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FAULT Issue 20the faces issue aTlhleosueraFrAeULTs FAULT 20 | FACES 1

FACEScontents / masthead1 OPENER FOCUS FAULT ISSUE 132 CONTENTS3 MASTHEAD 96 SOCIAL MEDIA STYLE ICON 132 RICHARD ARMITAGE4 EDITOR’S LETTER AUDREY KITCHING PROVES An unexpected journey162 DIRECTORY THERE’S LIFE OUTSIDE OF 134 BILLY BOB THORNTON NEW YORK FOR EAST COASTMEN US FASHION FAULT ISSUE 14 100 A FASHION EDITOR IN6 THE TALENTED MR STURGESS PHILADELPHIA 136 ZACH BRAFFFault catches up with one of the 1O4 LEAH BLEWITT Recipe for successUK’s most intriguing big screen 138 DAISY LOWEstars. MUSIC FAULT ISSUE 1516 IWAN RHEON 108 ASHOT TIGRANYAN &Vicious cycle CLASSICAL CONCERT CHAMBER 140 TYRA BANKS ORCHESTRA Model edgeucationSTYLE 112 NEW YORK PRODUCER 143 BEN BARNES BRENMAR’S GOT HIS EYES ON Easy on the eyes22 KYLIE JENNER THE PRIZE 145 BIG SEANThe Rise of Kylie - how the 147 ELIE GOULDINGyoungest Kardashian became the FAULT ISSUE 5 The Goulden girl of Popmost influential.34 MARIE CASSANDRE ON 114 RUPERT GRINT FAULT ISSUE 16SHANGHAI INDIE DESIGNERS Wild target36 FAULT FACES 150 JONAS BROTHERS44 SFACCIATO FAULT ISSUE 849 RELAXED ATTITUDE FAULT ISSUE 17 116 TOM FELTONFILM 153 LITTLE MIX FAULT ISSUE 9 Face the music56 GOLDEN GIRLFocussed, sincere and multi- 118 ALI LOHAN FAULT ISSUE 19dimensional, Golden Globenominee Michelle Monaghan gives FAULT ISSUE 10 156 DEMI LOVATOus a lesson in how to avoid the 158 USHERHollywood typecast-curse. 119 ADAM LAMBERT The man who can do it all66 SOFT MOVEMENT IN SQUARES 160 DEBBY RYAN FAULT ISSUE 12 So much more than just anotherBEAUTY Disney dynamo 123 KELLY OSBOURNE72 PARANOID ANDROID 125 LOGAN LERMAN76 CREATIVE MINDS In the lead81 SIMPLY RED88 ALMOST FAMOUS 127 2NE1 130 SHAY MITCHELL Living in la la land2 FAULT Magazine

PUBLISHING DIRECTOR ONLINE/GENERAL FEATURES SUBSCRIBE TO FAULTNick Artsruni Miles Holder 1 year = 4 issues (via air mail)ART DIRECTOR Will Ballantyne-Reid U.K. £35Stel Bekiros Chris Purnell Europe €45CONTRIBUTORS FASHION -WOMENSWEAR EDITOR World €50Benjo Arwas Rachel Holland 1 year online (via Zinio)Pauline Darley U.K. £12Charlotte Mcmanus FASHION - MENSWEAR EDITORDove Shore Kristine KiltyLiis AntonSarah Dunn PARIS EDITORS MUSIC SUBMISSIONSTom Andrew Hans Weinheimer [email protected] Kelly Ruth Kramer ADVERTISING ENQUIRIESLeah Blewitt NEW YORK EDITORS [email protected] Pinnock Nancy LuYuki Saito Kee ChangHeather SeidlerShammara Lawrence U.S. STYLE EDITORLionel Deluy Avo YermagyanTom HoopsMarius Knieling SPECIAL THANKSChristian Blanchard Zizi ZarkadasClark Mccaskill Ksenia SafreyJason Rodgers Adina IlieFAULT CONTRIBUTORS 2009-15 Cheval ResidencesBen Morris Erica RussellStephanie & Nina Geoghegan Horniman Museum & GardenPiczoSteven Gomillion LONDON OFFICEDennis Leupold Suite 7Rachel Eleanor Sutton 40 Craven St.Mike Ruiz LondonGiuliano Bekor WC2N 5NGAvo Yermagyan United KingdomCaroline LawlessPaula ParrishLouie BanksUdo SpreitzenbarthSinisha NisevicSteven GomillionRebecca UngerTimothy HigginsBenjamin JohnsonAndre BatoBrian ZiffChris PurnellDove Shore FAULT 20 | FACES 3

