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Harcourts Property Management

Published by antok_256, 2019-03-11 04:45:52

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SENYAP Property Management Bali L U X U R Y E S C A P E S Long Term Rentals & Property Management

Who We Are We are Harcourts Property Management Bali e, at Harcourts Purba, are a highly successfully Real Estate Company that has been opera ng in Bali since 2007 WPreviously known as Exo q Jimbaran, we joined Harcourts in 2017 to expand our global knowledge and partnerships. We are a Real Estate company, which has the interna onal, na onal and local connec ons for Property Management in Bali.

Harcourts Property Management Bali During our me in Bali, we no ced the need for professional management again, and so we created Harcourts Property Management Bali. We are driven to ensure that your property is a well-managed income creator. With our team of professionals, we are ready to recognise every opportunity for our clients and then step up and grab it. Our dedicated team has many years of experience, not only as Harcourts Property Management Bali but also within the hospitality industry, together with an extensive knowledge of the luxury villa rental market in Bali and the islands to the east. We are here to listen, and we are proud to put a great deal of effort into researching the needs of our property owners. Our business is built on strong, ethical principles and our excep onal service is rich in integrity and commonsense, high in results and proven customer sa sfac on. Our consultants are down-to-earth, hardworking, straight talking, commi ed professionals. But there is something else, which has proved to be far more important for our success, and that's you. Where do you want to be? And what do you need from us to get there? As every poten al client who reads this document will discover – it is our commitment to genera ng lucra ve results that will deliver success to you and our company. So we won't randomly prescribe rental levels, marke ng plans and ren ng techniques. We will work with you to find out what you want to accomplish. Then we'll work our hardest to get there. 4 | Who We Are

What We Do W e assist in op mising your poten al income and ensuring your property is kept pris ne.

Harcourts Property Management Bali This simple statement covers an o en challenging and complicated process. Of course, the care of your property and op mising your return is what's important – and Harcourts Property Management Bali u lizes some unique strengths to accomplish this. We ensure that our people consistently operate above and beyond our compe tors. It's a precise service-based mindset that only the best property management prac oners can deliver consistently. We use sophis cated systems and technology to make certain that your property can gain massive exposure. We connect with your audience of poten al guests and/or tenants. In our media- saturated society, in which the average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of adver sing messages every day, your investment property needs to stand out. At Harcourts Property Management Bali, we have redefined the role of property management within the real estate office, from a back-office ac vity to the expertly streamlined, systemised, customer focused machine that today's market requires. Before this machine is ac vated, we draw on historical pricing data, deep marke ng skills, and our knowledge of how the villa rental market func ons in order to determine achievable room rates and/or rent, and specifically tailored marke ng techniques. We look at how your villa can fulfill its poten al, and stand out in a crowded and fragmented marketplace. No two proper es are the same – so each marke ng and leasing proposal must be considered individually so that we can we maximise occupancies and rental yields. We then move seamlessly into the ongoing care and management of your investment asset. 5 | What We Do

Our Services 1 Senyap Luxury Escapes (Holiday Villa Rentals Management) This op on allows you, as the villa owner, to make an income from your proper es, to share the experience of Bali with others and to build the reputa on of your villa or villas as a staple in Bali. We assume responsibility for every aspect of your property management, from the staffing, maintenance and service of your villa, to the administra on, marke ng, reserva ons W e assist in op mising your poten al income and we place great emphasis on and contracts. We are totally commi ed to achieving full guest sa sfac on and responding quickly and helpfully to every guest request. As ensuring your property is kept pris ne. an owner, all you need to do is sit back and receive the income that your villa generates for you.

2 Long-Term 3 Property Management Rentals Management Here, you can rent out your villa on a long-term This op on is for owners who do not wish to rent rental basis, usually 6 months or longer. out their villa but wish for it to be op mally maintained and cleaned. We also offer the provision of servicing your villa and ensuring that it is maintained perfectly for the Your property is kept safe and is always ready to tenants who are occupying it, thereby giving you welcome you. peace of mind 7 | Our Services

Why Us? We are specialists in Property Management in Bali, our people are dedicated professionals. Our business philosophy is based on “crea ng success” and four specific values that are communicated throughout the organisa on: People first Doing the right thing Being courageous Fun and laughter

Harcourts Property Management Bali We take care of villa legali es because we know that many administra ve processes that are required. Indonesian bureaucracy can some mes be a headache. We maximise your investment. We promote a companywide focus on the delivery of excep onal client and guest service. We ensure that your property is kept pris ne and clean within our tropical climate. Our offices are supported by a team of Property Management Operators. We guarantee that we will proac vely communicate with you on all ma ers rela ng to your property. Managers who are experts in their field and whose sole role is to support, train, problem solve and keep up to date We offer a wide range of value added services to further with the latest innova ons in the world of Property enhance your investment. Management. Industry leading systems and procedures and our We are at the forefront of Property Management philosophy of con nuing innova on ensures that you and technology. Our Property Managers enjoy a mix of mobile your property are in the very best hands. and web-based products for seamless management of the “Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength.” 9 | Why Us?

SENYAP SENYAP LUXURY ESCAPES MANAGEMENT By Harcourts Property Management L U X U R Y E S C A P E S This op on presents a huge opportunity to generate an income from your property.

