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Published by Bayejid Mahbub Khondker, 2021-07-29 18:45:49

Description: Institute of Architects Bangladesh


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IAB QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER JANUARY | FEBRUARY | MARCH 2021 STREAMLINE SPOTLIGHT ACHIEVEMENT HAPPENING 24th Executive Council Reverence Kahn ARCASIA Award 100th Birth Anniversary of on Steering for IAB Centre Father of the Nation evsjv‡`k ¯’cwZ Bb&m&wUwUDU INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS BANGLADESH

Cover: IAB NEWSLETTER TEAM The Travelling Exhibition on Editor 120th Birth Anniversary of Louis I Kahn Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud at the promenade-Manik Mia Secretary, Publication & Publicity Avenue adjacent to his magnum 24th Executive Council, IAB opus, the National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Editorial Board Photograph: Ar. Asif Salman Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir scan for online version Ar. Nurur Rahman Khan Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 Members Ar. Sakib Ahsan Choudhury Ar. Saima Sonali Ar. Syeda Saikha Sudah Ar. Mohammed Ehsanul Alam Ar. Shahriyar Hasan Ar. Salman Rahman Graphics & Layout Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud Ar. Shahriyar Hasan Ar. Salman Rahman IAB Newsletter 1/2021 Issue Publisher Institute of Architects Bangladesh

Contents 04 Editorial Note 05 Message from the President 1 2 3 4 STREAMLINE SPOTLIGHT ACHIEVEMENT HAPPENING 16 IAB celebrates the 06 Reverence Kahn: 12 IAB Ensures Consent 22 IAB Participates to the Swearing in of the 24th Executive Travelling Exhibition and Online from Different Actors and ARCASIA Fellowship Webinar, Council and the Farewell Film Screening on the Occasion Stakeholders Related to Its 50 years of ARCASIA: Ceremony of the 23rd Executive of 120th Birth Anniversary of Proposal for World Heritage Reflect–Reveal–Reaffirm Council at IAB Centre Master Architect Louis I Kahn Tentative List 23 IAB Participates in 24 IAB Presents the First 26 IAB’s Effort to Save the 20 ‘IAB Centre’ Receives Memorial Symposium to Report on AHPG in ACSR Session Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) the Honorary Mention in ARCASIA Remember and Pay Tribute to Ar. Award 2020 Ahmad Djuhara (1966-2020) 24 IAB Pays Homage to the 28 IAB’s Effort to Save the 32 Birth Centenary of the Martyrs of the Language Kamalapur Railway Station Father of the Nation Movement 21 Bangladeshi Entry 33 Celebrating Golden 30 IAB’s Efforts on Inswing Awarded Bronze at the ACAE Jubilee of the Independence DAP (2016-2035) Design Competition of Bangladesh 24 Proposed IAB 19 The Rajapur Centre - A Committees for 2021-2022 Community Participatory Architecture Receives Many 25 Hon'ble Minister of LGRD International Awards 34 Oath Taking Ceremony visits IAB Centre 10th Executive Committee, IAB Chattogram Chapter 31 IAB Plays Active Role with Key Actors to Control the 35 IAB Chattogram Unplanned Development in the Chapter Signs an MoU for Heritage Sites and its Architectural Design Surrounding Areas Competition 35 Obituary Ar. Dewan Mahbub Hasan Your comments matter to us. So keep them coming! We look forward to hearing from through [email protected]. All content is copyrighted by the Institute of Architects Bangladesh. Reproduction without prior consent from IAB is prohibited unless written permission has been obtained. © Institute of Architects Bangladesh IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

04 Editorial the NL Note TEAM Greetings from the 24th Executive Council of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB). A very warm welcome to the first IAB QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER of this year! A new year means fresh starts and in keeping with the new direction across the entire IAB brand, this edition is all about New Beginnings The objective of IAB NEWSLETTER has always been to foster closer ties among members and to create a greater sense of community bonding within the architects’ fraternity. As such, quarterly highlights within each segment will remain the anchor of our content but presented in a more cohesive and reader-friendly manner visually. The current issue covers news of the key events and activities of IAB and its Chattogram Chapter covering the month of January to March 2021. Giving emphasis on the profession’s relevance and resilience, the 24th Executive Council together with different committees newly formed, playing a proactive role in multiple sectors. The celebration of Louis I Kahn’s 120th birth anniversary is a milestone effort by the institute. This issue also covers IAB’s efforts to save Teacher-Student Centre at Dhaka University and Kamalapur Railway Station. Further it also features the suggested reviews on the proposed Detailed Area Plan (DAP) for Dhaka. Besides covering vibrant events like Reverence Kahn 120 and a number of webinars, the issue also portrays the Bangladeshi Architects’ achievements on international areas. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the EC members, contributors, and the whole Newsletter Team for their relentless supports and contributions. I would also acknowledge Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited for patronizing this Newsletter. Amidst the constraint caused by the prevailing global Covid 19 pandemic, sincere attempt has been made to bring out this Newsletter. Lastly, I would like to wrap up this note with condolence to the demise of Ar. Dewan Mahbub Hasan and all the great souls who left us during this Covid-19 pandemic. That is all from this time. We welcome feedback and new ideas at [email protected]. Stay safe! Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud Editor IAB Newsletter

Message 05 from the President Fellow Architects, Greetings from the 24th Executive Council of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh. As you all know, we took charge during this troubled time of the global phenomenon. The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic took the world into an unprecedented cessation of works causing a global economic plummet. Due to this pandemic, most of our regular works are at standstill or at a sloth rate. Keeping in mind the recommended health guideline, we are mostly depending upon online activities for our regular purposes avoiding in-person contacts. The permanent secretariat of the institute is providing limited but emergency services in-person according to the state directives. We must embrace this situation with the necessary caution and utmost responsibility. None of us should be the reason for the further spread of the contamination. We have lost a number of fellow architects at home and abroad, as well as our closed ones and fellow countrymen, we cannot afford more. We believe that the brave nation who fought for our great independence will be victorious again in this current phenomenon. Our prayers are with you all as we ask for your assistance and kind cooperation. Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, FIAB President Institute of Architects Bangladesh

