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Published by Nawal Ali, 2022-04-23 03:42:30

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Portfolio Architecture and Interior Design [email protected]

Introduction Maybe you want to switch up your style but can’t decide which direction to go in. There’s a style for every preference and we’re here to help you find the look that’s right for your home. There are many types of interior design, with the list ever- evolving. Some of them are fads and others are timeless classics that stand the test of time. Each style is comprised of distinctive furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories that give it its signature look. In getting to know some of the most popular styles, you’ll better understand what styles stand out to you and meet your

Content About our Interiorch Studio ................................................... 04 The creative process of our artists ...................................... 08 Delicate and dazzling bathrooms ......................................... 10 Innovative kitchen interiors ................................................... 12 Elegant adult bedrooms ........................................................ 16 Kitchen islands as additional worktops ............................... 20 Slim and elegant coffee tables ............................................. 22 Interesting and elegant accrssories ..................................... 24 Modern architecture .............................................................. 28 Unmissable interior design tips for making a house a home............. 30 Our best products on sale ..................................................... 32

About PARROT Interior Design PARROT Interior Design is a Because we full-service interior design are a small company, specializing in both design firm, we residential and commercial are extremely design. Whether you need a flexible and quick refresh of furniture and nimble. We have paint colors, or an extensive relationships whole-house renovation, we with many local can provide the expertise to craftsmen, so make sure the project runs you can be smoothly and gives you the assured that best results possible. your project is completed with the highest standards. 4

Our Commitment We are committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service. Our goal is always to create designs tailored to our clients’ unique personal styles and practical needs. Much of our business comes from repeat clients and direct referrals. Once people hire us, they seem to want to do it again! 5

Our mission is to create reward experience and value that combine functionality with high quality and innovation for our customers. We want every partner and client experience to be the talk of a life time. Also, to define the most sophisticated and superior standard of quality in every exterior and interior designs. Our vision is to be a reputable, sustainable, and desirable premier luxurious interior design firm of the global market place providing the state-of- the-art innovative designs and superior quality finishing. We will continue to leverage on our many years of professional experience to consistently deliver exclusive design services that bring a complete satisfaction of our partners and clients requirements. Operate with integrity • Honest and transparent processes from start to finish. • Committed to providing the best of the best of designs. • Viewed as a high profile reputable corporation. • We deliver our promise.

The creative process of our artists In essence, design thinking: Proves extremely useful when you tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown. Revolves around a deep interest to understand the people for whom we Involves ongoing experimentation through design products and services. sketches, prototypes, testing and trials of new concepts and ideas. Helps us observe and develop empathy with the target users. Enhances our ability to question: in design thinking you question the problem, the assumptions and the implications. 8

01. 02. Project plan Completion Allocate the necessary time to specific tasks We will provide all outputs in the development under a planned shift. and implementation of project completion processes to ensure effective completion, commissioning, delivery, start-up and ongoing operations of projects, in both the initial and downstream stages. 03. 04. Realization Ending We are committed to a diverse and equitable We’ll go over the main components, and help workforce with an inclusive culture that values you understand what you need to design and and celebrates the diversity of our people, create the perfect décor for your home. talents, ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This is essential to innovation and creativity for 9 continued success of this mission.

Delicate and dazzling bathrooms The best bathroom ideas are not only beautiful but, they also make your space – whatever size it may be – truly functional. And, stunning design is achievable whatever your decor style or budget may be. 10

BATHROOM IDEAS THAT RENEW AND REFRESH Both modern and classic bathroom looks have their aesthetic benefits, but it’s all about striking a balance between your style and needs while you consider your home’s personality too. there are so many decor avenues to explore whether you want a timeless look or a very on-trend and topical home. 11

Innovative kitchen interiors When it comes to kitchen interior design, there really is more to it than meets the eye. Before considering colourways and to make sure that your space is functional decorative features, it’s important to in a way that suits you and your family’s get the flow of the space, position of lifestyle needs. appliances and work surfaces just right

High-quality materials Kitchen cabinets are of course, an integral part of every kitchen space and whether you’ve decided to simply replace the cabinet doors, or if you’re looking to remodel your entire kitchen, it’s key to consider the different types of kitchen cabinet materials out there to ensure you find the right style for your home. There are four main types of kitchen cabinet materials you’ll find for boxes and door fronts. They are solid wood and man-made materials including medium-density fibreboard (MDF), plywood and metal. Each have their pros and cons, and you’ll want to consider how much they will cost you, their durability and style as well as the ease of installing kitchen cabinets before you come to a final decision.

