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Final newsletter

Published by karthick2056, 2017-07-04 00:50:05

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ONE TEAM CLUB A book on being 'creative'and how to actually be one.

D&I Works! Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1ONE TEAM CLUBINSIDE THIS ISSUE:Updates Dear Readers, OTC will focus on “us” versus “them” attitudesCapitalizing On Your that can be so prevalent.Diversity Committee The purpose of this enhancing workplaceTroubleshooting Your newsletter is to provide respect which is a core Here are a few greatDiversity Committee specialized information to a value. Inclusion means reasons why your larger audience. It’s our “everyone” and workplace organization wish to pleasure to introduce the equity is for all employees. consider having a Diversity brand new and exciting, If we can keep this in mind Committee “ONE TEAM CLUB” in the as we move forward in our workplace. organizations, it makes it Helps to effect easier to deal with issues as organizational culture The club will help in they arise. By focusing on change, Guides an capable of seeing and building workplaces where organization to Harness the hearing differences in order all employees can differences to make them to reap the benefits of contribute by removing work, improving employee diversity systemic barriers, we can engagement rates and remove ourselves from the Enhancing and creating community awareness of the organization. Activity on the floorNewsletter Highlights We are catching up with Because of our updates on the very first wrong perceptionActivity Clicks 2 activity of OTC, so if you we refrain to move have missed the activity in a differentFunctioning Plans of 3 you can find them all on [OTC WILL FOCUS ON direction and refuseDiversity Committee this newsletter ENHANCING WORKPLACE to discover new RESPECT WHICH IS A CORE ways. SometimesQuestions 4 Although we have full VALUE. INCLUSION MEANS we deny to expand freedom to expand our our borders and boundaries and explore the “EVERYONE” AND restrict our self world, to reach out to WORKPLACE EQUITY IS FOR unconsciously. different people and to include everybody, we fail ALL EMPLOYEES] This activity was to do it. Here aprelaannfeewd ognreat reasonhsigwhhliygyhotinugr the line organi“zBarteioankwthisehBtoorders” consider having a Diversity Committee Helps to effect organizational culture change, Guides an organization to

Break the Borders

Functioning Plans of Diversity CommitteeHere are some of the activities that will be happening in the near future in order to have aproductive committee. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we have included the major ones. ● All the team has a least one active representative on the Committee ● All levels of the organization are represented and informed about the work of the Committee ● A strategic plan is in place ● Regular meetings are held and attendance is good ● Actions are taken at each meeting ● There are time frames and metrics in place to measure the active interaction with the crowd.We Want to Hear From You Did You Know that Would you to submit a question Diversity At Work: for our columnists? ▪ Conducts cultural competency assessments. Do you have any feedback or ▪ Provides ethnic marketing. suggestions for future issues? ▪ Does training in business etiquette and social Please e-mail us at DL-PayPal- customs. OneTeamChennai ▪ Helps build business partnerships between mainstream and aboriginal communities. ▪ Assists you to start up and troubleshoot your diversity committee. ▪ Creates a stress free environment. ▪ Develops diversity strategic plans and More …Types of Diversity CommitteesSometimes, diversity committees are also referred to as “councils”,But go by many other names including:• Diversity and Equity Committee• Employee Resource Group• Diversity and Inclusion Committee• Diversity and Race Relations Committee• Diversity Awareness and Resource Committee• Diversity Affairs Select Committee

Troubleshooting Your Diversity CommitteeHave you encountered a questions on your Diversity Committee? Write back to OTC after this simple, quick diagnosis. Issue CheckNot sure what your Do you have a Terms of Reference? orpurpose is? Are your Terms of Reference clear? Do you have a business plan?The organization isnot sure what your Have you set up a system in place that ensures accountability to thecommittee is doing? management and other employees (bulletins, minutes, presentations )?Committee members Have you set in place a length of service for the committee members?lack energy? Is it the right fit between the task assigned and the person? Do your meetings lack structure? Are all the participants taking part in the meeting? Would reassigning them to a new project, create a renewed energy for the committee?Committee members Were the committee members clear from the beginning that the purposebring personal of the committee was to create workplace equity and inclusion?agendas andpersonnel issues to Was it made clear to the committee members that individual personnel issues were out of the scope of the committee?the table?Are your meeting Does your Committee Chair have the qualifications to chair a meeting andunstructured and the have the skills to create an inclusive, participatory team? Committeesame people are Chairs should be screened for these skills.always participating? Do you need a quick answer to a Diversity question or problem? We can help. Skype and mail consultation is available. Contact us at: DL-PayPal-OneTeamChennai

????????????????????????????????????? Watch This Space For More…………… …Diversity at Work inPayPal.No: 334, Future IT Park,Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil NaduEmail: DL-PayPal-OneTeamChennaiPhone: 044-6634-8000

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