06 Spotlight Reverence Kahn 120 YEARS of KAHN Reverence Kahn: Travelling Exhibition and Online Film Screening on the Occasion of 120th Birth Anniversary of Master Architect Louis I Kahn On the auspicious moment of the the capitol complex taken by Ar. night, a feature film on Kahn’s work Global Master, Architect Louis I Enamul Karim and Ar. Dr. Nurur called “The Tigers City” aired on a Kahn's 120th birth anniversary, Rahman Khan. member only zoom session through Institute of Architects, Bangladesh IAB. Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir (IAB) organized a pop-up public A public conference in presence of introduced the film maker and art exhibition \"��াঘ�� কান - Reverence the media, notable number of historian, Sundaram Tagore to the KAHN\" at the promenade adjacent architects, students, volunteers and audience to spoke before the to his magnum opus, the National city dwellers, happened beside the screening. Ar. Saif Ul Haque & Ar. Parliament Building, Manik Mia ongoing exhibition. Ar. Prof. Shamsul Marina Tabassum also spoke of the Avenue, Dhaka featuring notable Wares presented a mesmerizing occasion. Secretary - Seminar & drawings by Kahn, scaled model, keynote speech. Among the Convention Ar. M Taufuqur Rahman essays and interview on Kahn, rare presence, Chief Architect, Dept. of Khan conducted the session. The photographs of the Capitol Architecture, Ar. Mir Manzurur exhibition remained open for all for Complex etc. The exhibition, Rahman, Aga Khan Laureate Ar. Saif next five days. The event was also supported by the \"Louis I Kahn's Ul Haque, Past Presidents of IAB Ar. covered by national dailies and 120th Birth Anniversary Celebration Kazi Golam Nasir & Ar. Jalal Ahmad, featured on satellite televisions. Council (Kahn120)\", is a traveling Ar. Dr. Nurur Rahman Khan and kind which is planned to occur at Co-Conveners of Kahn120, Ar. Md. During this prevailing pandemic, the various places of the country. Wahiduzzaman Ratul & Ar. Sakib exhibition has designed and Ahsan Choudhury spoke on the curated keeping the social The first event was opened to occasion. Beforehand, President of distancing guideline in mind. The 12 public from 10am to 10pm on 20 IAB, Ar. Mubasshar Hussain solid plywood monoliths each February 2021 on the day of the welcomed the audience and commemorating a decade since maestro’s 120th birth anniversary. General Secretary of IAB, Ar. Kahn’s birth has a triangular base The exhibition attracted a number Farhana Sharmin Emu concluded which ensures the social distancing of Kahn enthusiasts as well as the the session with a Vote of Thanks. of spectators abreast. These events city dwellers. The exhibition featured The session was moderated by the were sponsored by Vistaara essays from Ar. Prof. Shamsul Wares, Vice President (International Architects Pvt Ltd, Vitti Sthapati Ar. Prof. Kazi Khaleed Ashraf, Ar. Prof. Relations) of IAB, Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Brindo Ltd and Tania Karim N R Khan Adnan Zillur Morshed & Ar. Saif Ul Zahir. Eminent architects, artists, & Associates. The countrywide Haque, an interview by Ar. Marina journalists and city dwellers visited anchorage of the traveling Tabassum, sketches of Louis Kahn the exhibition. The event was exhibition is currently on hold due to from Architectural Archive of covered by national dailies. unfavorable peak of the pandemic. Pennsylvania University, a drawing of the master plan of The traveling exhibition placed its Sher-e-Bangla Nagar provided by second anchor at IAB Centre from the Dept. of Architecture, Ministry of 13 to 18 of March, 2021. In presence Housing & Public Works, a sketch of of the members of the IAB EC, Ar. the capitol by Ar. Dr. Sajid-Bin-Doza, Md. Ishtiaque Zahir, Vice President a scaled model of the Kahn's (International Relations) citadel and rare photographs of inaugurated the session. Later that IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

05 scan for the event promo Event poster IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

08 Spotlight Reverence Kahn IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

08 Left: Prof. Shamsul Wares delevering his key note speech at the exhibition Eminent architects delevering their speeches- Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, Ar. Mir Manzurur Rahman, Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir, Ar. Nurur Rahman Khan, Ar. Saif Ul Haque, Ar. Jalal Ahmed, Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu, Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir The KAHN120 team members Prof. Wares with the audience The whole team, organizers, volunteers, executive council members Right: citizens at the exhibition IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

10 Spotlight Reverence Kahn IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

10 Left: Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir, Vice President (International Relations) of IAB inagurating the second anchorage of the exhibition at IAB Centre, Dhaka Right: Mr. Sundaram Tagore, director of the ‘Tiger City’ delivering his speech before the online screening Projection at IAB Centre of the film IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

12 Achievment UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Listing IAB Ensures Consent from Different Actors and Stakeholders Related to Its Proposal for World Heritage Tentative List A Step Forward to Ensure the Enlistment Bangladesh. The Department of Archaeology proposed cultural affairs ministry to submit the names of eight sites, including the National Parliament complex and Architectural work of Muzharul Islam to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for the sites’ inscription on the tentative list of World Heritage Site. On 18 January 2021, The Institute of Mr. KM Khalid, State Minister for Architects Bangladesh (IAB) sought Cultural Affairs; M Badrul Arefin, kind endorsement of the Honorable Secretary Cultural Affairs Ministry, Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina for UNESCO Representative to inclusion of the National Assembly Bangladesh Beatrice Kaldun, Ar. Complex and the Architectural Farhana Sharmin Emu, General works of Muzharul Islam in the World Secretary, IAB, Ar. Mohammad Heritage Tentative List by UNESCO in Sazzad Hossain, Secretary, Heritage December 2020. The Honorable & Culture, IAB, Ar. Dr. Sharif Shams Prime Minister expressed her kind Imon, Ar. Sujaul Islam Khan, Ar. endorsement on the efforts Muhtadin Iqbal, Ar. Md. undertaken by the Institute of Wahiduzzaman Ratul, attended the Architects Bangladesh vide the meeting. Message Letter. The effort was initiated by the 23rd Executive As a part of the process of World Council of IAB and the 24th Heritage Tentative Listing, it was a Executive Council expresses its requirement for IAB to take consent humble gratitude to them for their from the responsible authorities of effort. different sites to propose the respective sites for world Heritage On 17 February 2021, Department of Tentative List. Hence IAB officially Archaeology, Ministry of Cultural requested different authorities for Affairs, GOB organized the Final consent. Sharing Seminar on Updating the UNESCO Tentative List of IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