Cozy children’s rooms For children, it is important we understand how to make a bedroom cosy in order to ensure they are getting all the rest they need in order to grow, develop and function daily. A cosy bedroom can differ from person to person but generally making a bedroom cosy would involve making it a secure, safe and personal space centred around the individual child and their interests. We have a wide range of children’s furniture which enables children to create a space they love. Calm, relaxing, comfortable and safe – these are all words we would love to apply to our children’s rooms. A child room should be a personalised retreat they enjoy. 14


Elegant adult bedrooms There’s nothing like an elegant bedroom that soothes the soul after a long day at work. Your boudoir should be a place of rejuvenation. The good news: it’s easier than you think to get a look that is both upscale and relaxed. We’re sharing 5 easy steps for creating a welcoming space that sets the stage for restful sleep. Get ready to take your bedroom to the next level, so start by reflecting on the mood you’re hoping to evoke! For example, pastel hues can be soothing, and the bedroom below is inviting with its lemon and gold tones paired with other soft hues (such as the peach flower on the bedside table). 16

Convenience The ideal bedroom is one that can offer convenience when we are relaxing and can eliminate fatigue. The following is a comfortable as well as enjoyable. 17


Sleep in luxury Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home, so the design can should be the truest reflection of your interior design style. Layering is every interior designer’s key to creating a luxury bedroom, starting with a bespoke bed to create a centerpiece for the room. From there, surround yourself with soft textures – Egyptian cotton bed linen, sumptuous throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a canopy of soft lighting.

Kitchen islands as additional worktops If you’ve been dreaming about adding an island to your kitchen, kitchen islands can be one of the most practical storage solutions that money can buy, providing homeowners with an area to keep appliances, crockery and other bits and bobs both out of sight and out of mind. However, if you still need convincing about the various benefits that owning a kitchen island can offer, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Fantastic Functionality From a table to a desk to a food preparation area, kitchen islands are often lauded by homeowners around the globe because of their functionality. 21

Slim and elegant coffee tables Choosing a coffee table is one of the most important, yet often overlooked decorating decisions you’ll have to make. Coffee tables are often centrally located and they serve a very practical purpose inside of a living room. The coffee table is arguably what gives a living room the most character. It typically holds personal items and decor accents from the home owners, reflecting their personalities. 22

Personally, I think the coffee table is the second most fun part of designing a living room after picking out the sofa! From marble to reclaimed wood, there are so many fun coffee table designs to choose from – it’s hard to pick just one! Here are some guidelines and ideas for picking out the best coffee table for your family room. 23

Interesting and elegant accessories As the interior design of your living room takes the space itself into consideration, so too is it based on your lifestyle. In our homes, we subconsciously (or consciously) communicate what we love and appreciate through our belongings. This is especially true when it comes to the accessories we choose. Wall art, souvenirs, heirlooms, and photographs are just some of the items that are often used to share memories and untold stories…and to make the design of a space more interesting. To those ends, here are five types of accessories we deem as must-haves in the living room. 24

Even in the most lightly accessorized homes, wall art is a charming addition to your living room. What I love about wall art is that it can be used to create a number of focal points in your home, and the arrangement is often based on personal style. One of the most common layouts for wall decor is the equidistant layout, which gives the artwork an equal amount of space between their borders. Or you can be unique, and carefully arrange items in a random fashion to create an eclectic art wall. 25

Make your home stand out 1. Choose a style, design, and material that matches your home’s architecture and brings your home’s street-facing exterior to life. 2. Use seasonal flowers, plants that need little maintenance and hardscaping to further enhance your home. 3. Create an outdoor living space in your front yard, and you’ll find that your house begins to look a little different from the others. 26

