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Published by odeigoni, 2021-02-10 19:05:16

Description: This chapbook is a collection of sonnet poems with a theme derived from repetitions of life.


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Copyright © 2020 CALM STORM Publishing

This chapbook is dedicated to lovers of poetry

TIME My feet is trembling, and I try to run What I wish for is not what I'm getting From time past the future is promised From time to time we go back to time How can the blind see when led in the dark Many years of struggle through inflations From hand to mouth became the status Now we're left in a state of disparity I will speak up and write down words Store them in the cloud for the future Keeping a trace for next generation To see that we all come from the past To see a time of when we were growing And to write times of when we've grown

FREE Loosen your grip and free your thoughts Let the mind not stay locked in one spot That extra effort will take you out of the box To a place where you'll work effortlessly Free your heart to lessen the burden The body is already taking the heat Each day we see the break of dawn Is another step to the great beyond Why picking up dirt’s along the way Or singing songs filled with hate Each person is to his own fate We are same, being molded like clay Free the mind for tomorrow is a new day Keeping it light and defying gravity

AUTOMATIC Things just goes on to happen in life Different points along the path we're on You may sit, get amazed and wonder Or choose to find alternate route out A way seems brighter and better at first Give it a shot but expect to see more Cause there is hunger weary and thirst But look at the brighter bigger picture There are no set ways to go out of life But while in it do get the best of wine To have a large family, with them I dine As the days get better along the strife I can't reset what has happened Because time ticks forward in automatic

BENEATH Beneath me you can find another layer Of my feelings, emotions and thoughts Of my words that are brewed in my mind That flows from the fountain of my blood Thick layer of skin to keep the heart guarded When accident happen the mind is protected When slandering occur, thoughts are set free All in bid to maintain happiness culture Beneath me you'll find the pains I've bore And times I couldn't find the right way to go Moments I was lost in the maze of thoughts I wallowed through the puzzle but made it out Beneath me is an image of my true self From where I come to where I'm going

DEXTERITY We are all molded by the Supreme God We all can mold the future we expect It may take a long time but keep doing Consistency birthed successful people Find what the hand loves, keep feeding it Find a skill the mind wants, start doing it Gold is found in impurities but precious Deep within your soul you can mine gold From creation of man the hand is the tool Many have written, many have sang songs I'll keep doing the art my hands found It's from ages past going into the future Dexterity of my hands kept me going I am not perfect but tends towards it

ENDLESS FOREVER I woke up to an endless forever From the time of womb escape Till now, I'm still toiling to survive The body has been through a lot Sleep through the night to see visions Of where the journey may lead to Of a time where needs are being met And a time dreams turns to success I wake up to an endless forever And I remember those gone forever The pains that was left inside of me Motivates me to make my forever count I'll keep going on this journey of life I know it takes me to an endless forever

MEMORIES Imagine a life without memories Of events captured by the minds lens Through the eyes as the medium and Stored in the heart as mental picture Times of joyous smiles that were made Holding hands walking and talking Of a time there was no single pain Days gone by, now images are on replay I remember a time when love was real And it can be sealed with just a kiss I remember a time our hearts rejoice A time there was no serpents hiss I remember the times we held hands I cherish those times and the memories

I WISH I wish to see your face again I wish to see you smiling once more To hear your voice in the morning Singing those songs that lifts spirits Hoping to be with you someday And to relive moments we shared Of the mornings we spent cooking And laughing through the afternoon Of the future plans being laid out To the tasks needed to be done Through the challenges we faced Breaking through it all to freedom I wish to achieve our set goals It's just matter of time coming

OBSESSED I'm obsessed with finding that path A road that takes me to best of time Streamline and target the bulls eye Life can be likened to game of dart I'm obsessed with threading same path A road filled with precious of metals To find knowledge that refines the mind Time to time I'm bound on same route I'll keep on doing what my hands finds Clearing the future for my Next of Kin For the next generation to be better Which is the wish of our forefathers I'm obsessed with making it to the end That's the only time I'll get some rest

MISSION There is a light shining from up above To make one bright and thereafter radiate At every sight is rays to fuel the pursuit, Cure the blight and achieve greater height I look up and see a shining vision With just a bridge as obstacle to cross I'm willing to take bold completing steps To the successful end of the mission Years gone by are like dusts in the wind Every new day comes with targets to meet Break of dawn is gunshot to the race I pray yours be filled with so much grace There is a set goal for everyone Do well to complete your mission

