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Ÿ Material Testing Laboratories ERPŸ Calibration LabsŸ Food & Microbiology Labs Enterprise Resource PlanningŸ Chemical & Environmental LabsŸ Inspection BodiesŸ Accreditation BodiesŸ Certification BodiesŸ Quarry Production PlantsŸ NDT Testing LabsŸ Medical LaboratoriesIntroducing Worlds first ERP solution ISO 17025 Testing Labs | ISO 17020 Inspection Bodies | ISO 17021 Certification BodiesLaboratory Professionals 401 B, Aspin Commercial Towers, Near Financial Centre Metro Station (DIFC) Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates PO BOX : 116569 Ph : 04 359 8011 Fax : 04 359 8022 Email : [email protected]

Are you looking for an affordable solutions for Testing, Inspection or certification ?Don’t waste your time by selecting a wrong vendor, Your search ends here ! Who We Are?We are a group of Laboratory Mangers, Quality Lead Auditors consultants and Software Engineers.Since 1998, LQMS Solution providing Laboratory Consulting and Systems Integration services to theLaboratory Industries. And It has been implemented couple of leading laboratories since 10 years.In 2011, LQMS Software Solutions LLC established as a Software Development companyheadquartered in Dubai with its branches in India and United States of America. Our UniquenessUnderstanding your unique requirements and converting the same into an application is the biggesthassle in the software development!We are one among you already in the field!! We believe that the client information is the biggestasset and the end product of the laboratory is test reports. If you are looking for LIMS ERP solutionto overview your company in a 360 degree to operate with the highest level of efficiency,effectiveness, and quality. The real challenge is to find the right solution that meets both yourimmediate requirements and future needs. Your GainA dedicated LIMS specialist like LQMS will work with you hand-in-hand from defining your projectuntil the moment you go live. For that we have the full domain expertise - We know exactly what yourequired and .we are already familiar with all testing, standards and procedures, specifications,regulations. Where We don’t need excessive system study and analysis. You can directly adopt thenew system just with simple tweak in our existing system. Why LQMS1. LAB Monitored at 360Degree .2. Ready to install & easy implementation3. Affordable, No hidden costs, No failure rates, No un acceptable risk.

LIMS We do Laboratory Information Management Systems to overview laboratory in a 360 degree tooperate with the highest level of efficiency in meeting regulatory & Compliance in Quality Standards.It has been specifically designed for use in the construction materials testing laboratories (Soil,concrete, water, air, asphalt, aggregates, Steel, chemical & Biological Analysis, Food & MicrobiologyLabs as well as Geophysical & Geotechnical investigation.Our LIMS has different packages or editions which can be ideally suited to smaller labs that wish toimprove the efficiency and quality of their laboratory operations.( Windows Basic, and Web BasedStandard, Premium, Enterprise Editions).It can work within the local network as a windows based system and Also It can pull the data fromthe main database located in the lab and to be accessed from anywhere in the world though thecompany's Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the internet. It provides up to the minute information toallow for resource planning, bench marking of laboratory performance,. Also it can be customizableto the needs of an individual organization.Best Laboratory Practice Continuously Monitored Sales & Marketing Sample Login Work Assignment Quality Assurance Result Entry Review & Approval Financial AccountingEnquiries Sample Registration Task Assigned CRMs & SRMs Validated data entry- Forward to Technical- Reminder lettersClient & Project Sample ID Tags Turn Around Time PTP Sheets Manager SMS alerts EmailsQuotations Bar code Printing Perform Test Internal Quality Control Automatic Calculation Online Review &- send to owner for dueOrders Electronic Worksheets Enforce SOPs Retesting Programs Integrated Data- Approvals calibrationsReport Delivery Sample Requests Equipment Verification Internal Audits Capture Utility MIS ReportsSales Invoice Sample Master- Register KPIsSales Follow up Technician ReviewCustomer FeedbackReports

Quality Management Software The comprehensive solution to quality management solution MCaMaQnnauaaddlanniblaOOaitrggypapeetttPi,i,imomrAAoniuiuscsPetteeoosrymmotsohcaaueettreses Quality Management SoftwareISO Complaince Solutions

