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Based on CAMPI Report as of December 2012

MAKING MOTORING FUN “Kotong Cops” WE were to meet a coupleGus Lagman one Saturday afternoon almost every day, buses, trucks, even jeepneys withAAP PRESIDENT to have merienda at the tailpipes spewing black smoke. When we do, we would Rockwell Center, but always think, “Why aren’t the police apprehending they uncharacteristically them?” arrived quite late. Ramon, the husband, was very When I therefore notice a group of traffic enforcers apologetic, but explained stopping vehicles, I would think, “Ah, the cops are that they often have to contend with “kotong cops” finally doing their job!” That was my impression … until I heard the above story about what really happens when they traverse C-5 and EDSA. On that particular on those occasions. day, they again had to. I have a few questions regarding this issue that I’d like to ask the concerned agencies: This couple retired from Los Angeles and now 1. This is the first time I’d hear the statement that resides in Tagaytay where they have a house. They also the emission test results when you register your car are only good for three months. Perhaps somebody bought a small condo unit near the Mall of Asia so they from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) can enlighten AAP on this, don’t have to rush back to Tagaytay every time they because if this were so, we might as well scrap this come down to do some shopping or visit friends. testing requirement. 2. I understand that one has to be accredited by “What do you mean – contend with kotong cops”, the DENR to be able to perform emission testing officially. Are the traffic enforcers who apprehend I asked. “Well”, he said “these cops – traffic enforcers, the vehicles DENR-accredited? 3. Unless you’re on a race track, you would hardly actually - prey on vehicles, like ours, that run on diesel”. drive your car at full throttle. And at today’s fuel prices, not even at near-full throttle. When you stop His explanation went something like this: The the car and rev up the engine hard, with no load, chances are the smoke that will come out initially traffic enforcers will stop you (they’re in uniform); one would be sooty. Do the traffic enforcers know this and intentionally use the knowledge to entrap of them would ask you to alight, then get on the driver’s motorists? 4. Isn’t this a classic case of “barking up the wrong seat to rev up your car. Another cop who has positioned tree”? The smoke-belching buses, trucks, and jeepneys are not apprehended; but private vehicles himself near the exhaust pipe would then say that your are. vehicle is smoke-belching. I know this is quite petty when compared to the You protest and tell them that your car passed the PDAF scandal, but it is only so in terms of the “bribe” amounts involved. On the other hand, it can be a major emission test when you registered it. Their response irritant to hundreds of ordinary motorists who might have missed important appointments as a result of this would be that those results are only good for three corrupt practice. months. As there is still the case of real smoke-belching vehicles, AAP is therefore willing, as usual, to sit You continue protesting and they’d tell you that down with the concerned government agencies to look for a solution that will eliminate this opportunity forAAP is they’ll do the testing right there to prove that they’re corruption, yet get vehicles that pollute the air off our right. Then they’ll ask you to line up behind roads.therefore willing, the cars nearby supposedly all waiting for the test equipment to usual, to Now, if you’re in a hurry becausesit down with you’ll be late for an appointment, whatthe concerned do you do? Wait for the test equipment,government which will probably never arrive? Or, takeagencies to look the easy way out even if it’s against yourfor a solution that usual ethical behavior? Repulsive, isn’t it? And frustrating. The situation doesn’t really give you much choice. Let me backtrack a bit to the time when I hadn’t heard the above-mentionedwill eliminate this story. Many of us motorists would see,opportunity forcorruption AQ MAGAZINE 1

Table of Contents EMAIL US: [email protected] WHAT’S INSIDE 24 REGULARS 28 01 Make Motoring Fun by Gus Lagman Kotong cops 04 Road Savvy CREW by Aida Sevilla-Mendoza EdITorIAL Peace and mercy mild in Christmas motoring AAP President Gus Lagman CLUB NEWS FEATURES editOr-in-CHieF 06 AAP undertakes relief ops 23 The Philippines’ first Aida Sevilla-Mendoza for ‘Yolanda’ survivors automobile circa 1900 eXeCUtiVe editOr Armin A. Amio 08 AAP attends FIA 24 Going for a (Chevy) Spin Writers 26 Lenie Lectura Emerging Leaders’ Isuzu takes aim at Tessa Salazar Program 28 pickup supremacy Charles Buban 10 Senior officials, side BYD lines up new Dino Ray V. Directo III models Vince Pornelos track marshals undergo GrAPHiC desiGn safety training Danny Hernando The Asia Pacific S1av2ing Lives, SavingTCheomse:t3s, S2aving3frt-ohSemePlraBienMestWGT 34SuAAbslilinicsasuep-BpSPaotubrytiafocofcBEtharxeyifUhtFi.rciNhe.beDepieocrtatdieZooonfneA,ct&OiolnonCfogoarpRnoo,vadePhSnialfteAMitipypo2iivn0nre1ias1s-C2gi0eo2en0ntGelrik4e a TourisJmanuCaroyn3f0a-bFebruary 2, 2014 Hot hatch Going for theConference Rates LOCAL DELEGATE:14 36Exhibition (L O A L38Ingress Leg 2 oEfV2EN0T1F3A CT SHEET r C ) AAP BoArd oF dIrECTorS Philippine Tou2014 - January 30, 2014 January 28, rPirnesegntedCby:a Toyota Vios Cup• Php 4,200.00/delegate Augusto C. Lagman Aida Sevilla-Mendoza (Early Bird up to November 2013) President director January 30, 2014 (2:00pm) January 31, 2014 - February 2, 2014 Juan B. Angeles Chairperson, Publication &Opening Vice-President Public relations Committee Chairperson, road safety CommitteeChampionships in ClarkEvent Proper David L. ArcenasEgress February 2, 2014 (7:00pm onwards) Jacinto M. Mantaring Jr. director • Php 4,500.00/delegate treasurer Chairperson, Government LiaisonConference In partnership with: (Regular Rate) Chairperson, Finance Committee • Php 5,500.00/delegate Jose Armando L. Eduque January 31, 2014 (9:00am) director January 31, 2014 - February 2, 2014 (Walk-in Rate)Opening Chairperson, Motorsports Committee 30 MVP talks aboutINCLUSIONS: Registration Kit, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinners,MOTORING NEWSEvent Proper Snacks, handouts and Certificate of Attendance40Networking ActivitiesTesting for the Car, TruckOpening Cocktails the Tesla SNote: Group Rates available upon inquiry. January 30, 2014 Booth RatesMabuhay Night of theJanuary 31, 2014 Year, Kia donatesFellowship Night February 1, 2014to Yolanda ef for tChinese New Year Luncheon February 2, 2014 SHELL SCHEME Organized by: • Php 18,000.00 (2m x 3m or 6 sqm) Guillermina T. Gabor • Php 36,000.00 (2m x 6m or 12 sqm) directorLauEnVchEoNf4tTheH1IGHTLLIiGmHTited-edition Honda • Php 54,000.00 (2m x 9m or 18 sqm)Subic Road Safety Park PAVILION Chairperson, travel & tourism CommitteefCoRr -gVraMbosdulo version upThursday • Php 108,000.00 (4m x 9m or 36 sqm) Nona F. Esquivel January 30, 2014 Official Booth Contractor: RETAILERS director 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 8473 LE West Service Rd., Km 14, • Php 12,000.00 (2m x 2m or 4 sqm) • Php 6,000.00 (1m x 2m or 2 sqm) Chairperson, Audit & Good Who Can Exhibit Governance Committee Note: Booth rates are exclusive of VAT42 News from Tur tle Wa x,• Government Agencies Augustus J.V. Ferreria Brgy. Sun Valley, SSHW, Parañaque City Booth Entitlements director Metro Manila, Philippines• GOCCs Chairperson, Membership services• Automobile/Car Companies & Marketing Committee Mitsubishi Motors(Manufacturers & Importers) Email: [email protected] • Website:• Automobile Clubs and Groups• Automobile Spare Parts/Accessories Philippines, Hyundai AsiaManufacturers/Suppliers• Motorsports Groups• Traffic Management GroupsResources Foundation,• Insurance Companies• Banking, Finance & Credit Card CompaniesChevron and Foton• Tourism Boards Contact: Ms. Michelle Hilaga (+63 922 887 0339) Shell Scheme Booths (6sqm) AdVErTISING [email protected]/[email protected] 1. Octaframe Panels 2. Two (2) Block Chairs Official Freight Forwarder: 3. One (1) Information Desk 3 Sta. Agueda Avenue, 4. Carpeted Flooring Pascor Drive, Parañaque City 5. Florescent Lighting Philippines 6. Fascia Name and Booth Number• Tourism Councils 7. Electrical Outlets• Travel and Tour Operators• Air, Land and Sea Transport Services Pavilion (36sqm up)• Travel Goods and Accessories 1. Carpeted Flooring• Arts and Handicrafts 2. Electrical Outlets• Fast Food Companies• Snacks Companies Retailers (4sqm & 2 sqm) 1. Area for SellingCOVER STORY• Electronics 2. Two (2) Block Chairs 3. One (1) Information Desk SPECIAL EVENTS 4. Carpeted Flooring 5. Flourescent Lighting16 Auto scene in 2014Subic International Kite Festival Marvel at the skies of Subic Bay as hundreds of kites with varying sizes, shapes and colors fly around. Contact: Ms. Sonia Sayaman (+63 917 872 7916) BEZAM MARKETING CONSULTANCY [email protected]/[email protected] President: Bess Zamora Exhibition Zoning Unit 339, 3/F Mile Long Building, Amorsolo cor. Javier st., Legaspi Village, Makati City 1. Auto Plaza teLeFAX: (632) 501-9360 2. Travel Village email: [email protected] 3. Market Place For inquiries and additional information, please contact the Event SecretariatBanaue Caravan 6. Fascia Name and Booth Number Be awed at one onf UNESCO’s World 7. Electrical Outlets Heritage sites as AAP visits the terraces [email protected] Payment Details of the Ifugao province, each carries a distinct beauty and appeal and (632) 551.00.14 / 893.40.97 For Philippine Exhibitor: immerse into the Ifugao’s rich heritage Current Account : AAP LAKBAY, INC. and culture. (632) 551.00.25 / 552.74.32 Peso Account # : 3361 - 0055 - 53 Bank : Bank of the Philippine IslandsDream Car Parade Contact G/F SEA Tower Bldg., 2332 Roxas Blvd. Branch : Buendia is published every quarter With the motorcade of vintage, classic Person cor. Arnaiz Ave., Pasay City, Philippines by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), and modern cars with celebrities Eva Carmona +63 917 840 9233 a non-profit, non-tax, non-governmentalDemos/Clinics Carlo Silpedes +63 916 221 1576 organization dedicated to serving and promoting Understand the importance of Road Safety through simulations. the interests of the motoring public.

ROAD SAVVYAida Sevilla Mendoza Peace and Mercy MildEDITOR-IN-CHIEF in Christmas Motoring PEACE on earth and mercy mild” is Avoid the routes taken by cargo trucks going to the third verse of one of the most and from Port Area. Avoid streets along which several popular Christmas carols, “Hark! shopping malls, schools and/or bus terminals are The Herald Angels Sing.” How I located. Naturally, avoid roads that are undergoing wish “peace” and “mercy mild” repair. would permeate Metro Manila traffic during the holiday season! When you are tailgated by an aggressive driver, You would think that the joy this is the time to practice “mercy mild” by moving aside and allowing him or her to overtake. Then you and goodwill engendered by Christmas would bring can resume driving peacefully. about increased road courtesy, observance of traffic When you are driving and see a bus stop or jeepney stop up ahead, stay in the lane farthest regulations and the basic rules of driving safely. But from these loading and unloading stations. Avoid no, the opposite of peace and mercy mild takes place driving behind a mega-taxi, a taxicab or a jeepney as these public utility vehicles suddenly stop anywhere when aggressive motorists show no mercy to other to load or unload passengers. When it comes to passenger buses, avoid driving in front of one as road users in their obsession to stay ahead of the pack. buses sometimes “lose” their brakes and ram into the vehicle in front. Driving behind a bus is less risky as The danger of road rage and “an accident waiting to many bus drivers are aggressive and bully their way through, thereby clearing a path for you. happen” rises when alcohol has been imbibed or other The rule of leaving extra early for a destination drivers refuse to cede their turf to aggressors. The also applies when you have to go to a supermarket, shopping center, bank, restaurant, office tower or result is anarchy on the road, gridlock and chaos. hospital. Not only do you avoid the traffic buildup going there, you also get to choose a conveniently The sad truth is that when you show “mercy located parking slot. mild” on the road by giving way to others, not blowing Dealing with a traffic policeman or deputized your car horn in anger when someone cuts across or traffic enforcer can be a stressful experience, although most are polite and upright when they apprehend into your path (a bad habit of motorcycle riders) and erring motorists. Avoid all contact with traffic cops by strictly following traffic regulations, especially the patiently allowing jaywalkers to cross the street even coding ordinance, and watching out for hidden road signs that entrap unsuspecting motorists such as “No if there is a pedestrian lane nearby, the whole world right turn on red light” and “No U-Turn.” takes advantage and abuses your kindness. And you Indeed, driving during the Christmas season can be a pleasant experience if you use common sense, stay end up being late for your appointment, not to mention alert and know when to practice “mercy mild.”Indeed, having frazzled nerves. Since more intensive traffic volumedriving during is inevitable during the Christmas shopping season, the only way to staythe Christmas calm and peaceful is to hit the roadseason can extra early. If it usually takes an hour tobe a pleasant reach your destination or place of work,experience if give an allowance of two hours. Find out what other routes you can take instead of jampacked major thoroughfares like EDSA and use commonsense, stayalert and knowwhen to practice“mercy mild.”

