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The Glass Menagerie: Official Program

Published by simon.porro, 2016-11-21 07:46:24

Description: 28 November 2016
6.00 to 8.30pm
Rosebank College


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“The different people are not like other people, but being different is nothing to be ashamed of. Because other people are not such wonderful people. They're one hundred times onethousand. You're one times one!” LAURA FLIES?


DIRECTOR’S NOTE“Isn’t it funny what tricks your Menagerie is a play about memories — and thememory plays?” impossibility of ever truly escaping from them: your memories of the so-called father whoMemories are curious, curious things. They’re abandoned you, of the man you’ll always love,loud, distorted, artfully presented lies. We can of the family you left behind, of the years younever truly trust them, especially our own. The spent on the outside looking in… desperate forpast is a place we have to feel comfortable someone to love you. And your memories ofliving in that cannot be changed, but that the life you briefly lived, almost had anddoesn’t stop us from constantly trying to ultimately lost forever.remake it and blur the painful edges. Butdespite all of this, there’s beauty in memory, Tonight, you will witness one young man’stoo: our ability to reminisce and grieve what memories — one young playwright’s memorieswe’ve lost is ultimately what makes us human. — being brought to life.The Glass Menagerie is playwright Tennessee It is from this crux that I have developed myWilliams’ most autobiographical play, an director’s concept. Many other productionsevocation of loneliness and lost love that approach the show with a gauzy surrealism, asTennessee — whose real name was Tom, the if the whole play is being watched through aname of our narrator — wrote based on his sheer curtain (sometimes literally). I took theown family and upbringing. It is a love letter opposite approach. The production you willand an apology letter to those he left behind, see tonight is loud and bold and colourful.and a very special play that we are proud to These are the treasured memories of an artist,share with you tonight. He once wrote that The brought to life with the extravagant theatricalityGlass Menagerie was the saddest play he ever that Williams himself called for: dance andwrote: “It is full of pain. It is painful for me to movement pieces, symbols and pieces of musicsee it.” He also wrote that “…the thing that weave themselves in and out of the very realmakes [him] write like a screaming banshee is a human drama, creating a performance that Ideep, deep longing to call out softly with hope is equal parts surprising and,” and Menagerie is positively drenched inthat carnal longing. When I set out to bring The Glass Menagerie to Rosebank College, for the first time, I knewIt’s a play about many things. It’s a play about that this very special play would need a veryfamily. It’s a play about grief, loss and the special cast to bring it to life — a cast that hassacrifices we make to be happy. It’s also a play gone above and beyond every expectation I’veabout living with a disability, and it’s a play had of them, and treated this play with a love,about falling in love. But at its core, The Glass openness, intelligence and deep respect that goes well beyond their years. I also knew I’d

have to conduct a very special audition process Tess plays a delicate and soft spoken Laura,special audition process to find them - the but at the same time, her rich internal life thatmultitude of skills the play calls for (among only a special few get a glimpse into alwaysthem, strong dance ability and emotional shines through. In many ways, Laura is thematurity) simply cannot be assessed in a two polar opposite of Tess (who is boisterous,minute audition. Instead… over nine weeks, confident and commands a room - sometimesthese four cast members were carefully chosen a little too much!), but watch her play this roleout of a much wider group of incredibly and you wouldn’t know it. Tess, I know youtalented students: you can’t get a much fairer relate to Laura in many ways and that’s alwaysaudition process than one that lasts over two shone through to me. Thank you for bringingmonths! Actors often do their best work when her to life and working so hard to do it. Youthey don’t realise it, and I put that theory to were in every dance number in the show andthe test by observing the rehearsal process of had to tackle all of that on top of everythinganother production. The skills, commitment else both inside the show and out, and youand behaviour of every student both on stage deserve an incredible amount of respect forand off were all considered, and these four that. Thank you for pushing your limits, tryingchoices are only a small sample of many new things and always being so much fun toincredible performers you will see in a work with.multitude of productions over the coming months and years. As a first time director, Istarted small, but you can expect much bigger Sam is one of the most genuine people I havethings to come! But the cast of this show have ever met, and brings that exact same humility,truly managed to do something spectacular. humour, charisma, charm and openness to his performance as Jim… yet also injects it with aCarla, who plays Amanda, has tackled one of heartbreaking pathos. Jim O’Conner is athe most famous and notoriously complicated deceptively difficult character to play,female characters of all time with commitment, something that many actors less talented thanskill, and a deep humanity — and in doing so Sam struggle to grasp. I hope his hard workhas created a truly special performance that shines through to you tonight. Sam, thank youI’m sure you’ll remember for a long time. Carla, for your respect and your friendship. You wereit has been an absolute pleasure working with the first actor I cast in this production andyou: your consistent professionalism is inspiring you’ve consistently proven why. And yet, at theand the word ‘no’ just doesn’t exist in your same time, you’ve exceeded my everyvocabulary. You simply listen, learn and grow, expectation. I hope you’ve had as much fun asand I know you only got where you are tonight I’ve had, and I definitely plan to gift you thosewith a lot of hard work and soul searching. unicorn legs you broke during rehearsal!Amanda is a role that actresses triple your agestruggle to play and understand, and - Finally… Tom. Thank you. Thank you forincredibly - you’ve managed to hold your own. grounding both the play and our littleThank you for everything. Menagerie family with reverence, strength and a surprising depth that reveals itself in startling

