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Nostalgic Metal Sign Catalog 2015

Published by eddienii17, 2015-02-04 16:23:47

Description: Nostalgic Metal Sign Catalog 2015

Keywords: vintage tin signs,reporduction metal signs


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Nostalgic Images® METAL SIGNS & MORE 26012 Nostalgic Road Defiance, OH 43512 Tel: 419-784-1728 • Fax: 419-782-9459 [email protected]

Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for your interest in Nostalgic Images, Inc. and for choosing us asyour source for nostalgia and tin signs. We have added many new designsto our tin signs with many more to come in the future. We always havea great selection of nostalgia closeouts. We also have nostalgic noveltylicense plates and 24” novelty street signs. Designs include Elvis, Marilyn,James Dean, Lucy, Betty Boop, Route 66 and others.Tin signs are available mounted on a 16” x 20” blackboard and you canpick and choose the designs that fit your customer requests. Tin signs are$6.00 each with a minimum order of 25 assorted signs. When you order100 + assorted tin signs they are $5.00 each. When you order 30 + signsyou can request to receive a free display that holds up to 50 tin signs. Thisdisplay can be used as a counter top or floor display and is designed foreasy set up. FREIGHT IS NOT INCLUDED on tin signs. * New Bulk Sign Option *Tin signs are now available without blackboard and you can still pickand choose the designs that fit your customer requests. Bulk signs are$5.00 each with a minimum order of 25 assorted signs. When youorder 100 + assorted bulk signs they are $4.50 each. No displayavailable with bulk signs. FREIGHT IS NOT INCLUDED on tin signs.We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for paymentor we can ship C.O.D. There is an additional $12.00 charge for C.O.D.orders. Truck Freight F.O.B. Ohio is also available.Any orders requiring drop or blind shipping are subject to a fee of $5.00 forStandard Shipping, and $20.00 for Truck Freight.Thank you again for your interest and if we can be of any further assistanceplease contact us anytime.


TG-784 TD-579 TD-1241 TD-1202Mustang American Icon 1965 Mustang Boss Mustang Mustang GT 2005 T?D?-?1?7?0?7 TD-1206Ford - ?H?is?t?o?r?ic Logo Mustang 40th Round TD-1122 Classic Mustang TD-580 TTDD-1-72760 Ford Logo PontiacFFairrmebailrld-HTribute TD-1271 TD-1287139T-Bird Beach ClassIHicFMaurmstang TD-1062 TD-768 Ford Racing Parking Mustang Tribute2 TRANSPORTATION

TD-1272 TD-902 TD-1610 TCDG-1-689477Mustang Chronology Mustang 35th Anniv Shelby – You Pick ShDelrbaymCaoQburaee5n0th TD-1009 TG-786 Ford Truck Round F-100 Truck TD-712 T-1180 YRS Ford Truck Ford V-8 Logo TD-1909 TD-1436 T?D?-?1?7?0?8Ford Trucks Built Tough  Ford Deuce 75th FORD - F?-?S?e?r?ie?s Trucks TD-707 ’39 Ford Truck TRANSPORTATION 3

TG-785 TD-1913 TD-694 TD-1248Corvette Sting Ray Corvette 65 Sting Ray  Stingray Corvette Corvette C6 TG-787 TD-767 TD-495Camaro 5 Generations GTO You Lose 1967 GTO TG-7181969 Z/28 Camaro* TD-1940 T-739 1930 Pontiac Logo Rustic Super Chevy TTDD-1-72862 T?D?-?1?7?2?2 TD-1078CamaFraorm45atlhl-HAnniv. Chevy P??ar?t?s?-?Pistons Chevy Racing Parking TD-869 TRANSPORTATION Oldsmobile 4424

T-192 TD-720 TD-1245 TD-1491Heartbeat Vette ’58 Corvette Vette C6-Family Chevelle Malibu 350 TD-1355 TD-704 TD-1766474 TD-728Super Chevy ’51 Chevy Truck FCarhmevayll T- rIfuIctkATinri’bt uRteed ’55 Bel Air TTDD--11676640 Fa1r9m5a7llC-hIfevItyABine’lt ARier d TDT--4107896 TD-1607 ChMevuystHanisgtoRriocuLnodgo Chevy ’56 Bel Air TDT--4107897 TD-1072 TD-1395CMourvsetattneg‘5R3oLuongdo Chevy Round Bel Air 50th TRANSPORTATION 5