Senyap Luxury Escapes Management Bali is at the heart of tourism in Indonesia and it will always be this way; the number of foreign arrivals to Bali is increasing by hundreds of thousands every year, which means that now is the perfect me and opportunity to make an income from your property. When se ng up a villa for holiday rentals, we begin by building a brand for your property, marke ng your property online and through various other channels to enable guests to stay at your property. We will tailor our exper se to suit your needs. You can rest assured that your villa will be maintained to the highest possible standards, that all management of your property is taken care of by our team of professionals, and that your guests will enjoy an excep onal holiday. 11 | Senyap Luxury Escapes Management

Senyap Luxury Escapes Management Details Ÿ Maintenance management, on all aspects of the Ÿ Marke ng of your villa by our marke ng team villa. Our goal is to ensure that your villa is through on-line and offline channels constantly maintained and serviced to the highest pris ne standards, thereby maximising its earning Ÿ Achieving maximum income for your villa while s ll poten al while also providing the uppermost level providing an outstanding service for the guests of comfort to your guests. We will make certain that all repairs are carried out swi ly and efficiently, and Ÿ Ensuring that the guests have the best experience that all breakages are replaced. Our service includes possible through the services that we provide. We but not limited to the daily monitoring and understand that different guests from different maintenance of swimming pools, jacuzzis, gardens, cultures have all sorts of different needs, and our ponds, grounds and driveways; the replacement of team will personally handle any special breakages, such as cookware, glassware, electrical arrangements that may be required. We are on-call appliances, light bulbs and furniture; full to immediately assist with any problems, including supervision during repairs to the roofs, plumbing accident or illness. We have an in mate knowledge systems, electrical wiring, pumps and drains; waste of the island, we respect the Balinese tradi ons and management and pest control. Maintenance is customs, we iden fy with the culture and we foster funded through the income of the villa. a strong rela onship with the local community. Over 12 | Senyap Luxury Escapes Management

Senyap Luxury Escapes Management the last few years we have developed many Ÿ We manage the en re villa. Part of our func on as a invaluable local contacts to support our villa villa management company is to oversee the management service. As residents of Bali, we stay smooth opera on of your en re property. In con nually up to date with all of the latest trends addi on to maintenance and staffing, day-to-day and developments – everything from new running includes front office services, restaurants and shops to the best dance clubs, housekeeping, security, accoun ng, assistance with secluded beaches, fes vals, events and tourist guest arrivals and departures, and much more. We ac vi es. We are happy to pass this informa on on will co-ordinate the booking process, set up rental to you and your interna onal guests in our contracts, collect deposits and payments and endeavour to make their holiday truly enjoyable. manage the inventory, thereby ensuring that your villa is not just a well-run holiday home but also a Ÿ Monthly repor ng on villa opera ons / income / lucra ve investment. Owning and managing a marke ng property in a foreign country can be a difficult and daun ng prospect, and we can also offer our advice and exper se on tax payments and Indonesian law. As the property owner, you will be able to stay at the property and have access to all the property services and staff during your stay. Follow our social media : @SenyapVillas 13 | Senyap Luxury Escapes Management

Long-Term Property Rentals Should you not wish to market your property for holiday lets throughout the en re year, we can assist in finding appropriate longer-term rental tenants; usually 6 months or longer. This will generate a regular rental income and cover annual maintenance expenditures. In a progressively compe ve market, we will always strive to make your villa a profitable investment. We take care of the legali es and you as the owner will receive a one- me payment from the tenants. We can also ensure that all the basic maintenance is taken care of on your behalf. We conduct periodic inspec ons of your property to make sure it is kept in good condi on. 14 | Long-Term Property Rentals

Harcourts Property Management Bali Ÿ We create a marke ng strategy to find the ideal tenant Ÿ One- me payment for rental Ÿ We take care of the legali es Ÿ We work with the tenants to sign the contract (the villa owner works with us only when no tenant contract is needed) Ÿ We conduct regular villa inspec ons and can schedule maintenance to ensure that the villa is kept pris ne Ÿ A villa inventory is made prior to the tenants moving in and before the tenants' departure 15 | Long-Term Property Rentals

Property Management This op on is suitable for clients who wish to keep their property pris ne, clean and vacant but do not want to shoulder the responsibility of dealing with maintenance issues and the management of the villa staff. 16 | Property Management

Harcourts Property Management Bali We will ensure that the property is immaculately maintained and kept spotless, so when you arrive at your villa it is as if you had never le . We can also provide a security service at the owner's request. Ÿ Scheduled maintenance performed Ÿ Weekly inspec ons Ÿ Villa kept clean Ÿ Security personnel for villa Ÿ Gardening personnel 17 | Property Management

What Next? 18 | What Next

Harcourts Property Management Bali Ren ng and managing property is o en a stressful task, which is why we pride ourselves on clear communica on from the outset. We make sure we work with you – so you're always in control, from the start and throughout the ongoing care and management programme of your property. For more informa on on any of our services, or if you have any ques ons, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you. 19 | What Next

SENYAP LUXURY ESCAPES MANAGEMENT By Harcourts Property Management | [email protected] Follow our social media : @SenyapVillas Jl. Raya Uluwatu, No: 111X, Jimbaran , Denpasa, Bali, INDONESIA Ph.+62 361 703551 Property Management Bali | [email protected] Follow our social media : @HarcourtsPurba

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