CLUBNEWSAAP employees An AAP flatbed truck is loaded with relief goods for typhoon Yolanda survivors. pitch in for Yolanda relief opsIAAP employees volunteered to repack relief goods purchased with cash donationsN the wake of the destruction brought The AAP relief fund drive was to the 1991 typhoon Thelma inby typhoon Yolanda (international code able to collect more than P275, 000 which 5,100 people died. Officialname Haiyan) to central Philippines, the from individual donations, corporate records from the National Disaster funding and pledges which was then Risk Reduction and Managementmanagement of AAP and AAPLingkod— used to purchase relief goods such Council have put the death toll due to typhoon Yolanda to overtogether with AAP employees—rallied as canned goods, noodles, water, 5,000 people as of Novembertogether to raise funds to help in the medicine and toiletries. and is expected to rise as morerelief operations for the typhoon-struck information come in from theprovinces of Leyte, Negros, Samar, Cebu Supertyphoon Yolanda is one different provinces. of the strongest typhoons ever recorded in history, comparableand others.6 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUBNEWSAAP Sends Motor Sport Managerto FIA’s Emerging Leaders ProgramTHE Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) of The Emerging Leaders Program builds on the knowledge, experience and diversity the FIA took place of the FIA family by developing leadership skills and providing broader strategy, last October 14-18 innovation and advocacy perspectives for promising individuals at ESADE BusinessSchool in Barcelona Spain “The experience and learning I got in representing AAP at the program wasand was attended by 20 very helpful,” Desales said afterwards. “It’s a good management toolkit that I canmobility and sport automobile use to help our club in further development, execution and implementation of newclub executives from Mexico, ideas, plans, and models for us to be more competitive in the market and grow ourCroatia, Malaysia, Macedonia, membership and commercial business aspects.”Australia, Bangladesh,Catalonia, Albania, United Desales added that AAP can use some of the ideas pitched in by representativesArab Emirates, United States from other clubs such as the Smart Fuel Program, Car Sales, Insurance Sales, Expandand The Netherlands. The Membership Partners and Rewards Points in order to retain and increase membership.Automobile AssociationPhilippines (AAP) sent Motor Desales said he found the five-day program very informative. “We were thoroughlyESDpIoTrEt DOpFeOrRatDioEnCs 2M0a13naAgQer taught and trained to maneuver our respective clubs to meet our main objectives. NewMark Desales to the ELP. ideas, platforms and strategies were also derived from the program to enhance our skills, as young leaders, to overcome competition, create new business plans and models and exercise good leadership aside from developing character, interpersonal skills, good decision-making and managerial ability.” In a statement released by the FIA University. FIA president Jean Todt said: “Unlike big corporations, the FIA is not a homogenous entity but rather a federation of sport and mobility clubs with varied interests. We want to help our clubs be stronger in these times by giving them access to the best strategic capacity building education. Initiated as a Mobility project, I think there is real potential to extend the FIA University into the work of our Motor Sport Clubs,” AAP is the only member in the Philippines of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the Paris-based governing body for motor sport worldwide and the federation of 227 national motoring and sporting organizations in 132 countries. AAP Motor Sports Operations Manager Mark Desales (5th from right) with executives from other automobile clubs during the FIA University Emerging Leaders Program October 14-18, 2013 at the Esade Business School in Barcelona, Spain.AAP Motor Sports Operations Manager Mark Desales (5th from right) with executives from otherautomobile clubs during the FIA University Emerging Leaders Program October 14-18, 2013 atthe Esade Business School in Barcelona, Spain. 8 AQ MAGAZINE AAP Sends Motor Sport Manager to FIA’s Emerging Leaders Program

CLUBNEWS AAP senior officials and track side marshals undergo FIA officials safety trainingTHE Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)’s senior officials and track side marshals took part in an Officials Safety Training Program practical training session last November 9-10 conducted by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) at the Clark International Speedway. CAMS is an FIA Institute-approved Regional Training Provider. Project Head and AAP Motor SportOperations Manager Mark Desales scheduled the training in time for the second leg of the Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC)so that the CAMS trainers could observe how the local marshals administer actual races. This Officials Safety Training Program was made possible by a massive improvement from the last race they saw compared to thisgrant from the FIA Foundation’s Motor Sport Safety Development one. “Not only with the facilities but also in the marshals’ knowledge,Fund, which was established in 2008 as a charitable fund to help the marshals’ confidence – they are really impressive,” Mori added.improve safety, training and education in motor sport worldwide. TheFIA Institute manages the programs of the Fund on behalf of the FIA After listening to Mori’s observations, Lawrie Schmitt and TonyFoundation and one of these programs is the Officials Safety Training Thorne, the two other CAMS trainers, also agreed that the marshalsProgram under which this activity was conducted. are really performing well. “They definitely benefited from the training,” Schmitt said. Thorne pointed out that “the more racing CAMS started the program last year under the auspices of AAP they do, the more opportunities they get to do the flagging, use theirwith the goal to fully qualify participating Philippine motor sport radios for communication, the better they will become. If you doofficials to officiate at international events. Before the practical something more frequently, you get better at it. More opportunitiestraining, the officials were given several assessments and training like this will make them better.”sessions about leadership, team building, communication systems,protocols and techniques, events planning and management and AAP Motor Sport Committee Chairman Mandy Eduque declaredincident management, among others. that AAP aims to continuously improve PTCC - the premiere circuit event in the country – with the help of CAMS trainers who have When asked to comment on the training, Bebot Reyes, chief had considerable training in other countries for Formula One. “I amsteward during the PTCC series and one of AAP’s senior officials, encouraging you guys to go to AAP and get your driving licenses andsaid: “We learned a lot from the training with CAMS. We applied be an FIA-accredited racer,” he told the participants. “We issue FIA-everything we learned from them during the PTCC race, like the right accredited licenses and aside from that, AAP has a lot of resourcesexecution of flag signaling, incident handling, basic communication you can use.”procedures and most importantly, safe operation.” After getting a “thumbs up” from the CAMS trainers, AAP is “The marshals did a fantastic job! We’re very impressed,” David hopeful that local motor sport officials will soon qualify to officiate atMori, one of the CAMS trainers said right after monitoring the PTCC international events as the country gets closer to obtaining the Progressrace administered by local officials and marshals. He said he noted a Towards Excellence accreditation standard from the FIA Institute.AAP Motor Sport Committee chairman Mandy Eduque (seated, leftmost) with AAP senior officials and track side marshals and CAMS trainers at the FIA Officials Safety Training,Nov. 9-10, 2013, Clark International Speedway. 10 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUBNEWSCOMING UP: by MINA GABOR Director, AAP and President, AAP TravelASIA-PACIFIC DRIVE TOURISMCONFERENCE OF AAP AND DOTAS conceptualized by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), Drive Tourism conclude with a Chinese New Year-themed fellowship Vintage and Classic Car Parade on Sunday, Feb. 2. is a homeland-appreciating activity whereby lunch. The centerpiece of the Drive Tourism Conferenceindividuals or groups hit the road in their motorvehicles to explore the myriad attractions of their Meanwhile, the Exhibition, which will be opened is the Children’s Subic Road Safety Park which willown country. by Michelle Yeoh, will have three themes – the Auto be opened by Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Plaza, Travel Village and Market Place. The Auto and Michelle Yeoh with officials of the DOTC, DILG, One of the ongoing Drive Tourism programs Plaza will serve as the showroom of participating car DPWH, Department of Education and SBMA. Theof AAP is caravaning. In this program, instead manufacturers. One of the highlights of the Auto Plaza park is designed to meet both the theoretical as wellof driving straight to a destination, the caravan is a special car auction. Special travel packages will as practical aspects of training on road safety. Itsparticipants move through a tourism highway that be sold at the Travel Village while travel and car mission is to inculcate in the minds of children roadallows them to see many attractions in between the accessories and gadgets will be offered at special safety values and to improve their knowledge, skillsstart and end destinations. Moreover, Drive Tours discounted prices in the Market Place. and behavior as road users.are organized according to themes such as cultureand heritage, water sports or culinary adventure for In conjunction with the Exhibition, an AAP Travel will announce more details abouta fuller, more focused travel experience. International Kite Festival is planned in SBMA, ditto a the first Asia-Pacific Drive Tourism Conference and Dream Car Parade on Saturday, Feb. 1 and a Celebrity Exhibition in the coming weeks. Drive Tourism is geared towards getting themembers of AAP, many of whom own two or three The Asia Pacific Theme:cars, to visit the various Philippine attractions intheir vehicles. So far, AAP Travel, a fully owned Saving Lives, Saving Costs, Saving the Planetsubsidiary of AAP, has organized six Drive Tourismcaravans: Subic-Clark, Cavite-Batangas, Ilocos in support of the U.N. Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020Norte, Rizal, a Fly-Drive Caravan to NegrosOccidental and Laguna last September 21. Subic Bay Exhibition & Convention Center Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, Philippines To promote Drive Tourism, AAP Travel will January 30 - February 2, 2014present the Asia-Pacific Drive Tourism Conferenceand Exhibition on January 30-February 2, 2014 at EVENT FACT SHEET (LOCAL)the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center.This conference will be co-presented by the Exhibition January 28, 2014 - January 30, 2014 Presented by: Conference RatesDepartment of Tourism (DOT) in partnership with January 30, 2014 (2:00pm) In partnership with:the Departments of Interior and Local Government Ingress January 31, 2014 - February 2, 2014 LOCAL DELEGATE:(DILG), Transportation and Communications (DOTC), February 2, 2014 (7:00pm onwards) • Php 4,200.00/delegatePublic Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Subic Opening (Early Bird up to November 2013)Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) with AAP Travel • Php 4,500.00/delegateand the International School of Sustainable Tourism Event Proper (Regular Rate)(ISST) as organizers. • Php 5,500.00/delegate Egress (Walk-in Rate) Jean Todt, president of the FederationInternationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Michelle Conference INCLUSIONS: Registration Kit, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinners,Yeoh, FIA Ambassador for Road Safety and Tourism Snacks, handouts and Certificate of AttendanceSecretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. will be the guests of Opening January 31, 2014 (9:00am)honor during the opening ceremony. Note: Group Rates available upon inquiry. Event Proper January 31, 2014 - February 2, 2014 In the morning of the first day of the Booth Ratesconference, transport ministers of various Asia- Networking ActivitiesPacific countries will talk about innovative and SHELL SCHEMEsustainable programs promoting road safety. Opening Cocktails January 30, 2014 • Php 18,000.00 (2m x 3m or 6 sqm)Dinner will be hosted by the DOT and will be themed • Php 36,000.00 (2m x 6m or 12 sqm)The Mabuhay Night. On the second day, foreign Mabuhay Night January 31, 2014 • Php 54,000.00 (2m x 9m or 18 sqm)tourism ministers or their representatives will talk PAVILIONabout tourism strategies and programs focused Fellowship Night February 1, 2014 • Php 108,000.00 (4m x 9m or 36 sqm)on saving the environment. The Bases Conversion RETAILERSDevelopment Authority (BCDA) will host the lunch Chinese New Year Luncheon February 2, 2014 Organized by: • Php 12,000.00 (2m x 2m or 4 sqm)during which they will present their latest projects. • Php 6,000.00 (1m x 2m or 2 sqm)On the third day, member clubs of FIA-Region 2 EVENT HIGHTLIGHT(Asia-Pacific) will talk about their tourism and Launch of the Note: Booth rates are exclusive of VATmobility product innovations. The conference will Subic Road Safety Park Booth Entitlements Thursday January 30, 2014 Official Booth Contractor: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Shell Scheme Booths (6sqm) 8473 LE West Service Rd., Km 14, 1. Octaframe Panels Who Can Exhibit Brgy. Sun Valley, SSHW, Parañaque City 2. Two (2) Block Chairs Metro Manila, Philippines 3. One (1) Information Desk • Government Agencies Contact: Ms. Michelle Hilaga (+63 922 887 0339) 4. Carpeted Flooring • GOCCs [email protected]/[email protected] 5. Florescent Lighting • Automobile/Car Companies 6. Fascia Name and Booth Number Official Freight Forwarder: 7. Electrical Outlets (Manufacturers & Importers) • Automobile Clubs and Groups 3 Sta. Agueda Avenue, Pavilion (36sqm up) • Automobile Spare Parts/Accessories Pascor Drive, Parañaque City 1. Carpeted Flooring Philippines 2. Electrical Outlets Manufacturers/Suppliers • Motorsports Groups Contact: Ms. Sonia Sayaman (+63 917 872 7916) Retailers (4sqm & 2 sqm) • Traffic Management Groups [email protected]/[email protected] 1. Area for Selling • Insurance Companies 2. Two (2) Block Chairs • Banking, Finance & Credit Exhibition Zoning 3. One (1) Information Desk 4. Carpeted Flooring Card Companies 1. Auto Plaza 5. Flourescent Lighting • Tourism Boards 2. Travel Village 6. Fascia Name and Booth Number • Tourism Councils 3. Market Place 7. Electrical Outlets • Travel and Tour Operators • Air, Land and Sea Transport Services For inquiries and additional information, Payment Details • Travel Goods and Accessories please contact the Event Secretariat • Arts and Handicrafts For Philippine Exhibitor: • Fast Food Companies Current Account : AAP LAKBAY, INC. • Snacks Companies Peso Account # : 3361 - 0055 - 53 • Electronics [email protected] Bank : Bank of the Philippine Islands Branch : Buendia SPECIAL EVENTS (632) 551.00.14 / 893.40.97 Subic International Kite Festival (632) 551.00.25 / 552.74.32 Marvel at the skies of Subic Bay as hundreds of kites with varying sizes, Contact G/F SEA Tower Bldg., 2332 Roxas Blvd. shapes and colors fly around. Person cor. Arnaiz Ave., Pasay City, Philippines Banaue Caravan Eva Carmona +63 917 840 9233 Be awed at one onf UNESCO’s World Carlo Silpedes +63 916 221 1576 Heritage sites as AAP visits the terraces of the Ifugao province, each carries a distinct beauty and appeal and immerse into the Ifugao’s rich heritage and culture. Dream Car Parade With the motorcade of vintage, classic and modern cars with celebrities Demos/Clinics Understand the importance of Road Safety through simulations.

