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2016 Chenire Energy Annual Report

Published by bspaulding, 2016-04-06 15:08:48

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2015CHENIEREIN THE COMMUNITY An annual report of Cheniere Energy’s community investment and outreach efforts.

TO OUR STAKEHOLDERSIn 2015, Cheniere achieved significant their communities. We also launched newmilestones as a leader in America’s ongoing programs, such as the Youth Lead Council andenergy revolution. We began commissioning of the Craft Development Workforce Program,Train 1 at our Sabine Pass Liquefaction facility. that focus on educating the next generation ofWhen operations start in early 2016, it will mark leaders and developing a skilled workforce.the first LNG exports to leave the continentalUnited States. In addition, we reached final Cheniere provided important support to a diverseinvestment decision and began construction group of organizations in 2015. We funded muchon our Corpus Christi Liquefaction project. needed renovations to the Johnson Bayou Rural Health Clinic in Cameron Parish, Louisiana,Cheniere is proud to be investing nearly $30 and made significant contributions to local lawbillion in world-class infrastructure along the U.S. enforcement and first responders in Texas’Gulf Coast. We are equally proud to be investing Coastal Bend. We provided major grants to theour time and resources in the communities National Hurricane Museum and Science Centerwhere we live and work. In communities across in Lake Charles and the Texas State AquariumLouisiana and Texas, Cheniere continues to in Corpus Christi. Our employees also had largeinvest in existing community programs – as impacts as volunteers at events like the “Conquerwell as initiate new efforts and partnerships. the Coast” bike ride in south Texas and our ownThis annual community investment report will Wounded Warrior Fishing Classic in Louisiana.highlight the worthy programs and activitiesCheniere and our employees have dedicated Cheniere remains committed to investing intime and resources to over the past year. the communities where we live and work. We look forward to building upon our localIn 2015, we expanded efforts such as the involvement, our support of worthy causes,Ambassador Grant Program and Community and our tradition of responsible corporateInvestment Councils that encourage our citizenship in 2016 and beyond.employees to take an active role in supporting

“...our CONTENTSSabine Pass 4 New Craft Development ProgramLiquefaction 6 Youth Lead Council Programproject will 7 Supporting Local Workforce Effortsmark the 8 Ambassador Grant Programfirst LNG 9 Ambassador Grant Spotlightexports to 10 Community Investment Councilsever leave the 10 Positive Behavior Programcontinental 11 Southeast Texas Youth Career Expo 11 Energy DayU.S.” 12 Wounded Warrior Annual Fishing Classic 13 BEARing Gifts 14 Conquer the Coast 15 Gator Grand Prix 16 Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition 17 San Patricio County Day at The Capitol 18 Texas LNG Day 19 Louisiana LNG Day 20 USS Lexington Coastal Bend Appreciation 21 Bayou Festival 22 Johnson Bayou Rural Health Clinic 22 Taft Blackland Museum 23 Gift of Life 24 Texas State Aquarium 25 National Hurricane Museum and Science Center 26 Meet and Greet Meetings in the Coastal Bend 27 Local Contractor Information Session 28 First Responders 29 Firefighter Challenge 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 3

NEW CRAFT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMDue to the high demand for specialized craft in the partner colleges or military installations and (2) advancedGulf Coast and Coastal Bend regions, Cheniere welding training at a Cheniere-sponsored facility.created a new Craft Development Program in 2015designed to identify and train local young people with Each candidate accepted into the program receivesa desire to embark on a rewarding craft career. hands-on industry focused training and is monitored closely throughout the program. Additionally, candidatesInitially focused on welding technology, the unique receive tuition reimbursement during Phase 1, full-program is executed through strategic partnerships time pay during Phase 2, and are eligible for additionalwith community colleges and technical schools located performance-based incentives as well. There are variousin the communities where Cheniere operates. The “gates” built into the curriculum, which allow candidatesprogram is custom designed for high school seniors to exit the program at different times based on theirwith welding experience, community college students, welding skill and aptitude. The goal is hire individualsand transitioning U.S. Army veterans from Fort Polk, who successfully complete the program and ultimatelyLouisiana. The program lasts 6-18 months and consists deploy them onto Cheniere projects under construction.of two distinct phases: (1) initial welding training at

