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2016 Winter Connections Newsletter

Published by Angell Marketing, 2016-07-26 14:55:16

Description: Grandpa Inspires Fundraising Project


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WINTER 2016GRANDPA INSPIRESFUNDRAISINGPROJECTsee page 4A Mission of the Western District of the Moravian Church

Dear Friends of Marquardt Village,When Towne Centre and Park Terrace open on or about July 1, 2016, the master planfor redeveloping the Marquardt Village campus will be five years in the making—fiveyears since the vision started taking shape and nearly four years since the Board ofDirectors approved and we announced our plans.What a transformation is taking place! We couldn’t be more excited about the future ofour community for those who live here and work here. And even for visitors, as TowneCentre will be a special place for family and friends to enjoy.In this issue of Connections and others leading up to the projected summer opening,we will share behind the scenes perspectives on the planning and details. In this issue,we hear from our Culinary Director and Executive Chef about their preparations forthe new restaurants of Towne Centre. In upcoming issues, we’ll share more about innovative programming for ParkTerrace and about how Marquardt’s enhanced focus on wellness will help residents maintain or improve their healthand well-being.With Park Terrace as a new residential center for both memory care and assisted living, a number of alternatives havebeen considered for Zinzendorf Hall. I’m pleased to share with you that we will continue to offer assisted living atZinzendorf Hall. Our assisted living residents and family members will get the opportunity to choose between ParkTerrace and Zinzendorf Hall.Thanks to all of you for all you do to keep Marquardt Village strong and growing! The support of our many generousdonors and committed staff makes all things possible.Blessings,Matthew Mauthe, CEO THE MARQUARDT VILLAGE MISSION: “Grounded in faith, we promote the health and well-being of each individual we serve.”A Taste of Things to Come ....................................... 3 New Model Apartment ............................................. 8 ON THE COVERGrandpa Inspires Fundraising ................................ 4 A Life Plan Community ............................................. 9 Marquardt HealthNew Board and Staff Members ............................. 5 Living Here Was a Special Experience...............10 Center Resident LionelSaluting Our Dedicated Staff ................................. 6 Donor Appreciation ..................................................11 Dufenhorst withThank You, Shining Stars .......................................... 7 Construction Progress ..............................................12 granddaughter Rachel Ryan. See page 4.

A Taste of MoreDelicious Thingsto ComeWithout a doubt, bringing an exceptional last year, we initially focused on the goal of switching dining program to Marquardt Village from processed foods to 90 percent fresh and ‘from enhances the lifestyle for residents and scratch’ cooking, sourcing fresh food vendors withintheir guests. It’s also part of the cherished, long-term 50 miles, hiring and training staff, even starting a freshvision for Towne Centre, which will serve as the hub of herb and vegetable garden last summer. Ongoing, ofresident life where people come together to visit and course, we are always asking for and responding toembrace time together. Among the most anticipated resident feedback.”amenities are two new dining venues – a restaurantwith table service, indoor seating and an outdoor With so much of that early work in place anddining terrace, plus a casual “Tasting events residents happy with the results,bistro-café with seating for a light are fun for residents Patty is able to spend somemeal or snack, as well as takeout time planning menus for theand selected grocery items. A new restaurants. For example,private dining room will also be and their great feedback beginning in January andavailable by reservation for family is helping us refine alternating between Park Centredinners and special events. North and South apartmentNew Horizon Foods, a company menus before buildings, independent livingspecializing in food service Towne Centre opens.” residents have been invited for a taste of things to come andmanagement for retirement asked to share their opinionscommunities, has been on board and Marquardt’s culinary partner for over a year, servingmany residents, catering meals for special events, “These meals and tasting events are fun opportunitieshelping with design decisions for the Towne Centre for the residents and their great feedback is helping usrestaurants and planning menus. refine the menus months before Towne Centre opens. It all adds to our excitement about creating exceptional“It’s an exciting and busy time,” said Patty Moe, dining experiences for them and their guests,” saidExecutive Chef. “When New Horizon came on board Patty, who also hosts a monthly “Chat with the Chef.”