CLUBNEWSAN EVENTFUL WEEKENDAT CLARK WITH THE 2nd LEGOF 2013 PTCC SERIESAND FIA OFFICIALSSAFETY TRAININGNOVEMBER 9-10, 2013 was an eventful weekend The 2013 Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC) drivers with the CAMS trainers, AAP senior officials, track for motor sport enthusiasts at the Clark side marshals and muses at Clark International Speedway, Nov. 9-10, 2013. AAP Motor Sport Committee chairman International Raceway when the second leg of Mandy Eduque, in a white cap and white shirt, is standing in the second row, third from right.the 2013 Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC)and the FIA Officials Safety Training took place. and William Tan of Promethium/2GO Racing Team. respectively. Meanwhile, in the Division 2 (150hp) Tough Gear/Bosch Racing Team’s Milo Rivera, entering class, newcomer Paolo Mantolino gained the number At the opening ceremony, AAP Director and Motor the PTCC for the first time, showed that he can compete one spot against Alan Arguelles while. Walter ZamoraSport Committee Chairman Mandy Eduque said:“I with the country’s top circuit drivers by scoring two finished second and third place, respectively in the twocongratulate you all for being here and for being so podium finishes. Rivera was nominated by AAP to rounds.enthusiastic about racing. We are here in partnership the FIA Institute’s Young Drivers Excellence Academywith JP Tuason because we want to bring Philippine in Sydney, Australia last October and was appointed In the Division 3 (100hp) class, brothers Paul andTouring Car Championship series to a bigger audience. Motorsport Ambassador afterwards to share what he Edmund Anguluan of Shift Motorsport Racing fought forWe consider the PTCC the premiere circuit event in the had learned at the Academy with local aspiring race the top spot against Bjorn Ongtiaobok of Tuason Racingcountry and in order to keep improving it, today we have drivers. School and Circuit Showdown’s Edwin Rodriguez,. Thethree gentlemen from the Confederation of Australian 2013 PTCC Series is organized by AAP and promotedMotorsports who have had considerable training in Rounds 5 and 6 gave William Tan a chance to by the Philippine Race Car Drivers, Inc., co-presentedother countries for Formula One. They’re here for our seize the third and second posts, but mechanical by Kumho Tires, Tiarra Marketing, Forex, Promethium,second year of training the local officials to bring problems forced him to retire, allowing Pery and Rivera Velocity Motors and powered by Speedlab, Honda CarsPhilippine motor sport to international standards.” to move forward and clinch the second and third spots, Kaloocan and Aeromed Ambulance Transport. In the PTCC event, Carlos Anton of EthanworxRacing Team dominated and swept all four races,defeating rivals Joey Pery of Forex/Motul Racing Team14 AQ MAGAZINE

COVER STORY WHAT WHEELS MAY COME Isuzu mu-x by Tessa R. Salazar Honda Fit IKE bees, the motoring world’s most prominent players will swarm to this country in 2014. Italian, French, Scandinavian, German, British, American, L Japanese and Korean manufacturers, importers and distributors will either introduce new models, or refresh already established brands. The complete roster is not yet cast in stone, though. But based on the “buzz” that has been circulating in the hive, we can make out a few models that would be a shoo-in for 2014. WMWCOAHHMYAETEELS2014 Road Landscape Volvo XC6016 AQ MAGAZINE

COVER STORY WHAT WHEELS MAY COMEToyota Aqua G Sports Lexus RC300h PGA Cars, the Philippine distributor of on attracting a younger Filipino market, and marketed in the Philippines.Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley, has continues the sporting bloodline dating back “While the RC is an all-new sports couperevealed that its 2014 models would include over 75 years.Audi’s new A3 sedan, Audi’s RSQ3 SUV, added to the Lexus line-up, it is alreadyPorsche’s new Macan SUV, Porsche’s 911 CATS Motors Inc shares new Mercedes- being showcased in production trim and isGT3, Porsche’s 911 Turbo, and Lamborghini’s Benz cars that will be introduced in 2014: based on the LF-CC Concept car. We arenew V10 Coupe, which is a Gallardo The S-Class (S 500, S 400 and S 400 quite excited to see it in the flesh and we aresuccessor, revealed Amado del Rosario, PGA hybrid); A 45 AMG; CLA 45 AMG; and CLA- very much hoping that it arrives in PhilippineCars director. Two other cars set to enter the Class (CLA 250). CATS Motors Inc who also shores when production starts for the model,”country are Bentley’s new Flying Spur ultra distributes brands Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, Chungunco limousine, which Del Rosario said is scheduled to introduce Dodge RAM 1500.would be previewed this November), and The LF-NX is a concept vehicle for aBentley’s Continental GT V8S ultra luxury Wraith, a new version of the Mini, and a compact SUV, slotting below the RX in thecoupe for 2014. new Rolls Royce sports car are also expected Lexus line-up. All-new and in concept car form, to set rubber here in 2014. Willy Tee Ten, it showcases the dramatic design language Autostrada Motore Inc. reveals that the president and CEO of Autohub Group of inherent in all modern Lexus vehicles, andcompany is set to introduce the 2014 Ferrari Companies and president of Rolls-Royce is an indicator as to where Lexus is going in458 Speciale California, and Maserati’s all- Motor Cars Manila, is mum on more details, terms of design and Ghibli diesel. Autostrada Motore, whose but does add that the Wraith may arriveshowroom is in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), earlier than expected. He added: “As of the moment, we haveis the importer-distributor of Ferrari and no ideas yet on which cars will be arrivingMaserati. “The Rolls-Royce Wraith was introduced and when they will be here, but if the 2013 this year in other countries. Our first unit is Tokyo Motor Show is any indication of future Autostrada Motore chair and president arriving next month (December 2013),” he possibilities for Lexus, we are quite excited forWellington Soong also distributes the Jaguar quipped. the two all-new models in our lineup.”and Land Rover brands. He added that in2014, the new Jaguar 2.0L XJ (gasoline), Lexus unveiled the new “RC” model TOYOTA’S ATTENTION GRABBER2.0L XF (gasoline), 2.2L XF (diesel), and an coupe at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. The Among the many models that Toyota hasall-new Range Rover Sport will be introduced. LF-NX Concept vehicle, which was recentlyOn Oct. 3, 2013, Jaguar Cars introduced the unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show, was showcased at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, theF-Type at the Jaguar Lifestyle Centre at BGC. also shown in Tokyo. Toyota Aqua G Sports is quite the attention-The two-seater convertible sports car is bent grabber. It has been described at the Motor Lexus Manila marketing services Show as a “fun-to-drive, sports-conversion officer Carlo Chungunco said that both compact hybrid sports car with powerful, are yet to be confirmed if they would be Peugeot 208 GTi18 AQ MAGAZINE

COVER STORY WHAT WHEELS MAY COMEMercedes-Benz CLA 45 AND A 45 AMGsleek and inspiring styling and excellent fuel vehicle in front slows down or stops - or if of the brand’s considerable technologicalefficiency.” the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too capabilities and long sporting heritage. fast. The vehicle has been fully tuned by Gazoo “Going more down to earth, our wishRacing to offer a wider range of consumers The Volvo XC60 2014 model also has includes vehicles that have the flexibilitya taste of racing and the joy of driving. The the City Safety system and the the new and ruggedness to tackle not just everydaymarket version of the Aqua G Sports is pedestrian and cyclist detection technology, challenges, but also unforeseen difficulties.scheduled for launch in the Japanese market and is Volvo’s best-selling model. Expect a The recent calamity brought home the pointin late November. Gazoo Racing lets test more urban twist on the exterior of this 2014 that the family’s regular car, SUV, or van maydrivers participate in the development of ever- version. one day be the single most important appliancebetter cars by racing them. that preserves safety and even human life. The design team has increased the We are hoping to work together with ourVOLVO REDESIGNED XC60’s road presence by emphasizing its principals for more vans and 7-seater SUVs Viking Cars, the official distributor of horizontal lines, which visually connects the to buttress our lineup that can best serve the car directly to the road. needs of the public,” Arcilla declared, referringVolvo, will be revealing a redesigned XC60 and to the transport needs of evacuees andS60. Although Viking Cars still does not have CHEVY’S WISHES ANSWERED survivors of the recent supertyphoon Yolandathe details of local specifications, the S60 The Covenant Car Company Inc (TCCCI), that destroyed much of Central Visayas on2014 model is said to have a new dynamic November 7 and, accentuating the car’s sporting nature. exclusive distributor of Chevrolet in theThe “sporty feel is emphasized by new, Philippines, said that it has recently launched FRENCH CONNECTIONcomfortable sport seats and the new Sensus three models already answers its “wish list” French car manufacturer Peugeot offeredConnected Touch system with unique on-line for 2014: The Spin, Malibu, and Trailblazerpossibilities.” 2.8L AT 4x2. a sneak peak of its 2014 models at the Auto Focus Motor Show, displaying the Peugeot Volvo reveals that its S60 will have a fuel Lawyer Albert Arcilla, TCCCI president 208 GTi, and the Peugeot Expert Tepee.consumption down to a “class-leading 3.9 and managing director, said that “Chevroletl/100km and CO2 emissions of just 103 g/km Philippines has been very fortunate to The 208 GTi is expected to “shake up”in the Volvo S60 D2.” launch two important new models and one the sporty B segment, as it adds its qualities new variant of a current model recently at of comfort, multi-role ability and spaciousness Notable features include the new the Motorama and this may already be an in a distinctly chic package. The 8-seaterpedestrian and cyclist detection technology answered wish that came early for us. These Expert Tepee, designed for the family, haswith full auto brake, which is equipped with are important models that will participate been described as “a unique vehicle identifiedan advanced sensor system that scans the in significant and large segments in the CV by its modern styling, which suggests botharea ahead. If a cyclist heading in the same categories.” quality and dynamism. Its large, bright interiordirection suddenly swerves out in front of the encourages you to go on that long trip you’vecar as it approaches from behind and collision Arcilla added that for 2014, his team been meaning to take.”is imminent, there is an instant warning and is looking forward to “variants of the currentfull braking power is applied. models to augment the lineup, as part of Dong Magsajo, marketing and Chevrolet’s effort to serve more keenly communications director of Eurobrands The technology also detects if a the varying subsegments within the major Distributor Inc, Peugeot’s official distributor inpedestrian steps out onto the road in front of segments, whose customers’ needs and the Philippines, said both vehicles were “merethe car. If the driver does not respond in time, preferences may be more specialized.” preview vehicles at the auto show, and not yetthe car can automatically activate the brakes. really made available publicly. We can’t reveal However, Arcilla also adds that “We their prices yet.” The S60 features an upgraded City cannot deny that the C7 Corvette Stingray isSafety system. This system is active at speeds at the top of our wish list. While we have such The new Peugeot 208 GTi, the naturalup to 50 kph. The car automatically brakes sporting cars as the Camaro, the ultimate evolution of the legendary 205GTi, is fittedif the driver fails to react in time when the performance Chevrolet is the best expression 20 AQ MAGAZINE

