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PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker - Free Online Brochure Creator

An eye-catching digital brochure is the perfect online marketing solution; PUB HTML5 is the best brochure maker on the web that enables you to create online brochures for print or web.

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Why Digital Brochure Maker?

PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker Transform static PDFs into engaging online brochures. Your publications on PC, Mac, iOS & Android. Reach more people with desktop- and mobile-friendly catalogs. If you want to make your brochure accessible to a wider audience by converting it into a digital format then you have come to the right place. By simply uploading your PDFs into our easy-to-use portal you can re-create your brochure into a digital version that can be viewed across desktop devices or across mobile and tablet devices. PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker can also create an app for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire devices much like the Sunvil example below. As the arrival of the era of paperless, people’s reading way is changed. Instead of traditional paper book, now most people prefer to read ebook on their PC, Mac, iPad and mobile phone. As long as the local network coverage, people can free to read digital books of interest, no matter what place, such as office/mall restaurant/family housing.

The new version of Digital Brochure Maker provides global digital publishers a new solution for publishing e catalogs to mobile-friendly HTML5 format. Users can simply import static PDF, Word document or PPT file into PUB HTML5 FlipBook Maker(HTML5 supported), then it converts imported file into attractive yet interactive page flipping catalog. It also allows users to embed photo gallery, shopping icons, movies, shapes etc into digital catalog for making it more entertaining to read.

To making digital brochure, you still need to prepare the imported PDF file. But you donot need to print, just use PUB Digital Brochure Maker to convert PDF into sliding digital brochure, for mobile phone and computer reading. The whole conversion process is independent and effective, without need to use any other software.

How can I make digital brochure with PUB HTML5? I have no idea about flash or coding. Don’t worry. Apply PUB HTML5 to make your book and then you will find it is nothing.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

PUB HTML5 100% free Digital Brochure Maker; Free Online Brochure Creator

See PUB HTML5 Brochure Maker Feature:


Our solution automatically detects the type of device a reader is using when accessing the online edition. If it detects a mobile device, it will serve up an HTML5 version Brochure that allows it to be read on all smartphones and tablets. This creation of two versions is automatically done when we create your online edition. There is no additional charge..

2. Easy Share with Others via Email or Social Networks

Type your account to login, if you are free users, we suggested that you should subscribe premium version, because premium users can use more templates and edit page with video, link, button and so on. Then choose template and theme, if you want to use different theme, you can open custom settings panel to create a unique one. All of your readers’ friends and family likely have similar interests and passions. This is good news for you and great news for your advertisers! With “one-click sharing” available on many major social media networks, readers can share your content across the globe. When your content is shared, your clients’ ads are shared too.

3. Zoomable Content and Wonderful Reading Experience

The Brochure made by PUB HTML5 brings a wonderful reading experience and visual enjoyment to your readers. They can flexibly zoom in or zoom out, flip the Brochure pages with iconic page turning sound and natural page spine curves. Readers will feel like reading a realistic paper book. Also you can set melodious song as background music to enhance the digital experience..

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