13 The endorsement IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 letter of Sheikh Hasina, the Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh, regarding inclusion of the National Assembly Complex and the Architectural works of Muzharul Islam in the World Heritage Tentative List

14 Achievment UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Listing On 18 February 2021, IAB President Ar. 17 different sites. In 2021 IAB Mubasshar Hussain, Vice-President managed to receive consent letters (National Affairs); Ar. Khan Md. from Ministry of Housing and Public Mustapha Khalid; General Secretary, Works, Bangladesh Roads and Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu and Highways, Barishal Polytechnic Secretary, Heritage & Culture Ar. Institute and Sylhet Polytechnic Mohammad Sazzad Hossain had Institute. an online meeting with the Hon'ble Speaker of the Bangladesh However, in 2020, IAB managed to Parliament Dr. Shirin Sharmin receive consent letters from Pabna Chaudhury, MP and requested the Polytechnic Institute, Bogura consent letter required for IAB to Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur move forward with its proposal for Polytechnic Institute, Jahangirnagar inclusion of the 'National Assembly University, Chittagong University, Complex, Bangladesh' in the World Department of Archives and Library, Heritage Tentative List. Hon'ble GOB, Bangladesh Council of Speaker instantly expressed her full Scientific and Industrial Research support and thanked IAB for taking (BCSIR), and Office of the Adjutant such an important initiative. Hon'ble Generals, AHQ, Dhaka cantonment. Speaker also noted the proposal of IAB is still trying to get the consent making a copy of Ar. Louis I. Kahn’s letters from Dhaka University and original drawings available for IAB in BADC authority. order to make a publication. Afterwards IAB managed to receive the consent letters from Parliament secretariat and Ministry of Housing and Public Works regarding the proposal of National Assembly Complex. Regarding Architectural Works of Muzharul Islam, IAB had to take the challenge of managing approval of different authorities associated with IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

15 Left: IAB delegation at online meeting with the Hon'ble Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, MP IAB Delegation Meets the A workshop on Sewage Management titled Hon’ble Minister & the Mayor ‘Valentine's Day for a day, love for the city every day’ was held on 14 February 2021, at a Right: Ar. Ehsan local hotel in Gulshan, Dhaka. The programme Khan handing was organized by Dhaka North City over the Corporation (DNCC). publication by the Institute on Mr. Md. Tajul Islam, MP, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry IAB’s Proposal for of Local Government, Rural Development and the World Co-operatives, graced the programme as the Heritage Chief Guest and Mr. Helal Uddin Ahmed, Senior Tentative List to Secretary, Local Government Department was Sheikh Hasina, the present as the Special Guest while Mr. Md. Hon'ble Prime Atiqul Islam, Honorable Mayor, DNCC presided Minister of over the workshop. Bangladesh Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, President, IAB, Ar. IAB President Farhana Sharmin Emu, General Secretary, IAB delivering speech and IAB Fellow Ar. Iqbal Habib attended the at the workshop program. IAB delegation As the Guest of Honour Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, with Mr. Md. Tajul President, IAB also spoke at the event where he Islam, MP, Hon’ble emphasised the modernisation and proper Minister and Md. Sewage Management System including its Atiqul Islam, proper maintenance for the City. Ar. Iqbal Hon’ble Mayor Habib also spoke on the occasion on behalf of the architects' fraternity. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

16 Streamline 24th Executive Council on Steering Swearing in and Farewell Ceremony IAB Celebrates the Swearing in of the 24th Executive Council On 16 January 2021, the Swearing in and the Farewell Ceremony of the 23rd Executive Council at of the 24th Executive Council and IAB Centre the Farewell Ceremony of the 23rd Executive Council of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh was held in a scaled-down program at the Multi-purpose Hall of IAB Centre, Agargaon, Dhaka. Swearing in Mr. Atiqul Islam, Hon’ble Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and swore in the oath to the 24th Executive Council. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

The hour long event started with the Left: Observing National Anthem followed by the one minute silent welcome speech by Ar. Mubasshar tribute to the Hussain, President of IAB, and departed fellow souls during the concluded with the Vote of Thanks from Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu, Covid-19 General Secretary of 24th EC. pandemic The event was also addressed by the Chief Election Commissioner, Ar. Mustafa Ameen and Immediate Past President, Ar. Jalal Ahmed. The Hon’ble Mayor conveyed his commitment to work in close association with IAB towards his goal of making a modern, beautiful and livable Dhaka while delivering his speech. IAB eagerly looks forward to Right: Hon’ble arranging a regular scale Mayor conducting the installation ceremony with the oath swears presence of all members as soon as the situation improves after the The elected President giving COVID-19 pandemic. recent publication as Earlier on 04 December 2020 the souvenir to the first ever online Bi-Annual General Mayor Meeting and Election took place. Handover The 24th Executive Council took meeting between 23rd and 24th EC over the responsibilities for the next two years. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

18 Streamline 24th Executive Council Front row from left: Ar. Farhana Sharmin-General Secretary | Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid-Vice President (National Affairs) | Ar. Mubasshar Hussain-President | A Rear row from left: Ar. Mohammad Arefeen Ibrahim-Secretary, Education | Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain-Secretary, Heritage & Culture | Ar. Md. Shahid Hasan Ar. M Taufiqur Rahman Khan-Secretary, Seminar & Convention | Ar. Bayejid Mahbub Khondker-Secretary, Profession | Ar. Masud Ur Rashid-Trea

19 Ar. Jalal Ahmed-Immediate Past President | Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir-Vice President (International Relations) Rabbani-Secretary, Membership | Ar. Md. Nafizur Rahman-Secretary, Environment & Urbanization | Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud-Secretary, Publication & Publicity asurer | Ar. Dr. Sajid- Bin- Doza-Assistant General Secretary