FACESeditor’s lettereditor’s letter by Nick ArtsruniA s the outgoing editor of FAULT, my natural assumption new angle and pitched it directly to Kylie’s management team in LA. was that this letter would be written with a heart heavy The result was what you see in this issue today – a monochrome-led editorial, quintessentially FAULT and executed superbly by renowned with nostalgia. My imagination ran wild with the thoughts LA photographer Lionel Deluy. Kylie herself picked one of the covers for this special edition of FAULT – and her creative input was a crucialof a teary-eyed epitaph to my time at the head of this plucky acorn aspect for us to secure the collaboration.of a publication that grew to compete in the canopy for its spot in The term ‘image-conscious’ is sometimes spat out like a dirty word, but it’s something we at FAULT both admire and cater to with ourthe sunlight. But whether you put it down to the series of Bloody features. It is a rare pleasure to be able to work directly with some of the most influential names in the entertainment industry, so anyMarys that have passed my lips this afternoon or something more request from one of our featured artists to oversee the creative process is met with huge enthusiasm from our side. The fact thatsubstantive, my last official editorial contribution to FAULT won’t be Kylie was so eager to make her feelings known about every look on show - every angle, crop, hair style... - was taken as a hugea weepy winding down into wistfulness. In fact, I’m actually more endorsement of what we had achieved as a magazine. From a social media page turned limited print edition, one that originally struggledexcited for the future of this publication than I’ve ever been. to secure the exclusive content we have always craved, to working directly with Kylie Jenner – one of the best known personalities in theFAULT’s 20th Issue is a considerable landmark for a magazine that world today. To say we were thrilled would be an understatement.started out as a Myspace page (remember them?) back in the mid-lateNoughties. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with some incredible Our reversible cover for this issue with a certain Jim Sturgess (cuetalent – many of whom are showcased in this unique, celebratory swoons) took a similar course. Jim was understated in comparison toissue, appropriately entitled, ‘The Faces of FAULT’. From a first Kylie – perhaps understandably so, given the roles he tends to take, hisphotographic showcase for the one and only Bryan Adams in FAULT discernibly British temperament and the small fact that fashion shootsIssue 1 right the way through to the powerful statement of shooting tend not to come naturally to most men. Far from a lack of interest,incomparable international icon Kylie Jenner for the cover of Issue 20, however, our discussions with Jim’s team led us to move away from ourwe’ve been taking stars out of their comfort zone to give them the original plan to present Jim as the sharp-suited man-about-town andFAULT treatment. Crucially, that hasn’t necessarily been represented more towards the laid-back, relaxed London penthouse shoot you canin a single style: our philosophy has always been to take an original see in this issue. We wanted to present Jim as an actor coming into hisperspective with any given artist and to keep things fluid from then on. own, with some huge roles lined up in 2015 to follow his breakthroughFor a mag that has kept music at its core throughout its development, hit alongside fellow FAULT (Issue 8) featured Anne Hathaway in Oneit’s hardly surprising that a rock n’ roll ethos is central to how we go Day. We ended up with a shoot that showed a man totally at easeabout our business – from a creative standpoint, at least!Take Kylie’s shoot, for instance. The steps taken to get to this pointreflect perfectly the mentality behind a FAULT production. Originaldiscussions to ensure Kylie would work with us took place with herNew York representatives way back in Spring ‘14. Little progresswas made and the project was shelved for a while. Later that year,however, we went back to the drawing board. We came up with a4 FAULT Magazine

