display of MMPC’s current vehicle line-upincluding the Fuso trucks and bus line-upwas made available during this four-day AQ MAGAZINE 37

MOTORING NEWSdebuts refreshed CityHONDA Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), high-tech design, decorative panel, and Hands-free Telephone and Audio Streaming, Honda’s automobile unit in the plush leather seats (for the VX+) that truly and USB Connectivity. The VX and VX+ Philippines, unveils the New City at highlight the car’s sporty feel. The new variants are equipped with a navigationCity of Dreams, Parañaque City. metallic trim around the air-conditioning system with a multi-view reverse camera with vent and gearshift, and Gun Metallic panels guidelines, voice command, Miracast and Revolving around the grand concept of also welcome the passengers with a more Cube User Interface (UI).“Advanced Energetic Smart Star”, the New functional beauty. The New City’s gaugesCity exhibits a high-tech and sporty design, and Push Start Button have also been The New City is powered by the sameclass-leading fuel efficiency and comfort, and redesigned for a more premium and elegant 1.5-liter i-VTEC SOHC 4-cylinder engine thatabove-class safety that provide customers touch. For added convenience, the VX and produces 120PS at 6,600rpm and 14.8kg-mwith the smartest ownership experience. VX+ variants are now equipped with Cruise of torque at 4,800rpm. The engine is mated Control that maintains a steady driving to either a 5-speed Manual Transmission (for Outside, the New City gets a refreshed speed set by the driver. the base E variant) or Continuously Variablelook with its redesigned front fascia that Transmission (CVT) developed under Earthsports a low and wide stance, and stately The New City also features a new 7-inch Dreams Technology that delivers a dynamicpresence. This seamlessly complements a toucshcreen audio system for the E CVT, VX and fuel efficient driving performance. Thenew front and rear design that gives the New and VX+ variants that consists of Bluetooth car also features Honda’s Eco Assist SystemCity a sharper and more aggressive look. which consists of the ECON button and eco-The New City is also now equipped with LED coaching ambient meter to promote smartDaytime Running Lights (DRL), while the and fuel efficient driving habit. The VX andtop variant VX+ comes with LED headlights VX+ variants are also equipped with paddleand LED fog lights. Adding to the sporty shifters for a sportier driving experience.look is a new intricate-looking front grille,and exquisite diamond cut aluminium alloy All variants are equipped with a G-CONwheels (16-inch for the VX and VX+ variants body structure, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS),and 15-inch for the E CVT variant). The VX Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), andand VX+ variant also get power folding side Dual SRS Airbags. The VX and VX+ variantsmirrors for added convenience. are also equipped with a smart entry system, while the VX+ variant will get additional side Inside, the New City boasts a rich and side curtain airbags, Vehicle Stabilityand sophisticated interior that flaunts a Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) for added safety. 2 Years ofAWddairtriaonntaylwith Honda Protect Plus Similar to other Honda models, HCPI is also offering genuine Modulo accessories for Extended Warranty the New City for added style. Color options include: Lunar Silver Metallic (New Color),HONDA Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile unit in the Philippines, Gold Brown Metallic (VX, VX+ only), Ruby announces the launch of Honda’s extended warranty program, the Honda Protect Plus Red Pearl (VX, E CVT only), Taffeta White, Extended Warranty. It is a flexible program that gives customers an option to extend Modern Steel, and Crystal Black Pearl (VX, Etheir regular 3 year warranty for another 2 years. CVT, E MT only) The Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty program covers all models offered by Honda. With all these new added features, theCustomers who purchase the Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty will get an additional New City is the smartest choice retaining its2 years of warranty or 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This takes effect after the predecessors’ suggested retail prices: 1.5 Estandard warranty period of 3 years (or 100,000 kilometers whichever comes first) has lapsed. MT (Php 764,000); 1.5 E CVT (Php804,000), 1.5 VX Navi CVT (Php 913,000), and 1.5 With this program, customers need not worry about possible sudden expenses brought VX+ Navi CVT (Php 1,003,000).about by vehicle breakdowns during the fourth and fifth year of their Honda’s life. Moreover,as their