Calibration SoftwareThe ultimate solution to calibration work and managementCustomers seeking accreditation can automatically generate calibration uncertainties on a per-test point basis from a centrally managed and GUM basedbudgeting system / customized integrated excel sheets.About LQMS CalLQMS Cal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work andmanagement from customer enquiries till accounting, Integrated with Electronic Quality ManagementSystem asper ISO 17025 standards. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efciency, and provide theessential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. Thecomprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch.With a familiar and intuitive user interface all operators can quickly learn and navigate through theapplications. This allows fast, straight forward implementation and integration of the software. Automating the Calibration Process with LQMSSales & Marketing EUC Registration Work Flow Calibration Report Approvals Report Delivery AlertsEnquiries, Reviews, Unit under test Assign to relevant is done with reference Forward to Technical Reminder lettersQuotations, Orders booked in generate department technician masters using LQMS Manager for report Report Delivery, SMS alerts Emails custom integrated for further proceedings Cal Integrated verification, approvals Calibration Stickers send to owner for due Electronic worksheets and repairing if automated GUM-based and additional bump invoicing and calibrations & equipment ID tags required, monitoring uncertainty calculations up charges integrated accounts bar code labels turn around time KPIs, to your calibration posting IQC, PTP & ILC efforts PreCal Cal Post-CalCalibration reports and job labels, bar codes for fast identication of instruments 123456 2014/15/09/232 14/09/2015 Rebecca Jhonsen LQMS Manuals Lead cables

Smart InspectionsThe ultimate Inspection solution to eliminate paper work and compliance in Middle East.Qinspec automates inspection process for managing Safety Audits and Inspections, ensuring the IB requirements and regulatoryobligations. The system eliminates paperwork and increases your overall inspection efficiency and traceabilityAbout LQMS QinspecLQMS Cal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of Inspection work andmanagement from customer enquiries till accounting, Integrated with Electronic Quality Management Systemasper ISO 17020:2012 standards. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efciency, and provide theessential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective Inspection program. Thecomprehensive features simplify the administration process Inspection management, incident creationreminders using smart Phones and Tablets. With a familiar and intuitive user interface all inspectors can quicklylearn and navigate through the applications. This allows fast, straight forward implementation and integration ofthe software. Automating the Inspections Process with LQMSSales & Marketing Task Registration Work Flow Inspection Report Approvals Report Delivery AlertsEnquiries, Reviews, Item under test Assign to relevant is done with integrated Forward to Technical Reminder lettersQuotations, Orders booked in generate department Inspectors relevant check lists to Manager for report Report Delivery, SMS alerts Emails custom integrated for further proceedings your inspection efforts verification, approvals Inspection Stickers send to owner for due Electronic check lists and repairing if and additional bump invoicing and Inspections & scheduling. required, monitoring up charges integrated accounts turn around time. posting Pre Ins Inspection Post-InsInspection reports and job labels, bar codes for fast identication of Equipments 123456 Electronic CheckList 2014/15/09/232 14/09/2015 Rebecca Jhonsen LQMS Manuals Lead cables

Certification Management SoftwareCertification made easy as per ISO StandardsDo Customers Increased 30 to 50% Compare to Last Year ?Is the Certification Bodies Spend their Whole Day in Planning Scheduling and Reporting ?LQMS Gives you an operation advance in improving efficiency accuracy, reliabilityLQMS- CMS is your right answer for a quick- Certication management solution, with incredible depth and breadth infunctionality.LQMS is a 100% web-based certication management solution developed through our deep understanding in wholecertication process and considering the specic challenges that face certication bodies. Our solution designed anddeveloped to Overview the Certication Information Management System to be benetted all parties involved in certicationprocess and also helped to overcome the main Challenges of certication bodies. ISO 7011 Accreditation Bodies ISO/IEC 17021: management systems Certification Bodies ISO/IEC 17024: Personal Certification Bodies ISO/IEC 17065: Product Certification Bodies Halal Certification Bodies Work Flow Automation Process with LQMSSales & Marketing Application Process Resource Review Audit Planning Assessment Decision Making AlertsEnquiries, Customer Application review of Job assignment Selection of Assessors Initial Assessment Lead Assessor Surveillance AuditsLogin Approvals, submitted Docs Document Review Audit Planing Assessments Recommendation Reminder lettersQuotations, Online Quality Manual Process Electronic Signature Audit Reports HOS Approvals SMS alerts EmailsPayments, LPO Procedures Conformation Customized Calender Corrective actions Granting send to owner for dueOrders. Forms and Formats Online Validation and and follow up Accreditation Accreditations flagging Electronic Signature Un Announced Visits Custom Team Building Approvals Maintain Accreditation Pre-Assessment Assessment Post-Assessment

