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ACS Annual Report 2016

Published by Edna Hung, 2017-11-15 02:28:23

Description: Serving those who serve sums up the heart of ACS.


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AnnualReport 2016

WE SERVE THOSE WHO SERVE2 Asian Charity Services


Contents At a Glance............................................................................ 1 Executive Director’s Letter.................................................... 3 About Us................................................................................ 4 Our Community...................................................................... 6 Our Impact............................................................................. 14 Case Journey.......................................................................... 16 Financial Highlights............................................................... 18 Looking Ahead....................................................................... 20 Ou r Te a m.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2 Acknowledgments.................................................................. 232 Asian Charity Services

ExecutiveDirector's LetterDear Friends of ACS, I also wish to thank all our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who have generously contributed overIn 2016, we continued our mission to train and equip 6,800 hours of their time, talents, professional skills andleaders of mainly small and medium-sized NGOs to better experience to serve through facilitating ACS workshops,serve the community. During the year, we served 70 seminars and other special projects in 2016.NGOs through our development workshops, leadership My sincere thank you too goes to our partneringseminars and consulting projects. organizations, program and venue sponsors, as well as our generous donors. We would not have been ableApart from conducting our signature Strategic Planning, to serve those who serve without your kind supportFundraising Strategy and Board Governance Workshops, throughout the year.we also ran Power Up, a donor communications Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to ourimprovement program sponsored by Macquarie Group Board members for their advice and unstinting supportFoundation. We are pleased to have received a new multi- to me and the ACS team. Last but not least, many thanksyear grant from Drs Richard Charles & Esther Yewpick to my ACS colleagues for their dedication, loyal support,Lee Charitable Foundation in the second half of 2016, and commitment to joyfully serve alongside me especiallyenabling us to relaunch our highly successful half-day during the evening and weekend workshops.Ignite Seminar Series which provides training to instill I invite you to partner with ACS to continue our journeynew insights on topical strategic and leadership issues. to empower an increasing number of NGOs to deepen their positive impact on the communities they serve,As in previous years, we continued to partner with multi- and to make Hong Kong a more equitable andnational companies in conducting CSR projects which compassionate society.supported the capacity building needs of NGOs. We alsocollaborated with the Chinese University of Hong Kong John Louie(Department of Social Work) by providing curriculum and Executive Directortraining support to the Operation Santa Claus/UBS NGOLeadership Programme in 2016. A total of 133 NGO leadersparticipated in these sponsored projects and programs.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the NGOleaders who have participated in our programs duringthe past year for their great passion, commitment andperseverance in serving the neediest and most vulnerablein our society. They continue to inspire us each day topress on with our mission to “serve those who serve”. 2016 Annual Report 3

About UsServing those who serve The journey began in 2007 when two businesssums up the heart of ACS  professionals saw the thirst of small to medium-sized nonprofit leaders who wanted to serve the communityAt ACS, we serve those who to their full potential, but found their organizationsserve by bringing talents from struggling to thrive due to minimal resources and support.the business community to We fill the need to equip nonprofit leaders by providingempower the nonprofit sector them with the necessary skills and tools so as to exert ato address challenging and bigger and more sustainable impact on society.p re s s i n g s o c i a l n e e d s .  AJJAuCuClSlSyyFFoo22uu00nn0d0dJAe7e7uCddlSyFo2u0n0de7d NWBNWBooooooaarvrrvrkkddss22hGhGo0o0oopp0v0vWNBeLe9L9roaraoonnuauravarnknndncscc2chhGeeeo0eodpd0veL9ranuannccheed20027007 20029009 20121011 20028008 20120010 20 JFMFMJiuiurarasslilitnytnyplplaar2r2nnood0d0jjee0C0cCcMJFth8th8iuiraiininnsnlitnyaaplar2nod0je0Ccth8iinna WFOFWOuuococnnrrtdtkdkrsrs2a2hahii0os0osipi1pn1ngWFO0Lg0LuaaSoScunuttrrtnrdknaacrsctt2aehheig0egoseydiypd1ng0LaSutrnactehgeyd SWMSWMttroroaaaarrtytkyekesgsgh2h2iicoco00pPpP00lWSlMLaLa88tananrouaanunrtnyikneinncscgghhg2iceoe0dpdP0lLa8anunnincghed SFSFiierersspptt CC22oo0r0rpp11ooSF0r0raiaertstepet CCC2SoSR0rRp1PPor0rooajtjeeccCtt SR Project4 Asian Charity Services