NEW TD-1315 TD-1675 TD-1680 Mopar Logo ’64-‘71 International Truck Logo International Fire Truck TD-21102125MColpaasrsi-cBMehuisntdanUgs TCDG-1-689473 TD-613 TD-594 TG-782DMrOamPAa RQu75etehn Mopar Parts Texaco Dalmation Chevron Station TD-204 TG-781 Texaco Fire Chief Texaco Hexagon CTG-767987DraTmeaxaQcuoeen TDT--4107898 MTeuxsatcaongRROoUuNnDd TD-1927 TD-1928 Texaco Oil Weathered Texaco - Hatful of Pep TD-805 CTG-768907Texaco Sky Chief TexaDcroamGasQoulineen1926 6 TRANSPORTATION

NEW NEW NEW TD-2016 TD-2025 TD-768508Shell - Bank On Mobil - Friendly Service FordT8itNanTircactorNEW TTDG--1719212 SCTlPasSscicieMntuifsictaanllgy NEW TD-2017Shell - Winning Pair TD-1897 TD-1676441 Mobil Gargoyle  FSairnmclaalilr-MIfilIltioAninY’teRaresd TG-792 We Recommend STP TD-1964Shell Gasoline 1920’s Round  T?D?-?1?7?2?5 TD-1031 TDT--7118372 Mobil Ga?s?-?2?n?d? to None #82 Rollin Thru SFeocrdisGt FelnyuiningeCPiracrutss TD-1973 7Shell Auto Oil TRANSPORTATION

TD-1931 TD-1933 TD-1962 TD-1929Indian Parts and Service Indian Scout Older & Wiser - 50’s Rod 1934 Indian NEW TD-1930 Authorized Indian Parts TD-21102120 TD-1932 TD-1934IndCialanss1i9c1M4 u- sJtaacnogbs 1953 Indian Roadmaster Indian Motorcycles 1901 TD-1441 Live to Ride Eagle TD-1442 TD-1953 TD-1972Live to Ride Wolves Norton - Roadholder Vintage - Hell Bent Rods TD-1539 STD-187646American Hot Rod VTin-BtairgdeBSepaecehd8 TD-1637 TD-1699 Indians Better Stories Ride Free TD-1764654 FaVrinmtalgle- IEfvItilARina’ctinRged TCDG-1-689472 TD-1535 VintagDeraIrmona QMuoetoernworks Legends Life Needs TRANSPORTATION

NEW NEW NEW TTDG--1718292 TTDG--1719202 TTDG--1719272 TD-1628CAlmasesricaMnuBsitkaenrg RidCelianssRiecmMeumsbtarnagnce StCulragsisiBc lMacukstLaanbgel Motorhead Garage NEW NEW NEW NEW TD-2033 TG-793 TG-798 TD-2034Cafe Racer Ride Free Sturgis Speed Thrills TD-1567 TD-1566 TD-1536 TTDG--1727779Vintage Hot Rods Legends Last Stop Legends Road Works Bikers OInHlyFaRromadhouse TD-1324 TD-1165Vintage Rod Show Busted Knuckle Bike TD-1923 TD-1963 9 Busted Knuckle Vintage Older & Wiser - 30’s Rod TRANSPORTATION

NEW NEW TTD-7-66799 TG-788 TD-729 TD-1548RteR6T6. D66ieSCHuItERLDustic RTE 66 Sky RT 66 Roadster Rte 66 1926 to 1985 T-769 TG-464 TD-1957 TG-755Rte 66 Die Cut Rustic Rt 66 Semi RT 66 - Main Street Rte 66 License Plates T?D?-?1?6?9?7Mothe?r ?R?o?a?d?Repair TG-417 TD-1938 Rt 66 Mother Rd Diner Route 66 - Weathered TD-1924Mel's Diner - 66 Years10 TRANSPORTATION

NEW NEW TD-2110232 TD-2110227 TD-1568 TD-1670TorCqluaessBicroMsu-sGtaansgser CVlianstasgiceMPuicsktaunpg Muscle Car Garage Legends - Dangerous Curves TTDD--11676444 TD-1564 TD-1538 TD-1895FarmSaplle-eIdf IDt eAmino’tnRed Midnight Auto Parts Legends Dirty Rat Rat Rod Garage TD-1534 TD-1671 TD-1624 TD-1626Legends Amer Dream Legends - My Garage Busted Knckl Muffler Hot Rod Garage TD-1129 TD-1128 TD-894 TD-1478Al Mac Diner Rosie’s Cozy Drive Inn Lewis-Steak n Shake TRANSPORTATION 11

