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health science flip book - megan gadiparthy

Published by Megan Gadiparthy, 2020-09-17 16:24:05

Description: health science flip book - megan gadiparthy


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health science flipbook by: megan gadiparthy Pickett 4b

terms integumentary system diagram dermo/o, dermat/o - skin function epidermis - outer layer of skin kerat/o - cornea melanin - dark pigment xer/o - dry serves as barrier to protect body dermis - thick middle layer xanth/o - yellow from outside world. albinism - no pigment/melanin cyanosis - blue pigment of skin erythr/o - red healthcare careers pedicu/o - nail onych/o - nail dermatologists (skin specialist) & plastic surgeons (aesthetic or myc/o - fungus pil/o - hair cosmetic surgeons) lip/o - fat diseases / disorders rhytid/o - wrinkle albin/o - white acne - when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells hypodermis - thin lowest layer, connects to underlying rash - irritated or swollen skin tissues athlete’s foot - fungus from being very jaundice - yellow tone from liver malfunction sweaty in tight shoes keratinization - cells form from keratin and harden. skin cancer - abnormal growth of skin sweat glands - produces sweat cells melanocytes - produces melanin

terms musculoskeletal system diagram my/o - muscle function polydactyly - extra digits (fingers & toes) myel/o - marrow myalgia - pain, cramping, or aching oste/o - bone supports, binds tissues and organs kyphosis - outward curve of thoracic spine cost/o - rib together lordosis - inward curve of thoracic spine crani/o - skull scoliosis - lateral curve of spine -pexy - fixation healthcare careers chondr/o - cartilage arthr/o - joint physical therapists (help people with -plegia - paralysis movement and pain) kinesi/o - motion & kinesiologist (specialist in movement of epiphysis -growth plate in long bones where growing human body) occurs hematopoiesis - red blood cell production in bone marrow diseases/ disorders intervertebral disks - plates between vertebrae. bursa - enclosed sac filled with fluid where rotation occurs tendonitis - inflammation of tendons subluxation - partial dislocation of a joint carpal tunnel syndrome - numbness and tingling caused by pinched nerve osteoarthritis - protective cartilage wears down rheumatoid arthritis - autoimmune disorder affecting joints

terms nervous system diagram neur/o - nerve function synapse - junction that passes info through neurons encephal/o - brain grey matter - nerve cell bodies and unmyelinated fibers - marrow receives information about the neurotransmitters - language of system (neuron to body) myel/o - walk environment and generates responses. acetylcholine - first neurotransmitter identified ambul/o - sensation myelin sheath - fatty insulating sheath around fibers -esthesia - meninges healthcare careers mening/o - mind psych/o - shaken neuroscientists (specialist in neuroscience) concuss/o & neurological surgeons (surgeons of nervous system) cns - central nervous system, consists of the brain and spinal cord diseases & disorders pns - peripheral nervous system, outside of cns sns - somatic nervous system, somatic motor nerve fibers, alzheimer’s - brain cells slowly die voluntary cerebral palsy - affects ability to move and neuron - structural unit of nervous system maintain posture and balance axon - impulse generating and conducting region epilepsy - seizure multiple sclerosis - immune system eats protective layer of nerves

terms special senses diagram irid/o - skin function -cusis - cornea -opis - dry to detect environmental stimuli an - yellow create a response using 5 senses ot/o - red tympan/o - nail healthcare careers opthalm/o - nail opthamologist (eye specialist) -metry & dermatologist (skin specialist) eyelids - protect eyes diseases & disorders olfactory receptors- receptors for sense of smell tarsal glands - sebaceous glands along eye cochlear nerve - nerve for transmitting info from sclera - white around eyes blindness - loss of eyesight cochlea to brain auditory gland - air passage between middle ear and cataracts - cloudy area in lense facial nerve - mixed motor control of facial muscles throat deafness - inability to see vagus nerve - controls roof of mouth and vocal chords papillae - taste buds ptosis - eyelid droops over eyelid presbyopia - defect in vision through age (near)