“This partnership fostering E D U C AT I O N between Cheniere and the U.S. Army helps Soldiers transition to civilian life while learning a valuable skill set for their career.” - Keith Teague Executive Vice PresidentThe inaugural class of the Craft Development Program from Fort Polk.The first candidates were admitted into the Craft Teague both spoke to the audience about the uniqueDevelopment Program in late spring 2015. Cheniere partnership established between the organizationshosted acceptance receptions in May at SOWELA to provide opportunities for transitioning U.S. ArmyTechnical Community College in Lake Charles and veterans. This partnership is one of the first of itsLamar Institute of Technology in Beaumont to honor the kind across the Army. The first two classes of militaryinaugural class. Following a brief presentation, candidates trainees have proven that the skills and trainingand their parents had the opportunity to tour the welding soldiers receive in the Army are equally valuableinstructional facilities and meet faculty and administrators. in developing a career as a skilled craftsman.A ceremony was also held in August at Central Louisiana All high school students in Southwest Louisiana,Technical Community College in Leesville, Louisiana Southeast Texas and the Coast Bend with weldingto recognize the inaugural class of Soldiers from Fort experience are eligible to apply for next year’s class.Polk participating in the program. Brigadier General Applications are distributed in the early spring. ForMcGuire, the Fort Polk Commanding General, and more information on the Craft Development Program,Cheniere Executive Vice President of Assets, Keith please visit Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 5

YOUTH LEAD COUNCIL PROGRAMCheniere launched the Youth Leadership Enrichment end, marine grade tables and seating arrangements,and Development (LEAD) Program in Louisiana and as well as trash bins, plants and other enhancementsTexas in 2014. LEAD was designed by Cheniere to to complete the outdoor classrooms. Additionally, theengage the next generation of leaders in community Council purchased and delivered gift baskets to aservice by empowering students to make project number of senior citizens throughout the parish.decisions, coordinate work and allocate budgets.Each state has a Council that is comprised of “To be able to have a large amount of money to maketwelve students who are given budget of $20,000 a difference in our community was something we hadprovided by Cheniere, who then identify and never experienced before,” said Council member Tyexecute local community service projects in their Little. Brooklyn Frerks added, “LEAD has given usrespective communities. Each council concluded real world knowledge of how to be a leader and get atheir first year of projects in the summer of 2015. project from just an idea to a tangible accomplishment.”Cheniere’s Laura Ferrell, who coordinates In Portland, the Youth LEAD Council chose to installand facilitates the Councils, said, “This year, I outdoor fitness equipment in Simpson Park.witnessed the leadership development ofeach student during their time with the LEAD Working closely with the city, the council membersCouncil, which was extremely rewarding.” received the support of the Portland City Council to help execute the project. At the ribbon-The Youth LEAD Council in Cameron Parish identified cutting ceremony, Portland Mayor Pete Perkinsa need for outdoor classroom equipment at each of the and Gregory-Portland High School Principalfour high schools. This included items such as high- Barbara Cade provided remarks that applauded their work to better their the community.

SUPPORTING LOCAL WORKFORCE EFFORTS fostering E D U C AT I O NIn an effort to invest in workforce development with local school districts and colleges, Cheniere donated$250,000 to Del Mar College this year in order to help fund the Process and Instrumentation TechnologyPilot Plant at the school’s west campus. This award was one of the largest in the college’s history.As a result, this Pilot Plant will serve as a working model of a distillation unit similar to thoseat refineries and petrochemical plants and provide students the opportunity to work with thesame instrumentation, controls and processes found in many industrial plants today.“Cheniere is proud to be a leading industry partner for this project, which will ensure students in the Coastal Bend have access to the same high-quality technology found in the workplace,” said Pat Outtrim, Vice President ofGovernment and Regulatory Affairs at Cheniere. “This state-of-the-art training facility will be an important toolto help train the next generation of skilled technicians for careers in a variety of fields throughout industry.”“Del Mar’s partnership with Coastal Bend industry “Cheniere is proudis an essential factor to building the workforce to be a leadingthat will keep our region a competitor in the global industry partner market” said Lenora Keas, Interim Provost and for this project, whichVice President of Instruction and Student Affairs. will ensure students in the Coastal BendThe plant was made possible through public- private partnerships among Del Mar College, theCity of Corpus Christi, the Type A Board and local companies such as Cheniere. The facilityis anticipated to be operational in 2016. have access to the same high-quality technology found in the workplace” 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 7