vehicle will be under the care of certified Honda technicians and only genuine partswill be used on their vehicles, they can command higher resale price should they decide to selltheir Honda. The Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty comes at very affordable pricestartingat Php12,300 for the Honda Brio. For more information on the new Honda Protect PlusExtended Warranty program, visit your nearest Honda Cars dealership today or log on AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWSThe Beauty Queens’ Roadster of ChoiceTHE Miata Club of the Philippines once again played official escort to also the design evolution of all MX-5 models. recently launched at the Manila International the candidates of the 2017 Binibining “Mazda Philippines has always been Auto Show. MCP members were among the first to take delivery of the latest variant of supportive of MCP’s various activities,” shares the MX-5.Pilipinas during its annual Parade of Steven Tan, president and CEO of Bermaz The MX-5 has been the exclusive ride of the pageant candidates at the highlyBeauties held recently at the Araneta Center Auto Philippines, the exclusive distributors of anticipated Parade of Beauties since 2008. MCP has never failed to produce enoughin Quezon City. Mazda vehicles and parts in the country. He cars for all the years it was commissioned to grace the event. As such, it is the onlyClose to sixty MX-5s composed of all four adds, “Club events such as these enhance roadster club in the Philippines capable of providing the numbers to compliment thegenerations of the iconic two-seat roadster the MX-5 ownership experience and further beautiful candidates as they compete for the crowd’s attention and favor.were on hand as the official transports of strengthen the emotional bonds between thethe beauty pageant’s 40 contestants and cars and their owners.”VIPs. The car owners themselves became Among the gorgeous Miatas that tooktheir assigned candidates’ chauffeurs for the part in this year’s Parade of Beauties is theafternoon. Not only did the parade highlight first ever MX-5 RF. The retractable hard topthe stunning beauty of the candidates but version of the fourth generation MX-5 wasManila Celebrates Driving in Style with Mazda OtisBERMAZ Auto Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the country, together with Zoomhub Inc. formally opens the first Mazda showroom in the city of Manila.The newly built Mazda Otis dealership is nestled along the famedautomotive row in the capital city. Its 389-square meter showroom candisplay up to six of the latest Kodo: Soul of Motion-designed, SKYACTIVtechnology-equipped Mazda models. It also has a dedicated releasingarea for the convenience and comfort of its clientele.The full 3S -- Sales, Service and Spare Parts -- dealership alsohouses a 4,500-square meter service area that is equipped with 13work bays. It can handle Periodic Maintenance Services (PMS), generalrepair and body and paint jobs.“We welcome Mazda Otis into the growing dealership network ofMazda Philippines,” says Steven Tan, president and CEO of BAP. “Withthe addition of this dynamic facility in the very heart of Manila, Mazda elevated Mazda to the number one ranking in the J.D. Power 2016customers in this bustling city now have a new home that can address Customer Service Index.”the needs of their vehicles,” shares Tan. He adds: “Convenience and Willy Tee Ten, president of the Autohub Group which alsoease for Mazda patrons are our top priorities and Mazda Otis is set manages Mazda Davao and Cagayan de Oro, is upbeat about the newto provide our customers with the same excellent service that has dealership’s prospects in the city of Manila. AQ MAGAZINE 39

MOTORING NEWS United with La Union Building, Bridging in Reaching the Palawan Shores BacoorUNITED Asia Automotive Group Inc. FotonPH Expands with (UAAGI), the exclusive distributor Five New Dealerships of Fotonvehicles in the Philippines,reinforces the expansion of its dealership Opening Doors in Cordon Creatingnetwork by, for the record, achieving a total Connectionsof five groundbreaking ceremonies for new Adding to Foton’s powerhouse pack is in Caintadealerships in the month of April. Cavite-based Alphamile Automotive Dealers Inc. (AADI) which also sealed the deal with Dealer Principal Leo San Juan shared “The first quarter of 2017 showed how UAAGI. Groundbreaking ceremony for the why they chose to open another car dealershipexemplary Foton’s performance is in the new dealership in Molino, Bacoor was held under the brand. “The products are through achieving target sales and on April 21. It is expected to open in the first And when I say attractive, it’s a total package:garnering continual interest from potential