DISTANCE When I see you coming from a distance At this instance I shiver and go cold I'll never want to be on your bad side So I buckle up and come shoulder high Whenever you call me I do not hesitate Your voice loud enough to cause a quake From your tone I can tell your feelings Even without seeing your facial expression Now the distance has come to stay forever But it can't take away fond memories I remember the words you always say Get education first then explore the world Distance is only but physical Because you're still in my heart

DRIPPING Dripping blood climbing to the mountain top Punching through walls, I don't give up a fight Standing at a point where the view is clear Dancing to the rhythm of nature's beat Dripping blood through sleepless nights I had Staying awake while planning the future Laying down my burdens at my feet Bringing to me an uplifting spirit Dripping blood as things also gets better Making it turn around and become normal Getting the fruits of seeds I had planted Smiling cause I do not drip blood in vain Stopping the cry from years of nothing Bringing me to a time of something

LOOSING loosing my thoughts from confinement So I can get a deserved treatment Making it flow like metal in foundry Setting it free from all boundary Losing a race doesn't mean I didn't run It probably wasn't my winning turn I'll keep thinking what's next to be done In a place filled but I'm the only one Loosing my thoughts to gain some more Sometimes the mind gets pain from sore I won't give up until I regain freedom And get crowned as King of this Kingdom I keep loosing many of you Setting us all in a free world

BLACK OR WHITE Black or white, it really doesn't matter We are monochrome, black or white Having voices that can be sung aloud There are no colors in one voice Why do blacks run to the whites Is it to find a shining light Or to reap from where was sown Or to find a proper place to grow Humus soil is known to be black Beneath the earth is always dark A place where planted seeds spark God kept abundant resources in black The Sunlight we know is white But it can't survive without black

HOLD MY HAND Hold my hand and take me to a place Where there is abundance of water Where my thoughts are free to swim Across borders to the rest of the world Hold my hand let us go together To a time we hold hands dancing To the tunes we made from the past Going on tour round beautiful places Hold my hand even when we get old At that point we can say we were bold Going through many years of repetition And many more years to live through Hold my hand as we take giant strides Making our prints along this path

MOTHER I am writing this ode to you For keeping me through the dew Covering me through the rainfall Your umbrella makes dry horizon Feeding me even from your little Making sure I get nourishment From time of sucking till I can eat Up until now you still want to feed me You are my rock solidly behind me Within you I find my best of peace From inside you I draw motivation I wish for you the best of life You're my mother and I your son Same blood that flows in you is in me

MY LIFE This life I live, I know it's not my own The air from where it comes, I do not know Each day I wake to the sight of reality Each step I take, I find my conscience This life I live is created by The Supreme He alone can tell to where it goes I live to carry out instructions given Cause at the end he opens my file This life I live I only give my best From when I knew nothing till now Through the labyrinth of searching To find divine illumination This live I live today I know one day It will be gone when I take my last breathe

ROTATE The world is a wheel that rotates infinite The globe is circular and has been so Time ticks to a time it returns back And replays lives lived centuries ago The spirits they roam and reincarnate Energy may be destroyed but it's not lost We live to relive in centuries to come That's the rotating factor of continuity I'm not the first to live such a life Of putting down words with pen on blank There were many poets before I came in And there are many more amazing to come The words put down comes back to rotate It's a lifelong art with different images

WIND I'll climb the highest mountain’s top For the wind to take away my pain To feel the echoes of years passed And relive moments all up in my head I'll climb to the peak of my years And seeing how long the journey took Different directions the wind took All to arrive at a particular point I'm climbing one step at a time So I'll clearly follow the direction Of being in tune with the winds Following the vane of instruction I'll climb no matter the challenges At sea the wind keeps the boat sailing

FORGET I can't forget all the dreams we shared Turning away but keep coming back This bond is something not physical Pulling us together crossing the pain I can't forget nothing lasts forever But I'll do my best in sustaining it Upholding the values we all share So we can smile on a better day I can't forget the days we've passed And the hurdles we struggled to jump Over making it out on of lack and want To a time of giving out some words If I ever forget a memory we share Then it will be the one you've erased

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