New Libera Album Launchedin the PhilippinesLIBERA, the chart-topping London boys’ choir, has recently released their newest album in the Philippineslate October of this year as part of thechoir’s partaking in the Philippine-UKFriendship Week led by the Chairmanof British Alumni Association of thePhilippines and Philippine VeteransBank, Roberto de Ocampo, OBE. Thealbum, which de Ocampo is creditedas producer, is entitled: Angels Sing –Christmas in Ireland, features belovedChristmas carols, old and new, sacredand secular, joyful and tender – allrecorded live in the radiant ambianceof St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh,Ireland. “Libera has a personal touch on everysoul that allows everyone to keep in mindthe joyful warmth of Christmas. With theirangelic voices, they allow us to make senseof the world and feel the true meaning of theyuletide season, which is doing selfless actfor the good of the many,” de Ocampo saidduring the launching. “Their powerful voicescan be likened with the mandate of heavento spread the joys of Christmas” In 2009 and 2011, the boys’ choirregaled the Filipino audience with a movingperformance of Bayan ko, which they alsoperformed recently on their Manila andCebu concert along with other songs fromtheir repertoire including Orinoco Flow,Angel From On High, Sanctus, and otherChristmas songs such as Carol of the Bells,Silent Night, Joy To The World, In DulciJubilo, and Have Yourself A Merry LittleChristmas. Libera was formed in 1999 by MusicalDirector and renowned composer, RobertPrizema, who named the boys’ signaturesong based on the Libera me segment ofthe Requiem Mass. The distinctive sound ofLibera has captured the world in the past fewyears. The group’s albums have topped bothmainstream and classical charts in manycountries, and their albums hold their topplace alongside major artists like Bocelli. The boys who make up Libera, who areaged seven to sixteen attend many differentlocal schools in London and come from avariety of backgrounds. Their membershipchanges regularly, as older boys’ voicesbreak and they move on, making roomfor new members. Libera has an originalsound, its music combining elements ofGregorian chant, classical composers andcontemporary pop and new age music,mainly in arrangements by Prizeman.

COVER STORY WHAT WHEELS MAY COMEwith 205/45 tires, 17” diamond carbon Porsche 911 Turbo Swheels, with Storm paint and matte varnish,and house 302mm ventilated discs at thefront and 249mm discs at the rear cooled bydynamic air intakes, and provide controlledand incisive braking. The 1.6 THP 200bhp gasoline engineexpresses itself through a reworked exhaustsystem. Coupled with a manual gearbox withsix close-ratio gears, the engine delivers withgusto. With its maximum torque of 275Nmand its maximum power of 200bhp, the 208GTi accelerates from 0 to 100 in less than 7seconds. The Expert Tepee has a 2.0-liter HDiwith Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) thatchurns out 163hp and 340Nm of torque atHonda NSX Concept B-Class and Volkwagen Golf Plus.” What Car? about the congestion, at least we should try also added that at 435cm long, and 156cm to populate the roads with cars and SUVs that2,000RPM. This engine is coupled with an high, it has almost identical proportions to the are visually entertaining, and contribute lessautomatic transmission. It has front airbags, B-Class; 3cm shorter than the current BMW pollution. They need not be faster, nor morefour-wheel disc brakes, ESP and ABS, plus a 1 series hatchback, and 10cm taller.” powerful, but they should be great to drivespeed limiter and cruise control. and delightful to sit in. They should visit the Another cat raring to go out of the bag is gas station less because they can go furtherBMW’S SECRET CARDS the BMW 4 Series (a BMW 4 Series Cabriolet between stopping for fuel. Wishful thinking? One of the most prominent German has been spotted at the Tokyo Motor Show). Not really. We are so looking forward to 2014.” BMW also revealed the 4 Series Convertiblebrands is tight-lipped when it comes to its at November’s Los Angeles Auto Show. ACC The Philippine offices of Toyota, Hondalocal plans. is yet to confirm, or deny, its availability in the Cars, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Motor Image country in 2014. (Subaru), Asian Carmakers Corporation Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the (BMW), Nissan and Isuzu chose not to revealofficial importer and distributor of BMW in the ‘VISUALLY ENTERTAINING’ FOR their 2014 list, but the recent Tokyo MotorPhilippines, did bring in on Oct. 3 with the MAZDA, VOLKSWAGEN Show held November 20 to December 1 atBMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. Another BMW the Tokyo Big Sight gave a sneak peek ofGT, however, has been mentioned in various Mazda Philippines CEO Steven Tan also their future global lineup, which might as wellcar magazines (with spy shots to boot) as refused to mention the particular cars Mazda be in the Philippines 2014 and beyond: Theearly as 2011. In December 2012, UK car intends to introduce in the Philippines, but Toyota FT-86 Open concept (based on themagazine What Car? did dare write, “It is said the new cars his team wishes to see in rear-wheel drive 86 sports car), Mitsubishilikely to be called The BMW 1 Series Gran 2014 “should be more beautiful and exciting Outlander PHEV (plug-in hybrid electricTurismo, and would be due on sale in 2014.” to look at, and be amazing to drive. Of course, vehicle); Honda N-WGN, Nissan Teana, they should also be more fuel efficient and Suzuki iV-4 (compact SUV), Mazda CX-5 25S That particular car was known as the produces less harmful emissions.” L Package (4WD) and Isuzu mu-x; The newBMW Concept Active Tourer, the concept car BMW X5, the all-new Range Rover, Porschethat previews BMW’s first front-wheel-drive He explains, “There will be more cars on 911 Turbo S, Lexus RC300h, Jaguar F-Typemodel production version due 2014. It was the roads of Manila. If we can’t do anything R Coupe, Volkswagen’s Beetle Racer, Golfdescribed as “a practical hatchback with a tall R, BMW 435i, BMW 4 Series Cabriolet,body, in the same mold as the Mercedes-Benz Honda Fit (Jazz), Honda Vezel hybrid, Mazda Atenza, Subaru Levorg, Volvo S60 R-type, Nissan NV350 Caravan, all-new Mini, and Volkswagen Golf R. Arnel Doria, head of marketing and sales of Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (Acei), the Philippine distributor of Volkswagen, said: “We have lined up several models for next year. But we have just started actual sales of Tiguan, Touran and Touareg diesel variants recently. Announcing the next models might dampen the impact of these three models. But definitely, the gasoline variants of these three will be arriving in the first quarter of 2014.” His wish list includes the iconic Beetle and the Golf.22 AQ MAGAZINE

FEATUREFirst Automobile in the Philippines1900 Woods Electric Motor Vehicle By Richard Wilhelm. B. Ragodon A graphic artist’s rendition of the first horse-less Carriage (Luneta, 1901)WHEN December of While these events were happening, warmers in the interior of the body. The 1900 was coming to the US Army had secretly imported car was designed for use on any and an end, the Philippine- to the Philippines the first horseless all streets and runs at speeds that varyAmerican War, which began on carriage or automobile on or about from 4.8 to 19.2 kilometers an hour. InFebruary 4, 1899, was not yet December 19, 1900. Purchased for comparison, the speed of a horse-drawnover. There were still clashes in the Signal Corps, the initial vehicle was tranvia or tram was 3.5 kilometers perthe northern provinces of Luzon. an electric powered one manufactured hour.However, Filipinos, in pacified by Woods Motor Vehicle Companyareas like Manila and Southern of Chicago, USA. For the next three The US Army, after successful testingLuzon, were slowly familiarizing weeks, an armysergeant, who had a the unit in a tropical setting,presentedthemselves with soldiers of the background in engineering, tested the the first horseless carriage unit ever innew occupational forces. Many, unit and made rounds inside the corps the country to the general public. Forif not all, had started in attending headquarters at Nozaleda Street (now the first time, Filipinos were able to seeto their own businesses. Likewise, Taft Avenue). The initial unit was used the vehicle in the evening of January 9,the pious ones during the month in transporting officers, personnel 1901at Luneta. Manileños, who werewere already attending Misa and various telegraphic, heliographic already familiar at and even rode inde Gallo masses and were and other messages transmitting steam powered train and tram (Tranviaanticipating a joyous Christmas equipment needed by the department. de Vapor) since the 1880s, flocked toand a peaceful New Year. Additional units were imported anew to Luneta to witness the historical event. accommodate other requirements. The grand arrival was reported in the The electric vehicle was equipped January 11, 1901 edition of the Manila with two motors giving 6.5 horsepowerto Times daily English newspaper. The run forty eighth (48) kilometers (Luneta, arrival of the much anticipated late 19th Manila to Calumpit, Bulacan) with one century transportation related invention charge of batteries. There were electric paved the way for the entrance of other lights in the side lanterns and foot cars (electric, gasoline and steam) by late -1901. AQ MAGAZINE 23

FEATUREThe Chevrolet SpinREADY TO GRAB MARKET SHARE: by AIDA SEVILLA MENDOZA OU see them almost everywhere — compact-size, affordable multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) that can seat seven. At present, the compact seven-seater MPV segment is dominated by Japanese brands such as the Toyota Avanza, Nissan Livina, Isuzu Crosswind, Mitsubishi Adventure and Suzuki APV. But soon you will see more of an American compact MPV called the Spin.24 AQ MAGAZINE

READY TO GRAB MARKET SHARE: THE CHEVROLET SPIN The compact MPV market segment is The Spin feels EIGHT REASONS.lucrative, consisting mainly of the families of reassuringly solid once After test-driving the petrol Spin for aoverseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and first- you begin driving ittime car buyers. Considering the growing even though, as a car week, I can cite eight reasons why it is poiseddemand for entry-level compact MPVs, auto enthusiast, you may to grab market share in the affordable compactindustry observers were not surprised when long for more power MPV segment:an American brand, Chevrolet, entered the from the engine. 1. The segment-setting six-speed A/T notfray with the Spin in August 2013. Despiteits U.S. badge, the Spin is actually a global 16-valve dual VVT-I ECOTEC engine mated only boosts fuel efficiency, it optimizescar since it was designed in Brazil by General to a six-speed automatic transmission (A/T) the power characteristic of the 1.5 literMotors with inputs from the ASEAN and it is with manual mode option. Packing 107.51 engine for the best performance;manufactured in Indonesia. The Spin is built hp and 141 Nm peak torque, the gasoline- 2. Being the longest and widest in its class,on a bigger variation of the platform of the fed Spin is retailing for P838,888 until the Spin is touted by TCCI as offering 23Chevrolet Sonic, a subcompact that is sold in December 15, 2013. The repeated use of the configurable seating positions plus 32the United States as well as in the ASEAN. number “8” by The Covenant Car Company, storage areas for cups, gadgets, waterThis explains the almost carlike ride quality of Inc. (TCCI), the Philippine distributor of bottles, folders and other small items;the Spin. Chevrolet cars and parts, in pricing the Spin 3. The cargo capacity is huge, increasing is unnecessary in my opinion if they are after from 162 liters when all seats are in placeBIGGER, WIDER. the good luck that “8”brings, according to to 710 liters when the third row seat is What sets the Spin apart from rivals like feng shui. folded and maximizing to 1,688 liters when both the second and third row seatsthe Avanza is that it is bigger and wider so are tumbled;that it is almost as large as Toyota’s midsize 4. Unlike some other entry-level compactMPV, the Innova. Moreover, the Spin comes MPVs, the interior of the Spin is well-with two engine choices: one is the 1.3 insulated, eliminating noise, vibrationliter, 4-cylinder, common rail direct injection and harshness (NVH) from the cabin and(CRDI) turbo diesel whose basic variant, the providing occupants a quiet, comfy ride;LS, carries an introductory retail price of 5. The Spin is equipped with high-techP798,888 until December 15, 2013 while the infotainment features that are usuallyhigher-spec LTZ costs P908,888, although it found only in premium-priced cars, suchhas a 5-speed manual transmission only like as Bluetooth connectivity for your phonethe LS. The diesel Spin produces 73.97 hp and music device that allows hands-freeand 190 Nm/1,750-2,500 max torque, which call conversations and wireless audiois considered one of the highest torque ratings playlist shuffling;in its class. 6. The whole vehicle is efficiently and evenly cooled by individual ventilation systems The petrol Spin, which I test-drove, for the second and third row seats;is powered by a 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder DOHC 7. The fully independent front and semi- independent rear suspension is tuned to guarantee carlike riding comfort without diminishing handling and responsive control and 8. The sleek, rather burly design of the Spin gives it a commanding presence and distinguishes it from the aging utilitarian look of the competition. IMPRESSIVE. Although the engine of the petrol Spin gets noisy when you push it to highway speeds, I heard no wind noise, no rattles or squeaks inside the cabin or coming from the suspension. This reflects a level of build quality that is impressive for the segment. The Spin feels reassuringly solid once you begin driving it even though, as a car enthusiast, you may long for more power from the engine. In the LTZ models, dual front airbags and ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) on the brakes (front discs, rear drums) are standard equipment. Bottom line, all the above plus Chevrolet’s five-year warranty program or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, makes the Spin a top pick in the affordable compact, seven-seater MPV segment. AQ MAGAZINE 25