Our Vision Our Mission Our ValuesWe envision excellence in the Our mission is to effect change and »» Integritystandards and operations of the raise standards and professionalism »» Excellencenonprofit sector, which maximizes of small to medium-sized NGOs, »» Accountabilityits positive impact on people, enabling them to become more »» Creativitycommunities and nations, cultivating effective, efficient and sustainable »» Purposea more empathetic and serving society. in serving our communities.  FOOFiirrccssttttpp22rroo00jjee11ccOF3t3tiiricnnsttTTph2hraoa0ijilel1aacnn3tddin Thailand MPMPooawawrreerr22UU00pp11WMPW55oooawrrkrkessr2hhUo0oppp1WLL5aaouurnkncschheoedpd Launched RM1RM10e0e0ag0ag0i0rirsstththte2e2VVrro0eo0eldld1u1uRM1n4n40ette0agee0iersrtrhte2Vro0eld1un4teer MFMFiirrasasttyyppr2r2oo0j0jee1c1cMFtt55iirinanstyMMpara2ollaa0jeyy1cssiti5aain MaRNSRNSleaeeeoymolmlasavviuiiunannna2a2ccrr0h0hSS1e1oeoRNSrf6rf6ieeieIeoImlgsgasvnniuniintta2eecr0hS1eorf6ieIgsnite20123013 201250150122012 20124014 20126016NILINLggaanounouinivntvteecch2hS2Seeee00dmdm11iILNin2gn2aanoaurrinvtSeSceeh2Srreiei0eedms1sin2ar SePJNSJNSPurauuauooirebrnbnnvnvsllpeipeis2syr2yrhhoo00aeaeffind1ind1ttsdsd4PSJN4GGRuauRooerboennvpvplvpeieoeso2yrrhrrorn0tnatefaaind1tnnsd4ccGeReoepveorrnt ance StFrFtSrououuueennpEpEbbpmYpmY--ooopoMpMrrulutltoeoteatahdyhdyyymmtSFrCMCoMuueoe2eo2nTpTEnnnbn0R0pmRtYntn-1oC1eCoCpeCMrc6huco6hltotoeatraarhPydplPpllylmaeoaeCoMtntrnrheo2hagTagnwntw0teRietinoaoa1CeCnynyc6hotttaoroPpllaeotnrhagwteioany toNO1NO100GGc0c0OttOthth WW2A2Aot0ot0ttrere1k1knnsN1O2sd2dh0hGeeoc0oeeOpttph W2Aot0tre1kns2dheoep FSaFSatataeecMcMpipilTlTiittR2aR2att0Ye0Yedo1do1uuaSFC5C5ttarherhcoMopiCsCslTsisoto-R2-ansnste0enYnccdeo1ettcoucoC5ttrrrhSSWoWuuCsomomsor-rmknsmkesnsiichthettocoptprSWuomrmksiht op 2016 Annual Report 5

Our Community NGOs Coop Pro Bono Services eration & CollaborationSkill-based Staff Engagement PartneringVolunteers O r g a n i z a ti o n s ACS connects NGOs, Skill-based Volunteers, and Partnering Organizations so that our collective talents and resources can be pooled together to build up NGOs, and ultimately create a more empathetic society. We serve those who serve6 Asian Charity Services