quarter of 2018. the style and design, the quality and safetydealer partners.” shared Foton Philippines features, capped off with the competitiveand UAAGI President Rommel Sytin. “We decided to explore the world of price,” he said. Foton Cordon is set to open on automotive because we see its capacity here December 2017. On April 5, UAAGI and its authorized in our province. We are located in the centerdealer Absolute Advantage Inc. officially of processing zones and logistics companies, Finally, as the month of April ended,began the construction of the first Foton that’s why we are assured that Fotonproducts UAAGI officially started the construction ofdealership in the Ilocos Region, Foton La will incessantly reach various business types,” its first dealership in the province of Rizal.Union. Located in the municipality of Bauang, shared Tionson. Headed by its authorized dealer Lica Autothe 2,000-square-meter facility will have a Group, the groundbreaking ceremony ofvehicle showroom including parts, service and Foton Philippines once again went up to FotonCainta was held on April 28, 2017.sales offices. Foton La Union is expected to Northern Luzon to establish a new home inopen on the first quarter of 2018. the second-largest province in the country, “With Foton offering the widest product Isabela. Located in the municipality of lineup -- from passenger vans, SUVs, pick-up UAAGI officials also flew to the beautiful Cordon, UAAGI broke the grounds of Foton trucks, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks toprovince of Palawan to formally facilitate the Cordon together with its authorized dealer earth movers - our dealership will surely begroundbreaking ceremony of Foton Puerto Manindra Auto Corporation on April 28, a one-stop-shop to those looking for vehiclesPrincesa together with its awarded dealer, 2017. for their families and businesses in Cainta’sSteeringWheel Inc. automotive row,” said Foton Cainta General Manager Vergel Gopez. Being affiliated to the constructionfirm, Foton Puerto Princesa Dealer PrincipalMichelle Tiotangco shared how essentialearthmovers like Foton vehicles are use in thedevelopment of their industry. “Commercialvehicles -- particularly the light, heavy dutytrucks and heavy equipment -- have literallyand figuratively helped our business ease alltypes of load.” noted Tiotangco. “BFGoodrich brings back excitement and passion to drivingBFGoodrich is poised to make a strong on-road statement, as it wide longitudinal, latitudinal grooves and sipes will brings exciting and pleasurable driving experience with the newon-road BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Drive and T/A SUV tires and the ensure great braking in both wet and dry surfaces.already available off-road BFGoodrich All -Terrain T/A KO2. Built with a strong structure of multiple plies “BFGoodrich is once again demonstrating the innovative cuttingedge that makes the company a well-recognised brand in the tire and reinforced at shoulder as well as bead area,industry with the launch of the new BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Driveand T/A SUV tires and the already available off-road BFGoodrich the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Drive & SUV areAll -Terrain T/A KO2. These tires are dedicated to make your dailycommute and weekend getaways an unconditional pleasure,” said “tough” and are for drivers who love to make theirMichael Nunag, chief representative of Michelin Philippines. way through challenging road conditions. Offering an upgraded grip and a smooth, long lasting ride, the newon-road BFGoodrich Advantage T/A range delivers a pleasant everyday The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, meanwhile, is designed asride at an equally reasonable price. The tires respond to drivers’ everycommand, thanks to the enhanced symmetric tread design with rigid a tire that will pose no boundaries for drivers taking on a new worldtread blocks and shoulder, as well as “jagged” grooves for excellenthandling and control, leading to an exciting and pleasurable drive. of adventures. Drivers will also get a great drive in any weather condition, as the Engineered from BFGoodrich’s incomparable championshipBFGoodrich Advantage T/A Drive & SUV’s large tread block with deep off-road motorsports racing technology, the KO2 delivers exceptional toughness, tread life and traction for traversing the harshest conditions. The rugged KO2 is also durable, lasting twice as long on gravel roads and 15-percent longer on asphalt, allowing off-road enthusiasts to extend their adventures. It also improves its already legendary tradition of all-terrain performance with 10 percent greater traction in the mud compared to the previous-generation KO tire.