with his growing stature and lofty surroundings. It was a wonderfully trusted intern to top dog through his winning combination of talent,gratifying moment for photographer Sarah Dunn, stylist Kristine Kilty persistence and personalityand the rest of the team. OK, so maybe I am getting a little teary-eyed now. I hope you’llThese are the sorts of stories that I could tell about fellow Issue 20 indulge me and let me round off by telling you that, as FAULTstars Michelle Monaghan, Iwan Rheon or Brenmar. How it was more reaches its belated adolescence with its big 2-0 after 8 years, this isthan serendipitous for our Women’s Fashion Editor Rachel Holland to very much a case of “Twenty down, many more to come”. Enjoy thishave been invited to cover the emerging fashion scene in Philadelphia special edition of FAULT – I hope that this snapshot of some of thejust as we were confirming Philly local Audrey Kitching for a feature best times we’ve had together brings you as much joy as it has mein this issue. How photographer Jen Senn went to Audrey’s personal – but also remember that the next issue is just around the corner. Beworkspace in the city of brotherly love to capture a new side to this sure to keep an eye out for some of the most exciting content we’veself-made tastemaker in the midst of her familiar space. How we re- ever seen in FAULT due out in the remaining issues this year -startingplanned our shoot with international chamber music maestro Ashot with an extraordinary crossover cover feature starring Nick Jonas andTigranyan and his CCC Orchestra three times, chasing them across the hottest contemporary art gallery in London, The Unit, in Issue 21.Italy in the process, before finally catching up with them in the uniquelyauthentic setting of a spectacular amphitheatre in sleepy Pesaro. For the first time, I will be looking forward to it with my nose pushed up against the window panel.That’s really why I can’t feel too glum about leaving FAULT. BecauseI know that what we’ve accomplished together over the course of What can I say? I guess that’s my FAULT...the last 8 years has set a precedent for the future. When we talkabout the Faces of FAULT in this issue, we’re overtly referring tosome of the incredible people to have graced our pages in the past:Billy Bob Thornton, Zach Braff, Kelly Osbourne, Daisy Lowe, AdamLambert, Little Mix, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Tyra Banks, LoganLerman, Usher, Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers, Ellie Goulding &more. But, for me, the real faces of FAULT are the people who havehelped us to take it to where it is today. People like Leah Blewitt– interviewed in these pages for the very first time after being theinterviewer, the production manager, the sheer driving force behindso many of FAULT’s finest moments. People like Rebecca Unger,now assistant to the editor-in-chief at Vogue, for so long the DeputyEditor and unsung hero of so many shoots here at FAULT. People likeour new Acting Editor, Miles Holder, who worked his way up from FAULT 20 | FACES 5

MENSuit by Wooyoungmi, TsHEtTuALErNTgEDemsrs.shirt by Sandro. Fault catches up with one of the UK’s most intriguing6 FAULT Magazine big screen stars. words Charlotte McManus photography SARAH DUNN fashion editor kristine kilty fashion assistant Sheryl Kelly grooming Johnnie Biles at Stella Creative Artists Special thanks to Cheval Three Quays

Jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim, sweater by Wooyoungmi, jeans by DKNY. I t’s not easy to describe Jim Sturgess – he’s a man of many faces. Part indie film hero, partHollywood house name, part songwriter,poet and musician, he’s a talent who risen tointernational star status while sticking to theshadows of the celebrity spotlight, preferringto fly under the radar. Over the course of hisimpressively diverse career, Jim has playedthe love interest, a Siberian gulag escapee,Anne Boleyn’s brother, a casino card-counterand even the voice of a CGI owl – and that’sjust to name a few. Since getting his bigbreak in 2007’s Across the Universe, Sturgesshas shared the silver screen with such greatsas Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks and AnthonyHopkins – and it seems that there are onlybigger and better things to come.I catch up with Jim on an icy February Friday,each of us shivering over the phone at ourrespective North London abodes. He’s notlong gotten back from sunnier climes, havingspent three months filming in New Orleansfor upcoming 2016 blockbuster, Geostorm.“It was fun – a big Hollywood splash. I washonoured that they asked me to do it,” saysJim, in his laidback, to-the-point manner.After recounting with warmth his off-setexperiences in the lively southern Americanjazz scene, he describes the high-conceptfilm has having “almost two stories, abouttwo brothers – I played Max, a youngpolitician on Earth, while Gerry [GerardButler] plays my older brother Jake, who getssent up into space.”Directed by Dean Devlin, the action-packedplot follows the pair as they simultaneouslytry to prevent an environmental disasterof Biblical proportions whilst foiling anassassination attempt on the AmericanPresident. Just your average day for aHollywood leading man then?“It was cool – a big piece of entertainment,although it does have a backbone inthe world of global warming and geo-engineering,” Jim says, musing on the idea FAULT 20 | FACES 7