FEATUREIsuzu Text and photos by Charles E. Buban rpeicadkyutpo ssluugpriteomutafcoyrAFTER years of seeing its rivals dish out new and more enticing pickup truck models, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) is again stepping into the arena armed with the second-generation D-Max that has grown both in terms of size and sophistication. “Of course, the market will be attributes that the market will appreciate. by 6 cm (at 1.795 m). Its wheelbase is nowlooking for the latest and the best, which “Few vehicles like the pickup trucks are longer by 4.5 cm (at 3.095 m) while groundis why Isuzu designers have sculpted perfect for many Filipinos in the countryside. clearance has increased by 1 cm (at 23.5the all-new D-Max’s larger body into an That’s why these haulers have perennially cm). Even the wheels got bigger: The LSaerodynamic, almost coupé-like shape been a bestseller in the provinces where 4x4 variant, for example, now sports 17-that expresses sporty sophistication,” this type of vehicle is expected to perform inch wheels while the LS 4x2 and LT 4x2said IPC president Nobuo Izumina as he so many things.” have 16-inch wheels.welcomed a group of motoring journalistswho joined the media test drive from Indeed, with so many first-generation SUPERTOUGH LOOKIloilo City to the town of Malay in the D-Max roaming the streets of Iloilo City, With many Filipinos using pickupprovince of Aklan two weeks ago. one could readily notice how the new one has grown in size. The all-new D-Max is trucks for leisure as well as work, the Izumina added that with the all-new now longer by 26 centimeters (at 5.295 all-new D-Max continues its tradition ofD-Max, IPC could now offer unrivalled meters), wider by 6 cm (at 1.85 m), taller looking supertough. But this latest model Flared wheel arches, sharper headlights that now follow the lines of the bodywork, a bigger Isuzu logo on the front grille—that helps the all-new D-Max stand out against its rivals.26 AQ MAGAZINE

ISUZU READY TO SLUG IT OUT FOR PICKUP SUPREMACYhas fresher, car-like detailing—flared wheel With better aerodynamics, this also up by a fairly spacious and decent cabin.arches, sharper headlights that now follow means the all-new D-Max now consumes It has 10 cupholders and 15 storagethe lines of the bodywork, a bigger Isuzu much less diesel despite the fact that compartments for those who need to bringlogo on the front grille—that helps the all- the 3-liter variant is still powered by the numerous small items, food and D-Max stand out against its rivals. same 144-horsepower 4JJ1-TC-iTEQ common-rail direct-injection, turbocharged Not expecting on a pickup truck with Interestingly, the new front design engine that the previous generation uses. a body that is bolted to rigid ladder frameisn’t just superficial: Driving around 260 Interestingly, the seventh and last member chassis, the ride of the all-new D-Max waskilometers from Iloilo airport to Caticlan of the all-new D-Max convoy was an LT surprisingly less jittery when compared withport in Aklan (via Passi City, Mambusao 4x2 variant that is powered by a new but the previous generation.and Kalibo), this writer noticed that wind less powerful 108-hp and 280-Nm-torquenoise was less noticeable. This only proved 4JK1-TC CRDi, turbocharged engine (the According to IPC product developmentthe claimed refinement in the aerodynamics same one that the single-cab variant use). head Joseph Bautista, a new suspensionthat Isuzu designers did when it tapped system was fitted to the front—independentthe services of Japan Railway Technical According to Izumina, drivetrain double wishbone with coil springs and gasResearch Institute (the very same performance has improved significantly shock absorbers—as well as to the rear—organization responsible for designing the considering the 3-liter engine is now paired long-span leaf springs—to achieve a moreBullet Train) to help bring the coefficient of to a new five-speed automatic transmission supple ride.drag to just 0.47 or 5 percent better than that is also equipped with a sequential shift.the previous D-Max. This feature allows the driver to hold a gear It was also comforting to know that this when the pickup is going downhill (for more second-generation Isuzu pickup is already stable engine braking), or when overtaking equipped with antilock brakes (helps and the vehicle needs more power. It also prevent wheel lockup during emergency has a fifth gear that comes in handy when braking situation), electronic braking cruising on the highway and don’t want to system (sends extra force to the rear waste fuel. brakes to compensate), and brake assist (adds pressure to the brake when stopping EFFICIENCY suddenly). Add to the fact that the all-new “We are building pickup trucks for D-Max has a wider track, the pickup stayed planted on its wheels even during hard someone who requires toughness as well cornering. as efficiency. While they want features that would enable them to traverse tough Listening to Izumina as he formally mountain roads or flooded streets or carry concludes the event at the beach front all sorts of loads, we noted that owners area of Discovery Shores Boracay resort, would also want a pickup truck that could this writer realized that IPC has just shown bring family members and friends safely and everyone that it’s now ready to slug it out. comfortably to far off destinations,” said The new model is a quantum leap forward Arthur Balmadrid, IPC senior vice president for the Isuzu brand and represents a pretty for sales. interesting package that is worthy to be taken into consideration. During these long drives, one should be glad to know that this latest Isuzu pickup offers a modern exterior design (the deep mahogany-hued leather seats on the top variant blend in perfectly), which is backed AQ MAGAZINE 27

FEATUREBYDText and photos soentsthseigdhotmestic market by Dino Ray V. Directo III WHO would have thought that the boy who grew up customizing his cars and toured the auto show circuit would someday become the head of an automotive company? That, in a nutshell, best describes Mark Tieng, managing director of BYD Star Corp., exclusive distributors of the Build Your Dreams (BYD) Automobile of China. BYD recently presented its initialmodel lineup in a grand launchingceremony held at the One Esplanade inPasay City. With Tieng leading the night’sfestivities, the most recent addition to theChinese invasion unveiled the BYD L3,BYD F5 Surui and the company’s flagshipvehicle, the BYD S6 SUV. Considered a minority in a marketdominated by Japanese players, BYDis set to carve a profitable slice of theconsumer pie in their own unique way. “Allour variants are made with high-qualitymaterials and have high-tech featuresthat make them comparable with otherbrands. All our models have standard 28 AQ MAGAZINE

BYD SETS SIGHT ON DOMESTIC MARKETremote keyless entry and exit system with Considered a minority in a marketa proximity sensor for start/stop functions. dominated by Japanese players, BYD is setBYD is also committed to becoming a major to carve a profitable slice of the consumerplayer in the domestic market by assuring pie in their own unique quality cars and the availability ofcomplete parts and after sales service,” WORLD-CLASS VEHICLES device. This system was awarded the Bestsaid Tieng, during an exclusive interview Leading Science and Technology in thewith the young executive at its showroom The BYD L3 is a C-segment sedan 2012 Beijing Auto Show.on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. that is available in two variants: The L3 1.5-liter GS–i, which is equipped with L4 The S6 is BYD’s first independently BYD has since evolved from being a car 16-valve, SOHC, fuel injected, gasoline designed SUV, which attained monthlybattery manufacturing firm into a leading- engine (BYD483QA) with DCT (dual clutch sales of over 15,000 units and accumulatededge provider of green energy technologies transmission); and the BYD L3 1.5-liter 60,198 units from April to December,that specializes in information technology, GL–i with L4 16 valve, SOHC, fuel injected, 2011, earning it the award of China’s “SUVautomotive and renewable energy industries. gasoline engine (473QE) mated to a five- of the Year”—the highest honor in the China speed M/T. automotive industry—in 2012. BYD’s automotive business madeheadlines around the world when US The BYD F5 Surui is another “C” Tieng is optimistic that BYD will farebillionaire-entrepreneur Warren Buffet segment passenger car, which boasts well in the local industry. “As a leadinginvested in the company. “As one of the of remote driving control technology. player in the IT industry, expect moretop brands in China, we are proud to say This system allows the car owner to cutting edge technology systems from us.that BYD vehicles are used as taxis in automatically switch on the air-conditioner, I hope the government recognizes the needkey cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and start it, move it forward and back, turn for alternative fuels and clean technologiesShenzhen. Due to BYD’s durability, it is left and right, and travel at a restricted so BYD can bring in the E6, BYD’s flagshipnow a primary mover in the public utility speed—all by itself—without the driver for its Electric Vehicle Technology. BYD issegment. The company assures its own inside the vehicle. This is all made possible ready to carve its own niche in the domesticquality by maintaining a stringent IQS10 by a press of a button on a remote control market,” boasts Tieng.Quality Standard. This process involvesmonitoring a batch of samples within a 90-day test period. Defects should not be foundin more than 10 units for every batch of 100cars,” explains Tieng. AQ MAGAZINE 29

FEATURE Text byGREENLenie Lectura or businessman Manuel V.e-car FPangilinan,owning a P9-million Tesla model S is not only a personal choice, it also epitomizes a personal cause. In an interview, Panglinan said this is his way of promoting the use of more environment- friendly electronic vehicles (EVs) in the country. 30 AQ MAGAZINE

GREEN e-CAR “Besides that fact that it’s more the P1.5-million pilot station is meant to is looking at the CHAdeMO interface andaffordable than other luxury cars, I like the jumpstart activity in the realm of electric communication protocol, which is beingTesla e-car because it embodies the future. vehicles in the country. Pangilinan said proposed as a global industry standard forIt foreshadows the increasing use of electric Meralco is preparing itself to support fast charging EVs.vehicles in the world, including e-jeepneys the industry’s requirements by providing[e-jeep] and e-tricycles [e-trike] in our a test bed for business case premises CHAdeMO is an abbreviation ofcountry,” Pangilinan said. and technical competencies in providing “CHArge de Move” or charge for moving. different charging technologies. This is a play on words for the Japanese “O This pure electric car is manufactured cha demo ikaga desu ka,” which translatesby Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley-based Pangilinan said Meralco wants to in English to “How about some tea?”—thepremium EV maker. Pangilinan is the be instrumental in building the complete same time it takes for CHAdeMO-equippedfirst to bring this much-vaunted future ecosystem for EVs in the country. vehicles to charge, which is around 30car into the Philippines to serve as a test minutes or less.subject fo planned innovations in the EV The EV charging station will featurecharging space. Pangilinan is chairman of a Meralco-designed charging equipment. Another interface being consideredthe country’s larget power distributor, the It is expected to service the practical is the Combo Connector fast-chargingManila Electric Co. (Meralco) needs of future customers—particularly technology that is backed by automakers those serving mass public transport like like Ford, GM, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, The Tesla Model S is an all-electric four- e-trike and e-Meralco’s equipment has the BMW and Daimler. This facility integratesdoor released in 2012. It has won numerous capability to provide partial or sachet-type multiple parts into a single vehicle inlet, soawards and recognitions, including the charging service at an economic price point. customers have the flexibility of charging at2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 most of stations, including their own homes,Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile Power can be sourced either from an regardless of the source of power.Magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, Time electric grid or renewable resources such asMagazine Best 25 Innovations of the Year2012 award, and Consumer Reports’ top- It is the first to be brought into the Philippinesscoring car ever. by Pangilinan, chairman of the Manila Electric Co., to serve as a test subject for further innovation Pangilinan said the Tesla S will surely in the EV charging Meralco promote the use of e-vehiclesin the motoring industry. “We want our solar and wind. When the vehicle’s battery “Our chairman, Manny V. Pangilinan,country to be aware of the advances of is fully charged, the Meralco charging has provided all of us at Meralco the mandateclean and green modes of transport. Tesla equipment automatically cuts off charging and the guidance to make a bright andis a useful start in this direction,” he said. and an LCD display will show the rate per energy-smart future possible,” said Meralco kWh, the total kWh consumed, and the President Oscar Reyes. “This includes,WHERE TO CHARGE equivalent peso amount. as an integral part, the prospect of driving The top-of-the-line Tesla S comes with an e-vehicle and charging in a smart grid- It is also fully mobile and weather- integrated EV power station. The prototypea standard three-prong adapter for a 110- proof, making the equipment ideal for is a product of both hard work and 240-volt outlet with a high 40-ampere critical and high-traffic areas such as malls, We will be ready if the market is there, andpower-handling capacity. parking lots, convenience stores and public customers demand this service.” The future utility vehicle terminals. indeed looks so much more exciting. In July, Meralco launched the firstcommercial charging station prototype For fast charging requirement, Meralcofor EVs in the country called the MeralcoeVehicle Power Station. The first of its kind in the Philippines, AQ MAGAZINE 31

