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Aerokool newsletter Jan-March 2022

Published by Share dot, 2022-05-17 17:16:00

Description: Aerokool newsletter Jan-March 2022


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January 2022– March 2022 Volume 4, Issue 2 On Our Way to Recovery certified and competent according pre-pandemic, and to be the best to the new ICAO 10057 standard. ever in the history of the station. A recently conducted customer satisfaction survey shows that the Finally, I can update that, based company has maintained a solid on the work we have done as an standard of service over the past ATSEP team, I have recently year in spite of the been appointed to the position of challenges. From the results, 80 per Strategy Advisor with the cent or more of the participants, International Federation of who were our primary clients and Air Traffic Safety Electronics key stakeholder, Jamaica Civil Associations, IFATSEA - Aviation Authority Air Navigation Americas Region. This Services division, reported that they appointment that was effected Howard Armstrong, General Manger are reasonably or very satisfied last month, potentially places with our levels of technical competence, professionalism and AEROTEL in a strategic customer service. position to forge deeper As we readjust to life with the reopening While the results of the survey are relationships with, and maybe of the economy and the ease in the encouraging, we continue to strive even do new support or COVID-19 restrictions, AEROTEL has to develop further excellence in our consultancy work for, other been focused on the recovery of the customer service ethos to raise the ATSEP organizations in the company. level of overall satisfaction from region and even further afield I am proud of how well we have done in the 72 per cent that was assessed, to around the world. We thereby surviving and recovering from the at least 85 per cent over the next have the opportunity to position effects of the pandemic and I applaud few years ourselves and Jamaica as an the entire AEROTEL & KOOL team for -I also raise my hat to the KOOL 97 international center of their continued contribution. FM team for their resilience excellence for these services. Our streak of strong performance through the COVID restrictions continues to be highlighted by some which inevitably impacted our I think we can say that there are quite remarkable facts: revenues, given that advertising and exciting times ahead! event promotion / coverage are the -AEROTEL is the first in the Americas mainstay for our business and they region, and one of the first in the world went through a huge downturn. to complete phase one of the new This was a major challenge last standard of ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety year but the performance this year Electronics Personnel) Basic technical has shown strong signs of recovery training, recently adopted by the and that is entirely down to the International Civil Aviation perseverance of the KOOL team. Organization (ICAO). We are blazing This year KOOL sales revenue is the trail on our way to be amongst the projected to exceed that of first in the world to complete the full 2019-2020, which was largely adoption and have our entire team AEROKOOL NEWS pg 1

Sign Online Team, remember we Finance Department need to hear from you…. The finance and administration team has been working on Benefits of Suggestion Box… the e-commerce platform to transfer all transactions online 1. Allow for new perspectives and ways of for accessibility and ease for all parties. thinking Currently, the signing of payment vouchers still has to be yhRooeunsreeasitrdyce.haIsf isnyuogtuhgeedsootspneont,thyfaeoteul wcaonilmol nfkyoermetapitbylseilesnbhtraeraeinnddgs done in office. However, with full implementation, withhold knowledge. A suggestion box encourages managers and payment officers can regulate payment from you to share. anywhere at any time, once they have access to the internet, 2. Give a voice to those who feel disenfranchised boosting internal efficiency. Nffreeoeetlilnyeg.veTinrhytiismecmidapnaltoebdyeeioenutthhaoesfpftahesaetr. coofnmfidaeknincge wtoavsepseaokr The department had already implemented an online 3. Reduce costs and increase revenue collection system for advertisers and overflying airlines to Employees at all levels may have great ideas for make their payments that has been operating smoothly. cutting costs or for new revenue streams. They may just need the right platform to share them. In 2020, the Jamaica Civil 4. Promote active participation among all Aviation Authority accepted stakeholders the recommendations to replace DThivoesresewtheoamesscihnecwludceondfilficfetrimngaypberesolensaslitlyiketylypetso. the ground based Doppler participate in open conversation. Very High Frequency Omni 5. Shed light on a dishonest or illegal practices Range (DVOR)/Distance Whistleblowing can come with great personal and Measuring Equipment professional risk. Tools that guarantee anonymity (DMEs) installed at the Norman can help employees feel comfortable reporting Manley International Airport workplace violations. (NMIA) and the Sangster 6. Improve customer loyalty International Airport (SIA), Ccoumstfoomrtearbslehsahvaerignrgeatht eimdefaosr tmooa,nyburteamsoanys.not feel the specifications were developed and the first new system was installed at NMIA No more stress in the same year. with the Kyocera! Now, the new DVOR system has also been installed at the A new heavy duty machine has been bought and is in SIA. The full completion and commissioning took place in function. December 2021 as slated. The team must be commended for their dedication to the project. The old machine still works and has been placed in the KOOL 97 F.M. Admin Office. Between the Kingston and Montego Bay offices, training has been completed on both DVORs. Other Training Courses Additionally, the department has completed Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP) training, Air-to-Ground Radio, simulated training on Microwave Networks, Voice Communication and Control systems (VCCS) and the Vaisala System. AEROKOOL NEWS pg 2