MENjim sturgessof sci-fi flagging present-day issues rather to other parts of the world, being a guest in cinemas have to make sure they get theirthan future ones. “Sometimes you reach someone else’s town.” money’s return, which usually means they putmore people with entertainment than some on something tried and tested, like a sequel,heavy-browed documentary. You can weave Sturgess is London-born and Surrey-raised, franchise or blockbuster.”thoughts into their subconscious whilst so a glimmer of homegrown pride comesmaking them laugh and showing them a through here. “Well, darts is such a British So how does he deal with the disappointment?good time… but I don’t want to make out that idea; it was fascinating to see [the American Along with smaller-production titles likewe’ve made a really important environmental cast members’] reactions towards the The Lion’s Share, Jim recently starred inmovie!” he adds, ever-quick to see the sensibility of this very English working class big-budget box office flop Cloud Atlas,humour in a situation. sport,” he replies. “We had professional darts an excitingly ambitious yet commercially players on set; it was funny to see them disappointing multi-role epic with a storyAnother one to watch hits cinemas this year interacting with giant Hollywood movie stars that spanned five the form of London Fields, an adaptation like Johnny Depp, playing darts together!”of Martin Amis’ darkly comic murder “As long as I feel I’ve made a good film,mystery. Jim plays Keith Talent, the thug, Elsewhere on the horizon, potential projects I can feel good about it. That’s what’s sophilanderer and darts-player extraordinaire include a lead in comedy/drama The Big frustrating about acting, because once you’vewho becomes embroiled with Nicola Six Shoe, about a footwear designer with a done your bit, you kind have to hand it over…(Amber Heard), Guy Clinch (Theo James) therapist hired by his overbearing mother, there’s so little you can do.” He pauses,and Samson Young (Billy Bob Thornton) in a and political thriller The Lion’s Share, where contemplative. “You want a film to do well,twisted love affair. Jim would play a journalist on a mission to but that’s not always going to be the case. interview a notorious Somali pirate in Africa. With Cloud Atlas, I was hopeful that people“It was such a bonkers movie – testing to Unfortunately, both films are currently on would be excited to see something different,make, and to dare to be involved in,” says hold due to funding issues. This is not an which was a bit hard to watch. So much workJim, alluding to the narrative’s brooding unfamiliar situation for Sturgess, a seasoned went into it; all it took was the distributionapocalyptic undertones and increasingly veteran of the independent film scene. companies to give it some love and support,sinister sequence of events. “The nice thing “When you start, you’re just trying to but they didn’t. But you know, we got suchabout it, for me, was getting to travel around make the best film you can and bring the positive feedback from the people who didLondon and shoot in areas I hadn’t been to material to life. It’s a difficult playing field at watch it – it connected with them, and that’sin years, like Brixton Market. It almost felt like the moment, getting the more challenging the most important thing.”I was seeing the city through new eyes. With independent work to an audience. There area lot of Americans involved, it was good to so many films being made, and people don’t It’s easy to warm to Jim’s down-to-earthbe the host for a change – normally I travel go to the cinema as much as they used to; sincerity, together with his quietly reserved8 FAULT Magazine

This page:Leather jacket by Just Cavalli, denim jacket by BLK DNM, t-shirt by John Varvatos, jeans by Lacoste, boots by John Varvatos. Opposite page: Coat by Sandro, sweater by Wooyoungmi, jeans by John Varvatos.approach to his craft. After all, no groomed miss playing music, and I miss playing live, you into a story and break your heart andand polished RADA grad is he – having been but now I’m a few years older I’m grateful do all kinds of things… I’ve always tried to“totally wasted on education” as a youth, it didn’t become my life. I’m thankful that I move around as much as possible. I want toSturgess grew up with music as his first love, still get an opportunity to learn [for roles] experience as much as I can.”having played in several bands before being as an adult, trying to fill my mind as full ofscooped for Across the Universe. inspiration as possible.” Shot at the newly opened Cheval Three“I felt like I’d totally blagged it. I was so Having worked across films of all budgets, Quays, prices start at £1,974 per week ingrateful to be given the chance to make a production levels and genres, Sturgess a one bedroom urban view apartment –feature film – afterwards, I thought I’d just doesn’t plan on narrowing his horizons now which equates to £282 per apartment pergo back to making music; there was no – whether hitting Hollywood’s starry sets night. For further information and bookingscareer plan. It wasn’t until I’d made [2008 or championing up-and-coming projects please visit orIRA-themed drama] Fifty Dead Men Walking at home, the acting world is his oyster. As telephone 0207 341 7052.that I started to feel like an actor,” he says. “I Jim puts it: “Films enlighten you and draw FAULT 20 | FACES 9

MENjim sturgess10 FAULT Magazine

Opposite page: Shirt and jeansby John Varvatos.This page: Jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim,sweater by Wooyoungmi,jeans by DKNY. FAULT 20 | FACES 11

MENjim sturgess12 FAULT Magazine

This page: Leather jacket by Sandro,blazer, sweater and trousersby John Varvatos.Opposite page: Suit by Wooyoungmi,shirt by Sandro. FAULT 20 | FACES 13

MENjim sturgess14 FAULT Magazine

This page: Coat by DKNY, sweaterby Guess, t-shirt by Helmut Lang, jeansby John Varvatos, boots by The Kooples.Opposite page: Leather jacket by Sandro,blazer, sweater and trousers by John Varvatos,boots by The Kooples. FAULT 20 | FACES 15

MEN R hiwan rheon e o I nw a nThis & opposite page:Jacket by Just Cavalli,shirt by Karl Lagerfeld,trousers by Just Cavalli.16 FAULT Magazine