AMBASSADOR GRANT PROGRAMCheniere established the Ambassador Grant Program In 2015 alone, The Ambassador Grant Programin 2013 to provide our employees the opportunity provided over $78,000 in philanthropic contributionsto guide the company’s community investment to organizations throughout the Gulf Coast.decisions. The program allows employees todirect a $200 corporate contribution to any non- The Ambassador Grant Program has allowedprofit organization located in a community where Cheniere to expand our reach and impact throughouthe or she works or lives. Employees are also able the region. It plays a large role in directing ourto group their contributions together in order to philanthropic contributions to causes and organizationsmake a larger impact on a single organization. that are important to our employees and their communities. We are proud of the fact that eachIn the past three years, the program has flourished employee has the opportunity to engage in ourinto an impactful platform - resulting in over community investment efforts through this program$175,000 of contributions to nearly 90 charitable and look forward to expanding its reach in 2016.organizations in Louisiana and Texas.Cheniere employees present a check from the Ambassador Grant Program to representatives from Connections Individual and Family Services in Portland, Texas.

Cheniere employees present check to Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston, Texas. selfless V O L U N T E E R I N GAMBASSADOR GRANT SPOTLIGHTThe Ambassador Grant Program offers the option As members of the El Mina Shriners, Hetzel, Willifordfor Cheniere employees to pool their contributions and Hance wear clown costumes and put smilesto create one large grant to a particular cause. In on children’s faces every third Friday of the month.2015, Randall Hetzel, Will Williford and Lowell They enjoy cake, goody bags and children withHance encouraged over 45 employees at birthdays that month receive gifts from the clowns.Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Liquefaction facility to Additionally, these same three employees also go togroup their Ambassador Grants together for an the hospital every Christmas morning so that they canincredible $9,200 contribution to the Shriner’s join Santa in giving presents to all of the children.Hospital for Children in Galveston, Texas. “If not for the Ambassador Grant Program and theAll three men are Cheniere employees and members whole Cheniere family, it would be more difficultof the Nem Loof Clowns in the El Mina Shriners, for our hospitals to function,” said Hetzel. “Wewhich are best known for their community service, have children come to Shriners Hospital fromcivic involvement and their support of the Shriners all over the world to receive treatment. It is veryHospital for Children. Shriners Hospital provides tough seeing these kids burnt as bad as theyadvanced care for children with orthopedic conditions, are, from amputated limbs to badly deformedburns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate faces, but seeing them smile and cheering them—­­ all at no charge for children under the age of 18. up throughout the year sure makes it worth it.”2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 9

COMMUNITY INVESTMENT COUNCILSOur commitment to our local communities is In 2015, over $155,500 was distributed to localdemonstrated in part through programs such schools, universities and civic Cheniere’s Community Investment Councils. The Councils supported causes including seniorThe Councils are comprised of local employees citizen agencies, a women’s shelter, feeding thewho identify needs within the community and less fortunate, and an organization that works todirect contributions and volunteer time to defeat life-threatening diseases.address those needs. POSITIVE BEHAVIOR PROGRAM Community Investment Council In Cameron Parish, Cheniere’s Community Investment Council sponsored the new positive behavior program for students K-12 at Johnson Bayou High School during the 2015-16 school year. Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a program mandated by the State Department of Education and is a support system with a heavily researched approach to rewarding positive behavior in all students. Students are awarded by school faculty or staff with “Rebel Bucks” when they show positive or exceptional behavior. The students can then redeem these “bucks” in the PBIS store for prizes that were purchased with Cheniere’s financial donation. Also, at the end of each nine-week period, students participate in positive behavior celebration events.  “Thanks to Cheniere’s sponsorship of our school’s PBIS program, the students are more productive in their classrooms, act responsibly, and think proactively,” said Andria Monceaux, Johnson Bayou High School Interventionist and Elementary Lead Teacher.Cheniere employees present contribution to Johnson Bayou High School.

SOUTHEAST TEXAS YOUTH CAREER EXPO selfless V O L U N T E E R I N GIn October, Cheniere sponsored the Southeast Texas experienced employees on hand to discuss theYouth Career Fair at Ford Park in Beaumont. This day potential for employment with the company and in theprovided an opportunity for 3,000 high school juniors industry in general. The Cheniere team also providedand seniors enrolled in career and technology classes an interactive demonstration illustrating the benefits ofin Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties to learn natural gas as well as its safety.about potential career pathways. The students wereprovided information concerning the availability of jobs This opportunity greatly benefitted the next generationand livable wages and participated in an interviewing in our workforce as they begin to plan their futures. Itworkshop to increase their job readiness skills. also provided an important platform for local industries and companies to speak directly to students who mayCheniere provided a display booth filled with be able to fill future talent gaps without needing toinformation about jobs in the LNG industry and had move far from home.ENERGY DAYThe 5th Annual Energy Day Festival was held at SamHouston Park in downtown Houston on Saturday,October 17th. Energy Day is Houston’s largest free familyfestival showcasing science, technology, engineeringand mathematics (STEM). Last year, a record crowd of27,000 students, teachers and the general public cameout to view more than 75 interactive exhibits. This festivalhelps reinforce the importance of STEM educationand the development of new energy technology.For the second year in a row, Cheniere held one ofthe premier booths at the festival, featuring live LNGdemonstrations to show how natural gas transformsinto a liquid and its effects on common objects suchas a rose and ping pong ball. Cheniere engineerseducated students, teacher and families on LNG safetyand how it is transported overseas. Students werealso able to interview the engineers and gain valuablecareer information and ask questions about LNG.2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 11