Rights & Others OpportunitiesNGOs Education & Church & Tr a i n i n gDiverse social causes and beneficiaries MinistryNGO leaders get the necessary training and skill sets Organizationsand are inspired to run their organizations moreeffectively to better serve their causes. Poverty & Disaster Relief Arts & Culture Social Services Children for Community & Youth Animals & Medical & Environment Emotional Health Those who serve are being servedSkill-based Volunteers Partnering OrganizationsDeep talent pool of volunteers Generous sponsors and supportersVolunteers who are seasoned business professionals are Corporates, Foundations & other Institutions partnerwilling to donate their time, energy and skills to help with ACS by providing resources as well as their talentserve the community. To many of the volunteers, their pool to sustain the programs that we run for NGOs. skills are put to good use and their time is well spent.  Banking & Business Consulting Finance Management Financial Professional Commercial Institutions Services & Services CorporationsDesign Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Foundations Church Educational & Community Institutions Organizations Human Legal EducationResources To ge t h e r t h ey h e l p f u e l t h e AC S En g i n e 2016 Annual Report 7

NGOsTHE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTIONSmaller ngos lack resources ACS offers structured NGO Development to grow their organizations Workshops & Leadership Seminars to address NGOs’ major strategic andMany face funding and staff organizational issuesshortages, and cannot afford NGO leaders found their engagement professional services with experienced business professionals through the ACS programs enlightening and transformative for themselves and their organizations

ACS offers three main programs to guide NGOs toaddress their major strategic and organizationalissues, equipping them to grow more sustainably. In 2016 NGO Development Workshops ACS curriculum-based workshops are designed for NGO28 NGOs completed Situational Assessments leadership teams. This eight-week program begins with27 NGOs completed Development Workshops a Situational Assessment exercise to diagnose the current state of each participating organization followed by three workshop sessions facilitated by Volunteer Consultants to collaboratively come up with appropriate strategies to improve the effectiveness of respective NGOs. ACS offers three different types of development workshops on: »» Strategic Planning »» Fundraising Strategy »» Board Governance Ignite Seminar Series In 2016First launched in 2012, Ignite is a series of half-day 56 NGO leaders attended the Ignite Seminartraining seminars for NGO board members, CEOs,executive directors and senior staff to learn about top ofmind organizational development topics.ACS received a new multi-year grant from Drs RichardCharles & Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation inthe second half of 2016, enabling us to relaunch the IgniteSeminar in November with topic “Strategic Fundraising:Getting the Right Grant at the Right Time”. In 2016 Po w e r Up – B o o s t Yo u r D o n o r5 NGOs completed Power Up Communications Sponsored by Macquarie Group Foundation and first launched in 2015, Power Up is an eight-week planning project designed to help NGOs better communicate and engage with their donors. 2016 Annual Report 9

VolunteersTHE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTIONHong Kong has a large number of ACS has an established network of 500+experienced business professionals NGOs serving diverse social causeswilling to serve the community but and beneficiarieshave limited access to NGOs and ACS provides structured programs to enable are very stretched on time business professionals to volunteer their time and expertise effectively and efficiently to empower and inspire NGO leaders

ACS provides volunteer training, coaching and projectmanagement support to enable our volunteers toutilize their time and skills effectively and efficientlyto empower and inspire NGO leaders. Volunteer Recruitment and Development »» Skill-based volunteers are recruited through multinational and local companies, as well as through personal referrals »» Online application process enables ACS to streamline the volunteer registration and selection process »» ACS equips volunteers to become more effective facilitators and consultants »» Experienced and committed volunteers are selected and trained as Project Advisors to lead workshops and other projects In 2016 156 New volunteers registered | 136 Volunteers contributed 6,864 hours Equivalent to HK$13,728,000 of Consulting Value 2016 Annual Report 11

Partnering OrganizationsTHE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION Corporations and foundations are ACS connects socially responsible increasing community engagement organizations to NGO networks andthrough their philanthropic initiatives facilitates implementation of their CSR and community development projects Many organizations lack their own NGO network and need ACS provides a platform for advice on selecting suitable corporations to engage and develop their middle and senior management NGOs to support staff in skill-based volunteering to benefit NGOs and the community