Pictured: Kim Henze (left) and Rachel Ryan (right)Resident’s GranddaughterChooses to “Change the World” Pictured: Rachel Ryan and Grandfather, Lionel DufenhorstR achel Ryan, a senior at Kettle Moraine High School in “I explained that the money would go to the community Wales, had two possibilities for her sociology project. where my grandfather lives,” said Rachel. “And it would be She could explore another culture by taking“a personal used to help out with activities or equipment to help makefield trip,”or she could make a difference for an individual or life better for him and other residents.”group of people by choosing to“change the world.”It was Rachel’s The experience encouraged Rachelgrandfather, Lionel Dufenhorst, a and some of her classmates to alsoresident of Marquardt Health Center, volunteer to participate in activitieswho inspired her to choose the latter. with the residents, including aAfter discussing ideas with Cheryl game night and Valentine’s DayPorior-Mayhew, Chief Development event. Hopefully, too, they will beOfficer, Rachel decided to raise able to participate in aromatherapymoney for activities that would activities when they are scheduled,interest him and other residents. since the money she raised is earmarked for memory-enhancingThe next step was figuring out Pictured (left to right): Abby Steib, Rachel Ryan, Audrey activities using essential oil scents.exactly how to do that. The research Schleich and Rachel’s Grandfather, Lionel Dufenhorst Asked about what she learnedstarted with speaking to a few friends and classmates, then through the sociology project, Rachel said “even somethingapproaching teachers. In the end, success came through relatively simple like helping with activities can make awhat marketers call a“grassroots, multichannel”approach, difference in people’s lives.”which is not surprising given that Rachel is planning to studycommunications in college. And it worked – a combination “Rachel’s grandfather is so proud,” said Kim Henze,of announcement messages, student word-of-mouth, a bit Activities Director. “The money raised is wonderful, plus toof competition among teachers with the added incentive of have her and her friends volunteer to help with activitiesRachel’s homemade cookies for the class contributing the most, and spend some time with the residents really increasesand a few eye-catching donation buckets. She raised $250! their enjoyment.”

Welcoming New Board and Staff MembersMark Pietrowiak Nicole Chwala Michael DuPontFoundation Board Member Controller Social WorkerAs Senior Vice President with TCF Nicole Chwala joined Marquardt Village Michael DuPont credits a strongNational Bank, Mark Pietrowiak focuses in October, 2015, and is assuming day- relationship with his grandparents for hison providing financing for non-profit to-day responsibility for accounting interest in social work in an environmentand for-profit organizations that include and financial management from Julie that provides care to older adults. Hesenior living communities and health Marks, Chief Financial Officer, freeing joined Marquardt Village in December,care providers. Prior to joining TCF, he Julie to concentrate on the organization’s 2015, after completing his bachelor’swas a Regional Account Executive for strategic planning and growth degree in social work from UW -a non-profit consulting organization opportunities. Stevens Point. The program includedassisting small to medium-sized an internship at Cedar Lake Health andWisconsin companies in becoming more A CPA with ten years of experience Rehabilitation in West Bend where hecompetitive, productive and profitable. in financial management and analyst gained experience he’s putting to good positions, Nicole says she is “excited to use at Marquardt.What Mark brings to the board he be here at Marquardt Village, applyingdescribes as “a particular passion my experience to the non-profit sector, His work at Marquardt Health Centerfor mission-driven non-profits like and also participating in a number of and part-time at Becker Shoop in Mt.Marquardt Village and for doing task forces—from corporate compliance, Pleasant (Racine) includes meeting withgood business with good people. to home health and hospice growth, to rehab patients and their families, helpingMarquardt’s board and management planning the department’s move to new to coordinate care plans and transitionshave obviously embraced the need to administrative offices in Towne Centre.” to the home environment and quarterlyinnovate and evolve in order to thrive. assessments. Michael describes himselfIt’s a combination that gets me excited Nicole received a bachelor’s in business as “an old soul. I enjoyed a lot of timeabout what I can contribute as a and a master’s in accounting from with my grandparents growing upboard member.” Marquette University and studied abroad and still do. I appreciate their wisdom for a year at the Robert Schumann and stories about their experiences. AnMark is currently on the board of the School of Business in Strasbourg, France. important part of my job is developingMilwaukee Rescue Mission and has She grew up in Watertown, and aside trust with patients, residents, and theirserved a number of other professional, from her college years and a two-year family members; drawing them outcommunity and church organizations. stint in Dallas, has always lived here. when needed; and being a good listener.He holds a bachelor’s in finance from Small world that it is, her parent’s home And I love it.”Carroll University in Waukesha and an is just three blocks from MarquardtMBA from UW - Milwaukee. Born and Village. Nicole is happy to give up long Also self-described as“a major sports nut...raised in Grafton, Mark lives in Mequon commutes and books on tape for more Marquette over Wisconsin,”Michael liveswith his wife and their three children. family time with her husband and in Hartford and attends as many Brewers preschool daughter, as well as tennis, games as possible. He enjoys playing volleyball, reading and lots of extended sports and just about any outdoor activity, family get-togethers. especially with family and friends.

