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PUB HTML5 Digital Annual Report Creator Online

Create interactive, on-line digital annual reports from PDF documents. It is time to make digital version instead of printed version.

Digital Annual Report Creator Online Content Easily Access Online Magazine Maker

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Why PubHTML5?

It is time to make digital version of annual report instead of paper. Through reading annual report content, you can obtain the opportunity to access overall financial situation, and then compare with last year, to make a decision. It is very important for those stockholders. However, the annual report are inevitable dull, with lots of important information and figure. Too much text contents will cause people impatient to sit down and have a look. And also printed annual reports cost much.

Many companies create annual report in the form of PDF, and put it on their website for public. People who want to read your annual report must download the PDF. It may cost some times. And PDF reply on Reader, not access for all devices. Digital Annual Report is creative online book which can be accessed to all devices. You just need to use the PUB HTML5 tool to make digital annual report.

PUB HTML5 is digital annual report creator online for converting PDF document into digital version annual report. Once done, you can read the digital annual report on desktop, ipad, iphone and mobile phone without Readers. Reasons to Produce Digital Annual Reports: 1: Digital is cheaper, Digital doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course you could create an all-singing, all-dancing website, but you could equally design it as an interactive PDF using the same designer and programmes you’d use for a printed copy. Only without the printing costs;
2: Digital is more easily accessed, Want Instant and FREE. DIGITAL PUBLISHING? View Anywhere, Anytime. Online, Mobile & Social. FREE or PAID Distribution? It's Your Choice.
3: Digital reports aid analytics, Optimize your content and budget via PUB HTML5 Metrics, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences. Over 30 Metrics and 130 Reports on what's working and what needs to be fixed in your content strategy Track engagement with reports on zoom patterns, page views, time on page, widget interactions and more. Try and get that from a PDF!
4: Digital lends itself to more engaging & creative content, digital reports allow a variety of creative ways of storytelling which paper reports don’t. Interactive infographics, videos and animations can all help to get your message across more effectively.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

There are many digital book creators, why choose PUB HTML5?

1. Creative Content

Annual report has lots of text content and figure. They are all static. To improve the reading experience, you can make the words and images vividly. PUB HTML5 Animation Editor Feature allows you to add dynamic text and image, define enter in and our effect and create Interactive content without writing code.

2. Easily Access

After published, you can get a book URL. Open this link you can view digital annual report on desktop, ipad, iphone and mobile phone. Easily access for all devices!

3. Extreme Ease of Use

To create a digital annual report online, you do not need to coding. Just do some steps: import PDF, design and publish. Details you can open this link:

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