Vicious CycleIan McKellen’s ‘Vicious’ co-star is developing a dark streak in his work. FAULT digs deeperwith Iwan Rheon on the unusual inspiration behind Game of Thrones’ most twisted villainand a strange fairy tale film coming soon.words Olivia Pinnock photography Leigh Keily @ Lovely Management photography assistant Tom Keily behind the scenes photography Miles Holder fashion editor Kristine Kilty fashion assistantSheryl Kelly grooming Amy Brandon @ Lovely Management With thanks to the Horniman Museum eeting the most sadistic and manipulative character in Game of Thrones is a little Is it true you originally went up for the part of Jon Snow?M daunting. We’re half expecting him to slither up to the table and eyeball us with a Yeah for the pilot. disjointed grin on his face. Instead, Welsh actor Iwan Rheon, the man behind Ramsay Do you like playing a villain? Snow, swaggers up in a leather jacket and sunglasses and flashes a ‘cheeky chappy’ I do, yeah! [Chuckles]. It’s good fun. I’ve played lots of characters who are really introverted andsmile. It’s hard to get the image of his most notorious role to date out of your mind though, hold everything inside so it’s nice not to have all that. It’s all extrovert and it’s really good fun.which is testament to his captivating acting. Since he joined the cast of the most-viewed HBOseries of all time, he’s landed more exciting opportunities including acting alongside legendsSir Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi and Frances de la Tour in ITV comedy Vicious. It turns out Iwanhas more of a wicked sense of humour than genuine wickedness about him…Ramsay Snow is a really nasty piece of just loves it. So you have to find that joy in it which With such a fanatical audience, you must is a bit How do you get into the mind-set of have some strange encounters? Do you have any inspiration points for him? Some people get quite obsessive, especiallysomeone like that? I was thinking The Joker from The Dark Knight when they’re drunk! I had someone come up toYou have to try and figure out why he is like he is, meets Dennis the Menace. That was my initial me while I was sitting down, he came right upand figure out the reasons for him being like that. thoughts. He’s an evil Dennis the Menace. to my face and just went, ‘You’re evil you are!’Things like: he loves inflicting pain, why is that? I was like, ‘Mate, get out of my face’ [laughs].The key to it is that it really is the joy of it all. He Generally people are really nice. FAULT 20 | FACES 17

MENiwan rheon This page: Sweater by Just Cavalli. Opposite page top: Jacket by Just Cavalli, shirt by Brioni. Opposite page bottom: Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld, polo shirt by Brioni.18 FAULT Magazine

What’s your dream role? I would have said Bilbo Baggins but that’s already been done… bastards. You’re getting back into another dark character for Charlotte’s Song which comes out next year. It’s a story inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid… Yeah it’s going to be really weird and dark. It’s a really interesting idea I thought and we got to go to Vancouver for ten days to film it. Err it says on your IMDB that you once tried out for Eurovision. Is that true?! What?! No. I don’t know who put that there! Well, there’s a thing called Cân I Gymru which is kind of the same thing, but for Wales, and I sang a song on that. I did it twice when I was 16 and 17 in the competition. Vicious is filmed in front of a live audience, how does that change the dynamic? It’s actually quite helpful I think because they’re having such a wonderful time. The first time I remember thinking, ‘What’s this going to be like?’ I was standing backstage ready to go on and then I could hear the warm reception that Derek [Jacobi] and Ian [McKellen] were getting so I thought, ‘Oh this is going to be fine.’ You go out and everything falls into place. The audience love it because they never get to see great actors like Ian and Derek and Frances [de la Tour] mess up. They absolutely love it and that gives you that warm feeling that you’re part of something special. How is it working with these iconic actors? It’s incredible. I’m so lucky, it’s a real honour. I work with them so closely and get to rehearse with them and see how hard they work. You hear so many horror stories about big actors and how they behave and it’s really embarrassing but then you get to work with people like Ian and Derek and Frances. They’re these amazing actors and they’re so polite, and warm, and humble and there’s none of that stuff going on. I wish every young actor could see that when they’re developing and learning so that when they think about being an asshole they think, ‘Well… Sir Ian McKellen is lovely! He’s not like that.” What are you most looking forward to in the coming year? To do Vicious again! It’s almost been two years now and it’s going to be brilliant fun to be reunited. I’ve seen some of the script and it’s fantastic! What is it you love about it? Getting to work with legends! There’s a really nice atmosphere and it feels like you’re making a little play each week. There’s something really free about it, and it’s light, and it’s comedy, and you finish the week feeling really happy. It’s a really enjoyable experience. I can’t wait. Vicious series 2 returns to ITV Summer 2015 FAULT 20 | FACES 19