Marquardt Village Salutes Our Dedicated StaffIn an industry that has some of the highest job turnover rates,† Marquardt Village is proud to honor staff members who have been with us in service to residents for as many as 43 years. They touch every part of our community and its operations and many are among our most dedicated health care workers, including Diane Wollinger, whocelebrated her 43rd anniversary in September, 2015. That means Diane joined Marquardt – then known as MarquardtMemorial Manor – when our community was just three years old! She’s followed closely by Carol Kruesel and SandraKemnitz with 40 years of service and Mary Jaeger with 39 years.Marquardt Village holds a celebratory luncheon each year to honor staff members who have reached milestones of10, 20, 30 and 40 years of service. “Their contributions to our residents and the Marquardt organization are remarkable.I’m so proud to recognize and honor their commitment,” said Matt Mauthe, CEO. YEARS OF YEARS OF YEARS OF DEDICATED STAFF SERVICE* DEDICATED STAFF SERVICE* DEDICATED STAFF SERVICE*Diane Wollinger 43 Bridgette Redenius 18 Rebecca Nehls 14Carol Kruesel 40Sandra Kemnitz 40 Kimberly Holterman 18 Stacy Ready 14Mary Jaeger 39Kerry Menke 32 Shirley Maas 17 Amanda Carpenter 14Tammy Mielke 31Kathleen Scheler 31 Stacey Weihert 17 Shari Remington 13Debra Meyer 29Cynthia Gruenwald 29 Laurie Maron 17 Cynthia Morgan 13Joan Genz 28Janice Duffy 28 Eileen Jaeger 17 Kathleen Breitzmann 13Karen Bergman 27Mindy Gruling 26 Angela Blasé 17 Paul Riedl 13Denise Lee 26Mary Zastrow 26 Diane Neal 17 Jodi Alwin 13Sherry Cira 24Lois Lorenz 24 Beth Kratzer 16 Joan Sellnow 12Patricia Laehr 23Linda Kraus 23 Lisa Strohm 16 Kimberly Henze 11Kimberly Fehling 22Cheryl Meyer 22 Sally Smith 16 Monica Milbrath 11Brenda Bischoff 22Barbara Winkler 21 Linda Bargo 16 Melissa Loeder 11Renee Kelman 21Beth Wollin 21 Kari Haasch 16 Lynn Ireland 11Barbara Belden 20Nathaniel Lueck 20 Gertrude Dobbratz 15 Patricia Werner 11Julie Marks 19Debra Hoefler 19 Jennifer Kleinjan 14 Gloria Garcia 11 Phillip Braunschweig 14 Barbara Quest 10 Mary Plenkers 14 Tami Rodriguez 10 Amber Kaesermann 14 Keesha Halterman 10 Teresa Detert 14 Judith Maas 10 Celebrating 39 to 43 years of service, left to right: Mary Jaeger, Diane Wollinger, Carol Kruesel and Sandra Kemnitz.*Years of Service as of February 29, 2016†Annual turnover rates in the long-term care industry are approximately 70 percent, according to a study by the American Health Care Association.