WOUNDED WARRIOR ANNUAL FISHING CLASSICCheniere’s Community Investment Council solely of Wounded Warriors. The burden of fundraisingsponsored their 4th Annual Charitable Fishing is nearly eliminated with the help of sponsors likeClassic benefiting the Louisiana Heroes Project Cheniere. This puts our focus where it needs toand Wounded Warrior Association of East Texas be, on our nation’s newest Wounded Warriors.”and Western Louisiana. This year’s event raisedover $20,000 for the veterans groups, making The next day, over 100 participants enjoyed fishingit the most profitable fishing classic to date. on Sabine Lake and nearby bayous, eating Cajun cuisine and listening to the sounds of an authenticThe event kicked off with a dinner banquet at Cajun band. The volunteers and the U.S. Naval Seathe Johnson Bayou Community Center on Friday Cadet Corps – Chennault Battalion of SWLA assistedevening where the Wounded Warriors, military during the meal and weighing in of fish, ensuringrepresentatives, sponsors and volunteers enjoyed the Wounded Warriors had a great experience.a dinner provided and served by Moncla’s catering.The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Chennault “It was truly an honor and privilege for the U.S. NavalBattalion of SWLA presented the colors, and Sea Cadet Corps - Chennault Battalion to be a partattendees honored our military with tributes to of the Cheniere LNG’s Wounded Warrior Fishingour soldiers and heartfelt speeches expressing Classic,” said Nicole Doucet, Naval Sea Cadetgratitude for the sacrifices made by so many. Corps public relations and recruiting officer. “The experience of being able to assist and interact withBuck Collins, the founder of the Wounded Warrior the veterans who have sacrificed so much to protectAssociation of East Texas and Western Louisiana, our country and freedom was beyond words. Theiradded, “It’s simply not possible to have 20-40 events sacrifice and dedication to the United States ofa year without the help of some very generous America has paved the way for our young cadetsdonors and sponsors. Our organization is comprised to be able to proudly follow in their footsteps.”

BEARING GIFTS selfless V O L U N T E E R I N GEarly in December, employees from Cheniere’s headquartersspread holiday cheer by spending an afternoon volunteeringfor the BEARing Gifts program in central Houston. BEARingGifts provides holiday gifts to children under the care ofChild Protective Services (CPS) who otherwise would have noholiday at all. The annual toy drive raises over 20,000 giftsfor over 6,000 children in CPS custody.In addition to bringing their own toy donations, a group of Cheniereemployees unloaded toys and gifts as donors dropped themoff, sorted and categorized all of the pieces, and even did someof the shopping for missing items from children’s wish lists.The BEARING Gifts program is coordinated through the Be aResource (BEAR) for CPS Kids organization. BEAR is a public/private partnership that provides emergency goods and servicesdirectly to children under the care of CPS in Harris County.2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 13

CONQUER THE COAST Cheniere was also the winner of the Corporate Challenge, which was awarded to the companyCheniere had a major presence at this year’s with the most riders and volunteers to support the“Conquer the Coast,” the Coastal Bend’s premier bike event. Our company’s commitment to the region was race. Conquer the Coast promotes a green, healthy evident that weekend as many of the participating lifestyle, and it also supports local programs such as employees traveled from Houston – with somethe Corpus Christi Chamber Foundation, Leadership coming all the way from Southwest Louisiana.Corpus Christi, CC Under 40, Bikes for Kids and theTexas A&M Corpus Christi Islander Athletic Fund. “Cheniere Energy has a longstanding commitment to, and strong relationship with, Corpus Christi and itsOver 1,700 riders registered, including 150 employees surrounding communities,” said Chad Zamarin, president from Cheniere. Another 50 employees worked as of Cheniere Pipeline and Midstream and Conquervolunteers. Riders chose from one of three possible the Coast Team Captain. “We are thrilled to show ourcourses – 65 miles, 25 miles and the 10-mile Family support for the local community and local businessesand Kids Ride, which Cheniere sponsored. through our participation in the 2015 Conquer the Coast. Winning the Corporate Challenge is a greatCheniere employees and their families supported recognition of our employees and it demonstratesthe ride with a pre-ride pep rally the night before that we will continue to be a good neighbor within theand a post-race picnic with local community leaders, Corpus Christi community for many years to come.” legislators and special guests at the Solomon OrtizCenter. During the picnic, guests enjoyed barbequewith all the fixings and race-themed beveragessuch as the 65 Miler and the Coastal Breeze.