MOTORING NEWS Brand reinforces global commitment to road safety for local clienteleBMW technical upgrade campaign underway R EFLECTING BMW’s commitment to quality and safety, Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, is undertaking a technical upgrade campaign on specific BMW models. The two-part complimentary upgrade covers the of the eight accredited BMW dealerships nationwide.airbag and ISOFIX systems of certain models. The airbag To verify if a vehicle is affected, BMW customersconcern includes the 4th-generation BMW 3 Series simply have to call their preferred accredited BMW(1999 to 2004), 4th-generation BMW 5 Series (2002 2003), and 1st-generation BMW X5 (2003 to 2004)with inflators that may possibly have gas generators that “Taking these preventive measures on the airbagpropel metal fragments out when the front airbags are and ISOFIX systems will enable older BMW modelsdeployed. The ISOFIX issue includes the 2nd-generation to be in-step with today’s premium automobileBMW X3 (2010 to 2016) and BMW X4 (2014 to 2016) that standards. Through this public announcement, weare possibly equipped with rear-seat fixing brackets that urge all owners of the possibly affected models tomay not have the required strength to sustain against have certified BMW technicians inspect and expertlybending load or dynamic stress. service their vehicles. With this quality measure, we aim to ensure our customers’ peace of mind in their Owners of the models under this special campaign continued experience of sheer driving pleasure,” saidmay avail of exclusive service, free of charge, in any ACC President Maricar Parco. AQ MAGAZINE 41

MOTORING NEWSPIONEER compact car distributor Suzuki Philippines joined the Lucbanons in celebrating the most colorful Pahiyas festival last May 15 in Lucban, Quezon, which was attended by at leastthree million people. Suzuki’s participation and presence is gearedtoward complementing the booming agricultural business and local Suzuki PH showcasesmicro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the province. By creating a booth that showcases the different variants ofSuzuki’s first entry into the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment,the Lucbanons and festival-goers were able to witness the severalways the Euro 4-certified DDiS Turbo Diesel-engine equipped SuperCarry can support the load required for different business needs suchas cargo and people transport with the Super Carry Cargo Carrier, all-new Super Carry at Pahiyas FestivalCargo Van (CV), Utility Van (UV) and Jeepney Body (JB) variants. Suzuki Philippines helps local MSMEs expand their business A “Libreng Sakay” initiative enabled festival-goers to experience with the Super Carry. Designed to deliver enhanced operational productivity, uncompromised performance and fuel efficiency, thefirst-hand the features and functions of the Suzuki Super Carry. At the LCV meets the logistic demands of Philippine MSMEs.Super Carry booth, games and other fun activities greeted visitorsand locals alike. Former AFFI President and Ink-All-You-Can CEO Recognized as the 2016 Best Commercial Utility Vehicle byand Leapreneur Mr. Jerry Ilao conducted a free business seminar the Car Awards Group, Inc., the Super Carry is functional, pro-about entrepreneurship. environment and ergonomically designed. It combines superior loading capacity with durability to ensure effortless driving despite heavy cargo loads. The Suzuki Super Carry comes in different body types perfect for diverse business logistics needs at the following price points: The Super Carry Cargo Carrier Php 479,000 The Super Carry Cargo Van (CV) Php 529,000 The Super Carry Jeepney Body (JB); and Php 550,000 The Super Carry Utility Van (UV) Php 565,000 Petron, PNP Open Road Safety Park For Kids In Camp Crame increase police visibility nationwide. There are now 300 Petron stations under the project and is General expected to expand to 1,000 by year-end. Ronald de Petron also runs the Lakbay Alalay la Rosa at a program which is the longest running motorist simulated assistance project in the country. Petron station The company is also looking to engage to give the park a ‘real- the Department of Education in promoting road world’Petron Foundation General Manager and Petron feel. safety among the millions of primary schoolCorporation AVP for Corporate Affairs Charmaine children in the country, with the PNP-PetronCanillas and PDG Ronald Dela Rosa together with hiswife Nancy Dela Rosa led the ribbon cutting at the As an added feature, it will have its own Children’s Road Safety Park as a principalinauguration of the PNP-Petron Children’s Road Safety Petron station to give the park a ‘real-world’ learning venue.Park in Camp Crame. Admission to the park is free of charge but feel. Also seen throughout the park are bigger-PETRON Corporation has partnered with than-life sculptures of popular action figures is subject to the existing regulations at Camp the Philippine National Police (PNP) in such as Iron Man and Spider Man to create a Crame. Before entering the park, visitorsestablishing one of the nation’s first interactive will be briefed by the PNP-Police Communityroad safety parks to provide children and their ‘theme park’ vibe.parents an interesting venue to learn about “Petron has always been a strong advocate Relations Group (PCRG) on road safety rulesroad safety. of road safety. We have been sustaining and practices. A