FEATURE BMW 3-Series GTBMW ignites driving passion Text and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo III “The new BMW 3-Series GT boasts of the qualities of a sports sedan but, at theASIAN Carmakers Corp. (ACC), the same time, offers immense practicality and official distributor of the BMW brand extra space that can be used in a myriad of in the country, has raised the bar in ways, making it the only model of its kindthe highly competitive sedan segment with today,” explains Maricar Parco, presidentthe launch of its latest 3-Series Gran Turismo of ACC. Generous interior space allows thevariant. Built from an innovative design passengers in every seat of the 3-Seriesconcept that combines the brand’s dynamic Gran Turismo to sit back and enjoy anstyling, sporty aesthetic appeal, plus the impressive feeling of space and unbeatableversatility and practicality of a touring sedan, freedom of movement. The interior isthis GT version exudes driving fun and complemented by its design forms, colorperformance. scheme and materials, which creates a lounge-style ambience, enabling passengers to enjoy short trips and long journeys alike in relaxed comfort. PRACTICALITY AND SPACIOUSNESS The front and rear passengers all benefit from a seating position raised by 59 millimeters, which provides an outstanding view out and makes entry32 AQ MAGAZINE

BMW IGNITES DRIVING PASSION Practical standard features—such as the 40:20:40 split/folding rear seat bench with folding head restraints and tilt-adjustable backrests (cargo function), and the two-piece parcel shelf— underscore the impressive functionality of the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo. The large load area can be utilized in many different ways, allowing intelligent space management. Practical features such as lashing points, multifunction hooks and an underfloor storage compartment make it even more convenient to use, while the LED strips that illuminate the cargo area emphasize the premium quality of the vehicle. ENGINEERING INNOVATIONS The 3-Series GT comes in a four- door package which has frameless windows, a coupé-style downward- sloping roofline and a large, automatic tailgate. Another feature which sets it apart from the 3-Series line-up is the design integration of sporty aerodynamic features such as the active rear spoiler,Built from an innovative design concept that combines the brand’s dynamicstyling, sporty aesthetic appeal, plus the versatility and practicality of atouring sedan, this GT version exudes driving fun and performance.Asian Carmakers Corp. (ACC) Director for Marketing and Sales Glen Dasig which activates to reduce rear lift during and ACC President Maricar Parco pose beside the 3-Series GT high speed driving.and exit significantly more comfortable. The rear cargo offers 520 liters of space The GT version is also 200 millimetersPlus, the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo also and the opening tailgate makes it easier to longer than the average 3-Series and hasoffers extra headroom. The increase in load cargo and other personal effects on the a 100-millimeter long wheelbase. With aspace is particularly noticeable in the rear rear of the car. The load area also reflects height of 81 millimeters, it is also taller.compartment, where a full 70 millimeters the car’s increased dimensions, its 520 Patrons of the BMW badge can chooseof additional legroom over the sedan and liters of boot capacity even outstrips that between three models: luxury, modern andtouring variants can be enjoyed. of the BMW 3 Series Touring by 25 liters. sport lineup. Powering the vehicle is a fuel-efficient, yet powerful 2-liter diesel mill equipped with BMW’s patented twin power turbo technology. Engine grunt is transferred down to the four wheels with an eight- speed A/T transmission. “In line with BMW’s thrust for a greener mobility, each 3-Series GT runs with our BMW Efficient Dynamics with features such as optimized aerodynamics, auto start-stop function, brake energy regeneration, Eco Pro mode, which allows the GT to significantly reduce fuel consumption and boost efficiency,” added Parco. The 3-Series GT beefs up the BMW lineup in the domestic market and is now available in ACC’s network of dealers nationwide. The 3-Series GT retails for P3.89 million. AQ MAGAZINE 33

FEATUREMitsubishi launchesG4 sedan Text and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo, IIIWITH the Mirage hatchback version selling off the showroom floor like hotcakes, the sedan version Mirage G4 was formally launched for the Philippine market in grand fashion at the SMX Convention Hall of the SM Aura in Taguig. In attendance were Mitsubishi big wigs led by Hiroshi Harunari, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. of Japan and Hikosaburo Shibata, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. 34 AQ MAGAZINE

MITSUBISHI LAUNCHES G4 SEDAN Assembled in Mitsubishi’s sprawling The Mirage G4 is flanked by Mitsubishi officials (from left, back) Masato Sada, EVP of MMPC; Tatsuo Nakamura,facility in Laemchabang Industrial Estate in Deputy Corporate GM-MMPC; Yoshizumi Kurata, SVP-Machinery Divisionb, Sojitz Corporation; Hiroshi Harunari,Thailand, the Mirage G4 is powered by the EVP-MMPC Japan; Hikosaburo Shibata, President and CEO of MMPC; Junya Masuda, EVP-MMPC; Kazuki Sugino,same three cylinder, 1200cc DOHC-MIVEC EVP, CFO and Treasurer-MMPC and Orlando F. Alvarez, Jr. EVP Overall Operations-MMPC.engine found in the hatchback version. crowd favorites during the launch. Another an exceptional value for money Mitsubishi The sedan version sports a redesigned plus factor for the Mirage is the availability plans to carve a respectable niche in thechrome front grille, with fog lamps at the of genuine Ralliart parts and accessories local market by way of its innovative enginebottom end of the bumpers. It has a spacious which would definitely add more excitement technology, clean and practical design andrear trunk which can accommodate three to a car that already exudes a clean, affordability. The Mirage G4 will be offeredgolf bags and Mitsubishi is offering a slew dignified and gender friendly design. for P578,000 for the GLX MT, P628,000of Ralliart accessories to jazz up the G4. for the GLX CVT, while the GLS MT is Designed to address the need for a available for P668,000 and the top-of-the- “With the success of our Mirage G4 practical and yet stylish compact sedan line GLS CVT is P718,000.pre-order promo where we received more that will perfectly suit diverse lifestyles,than a thousand reservations before we have the Mirage G4 which stands for Mirage MMPC is assuring a worry-free ownershipformally launched this newest model, we Global four-door sedan offers great cabin to every Mirage G4 customer with an extendedare expecting that the Mirage G4 will have and trunk spaces, class-leading features warranty of five years or 100,000 kilometers,the same warm market reception similar and amenities providing customers with whichever comes its hatchback sibling. The Mirage G4offers great features and amenities perfectfor those who are looking for a practical,stylish and yet eco-friendly sub-compactsedan. As of now we’ve been getting a lotof positive feedback from those who havealready bought the Mirage G4 and thosewho have test drove the unit during ourrecent Mitsubishi Fun Camp. We highlybelieve that the Mirage G4 will significantlycontribute towards attaining our sales targetfor the year and will further reinforce ourpresence in the sub-compact car segment,”said Shibata. The latest version comes in eightvisually cool colors: medium blue mica,pyrenese black, savanna white, majesticred, gemstone grey mica, and cool silver.Mitsubishi also offers four color choices forthe glx variant: majestic red, gemstone graymica, cool silver and aurora white with thered and blue color versions emerging as AQ MAGAZINE 35

FEATUREText and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo IIIIhave always been a fan of hatchbacks. Compared with sedans, hatchback models look more aggressive and sporty, plus their smaller dimensions allow them ease of use in the urban environment. To entice the consumermarket, automotive manufacturers have made modern hatchbacks a practicaldaily driver that can double as a weekend racer, thanks to innovations in enginetechnology and suspension systems. Although there are a lot of affordable hatchbacks in the market, this motoring writer has scaled down to four his own bucket list of must-have hot hatchbacks. They range from full blown race car looks to tamed down versions of actual race cars. First on my list is the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. This iconic boxer engine-powered car continues its ultimate performance and attitude intact for its 2013 version. Available in five- or four-door versions, this Japanese rally machine is powered by a 305bhp turbocharged boxer engine mated to a six- speed manual transmission and Subaru’s exclusive multi-mode driver controlled center differential (DCCD), intelligentHboutchkaettclhistSubaruImprezaWRXSTi:Subaru’srallyhatchback drive (Si-Drive) and a track performance Ford Focus Shelby: Shelby powered Focus optimized vehicle dynamics control (VDC)36 AQ MAGAZINE system. The Impreza WRX STi was tested and developed at the famed Nurburgring race track in Germany, which explains its chassis feel, higher rate springs and a more performance oriented suspension system. Next is a car which has conquered the World Rally Championship (WRC) and made even more potent with collaboration from one of the world-renowned hot rod and race car builder, the late Caroll Shelby. Powered by Ford’s latest engine technology called the Eco-Boost, the latest pocket rocket from Shelby is the 252-bhp Ford Focus ST Shelby. Starting from a basic Focus, Shelby engineers transformed the street car into a mean machine—both on and off the race track—with an upgrade in suspension, brakes, exhaust, wheels and tires, while

HOT HATCH BUCKET LIST Although there are a lot of affordable hatchbacks in the market, this motoring writer has scaled down to four his own bucket list of must-have hot hatchbacks. Mini Cooper JCW GP: Mini for both on and off the trackstill delivering an excellent fuel-efficiency Volkswagen Golf V GTi: Turbo fed VW hatchback The JCW GP Mini can easily berating. Shelby styling cues sets this car spotted by its distinctive Thunder Grayapart from the pack by combining present- with track-developed technology is the Metallic finish, with red edging aroundday aggressive lines with design points sportiest and fastest production Mini ever the hood opening as well as exteriorthat are uniquely Shelby. Only 500 Focus built. To match its looks, this John Cooper mirror caps and side intakes in the frontST Shelby editions will be manufactured by Works GP variant is equipped with a four- apron. A John Cooper Works insigniaFord making the car a must have for car cylinder 1600cc, 218-bhp twin scroll turbo appear on the lower air intake and thecollectors. engine with a rated top speed of 242 km/h. tailgate. With a production output of just Mini engineers installed an adjustable coil- 2,000 units, this JCW GP Mini brings an My list would be incomplete without over suspension, extra powerful six-piston authentic race car feel and high level ofthe Volkswagen Golf V GTi 2.0 TFSi built by fixed caliper disc brakes and a special 17- c o lle c t abilit y.BBM Motorsport from Munster, Germany. inch JCW GP specific alloy wheel shod withUnder the hood of this pocket-sized beast semi-slick a 336-bhp 2-liter engine developedby BBM tuners. This engine rebuild wasmade possible by using Audi S3 enginecomponents including a K04 turbocharger,and a turbo mounted exhaust systemfrom Supersprint. The engine performancepackage is rounded up by a massive double-DIN charge air cooler and a sports clutch byZF/Sachs PMotorsports. The VW Golf GTi by BBM rides on aKW Club Sport coil over with adjustablestrut bearings and rolls on a wheel and tirecombination by TEC-rims shod with semi-slick 18-inch tires. To make the car saferfor track use, BBM installed a safety cageby Wiechers, with seat belts and severaldetails adopted for track use. For thosewho want to level their Golf GI’s, BBM willcharge you €19,000 for the conversion kit. Rounding up my list of hot hatchbacksis the British icon Mini John Cooper WorksGP version. This limited-edition road car AQ MAGAZINE 37

FEATUREDforrivtihnegCupText and photos by Vince PornelosTHE rain was pouring and the winds were gusting at the Clark International Speedway. The cars were on the grid, engines were revving and the drivers were pumped up. This was to be the beginning of theToyota Vios Cup Exhibition Race, the grandreturn to motorsport by the Philippines’ No.1 automaker. We’ve all been learning the intricaciesof racing, practicing hard, checking ourtimes and psyching each other out. All thiswhile a storm was brewing—in more waysthan one.TRYOUTS The try-out was simple for both media all-new Vios on a course and performing and the celebrities as they were required rather wacky scoring a goal with News of the Vios one-make race first to head over to the World of Toyota motor a ridiculously huge inflatable soccer ball.came out in late April, a racing series that show in August. There, TMP held a serieswas designed to be a grassroots motorsport of activities that started the fun—such as After that, the qualified drivers of sevenprogram by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) qualifying on a race simulator, driving the media and five celebrities made their wayCorp. with the flagship Vios at the center. to the Clark International Speedway for a The actual race was set for 2014, butToyota wanted to kick up the anticipationand interest in the competition by holdingan exhibition wheel-to-wheel race featuringselect celebrities and guys from themotoring media.38 AQ MAGAZINE