terms cardiovascular system diagram cardi/o - heart function angi/o - blood vessels hem/o, hemat/o - blood maintain blood flow to all parts of brady- - slow the body tachy- - fast thromb/o - blood clot healthcare careers electrocardiogram - record of electricity through heart -emia - blood leuk/o - white cardiologist (heart specialist) endocardium - inner lining of heart erythr/o - red & cardiovascular surgeon (surgeon of arteri/o - artery murmur - abnormal swishing sound by improper closure of cardiovascular system) heart vessel aorta - largest artery in body arteriole - small artery diseases & disorders oxygen - gas entered through lungs and carried to rest of artery - largest type of blood vessel body atrium- one of the two upper chambers of the heart blindness - loss of eyesight capillary - smallest blood vessel cataracts - cloudy area in lense pericardium - double layered membrane surrounding heart deafness - inability to see ptosis - eyelid droops over eyelid

terms respiratory system diagram bronch/o - bronchial tube function cyan/o - blue help breathe and supplies oxygen to laryng/o - larynx the body -oxia - oxygen oxy- - swift healthcare careers alveoli - air sacs at the ends of bronchial tree erythrocytes - red blood cells pleur/o - pleura pulmonologist (lung specialist) diaphragm - muscle separating chest and abdomen pneum/o - lung & respiratory therapist (interviews and pleura - double folded mucus membrane encasing each lung pulmon/o - lung examines patients with breathing or pleural cavity - space between folds of pleura thorac/o - chest trache/o - trachea cardiopulmonary issues) nose - an airway for oxygen diseases & disorders nasal septum - partition separating two nasal cavities mucus - secretion of mucus membranes asthma - difficulty breathing from blocked airway trachea - windpipe lung cancer - cancer in the lungs bronchioles - finer smaller branches of bronchi pneumonia - infection that inflames air sacs emphysema - air sacs in lungs become damaged and stretched

terms digestive system diagram cholecyst/o - gallbladder function mechanical digestion - breaking down food through physical enter/o - intestine movements help take in whole foods and convert chyme - mixture of stomach fluids and food col/o, colon/o - large intestine to nutrients and energy for the body small intestine - location of chemical digestion hepat/o - liver liver - produces bile and filters blood gastr/o - stomach healthcare careers villi - projections in small intestine for better digestion or/o - mouth -pepsia - digestion gastroenterologist (specialist in digestion and chol/e - bile issues related to stomach and intestines) proct/o - anus and rectum & proctologist (diagnoses and treats issues with digestive system) teeth - bony projections to crush food to pulp saliva - liquid in mouth to aid in digestion diseases & disorders amylase - enzyme in saliva for chemical breakdown esophagus - tube from mouth to stomach hemorrhoids - swollen veins in lower rectum stomach - sac-like organ which digests food chemically stomach flu - intestinal infection and mechanically gastritis - inflammation of lining of stomach gluten sensitivity - immune reaction to gluten

terms urinary system diagram -cele - hernia function -lysis - breakdown cyst/o - cyst filter blood and create urine as a nephr/o - kidney waste by-product ren/o - kidney -uria - mouth healthcare careers efferent arteriole - carries blood away from glomerulus -pexy - fixation artery -ectasis - dilation urologist (specialist in urinary tract) pyel/o - renal pelvis & urological surgeon (surgeon of micturition - secretion of urine urethra - duct through which urine is discharged renal capsule - smooth transparent membrane urinary system) ureters - carries urine from kidneys to bladder apex - highest point urea - waste product from liver and excreted through urine renal vein - vein that accompanies renal arteries diseases & disorders loop of Henle - reabsorbs water and salt afferent arteriole - carries blood toward glomerulus artery bladder cancer - cancer in bladder kidney stones - hard deposit that forms in kidneys and is often painful interstitial cystitis- chronic painful bladder condition dehydration - lack of hydration

terms reproductive system diagram cervic/o - neck function salping/o - fallopian tube produce offspring, produce egg and ov/o - egg sperm cells, develop offspring orchid/o - testis oophor/o - ovary healthcare careers fallopian tube - one of two fluid filled tubes where egg passes after release in ovary men/o - menstruation obstetrician-gynecologist (specialist in mamm/o - breast women’s health) mammogram - x-ray of soft breast tissue gynec/o - women & reproductive and infertility nurse mastectomy - surgical removal of breast colp/o - vagina (specialist in reproductive health) prostat/o - prostate gland meiosis - cell division of sex cells diseases & disorders cervix - opening of uterus prostatitis - inflammation of prostate gland dysmenorrhea - painful menstrual flow hiv - human immunodeficiency virus ectopic pregnancy- pregnancy outside womb estrogen - female sex hormone endometriosis - endometrium elsewhere than testosterone - male sex hormone uterus lining std - sexually transmitted disease prostate cancer - cancer in man’s prostate

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