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PUB HTML5 Digital Newspaper Software to Publish Online Newspaper

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About online publishing

If you’ve created your grand digital newspaper, you may expect to online publish your digital work. Don’t worry. The PUB HTML5 offers an online share service that allows you to share your creative digital work online with others. Online sharing is especially important when you are business users because a fabulous digital Newspaper of your company may tremendously attract potential customers. Individual users may also apply the online service to share their digital Newspaper with their friends or other web users. When you use the online share service to online publish your digital magazine, you’ll get an online link (URL) to your publication. You may either insert the link to your social networks like facebook, twitter, or send it to your friends and they may straight open it on their web browsers. Enhance published content with PUB HTML5’s creative tools to publish interactive digital magazines, newspapers and other collateral. PageSuite’s online software publisher tools allow unlimited video, rich media and branding opportunities across digital, mobile and tablet editions. You’ll be able to include unlimited rich media and videos to increase user engagement. Including videos alongside your content will help to increase the amount of time readers spend reading your edition and will deliver a more enhanced user experience. Readers will be auto-served HTML5 web editions on both their smartphone and tablet devices. You’ll have the ability to layer YouTube videos and add interactive links throughout editions.
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Create HTML5 Project That Supports All The Main Stream Mobile Devices!

The PUB HTML5 creates digital newspaper publications that are compatible with nearly all the main stream mobile devices including IPAD,IPhone, Android, etc. Once you have online published yourdigital magazine, your digital work may reach all different kinds of users. People with a tablet, a PC, an Iphone, can all share your gorgeous digital magazine by downloading or simply by web browsing. Once you are authorized to use the online share service of PUB HTML5, you get unlimited right of cloud storage and sharing! For business users, the greatest advantage of online sharing is bringing huge traffic to their web pages thus greatly increase their potential customers. With PUB HTML5, Your content delivered to all smartphone and tablet platforms with a rich, engaging and compelling consumer experience.

PUB HTML5 automatically converts your digital newspaper to work on multiple devices, so you only need to do the work once. That will be a pleasant experience with straightforward software which needs no time-consuming training process. The online newspaper creator is very flexible, allowing you to use your own designs, logos, colours, backgrounds and languages in your masterpiece, and allows you to password protect your design. You can use an app on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone to edit and update your creation, making as many changes as you like. Once it’s complete, you can even upload it to social networks! If you want to produce large volumes of newspaper from PDFs, you can automate publication to speed the process up.

online publish your digital magazine!

1. Use our cloud-hosting service

Compared with a FTP server, which usually charges high service fee, the online share service realizes online cloud storage and sharing much faster and more convenient. You may need minimum service fees to achieve maximum quality. No specific programming knowledge is needed to achieve your online publishing. Click the UPLOAD ONLINE button to online publish your digital magazine, please ensure to use your account to log in first.

2. Save your project as plug in to realise online sharing

Online publishing can also be realized though another way with no charges at all. You may click the PUBLISH TO LOCAL button to save your project as plug-in first. Then you may insert your project as plug-ins to your social networks to achieve social sharing. When published with PUB HTML5, digital newspaper look perfect and they can be easily read on iPads, iPhones or Android devices. Moreover, they can be accessed almost immediately without downloading. A high-quality product newspaper with beautiful skin, sound, video and shopping cart icons all put together in one organic design are the greatest call to action for a customer. They convey a clear message: “Don’t hesitate. Place your order now!”

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