(and often heartbreaking) ways. Thank you for As I set off on my own journey, The Glassgoing on this journey with me, and trusting me Menagerie is my farewell and love letter to(and yourself) to get you where you needed to Rosebank College, and hopefully a testamentgo. I know you’ve pushed yourself throughout to the importance of the performing arts.this process in ways you’ve never had to There should be room for shows both big andbefore. That isn’t an easy thing to and I truly small in any great drama program, and aadmire you for it. I’m so proud of what you’ve myriad of opportunities for every student toachieved, and so proud of each and every one shine. However, these opportunities simplyof these talented artists (both on stage and off) cannot exist without support, and in a timefor helping me bring this show to live. It wasn’t when the arts are being seen as less and lesseasy and often the opposite. But we got there vital, shows like this are necessary to keep thatand I love you all for it. fire alive. So thank you for joining us and thank you for your support. It is valued by everyoneTo my crew: this production simply wouldn’t involved.exist without you. Andrea, Name, Name,Name, thank you for your efforts and I truly believe we’ve accomplished somethingcommitment. Particular acknowledgements are very special with The Glass Menagerie. It’s is ain order for Jemma Cushway, whose talent and very important play to me, and one that I havechoreography brought the show’s dance and always loved deeply. I hope you’ll love it, too.movement pieces to life; Joel Meli, whomasterminded the very complex production It’s a quiet play, yes, and one that’s very oftenand technical elements this show required; and misunderstood because of that. But within thatAicha Sagna, who designed the costumes, hair quiet are four heartbreakingly desperateand make-up for this evening’s performance. characters crying out for someone to saveThis production’s cast and crew is made up them — and they’ll keep crying out for as longentirely of current and ex-students of the as we’re there to hear them.College, a very beautiful thing I hope thisproduction makes a tradition of. We just need to stop talking, open our ears and listen.Finally… Miss Bean, thank you for your supportnot just during this process but over the past six (!) years. I truly wouldn’t be where I amtoday without you, and you’ve inspired in me a Simon Porrodeep love and respect for theatre and Creative Directoreverything involved with it that I don’t think I’llever be able to extinguish. Trust me, I’ve tried!Thank you for cultivating me and helping megrow. You’ve truly changed my life.

\"I’ll tell you what I wished for on the moon… success and happiness for my precious children! I wish for that whenever there’s a moon, and when there isn’t a moon, I wish for it, too.\" TOM AND AMANDA

CREATIVE & CREWSimon Porro Director Lighting, Sound & Set DesignJemma Cushway ChoreographerAicha Sagna Costume, Hair & Make-Up DesignerKasia Bolesta Hair AssistantJoanna Murphy Make-Up AssistantAdrian Hollay Composer*Paul Bowles Additional Music * for the 2011 Auckland Theatre Company production.Joel Meli Technical DirectorMichael Sohns Lighting TechnicianStudentJeremy Cipolla Sound TechnicianAndrea Luchitti Technical ConsultantStudentStudent Stage ManagerStudent Front of House Manager Door One Usher Door Two Usher

“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”By / Tennessee Williams TOMDirection / Simon PorroCast includes / Samuel Garcia, Tess Lopez, Thomas Sheather, Carla VeneziaChoreography / Jemma CushwaySet Design / Simon PorroCostume Design / Aicha SagnaLighting Design / Simon PorroTechnical Direction / Joel MeliLighting & Sound / Student Student, Michael Sohns, Name Name (Consultant)Hair & Make-Up / Kasia Bolesta, JoannaMurphy, Aicha Sagna (Coordinator)Composer / Adrian Hollay*Additional Music / Paul BowlesStage Management / Andrea LuchittiPhotography / Anthony De ContiFront of House / Student Student (Manager), Student Student, Student Student* for the 2011 Auckland Theatre Company production.


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