TD-825 NEWFarmall “M” TD-1676424 FaFrmaramlla-llIf- ISt uAcinc’eteRded TD-26 TD-1664 TD-21102021 Farmall-H Farmall - If It Ain’t Red CFlaasrsmicalMl Fuasrtmang TD-1620 TD-1133Farmall Model A Allis C Model U TD-839 Farmall “IH400” TD-1278 TD-1167Farmall Eqip Here Allis Chalmers WD4512 TRANSPORTATION

TD-1230 Case CC High TD-1169 Case 500 Diesel TD-1503 TD-172759 TD-1504Allis Chalmers Logo AnotheIHr OFalirvmer Farm Massey Ferguson TD-1168 TD-758 Massey Harris 55 Ford 8N Tractor TD-1279 IH Farm TCDG-1-689671 TD-699DrOalmivaerQ-u7e7en Jubilee TractorTRANSPORTATION 13

NEW CD-1562 CD-1640 C?D??-1?7?2?9Wizard of OZ - 70th Anniv. Oz/ Yellow Brick Rd No Pla?c?e?L?ik?e? Home CD-1902 CD-1563 CD-1560Witch - I'll Get You  Wizard of Oz Poster Wizard Oz w/Toto CD-1570 CG-750 I Don’t ThinkWizard Oz /Witch Flying Monkeys We’re in Kansas Anymore Toto CD-1904 COLLECTIBLE About the Shoes14

NEW ?C?-?4?2?4? ?C?D?-?90?4? CDT--7117355 CTD-112723Dad’s??F?ix??it?Shop Daisy??R?e?d?R?yder Faormd iGnegnTuriandeitPioanrtss ACmlaesrsicicanMFuasrtmanegr C?D??-1?4?7?0 CD-1256 CD-1289 D?a?is?y?R??ifle Ye Booty Keep Out Matey CD-1954 CG-665 CD-1322 Dixie - Weathered Round Surrender the Booty One Eyed Jack CD-497 ?C?G?-?4?39? 8 Dog Poker Comm??o?n?G??round COLLECTIBLE 15

NEW NEW NEW NEW CG-800 CG-799 CD-1838 CD-2038Live Laugh Love More out of Life My Dog’s Likes Women Live LongerNEW NEW NEW CD-2036 CD-2035 CD-2012 CD-1423Step Aside Coffeee People Who Know Pair of Glasses Amazingly Enough CD-1942 CD-1551 C?D??-1?7?1?7 CCDD-1-1665544TIf I Agreed With You  Bad Attitude S?a?r?c?a?sm? Tooddaayy’s’sMMeennuu CG-787 CDC-1D5-56 CG-788 CG-738Make Yourself At Home 155N6oNt AotBAitBchitch Coffee Haven’t Had Coffee CD-1427 CD-1553 CG-789 CD-1914Maid we Don’t Have Stupid People Give a Man a Fish Solving Problems 16 COLLECTIBLE

NEW NEW CD-1950 CD-1280 CG-806 CD-2042If At First - Mom  Make Me Wine Superhero in Training Devil Brand Coffee CG-697 CTGD--72769 CG-653 CG-677937Drama Queen Don’t FFeaerdmTahlel-HHippies Don’t Drink the Water DRraemmaemQubeeern CG-743 CG-529 CG-676967 CD-1190Warning Keep Off Eat Here Get Gas LDifreaAmfateQr uDeeeanth Carwash C-100 CD-1486 CD-1733198 ?C?D?-?98?0?Redneck Bass Who Cut One BustedTKonoulicnk’lHeaGnads & Oils Bust?e?d?K?n?u?ckle CG-769857 CG-639 CD-1736119 ?C?G?-?7?39?DraSmhait QLiuset en Bar Rules MyTGooalriang’ eHa- nRdOD Big D?a?d?d?y?G?arage COLLECTIBLE 17

NEW NEW NEW NEW TCDG-1-810252 TCDG-1-810232 TCDG-1-810222 TCDG-1-810242ClaTswsioc EMvuislstang No WColarkssDicrinMkuinstganHgours I SCurlavsivseicd MShuisttCanregek ClaWsshicy MLiumsitang CG-790 CR-1508 CR-1502 CG-640Caution Idiot Warning/Price Increase Warning Nothing Dying Swim Suits Optional CCRG--1659170 CCRG--1659171 CCRG--1659278 CCRG--1659177WaDrrnaimnga IQnuReaennge IfDYroaumCaaQnuReeand RigDhrtatmo aKeQeupeeAnrms DramAaTQFueen CCRG--1659274 CCRG--1659275 CG-542 CG-516WaDrnrainmgaBQituteereGn un WarDnrinagmTarQesupeaesnsing Stupidity No Trespassing18 COLLECTIBLE