20 Achievment ARCASIA Award 2020 ‘IAB Centre’ Receives ARCASIA AWARD 2020 Honorary Mention Institute of Architects Bangladesh is very proud to share that IAB Centre has received the award ARCASIA AWARD 2020 as Honorary Mention in B3 (Public Amenity: Institutional Buildings) category. At first, in this international acquisition, the Institute congratulates its consultant Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd. It may be mentioned here that after getting the land from the Government of Bangladesh in 1986, an open architectural design competition was called for the design of the IAB Centre in 2007. Following this, the results of the IAB Centre Design Competition were announced on 24 November 2007. Out of about forty design proposals, three more special mention awards were announced, including first, second, and third prizes, through a two-stage selection process, voted by honorable juries and IAB members. Where the proposal of Ar. Md. Ehsan Khan, Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir, Ar. Md. Iqbal Habib, Ar. Mrinmoy Adhikary, and Ar. Md. Asaduzzaman Chowdhury won the first prize. The Construction of the building began in 2012 and was inaugurated by Sheikh Hasina, Hon’ble Prime Minister, People's Republic of Bangladesh in 2016. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

21 Bangladeshi Entry Awarded Bronze at the ACAE Design Competition Institute of Architects Bangladesh is pleased to share that the entry titled 'Isolation as Resilience?' from Bangladesh has been awarded Bronze category in the competition 'Resilience by Design' organized by ARCASIA Committee on Architectural Education (ACAE). IAB congratulates Mr. Taorem Rahul Singha (Student from Level-4, Term-2, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) and all the winners. The Institute also congratulates ARCASIA and ACAE for hosting such successful competitions during the pandemic. The Rajapur Centre - A Community Participatory Architecture Architecture Sans Frontieres Award | SEED/ Pacific Rim award | 2019 RIBA President's Awards for Research | BAME Award The Community Building for Women's Literacy and Healthcare, in Rajapur village, Chandpur; is a charity run by the Mannan Foundation Trust, which helps disadvantaged people in the remote low-lying village specially to empower local women by providing income generating and literacy skills, as well as free healthcare. The building is a live practice-based Photo Credit: research. This research received a Mannan commendation for the Annual Foundation Trust Theme: 'Building in Quality' category in the 2019 RIBA President's Awards for Research. The project has also been recognized by other international awards like Architecture Sans Frontieres Award and SEED/ Pacific Rim award. Architect Tumpa Husna Yasmin Fellows, the project architect, co-founder and trustee of Mannan Foundation Trust, is practicing architecture in London and a senior lecturer in architecture at the University of Westminster. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

22 Happening IAB’s Participations with Member Institutes IAB Participates to the ARCASIA Fellowship Webinar 50 Years of ARCASIA: Reflect–Reveal–Reaffirm On 23 January 2021, the ARCASIA across the globe in varied Fellowship Webinar on 50 years of capacities and competences. ARCASIA: REFLECT–REVEAL–REAFFIRM Wherever they are, they carry the was hosted online. With the sense and essence of the place, coordination and moderation by culture, history and heritage of ASIA IAB Fellow Ar. Qazi Muhammad Arif together with the virtues of ARCASIA. (Fellowship Chairman, ARCASIA); Institute of Architects Bangladesh The discussion had been focused (IAB) took part in the webinar. The on few queries like after the eventful speakers from the ARCASIA family voyage of half a century, at the were invited to share their thoughts crossroads of Futurism and on the influence and achievements Traditionalism, Regionalism and of ARCASIA in accomplishing the Globalism; why architects were not goals and objectives and also to indulged in recapitulating the role spark suggestions to triumph of ARCASIA. greater yields in the coming years. It was decided that ARCASIA needs The program started with the to look at objectives such as uniting introductory speech by Ar. Qazi National Institutes of Architects on a Muhammad Arif, Fellowship democratic basis throughout the Chairman of ARCASIA on the diverse asian region, to foster friendly, involvement of ARCASIA for last fifty intellectual, artistic, educational and years followed by the welcome scientific ties and maintain speech of Ar. Rita Soh, President of professional contacts, mutual ARCASIA. co-operation and assistance among member institutes. Invited speakers for the discussions were Ar. Rusi Khambatta (IIA, Past Moreover, there should be Chairman , ARCASIA), Ar. Suhail concentration on representing Abbasi (IAP, Fellowship Member) architects of the member institutes Ar. Esa Mohamed (PAM, Past at national and international levels; Chairman, ARCASIA), Ar. Sathirut Nui promoting the recognition of the Tandanand (ASA, Past Fellowship architect's role in society and the Convener, Past President, ARCASIA) development including the Ar. George Kunihiro (JIA, Past ACAE education of architects and the Chairman, Past President, ARCASIA) architectural profession in their Ar. Shin Chungyu (KIRA, Past ACPP service to the society along with Chairman), Ar. Tan Szue Hann (SIA, research and technical Past ACYA Chairman), and Ar. Bisma advancement in the field of the Askari (IAP, Deputy Chair, ACYA). built environment-such targets which had been planted during ARCASIA started its journey about inception of ARCASIA. 50 years ago. The family of Asian architects has grown quite big Later Ar. Lalichan Zacharias, the Vice today with its wings being President of Zone A made his comprised of proficient institutes of concluding remarks for the webinar. architects of 21 Asian Nations. Asian architects are in practice and pedagogy with pride and glory IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

Tribute to Ar. Ahmad Djuhara (1966-2020) IAB Participates in Memorial Symposium to Remember and Pay Tribute to Ar. Djuhara Architects Regional Council Asia Later two significant discourses for organizing the memorial (ARCASIA) organized an online were delivered on Ar. Ahmad symposium. Like Ar. Ahmed, the memorial symposium to remember Djuhara's Life and Works, presented other five friends of Ar. Djuhara also and pay tribute to Ar. Ahmad Djuhra by Ar. Wendy Djuhara, wife of late Ar. shared their memories. The other (1966-2020), President of Indonesian Djuhara, followed by Ar. Denny discussants were Ar. Pei Ing Tan Institute of Architects (IAI) on 27 Setiawan, Vice General Secretary of (Past President, ARCASIA), Ar. March 2021. With the coordination IAI on Architect's Vision and Jahangir Khan (Past President, and moderation by IAB Fellow Ar. Inspirations. ARCASIA), Ar. Ketut Rana Wiarcha Qazi Muhammad Arif (Fellowship (President, IAI), Ar. Fawad S Abbasi Chairman, ARCASIA); Institute of Some six discussants were also (Ex-Chair of ACYA, ARCASIA) and Architects Bangladesh (IAB) took invited to share their memories and eminent Indonesian architect, part in the memorial symposium. experiences with Mr. Djuhara at the Andra Matin. second part of the symposium. Ar. The program started with a minute Abu Sayeed Mostaque Ahmed, The two-hour remembrance of silence to pay tribute to the President-Elect of ARCASIA and past evening was concluded with the eminent architect, followed by the presidents of IAB shared his remarks of Ar. Sathirut Nui introductory speech of Ar. Rita Soh, valuable moments with Mr. Djuhara Tandanand, Past President of President of ARCASIA. and thanked ARCASIA office bearers ARCASIA. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