Kitchen Bedroom Here’s a couple of tips you might want to There are many ways to make your bedroom consider to exactly the way you want it! stand out. 1. Keep It Simple. It should be bold! 2. Spend Wisely. We spend over 8 hours in the bedroom, This is a 3. Choose a Leading Role. serious thing to keep in mind. 4. Don’t Skimp on Durability. 5. Let There Be Light. Bathroom Dining room We’re spotlighting cheap yet chic bathroom To make your dining room really stand out, you styling tips and hacks. These bathroom can try a variety of different things.The perfect decorating ideas that only less will give you the table decorations are a great step to make high-quality look and refresh you’re looking for. your dining room have personality, elegance, and style. This can be as simple as a small vase filled with flowers to a bowl of assorted decorations and trinkets. 27

Modern architecture Every house comes with a particular style. Two or more styles are sometimes present due to renovations and new, eclectic mixes. Classifying a home into one specific category can be daunting or even impossible. Modern architecture has something for everyone. Your taste and preferences could very well be skewed towards the other end of the design spectrum such as rustic country yet there always remain elements of modern design that will appeal to you. 28


Unmissable interior design tips for making a house a home When it comes to making a house feel like a home there’s more than meets the eye. Pulling a room together and transforming the features to make it functional and stylish yet homely is not often an easy task.

Make it your own Remember it’s your home. everyone has the potential to design their own home,It’s just a matter of getting an eye for it. Taking the latest trends into account is worthwhile but always put your own personal spin on something to make it special. Your home is where you spend most of your time, so the space needs to reflect you. Consider colours and fabrics Start to hone in on the colours you want to use – for the painted walls or wallpaper, furniture, blinds and curtains. The third colour could be a highlight for cushions, lampshades, bed quilts and accessories such as a tablecloth or even a painting. PICK A COLOR SCHEME FOR YOUR BATHROOM But before you pick up that roller and make like Picasso, Contrary to popular belief, dark bathroom paint ideas CAN be used in small bathroom spaces. These hues can add an element of luxury and style to our space - no matter the square footage.

Our Best PRODUCTS 32

Fancy armchair Steel stool The appeal of a single chair is its ability to be Choosing the right kitchen stool can be tricky placed anywhere – it could be a cosy reading - you want to strike the balance between aesthetics and functionality. You want nook in the bedroom, a peaceful vantage point from which to gaze out the window or a something on-trend yet timeless, and you need something hard-wearing but statement-making. statement piece in the living area. Tv Unit Coffee table A TV cabinet is probably the central point of Although not the biggest nor most expensive your living room but that doesn’t mean it should piece of furniture many of us will buy, coffee be extra large or the focal point of the room. It’s tables are nevertheless a crucial choice for the house-proud owner. Often placed in a central a good idea to measure the size of your living room before you start looking for TV units, as position in a family living space, such as a you want to the size of your TV unit to be in lounge, a coffee table can be both practical and sync with the size of your room. aesthetically pleasing. 33

Relaxing armchair Bedside cabinet A good chair should balance comfort, durability, More than simply a dumping ground for clutter, and visual appeal, perhaps you’re drawn to the your bedside should be a work of art. It needs clean lines of modern design to create a sleek to shine because it is one of the most important aesthetic in your contemporary home. pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Kitchen chair Elegant pouffe The dining room is often a point of pride for Pours are one of the most versatile pieces of people who like having guests over for dinner. furniture you can bring into your home, making And a big part of a great dining room is the them one of our go-to accessories. ability to comfortably seat everyone. 34

Pleated vase Kitchen stool A vase is more useful than just serving as a Search for a bar stool style that fits with the water source for cut flowers. Vases can also aesthetic of your kitchen and the design feel serve as dramatic focal points and decorations of any adjoining rooms. Bar stool styles range from country to classic to mid-century modern. for dining or buffet tables, mantles, altars, From industrial to French cafe chic. Consider entryways, restrooms, and other locations. proportion as well as lines. Office armchair Dining table There are many types of ergonomic chairs A dining table is one of the most integral pieces available for use in the office. No one type of of furniture in your home. Not just a place to eat, office chair is necessarily the best, but there are some things that are very important to look for it is also the foundation for memorable meals in a good ergonomic office chair. These things and meaningful gatherings. will allow the individual user to make the chair That’s why it’s a piece of furniture that should work well for his or her specific needs. be purchased on impulse. 35





Contact us 5/D Abdel Aziz Badr ST Behind USAID Laselky Maadi, Ma`adi, Egypt [email protected] +201 11 646 1717 +201 11 696 7778

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