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PUB HTML5 Digital Catalog Creator for Online Business

Create ecommerce enabled digital catalog for inspiring people to purchase.

Digital Catalog Creator Ecommerce Embaled Edit Page with Animation

Quick Tour of PubHTML5

Why PubHTML5?

The Scale, Speed, Cost, Impact and ROI of catalog marketing are redefined by PUB HTML5 Digital Catalog Creator that empowers sales teams to create and broadcast high quality, fully personalized interactive catalogs; Look at a PUB HTML5 Flipping Book and you will see the huge difference between an ordinary PDF catalog and a premium online digital publication with a built-in E-Commerce engine. Now customers can make online purchases directly from the pages of your digital catalog. This is a great chance for online businesses to increase revenue or for anyone to start selling online using a simple PDF converted to a Flipping Book format. PUB HTML5 Digital Catalog provides the new sales platform for the majority of the seller. Unlike the printed brochures, digital catalog display your product images in a dynamic environment. This will give your readers a funny reading experience and then trust and prefer to choose you. Besides, while readers browse your product information by digital catalog, they can also click the highlight hot-spot to learn more the relevant information. After all, only put a product image on page is not enough, you need to add some product description, right?

PUB HTML5 is digital catalog creator which helps to create ecommerce enabled digital catalog for inspiring people to purchase. This software is simple to use, so that you donot need to coding. You just need to do some clicks and then PDF will be converted into HTML5 digital catalog.

To making ecommerce enabled digital catalog, you need to use animation editor from PUB HTML5 to add highlight hot-spot, animated images and linkable button.

PUB HTML5 Digital Catalog Creator enhance your existing digital catalog with an exciting in-store experience and create a new revenue channel streamed onto all digital devices! It’s time to fully realize your business’s online revenue producing ability. Utilizing ePaperFlip’s digital catalog software will make that a reality! This immersive experience
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Introduction of PUB HTML5 Animation Editor Feature

1. Highlight Hot-spot

Most people may confuse that what is hot-spot. Does it WIFI? Actually, hot-spot for digital catalog is a highlight and outstanding spot, which is designed for inspiring people to open product webpage and then purchase.

2. Animated Images

No matter how attractive your product image design, image is still static. We know that people always pay more attention to dynamic thing. How to make your static image become dynamic? Pub HTML5 Animation Editor Feature allows you to add images, and then define to enter in and out of the effect of those images.

3. Linkable Button

It means you can add some buttons on digital catalog with the help of PUB HTML5. And also define the button action as open url/play audio/video. Once readers click the button, they can enter into the product webpage or enjoy music/video.

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