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All-In-One Digital Magazine Editor to Make Interactive Magazine with Video and Animation

PubHTML5 provides user-friendly interface, well-designed templates and powerful animation digital magazine editor for magazine and brochure designers.

Digital Magazine Editor User-Friendly Interface Well-Designed Magazine Templates

Responsive digital magazine

Why PubHTML5?

Digital publications are an essential presentation in the modern day fun and corporate world. More and more readers looking for a compact piece of software that will create digital magazine and deploy them fastly and efficiently. PubHTML5 promised that readers no longer need to hire a professional designer for their digital magazine because it provides user-friendly interface, well-designed templates and powerful animated digital magazine editor which make users create digital magazine become more conveniently and funny. In PubHTML5, everyone can publish interactive digital magazines online and create beautiful rich-media page flipping book in HTML5.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

PubHTML5 as a digital magazine editor

Introduce PubHTML5 as a digital magazine editor

1. Rich and varied multimedia content

Having a strong multimedia content strategy helps to effectively and efficiently reach your entire audience. The content you create should be as devise as it is rich. With PubHTML5, you can embed rich media into your digital magazine, such as YouTube video, link , button, and photo slideshow. Once done, PDF will no longer be a static page, it become vivid and interactive. YouTube video and photo slideshow can show your product in the round. Link and button help you to inspire people to purchase.

2. Abundant pre-made templates and themes

If you are a beginner in digital magazine editing, please do not worry, using PubHTML5 software can easily create a beautiful digital magazine for you, because PubHTML5 is a lot of interesting themes and templates for your choice and use. If you want to design a unique digital magazine, just open the custom settings panel to adjust the digital magazine’s background, toolbars and fonts. PubHTML5 allows you to create your own magazines using a simple online editor. You can draw shapes, write text and add rich media elements such as video and audio players.

3. Animated digital magazine

Creating animated PDF publication that include interactive element will make your digital magazine looks realistic so that your audience will not feel boring when they look at your magazines. The most important thing is that animated digital magazines are more likely to attract the attention of audiences.

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