GATOR GRAND PRIX selfless V O L U N T E E R I N GCheniere was pleased to be a part of this at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles. Inyear’s Gator Grand Prix, a nonprofit event their first year as a team, Cheniere racersto support the local veterans of Southwest also took 3rd place in the Stock Division andLouisiana. This simple go-kart racing fundraiser placed 4th in the Open Division. In addition,has grown into a grand prix-styled course Cheniere also took home the “Most Creativeincluding both indoor and outdoor elements, pit Kart” award at the event. Family, friends andcrews, personal mechanics, kart modifications fellow Cheniere employees made a grandand experienced drivers. The race has also showing to support the team and the cause.been upgraded to now include two divisions,the Stock Division and Open Division for Cheniere looks forward to competing forparticipants who thrive on the thrill of racing. the Cryo Cup again in 2016 to help support our local veterans.Cheniere’s team was awarded the Cryo Cupwhile participating in the Go Kart race held2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 15

LOUISIANA GULF COAST OIL EXPOSITIONCheniere Energy was the “Welcome Sponsor” at gas industry. French said, “LAGCOE is an idealthis year’s Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition time for Cheniere to tell our unique story and to(LAGCOE). The biennial event, which is one of the discuss the future of the natural gas industry aslargest oil and gas industry expositions in the United we begin exporting LNG from Cameron ParishStates, welcomed more than 16,400 participants and in 2016. Natural gas exports will be a significant448 exhibitors from across the globe for a week-long driver of the state’s economy in the years ahead,event at the Cajundome & Convention Center in and we are excited to be a part of Louisiana’sLafayette, Louisiana. During the Expo, participants incredible economic development story.”have access to state-of-the-art equipment, service,and technologies, as well as technical presentations Cheniere also hosted a cocktail reception wherefrom worldwide leaders in the onshore and offshore nearly 150 local industry and business leadersoil and gas exploration and production industry. throughout the state attended to learn more about the company and its projects along the Gulf Coast.The sponsorship provided Cheniere a platform tohighlight the tremendous economic impact LNG “...we are excited to be a partexport projects will bring to the state of Louisiana. of Louisiana’s incredibleJason French, Senior Director of Government economic development story...”and Public Affairs, delivered a keynote addresshighlighting Cheniere’s perseverance and positivemessage during a challenging time for the oil and

SAN PATRICIO COUNTY aiding G O V E R N M E N TDAY AT THE CAPITOLIn February, Cheniere worked with the San Patricio CountyEconomic Development Corporation to organize the inauguralSan Pat Day at the state capitol in Austin. Cheniere helpedto spearhead this effort because it provided a platformto spotlight the extraordinary development occurring inthe county and its importance to the Texas economy.On the floor of the Texas House of Representatives, StateRepresentative JM Lozano recognized the group in thegallery and presented a resolution highlighting the economicdevelopment currently happening in San Patricio County andthe Coastal Bend region. In addition to having the chanceto talk with Rep. Lozano and Rep. Hunter during the day,representatives from other agencies, such as the TexasDepartment of Transportation and the Texas Commissionon Environmental Quality, were able to discuss pending andfuture issues that could potentially impact San Patricio County.That evening, Cheniere hosted a reception for everyone thathad traveled to Austin from San Patricio County, as well aslocal lawmakers and their staffs. Some of the local officials thatattended included Judge Terry Simpson, GPISD SuperintendentDr. Paul Clore and Ingleside City Manager Jim Gray.Cheniere believes it is important that state lawmakersunderstand the importance of the infrastructure investmentsunder development in San Patricio County and the economicengine this region will be for the state in the years to come.The inaugural San Pat Day at the Capitol was a greatopportunity to highlight and spread that message to others. 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 17