ACS connects socially responsible organizations toNGO networks and facilitates their contribution tothe long-term development of local communities. Sponsored NGO projects in 2016 »» PwC Hong Kong – “Strengthening Donor Communications” Seminar »» MTR Corporation – “Youth Connect Pathway to Employment” Project –– ACS as member of Community Advisors’ panel to assess and shortlist over 80 NGO grant applicants –– Developed and conducted training workshop for shortlisted NGOs to refine their final program proposal and pitch to MTR Corporation »» Operation Santa Claus / UBS / The Chinese University of Hong Kong NGO Leadership Programme – Training Seminar on “Generating Mission Resources: Fund and Friend Raising” »» The Yeh Family Philanthropy – Year-end Review Report on “Nurturing Social Minds” Program In 2016133 NGO leaders participated in sponsored projects 2016 Annual Report 13

Our ImpactWE ASPIRE TO EQUIP NGOs TO BECOME MORE EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE. We Equip 90% 90% 86% IMPROVED AGREE ARE USING THE QUALITY OF THEIR PROGRAMS THE WORKSHOP PROVIDED THE TECHNIQUES, PROCESSESAFTER ATTENDING ACS WORKSHOPS SIGNIFICANT LEARNINGS TO AND CONCEPTS LEARNED& 74% AGREE THE POSITIVE IMPACT IS THE BOARD, MANAGEMENT ATTRIBUTED TOACS AND KEY STAFF We are Trusted 90% ARE SATISFIED OF NGOs WITH THEIR ACS WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE, WILL CONSULT ACS AGAIN IN THE FUTURE AND RECOMMEND ACS TO OTHER NGOs We Inspire The moderators were passionate, The ACS team is very coming from different backgrounds. professional in providing We felt like it was a candid us with constructive feedback. discussion and their willingness to understand our goals andWe got a lot of inspirations We appreciate the consultants objectives were impressive.on how to raise funds offering different perspectivesthrough the workshop. and insights during the Workshop. - COMMENTS FROM NGO LEADERS14 Asian Charity Services

We improve Organizational Effectiveness 81% We understand our goals and “With what we have learned limitations better so that we can from the Workshop, we were OF NGOs be more focused on managing able to configure a new our internal operations. organizational structure, see AGREE 6T5HAT ACS HAS where we lacked capacity and Board Member make the necessary changes to A POSITIVE IMPACT ON Arts & Culture NGO increase our capacity.THEIR ORGANIZATIONAL CEO EFFECTIVENESS Rights & Opportunities NGOWe enhance Organizational Efficiency 71% The workshop has helped the We are still putting in place Board, Key Staff members some of what we have learned OF NGOs and Frontline Staff to analyze to become more efficient with organizational capacity. It our resources.AGREE THAT ACS WORKSHOP helps improve communication HAS A POSITIVE INFLUENCE and efficiency. CEOON THEIR ORGANIZATIONAL Rights & Opportunities NGO Executive Director EFFICIENCY Arts & Culture NGOWe help Organizations become more Sustainable 76% We are still living out the The expert advice from workshop findings which volunteers was incredibly OF NGOs were extremely well important in giving us guidance organized and planned. and confidence in our futureAGREE THAT ACS WORKSHOP HAS plans, especially in areas whereHAD A POSITIVE EFFECT ON THEIR Founder & Board Chair our expertise is limited.ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY Environmental NGO CEOSource: 2016 ACS Post Workshop Survey Education & Training NGO 2016 Annual Report 15

Case Journey “ACS has been instrumental in the growth and development of VCSL’s work.The workshops and seminars have equipped us to better serve our community and function as a proper organization. We now look and feel more competent, more confident, more focused, and more capable to do what we have been called to do.” – Tom Franz, CEO of Vine Community Services Limited (VCSL)In the beginning...back in 2003 Fast forward to 2010The Vine Church (The Vine) saw the growing need The Vine enrolled in an ACS Strategic Planning Workshop.among refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong, We together identified the need to set up a separate NGOand began to help them by providing pastoral care focusing on running refugee related programs whileas well as financial assistance. The Vine should continue to provide ministry support to refugees and asylum seekers. In 2012, VCSL was born!16 Asian Charity Services