24 Streamline Committees of 24th EC IAB Presents the First Report on Proposed IAB AHPG in ACSR Session Committees for On 13 March 2021, Ar. Farhana system through ACSR projects. Ar. 2021-2022 Sharmin Emu, General Secretary, IAB Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, presented the first report on Secretary, Heritage & Culture, IAB Membership Affairs Committee establishing and formulating the and Ar. Dr. Farida Nilufar, IAB Fellow, Chair: Ar. Mamnoon Murshed ARCASIA Heritage Preservation attended the session as Chowdhury I M/Sec: Ar. Shahid Hasan Group (AHPG) in the online session representatives from IAB. Ar. Emu Rabbani of the ARCASIA Committee on also presented the country report Social Responsibility (ACSR), with the that included IAB’s social Disciplinary Issues & Dispute intention to explore and find responsibilities related activities Resolution Committee regional characteristic of heritage focusing on the COVID-19 Chair: Ar. Dr. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed and socio cultural value to identify pandemic, heritage, and other M/Sec: Ar. Mamnoon Murshed and formulate regional grading webinars. Chowdhury Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts Committee Chair: Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir M/Sec: Ar. Nabi Newaz Khan Board of Architectural Education Chair: Ar. Fuad Hassan Mallick Co-chair: Ar. Mohammed Zakiul Islam M/Sec: Ar. Mohammad Arefeen Ibrahim IAB Pays Homage to the Professional Practice Committee Martyrs of the Language Movement Chair: Ar. Ehsan Khan M/Sec: Ar. Bayejid Mahbub Khondker Award Management Committee Chair: Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir M/Sec: Ar. Nowajish Mahbub In the early morning of International Web, App and IT Management Mother Language Day, 21 February Committee 2020, a delegation from IAB paid Chair: Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid homage to the martyrs of the Co-chair: Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir Language Movement of ‘Ekushey M/Sec: Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud February’ at the Central Shaheed Minar. The IAB contingent included IAB Centre Facilities Development Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, and management Committee Secretary (Heritage and Culture), Chair: Ar. Ehsan Khan Md. Shahid Hasan Rabbani, M/Sec: Ar. M. Masud Ur Rashid Secretary (Membership); Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud, Secretary (Publication CPD Management and & Publicity) and IAB officials. Implementation Committee Chair: Ar. Jalal Ahmed Unlike each year, the arrangement M/Sec: Ar. Bayejid Mahbub Khondker was teamed up by limited Executive Council members and staff of IAB Architectural Design Competition due to the prevailing COVID-19 Management Committee pandemic situation of 2020. Chair: Ar. Bayejid Mahbub Khondker M/Sec: Ar. Md. Sharif Uddin Ahammed Cultural Affairs Committee Chair: Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu M/Sec: Rashed Hassan Chowdhury IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

International Relations Committee 25 Chair: Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir Hon'ble Minister of LGRD M/Sec: Ar. Asif Mohammed Ahsanul Haq Visits IAB Centre Media & Publication Committee Hon'ble Minister of LGRD, Mr. Md. Chair: Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid Tajul Islam, MP inaugurated the modern street lights of Dhaka North Co-chair: Ar. Nurur Rahman Khan City Corporation at a function held M/Sec: Ar. Sheikh Itmam Soud at the Multi-purpose Hall of IAB Centre on 1 January 2021. Seminar Committee At the end of the program, a Chair: Ar. Jalal Ahmed discussion was held with the Hon'ble Minister and the Mayor, M/Sec: Ar. M Taufiqur Rahman Khan DNCC Mr. Md. Atiqul Islam on DAP and other related issues with the Environment and Urbanization newly elected Executive Council of Committee IAB. Members of the of the 24th Executive Council, President, Ar. Chair: Ar. Iqbal Habib Mubasshar Hussain, Vice President M/Sec: Ar. Md. Nafizur Rahman (National Affairs), Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, General Secretary, Heritage Education, Awareness & Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu and Research Committee Secretary - Environment & Urbanization, Ar. Md. Nafizur Rahman Chair: Ar. Mohammed Zakiul Islam was present at the discussion. M/Sec: Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 Heritage Practice & Policy Formulation Committee Chair: Ar. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed M/Sec: Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain Social Responsibility Committee Chair: Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir M/Sec: Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu Agenda 2030 implementation Committee Chair: Ar. Md. Ishtiaque Zahir M/Sec: Ar. Md. Masudul Islam Building Materials & Construction Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee Chair: Ar. Mir Manzurur Rahman M/Sec: Ar. M. Masud Ur Rashid DMINB 2008 / Electronic Construction Permit (ECP) Review Committee Chair: Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir M/Sec: Ar. Tofayel Md. Sarwar Sports Related Activities Committee Chair: Ar. Masudur Rahman Khan M/Sec: Ar. Selim Altaf Biplob Emergency Finance Scheme (EFS) Board of Management Chair: Ar. Mustafa Ameen M/Sec: Ar. M. Masud Ur Rashid COVID-19 Awareness & Support Committee Chair: Md. Ishtiaque Zahir M/Sec: Ar. Dr. Sajid Bin Doza