NEW NEW NEW NEW CTD-1182928 CTD-12102320 CTD-1210229 CTD-115212MCulsaiscsIincsMpuirsetsanMge MCaladsesicn MAmusetraicnag YoCulaOsnsliyc LMivuestOanngce CPlausmspic‘nMuDsintaenr g CD-1583 TCDG-1-728719 TCDD--11287195 CG-679771Gun Control BewaIrHe FoafrOmwner We DIoHnF’taDrmial 911 IDnrCamasaeQouf eFeirne CCRG--1659276 CD-1939 CG-791 CR-1495DBraadmAasQsuDeoegn No Shooting Free Beer Invest in Prec. Metals CR-1561 CR-1592 CG-648 CG-649Average Response Time Want to Meet God Dog/Don’t Let Out Cat/Don’t Let Out COLLECTIBLE 19

NEW NEW NEW NEW TCDG-1-719262 TCDG-1-719222 TCDG-1-719232 TCDG-1719242ClasMsiecxMicuostang GColaosdsitcoMbuesKtainngg CMlaasksinicgMWuasvtaensg BeCelrasBsaiict IMceusAtamnmgo CTD-1277896 CTD-1287197 CTD-128709 CD-1894SchonbeIHrgF-aArmin’t Broke Man CIHavFea-rmGrizzly Mom CaIHveF-aSrmanctuary Dad's Garage  CD-1496 C?D??-1?7?0?1 ?C?G?-?7?61? CD-137519What Happen Garage Man Cave?-?D??ia?m?ond Plate Man?C?a?v?e?R?ules KahToonoeleinA’ iHr aSnedrvice CCDG--1679573 C?D??-1?6?9?4 CD-1194 CD-1319BubDbraam’saMQeuaeseunring Teach?a?M??an??to Fish One Hour Service Toolin’ Hand20 COLLECTIBLE

NEW NEW NEW NEW CTD-1210224 CTD-12102329 CTD-12102420 CTD-121022StCalbalsesRiceMlautisotnasnhgip InCsltaasnsticHaMpupsitnaensgs CMlaisnsei’cs MSousBtaigng VegCetlarsisainc -MTurasntasnlagtion CD-1371692 CTD-1277897 CD-1371496 CD-1030NoToToolilns’ HLoaandded DTOMIH- BFalarcmk Jack QuickiTeosoPlinu’mHpan&dPolish Apache High Speed CDT--7118382 CDT--7118384 CG-786 CR-1593FordMGyeGnauriangeeParts FBoordrrGowenMuiynTeoPoalsrts Gear Head Ride FreeCD-1655 Booze Therapy C-200 CG-521 CD-1558 Redneck Deer Hippies Hippies COLLECTIBLE 21

NEW NEW NEW NEW CTD-12102425 CTD-118227 CD-1C97la6sTHsDiac-n1Mg1o2u2vsetarnCgures CTD-12102327IC’llaHsasvice MAunsotahnegr DCrlainsksiMc oMreusBtaenerg VideColaGsasmiceMinusPtraonggress CD-1892 CD-1331 CG-769847 C?D??-1?7?1?4Wife Told You  Coffee Sleep Dead SlDeerapmwahQenueDeenad Coff?e?e?S?h?a?king CG-760 CD-1329 CD-1328 CD-1613House Clean Alcohol Interesting Beer Ugly Wine Improved CG-759 CD-1200 CD-1686 CCDG--1767856 Moms Rule Lucky’s Bar Belive In Something BelOivneaInBSeoemr Deathying22 COLLECTIBLE

NEWNEW CD-2041 CTD-1210223 CD-1716Group Therapy RCiglahst stoicBMeuasrtAarnmgs Motivational Speaking NEW NEW NEW CG-801 CD-1989 CD-2011Right to Bear Arms Rusty Nuts Fix It Shop Grumpy’s Garage NEW NEW CCRG--1659372 CSD-186865 CG-795 CD-2031WDe rDaomna’tQCuaelle9n11 BT-oBrinrdtoBReaidceh Highway Patrol Magic Happens CD-12900 BG-752 CG-684 ?B?G?-?7?60?MLoureckFyre’seBBaerer Beer Pong Beer Supersize Teq?u?il?a?S?t?upid COLLECTIBLE 23

CCDD--11371695 TCDG-1-727789 CD-1416 CD-1298TooFlienn’ dHearnd My IBHuFttaHrmurts Steve’s Café Ladies Night CD-1297 CTD-1277915 CCDG--1675637 CG-741Eye Beerholder TN-oBiWrdoBrkeiancgh BDeocna’tuDserinYokuthr eFrWieantdesr Get Me a Beer CG-745 CG-746Stop Sign Do NOT Enter CSD-186763 CD-1192 VT-iBntiardgeBFealacgh Woody Service24 COLLECTIBLE