Training Management SoftwareMapping the competency of the staff for achieving quality andcompliance goals Easy-to-manage employees competency matrix asper the Standards LQMS software for employee training management tracks employee profiles and schedules training events. The software also manages the Training Need Analysis, Roles& responsibilities, authorities, training, authorization , certification requirements and competency matrix for each employee in an easy-to-use application. This database provides a simple way to schedule and record training. LQMS software for employee training tracking ensures that your workforce is knowledgeable and skilled on all of their responsibilities. The result is training management software for employees that is consistent and effective. Benefits You will Know who needs to be trained on what and when. Now you can plan and schedule for training without the last minute jumbling that occurs when recurring training becomes due. The system will run a report to show overdue and upcoming training for the next period of time that you define, and see what's coming up .. Easily track Employee Technical Training, HR Training, Internal/External Training, and more. Do you have employee training records stored in different systems, file cabinets, or within various groups? With LQMS, you can consolidate these disparate systems into one and always know where to find all your training records. Manage and share your training data across your company in a central repository. Whether you want to provide more transparency to training records for everyone or just standardize a back-office system for training records administrators and managers, LQMS allows you to create login accounts to define who can login, view, or edit the training records database. Eliminate the tedious, time-consuming work spent preparing training compliance reports. If you have been working with a paper or Excel based tracking system, you know how much work it takes to determine whether an individual is compliant with required training. Summarizing compliance metrics for a Group or the entire Company can be a daunting task without a training records database. With LQMS , you can print these reports at any time without the trouble of manually collating and preparing the data. Send class session reminders by email using your default email client such as MS Outlook.

Quarry & Mining Quality Control Information Management SystemA powerful application that allows users to manage all aspects ofproduct information designed for aggregate producersNo more time-Updating Multiple Excel sheets, manual compilations, or 10s to 100s of man-hours ofmix data updates across Quarries.Q-Rock is designed for producers of Aggregates, lime stone, sandand gravel, sand, lime, and cement and any other constructionmaterial that requires quality or composition results.Efficiently managing the technical and quality managementrequirements of a quarrying information on material test data, toensure that the data collected is stored in a way that makes iteasily accessible when and where it is required in the organizationfor monitoring quality control.Our web based solution is centrally managed for real-time analysisand reporting. Automated features include email alerts on qualityfailures and automatic data analysis and reports that can begenerated and emailed daily, weekly, or monthly. Automatedanalysis and reporting saves time and money by allowing quality managers to focus on quality rather than spendinghours to compile reports for sales and operations personnel.How q- Rock Can Help You???Q-Rock provides all levels of users a consistent data entry interface with elegant design with in depth functionality ,insuring The intuitive layout of the data-entry forms allow for quick and efficient recording of test results. Yourtechnicians can be entering data within minutes.Also Q- Rock provides over 50 different professional reports, All KPI Indicators , and all MIS reports . Extensiveexperience in creating complicated reports including sub-reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, , datareports using latest version of Crystal Reports

Aggregates Quality Control Information Management SystemManagement Information ReportsŸ Statistical Summaries - Provides a tabular summary of product gradation, quality, process and other types of results.Ÿ Histograms, Normal Plots - Provides distribution analysis, and testing of normality of results.Ÿ Semi-Log, Power 45, and Individual Retained Charts - Simple charts showing the entire gradation of product sieve results.Ÿ Run Charts, Time-Series Charts - Allows for detection and analysis of trends.Ÿ Multi-variable Charts - Compare process data against gradation or quality data.Ÿ Correlation Charts - Discover relationships between different variables (gradation, quality, processing results).Ÿ Control Charts, Robust charts to detect changes in process mean, and / or trends in data.Ÿ Frequency Charts, Frequency Analysis - Used to assess if a product is meeting sampling frequency requirements.Ÿ Product Search Tool - Enter a specification, and find all products that meet that specification at selected plants.Ÿ Q- Rock FeaturesŸ User friendly limited data entry screensŸ Integrated QMS System , Automated document control ,with external Equipment Integration, site Incident reporting , Equipments calibration module.Ÿ Connecting many Department with Transportation Reporting requirementsŸ Support for all BS, AAshtho, ASTM Test MethodsŸ Support for recording gradation (sieve analysis, particle size analysis) results, quality test results, process variable results, and quality worksheetsŸ Data Validation and visual notification of quality failures..Ÿ Evaluate results against multiple specificationsŸ Security features to limit and control use of the data entry formŸ Mark gradation and worksheets as completedŸ Find incomplete tests using the incomplete test search toolŸ Associate location information (x,y,z) coordinates with samplesŸ Pair quality assurance samples with an original sample for sample comparison analysisŸ Since it's a web based system , privilege customers also enjoy the additional benefit of Automatic Reports, Analysis, and Evaluation tools as and when needed .

