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Sweet House Bakery Manual

Published by cindy.mailcindy.huang, 2020-11-10 05:09:33

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Table of Contents Part I: About Us 5 Logo Colors 17 6 Primary Typeface 18 Our Story Primary Color Usage 19 Mission and Values 9 Logo in Black and White 20 10 Logo Don’ts 21 Part II: Logo Design 11 Brand Color Palette 23 12 Brand Background Colors 25 Logo 13 Treatment of Logos 14 Visual Language 30 Logo Typeface 15 Campaign Ads 31 Logo Format Logo Grid 27 Logo Clearspace 29 Logo Minimum Space Part III: Brand Applications Business Cards Packaging

Part I: About Us

Our Story Sweet House Bakery is a bakery origi- nated in New York City. It’s a bakery that sells freshly baked, homemade desserts made love and care. Currently, the bak- ery is run by the daughter and son of the original owner. They too had cre- ated their own recipes and had exper- imented with new desserts while still intact with the original recipe. The bak- ery will sell seasonal desserts to make sure customers will come back for a new experience every time. Sweet House Bakery opened by an own- er who loves to bake and wants to share their original taste by opening a bakery. The owner has a family in which they too learn the family recipe. The bakery makes all its goods from scratch and 5

Mission and Values TO MAKE SWEET HOUSE BAKERY SPEAK TO NEW YORK- ERS, Sweet House Bakery intends to male generate a fair return to the community by growth and development in quality products. Their vision is to draw customers based on the quality des- serts they deserve. They beleive in selling the best quality baked goods from scratch, fresh and daily brings a better community. INTEGRITY strive to do what’s right ADAPTABILTY retain long-term partnerships by re- evauling our products to meet changing market demands RESPECT conduct ourselves in a manner that val- ues individual needs and contributions EMPOWERMENT trust our associates to make sound business decision 6

Part II: Logo Design

Logos The Sweet House Bakery logo is the primary symbol of our organization. It unifies us across businesses and geogra- phies, and signals to the market who we are and what we stand for. It is our en- deavour that our logo - our visual mark will be widely recognized in New York and around the world, to stand for and reflect our business, hospitality, the cor- porate ethos and vision of Sweet House Bakery. The Sweet House Bakery logo consists of holding box, its corresponding dotted border, and logo- type - the name Sweet House Bakery written in two lines. The word Sweet is more emphasised in the logo unit as we want it to be our main brand recall point. The typeface for Sweet is handwrit- ten script - the letters are curved and friendly. The typeface for House Bakery is also handwritten but consists of straight letters. The dotted border is a metaphor on innovation and transparent, yet it gives off a youthful spirit of the brand. Finally, the logo still uses a circular basic shape, signaling wholeness, timelessness and unity. We are more accessible and less formal and reach to millions of people across New York and we are changing the way New York expresses hospitality. 9

Our Treatment of Logos Secondary Logo New logos with alternative shapes were Primary Logo created to breathe new life into the iconic logo and showcase that Sweet Macaroon Logo Cupcake Logo House Bakery is willing experiment yet stick to its roots. The icon remains prominent and in its original, classic form. Sweet House Bakery’s dynamic logo allows flexiblibilty of the future of the bakery. The Sweet House Bakery logo is de- signed to portray fresh and unique baked goods. Color wise, it is intended to give a sense of familiarity and the thought of a sense of cookies baked in a kitchen. Creampuff Logo Cake Logo 10

Logotype The Sweet House Bakery Logo consists of the following elements: THE MASTER BRAND LOGO THE MASTER BRAND A) a Logotype of the name LOGOTYPE Sweet House Bakery written in two lines. The word 11 ‘Sweet’ and ‘House Bakery’ is derived from hand- written fonts: the Moonbright Demo typeface and 212 Leahlee Sans typeface responsively; the ‘House Bakery’ os written in uppercase. The width of both ‘Sweet’ and ‘House Bakery’ is equal. B) the dotted border element The dotted border has been incorporated in the logo. It corresponds with the holding box (circle), another element of the logo. However this is not to be considered as a separate symbol and will remain a part of the logo. The dotted border may inter as it relies on the shape of the holding box. C) the holding box element The holding box has been incorporated in the logo. It supports the other two elements of the logo: its logotype and its corresponding dotted border. How- ever this is not to be considered as a separate sym- bol and will remain a part of the logo. The holding box may inter depending on how it is being used.