NEW NEW CTD-127798 CTD-1277890Real HeIrHoeFsar-mFiremen Real HIHerFoaersmPolice CTD-1210226 CTD-1210220 FCilgahstsifcorMLuibstearntyg WCAlCasss-icCMomusetaJnogin CD-614 CD-1629 C?D??-1?7?2?1 CG-679872 Iwo Jima Legends POW Eagle Police - ?P?ro?t?e?c?t & Serve MDarianmesa DQougeeTnag CD-1901 C?D??-1?7?2?0 NEWFiremen - Brotherhood  Fire Dep?t?-?N?o??Problem ?C?-?7?7?3? Dont ?T?re?a?d??On Me CD-2021 War Bonds - Let’s All Fight CTDD-1-28618 LanFdaormf tahlel-HFree CD-1250 CD-796 C-433Defense Bonds Rosie Riveter Uncle Sam POW MIA CG-678937 25 DMraarminae QCuoerpesn COLLECTIBLE

NEW HD-2043 HD-1922 HHDD--993311Farm Fresh Milk Moon Pie - American  SSccrraattcchhFFeeeeddss HCDG--1689474 HTD-1287091 HHDD--11336655DHreaamrtaCQouffeeeen Moon PIiHe F- aBremst lunch CCoo--OOppCChhiicckkss HTD-1277993 HTD-1277994 HHDD--337799 RoosteIrHBFranrmd Coffee StumpIHy PFeatrem’s Ham OOllddJJuuddggeeTToobbaaccccoo26 HOME

NEW NEW OR-1516 OR-1566 OD-2014 OTD-12102424Crappie Day The Buck Stops Here S&W - 1892 Gov. Contracts CoCularasgseicTMouBsetaFnrgee OR-1562 OR-1563 OCRG--1659378 OCRG--1659379Welcome to Duck Camp What Happens At Cabin GDaratomraCQouneetrny GDarnagmsaAQlluHeerne OCRG--1659377 OCRG--1659273 OCRG--1659375 OCRG--1659376FiDshraemrmaaQnuReuelnes WoDoradmlaandQRueetrneat DDraemeraCQaumepen DWraimpea PQauwesen OD-1906 OD-1203 OD-914 OD-1029 OD-1142Fishing - If You Cast It  Great Retrievers Wolf Experience At Rest Forever Friends OUTDOOR 27

OD-1912 OD-1948 OD-1669 OGD-97278Catfish Shack  Welcome - Our Hideout Welcome Bass Fishing TrSueayBHlueelloLab OGD-972880 OD-1182 OD-1139 O?D??-1?7?0?3STorubeerBFluisehLinagb Wanted Lab Gang Game Load Ha?n?g?Y?e?r?Hat OTD-1287294 OCRG--1659270 OCRG--1659271 OCRG--1659272Nut HouIHseF-arWmelcome HDurnatmeraPQaurkeienng FisDhrearma nQPuaerekning HDorarsmeaPQaurkeienng OD-927 OD-929 OTD-127792 OTD-127799 Right of Way Decoy Maker SportingIHDFoagrmServices We DIoHnF’taDrmial 91128 OUTDOOR

OD-1148 OTD-1287293 OD-939 OD-936Lab Wanted Poster Jig ‘Em I&HGFiagrm‘Em Club Express Rider Spooked Horse OD-1592 OD-1212 OGD-972881 OODG--972789COLT Extra Safty Heddons Tackle Box InnToruceenBtluAeniLmaabls DuTcrukes BDlougesLDaeber OD-1001 OODD--1972588 OCDG--1689770 OCDG--1689372Rem-Cartridges LTersute rB’sluAemLmabo FisDhrearmmaanQ’sueReunles DSaradmdlae QBuroenenc OCRG--1659371 OCDG--1689678 OD-1591 OD-1515WisDhrianmI awQasueFeisnhin MDanraCmaaveQuLeoednge WIN- Foul & Trap S&W Self Preservation OUTDOOR 29

OCRG--1659370 OD-940 O?D??-1?6?8?2 OD-16772DrNaumt aHQouuseeen Dog & Quail S&W ?P?ro?t?e?c?ted By Welcome - Cowboy OCRG--1659173 OCDG--1689370 OD-1464 OD-1039Yes DasraamMaaQtteureoefnFact CoDwrbaomyabQyuCeheonice S & W Standard Hide Away OD-1608 OD-1609 OD-974 OD-975Smith & Wesson Rnd COLT Rnd Logo Remington Round Winchester Round OD-1936 OD-1949 OD-1951 OD-1935Always Cast - Walleye Welcome Friends - Horses  If Found Here Man Cave - Hunters Only OCRG--1659374 OCDG--1689672 OCDG--1689479 OD-1413 BDuracmk aCQouuneterny WincheDstrearm-aRQiflueese&n Ammo S&DWraSmpaokQeuneeHnere Remington Weather30 OUTDOOR