26 Spotlight IAB’s Stand for TSC IAB’s Effort to Save the Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) at University of Dhaka On 12 January 2021 in a Zoom Vice-Chancellor of University of meeting IAB shared ideas and Dhaka with the alternative IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 exchanged views with its members proposals developed by the to address the Teacher-Student working group. Prof. Ahmed also Centre (TSC) issues and find a way thanked the team members of the forward through open discussion, working group specially Ar. Gaurab dialogue and exchange of opinion. Kundu and Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, President, Hossain, Secretary, Heritage and IAB; Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, Culture, IAB for their valuable Vice President (National Affairs), IAB contributions. After the presentation & Coordinator of the three working the platform was opened for groups in their speech introduced interactive discussion. Ar. Bikash the key figures of the working group Soud Ansari, Ar. Md. Tariqul Islam and explained the working process and Ar. Sujaul Islam Khan raised to make the initiative more inclusive. relevant issues and gave valuable General Secretary of IAB, Ar. suggestion regarding the ongoing Farhana Sharmin Emu was the activities of IAB. moderator of the program. A five-member IAB delegation The Team Leader of TSC-Working visited the Vice Chancellor of the Group Prof. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed University of Dhaka at his office on gave a presentation to explain the 15 February 2021 as part of the drive ongoing activities of the working to save the Teacher-Student group and shared ideas with the Centre (TSC) building at Dhaka participants to develop an inclusive University campus. Ar. Mubasshar work plan regarding the TSC issue. Hussain, President, IAB led the team Ar. Ahmed mentioned the idea of while Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, introducing a special frame for Vice President (National Affairs) and Facebook profile pictures as a very Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu, General effective way to build awareness as Secretary of IAB along with IAB well as to express the solidarity and Fellows Dr. Abu Sayed M Ahmed unity of the architect fraternity and Ar. Ehsan Khan. regarding the issue. The meeting had begun with The presentation also included elaborating the importance of the analysis of the current and TSC complex as an architectural proposed program of TSC and edifice as well as a historic premise. some alternative design proposals Elaborate alternate options were developed by the working group to presented on screen by the team. address the existing problem. Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, However, it was also mentioned Vice-Chancellor of the University of that an effort is going on to form a Dhaka gave his patience hearing team of eminent figures from and expressed his solidarity different disciplines to meet the towards the alternatives proposed

27 by IAB delegates. While the IAB Left: IAB delegates reiterated on an open delegation with architectural design competition for such a challenging and prestigious the hon’ble intervention, the Vice-Chancellor Vice-Chancellor indicated that the project has been of the University undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works & Housing and they have to of Dhaka be convinced to do so. However, he expressed his personal willingness to go for an open architectural design competition for the said extension of TSC. On 8 March 2021 through an online Right: Ar. Abu session, IAB shared relevant Sayeed M Ahmed information and exchanged ideas (Team Leader, with its members. However, the TSC-Working presentation included alternative Group) design-proposals developed by the presenting the TSC-Working Group to meet the onging activities requirements of the University of regarding TSC Dhaka authority even after ensuring with fellow the conservation of the heritage members building. Prof. Ahmed also thanked the other members of the TSC Special frame for working group specially Ar. Ehsan Facebook profile Khan, Ar. Muhtadin Iqbal, Ar. Gaurab picture Kundu and Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, Secretary, Heritage and Alternative Culture, IAB for their valuable design-proposals contributions. After a long exchange presented to the of views, the other participants VC, developed by gave feedback to IAB to continue the TSC-Working the effort to preserve the modern Group heritage. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

28 Spotlight IAB’s Stand for KRS IAB’s Effort to Save the Kamalapur Railway Station On 12 January 2021 in a zoom work plan regarding the KRS issue. interest in IAB’s proposal to continue meeting IAB shared ideas and The presentation also included the development while preserving exchanged views with its members relevant information, Newspaper the iconic establishment. The to address the Kamalapur Railway articles and opinion sent to IAB from Minister also agreed to the Station (KRS) issues and find a way home and abroad. Ar. N. R. Khan proposal of presentation, forward through open discussion, also informed that IAB sent a letter knowledge-based alternatives dialogue and exchange of opinion. to the Railway Minister; DG, Railway motivated by the possibilities and Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, President, and MD, DMTCL regarding its rights in this regard by IAB. The IAB; Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, concern to save the historic Railway President of IAB thanked the Minister Vice President (National Affairs), IAB Station. However, Ar. N. R. Khan also and committed to render & Team Leaders of the three mentioned that a compilation of necessary cooperation in the future working groups in their speech the aforementioned documents as well. introduced the key figures of the was also sent with the letters. Ar. N. working group and explained the R. Khan thanked the team members In a similar effort, regarding the working process to make the of the working group specially Ar. conservation of the Kamalapur initiative more inclusive. Ar. Farhana Fatema Tasmia, Ar. Nasreen Railway Station Complex, Ar. Khan Sharmin Emu, General Secretary of Hossain, Ar. Zakiul Islam, Ar. Muhtadin Md. Mustapha Khalid, Ar. Farhana IAB was the moderator of the Iqbal, Ar. Wahiduzzaman Ratul and Sharmin Emu, Ar. Md. Iqbal Habib, Ar. program. Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, N.R. Khan along with IAB President Ar. Secretary, Heritage and Culture, IAB Mubasshar Hussain discussed at The Team Leader of Kamalapur for their valuable contribution. After the residence of Mr. Nasrul Hamid Railway Station (KRS)-Working the presentation the platform was MP, the Honorable State Minister, Group, Ar. Nurur Rahman Khan gave opened for interactive discussion. Ministry of Power, Energy and a presentation to explain the Ar. Bikash Soud Ansari, and Ar. Mineral Resources on 6 February ongoing activities of the working Alamgir Jalil raised relevant issues 2021. The delegates expressed their group and shared ideas with the and gave valuable suggestion concerns about the demolition of participants to develop an inclusive regarding the ongoing activities of Kamalapur Railway Station to HE IAB. Naoki Ito san, the Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh, and to Mr. A team of delegates from the Hayakawa Yuho san, Chief institute led by the President, Ar. Representative, Japan International Mubasshar Hussain met the Cooperation Agency (JICA) honorable Railway Minister, Mr. Nurul Bangladesh office. After a long Islam Sujan MP at his office at discussion, the ambassador hinted Bangladesh Railway Bhaban on 4 on informing Kajima Corporation, February 2021. The key issue of the the PPP's Japanese investor, discussion was to conserve the regarding the matter before the Kamalapur Railway Station next joint investment meeting Complex. The other members of the scheduled on 24 February 2021. The delegation were Ar. Dr. Abu Sayeed JICA head confirms that the said M Ahmed, Ar. N.R. Khan, Ar. Iqbal demolition is not a direct resultant Habib, Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu, of the MRT Project. The State and Ar. Mohammad Sazzad Minister, present in the discussion, Hossain. After a long exchange of assured his full cooperation to IAB. views, the Minister showed his IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