PNP Museum Tour is also be programs that ensure safer journeys for all for included in the itinerary for those who are on Located inside Camp Crame in Quezon over 30 years. Through this park, we can start tour in the camp, or are merely there to visit.City, the PNP-Petron Children’s Road Safety The opening of the PNP-Petron Children’sPark is an open space featuring a driving lane them young and share safety awareness whilethat winds across multiple traffic markers and teaching the values of responsibility, respect, Road Safety Park supports the Decade ofother instructional signages. Here, children can and regard for rules,” Petron Foundation Action (2011-2020) for Road Safety by thehave hands-on experience and learn various General Manager Charmaine V. Canillas said. United Nations which calls on member nationsrules on how to be safe on the road and extend The PNP-Petron Children’s Road Safety to craft and implement their own road safetycourtesy to motorists and pedestrians. Park builds on the strategic partnership between action plans to reduce fatalities by 2020. It is Petron and the PNP under the Lakbay Ligtas also in time for the U.N.’s Global Road Safety program which utilizes Petron service stations to Week on May 10.42 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWS2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk:The Capable Compact SUVTHE Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk delivers legendary Jeep 4x4 capability, fuel with a distinctive, aggressive look, backed by Jeep engineers. Powered by a 2.4-liter ratings of up to 31 miles per gallon up by Jeep Trail Rated hardware, for the MultiAir2 Tigershark I-4 engine mated to(tested on US highways), superior on-road most capable compact SUV in the segment. a segment-first nine-speed automaticride and handling, nine-speed automatic It includes, as standard equipment, transmission, the Jeep Cherokeetransmission, world-class craftsmanship, aggressive approach and departure angles, Trailhawk delivers the power driversclass-exclusive technology, and more than complements of the unique front and rear appreciate on the road without70 available advanced safety and security fascias, one-inch factory lift, Jeep Active sacrificing fuel efficiency.features. Drive Lock with locking rear differential, The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk skid plates and signature red tow hooks. was engineered with more than In time for the Jeep brand’s 75th The locking rear differential is selectable 70 available safety and securityanniversary, new in 2016 are Rhino Clear in any low range terrain mode, but will features. It starts with a strongCoat and Light Brownstone exterior colors lock automatically when in certain mode to foundation, constructed with 65 percentand driver comfort enhancements to the maximize tractive effort at the tire patch thatsteering column tilt, instrument cluster, and can support it. high-strength steel. Engineers then addedfront seats. both active and passive safety and security The SUV boasts an approach angle of features, including ParkSense Parallel and The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 28.5 degrees, a departure angle of 32.2 Perpendicular Park Assist; Adaptive Cruisecomes with an innovative 4x4 system for degrees, and breakover angle of 22.8 Control-Plus; Forward Collision Warning-best-in-class 4x4 capability in all weather degrees. Running ground clearance is 8.7 Plus; LaneSense Departure Warning-Plus;conditions. It is the first compact SUV to inches. electronic stability control (ESC); electronic rollfeature rear-axle disconnect, resulting in mitigation; Blind-spot Monitoring; Rear Crossreduced energy loss when 4x4 capability The 2016 model with the standard off- Path detection; ParkView rear backup cameraisn’t needed – improving fuel efficiency. The road package is trail tated. The “Trail Rated” with dynamic grid lines, seven standard airrear-axle disconnect seamlessly switches badge indicates that the vehicle is designed bags and much more.between two- and four-wheel drive for full- to perform in a variety of challengingtime torque management and does not off-road conditions identified by five key The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawkrequire input from the driver. consumer-oriented performance categories: boasts numbers that make the difference traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, for the SUV customer who cares about fuel The Jeep Active Drive Lock includes a articulation, and water fording. economy and capability in all weathertwo-speed PTU with torque management conditions: fuel economy of up to 31 mpg,and low range. The 4-Low mode locks the The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk more than 70 safety and security features,front and rear drive shafts for low-speed premium on-road manners and fuel numerous industry and segment firsts, apower or towing. Low range provides a efficiency are a result of a number of efforts nine-speed automatic transmission, 2.4-liter2.92:1 gear reduction. The gear reduction MultiAir2 Tigershark I-4 engine delivers up toallows for enhanced climbing ability as well 184 horsepower and 171 lb.-ft. of outstanding crawl ratios for severe off-road conditions. All 4x4 systems feature The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk compactthe Jeep brand’s renowned Selec-Terrain SUV will offer consumers nine differenttraction control system, which allows the exterior colors from which to choose: Brightdriver to choose the on- and off-road White Clear Coat, Brilliant Black Crystalsetting for optimum performance. Up to five Metallic Clear Coat, Billet Silver Metalliccustomized settings are offered: Auto, Snow, Clear Coat, Deep Cherry Red Crystal PearlSport, Sand/Mud, and Rock. Coat, Light Brownstone Clear Coat, Mango Tango Pearl Coat, Granite Crystal Metallic The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Clear Coat, True Blue Pearl Coat, and Rhinomodel exemplifies Jeep’s 4x4 capability Clear Coat. AQ MAGAZINE 43