VCSLPursuing dignity, justice & hope2013Early in the year, VCSL enrolled in its first ACS FundraisingStrategy Workshop to raise funds for three core initiatives:1) Refugees and Asylum Seekers Ministry, 2) School ofOpportunity which focuses on providing educationalopportunities to those with limited or no access to qualityeducation and 3) STOP “Stop Trafficking Of People”,a program that fights against human trafficking.After attending the Ethnic Minority Sector CollaborationWorkshop organized and facilitated by ACS in December2013 together with seven other NGOs serving this sector,the refugee work team was able to apply the learningsright away in the field!2014The Ignite Seminar “Leverage Your Likes on Social Media”had given VCSL practical steps to turn social mediafollowers to supporters.2015VCSL hired its first CEO to head and managethe organization.2016VCSL restructured their organization by creating afundraising department as a result of joining anotherACS Fundraising Strategy Workshop in early 2016.VCSL successfully revamped their communicationsstrategy for different stakeholder groups throughjoining the ACS Power Up, a donor marketing andcommunications training program in September 2016.Fiscal year 2016-2017 was the first year that VCSL hadmoney in the bank! From initially relying exclusively ongiving from The Vine, VCSL now has a more diversifieddonor base which includes fundraising events, grantsfrom corporates and foundations, and giving from highnet worth donors.Our journey continues… 2016 Annual Report 17

IndividualFinancial High24%lights Foundation 50% Corporate 26% ACS Income Sources Other 2% Foundation 8% Development Sponsored Individual 15% Projects 26% 24% Ignite 9%Individual Corporate Foundation 54% 36% Power Up 50% 13% Corporate 26% Workshops 37% 2015 2016 Development Total HK$2,915,794Total H3K%$2,343,299 Ignite Sponsored Development Sponsored 19% Projects 15% Projects 26%18 Asian Charity Services Ignite 9%

Individual 24%Individual Corporate Foundation 54% 36% 50% Corporate 26% ACS Expenses by Program Other 2D%eFvoeu3ln8o%d%pamtioennt Ignite Sponsored Development Sponsored 19% Projects 15% Projects 34% 26%IndividPuoawl er Up Ignite 54% 11% Corporate 9% 36% Power Up 13% Workshops Workshops 33% 37% 2015 2016Development Total HK$2,687,555 To3t%al HK$2,547,111Ignite Sponsored19% Projects 2016 Annual Report 19

Looking Ahead One small idea, one big dream. We started as an idea sparked between two business professionals seeing the need to build up the capacity of NGOs so that they can become more effective, efficient and sustainable. We are honored to have served over 500 NGOs to date, representing merely 5% of all registered NGOs in Hong Kong. This also means that there are many more untouched lives in the city. To ge t h e r, we c a n a c h i eve m o re . There is still a long way to go to touch more lives together. Our journey in serving those who serve in the past nine years has equipped and shaped us to play the connector’s role to match philanthropic goals with community needs. In the coming year, we hope to further facilitate, support and promote cross-sector collaboration to collectively exert bigger impact on the society.20 Asian Charity Services

NGOs We hope to make more new NGO friends in the coming year to understand their capacity building needs and to invite them to join the appropriate ACS programs. We will continue walking together with our fellow NGO friends to help further develop and deepen their impact and effectiveness in serving the community through updating our current core curriculum and introducing relevant new training programs and tools that can cater to different stages of organizational development. Vo l u n t e e r s We are committed to recruiting, training and equipping skill-based volunteers to share their professional experience and insights with NGO leaders through ACS workshops, seminars and other programs. We will further build up this network of like-minded and passionate business professionals, introduce them to the societal needs through ACS programs and encourage them to make use of their talents to serve the community. Partnering Organizations We will continue our collaboration with corporate and foundation partners to design and introduce programs to enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the NGO community. We will also support CSR initiatives to promote skill-based volunteerism among their staff members enabling them to serve the community as well as develop their own leadership and influencing skills. ACS is turning ten years old in 2017.We look forward to serving with you to create a more empathetic society as we continue to walk and evolve with the community. 2016 Annual Report 21

Our Team Our BoardDavid Sutherland Nancy Yang Jayson Kyle Scott Ohman Our Staff John Louie Executive Director May Wong Associate Director Peter Li Finance Director Gary Morris Manager, Strategic Training Projects Linda Yau Program Manager Marilyn Ng Assistant Project Manager Isobel Mak Project Executive22 Asian Charity Services

