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MCU Student Exhibition 2020

Published by siriwanna siriwanno, 2020-09-19 04:20:16

Description: MCU Student Exhibition 2020


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International Student Clubs Exhibition Festival To Remark 133rd Anniversary Establishment of MCU Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University 12th-13th September, 2563/2020 Organized by International Relations Division, MCU

งานนิทรรศการชมรมนิสิตนานาชาติ เน่อื งในงานครบรอบสถาปนา 133 ป มหาวทิ ยาลัยมหาจุฬาลงกรณราชวิทยาลยั ณ มหาวิทยาลยั มหาจุฬาลงกรณราชวิทยาลัย 12–13 กันยายน พุทธศกั ราช 2563 จัดโดยกองวเิ ทศสัมพนั ธ สํานกั งานอธกิ ารบดี

Project Title: International Student Clubs Exhibition, to Remark 133rd Anniversary of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Responsibility: Sponsored: Dr. Phra Seng Hurng and Staff Members of IRD Year: Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University 12th-13th September, 2563/2020 Induction This project is to full fill the aim of future plan of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University called MCU plan 12. As we understand, MCU has been established for many decades mainly for the providing higher education to the novices, monks and lay person in Thailand. MCU himself is not only providing higher education to the local Buddhist monks but also for the Buddhist monks from all over the word. Recently, many foreign students are studying at MCU especially from the neighboring countries. Therefore, MCU has given responsibilities to International Relation Division to help and provide them necessary documents for the extension their visa, give advice for their studies, an orientation, organize seminar on International Buddhist Cultures exhibition. As we know that foreign students at MCU has formed 17 clubs in order to maintain student identity, join hand with administers and keep close to the students. This year is a very special year of MCU to celebrate 133rd anniversary. And also many events have taken places such as International seminar on exhibition to remark 133rd anniversary celebration of MCU on 12th-13th September, 2563/2020. For the exhibition, the 13 foreign student clubs exhibition is one of the part to celebrate 133rd anniversary of MCU with the different historical background of Buddhism, tradition and culture, which much more attractive to observers from local and overseas, on the ground floor, auditorium hall, MCU, Ayutthaya. This MCU has given an opportunity to foreign student clubs in order to explore their exhibition. It also makes more cooperation with MCU more and more. Foreign student clubs wish to thank and join hand with MCU for the future activities. Objective of the Project The main objects of this project are: 1) to full fill the version of MCU, 2) to cooperate and mutual understand between students and administers of MCU, 3) to develop skill of student, 4) to recognize the different culture and tradition among the Buddhist communities, 5) to learn how Buddhism influence on their people. International Student Clubs Exhibition Organized by International Relations Division, Office of the Rector 1

Phra Sophonvachirabhorn, (Sawai Chotiko), Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs, is to be received award from Department of Religious Affairs, Government, at Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn 48 Auditorium Hall, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalay University, Ayutthaya. 2

Remarking the 133rd Anniversary of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University 1. Khemara Student Association 3

2. Chinese Student Club 4

3. Bangladeshi Student Association 5

4. CHT Indigenous Student Club Bangladesh 6

5. Indian Student Club 7

6. Lao Monk Association in Thailand 8

7. Tai Sangha University Student Association 9

8. Arakan Student Monks Association 10

9. Mon Buddhist Students Society 11

10. Myanmar Student Monks Organization (M.S.M.O) 12

11. Khmer Theravada in Vietnam Club 13

12. Khmer Krom Buddhist Students’ Union 14

13. Korean Student Club 15

Disbursement of the project Amount 29,995 Subject 1. Expense 1.1 Travel expense for collecting data: from Wat Mahathat- Wang Noi-Wat Mahathat 1.2 Printing posters 1.3 Expense decorations 1.4 Copyright Total This project has spent that of the amounts of mentioned above and attached with the original receipts. Then this project is as a good and effective project to full fills the knowledge of Buddhist observers how Buddhism is spreading in Southeast Asia, Asia and some part of western countries. Yours Sincerely, (Dr. Phra Seng Hurng Narinda) Assistant to the Rector for Foreign Affairs International Relations Division, Office of the Rector Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University 16

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