Thank You, Our Shining Stars (and Inner Artists)!Paint Nite, Penny Wars, Photo Contest, Logo Contributions Continue to Grow* Apparel Sale, even a Silent Auction. There was There are two goals for the Shining Star campaign – to something fun for everyone as we kicked off reach 50 percent participation by 2017 and to have funour second annual Shining Star employee fundraising doing it. “We are definitely having fun, while we keepcampaign with this medley of events in October, 2015. moving toward that 50 percent goal,” said Cheryl. “And,Our Thanks Go Out to All of You! we greatly appreciate the contributions of everyone! Marquardt Foundation will put that money to good useNearly 100 staff members contributed or pledged improving the lives of our residents and staff.”through payroll deductions over $19,000! That’s ahuge help to Marquardt Foundation in meeting the Many Thanks to the Shining Star Campaign Teamgrowing needs of our organization. Beyond the time The campaign organizing team outdid themselves andand talents you contribute in your work each day, your their efforts are invaluable. Many thanks to:participation demonstrates remarkable dedication to Sandi Bathke, Michael Benson, Jen Coppes, Kim Henze,Marquardt Village and our residents. Judy Maas, Cheryl Meyer, Cheryl Porior-Mayhew, Tammy Stendel and Jacob Yaeger (an intern).“I’m pleased to say that 37 percent of employeescontributed or pledged to this campaign, while Calling All Ideas for making the nextsimilar organizations have been happy to even get Shining Star campaign even more exciting!a double digit response,” said Cheryl Porior-Mayhew, Please share ideas with Cheryl Porior-MayhewChief Development Officer. “That says a lot abouthow committed our staff is. Plus, it’s such a positive at (920) 206-4000 or any member ofinfluence on other donors to know how much our the campaign team.employees believe in and support our efforts!” MAKING IT EASY TO BE A SHINING STAR* Staff members who would like to make a donation or add to theirs can choose to make a one-time gift with a check or an ongoing payroll deduction (even $1 or a few more per pay period really helps). You can even donate accrued PTO you don’t plan to use.Pledge forms are available from Tammy Stendel at the front desk or from Cheryl Porior-Mayhew at Park Centre South, (920) 206-4000.

New Furnished Model ApartmentShowcases OptionsA n apartment at Park Centre South has recently help prospective residents imagine how their furniture been completed and furnished to showcase might be placed and how they will live in the space. finishes and options available to peopleconsidering a move to Marquardt Village. This one- New residents can choose the standard treatmentsbedroom apartment on the second floor now sports new shown in the model, or select from other options toflooring, countertops, sinks, appliances, light fixtures and personalize the space to accommodate their needs andwindow treatments. Plus, the apartment is furnished to reflect their style.

“When a new resident selects an apartment, these Marquardt Village –updates typically take four to six weeks to complete,” said A Life PlanJoy Caine, Marketing Director. “For those who want to Communityor need to move in more quickly, whenever possible wewill have an apartment available in each building that is When people move to a retirementalready updated with the new standard finishes. community like Marquardt Village, often their motivation is to be“Along with the remodeled common areas in Park where they can receive health care servicesCentre North and South and the furnished model as needed. In effect, they are putting a plangarden home that is part of the Marketing Information in place for the future by moving here.Center, these apartment updates complete the picture Meanwhile, the immediate opportunity toto help prospective residents imagine their life here at enjoy life more by taking advantage of allMarquardt Village.” that a community offers is a reward that often comes as a surprise. According to Joy Caine, A MUST SEE Marketing Director, “we know it surprises for you or any friends people because ‘we should have moved here or family members sooner’ is the most common thing we hear considering from new residents.” Marquardt Village, we invite you to see the new This is why Marquardt Village is adopting the furnished model apartment. new designation of Life Plan Community. Many other full-service communities, including Just call (920) 206-4663 those that have traditionally used the term to schedule a visit. continuing care retirement community (CCRC), are adopting this designation, too. It makes sense because it may help people have a better understanding of what communities like ours are all about. Research shows that people often believe full-service communities are all about care, while those who actually move to our communities know we’re really all about getting the most out of life. For more information about the evolution of the name Life Plan Community, you may want to visit Marquardt Village also offers a Retirement Planning Guide that can help you compare options and put the final touches on your own plan. For a complimentary copy, call (920) 206-4663.

Living Here Was a Special ExperienceThe drive was more than an hour each way for watching the construction of Towne Centre, which she Watertown resident Carolyn Bertram to visit her could see from her apartment, but miraculously couldn’t mother, Mary Ann Thein, at her apartment in hear at all. The peace and quiet was such a welcomesuburban Milwaukee. Which meant the two women, as relief to her after living on a busy city street.”well as the extended family of five children and eightgrandchildren, didn’t get together as often as any of Carolyn was able to visit almost every day and havethem wanted. So, when Mary Ann agreed to move breakfast or coffee with her mom. In fact, all the familycloser, Carolyn reminded her of the open invitation to kept Mary Ann busy with their visits. “We appreciateshare her family’s home. That wasn’t going to work for Marquardt Village so much and all the people weMary Ann, who was “a little stubborn about maintaining got to know in our short time,” said Carolyn. “Mom’sher independence and wanted her own apartment.” osteoporosis took quite a toll and she needed addedCarolyn knew it would need to be at a community with a support more quickly than anticipated. In-home nursingrange of services Mary Ann would potentially need. care and physical therapy from Marquardt at Home was helping a great deal before she passed away at the endThus began Carolyn’s visits to retirement communities of September. Our only regret is that she didn’t havein and around Watertown and Marquardt Village quickly more time to enjoy living here.”became the top choice. She knew a little bit aboutMarquardt—mostly that Marquardtat Home had helped her husbandthrough rehab. When Carolyn visitedand saw the spacious Park Centreapartments and recently updatedcommon areas, and also found outthat Mary Ann could receive all the“bundled” services she would need,the choice was clear. Mary Annmoved into a Park Centre Southapartment in April, 2015.“We were so happyto move Mom toMarquardt Village,”said Carolyn. “Sheloved it here. Sheenjoyed decoratingher apartment andthe maintenancestaff was so helpfuland willing to make little changes for her. She liked