MENiwan rheonUsher: Top and shoes byAlexandre Plokhlov Model:Shoes by Mariela shoes20 FAULT Magazine

Opposite page: Jacket and shirt by Brioni. This page top: Sweater by Sandro, jeans by Karl Lagerfeld, trainers by Just Cavalli. This page bottom: Shirt by DKNY FAULT 20 | FACES 21

FACES 20TH ISSUE Kylie Jenner This is your FAULT22 FAULT Magazine

M y first glimpse of Kylie Jenner is fittingly behind a camera as she’s being photographed for her cover shoot. My initial thought is she looks the same in person as she does on television, and in some ways, more exceptional. Her brown Bambi-eyes, her teensy Barbie-waist and her signature plump pout amplify her remaining features. Her countenance belies her youth, at just seventeen, Jenner seems to have the poise and maturity of a young woman well beyond adolescence. The longer I watch her pose for the camera, the more evident it is why young Millennials are fascinated with her every move. Much of the world assumes she has leveraged her fame merely by being born into it and rising up under the Kardashian tutelage—which isn’t a forgone conclusion. But that’s not all there is to her story. Part of her allure derives from the ways in which she’s different from her sisters. Onscreen her affable shyness stands out amongst the extroverted frankness her sisters exhibit. Standing out from her famous lineage is a seeming impetus for Kylie’s recent move to the forefront. Being the youngest member of the most The Rise of Kylie - how famous reality family on the planet, Kylie the youngest Kardashian was certainly groomed for the limelight at a became the most influential. young age. Watching her grow up among the tv-complex of her family’s life has a disarming words Heather Seidler appeal. The show invites us to bask in its photography Lionel Deluy stars banality, while permitting us to enjoy styling Monica Rose for RAUDEVILLE our own. The unscripted soap opera about styling assistant Jill Jacobs the personal machinations and shenanigans makeup Rob Scheppy for Cloutier Remix of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, has been hair Castillo using JOICO at dramatized throughout ten seasons and production Zizi Zarkadas thousands of tabloid headlines. They certainly editorial direction Leah BlewittOpposite page: Jaket by Nightwalker,earrings by 8 Other Reasons,skirt by Jennifer Kate,bracelets by Cartier. FAULT 20 | FACES 23

STYLEkylie jennerTop by Nightwalker,boots by Tom Ford,vintage fur stylist’s own,headband stylist’s own.24 FAULT Magazine