DRIVING FOR THE CUPshootout on the track. Toyota only intended for Drivers were required to complete10 cars on the grid (five for the media and five at least five Vios Cup practice sessionsfor celebrity drivers), but in their generosity, in the lead up to the race.they increased the number of race cars to 12. This tool helped us push in the corners even The five selected celebrity drivers for the more, and benchmark our cornering speeds2013 Toyota Vios Cup Exhibition Race include and braking points far more precisely thanmodel Phoemela Baranda, Solar Sports host ever before.Jinno Rufino, GMA-7 fan-favorite Aljur Abrenica,Brazilian-Japanese model and actor Fabio Ide, Deakin and Reyes were consistently theas well as GMA-7 actress Rhian Ramos. quickest of the lot, posting times in the low 1:15’s and 1:16’s, followed by myself and the Rounding up the group are seven media hard-charging Santos in the mid to high 1:16’s.drivers with Jeff Reyes (Publisher-TopGear Baranda, Rufino and Roces were all dicingPhilippines), Iñigo Roces (Motoring Editor- at the 1:17 range, followed by Ilagan, BranManila Bulletin), James Deakin (Editor-at- Afuang, Ide and Abrenica. Ramos was thelarge-in-chief-C! Magazine), Botchi Santos surprise of the group, consistently improving(Contributor-Philippine Daily Inquirer), with each session to the low 1:20’s, a featAris Ilagan (Editor-Balita), Brian Afuang considering she had to learn how to drive stick(Motoring Editor-Manila Times) and myself for at the same With the practice sessions done, it was After we all got acquainted with each now time for the qualifying time trials. Givenother, there was talk about how the race would the short track and the need to have roomgo with such a diverse group of race drivers. to set quick qualifying laps, the field of 12One particular conversation between me and drivers were split into two groups of six.Fabio Ide stood out. Phoemela out-qualified all of us at The Tuason Racing School (TRS), in 1:16.572, pipping ahead of my personal bestmy opinion, is the perfect group for Toyota at 1:16.598, though it was good enough forto partner with to train the drivers for this 2nd on the grid. Phoem was simply fearless,exhibition race as well as for the actual 2014 having spun out thrice during the qualifyingToyota Vios Cup. session as the rains got a little harder. Reyes will start in third place with a time of 1:16.715, Personally, my experience with TRS with Deakin in fourth with a time of 1:17.033.started in 2007, driving a different car andon a very different, more unforgiving track: Needless to say, the race is going to bethe now-defunct Subic International Raceway interesting. Personally I found myself in theand its non-existent margin for error (read: the best position for the start of the race, as thewalls). Some of the other guys raced with TRS second place qualifier has the inside line intoeven earlier than that at the Batangas Racing a very, very short run to Turn One of ClarkCircuit. Speedway’s west course. Drivers were required to complete at least Toyota made the very hard call afterfive Vios Cup practice sessions in the lead up investing in the spectacle that was to be theto the race. Each session is to be a progressive Vios Cup Exhibition Race, only to postponeeffort with a more thorough approach to the race for a later date.instruction to things like the racing lines, moremeticulous evaluation of our driving, and more There are still a few months to go and morefocus of on-track skills like passing, launching preparations to be made, but hey, Toyota is outand driving in a crowd. to rekindle massive interest in motorsport. It’s a challenging task, but if there’s any company Since the last time we worked with TRS, that could do it, it ought to be the No. 1our form of instruction usually involved driving automaker in the Philippines.the track with an instructor, something thatheld true for some of the more inexperiencedamongst the group such as Rhian, Aljur andFabio. For the more experienced drivers, TRShad some new toys to help us improve ourtimes and driving skills. The first was asimple GoPro mounted inside the cabin facingforward. Having in-car video really helped usevaluate our driving, spotting many mistakesthat we can replay over and over again, andcorrect for the next session. After the video session, instructors fittedthe cars with GPS data loggers, clocking ourtimes over each lap and logging our speedsall around the track so we can find out whichcorners we’re slower at and where we’re quick. AQ MAGAZINE 39

MOTORING NEWSCar Awards Group Inc. completes testingfor Car and Truck of the Year PhilippinesTHE Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI)— the Philippines’ premier automotive Trailblazer and Spin, the BYD lineup, the The 2013-2014 COTY and TOTY awards giving body comprised Toyota RAV4 and Vios, the Carens, Sorento Philippines season is supported by Filinvest and Sportage from Kia, the Volvo V40 and City Alabang, Caltex with Techron, the Manila International Auto Show, Worldbexof motoring journalists from various S60 Polestar as well as the Kinglong van. Services International, Speedlab, Robert Bosch Philippines, Victoria Court,publications and media outlets—has just On Day Two, the members evaluated Automobile Association Philippines, MG Madrid & Co., and Winner Graphics.completed the qualitative and technical the Honda CR-Z Mugen, base and Modulo CAGI is backed by the following mediatesting for the 2013-2014 Car of the Year variants, the Subaru BRZ and Forester, the partners: BusinessMirror, BusinessWorld, Daily Tribune, Malaya Business Insight,(COTY) and Truck of the Year (TOTY) Hyundai Azera and Accent, all variants of Manila Bulletin, Manila Standard Today, Manila Times, Philippine Daily Inquirer,Philippines season. the new Isuzu D-Max, the Mitsubishi Mirage The Philippine Star, World News, AQ, Gadgets Magazine, Motorcycle Magazine,In three days of intensive testing G4 and the Foton View Traveller. PowerWheels Magazine, Speed Magazine, TopGear Philippines,,staged at the Filinvest Tent in Filinvest On Day Three, CAGI members,, Kotse. com,,,City Alabang, CAGI members evaluated completed the testing of the Mazda6 and Auto Focus, Auto Review, Motoring Today, Stoplight TV, Gearbox on Jam 88.3 FM,45 new cars, vans, pickups and SUVs. CX-5, various variants of the Nissan Almera, Inside Motoring on DZRJ 810 AM, and Racing Beat on Wave 89.1 FM.The test involved a qualitative test drive the Mini Paceman Cooper S, additionalof various cars eligible for this year’s two variants of the Mirage from Mitsubishi asmain awards. CAGI members assessed well as the Suzuki Swift Dzire and Alto.each vehicle’s performance, refinement, From the scores garnered by thesecomfort along with other important cars, the group will tabulate the results ofcharacteristics that are important to car both the qualitative evaluations as well asowners and buyers. the instrumented testing performed by theOn Day One, the Car Awards Group, Technical Testing Team to determine theInc. tested the updated Ford Fiesta and 2013-2014 Car of the Year and Truck of theRanger Wildtrak, the Chevrolet Colorado, Year winners.KIA DONATES $300,000 TO PHILIPPINE RED CROSS FOR YOLANDA SURVIVORSKIA Motors Corp. and Columbian Autocar Corp. showed support and solidarity with the Philippines as the Koreanauto giant donated $300,000 to help in the rehabilitation andrebuilding of the many provinces ravaged by the super typhoon.Present during the turnover ceremony held at the Philippine RedCross headquarters were Kia Motors Corp. Regional OfficePresident Tae-Jin Park and Columbian Autocar Corp. ChairmanJose Ch. Alvarez with Philippine Red Cross Chairman RichardGordon.40 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWSNew CR-V 2.0 V ModuloLimited Model Now AvailableHONDA Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is pleased to announce the availability of the new CR-V 2.0 VModulo Limited Model. As one of the pioneer models in the SUV front, the front fog lights provide added safety V Modulo Limited Model is Php 1,295,000 forcategory, the CR-V continues to provide car-like and presence. Inside the vehicle, the rear cargo the manual transmission and Php 1,345,000drivability and ride comfort, while providing cover provides added confidence by covering for the automatic transmission. Exterior colorsnew features and technologies that enhance your valuables while being easily retractable are Urban Titanium, Taffeta White, and Crystaldriving enjoyment and ownership experience when not in use. Black. For more information, please visit www.of our most valued customers. or any of the 29 authorized Finally, providing a unique and bold look Honda dealerships nationwide. The CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model to the CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model is thebuilds on these qualities by being equipped Modulo front grille. Modulo is Honda’s genuinewith genuine Honda accessories that provide accessory brand and Modulo accessories areadded safety, convenience, and design. The developed in parallel with Honda’s new carrear camera system connected to the intelligent development. This assures Modulo accessoriesmulti-information display (i-MID) provides with an optimum level of design, functionalityadded safety and convenience by helping the and quality unmatched by non-genuinedriver park the CR-V Modulo Limited Model aftermarket accessories.even in tight situations with more ease. Up The suggested retail price for the CR-V 2.0 AQ MAGAZINE 41

MOTORING NEWSMITSUBISHI MOTORS PHILIPPINESDONATES P500,000 TO EARTHQUAKE VICTIMSMITSUBISHI Motors Philippines Corporation Mirage G4 at the SMX Aura Convention Center, MMPC Mr. Shibata said. “MMPC will further strive not only in (MMPC) sincerely extends its sympathy to President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hikosaburo bringing quality vehicles in the country but also in helping the victims the of the recent devastating 7.2 Shibata and MMPC Executive Vice President Mr. Junya and enriching the nation in every best way that it can”magnitude earthquake that hit Central Visayas particularly Masuda turned-over the check donation to Gov. Corazon he added.the provinces of Bohol, Cebu and other nearby. The de Leon of the PNRC.calamity took the lives of hundreds of individuals andirreparably damaged a lot of the historic and tourist spots Mr. Shibata emphasized that MMPC is always readyin the region. to provide humanitarian assistance and actively do its role as a responsible corporate citizen. Corporate Social As a sign of its genuine compassion and as a Responsibility (CSR) is one of the three guiding principleshumble effort to provide assistance to the casualties of that the company adopts. He also stressed that CSR isthis natural catastrophe, MMPC donated Five Hundred an integral part of their existence as a corporate citizen.Thousand Pesos to the Philippine National Red Cross “We at MMPC hope that this amount will help the PNRC(PNRC). On the occasion of the formal launch of the provide immediate aid to those affected by the calamity”,Turtle Wax Philippines launches next–generationICE Premium Car Care ProductsWILKSTARK Marketing (From left) Mike Deddo, Turtle Wax Inc. Senior ResearchCorporation, the official Chemist; Coley Frucci Turtle Wax Inc Vice President of Strategicdistributor of Turtle Wax Development; Don Dacay, Wilstark Marketing Corp. VP forin the Philippines, launches the next Marketing; Ara Dacay, Wilstark Marketing Corp. Senior Vicegeneration Turtle Wax ICE Premium President; Mario Dacay, Wilstark Marketing Corp President; andCar Care Products. Dermot Maconaghie, Turtle Wax Inc. Asia Pacific Regional ICE® is Turtle Wax’s best line up to date. Turtle Wax ICE Wax Manager.Turtle Wax ICE® Liquid and Spray car wax Turtle Wax ICE Wax now come in Liquid,were first introduced in 2006 and are the formula gently cleans while depositing water-first wax formulas that can be safely applied Spray, and Paste formulas. It delivers a long- beading polymers, so it’s perfect for quickin direct sunlight and leave no powdery lasting shine that repels dirt to keep your touch-ups and keep your showroom shine.residue, unlike typical waxes. Waxing your car cleaner, longer with that freshly waxed Turtle Wax ICE Detailer is also formulated tocar has never been this easy because it cuts appearance. Their secret is that it utilizes the work with Turtle Wax Liquid Wax to revitalizeyour waxing time in half — perfect for those latest in wax chemistry with polymer surface its durability and protect your paint from thewho want to keep their car looking new modifiers that provides the deepest shine harshness of the road. It will not streak inwith unsurpassed shine and protection with available with unparalleled slickness versus direct sunlight or hot surfaces, and won’t leavelimited effort. its competitors. any residue on rubber or vinyl trim. Ara Dacay, Wilstark Marketing Turtle Wax ICE Wash Turtle Wax ICE Total Interior CareCorporation Senior Vice President stated, The ultimate in car washing As for car interiors, Turtle Wax ICE Total“The Philippines is finally ready for TurtleWax ICE. We are excited to re-introduce performance, Turtle Wax ICE Wash has a Interior Care is an all-in-one product thatthis revolutionary product that has taken breakthrough blend of advanced cleaners cleans and protects plastic, soft vinyl, andthe international car care market by storm. and conditioners that easily breaks down and leather interiors from spots and stains. It alsoIt is our best wax to date, in terms of shine removes dirt. It’s safe and gentle to even the applies a protective barrier to keep your interiorand protection. We’re constantly pushing the most delicate car finishes without stripping cleaner, longer and from fading, drying, orboundaries by constantly making innovative wax. It also contains special gloss enhancing cracking due to harmful UV rays. Plus, it won’tproducts that make life easier for Filipinos. agents to help maintain your car’s fresh leave behind an artificial shine or greasy feelWe’re thinking of smarter ways to shine.” waxed look. Moreover, Turtle Wax ICE Wash and removes unpleasant odors. Instead of is biodegradable. using several products such as a carpet cleaner, “Turtle Wax ICE has been very successful upholstery cleaner, and protectant, ICE Totalin the USA and we want the Philippines to have Turtle Wax ICE Detailer Interior Care does all that.access to this product. When we originally Turtle Wax ICE Detailer not only keepslaunched in 2006, we made breakthroughs Turtle Wax’s next generation ICE Premiumin the market. We have the best product your car looking super slick, but also boost Car Care Products are now available in selectattributes that none of our competitors have,” its shine to a mirror-like gloss. The spray-on mall retail and automotive outlets in theremarked Dermot Maconaghie, Turtle Wax, Philippines.Inc. Asia Pacific Regional Manager.42 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORING NEWS Welcoming the New Thinkers Generation. HARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI) and the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) join forces to launch the Hyundai New Thinkers Summit with the theme: “The Power of Youthinking: Youthink. Youtalk. Youtransform” at the Manila Ocean Park & Hotel H2O from October 4-6, 2013. At the Opening Ceremony last October 4, 2013 were (L-R) DOST Usec. Fortunato T. Dela Peña; HFI HFI President Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo; HFI Chairman Richard L. Lee; HFI Board of Trustee Edward S. Go; DOST-SEI Deputy Director Ma. Teresa De Guzman; and UP- MSI Assistant Professor Aletta Yñiguez.HARI Foundation, DOST-SEI LaunchHyundai New Thinkers SummitHARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc., and the Department Climate Science; Youthink, which addresses the “i-Generation” of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute or the new breed of young techies or digital natives; Youtalk, which(DOST-SEI) launch the Hyundai New Thinkers Summit with the tackles “Leadershift,” or the ability of the youth to take on leadershiptheme “The Power of Youthinking: Youthink. Youtalk. Youtransform.” roles in society; and Youtransform which focuses on “Kin+Ethics,” or youth-inspired advocacy and campaigns for nation-building. The Hyundai New Thinkers Summit is designed to be a premierlocal leadership and learning convention where outstanding high Invited to speak about the abovementioned topics areschool students interact with industry experts and idea generators scientists and experts from the University of the Philippines –of the country. For its pilot year, the Summit invites 80 3rd year Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI), led by Dr. Aletta Yñiguez,high school students from 40 pre-selected public high schools in and University of the Philippines and the National Institute ofMetro Manila and Regions III and IV to engage in activities and Geological Sciences (UP-NIGS), led by Dr. Carlos Primo “CP”dialogue on Innovation and Climate Science. David; ABS-CBN Chief Digital Officer Donald Lim; Ideaspace Founder Earl Martin Valencia; columnist and entrepreneur RJ The following major topics are slated to inspire and train the Ledesma; Lloydluna Communications CEO Lloyd Luna; Synergeiastudent participants to become future leaders and innovators, or Foundation President & CEO Milwida Guevarra; and Mano Amiga“Hyundai New Thinkers.” These are: Pilipinas Founder Eleanor Pinugu.Bosch at Caltex Sucat Offers Free Car Diagnostics for MotoristsMOTORISTS around Paranaque can Aside from the free car diagnostic, have worry-free and safe-driving by motorists who will avail of a change oil service availing of free diagnostics for their at the Bosch Car Service using a 5-litercar’s computer or engine control unit (ECU) package of Delo 400/ Delo Gold Ultra orfrom Bosch at Caltex. a 4-liter package of Delo Gold Multigrade/ Havoline Fully Synthetic / Havoline Synthetic Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer Blend / Havoline Formula at Caltex San Isidroof the Caltex brand of fuel and lubricants in from October 18-31, 2013 will also receive athe Philippines, and leading global automotive Havoline premium umbrella and a Bosch oiltechnology supplier Bosch offered a free car filter for free.check-up last Oct. 18 at the Bosch Car Servicesworkshop, Caltex San Isidro Dr. A Santos Ave CPI Country Chair Peter Morris shares, “We(formerly Sucat Road), Barangay San Isidro, are offering these promos to further highlightParañaque City. the value that our team up with Bosch gives to motorists. With Bosch at Caltex stations, we will The Bosch Car Services workshop at deliver the services, motor oils and fuels neededCaltex San Isidro is the first of the five service by our customerswith discriminating taste. ”stations to be put up by Bosch and Chevronwithin the year as part of their collaboration. For more information, visit at Caltex will offer reliable diagnosis, and follow Bosch on Twitter (@maintenance and repairs, and installation and BoschPH). More information on Chevronfitting of quality spare parts for all brands of Philippines Inc. is available at www.caltex.vehicles. com/ph.