HR & Payroll Management Software100% web based HRMS helps managing diffrentbranches employees database, including theireducational and professional profiles, skills, salaryprogression, important details for driving license, visa,work permit, passport etc. It meets all regionalrequirements for UAE and entire Middle East.Attendance tracking – Using which companies will beable to manage, employees, schedules, leave types,leave allowances, daily attendance, employee timetracking, holidays and even integrate it with biometrictime tracking devices.Payroll – Using the payroll module users can set up employees salaries, their allowances,manage their payslips, manage loans, deductions, pension contributions, insurance deductions,generate WPS reports and calculate \"End of service gratitude\" payments.The system allows for an unlimited number of payrolls without conflict, and offers the ability toprocess void and on-demand checks. Paying employees has never been so cost-effective,convenient, and most importantly, accurate.Integrated Accounting Management System SoftwareThere are as many different business models as there arebusiness owners. This is what inspired us to create onlineaccounting software catering for day to day transactions withease. Whether you hate paper work, are an Accountant whoinsists on precision or the Chairman of the Board, we speak yourlanguage. Features Ÿ RECEIVABLE/PAYABLE BY DIMENSIONS Ÿ CREDIT MANAGEMENTŸ CLASSIFICATION OF CHART OF ACCOUNTS Ÿ COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENTŸ MULTI CURRENCY Ÿ CREDIT LIMIT CHECK BY AMOUNT / AGING OF DUEŸ MANUAL OR AUTO ADJUSTMENT OF BILLSŸ USER DEFINABLE AGING REPORTS BILLSŸ FINAL REPORTS Ÿ PARTIAL AND FULL ADJUSTMENTSŸ COLUMNAR CASH & BANK BOOK Ÿ CARRY FORWARD OF OPEN BILLS WITH FULLŸ CHECK PRINTING Ÿ DETAILS TO MULTIPLE YEARSŸ PDC SCHEDULING AND POSTINGŸ RECURRING VOUCHERSŸ REVERSING JOURNALSŸ UNLIMITED CASH & BANK ACCOUNTS

Asset & Inventory Management SoftwareDon’t waste your time, effort, and cost of searching for your assets. With our Asset Managementsystem, you can track the assets you have, where they are, how much they cost, and thecomplete service history. You can use bar codes you can check out computers and equipment to employees and alwaysknow who to call when you need an item returned. Set a due date during the check out process,and then run reports to find theoverdue assets. Track the fixed assetsin your business.You can Attach manufacturermanuals, pictures, notes and more toyour service records, calibrationcertificates, preventive maintenancelook them up again in one placewhenever you need.You can track service, vendors, andcontactsYou'll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Find the items quickly using a barcode scanner or a quick search.Monitor your Lab's Orders and InventoryKeep track of what your lab buys, and where it consumes.Track quantities, locations, expiration alerts, technical details, and all types of lab inventoryincluding chemicals, reagents general supplies, and more.Check your lab’s purchase request in the ERP Dashboard.Track your vendor catalogs deliverables, evaluationsasper the standards.The Order Requests module works with any existingpurchasing system like SciQuest, Ariba, or even paperrequisition forms to save your lab time and money.Monitor Your Lab's ExpensesŸ Centralize order requests, approvals and pending ordersŸ Ordering status is visible to all lab members

401 B, Aspin Commercial Towers, NearFinancial Centre Metro Station (DIFC) Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Ph : 04 359 8011 Fax : 04 359 8022 Email : [email protected]

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