Thank you to the following individuals, churches & businesses who have contributed to the Marquardt Foundation for Wish List items,operating needs, pastoral care and chapel needs, memory care, hospice and staff appreciation from October to December. We valueyour trust and will use these gifts for the benefit of Marquardt Village residents.INDIVIDUALS Carol Kruesel TRIBUTES In Memory of Kenneth Krueger ORGANIZATIONS In Honor of All MarquardtKaren & Fred Albert Miranda Kurkiewicz In Honor of Taryn Braasch Carol Walton In Memory of Hilbert Schoenike Hospice StaffJane Andrews Michelle Larson Elgardie Fuchs In Memory of Mabel Krueger Farmers’ Implement, LLCCathy Bader John Leischer In Honor of Jan Duffy Ralph & Margaret Krueger The Old Woodshed Sue KrattigerSandra Bathke Dr. Linda Lewallen Elgardie Fuchs In Memory of Marvin Kuenzi Thomas Murphy Insurance In Honor of Jodi AlwinSandra & Halver Becken Michael & Rachel Libby In Honor of Lois Harke Doris Braunschweig Irene HeiligerMichael Benson Cecilia Lin Phyllis Strasburg George Brian Iserman Services LLC Barbara SwiftGrace Bentzin Amy & Todd Loeber In Honor of Marquardt Village Dan & Nancy Jaeckel Accurate Imaging In Honor of Jennifer AngeloFranklyn Bergdoll Allison Lorenz Elroy Liesener AdvaCare Systems Carolyn GreewaldKaren Bergman Nathaniel Lueck Residents Lester Schwartz Altius Building Company In Honor of Shelly ArmstrongRev. Raymond Bezanson Nicholas Maas Gerald & Marilyn Jeuck In Memory of Dorothy Lange Angell Marketing, LLC Irene HeiligerDenise Blackbourn Shirley Maas Patricia Laehr Hildegard Lange Brian Weber (Fitzsimmons) In Honor of Shelly BladornShelly Bladorn Shannon Magsamen In Honor of Marquardt Village In Memory of Millard Loveland ClearPath Connections, LLC Jolene RamageTaryn Braasch Mark Mandel & Lynn Kirkstein Kay & Will Wipperfurth Communications Engineering In Honor of Colleen BuedlerMargaret Bratz* Dan & Julie Marks Staff In Memory of Viva Loveland Terry BlankLarry & Mary Braunschweig Lynnae Mathison-Raether Gerald & Marilyn Jeuck Kay & Will Wipperfurth Company (CEC) Jolene HollingerPhillip Braunschweig Sharon Mathwig In Honor of Roger J. Schaefer In Memory of Sam Luchsinger Creative Business Interiors Raleigh & Patsy IllgenRick Brewer Matt & Erika Mauthe Barbara & Terry Schwefel Margaret Luchsinger E-Z Office Products Donald MeyerAmanda Burg Kristin & Kenny McDonald In Honor of Florence Sweeney In Memory of George Ochs First Midwest Bank In Honor of Pam BurgardtNeal & Carla Butenhoff Elizabeth McLaughlin Jean & Steve Kohlhoff Erlene Delano J&L Tire Carolyn BertramJoy & Patrick Caine Greg & Cheryl Meyer Ann & Richard Nienow In Memory of Evelyn Pfeiffer Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Annette MeyerKasey Caine Debra Meyer In Memory of Gwynnetha Bade Mary & Pete Herzler K-W Electric, Inc. In Honor of Jennifer GarciaDr. Robert Callaway Tammy Mielke Nancy Kroner In Memory of William Pfeiffer Maas Bros Construction Loraine ClauerDick Cerney Donna & William Miller* In Memory of Rick Bargo Mary & Pete Herzler Madison United Healthcare In Honor of Jessica GranzowNicole Chwala Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Miller Linda Bargo In Memory of Eldora Riebe Joyce DuffinSherry & Russ Cira Patty Moe In Memory of Bob Berthold Doris Buchta Linen Alan FehlyJennifer Coppes Mary Lou & Myron Terry & Sue Koplin In Memory of Leonard Riemer