TEXAS LNG DAYCheniere led the efforts behind the inaugural LNG Day in Texas, which took place onFebruary 25th at the state capitol in Austin.Resolutions were passed in both the House and Senate supporting LNG exports and urgingCongress to streamline the permitting process for new facilities across the country. LNGprojects and other sponsors had display tables set up in the Capitol and met with lawmakersas they viewed the displays and asked questions about the projects. There were alsoseveral productive meetings held with legislators and staff about the many positive impactsexports will have to the state economy. That evening, Cheniere and the other sponsorshosted a legislative reception for all legislators and staff at Serrano’s Restaurant.Partners in LNG Day at the Texas capitol included other LNG export projects in Texas,trade associations, and upstream energy companies. At Cheniere, we are committed toeducating and informing public policy leaders about the benefits of LNG exports and ourprojects specifically. This event was an impactful way to highlight natural gas exports withthis audience and emphasize the economic opportunities for our state and country. Representatives from Cheniere Energy pictured with Representative JM Lozano from Portland during Texas LNG Day.

LOUISIANA LNG DAY aiding G O V E R N M E N TThis year’s LNG Day at the Louisiana State Capitol was held on May 13th. Cheniere hasspearheaded this event since early 2013 in an effort to continue to educate the publicand policy leaders about the benefits of LNG exports for the State of Louisiana.After meeting with state leaders in the Capitol rotunda, the House of Representativesrecognized LNG Day participants by unanimously passing a concurrent resolution recognizingthe event and declaring their unwavering support for LNG exports. Once the legislatureadjourned for the day, a reception with nearly 100 elected officials and local businessleaders was held at the Jimmie Davis House to conclude the LNG Day festivities.Other industry members who participated in this year’s event were America’s Natural GasAlliance, Cameron LNG, Lake Charles LNG, Magnolia LNG, Chesapeake Energy, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Louisiana Oil and Gas Association and Our Energy Moment. Louisiana LNG Day sponsors pictured with Speaker Chuck Kleckley on the floor of the House of Representatives. 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 19

Congressman Blake Farenthold making remarks during the Coastal Bend Appreciation Event at the USS Lexington.USS LEXINGTON COASTAL BEND APPRECIATIONOn April 9th, Cheniere hosted a community In addition, Congressman Blake Farenthold describedappreciation reception aboard the USS Lexington the enormous impact the project will have in the regionin Corpus Christi Harbor. The event was held to and Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson spoke about howthank regional stakeholders – residents, elected this facility will help make the U.S. a global energy leader.officials and community leaders – for their continuedsupport and partnership through the development Over 450 guests were in attendance aboard the Worldof the Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project. War II aircraft carrier, which was decommissioned in 1991 and has been designated a National HistoricCheniere’s Chairman and CEO shared his Landmark. Cheniere is proud to be a member ofappreciation to all residents of the Coastal the Coastal Bend community and is grateful for theBend community and emphasized Cheniere’s partnership we share with our local community.continued commitment to the region.

BAYOU FESTIVAL celebrating C O M M U N I T Y Cheniere hosts an annual celebration in Cameron Parish to thank the Johnson Bayou and Cameron Parish community for their continued support and partnership. This past year, the event was held on May 2nd and featured a day of fun, games, crawfish and the music of Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush at Crain Brothers Ranch. Over 1,600 residents came together to celebrate and continue the solid relationship that Cheniere shares with our neighbors. Bayou Festival has become a much anticipated event throughout the community, and we look forward to another successful celebration in 2016. “...there is no way you can set apart Cheniere from the community...we are the same fabric... same mentality... you can’t separate the two.” - R yan Bourriaque Cameron Parish Administrator2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 21

JOHNSON BAYOU RURAL HEALTH CLINIC In 2015, Cheniere Energy provided funding for much needed renovations to the Johnson Bayou Rural Health Clinic. The clinic, built by Cheniere in 2007, services the Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach communities as well as Cheniere’s Sabine Pass plant employees. Previous damage from Hurricane Ike plus deterioration from the harsh coastal weather caused problems that needed tobe addressed. Repairs included a new roof, flooring, air conditioning units along with other needs.Barry Hunt, Board President of the Johnson Bayou Rural Health Clinic, said, “It is with a glad heart that we offerspecial thanks to Cheniere Energy for all that they have done in the past and are doing now for our JohnsonBayou Rural Health Clinic. Their concern for the well-being of our clinic, and especially our patients, continuesto benefit us all and we are truly grateful.”TAFT BLACKLAND MUSEUMThere is a great deal of pride in the heritage and history and early cultures of South Texas, including naturalof the Coastal Bend region in Texas, and Cheniere history, agricultural operations and cattle dedicated to supporting the local museums andhistorical foundations that maintain this link to the past. This historic museum captures the history and heritageThe Blackland Museum in Taft received $10,000 from of Taft and its benefactors. In the 1800s and earlyCheniere in 2015 that will allow the museum to preserve 1900s, the city was known as a “company town”and present the agricultural history of Taft and San because of the large number of residents that workedPatricio County through building renovations and repairs. for the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company, a cattle raising, farming, and shipping company. Today, theThe Blackland Museum was founded in 1979 and museum is housed in the building that once was theopened its doors to the general public in 1986. As the headquarters for the company in the early 1900s.third largest museum in the Coastal Bend, the BlacklandMuseum displays historical artifacts from local towns