Logo Format PRIMARY Vertical Format Logo (VFL) There are two logo formats of the ZO Rooms logo: USAGE The vertical format logo (VFL) is for prima- ry usage as will be recognised as the visual SECONDARY Horizontal Format Logo (HFL) brand of the organization. USAGE The horizontal format logo (HFL) is for secondary usage and is strictly limited to usage only where the vertical space is too small for usage of VFL. These VFL and HFL colour versions of the logo are provided as scalable vector art- work (EPS). EPS format allows high-quality print reproduction. EPS files can be scaled to any size without sacrificing image qual- ity. You may use these files in page layout and graphics programs for print projects. 12

Logo Grid VFL GRID Vertical Format Logo (VFL) The logo grid maps the position of all the elements 13x of the logo as an accurate reference to usage and 13x The HFL AND VFL requires a 2 colour offset printing process / HFL GRID Horizontal Format Logo (HFL) 2 colour silk screen print reproduc- 17x tion. Primary Applications for Constrcution Grid: 1. Large Signage 2. 3D construction of the Logo. 3. An accurate reference to correct usage and reproduction of the Sweet House Bakery Logo by Vendors across applications. 8.5x 13

Logo Clearspace Vertical Format Logo (VFL) For readability and to ensure the c 7c c legibility of the logo, there must be a minimum amount of clearspace c surrounding the logo itself. The clear- space will help te logo isolate from 7c competing elements such as text, photography, or any element that may c detract attention. This provided art- work, along with the clearspace, must Horizontal Format Logo (HFL) be used in a consistent manner and d 8d d must used at all times. The clear space around our logo is d equal to the ‘c’ distance in the VFL and 4d ‘d’ distance in the HFL. d 14

Logo Minimum Size The Minimum Size Usage for Print : VFL Width = 30mm The Preferred Minimum size Usage for Print : VFL Width = 30mm 30mm 40mm 50mm 60mm 15

The Minimum Size Usage for Print : HFL Width = 50mm The minimum size usage of the Sweet House The Preferred Minimum size Usage for Print : HFL Width = Bakery Logo along with specified size usage across small format print application (bro- chures, leaflets etc.) ensures a uniform con- sistent and correct usage of the identity. The subsequent sizes of the VFL width for usage preferably would be 40mm, 50mm and 65mm for print collaterals. Similarly, subsequent sizes of the HFL width for usage preferably would be 50mm and 60mm. Larger sizes must be obtained in the same progession for consistently. 50mm 60mm 16

Logo Colors PANTONE The brand logo color of Sweet House The second primary brand color for 12-1808 Bakery is an essential element in set- Sweet House Bakery is Sun-Dried ting a recognizable tone and look for Tomato found on the logotype. The TCX the identity. Consistent and correct colour radiates wholesomeness, PANTONE use of the logo color enhances the grounding, foundations, warmth, hon- 16-1731 strength of the brand identity. esty, naturual, and stability. TCX The first primary brand color for The third primary brand color for PANTONE Sweet House Bakery is Pinkesque Sweet House Bakery is Strawberry 19-1531 found on the logotype. The color ra- Pink found on the logotype. The color diates friendship, affection, harmony, radiates hopefulness and happiness. TCX inner peace, and approachability. The color can be used to indicate that the brand stands for and understands the younger generation of this county and looks at the world of hospitality with a throwback, nostaglic view. 17

Primary Brand Typeface Sweet House Bakery ’s primary typeface is Moonbright Demo and 212 Le- MOONBRIGHT DEMO ahlee Sans. This family consists of only Moonlight Demo is goes from friendly to high-tech to cheeky with ease. The oneweight - REGULAR. characteristics of the letters carry across as a warm and nostaglic tone. 212 LEAHLEE SANS 212 Leahlee Sans is uniquely suited for a wide range of visual communications. Multiple This family consists of only levels of typographic hierarchy are defined both for impact and clarity of our communica- oneweight - REGULAR. tions. When to use Use both Moonbright Demo and 212 Leahlee Sans for all Sweet House Bak- ery’s printed communications where possible. This also applies to all the online and electronic applications. Purchasing the font If you are a colleague or vendor who needs to use Moon- bright Demo, the same can be purchased from: https:// If you are a colleague or vendor who needs to use 212 Leahlee Sans the same can be purchased from: https:// 18