OD-1910 OD-1925 OD-1296 OD-1466Great American Bait Co. Man Cave - The Original  River’s Edge SS&&WW RReevvoollvveerrss OD-1725946 OD-1725967 OD-1724963 OODG--1727966DRogiveDra’sy EAdcgrees LuRnivkeerr’’ss ELdugrees SR&iWveRr’sevEodlvgeer GoRdiv’seCr’sreEadtugrees OD-942 OD-1038 OD-1204 OD-932Bullett Board Waiting  Cross Creek Beaver Pond Finders Keepers OD-923 OD-1005 OTDD-1-28616 RemingtOOoDDn--B1166u77ll99et BoardAlmost Ready Heddon Frog’s Live FoFrarOmpaelnl-iHng Day OD-924 OD-1201 OTDD-1-27688 OD-913Golden Memories Wingmasters For RFiaflrems a&ll-PHistols Jail Birds OUTDOOR 31

SD-1643 SD-1327 SD-1866Topps ’55 Baseball Topps Baseball Vntge LouTi-sBviirldleBSelaucghger SD-1405 SD-1406 SD-1511Topps Basketball Topps 1956 Football Babe Ruth- No Fear SD-1961 SD-1585Lombardi - Winning Golf-Best Day32 SPORTS

NEW BD-832 BD-1622 BD-1916 BTD-1192925J.D.Nothing Like It Jack Daniels Portrait Weathered Logo  JackCDlasnsieicl’sMBulsatcakngLogo BD-1066 BD-1665 BTD-1287095 BG-692Jim Beam Black Jack Daniels - Sippin Whiskey CowIHboFyarJmacks Fire House Lager BD-1390 BDT--7118387 Killian’s Beer Logo JimFoBrdeaGmen-uSintiell PHaorutse BD-1419 BD-1652 BD-1646169JD Tennesse Hollow Jim Beam Woodcut JaJcDk DTeannnieelssHeaHnodllMowade BEVERAGE 33

NEW BD-2019 BD-1151Budweiser - The New Bud PreferredBD-1B28u2d-BBKuDidn--1gK2o8inf2gBeoef rBseers BD-1155 Budweiser History BD-1281 BTD-1287614Budweiser – Clydedal BuTd-wBeirisdeBr e-aDcrhink BD-1483 BD-11B5D7 -B11u5d7weiser Bud Retro Glass Logo BudwReoisuenrdRound BD-979 BD-1383Budweiser Label Budweiser 1936 Logo BD-1519 BD-173511 BD-981 BD-1631Anheuser Busch- Bott BudwCeoisoersr HWisatoerficalLl abel Budweiser 25c Bud Clydesdale Team34 BEVERAGE

BD-1648 BD-978 BD-1550 BTD-1287098Coors Golden Vintage Miller Brew Bud Light How toIHOrFdaerrma Beer BD-1549 BBDG--1737101 BBDG--1737161 BD-1017Anheuser- Bottled DoCNoootrSseWrvaeteWrfoamll en SCinooCristyWWahteisrfkaelly Miller Makes it Right BD-1309 BD-1311 BD-1080 BD-1649Coors Label Coors Waterfall Miller Lite Miller Brewing BD-1308 BD-1310 Coors Light Bullet  Coors Light Frosted BEVERAGE 35

CC-1952 CC-1918 CC-1053 CC-1054COKE - Script Heritage Call for the Geniune  Real Thing Bottle Victorian CC-1045 CC-1304 CC-1048 CC-1051Sends Thirst Flying Coke Couple Hot Dog Coke Beach CC-1055 CC-1056 CC-1226 CC-1619Welcome Pause White Bathing Suit Coke Good w/ Food Coke Delicious 5c CC-1210 CC-1227 CC-1050 CC-1302Coke 1915 Bottle Coke Brunette Sprite Boy Coke Hot Dogs 236 COCA-COLA