MOTORING NEWS VISION PETRON:Lakbay Tagumpayis a journey of successPetron believes that everyone has his/her own unique perspective on things and that this uniqueness can be expressed in so many different ways. This is the inspirationU behind Vision Petron — the belief that free artistic expression remains intrinsic to nation- PLIFTING and inspirational debpuiilcdtiniogn. s of personal triumphs and milestones marked the winning entries for the 2014 Vision Petron national student art competition, which were honored in awarding ceremonies held last 10 October 2013 at the Old Senate Hall of the National Museum. In the momentous year of Petron’s At the Vision Petron awarding ceremonies, Roman Marcus Abad (center), one of the grand prize winners of the80th Anniversary, the theme LakbayTagumpay—A Journey of Triumphs and avinAddetoRt-hommeayVkViinsitgiuogcna. tPegeotrryo,nwaithwtahredjiundggecse(rLe-mR)o: Pneietrso,nRMoamrkaetninMg AaVrcPuMsaArybAandn (Nceerin, tReary),mounnde Roefdt,hLeaugrricaenGduillen,Milestones echoes the corporate slogan“Fuel Success”—shining the spotlight on prizeThweinnpehrsotoofgthraepvhidyeop-maankeilngiscatehgeoardye, dwith mtheorjuedtgheasn(fLiv-Re)a: wPeatrrdosnoMf aerxkceetilnlegnAceVPthroughjourneys towards personal success and theessential values of passion, determination bMy aWryigAnTnysNmearin, Rs,aoymneunodfRtehde, Lcoauurnictrey’Gs utiollepn, atnhdeRyoemarys.Vitug.and hard work. portraitists and commercial photographers, Vision Petron is a partnership between Interpreting this year’s theme, studentartists from all over the country submitted along with George Tapan, Edwin Tuyay, Petron Corporation and the youth, botha record-breaking 2,000+ entries in fivecompetition categories, namely: painting (oil/ Sonny Yabao, Ernesto Enrique, and Denise sharing a common advocacy of preservingacrylic and water-based media), photography,T-shirt art design, and video-making. Weldon. Philippine art and culture, values, Petron President Lubin B. Nepomuceno The t-shirt art judges were led by traditions and skills. As a national studentremarked, “We believe that the youth playsan essential role in nation-building. Through Raul Isidro, a respected abstract painter art competition, it is open to all talentedVision Petron, we engage them to givetheir thoughts on relevant issues, use their specializing in lithography and printmaking. students enrolled in a regular universitycreativity, and through their art, becomecatalysts for positive change.” With him were BG Hernandez, Jay Aldeguer, or college course, or in tutorial art and In his keynote speech, indie film pioneer Justin Nuyda, and Ramon Cruz. photography classes. It is also a venue forRaymond Red lauded the inclusion of video-making as a new competition category, For the new video-making category, filmmakers, musicians, performance artists,saying: “Film-making is the medium of thefuture. It has invaded all of media now. the board of judges included FAMAS hall of art enthusiasts, and all Filipinos to convergeEveryone, regardless of background, isexposed to film.” famer Romy Vitug, Laurice Guillen, Raymond and be one through their shared love for Holding the awarding ceremony at the Red, Horacio Severino, and Mary Ann Neri Philippine art and culture.National Museum, home of the country’s arttreasures such as the magnificent Spoliarium who joined the painting and photography Petron believes that everyone has his/by Juan Luna, was seen as a significantmove linking a new generation of young categories as well. her own unique perspective on things andFilipino artists to a rich, cultural heritage ofFilipino masters who have made a mark in Fittingly, the Vision Petron program is that this uniqueness can be expressed in sothe global art scene. itself a winner, having garnered the 2013 many different ways. This is the inspiration Renowned luminaries joined Petron injudging the entries, thus making this one Anvil Awards Hall of Fame from the Public behind Vision Petron — the belief thatof the most prestigious national studentart competitions. In the painting category, Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), free artistic expression remains intrinsic tothe board of judges included national artistAbdulmari Imao as chairman, and national as a communications tool that has won nation-building.artist Napoleon Abueva, Danilo Dalena,Elmer Borlongan, Alfred Esquillo Jr., andRaul Isidro as members. AQ MAGAZINE 45

MOTORING NEWS Petron offersVolvo Car Group at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show: “Grab a Porsche”promoVwROEitTLhVUnORewNCSAdeRTsSOignTOlaKnYguOage PETRON Value Card holders have another exciting treat in store with the “Grab a Porsche” promo running from November 1 to 30, 2013.THE Volvo Concept Coupé was the centre of attention when For every P1,000-single receipt purchase of Petron Blaze 100 Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) returned to the Tokyo Motor Euro 4, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Super Xtra, Petron Turbo Show this November, as the company introduced its new Diesel or Petron Diesel Max AND presentation of a Petron Value Card, the design strategy to customers and media around the globe. Lex customer is entitled to buy one Porsche toy car of his choice. Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Product Strategy and Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Cars, and Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Five new sports car models will be available — a red Porsche Carrera Vice President Design at Volvo Cars, also attended attend the GT with remote control, a gray Porsche 918 Spyder with remote control, a event’s press days on November 20 and 21. Porsche GT3 Cup with racing decals, a black and red Porsche 911 GT3 RS with racing decals, and a blue Porsche Cayman Race with racing decals. The Volvo Cars attended the Tokyo Motor Show this year for the first models with remote controls are offered for P240 each, while those with time in seven years, a sign of the growing importance of the Japanese racing decals are available at P180 each. market for Volvo Cars and the company’s strong momentum in the country. Volvo sales in Japan, so far, this year have been extremely The Porsche toy cars are 1:32 scale models of the actual cars and strong, with sales up over 25 percent compared with 2012 and at are made of high-quality die-cast metal. They have been approved by a level not seen since the late 1990s. Japanese customers have the Department of Health (DOH) as being safe for children. Each car is a especially warmed to the Volvo V40, which was awarded the carefully detailed collector’s model packaged with a removable base, and prestigious 2013 Imported Car of The Year award by the Automotive are equipped with a sound chip and LED head and taillights. Researchers and Journalists Conference of Japan this month. All five toy cars have enhanced functions such as rev sound with lights, The rapid transformation of Volvo Cars is also highly evident alarm sound with lights, horn sound with lights, as well as pull-back and go in the Volvo Concept Coupé, which was first shown during the 2013 action. The remote control can activate all five cars’ engine start/rev sound Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The Volvo Concept Coupé with lights, door lock sound with lights, and door alarm sound. showcases the capability of the company’s new Scalable Product Architecture, as well as the new, highly efficient four-cylinder Drive-E The Petron “Grab a Porsche” promo is offered at all participating Petron powertrains (formerly known as VEA) that are already now available service stations nationwide, exclusively for Petron Value Card holders. The in six Volvo models. toy car can only be purchased at the participating Petron station where you loaded fuel, or same site redemption only. Volvo Cars’ strategy is to use electrification to create the most powerful versions in the Drive-E engine family, taking power figures To be eligible for this promo, you can apply for a Petron Value Card, which up into V8 territory. The Volvo Concept Coupé is equipped with Volvo is available to everyone who patronizes Petron products and services. Simply Cars’ ingenious plug-in hybrid technology. A high-performance ask for the Petron Value Card at any participating Petron station to get your petrol engine teamed with an electric motor on the rear axle gives card on-site so you can immediately start enjoying its perks. For only P100, the Volvo Concept Coupé a total output of about 400hp and over you get the Petron Value Card pre-loaded with 100 points, which you can use 600Nm of torque. to pay for your fuel purchase. As a reward card, you earn 1-point (with a cash value of P1) for every P250-worth of fuel spend. As a discount card, you get The Volvo Concept Coupé is the first in a series of three concept discounts for purchases of Petron Gasul and Petron lubricants, SMC products cars that demonstrate the new design direction of Volvo Cars and at San Mig Food Ave., and as much as 70% off from partner establishments. It paves the way for the introduction of the All-New XC90 in 2014. also offers free personal accident insurance coverage as well as free 24-hour towing and roadside assistance. Terms and conditions apply. “We are creating a new product portfolio that blends a strong heritage with innovative technology and emotional design. Every Check out posters and flyers for more information about Petron core area is brought into a new dimension, also injecting more Value Card rewards and privileges. Also ask for exclusive Petron Value Card emotion into the rational properties that are the heart and soul of rewards and promos every time you fuel up at a Petron service station. Volvo,” says Lex Kerssemakers. “The Volvo Concept Coupé shows what you can expect from our new architecture: the confident stance, the proportions and the most prominent design signatures. Even though the all-new XC90 is a different type of car, you will recognize the connection instantly,” says Thomas Ingenlath. 46 AQ MAGAZINE

GOLDEN RULES • BELT UP – all passengers are my responsibility. • RESPECT THE TRAFFIC CODE – rules are there to protect us all.FOR SAFE DRIVING • OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT – my car is made of metal, pedestrians and children are not. • CHECK MY TIRES – both for wear and for correct inflation, including the spare. • DRIVE SOBER – when I am drunk or on drugs, I am a danger on the road • PROTECT MY CHILDREN – keep them safe in car seats. • PAY ATTENTION – calling and texting make me dangerous • STOP WHEN I’M TIRED – getting there late is better than not at all. • WEAR A HELMET – motorbikes and bicycles don’t protect my head. • BE COURTEOUS AND CONSIDERATE – respect other drivers. (Source: FIA)

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