aren’t strangers to scrutiny different person almost, I just show people materialistic. I love clothes and all that stuff,and with 18 million Instagram followers, what I want people see.” but I don’t need it to live. I feel like—not thatKylie has had her lion’s share of it. But the I’ve had everything—but once you feel you’vesupernova of social media has learned to We are about to see a lot more of Kylie. With had everything at a young age, you cankeep a healthy attitude about the pitfalls her Spring campaign for Pac Sun, which either go down a path of being spoiled andof the spotlight, while steering away from she launched with sister Kendall, her Top self-centered, or you see it isn’t everything.oversharing. Shop collaboration, Bellami Hair extensions, There’s definitely a spiritual side to me not shoe line with Steve Madden, OPI nail polish everyone gets to see. I can honestly say I“People are going to judge you no matter collection, and rumors of a KUWTK spin- want the best for everyone.”what you do. So now I feel like I haven’t off, she’s proving why she was touted thebeen open as much as I used to be. I haven’t most influential Kardashian from Bloomberg Her feeling about love is similarly grown-really been letting my fans get to know me a Business Week, and voted one of the most up. “I don’t think I need a significant otherlot, I closed down a little,” Jenner explains. “I influential teens on the planet in 2014 by to be happy because I always like to findlove to connect with people, but it became Time Magazine. Among her achievements in that for myself, but I think that it makes mejust a bigger door for people to judge me. 2014, the Kylie/Kendall pair even published a lot happier when I’m sharing my life withI feel like growing up I haven’t had a lot of a dystopian young-adult novel. Garnering somebody. I don’t think I need love to beroom to error, I don’t have room to make popularity wasn’t a calculated move, but happy, but it does make me a lot happier ifmistakes. You need to make mistakes to it wasn’t entirely accidental. According to I’m sharing my memories and my life withgrow and learn, but I’m just a little different Polyvore, Kylie has surpassed Kim, Kourtney, somebody.”because the whole world is watching me, Khloe and even Kendall as the favored sisterevery single thing I do. So I closed my door among teens. As Kylie sits in the hair-and-makeup chair,a little, just until I get a bit older and then I’ll curiously staring into the mirror while her hairprobably get back into it.” Although the word Kardashian can lead to gets primped for the next look, you get the all mentions of scandal, narcissism, clothing sense there’s something brimming just underThe Kardashian/Jenner family is the endorsements and Selfies, Kylie’s steady that well-coiffed, perfectly engineered face.embodiment of celebrity adulation, fueling rise to the top isn’t laden with particular There is an enigmatic essence that makes herAmerica’s obsession with voyuring into garish drama and infamy. Being the youngest stand apart from other airs-to-throne, muchother people’s business. Being captivating member of Reality TV’s royal family, doesn’t like her close friend Sofia Richie. She surroundsand forthcoming on camera is practically a get you much in the way of normality. “Being herself with a tight-knit circle of friends thatKardashian family trait, with which comes in my family, under scrutiny all the time, it keep her grounded. She keeps her privatemore requirements than a regular teenager effects the other people around me. My moments with her friends under wraps, optingwould have to face. But Kylie navigates this friends can get freaked out when they come not to film the times they hang out.her own way. “I never feel pressure to be a into my world. It’s sad when you really thinkgood role model. I always try to do my best about it. There have been so many people “I’ve seen myself throughout my life lettingto inspire people to be good and do the right that come into my family’s life that can’t go of more and more people. Now I’mthing, but I just can’t live my life always trying handle it. And we handle a lot,” she says, with surrounded by only a trusted few—I onlyto be a good role model. I try to be the best emphasis on a lot. “The more people love you have like three friends, which is fine,” sheI can be, but it’s hard sometimes. We’re all the more, there’s going to be people who admits with a chuckle. “I don’t get close tohuman,” she remarks. “I just like to live each hate you. So I just feel like the girl who is an too many people and I don’t trust easily. Butday and just be me and be real.” easy target to talk about. It’s definitely been I’m trying to get out again and talk to new crazy, but I feel like we all have trust that people. Because you need that.”“I definitely always feel pressure to act a we’re in it together and we try to focus oncertain way, but I try my best not to let it the positive.” Part and parcel of the appeal of theeffect me,” she continues. “Though there are Kardashian-Jenners is their candidness. Theirtimes where I’m not totally myself because of She aims to dispel the notion that she hasn’t highs, their lows, their in-betweens, all onthat. Even at the mall I feel like I can’t totally done anything to merit her fame. Recently display for the world to judge or myself. When I’m not in public, I try to purchasing her first starter home for a cool Their thoughts aren’t always readily pairedalways be with my friends, so I can totally be 2.7 million, she’s publicly announced her with modesty. Navigating within an industrymyself and not have to worry about people decision to be on her own. Breaking away that is gravely hyper-critical, speculatedjudging or watching.” from the stereotypes affiliated with the about and judged at every turn, can be a skill young millionaire boilerplate and the stinky- not oft endowed. Kylie seems to embody theShe also confesses that the Kylie you think doings that come along with Me Generation, acuity necessary to tether the line and chartyou know from KEEPING UP WITH THE is important to her. Kylie reveals, “I’m not those grimy waters without drowning. ButKARDASHIANS isn’t necessarily the real aside what you see onscreen or assume offKylie. “I’ve found ways to really enjoy life. of it, what makes Kylie truly happy? “I have toBut people may get the wrong idea. Having feel like I’m OK with everyone I love in my life.a reality show, everyone feels like they know I never want to have bad beef with, but that’s only 10% of my life. There’s a I always want everyone to be happy. Alsowhole other side of me that people don’t balancing work life and personal life so Isee,” she reveals. “On Instagram I’m like a never lose myself.” FAULT 20 | FACES 25

STYLEkylie jennerDress by Falguni & Shane Peacock,jacket by C/CHRIST,hat by Nightwalker,boots by Tom Ford.26 FAULT Magazine

Beanie by Monica Rose, tunic and boots by Alexander Wang x H&M, jacket by Barbra Bui, necklace by DylanLex. FAULT 20 | FACES 27

STYLEkylie jenner28 FAULT Magazine

Tank by Misha Collection, blazer by Stella McCartney, jeans by RtA Denim, belt by Isabel Marant, shoes by Saint Laurent, beanie by Maison Michel. FAULT 20 | FACES 29

STYLEkylie jennerOpposite page:Beanie by Monica Rose,top by Alexander Wang x H&M,necklace by Aristocrazy,bracelets by Cartier,skirt by Blaque Label.This page:Tank by Misha Collection,blazer by Stella McCartney,jeans by RtA Denim,belt by Isabel Marant,shoes by Saint Laurent,beanie by Maison Michel.30 FAULT Magazine


STYLEkylie jennerTop by Nightwalker,boots by Tom Ford,vintage fur stylist’s own,headband stylist’s own.32 FAULT Magazine