CC-1625 CC-1471 CC-1393 CC-1299Coke Ice Cold Bllseye Coke Always 5cent Coke Ice Cold Grn Coke 1916 Ice Cold CC-1047 CC-1052 CC-1046 CCCG--1689270Sold Here/Bottles 5 Cents Fountain Santa COKED-rPaamrat oQfuEeveenry Day CCCG--1689379 CC-1235 CC-1074 CC-1131COKED-raBmoattlQeuEeveonlution Coke 1910 Logo 1900’s 5cents Starburst Bottle BBDD--114499 BBGG--771100 CC-1073 CC-1071BBaabbeeRRuutthhCCoollaa PPeeppssiiRReettrroo 50th Anniv Round 1960’s Bottle CC-1658 CC-1069 CC-1070 CC-1659COKE Button Logo Round 1930’s Bottle Keg Label COKE Thirst Quench COCA-COLA 37

NEW NEW NEW NEW PTD-1142729 PTD-1142820 PTD-1172325 PD-2028FaCntlasstiicc FMouusrtRanegtro WCloalsvseircinMeuRsetatrnog GreCelnasLsaicntMeruns-taRnegtro Batman - The Batmobile PD-1966 PD-1969 PD-1968 PD-1965Batman No.1 Cover Iron Man Cover Superman No1 Cover Action No.1 Cover PD-1335 PD-1402 PCDG-1-689275 PD-1337Superman Retro Superman Retro Pan SupermDarnamWaeaQthueereednPanels Superman Steel PD-1641 PD-1582 PD-1438 PD-1642Justice League Retro Superman Classic Hulk Retro Wonder Woman Rtro38 PERSONALITIES

PD-1356 PD-1401 PD-1357 PD-1967Batman Dark Knight Batman Retro Panels Batman Retro Detective Comics No27 PD-1219 PD-1971 PD-1437 PD-1970Spiderman Spider Man Cover Spiderman Captain America Cover PD-1673516 PD-1440 PD-1673591 PDT--7118389CDaCptCaoinmAicmse7r5ictha ARnentriov Captain America Retro DC CoTmhoicrsR7e5ttrho Anniv FTohrdorGReenturoinCeoPvaerrts PD-167351 PD-1765331 PD-1763514 PD-1675321DCBaCtommaincs- D75utohtoAnneniv GDreCenCoLmanictesrn75-tDh uAontnoinve WoDnCdeCroWmoicmse7n5t-hDAunontoivne DSCupCeormiacns -7D5tuhoAtonnneiv PERSONALITIES 39

PCDG-1-689276 PD-1763517 BatmanDarnadmRaoQbiuneWeneathered DCSCpoidmericmsa7n5RthetAronniv PD-1650 PDT--7118386 Iron Man Retro FoIrrodnGMeannui-nReePtraorts NEW NEW PD-1439 PD-1959 Silver Super Retro The Flash - Retro  PD-1853 PD-1854Flintstones Family Retro Jetson’s Family NEW NEW NEW NEW PTD-1182527 PTD-1182526 TwCelaestysi&c MSyulsvteasntger ScooCblaysDsoicoMGuasntganRgetro PD-1855 PD-2018 NEWTom & Jerry Retro Panels Marvin the Martian PDT--7118352 PDT--7118351 PDT--7118388 PTD-1182725FDoardffyGDenuucikneRePtarorts FBourgdsGBeunnuninyeRPeatrrots RoaFdoRrudnnGeer n&uWinylee PEaCrotysote ClaYsosigci MBeuasrtang40 PERSONALITIES

PD-1S29to1oSPgtDeos-o1gC2eh9s1eaCthuematum PG-7S4to0oSgteoPo3GgJe-o7k34eJ0roPkeorkeProker PD-S1t0o8o1gSePtsoGNo-7gY6eU5sKF’DireUDPept PD-1958 Stooges - Keep Calm PPDD-11668877 PG-5S0to6oPSgGteo-s5o0gH6eosteHl otel PD-662PSDt-o6o6g2es Law PD-696PSDt-o6o9g6es GolfStooges Knuckleheads Garage StoogeFsirLmaw Firm StoogeMs aGsotelfrMasterPD-951PSDto-9o5g1es Lotta PG-436PGSt-o43o6ges Va- PD-1893 PD-6S6t4ooSgtoPeosDg-F6er6se4sFhreFsihshFish StoogesBaLlolstta Balls StooggersaVnacgyrancy Curly's Hot Sauce  NEW PD-1905 PD-870PBDl-a8c7k0Knight PD-1915 PTD-1182520Yosemite Sam Black KSneicguhrtitSyecurity Zombies Eat Brains CMlaasrssicAMttuasctkasng PERSONALITIES 41