March to November Race Irene HeiligerDeborah Cornella-Kirt In Memory of Ruth M. Berthold Penny Schleif Phil & Lori PartellTerri & Curt Detert Moldenhauer Terry & Sue Koplin In Memory of Mildred Riemer Series, Inc. In Honor of Debbie HoeflerTrudy & Robert Dobbratz Michaela Mueller In Memory of Doris Braunschweig Penny Schleif Medline Industries Donna & William MillerRenee & David Downs Diane Neal Joanne Braunschweig In Memory of Lester Rose Moravian Larger Life Foundation In Honor of Kim IgnarskiKris & Jan Duffy Rebecca Nehls Florence Drachenberg Rev. Allen & Judy Bergmann New Horizon Foods, Inc Irene HeiligerRuth & William Ebert Roberta & Tim Neitzel Dallas & Elaine Grosenick Helen Rose Omnicare Pharmacy Donald MeyerGregory Else Rolfe & Mary Nervig Ronald & Linda Krueger Dennis Walsh Pinnacle Innovative Donna & William MillerTom & Sara Fay Don Nicholson In Memory of Catherine Clifford In Memory of Willard Schleif In Honor of Chris KomisMildred Febock Jessica O’marrah Ralph & Margaret Krueger Penny Schleif Healthcare Solutions George & Marilyn HackbarthKimberly Fehling Gertrude Pitterle Estate In Memory of John Clifford In Memory of Richard Piper Jaffray In Honor Of Nate LueckEmily Feiner Barbara Pohl Ralph & Margaret Krueger Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren SC Lynn ZimmermanShelby Fetter Cheryl Porior-Mayhew & Jim In Memory of Roger Cramer Schlueter Robert Heath In Honor of LeRoy MandellNelson & Barb Fischer John & Joyce Austin Linda Bargo Schaefer Soft Water, Inc. George & Marilyn HackbarthPhillip & Naomi Frensz Mayhew In Memory of Eugene In Memory of Hilbert Schoenike Schmutzler-Vick Funeral Barbara SwiftRev. John & Anne Fritts Dallas Prockl Margaret Amthor In Honor of Mike McCormicLori Ganser Barbara & Larry Quest Engsberg Dorothy Degnitz Homes, Inc. Jolene RamageHolly Gee Hannah Raabe Fay Martin Dan & Nancy Jaeckel Security Insurance Services, Inc. In Honor of Megan McKayGary & Joan Genz James Raith, Sr. In Memory of Marion Mary & Paul Jaeger TCF Bank Loraine ClauerKatie Gomez Patricia Ranthum David Lueck Thomas Murphy Insurance In Honor of Katherine NapagalVicky & Stephen Gouldthorp Mary & Steven Rhodes Engsberg Dawn & Earl Sauer Alan FehlyDr. & Mrs. Michael Grajewski Anne Roberson Lorraine Dittmar Sally, Laura & Kari Schoenike Services LLC Raleigh & Patsy IllgenGlen & Isela Grams Tami Rodriguez Fay Martin Norma Tunak Thrivent Financial for Lutherans In Honor of Becky NehlsCarmen Groehler Lucille Roessler-Engsberg In Memory of Loretta Fuchs In Memory of William Schultz Tim Kamke Lynn ZimmermanJoanne Haag Larry Rudd William Fuchs Joan Schultz Wipfli, Ullrich, Bertelson, LLP In Honor of Thuan NgoGeorge & Marilyn Hackbarth* Rachel Ryan In Memory of Ruth Hein In Memory of Gilbert Shekey Wis Pak Bottling Corp. Carolyn GreewaldJeff Hackel Joyce & Mark Scallon Pearl Mary Goetsch Joan Jones Marquardt Village was named Carolyn McKyKimberly Henze Kathleen & Larry Scheler In Memory of William Hein In Memory of Minnie Shekey as a recipient of memorial Mercy MulroneyRev. & Mrs. James Hicks Ruth Schick Pearl Mary Goetsch Joan Jones gifts in the obituaries of the Jolene RamageJeanette & Wayne Hills Emily Schmitz In Memory of Grace Henning In Memory of Vernon Steffen following people from October- In Honor of Mike OnsrudDebra & Mike Hoefler Judy & David Schoechert Shirley Dibble Joe & Judy Hasslinger