MOTORING NEWS UNDER OVER PROPER INF L AT ION INF L AT ION INFLATIONThe Importance Excessive Excessive Best Shoulder Wear Inner Wear Tread Wearof Proper Tire InflationWHEN driving, the main concern of every motorist, passenger or UNDER OVER PROPER OVER INFLATION commuter begins with the Letter S INFLATION INFLATION INFLATION On the other hand, over-inflated tires: Safety. UNDER INFLATION can be dangerous as well. Of all the variables that determine road What happens when your tires are • Too much air causes the tire to runsafety, the easiest factor to control is the partof the vehicle that is in direct contact with the underinflated? hard and be more vulnerable to impacts.road: Tires. • Too little air in your tire can cause • It also generates abnormal wear According to Michelin, a tire company tire deflection, a condition where the radius similar to the rim being too narrow.that always has safety in mind, the tire has of the tire changes when a heavy load is • The ride is hard and uncomfortableto provide sufficient grip when turning and placed on it.braking on both dry and wet roads. Grip is and the tire has less grip.ensured by the contact area between the tire • Because it causes heat, deflection • Tire longevity also decreases due toand the road – a tiny patch no bigger than leads to irreversible deterioration of internalone’s hand. components of the tire. This can result in the uneven wear. destruction of the tires’ air-tight integrity and • When a tire is over-inflated, it causes It is essential to have tires inflated at just cause rapid air loss.the right, prescribed pressure because too excessive cable stretching and oxidationlittle air will result in an over-sized contact • Low tire pressure also generates which can lead to rupture of the casing.area that can create unwanted behavior abnormal wear similar to the rim being toofrom the tires or the vehicle itself. Too much wide. PROPER INFLATIONair, in turn, can reduce that contact area and But when a tire has the correct tiremake the vehicle “teeter” on the road. • Because of the uneven wear in the tire, tire longevity is affected. pressure, there is good traction, braking Alas, not many drivers take tire pressure capability, durability and safety.seriously. But safety and proper tire carecannot be achieved without proper tire Car performance is optimized andinflation. It is key to keeping tires in their car safety is increased because the car isoptimal and safest state. balanced and its contact with the road is neither too flat nor too “sharp”.Here’s what to do to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.• Check tire pressure regularly, ideally once a week or at • Some pickups and SUVs have light-truck tires marked as least once a month and before long trips. “LT” on the sidewalls. The recommended inflation pressure for light-truck tires varies based on load.• Always inflate tires based on the recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer and not the pressure on the tire’s • Use an accurate air-pressure gauge to check pressure and sidewall. (You can find the manufacturers recommendation maintain it at the recommended level. in the manual, on the edge of the driver’s door, on a door post or on the inside of the glove box door.) • Never, ever take tire pressure for granted, says Michelin, and make sure you always have a spare tire available.44 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWSMPTC lines upP153-B infrastructure projectsTHE Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) has lined up a number of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects and expansion projects worth Php153 billion, in a bid to boost infrastructure and development programs and help traffic decongestion initiatives ofthe government. Among the PPP Projects in the pipeline are the Php23.3-B NLEX- on more infrastructure projects to connect the North and the South,”SLEX Connector Road, the P55.9-B Cavite-Laguna Expressway Franco added.(CALAX) and the Php11.7-B Cavitex C5 South Link to linkexpressways in the North and the South. In the Visayas, the Php27.9 “These investments, along with the enhanced services of theCebu-Cordova Link Expressway has also started construction. SMSK during Holy Week and other holidays, will hopefully shorten the time spent by motorists on the road, so that they can have more These projects are envisioned to support the government’s time for productive work and more quality time for their loved ones,”“Build Build Build” infrastructure program aimed at moving the Franco forward by improving the economy of new growth corridorsin Luzon and VisMin with infrastructures that facilitate faster andefficient transport of people and goods. Aside from the PPP Projects, MPTC is also increasing thecapacity of NLEX by constructing additional lanes and exits, andexpanding toll plazas and interchanges. SCTEX pavement and trafficmanagement and safety enhancements are also being upgraded.A total cost of Php1.8-B has been invested in these upgrades alongthe NLEX and the SCTEX. The expansion projects, along with MPTC’s yearly motoristassistance program, are meant to give more convenience tomotorists, particularly during Holy Week where there is a 15%increase in traffic in MPTC’s expressways. “The expansion projects will hopefully ease up travel time,while the SMSK will enhance all services along the NLEX, SCTEXand CAVITEX for a safe and comfortable journey,” says RodrigoFranco, MPTC president. “With these projects in the pipeline, we will see a greatimprovement in traffic decongestion in Metro Manila as we embark AQ MAGAZINE 45