GIFT OF LIFE community A D VA N C E M E N TThrough the Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, Cheniere provided funding for free clinical breastexams and mammograms to more than forty medically under served women in Port Arthur, Texas.Cheniere also participated in The Gift of Life’s annual luncheon at the Art Museum of SoutheastTexas that honored breast cancer survivors. Since inception, the Gift of Life has diagnosed nearly200 Southeast Texas women with breast cancer and navigated them into treatment.“We have partnered with the Gift of Life program for multiple years now,” said Cindy McGee,Government and Public Affairs liaison, “and we are proud to be associated with this programthat focuses on awareness, prevention and detection of breast cancer.”In addition to supporting The Gift of Life Program in the Port Arthur area, Cheniere also sponsors a mobile mammography unit in Houston each year and contributes to cancer awareness programs in Texas and Louisiana. 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 23

TEXAS STATE AQUARIUM Texas State Aquarium makes an impact in both of those areas,\" said Pat Outtrim, Vice President of GovernmentCheniere Energy made a $1 million donation to and Regulatory Affairs at Cheniere. \"They do both of the Texas State Aquarium, which will be used those in a superb way. It was a natural fit for us.\" to support the development of the facility’s brand new Caribbean Journey exhibit. The Caribbean Journey exhibit will include three levels of fish tanks, a 100-seat 4-D theater, an interactive jungle exhibit,The 65,000 square-foot exhibit, which is scheduled a Caribbean shark habitat and a stingray touch exhibit. to open in the spring of 2017, will nearly double the size of the current footprint and allow the Aquarium This donation continues Cheniere’s ten-year partnership to broaden its focus from the marine life of the Gulf with the Texas State Aquarium, which was recently of Mexico to include those of the Caribbean. voted one of the top ten aquariums in North America in USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards.\"Cheniere looks to contribute to organizations that are involved in education and/or the environment, and the

NATIONAL HURRICANE MUSEUM community A D VA N C E M E N TAND SCIENCE CENTEROn September 25th, Cheniere sponsoreda reception and dinner in Lake Charles toencourage support for the capital campaign forthe National Hurricane Museum and ScienceCenter. The event was held at the historicCalcasieu National Marine Bank and the themeof the evening was “Prepare, Survive, Recover,Learn” in recognition of the 10th anniversary ofHurricane Rita. Guests held a moment of silenceto honor those lost during the storm and toremember the recovery efforts during that time.At the event, Cheniere committed another$200,000 towards the development of the NationalHurricane Museum, in addition to the $200,000the company contributed in 2014. Jason French,Senior Director of Government and PublicAffairs at Cheniere, encouraged guests to jointhe company in dedicating funds to the capitalcampaign for this important educational center.The state-of-the-art facility, to be located onthe lake-front in downtown Lake Charles, willbe an asset to this region’s economy andprovide a venue for students from across thestate to learn about weather and its effects.Construction is anticipated to begin in 2016,and the center is scheduled to open in 2018. 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 25

MEET AND GREET MEETINGS IN THE COASTAL BENDCheniere goes to great lengths to share information with our local community and be an openand accessible corporate citizen in the areas where we operate. Over the course of 2015, ourcompany organized dozens of “Meet and Greet” meetings in homes throughout San PatricioCounty. Small groups of residents are able to come together for an evening of food, conversationand to hear more about Cheniere’s projects in the area.These informal discussions often encourage more questions and participation from those who attend,and allow for Cheniere representatives to address all questions and develop relationships with ourneighbors in the community. Will Nichols, Manager of Government and Public Affairs said, “We havebeen organizing these discussions for over two years now, and we will continue to do so as long asthere are questions about our projects. We want to be as transparent and accessible as possible.”Anyone interested in hosting or attending a Meet and Greet meeting in 2016 can contactMelissa Ybanez at [email protected]