December. Thank you to these Carolyn GreewaldLaura Hoene Gerald & Carol Schultz Beverly Ebert In Memory of Ken Stelse individuals & their families for Georgia ShambesKimberly Holterman Jessica Schultz Ronald Schroeder Beverly Stelse supporting our mission. In Honor of Jenna QuinnGayle Hunter Dennis Schwenker Steven & Nancy West In Memory of Loretta Stewart Doris Braunschweig Irene HeiligerKim Ignarski Lori & Dan Sellnow Amy & Karl Winkelman Sally Rumary Grace Henning Barbara SwiftPatricia Ignarski Jerry Stelse In Memory of Erwin Hesse Sarah & Mike Walter Marvin Kuenzi In Honor of Pat RanthumLynn Ireland Tammy Stoll Rev. & Mrs. Reuben Schmitz In Memory of Walter Stewart Hilbert Schoenike George & Marilyn HackbarthAlesha Jacobson Phyllis Strasburg George In Memory of Leona Hesse Sally Rumary GRATEFUL HEARTS In Honor of Bridget RedeniusEunice Jungkuntz Kitty Stueber Rev. & Mrs. Reuben Schmitz Sarah & Mike Walter In Honor of Kathy Adkins Joyce DuffinAmber Kaesermann Mary Supple In Memory of Robert Holt In Memory of Edna Strasburg George & Marilyn Hackbarth In Honor of Nick SawyerSandra Kant Barbara Swift* Charlotte Holt Jerilyn Strasburg McFarlane In Honor of All Marquardt Jolene HollingerAlbert Kasmiskie Gina Symkowski In Memory of Virginia Ihde Barbara SwiftPaula Kaulback Louise Szerbat Judy & Jim Maas & John McFarlane Health Center 700 Wing In Honor of Joyce ScallonCrystal Kerns Albert Troyke In Memory of Helen Jensen In Memory of Mary Ann Thein Barbara Koepsell Carolyn BertramWilliam E. & Erna Kiessling Patricia Volenberg J. Amundson Anonymous Lynn Zimmerman In Honor of Emily SchmitzChristine Komis Lynne Wagner Susan & Harry Engstrom Anonymous In Honor of All Marquardt Margaret BratzApichai Kookasemkit Rev. Aden & Bishop Kay Ward Diane & Bill Harvey In Memory of Robert Uecker In Honor of Yvonne SchoechertDiane Korn Stacey Weihert Julie Kreblin Elaine Uecker Health Center & Home Carolyn BertramSarah Kottwitz Patricia Werner Robert & Shirley Metzker In Memory of Velda Wagner Health Staff In Honor of Jerry StelseBeth Kratzer Patricia Werner In Memory of Don King Dianne & John Wagner Sheldon Mielke Lynn ZimmermanLinda Kraus Stephanie Wollitz Cathie King In Memory of Edwin Wipperfurth Elizabeth Schubert In Honor of Lindsay Wendt Jenny & Jamie Zwieg In Memory of Stephen J. Kinsella Kay & Will Wipperfurth In Honor of All Marquardt George & Marilyn Hackbarth Mick & Carol Johnson Home Health Staff *Grateful Hearts Donor In Memory of Harold Krueger Dorothy Rollins Ralph & Margaret Krueger Frances Walsh Ken Wolfgram James ZielsdorfWe make every effort to ensure this list is accurate. If you notice an error or omission, please notify us at (920) 206-4000.

Non-Profit Org US Postage PAID Mailings Direct 1020 Hill Street Watertown, WI 53098 Phone: (920) 206-4663 MarquardtVillage.orgSponsored by the Western Districtof the Moravian Church Towne Centre ConstructionOn track for opening this summer, Towne Centre will be a special place for residents and visitors to enjoy, withrestaurants, a wellness center, salon/spa, and much more! Park Terrace, Marquardt Village’s new residential centerfor state-of-the-art assisted living and memory care, will also open this summer. Address changes or requests to be removed from the Marquardt Connections mailing list can be emailed to [email protected].

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