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Published by Terribooser, 2017-10-23 18:45:06

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Sugar & Spice Drapery and Shades, owned by Terri Booser and RachelLusk-Barrera, is a custom window treatment and soft furnishings workroomthat goes the extra mile for their designers and trade accounts by offeringunique individualized services, while creating beautifully craftedprofessional products. S & S is dedicated to fair and ethical businesspractices, committed to producing the highest quality standards for allfabrication, and is devoted to exceeding the clients’ expectations of theirexperience and their window treatments.

Rachel Barrera has been in the custom soft furnishings industry, encompassing design fabricationand installation since 2000. She owned Shorty’s Window, designing and fabricating windowtreatments primarily for retail clients until merging with Terri in 2017.Her passion for her craft and industry can be witnessed through the offices she serves: President ofThe Houston Area Custom Drapery Association (HACDA) since 2012 and President of the HoustonChapter of The Window Coverings Association of America since June of 2016.Her talent cannot only be viewed through her extensive client portfolio, but is also obvious with herensuing the three-time winner (2014,2015 and 2016) of the Window Fashions Artisan Project (WFAP),a national annual design competition, where she designed and fabricated an innovative themedtreatment to be displayed at the International Window Coverings Expo, Vision.Terri Booser has been in the custom soft furnishings industry, encompassing design, fabrication andinstallation since 1990. For 22 years she owned An Interior Stitch, a custom workroom in Pennsylvaniawhich catered to long distance design accounts across the country.In addition to running An Interior Stitch, Terri was very active with the Custom Home FurnishingsAcademy. She has been a conference speaker, Career Professional Instructor, Curriculum Directorand Executive Director as well as a past partial owner of the CHF Academy, LLC. She is currently thedirector of the Window Fashions Artisan Project and Construction Zone Coordinator for theInternational Window Coverings Expo, Vision.Terri and her husband moved to Houston in 2013 and started two businesses, Studio of Drapery andFabrication Arts, and JB Executive Installations, LLC. Terri met Rachel this same year and begancollaborating and sharing work shortly after. In 2017 the decision was made to merge their individualbusinesses and talents to form Sugar & Spice Draperies and Shades, LLC.

The workroom of Sugar & Spice is located on the entire secondfloor of Rachel’s home in League City, Texas. Its bright openlayout, along with eight industrial machines, professional boilerirons and fully convertible tables create an efficient workflow anda tidy working environment. The tables allow for multiplearrangements; side extensions and casters configure to handlethree widths of fabric to be tabled flat, or when placed end toend, width and half two-story panels, providing the utmostaccuracy for any drapery length.

Sugar & Spice Draperies and Shades, LLC can offer the interior designer or trade professional specialized services that the larger commercial workroom typically cannot or will not. No project is too small, too large, too simple or too complicated. We can be as involved as the designer desires; handle the job from initial measurement to treatment and hardware advisement to final installation or simply fabricate from a submitted pre- done work order. Whatever the designer can dream, S & S can construct. Some of our services include but are not limited to the following:• Prompt quoting within 2 business days, via email, using QuickBooks software.• Fabric pick-up and treatment delivery within 2-hour radius.• Accessibility to owner/fabricator via phone Monday through Saturday.• Accessibility to workroom by appointment.• Full measurement and yardage verification.• Renderings of treatments with software.• Creation of any treatments from magazine pictures, photographs, sketches or renderings.• Specifying and ordering of necessary hardware.• Complete professional installation services.

Wholesale Price GuideDR AP ER IES (PER 54” WIDTH UP TO 3 W IDTHS WIDE AND 120” LENGTH: 65- 75-$2.00/INC H OVER 120” LENGTH) 50- 45-ple a te d dra pe rie s 95- ple a te d to pa tte rn ple a s e inquire on ya rda ge be fore purcha s ing 22- 25-rod-pocke t pa ne ls 30-ple a te d s he e rsgromme t pa ne ls (include s cos t of gromme ts up to s ize 12) 38- 49-S HADES (PER S QUARE FOOT; O PERATING MECHANIS M ADDITIONAL) 26-fla t & re la xe d 34-london, ba lloon & butte rfly 41-hobble d 41-C O R NIC ES (PER FOOT UP TO 8 FOOT LENGTH)s tra ightshapedTO P TR EATMENTS (PER FOOT)box ple a te d Othe r De s igns J us t As k!impe ria lswa gs & ca sca de skings tons & e mpire sRachel Barrera Terri [email protected] [email protected] 832-948-4671

WWhohloesleaslealePrPicreicGe uGidueide P ILLO W S & C US HIO NS 1 -/in c h (ZIP PER S INC LUDED/FOR MS & EMBELLIS HMENTS ADDITIO NAL) knife -e dge 2 -/in c h s e lf-we lt 2 -/in c h 4 -/in c h bols te rs boxe d cus hions (include s we lt)Formula for calculating size= (width + length) ÷2Be dding Kin g Que e n/Full T w in 188-duve ts 245- 225- 175- 65-Be d-s kirts 235- 215- 8-shams 75- 65- 12- 12-Em be llis hm e nts , He adboards and Be ds pre ads upon re que s tS TO C K LINING S (OTHERS UPON R EQUES T)S a te e nNa ppe d S a te e n or S ilky Bla ck-outHe a vy Fla nne l inte rlining (include s la bor to a dd)Rachel Barrera Terri [email protected] [email protected] 832-948-4671

Rachel Barrera Terri [email protected] [email protected] 832-948-4671

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