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smart exercise on reading and writing class

Published by Ploy Tritapohn, 2022-03-22 12:21:29

Description: D smart exercise 24-12-2564 เวลา 15.08.10


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Do you know any smart people? What kind of things do they do?

Smart People?

hit the book A) อ่านหนังสอื อยา่ งหนัก B) ทบุ หนังสอื อยา่ งหนกั

blood vessels A) หลอดเลือด B) สีแดง

heart rate A) อัตราการเตน้ ของไต B) อัตราการเตน้ ของหวั ใจ

tai-chi A ปลอ่ ยพลงั B) ไทเก๊ก

Are you preparing for a big test? A BC


Vocabulary A) hit the book B) heat rate C) P.E

Vocabulary A) goal B) motion C) physical

Vocabulary A) heart B) brain C) health

Vocabulary A) senior B) skill C) paths

Vocabulary A) veterinarian B) physician C) pediatrician

Vocabulary Older people should learn some new motions, such as yoga and ___. A) swimming B) tai-chi C) biking

Vocabulary What type of pediatrician treat? A) poor people B) children C) animals


You need to exercise ______ per week. A) three hours B) four hours C) forty hours

Why exercise is important? A) You can be less intelligent. B) You can concentrate better. C) You will have bigger brain.

The exercise does not have to be very difficult, but does have to increase the _____. A) heart rate B) blood vessel C) mental health

If you exercise at least there hours per week, your short-term memory will increase ________. A) up to twenty percent B) up to thirty percent C) up to forty percent

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