Primary Color Usage 3-color logo usage The 3-color logo can ONLY appear in the brand Pinkesque, Strawberry Pink and Sun-Dried Tomato on a white background as shown. 1-color logo usage The 1-color logo can ONLY appear in the brand Pinkesque, Strawberry Pink, OR Sun-Dried Tomato as shown. The 1-color logo should only be used during a one color production pro- cess (offset or silk screen) process or in applications where the 3-color logo cannot be used. Usage of logo on brand color back- grounds Use the brand logo reversed out in white ONLY used against brand co- loured backgrounds. This however, does not remain valid for 1 color orinting. If this format is to be used on 1 color printing, please make the logo a solid white. 19

Logo in Black and White Solid black & white (b/w) logo usage Use the 1-color black logo version for all one color b/w printing. Use this version when the application requires a simplified mark in black (e.g., fax sheet, premium items, small sizes, silkscreen, etc.). Not approved for the web. Use the 1-color white of the logo ver- sion for all reverse background print- ing on a dark background. Halftone black & white (b/w) logo usage Use the halftone b/w logo version for all offset one colorset b/w printing (e.g b/w newspaper announcement / legal document). Not approved for web. CO MO YO K80 20

Logo Don’ts DO NOT add shadows or other DO NOT change the logo’s DO NOT alter size & position effects to the logo. proportion. of any elements. DO NOT rotate the logo. DO NOT put any graphics of DO NOT use the Sweet House text within the minimum clear- Bakery text alone. space of the logo. 21

DO NOT use the logo without DO NOT use the logo without DO NOT outline the logo. the dotted border. its holding box or any other DO NOT change the typogra- DO NOT add transparency / DO NOT play around with the phy of the logo. any kind of gradient / other logo’s basic shape / other ele- effects to the logo. 22

Brand Color Palette PANTONE PANTONE BRAND PRIMARY COLORS 12-1808 TCX 19-1531 TCX Apart from this basic logo color, ZO Rooms’ primary co- lour palette includes white, light and dark grey as support- PANTONE ive colors for use across the communication materials. 16-1731 TCX Consistent and correct use of the primary brand color pal- ette enhances the strength of the brand visual identity and aids legibility, creative ideas and branding. The brand colour palette is enriched by a range of second- ary and corporate colors. The secondary colors are young, fresh and vibrant, while maintaing a professional tone. They can be used to vary page layout, create collections of documents and to high- light icons, graphics and communications messages. All the colors in this range can be used in half tone. THE COLOR PALETTE FOR ZO ROOMS HAS BEEN CARE- FULLY CREATED AND DEFINED. PLEASE ONLY USE THE SUGGESTED COLORS OF THE PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND CORPORATE COLOR PALETTES SHOWN. 23

SECONDARY BRAND COLORS 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 24

Brand Background Colors We define the main Sweet House Bakery Brand Background Colors to bring out the best clarity of the Sweet House Bakery Logo, and to reinforce its Brand Identity across Corporate applications. The Logo on White • Best Usage of Logo for Corporate Communications, ad- vertisements & Signages. The Logo on Light Pink • The light pink colour brings out the colors of the Logo with professionalism and give it a technology bent. Best usage for corporate brochure, corporate ppt, and packag- ing. The Logo on Strawberry Pink • The strawberry pink color brings out the colours of the Logo with a happiness Best usage for application on pack- aging. The Logo on Sun-Dried Tomato • The sun-dried tomato color brings out the colors of the Logo with a warmness. Best usage on packaging. THE VFL & HFL LOGO CANNOT APPEAR ON ANY OTHER COLORED BACKGROUNDS, OTHER THAN THE ONES MEN- TIONED HERE. 25

Part III: Brand Applications

Business Cards BUSINESS CARDS must include the Sweet House Bakery logo. Cards vary within the brand colors. 27


Packaging ALL PACKAGING must have the Sweet House Bakery Logo sticker. 29

Visual Language 30

Campaign Ads SEASONAL CAMPAIGNS PROMOTING SWEET HOUSE BAKERY with colors used based of its logo. 31

BRAND CONSISTENCY IN PRINT ADS Logo Hiragino Kakugo StdN W8 is the font Top text is always left or right Bottom text is always left or right Top and bottom text is always aligned with one another 32

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