MOTORING NEWSIN a country where poorly maintained roads, and epic traffic jams in sweltering heat are the norm rather than the exception, a reasonable annual fee for 24/7 nationwide Emergency RoadsideAssistance and towing is an investment worth considering.Getting emergency roadside assistance free is even better,especially if it comes from a company of unquestionable reliability.This is exactly what Goodyear is now offering to Filipino motorists as itrolls out the new and improved Worry Free Assurance, the first, latest,and most comprehensive warranty coverage from this tire maker.Goodyear’s Worry-Free Assurance is attached not to a car thatwill last 10-15 years but to a set or even just a pair of tires that Kenneth Sambajon, Marketcan last even up to three years, depending on mileage and vehicle Director - Goodyear PhilippinesUnbeatable Worry-Free Driving with Goodyearcondition. There is no tire company in the date of purchase) against manufacturer and setting the bar high for unparalleledPhilippines more reputable than Goodyear defects, one year Road Hazard Warranty warranty offerings,” shared Kenneththat offers this kind of service. Goodyear (for select tire patterns) and an easy 0% Sambajon, Market Director of Goodyearis a household name in the Philippines, interest payment scheme for up to 6 months. is one of the biggest and oldest tirecompanies in the world. If any company Getting a Goodyear Worry-Free Goodyear believes that the tire businesshas the stability, the knowhow, and the Assurance card is FREE with the purchase at is a primarily a business of providing safety,resources to confidently offer a 24/7 least two eligible Goodyear tires of the same which is why Goodyear scientists andEmergency Roadside Assistance nationwide pattern and size. This is exclusively offered engineers have tirelessly worked to improvein the Philippines, it is Goodyear. in Goodyear Autocare and Servitek outlets. Goodyear products for over a hundred The vehicle the tires are used on then years. Goodyear also believes that the The Goodyear Worry-Free Assurance becomes eligible for Worry Free Assurance commitment to the safety and well-beingis now the standard warranty coverage and all of its benefits. of customers goes beyond manufacturingthat comes with select models of Goodyear superior products. It is ultimately abouttires. Fulfilled in partnership with MAA “Goodyear is committed to being the providing superior service, particularlyAssurance as the insurance and emergency most trusted brand in tires and automotive in times of need. The many Goodyearroadside assistance partner, the Worry-Free services in the country. Recognizing that high Autocare and Servitek outlets Goodyear hasAssurance guarantees 24/7 Emergency quality services are extremely important operated over the years are a testament toRoadside assistance not just for tire-related to our customers in the maintenance of that commitment, the rollout of Worry Freeincidents, but for any vehicle breakdown their vehicles, customers of our Goodyear Assurance takes that commitment to theas well as a Personal Accident Insurance of Autocare outlets will be served by an expert next level.up to P50,000 for the driver of the enrolled team, who are provided with the latestvehicle. Also included in the coverage are equipment in auto servicing. And with For more information on the GoodyearGoodyear’s 5 year limited warranty (from the new Goodyear Worry Free Assurance Worry Free Assurance, please visit: warranty program, we are stepping up KIA OJT PROGRAM GRADUATESKIA honors the 2nd batch of graduates of their OJT Program. from right), Ms. Ginia Domingo – CAC President (third from Present for the ceremony is Mr. Jose Lugtu – NSD Manager right) and Mr. Apollo Rosal – Aftersales Director (center back).(far left), Roberto Garzon Jr. – Technical Trainer (2nd from left), KIA’s OJT program is part of its Dealer Development initiative.Mr. Lorimer Angeles – Crossroads Training Institute, Inc. (far Eligible graduates will be reffered to KIA dealership for possibleright), Mr. Arnel Salonga – Business Development OIC (second employment.46 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWS New MINI Countryman now on PH shoresMINI Asia and MINI Philippines litres as compared to the memory function on the driver‘s side. The just launched the new MINI predecessor model. narrow body columns and the high seating Countryman, the biggest and position make for optimum visibility whenmost versatile model in the brand’s 58- The new MINI manoeuvring.year history. Having been completely newly Countryman features designdeveloped, it now reflects considerable elements that are typical of the With a clear