LOCAL CONTRACTOR cultivating O P P O R T U N I T I E S INFORMATION SESSION “ This event is This past spring, Cheniere and Bechtel hosted a just one of the contractor outreach event in Portland, Texas for ways Cheniere local contractors and vendors looking to assist in the construction efforts for the Corpus Christi continues Liquefaction Project. Nearly 700 local residents to show our attended the event to receive information on how commitment to be considered for work on the Project. to our localcommunities.” Cheniere’s Vice President of Construction and Engineering, Darron Granger, explained the specific project details and the extensive 5-year timeline in which local contractors and vendors could expect certain construction activities to occur. Representatives from Bechtel, the project’s engineering and procurement contractor, discussed the types of contractors needed for construction as well as the types of certifications and requirements needed in order to be eligible for work opportunities. “This event is just one of the ways Cheniere continues to show our commitment to our local communities. We want to be the first to inform local residents about our hiring opportunities from the beginning of construction to the full operation of the facility,” said Granger. “We look forward to hiring and supporting a strong local workforce here in the Coastal Bend for many years to come.” 2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 27

FIRST RESPONDERS for their dashboard cams, and Portland Fire Chief Lyle Lombard stated his department will use the money toCheniere has worked closely with law enforcement and buy important rescue equipment. The Gregory Fireemergency response officials in the Coastal Bend area Department plans to install new fire hydrants, and theduring the development stages of the Corpus Christi Tri-County EMS will be able to purchase a much-neededLiquefaction Project. As part of our ongoing partnership ambulance. Other areas to be supported by thesewith these agencies, Cheniere donated $500,000 to contributions include expanded infrastructure, enhancedvarious Coastal Bend law enforcement and emergency communication systems and specialized training in orderresponders in 2015. to enhance the ability to suitably support the growing industry in the neighboring counties.Cheniere donated the funds to different police, fireand EMS agencies to meet certain needs for the Each of these agencies is vital to the communities theycommunities they serve. Checks were presented to serve, and Cheniere recognizes the important role ofthe Portland Police Department, Portland Fire Department, law enforcement and first responders to the residents,Ingleside Police Department, Ingleside Fire Department, employees and facilities they protect on a daily basis.Port Aransas Police Department, Port Aransas FireDepartment, Gregory Police Department, Gregory Fire “I cannot say enough for what Cheniere and their peopleDepartment, Tri-County EMS and Ingleside on the Bay. have done for our community,” said Gregory Police Chief Robert Meager. “They have truly gone over and above forAll respective departments plan to use the money to go our residents to address needs and concerns in the area.”towards their needs to support our growing community.Portland Police Chief Mark Cory said they will use themoney for body armor and improving their iCloud system

FIREFIGHTER CHALLENGE public S A F E T YCheniere proudly served as this year’s TitleSponsor for the Scott Firefighter CombatChallenge held at the annual ContrabandDays Festival in Lake Charles this past May.In addition to sponsoring the event, Chenierealso had a team that participated in thedemanding physical challenge. Five SabinePass employees bravely conquered the fiveobstacles – stair climb with high-rise pack,hose hoist, forcible entry, hose advance andvictim rescue – all while wearing helmets,coats, pants with liners, boots, gloves and abreathing apparatus.The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge iscalled the toughest two minutes in sports. Theprimary purpose of the challenge, which hasbecome an international touring and televisedsporting event, is to promote the relationshipbetween simulated firefighting tasks andphysical performance measure. Physicalfitness, stamina, and mental strength are anessential part of structural firefighting andoften make the difference between life anddeath. This challenge brings awareness to theunequivocal skills our selfless firefighters mustmaintain throughout their career. Cheniere willcontinue to support them by sponsoring andparticipating in the 2016 challenge.2015 Cheniere Energy’s Community Investment and Outreach Efforts. 29

Cheniere not only values, but iscommitted to the communitieswhere we live and work. Ourinvestments in education, theenvironment, public safety andcommunity development reflectthat commitment. By building world class facilities that spur economic growth and investing in the fabric of our communities, Cheniere demonstrates our intent to being good, corporate citizens over the long-term. We invest our time, energy and resources to make a difference in the quality of life for our neighbors.

CHENIERE ENERGY, INC.700 Milam Street, Suite 1900, Houston, Texas 77002Telephone: (713) 375-5000 Facsimile: (713) 375-6000

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