PD-1937 PD-879 PD-949 PD-881Elvis - One Night Only Elvis Gold Records Elvis Going Home Elvis PortraitPTD-127794 PD-948 PD-950 PD-1645IEHlvFiasrIms Elvis Bike Elvis Piano Elvis Gold Flame PD-934 PD-878 PD-1187 PTD-1287910Elvis Sun Never Sets Elvis Jail House Rock Elvis King Montage ETl-vBiisrdLeBaetahcehr NEW PD-2003 PD-1498 PPDD--1877592 PD-1197Elvis - Ended Up a King Elvis- Important EEllvviissGTonldigRhetcOonrdlys Elvis Presley Show42 PERSONALITIES

PG-753 PG-770 PG-771Marilyn Marilyn Kiss Marilyn Red PD-1214 PD-650 PD-840Marilyn Beauty Marilyn Hollywood Marilyn Queen PG-754 PD-1492 PD-1656Marilyn Ballerina Marilyn- Mans World Monroe - Gold Dress PD-1532 43 Marilyn- DefinitelyPERSONALITIES

NEW PTD-12102123 PG-53P7DJ-a1m74e8s Dean PD-1J18W5aPJyDnW-e1a1Ly8en5geeLnedgend PD-118P8DJ-o11h8n8WayneWCalaysnseicWMeauksntaensgs John WDaryenaemLegend John WSataygne StagePD-1J49W5PaJDy-nW1e4a9My5naensMans PD-1300PJDW-1a3y0n0e Signa- PD-1429 JPoDh-n14W2a9yne Cour- J WaynetuSreignature John Wayangee Courage PD-1J5a1m8 eJPsaDmD-ee1as5n1D-8eGarne-aGt reat PD-120P5DJ-1a2m0e5s Dean PG-537 PD-148P5DJ-1a4m8e5s Dean JamesRDeebaenl Rebel James Dean Dream JamesLDiveeanFoLrive For44 PERSONALITIES

PD-7L0uP8cDyL-u7F0ca8yceFace PD-1530PDL-u1c5y3-0Staying PD-1043PLDu-c1y04C3hocolate PD-865 LPuDc-8y6V5itameat- Lucy- SYtaoyuinngg Young Lucy ChFoaccoelate Face Lucy ViatavmegeaatavegaPD-6I 3L2PoDvI eL-6oL3vu2ecyLucy PTDD-1-28622 LucFya-rmWaollr-kHout PD-1L2u6c3yLOPucDpye-1nO2inp6g3enLionggoLogo PD-7L6u5cyLPu7Dc5-yt7h67A55tnhnAivnniv PD-1010 Betty Boop Round PD-254Boopsi Cola PD-1035 PD-835 PD-906 PTD-127797Born to Boop Betty Boop Diner Betty Boop Kiss BettyIHBoFoarpmRetro PERSONALITIES 45

PD-1880 PD-1881 PD-1S0t8o1oSgPteDos-o1Fg0ier8se1 FDiereptDept PD-7A9n9dAynGPdDryi-f7fGi9trh9iffSithhoSwhowDuke's of Hazard - BBQ Duke's of Hazard - GangPD-8M1e4nMoPefDnM-8oa1fy4Mbearyrbyerry PD-8F0if9ePFDSi-ef8ec0uS9reitcyurity PD-10P41D-F1i0fe41Blood- PD-1F6i3fe9 MFPiafDey-b1Me6ar3yr9ybeLrarwy Law Fife BhlouonddhoundPD-1S3c4a8PrSlDec-t1a&3rl4eR8th&etRt hett PD-133P6DG-1o3n3e6w / the PD-1G55o9neGPwoDn/-W1e5iwn5d/9WTianrda Tara Gone wW/inthde WindPD-8S3m4PoSDkme-8yo3kO4enylyOnly PERSONALITIES46

EMBOSSED METAL SIGNS18 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel • Powder Coated for Indoor and Outdoor Use • Each sign Poly Bagged $10.00 each 10 min. • $9.00 each 30 min.STREET AND PARKING CAN BE COMBINED TO REACH MINIMUMS • SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED STREET SIGN SIZE: 12” x 18” • PARKING SIGN SIZE: 36” x 6” or 30” x 6” 314 383 381 3126 3137 3142406 496 498 4108 4109 4111 4113 4115 4116 477 489 4120 47STREET & PARKING SIGNS

COLLECTOR LICENSE PLATES Individually Carded for Easy Display • Full Color and Embossed $2.50 each 12 min. #70472 - 36 Piece Pre-Assorted - $90.00 • SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED •L12003 L12004 L12008 L12013L12020 L12022 L12039 L12040L12041 L12044 L12047 L12049 L12057 L12058 L12059 L1206048 LICENSE PLATES

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