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IISCM Digest Trailer-25Oct2020 (1)

Published by Malathi Dileepan, 2020-11-04 09:56:42

Description: IISCM Digest Trailer-25Oct2020 (1)


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IISCM Digest Rack 01 | November 2020 The Supply Chain Magazine Trailer Issue Warehouse Functional Design Three Levels of Supply Chains Advertisement Offer SCM Certifications Call for Articles Job Openings Webinar Webinar on Porter’s Five Forces and SCM

IISCM Digest | 1 WAREHOUSE FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Venkadesh Narayanan Ever increasing customer Here PQRST stands for Product, Quantity, expectations, competitive forces, Routing, Services and Throughout. Some disruptions in supply chains, of the detailed aspects that need to be regulatory requirements and considered are: industry 4.0 forces companies to look into the functional design 1. Cube utilisation aspects of their warehouses and 2. Pallet storage area distribution centres. 3. Pallet washing area 4. Type of MHEs to be used Warehouse functional design 5. Aisle spaces is the process of identifying, 6. Product dimensions organising and analysing the 7. Shelf life of product short-term and long-term operational 8. Product handling requirement and business requirements of a warehouse 9. Battery charging area and recommend the design inputs for the 10. MHEs parking area structural design of the warehouse. The 11. Packaging material storage area outcome of the warehouse functional design 12. Restrooms for staff activity results in Business Requirements 13. Space for office Document (BRD), which will be handed 14. Headroom for product over to the warehouse structural design 15. Space for tools storage engineer or contractor. 16. Regulatory requirements 17. Tiers of storage Functional design essentially involves the 18. Types of storage equipments following stages such as (1) Elicitation 19. Load transfer to the structure of requirements (2) Documentation 20. Temperature control of requirements 21. Humidity limits (3) Analysis of Functional 22. Air circulation requirements (4) design is 23. Lighting requirements Validation (5) Approval the input to 24. Power supply from key stakeholders structural 25. Safety of the products and (6) Recommending 26. Security for the people the solution through design. 27. Loading and unloading of products BRD. 28. Incoming and outgoing vehicles 29. Fireload of products and materials The key factors that need to be taken into 30. Packaging area account during the above stages are as 31. Staging area follows: 32. Inspection area 33. Pest and rodents control 1. Nature of the product [P] 34. History of natural calamities 2. Capacity requirements [Q] 35. Law and order of the region etc. 3. Routing of the product [R] Though this is not an all encompassive list, 4. Various services required [S] but would provide a good starting point 5. Throughput of the warehouse [T] to build your warehouse functional design model in an optimal manner.

IISCM Digest | 2 three levels of supply chains - Venkadesh Narayanan Supply Chain is a network of their suppliers. They identify their Tier-1, people, processes and systems to Tier-2, Tier-3 etc. in terms of suppliers and source, transform, transport and customers. store inventory and to deliver the At Level-3 companies focus on their end-to- finished goods to the customers by end supply chains. This is an ideal state any Tmanaging the four essential flows. company would want to achieve. Attaining the level-3 is beneficial not only to all the ffaflllnooowwwef.sfaIianncfphrlidreoeefoanwrfwdcoet,teuvuailtnecrnlhrtfdmfsoelfesolreaoemwpfnwffresaao,,pacemcfaryhhaflioaolcabllisecrienntme.usn1T,esf0btwdhofo%ui-efocmttsriomteuake-onlpraesast4inpotna0ldytn%od reason is that all the inefficiencies of the Supply chains can be visualised at three supply chains are camouflaged by building levels. inventory and finally the price is paid by the Level-1: Internal supply shain consumers. Here is a social cause as well. Level-2: Extended supply chain When essential goods and medicines are Level-3: End-to-end supply chain 40% cheaper, it would make it affordable The three levels of supply chain indicates the to millions of masses across the globe, who maturity level of a company’s supply chain. otherwise could not afford it. You can also At Level-3 supply chain maturity is higher find a parallel in “Profits at the Bottom of than Level-2 and much higher than Level-1. the Pyramid” article by Erik and Duncan. At Level-1 companies are focused very Level-2 and level-3 companies should be a much on their internal operations. They process-centric one and they should be able consider procurement to dispatch as the to map their supply chains with the echelons only value chain. Their entire focus is within and nodes. The level-3 company will evolve their premises. as a channel master or channel orchestrator to influence the players in the end-to-end supply chain to adopt At Level-2 companies What you can see, the best practices. care about Supplier aRatdMRMonnoeeaaddwwllaannnottiCaamiirsggooukteepnnsrmmteclsseohhaloeemmmiinnsppeeettonlr((yftCStwRtRhhMieMethirn))teshuceepsupsplaywsrtycrheshaayyimsantye.otamTonuhysdueoyccuaancnamcnsrteoheomseacnpiiraostelcnrucuasaiorburrselsleeneu.,ct;torshmeuegpsm,abenenycInma.tonsolmaetbsrvuuoikenmntelg-talm3ylsasisiaozmnure,cpyosbr,pereebrelayyvessoceceonohsacmdaitahiinlenlyigirs try to build strategic relationship with

IISCM Digest | 3 ADVERTISEMENT OFFER On the occasion of IISCM Digest’s official first version to be released on 01 January, 2021, we offer a complementary offer to companies to release their product and service advertisements. Last Date for Submission Advertisement requirements: Wed, 23-Dec-20 1. A4 size 2. PNG or JPG format Estimated Circulation 3. Product or service relevant 250,000 to supply chain management 4. In high quality 5. Professionally designed 6. Artwork shall be sent to pc@ 7. Offer available to 10 firms on first-come-first-serve basis. If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs. Malathi Dileepan at +91-900-304-9000.

SCM CErtifications IISCM Digest | 4 Fhyzics is an ACP To learn more about Fhyzics’ Supply of Association Chain Management and Procurement for Supply Chain Certifications, please speak to our Management (ASCM/ Certifications Manager at +91-900-304-9000 APICS), USA and an ASC or email at [email protected]. of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), UK. CIOP Certified Inventory Optimization Professional Certified Supply CSCP Chain Professional CPIM Certified in Production and Inventory Management Certified in CLTD Logistics, Transportation and Distribution CIPS Procurement & Supply Certifications from L2 to L6

IISCM Digest | 5 call for articles IISCM Digest calls for articles in procurement and supply chain management from professionals and academicians for its first official issue to be released on 1 January 2021. IISCM Digest is a monthly, online magazine. Last Date for Submission Article requirements: Thu, 10-Dec-20 1. Relevant to supply Estimated Circulation chain management and 250,000 procurement 2. Share the article idea in advance in about 50 words along with your CV to [email protected] and get a concurrence 3. Article shall be in MS Word, 14 point, single spacing 4. Shall be original writing and the author owns the IPR 5. Attach your photograph and supporting images in the email 6. 600 to 1200 words in length 7. Article shall be sent to pc@ If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs. Malathi Dileepan at +91-900-304-9000.

IISCM Digest | 6 Job openings Corporates can advertise their SCM and Procurement openings and it is free for ever. The only requirement is, it shall be for positions that require qualifications of graduation and above. Estimated Circulation 250,000 Please share the position details to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs. Malathi Dileepan at +91-900-304-9000.

IISCM Digest | 7 webinar The upcoming one hour webinar is on the applications of Porter’s Five Forces in Supply Chain Management and Procurement. Porter’s five forces and SCM Saturday, 12-Dec-2020 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST To register for this webinar, please click here or scan the QR code.

IISCM Digest A monthly magazine from Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management [A unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.] | +91-900-304-9000 LAUNCH on 01-jan-2021

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