Interacting with Tech Stronger Connections The Information Technology Department continues To improve communication between air traffic controllers to look for ways to improve the quality and and aircrafts, as well as between aircrafts, a number of efficiency of the workspace. While they have been projects have been undertaken. Some of these are the Air successful in creating a fairly seamless remote Traffic Services Inter-facility Data Communication access while the work-from-home measures were (AIDC) and the Controller Pilot Data Link made effective, there were other matters that were Communications (CPDLC). highlighted that warranted the attention of the team. One such is the rules and regulations to guide the Ask the Tech Department about this. Send them an email use of and interaction with our information at [email protected] technology system, especially with greater focus being placed on the Data Protection Act. NEWS As such, the company Information, Communication, and Technology Policy takes effect in April. This is Lucky 13 to provide guidelines within which the department will operate, outline the rules and expectations with The year 2021 was a big year for us. how the users will also operate and interact with the Last year in November we celebrated 20 years of IT system along with how the system will be KOOLIN’ the Nation. It was a year to celebrate our managed. success and achievements. It was also a year to share With this, a Helpdesk will become functional to aid our appreciation to our colleagues who have helped us with troubleshooting and solving ICT problems and achieve this momentous milestone, especially our will be of great benefit to all technology users, day ones. Thank you to our lucky 13 who have been including the Winchester and Montego Bay teams. with us since our inception. The Implementation of the intranet within the organization will also help to bridge the 1. Mr. Linval Stephens communication gaps. 2. Mr. Rowell Hall 3. Ms. Rosamond Brown 1. Digitize all sales contract 4. Mr. Peter Phillips 2. Automated cloud-based system 5. Ms. Dianne Thomas 3. Improve management by providing data on all 6. Mr. Michael Thompson 7. Mr. Robert Blake sales activities 8. Mr.Seymour Mundy 4. Provide finance with more timely information 9. Mrs. Pauline Henry 10. Ms. Michelle Jones for billing 11. Mr. Ivor Smith 12. Mr. Michael Barnett 13. Ms. Veronica Smith AEROKOOL NEWS pg 3

From left; AEROTEL’s former board member and Gen- eral Manager, Mr. Linval Stephens, On-air Disc Jock- ey Mr. Ivor Smith, AEROTEL Senior Accountant Mrs. On Tuesday December 14, 2021 we lost a friend – Mark Williams – also known as DJ Slim. He was 54. Though he was ailing for some time, he maintained a bright spirit and jovial nature. We were all anticipating his full recovery, when the news of his passing came. Though we are deeply saddened at this new reality without our friend and colleague, we take comfort in knowing that he was happy doing what he loved, to the very end. DJ Slim hosted his final show “The Love Zone” on Sunday December 12, 2021. He is remembered as a kind, compassionate and loved member of the Kool97 FM family and the wider media fraternity. A past student of Jones Town Primary, Mark’s passion for music was undeniable, since his teenage years. He began purchasing LPs while he was a student at Kingston College. Though he also loved sports, fashion and cooking – music was clearly his happy place. DJ Slim began his radio career at Fame FM where he worked on “The 70s Club” and “The Perfect End” on Sunday nights. When he transitioned to Kool 97 FM as a relief DJ, he brought his enthusiasm and always maintained the vibe of the show – when he filled in for various DJs. It was only natural that the eventually got his own show “The Love Zone” which aired on Sunday nights. Mark was the oldest of 4 children. He is survived by his mother Angela, his sisters Karlene, Camille, and Denise. He was a father of six children, Kahleel, Kaywuana, Brittany (deceased), Lamar, Jheaneal and Jordan. Mark worked at the Supreme Court as a legal clerk. Following this, he began doing Paralegal work for several corporate entities including: NCB and Jamaica National and most recently Raheem’s Professional Services. Once again, we express our sincere condolences to his family and friends. You are always in our prayers and best wishes. Farewell and well done DJ Slim, you made an indelible mark in the music fraternity. We salute you. May your soul continue to rest in peace. AEROKOOL NEWS pg 4

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