Acknowledgments We would not have been able to serve those who serve without our sponsors, event speakers and volunteers. Thank you for serving and journeying alongside us to empower NGOs to magnify their caring effort and bring about impactful solutions to the society.FOUNTAINVEST PARTNERS YEH FAMILY FOUNDATION Logo Design Variations Full Colour PANTONE 7532U PANTONE 362U PANTONE 368M PANTONE 376U PANTONE 604U C0 M17 Y50 K65 C70 M0 Y100 K9 C57 M0 Y100 K0 C50 M0 Y100 K0 C0 M0 Y88 K3 On Black PANTONE 7531M PANTONE 362U PANTONE 368M PANTONE 376U PANTONE 604U C0 M10 Y27 K50 C70 M0 Y100 K9 C57 M0 Y100 K0 C50 M0 Y100 K0 C0 M0 Y88 K3 Greyscale 2016 Annual Report 23

Thank YouPwC Seminar Speakers Ignite Seminar SpeakersBryan Wong Alia EyresHong Kong Jockey Club Mother’s ChoiceDavid Sun Jill TuckerAudit Commission, C&A FoundationHKSAR Government Sky SiuEllen Yeung KELY Support GroupSouth China Morning Post Susan ClearHugh Chiverton Macquarie Group Foundation, AsiaRadio Television Hong KongSammie LeungPricewaterhouseCoopersVolunteers in 2016Ada Chan Boney Fong Data FokAgnes Tai Caryn Lee David WongAgnes Tse Cecilia Mok Dickson TsangAlexander Wang Celina Ma Donald TseAlice Au Yeung Charles Wong Dorothy ChanAmar Patel Charlotte Mery Edith ChenAndrew Li Cherry Ren Edmond LeeAngela Ma Claire Cheng Edward LamAnne Lin Claire Hsiao Edward ZhaoAnnie Chuk Claire Turner Eleanor LennieAnthony Ho Clara To Eric KongArnold Poon Cleire Sheung Eugenia LoBen Yip Connie Yip Farida LauBernice Yung Cynthia Wan Flora LiBetty Lee Cyrus Ho Florence FongBetty Tsoi Daniel Chan Frances Wong24 Asian Charity Services

Frederic Mortier Kimberley Bojan Pin DuangdeeGarrick Chung Kunj Gandhi Rachel TroublaiewitchGayatri Bery Lance Lan Rachel YungGlenda Yu Lauren Houghton Rando YuenHendro Santoso Le Xu Ricky CheungHenry Tsang Liaokuo Ding Ronald SiuHoi Lai Yeung Libby Vaughan Rosa ChiuIda Cheung Linda Luk Rosanna MakIsabelle Ensarguet Lora Chow Rosemary MadagwaJane Chan Man Pan Sit Roxanne ChanJanice Ng Masy Lo Ryan McCarthyJason Cheung Melody Ma Sabina FungJason Liu Michael Tse Sara BoscoJeffrey R. Ronan Mindy Kwan Simone LokeJemmy Wong Ming Chan Stephanie PoonJennie Oswald Myron Cheung Stephen TsuiJenny Chang Natalie Chan Sujata RamakrishnaJenny Sutton Natalie Tse Sun KimJessica Lau Neha Kapur Sylvia YeungJessica Wong Nicole Li Tai Ki ShareJessica Zhang Nila Ng Teresa ChuJessie Ching Noel Chetty Vanessa HoJoanna Leung Owen Yeung Wai Yee LamJoanne Walpole Patricia Lau Wenjing BaoJoe Chan Patrick Mankhanamba Winnie LamKaren Kwan Paul Chung Yu ChanKaren Yiu Peggy Shaw Yvonne ChanKari Entwisle Penelope Van Niel Zoe LeeKarl Fu Philip WaiKerry Ho Pieter van der Schaft 2016 Annual Report 25

Contact Information Address 17B, Tak Lee Commercial Building, 113-117 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Phone (852) 3441-8001 Email [email protected] Website www.asiancharityservices.org26 Asian Charity Services

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