On 8 March 2021 through an online Left: IAB 29 session IAB shared relevant delegation with information and exchanged ideas hon’ble Railway IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 related to Kamalapur Railway Station with its members. Minister On 15 March 2021 a team led by the IAB delegation President, Ar. Mubasshar Hussain with the Hon’ble had an online meeting with the representatives of Kajima State Minister, Corporation, Dhaka Mass Rapid Ministry of Power, Transit Company Ltd, and Bangladesh Railway regarding KRS Energy and issues. The key objective of the Mineral discussion was to exchange views and ideas to save the Kamalapur Resources, GoB Railway Station Complex. The other and HE members of the IAB delegation were Ar. Farhana, Ar. Md. Iqbal, Ar. Ambassador of N.R. Khan, Ar. Zakiul Islam, Ar. Ruqun Japan along with Uddin Bhuiya, Ar. Bayezid Mahbub Khondoker and Ar. Sazzad. Mr. the Chief Monirul Islam Firozi, Director Representative, (Engineering), Bangladesh Railway and Mr. Md. Abdul Baquee Miah, JICA, BD office Additional Project Director (Civil), DMRTDP were also present. Mr. Noburo Aoki, General Manager, Right: Ar. N. R. New Market Planning Office, Khan presenting Overseas Operations Division, the proposal to KAJIMA Corporation introduced the Kajima Kajima the Oriental Consultants Corporation & Global and Nippon Koei as the core DMRTDP members of the Kamlapur MmTH Sub-working Group. His penetration First Notification included the conceptual proposal meeting with the of Kamlapur MmTH approved by members GoB in March 2019 and the summary of consequent Second discussions with GoB. However, Ar. N. Notification R. Khan gave a presentation that meeting with the included alternative members design-approaches to achieve the goals of the aforementioned Online meeting project even after ensuring the with Kajima conservation of the heritage Corporation building. The presentation was prepared by Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, Ar. Ruqun Uddin Bhuiya, Ar. Razia Asad, Ar. Iqbal Habib and Ar. N. R. Khan. After a long exchange of views, the representatives of Kajima Corporation showed their interest in IAB’s proposal to continue the development while preserving the iconic establishment.

30 Spotlight The Reviews on DAP IAB’s Efforts on Inswing DAP (2016-2035) The Detailed Area Plan for Dhaka civic amenities (health, education, communication, infrastructure), urban lifestyle and land management (flood land, resettlement), housing, and population density. Primarily, the proposed draft suggested, reducing the height of the building by locality to control the population density. After discussions with IAB, RAJUK has considered switching the plan of controlling the height of the building to particularization of FAR to manage the population density. IAB has their point of view and propositions for FAR and land use, which will be presented at a workshop to be organized by RAJUK to finalize the DAP. The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha A committee, headed by architect (RAJUK), started the preparation of Iqbal Habib is working to review the the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) objectives and observations of the 2010-2015 for the areas under RAJUK Dhaka Metropolitan “Detailed Area under the Dhaka Structure Plan Plan 2016-2035” (Draft), which (1995-2015) in 2004 to develop the includes Housing, Transportation, 400-year-old historical Dhaka as a Water Management, Population planned city, which was published Density, Building Height, City in the form of Gazette on 22 June Capacity, Environment, Economy, 2010. The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Decentralization of the City, Urban 2016-2035 has taken the initiative to Governance, Institutional Power, etc. take up the project by incorporating new areas with On 12 January 2021 and 8 March various complexities related to the 2021, through online sessions, IAB implementation of the DAP and the shared relevant information and difficulties of land use, which has exchanged ideas with its members now been published by RAJUK in a regarding the specific suggestions draft form. The new proposed DAP on proposed DAP. The Team leader concentrates on better of DAP-Working Group, Ar. Iqbal management and governance Habib gave presentations to (planning and implementation), explain the ongoing activities of the working group and shared ideas with the participants to develop an inclusive work. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

IAB Plays Active Role with 31 Key Actors to Control the Unplanned Development IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021 in the Heritage Sites and its Surrounding Areas On 29 January 2021, Ar. Dr. Abu Left: Ar. Iqbal Sayeed M Ahmed, Chairperson, Habib (Team Heritage Practice and Policy Formulation Committee, IAB; Ar. Leader, Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, DAP-Working Secretary-Heritage & Culture, IAB; Mr. Ashraful Islam, Project Director, Group) DAP, RAJUK and representatives presenting the from BIP and RAJUK visited Bangshal onging activities Jam-E-Mosque, Dhakeshwari Temple, Raja Ramohon Roy Library, regarding Hussani Dalan and surrounding reviews on areas to assess the impact of the proposed DAP proposed construction work. The with fellow visiting team examined the core members zone and identified problems in the proposed construction work that may disturb physical access and visual access to the heritage structures. On 15 February 2021, in a meeting at Right: IAB RAJUK, Ar. Dr. Sayeed, IAB, Ar. Sazzad delegation and Hossain, Mr. Ashraful Islam, other Muhammad Ariful Islam and other representatives representatives of RAJUK discussed visiting different different legal issues associated heritage sites in with some of the sites of the old Dhaka proposed construction work. The team opined to take action IAB delegates in a according to the order of the court meeting at RAJUK in such cases. However, the team also recommended some guidelines for the proposed construction work to protect the core zone with focus on the heritage values, proper access and visual exposure. Afterwards, Ar. Khan Md. Mustapha Khalid, Vice President (National Affairs) on behalf of IAB, checked & signed the minutes of the meeting.

