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QQ Eyewear Catalogue

Published by Simply Wish(SWISH), 2020-12-02 11:59:31

Description: QQ Eyewear Catalogue


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Handcrafted Wooden Eyewear Qreative Qick Featured : Smoked Series

Handmade India’s 1st-of-its-kind design & manufacturing studio-where passion meets purpose, QQ Lookbook engineering meets design, style meets sustainability & the future meets now. Handcrafted to wow! Qreative Qick WHO WE ARE

Absolute sustainability is a distant dream Responsibility knowing man’s economic & emotional needs will not always be in sync with the environmental needs - and this is what inspires us to drive towards sustainable living. A choice, as craftsmen we make, when we act mindfully & responsibly in our creations. Creating products from the environment, for the environment and yet meets aesthetic and economic needs of humankind. Sustainable Living

All About Product What brings QQ eyewear to life? From the 3 layered temples to the 2 layered nose piece, from the way the spacers are positioned for the hinges to the precise bend given to the eyewear, from ensuring the edges are highly softened to rigorously sanding & coating the frame - every step is designed for usability. With a rigorous self- created process, we have managed to achieve the balanced thickness coupled with light weight, unlike any other wooden eyewear in the Indian market. Designing the aesthetics: we at Qreative Qick developed and continue to develop eyewear designs in shape, size, patterns and complex renewable materials. The designs are driven for both style and sustainability, and recorded a 200+ days of artificial weather test, reinstating the quality and life of the product. Handmade

Style Qreative Qick Wood speaks louder than words

Featured Style

H- Field Inspired from Magnetic Field Lines Beauty in the continual shaping of chaos which clearly embodies the power of nature’s magnetic performance. This handcrafted piece is made using sustainable Sapeli & birch wood. Featuring grey polarised lenses, the lenses & the frame can be customised. Concept board

Qreative Qick BY THE PLANET, ,FOR THE PLANET & TO THE PLANET - QQ in its endeavour to create an impact not just through its products that get bought but also in its action for growth - partnered with SankalpTaru Foundation, a team that plants a fruit-bearing tree every time a eyewear and a home-decor product is sold. This being our way to not just express our gratitude to the buyer but also make a real on-ground effort in making a difference out there. A fruit-bearing geo-tagged tree will be planted the buyer’s name in a rural part of India for a distressed farmer - who can not just see the growth of the tree but also make a visit using the QR code that certifies their contribution. Back to Nature

Qreative Qick Botanical Inspired Set out to give our passion a purpose, and create India’s own sustainable eyewear brand - that becomes a lifestyle choice that offers comfort, style and is by its soul is environment friendly. A brand that constantly evolves in material usage (renewable resources) and is at par with any international brand of its kind ensuring human wants meet planet needs. We started our journey & continue to pursue the thought: Have a broken wooden chair / furniture? Don’t thrash it. Give it to us & we will make an eyewear out of it for you.

Creating itTrends The designs are inspired for everyone and the trends are created believing we are living it. From being cool and quirky to being subtle and responsible, from being bold & loud to being unique and stylish - every piece of eyewear is designed to appeal humankind. QQ

Our constant endeavour to deliver something new ensures we are able to offer a new deign every time a person turns back to us and asks: what’s new? This dual tone wooden eyewear is one to experience, the inner self with the outer world. Dual Tone #trending In the Colour you like

The patterns that get engraved are all inspired by natured and designed in- house at our very own studio. Featuring here is the Moksha Circuit - that makes a statement to get wired to self. Circuit Get wired to yourself

Handpicked QQ Lookbook Honestly, when you begin to search something that Precision doesn’t exist, the only plan is: get there. Do everything that it takes. Right from studying We’ve managed to design & existing eyewear designs in the market to develop an eyewear that’s not researching about global sustainable eyewear just aspirational but truly manufacturers, from connecting with the local meaningful in its entire cycle of opticians, ophthalmologists and experts in the field, existence. to connecting with wooden product makers - for two years our plans evolved with every step of development. With every failed step to create a wooden eyewear, we kept getting closer to creating one. Beyond research, our plan to creating wooden eyewear accessible to every individual, was driven by belief than an on-ground plan. Passion

all time With our wood frame sunglasses and Collection glasses, you are never going to go out of style. The sleek and modern look of the eye wear goes with your every outfit. Our wide collection of sunglasses and glasses have been carved out by craftsmen who live it and breathe life into it. We provide you with a whole range of lens options. The rawness is the appeal - as each one comes with its unique textures as no wooden sheets are similar. Summer? Winter? Holiday? Work? One for every weather. Every role you play.

Statement When the going gets tough, the wood gets Collection going !

Couple Series Comfort begins when you naturally co- exist with a product. Engineered for humankind, the light-weight QQ eyewear are universally flattering & naturally comfortable. UNISEX Classy Fabulous

High and Mighty Stay Bossy, Stay Stylish

Make a statement - quiet or bold. 01 The panache & passion in every QQ eyewear has flair for nature & a swag for you. Swag Stuff We All Get

Qreative Qick Black Hole Signature Series

A 60+ step design inspired by celestial Black Hole labyrinth, and creatively using the strength of horizontal grained wood with meshed grains to ensure durability and visual experience. The exclusivity of a see through of the top layer, a first of its kind – with the abiility to customise every single piece. Celestial Labyrinth Inspired

Wooden creative Sunglasses or prescription based, the frame fits Color all. Weather, water and scratch resistant. No direct screws - to - wood design ensures no easy wear and tear of wood with usage. The big shift of sustainability with fashion the first of its kind eyewear holds absolute potential to replace regular frames wholly.

Rugged Style Smoked Oak

Gears New Steam Arrival Punk

Reflectors Natural Make Up

Lenses at your Wish

Mood Anything and Everything Contemporary

Style up Customized Walnut and Sapeli

ThankYou Wood’n me

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