horizontal structure,advancements in the areas of space, brand, including the clear three-way stretched lines and generously sizedfunctionality, athletic flair and premium structure of the side view – broken down surfaces, the distinctivelycharacteristics. into roof, glass section and main corpus – as well as the short overhangs, large wheel designed cockpit emphasises the solid Peter Medalla, Head of MINI Asia, arches and downward increase in width. character of the new MINI Countryman. Thesaid: “The second-generation MINI The selection of body finishes includes the hallmark central instrument is integrated inCountryman advances the brand within the variants Island Blue metallic and Chestnut, the instrument panel and is surrounded bypremium compact segment. MINI fans in which are now available for a MINI for the an LED ring that provides a lighting displaythe Philippines will be excited to know that first time. Numerous model-specific design in response to driving situations by way oftheir new daily companion is just as nimble elements such as the striking helmet roof, control feedback.on the streets as well as off-roads. We are the upright rear lights, the hexagonalconfident that the new MINI Countryman radiator grille and the large headlamps The high-quality suspension of thewill deliver fun and excitement every time have undergone evolutionary development. new MINI Countryman combines theyou get behind the wheel.” The side turn indicator surrounds known as tried-and-tested principle of a single- side scuttles exhibit a new arrow-like shape. joint spring strut axle at the front and a Willy Q. Tee Ten, President of MINI The roof rails in satin finished aluminium are multilink rear axle with a design that isPhilippines, added: “We are thrilled to combined with silver-coloured side sill tops, optimised for weight and rigidity as welloffer the new MINI Countryman in the thereby lending greater visual emphasis to as a model-specific set up. This lays thePhilippines. It has a powerful expressive the car’s height. Horizontal lines dominate foundation for precise handling propertiesdesign, efficiently shaped bodywork and at the rear, with the vertically arranged light and maximum agility. In addition to thisunmatched driving agility. MINI has a units providing an appealing contrast. there is an electromechanical steering withstrong following in the Philippines and we LED headlamps with peripheral Servotronic function, powerful brakes andbelieve the new MINI Countryman is the daytime driving light ring for the first time. Dynamic Stability Control they have longed to drive every day, The striking profile of the headlamp unitseverywhere, for every occasion.” deviates from the circular shape that is Driving fun in the new MINI otherwise typical of the brand. Countryman is based not just on versatility The new MINI Countryman is 20 In the interior of the new MINI but also on safety and comfort. Thecentimetres longer than its predecessor Countryman, a clear increase in space, standard and optional driver assistanceand approximately 3 centimeters wider. refined premium ambience and a modern systems are a key factor here. The standardIts wheelbase has been extended by display and operating concept reflect the collision warning with city braking function7.5 centimetres. This growth results in progress achieved through the change of can be extended to include the Drivingsignificantly increased space on five fully generation. Both driver and front passenger Assistant system with camera-based activefledged seats as well as a definite increase benefit from extended head and shoulder cruise control, pedestrian warning within storage volume and luggage transport space, while the adjustment range of the initial brake function, high beam assistantversatility. The raised seating position seats has also been enlarged. Electrical and road sign detection. In addition toensures an excellent view and hallmark adjustment of the driver and front passenger this, Park Distance Control (PDC rear –driving fun. The rear seats can be shifted seats is optionally available, including a standard on all variants); (PDC front andlongitudinally by up to 13 centimetres. The rear – optional), rear view camera, Parkingfolding rear backrest offers a 40:20:40 Assistant and Head-Up-Display are alsosplit. It also provides a variable tilt angle optionally as to be able to either increase seatingcomfort or gain additional storage space AQ MAGAZINE 47at the rear. The luggage compartmentvolume is 450 litres and can be extendedas required to a total of 1,390 litres. Thisconstitutes a maximum increase of 220

Tne National Auto ClubFOR AAP USE ONLYGOLDEN RULES • BELT UP – all passengers are my responsibility. • RESPECT THE TRAFFIC CODE – rules are there to protect us all.FOR SAFE DRIVING • OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT – my car is made of metal, pedestrians and children are not. • CHECK MY TIRES – both for wear and for correct inflation, including the spare. • DRIVE SOBER – when I am drunk or on drugs, I am a danger on the road • PROTECT MY CHILDREN – keep them safe in car seats. • PAY ATTENTION – calling and texting make me dangerous • STOP WHEN I’M TIRED – getting there late is better than not at all. • WEAR A HELMET – motorbikes and bicycles don’t protect my head. • BE COURTEOUS AND CONSIDERATE – respect other drivers. (Source: FIA)

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