32 Happening 50 Years of Bangladesh Birth Centenary of the scan for the webiner Father of the Nation Online Commemoration Program to Mark the 100th Birth Anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman On the occasion of the centennial formally introduced the Chief Guest of all times, Bangabandhu Sheikh birth anniversary of the Architect of of the program. Mujibur Rahman from the person Independent Bangladesh, the who was one of his closest ally and greatest Bengali of all time, Mr. Tofail Ahmed, the Chief Guest for colleagues. Mr. Tofail Ahmed vividly Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur the program is a veteran politician described the chronology of Rahman, IAB arranged a and a member of the National incidents that happened from 1966 commemoration webinar to pay Parliament. He joined Awami to 1975. He explained how a child tribute to the undisputed leader on League in 1966 as a student leader. from Tungipara village became an 17 March 2021. He was the VP of Dhaka University extraordinary leader, and how his Central Students' Union (DUCSU). He foresighted vision became the Ar. Mubasshar Hussain, President played a pivotal role in the six-point reality for the nation of Bangladesh. IAB, gave a speech at the beginning movement in 1969. In 1970, Mr. Tofail He thanked Bangabandhu for of the program. Ar. Khan Md. was a Political Secretary of sacrificing his whole life in the sake Mustapha Khalid, Vice President Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur of an independent nation. (National Affairs), and Ar. Farhara Rahman. He was one of the Sharmin Emu, General Secretary, organizers of the Mujib Bahini during Participants were mesmerized and participated the virtual program as the Liberation War of Bangladesh in thanked Mr. Tofail Ahmed for well. The formal anchoring was 1971. sharing the glorious history of conducted by Ar. M Taufiqur Bangabandhu Sheikh Mijibur Rahman Khan, Secretary Seminar & The objective of the program was Rahman. Convention. The General Secretary to memorialize our greatest leader IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

Celebrating 33 Golden Jubilee of the Independence scan for the webiner of Bangladesh “ If anyone works with honesty, anything can be achieved. ” Ar. Yeafesh Osman The nation of Bangladesh is The event started with the the architectural education helped celebrating the golden jubilee of unforgettable song JOY BANGLA. him to explore the world of Independence this year. The The song led everyone with a deep leadership and made him a Institute of Architects Bangladesh nostalgia, and they expressed the versatile person to deal with every (IAB) organized an online deepest esteem to the Father of difficulty. Further, he vividly commemorative event to mark the the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh described the incredible episodes 50th anniversary of independence Mujibur Rahman, for his during the liberation war, 1971. Also, on 21 March 2021. Ar. Yeafesh Osman unparalleled role in steering he praised the growth of who was one of the leader of the Bangladesh to its brightest Bangladesh in the last 50 years. Ar. mass movement of the '79, the VP moment. A biopic on Ar. Yeafesh Mubasshar Hussain added his side of EPUET (now BUET), the heroic Osman’s life was displayed as a of the war memory and shared his freedom fighter, and the honorable brief introduction for being an remarkable war experiences and minister of the Ministry of Science exceptional leader. The minister praised the minister for his heroic and Technology, attended the started his speech by paying his action as a front liner in the war. event as chief guest. The event was deepest respect to Bangabandhu anchored by the Vice President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and the The event ended with a sublime (National Affairs), Ar. Khan Md. four national leaders with a emotion of independence for the Mustapha Khalid. A humble pleasant poem. He then took young architects to work in the introductory speech was made by everyone to the memory lane of his developments of Bangladesh with the freedom fighter and the remarkable journey of becoming a similar inspiration. President of IAB, Ar. Mubasshar political leader from a common Hussain. student. Also, he stated that how IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

34 Happening IAB Chattogram Chapter The Handover Ceremony On 26 December 2021, the 9th Chattogram Chapter on Zoom Chapter Committee formally platform as a result of the COVID-19 handed over the charges of IAB pandemic. IAB Chattogram Chattogram Chapter to the newly Chapter organized a few Webinars elected 10th Chapter Committee. to fulfill its obligation. The Handover ceremony was gracefully performed in the ‘The Modern Architecture of presence of both the Committees, Chattogram in the mid-twentieth incoming and outgoing. century as a Developing idea in the present context and in the Future’ As in person Seminars were not was the theme of the first Webinar possible to organize so, Webinars organized by IAB Chattogram were being arranged by IAB Chapter. Oath Taking The oath taking ceremony of the Dobhas, Chairman of CDA, swear in Ceremony newly elected 10th Chapter the oath to the newly elected Committee of the Institute of members of IAB Chattogram 10th Chapter Committee Architects Bangladesh, Chattogram Chapter's 10th Chapter Committee. Chapter was held on 9 March 2021 at Chittagong Club Ltd. The Ar. Fazle Imran Chowdhury, program was moderated by the Secretary, delivered the note of Chairman of IAB Chattogram thanks. At the end of dinner, the Chapter, Ar. Ashiq Imran, and as a architects exchanged pleasantries special guest, Mr. Zahirul Alam amongst them. At Middle: Ar. Ashiq Imran-Chairman; From Right: Ar. Fazle Imran Chowdhury-Secretary | Ar. Md. Mainul Hassan-Memeber, Publication | Ar. Mohammad Saifur Rashid-Member, Membership | Ar. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury-Member, Profession; From Left: Ar. Muhammad Imran Bin Hussain-Member, Heritage & Culture | Ar. Adar Yusuf-Member, Seminar & Education | Ar. Faruk Ahmed-Deputy Chairman | Ar. Bijoy Shankar Talukder-Treasurer IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

35 Chattogram Chapter Signs an MoU for Architectural Design Competition For the first time in Chattogram, an architectural design competition is about to be organized by IAB Chattogram Chapter. The client, Golpahar Kali Mondir Committee approached IAB Chattogram Chapter to arrange an architectural competition for the design of a temple complex at the Golpahar premises. For arranging the architectural competition, a MoU was signed at the IAB Chattogram Chapter office between IAB Chattogram Chapter and Golpahar Mohasosan Kali Mondir Committee on 21 January 2021. The MoU signing ceremony was limited to the representatives of the Golpahar Kali Mondir Committee and members of the IAB Chattogram Chapter. OBITUARY IAB deeply mourns on the demises of Ar. Dewan Mahbub Hasan. IAB Fellow, Ar. Dewan Mahbub Hasan (H-027) breathed his last on 08 January 2021 in Dallas, USA, after being battling with Covid 19. He graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 1986 and taught there. The Institute of Architects Bangladesh is expressing deep sympathy to the family of the late architect. IAB Quarterly Newsletter: Jan-Mar 2021

FIND US LOCATE US MEMBER INSTITUTES +880 2 55007195-96 IAB CENTRE SAARCH [email protected] Plot 11, Block E Sthapatyacharjo Muzharul Islam SAARC /IArchBD Sarani (Old Road No. 7) Associa�on of Architects /Ins�tuteofArchitectsBangladesh Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh ARCASIA Architects Regional Council Asia CAA Commenwealth Associa�on of Architects NATIONAL SECTION UIA Union Interna�onal Des Architects supported by

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