Top by Givenchy, harness by Zana Bayne, skirt by Tamara Mellon, boots by Tom Ford, headband by Loud Love jewelry, camera by PENTAX Q-S1 @ FAULT 20 | FACES 33

STYLEmarie cassandre MCaassrainedre on Shanghai indie designersFirst things first: where are you right now travelled my entire life, so it was an easy decision in each city before moving on? How do youand what are you doing there? to make. It took me five seconds to figure out. make that decision?I’m in Paris, catching up with one of my closest Shanghai is home now. I work closely with emerging It’s tiring indeed! But I love going back and forthfriends; right now I’m drinking some good French designers to help refine their brand image and between these two cities. I’m in Paris at least twicewine and enjoying a churrasqueira. create a viable long-term communications strategy. a year for the fashion weeks. Then depending on how I feel, if my mum is in Paris at that time or ifYou graduated from the famed Sciences You’ve worked with ‘big name’ designers my friends are having a big celebration, I’ll comePo institute in Paris with a degree in luxury in the past (specifically Diane von and stay for longer. Two months in Paris is mygoods marketing before promptly leaving Furstenberg), so what drew you to working maximum. I’m in Shanghai most of the time or outfor Shanghai. That must have been a huge more with up-and-coming creatives? travelling through South-East Asia.decision – how did it come about? I’m challenge-driven. Back when I was working asI found my apartment and settled in Shanghai just a fashion buyer, I learnt how difficult it was for a How does the general vibe of Shanghaiafter getting my bachelor degree at Sciences Po. I young brand to make a name for itself and achieve compare to that of Paris?came back to Paris to finish my master degree and recognition. So I decided to try on a different hat, so Shanghai is the city that never sleeps. It’s so vibrant.every time I was on holiday, even if it was for a to speak. I didn’t pick the easy way out of school for You find street food absolutely everywhere, hairweek, I would fly back to Shanghai. sure, but I love working with young designers. It’s salons open until very late, everything changes very refreshing and interesting to watch them grow. They quickly. It’s invigorating! People in Shanghai areI love Paris, my dearest friends are there; but I always fuel my creativity and love for fashion. definitely more relaxed and less judgemental whenknew I would leave France to start afresh in another it comes to fashion. I find Paris too conservative,country, outside of my comfort zone. It’s important Your work takes you between Shanghai boring me to push my boundaries. I wanted to discover and Paris – that’s a pretty gruelling travela new culture and reinvent a life for myself. I’ve schedule! How long do you typically spend What are your favourite hotspots in34 FAULT Magazine

Shanghai – general parts of town, places to Shanghai plays host to one of the most Favourite designer at the moment and/or ofstay, eat, drink, shop etc. during the day…? famous design institutes in the world – all time?I live in the former French Concession, where the Raffles. You must come across a lot of I’ve always loved Yves Saint Laurent, he wasFrench settled in the 19th century. In my opinion, talented young designers in the city given and will stay my all-time favourite designer. Heit’s the most exquisite part of Shanghai, with its the work you do there. Anyone in particular understood women and fashion like no one else. Atcolonial villas and plane trees, old 1940’s vibes and we should be keeping our eye on? the moment, I’m drooling over each and every outfitnumerous small shops and Chinese eateries. I like Zhao Yue’Er’s debut collection. It’s inspired designed by Francesco Scognamiglio. by Picasso and Cubism, the result being a playfulI love Chinese food but whenever I feel homesick, aesthetic that exudes self-confidence. I’m a fan! Excluding lipstick – because apparentlyI head to the Villa Le Bec for French food. My we’re not allowed to ask about that! - whatfavourite place to eat is Mi Thai though, their Your Instagram account is a treasure-trove make-up do you use?sautéed clams are so amazing. I have them for lunch of amazing events, destinations, clothes Questions about hair routine and make-up brandsalmost every day. Nothing beats a Sunday brunch and, of course, beautiful-looking food! are cliché, that’s the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund though, it’s so Time to put you on the spot – what is the I’m a no make-up person. Except on specialdecadent and romantic. absolute best place you went in 2014, and occasions like birthday parties or weddings. And if I what is the one thing you’d like to do above have a meeting, I’ll go for a red or burgundy lipstick...and following on from that: imagine you anything else in 2015? - et voilà!had ONE NIGHT ONLY in Shanghai. What I’d say the Terme Manzi hotel in Ischia, Italy andwould be your perfect night out on the town? the Datai in Langkawi, Malaysia. Once you’re there, What is your FAULT?It would have to start with the bar of the Park Hyatt, you don’t want to leave! Nepal is my summer 2015 I love watching tacky D-list movies.where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Shanghai. destination. I’ve never visited this country so I’mAnd end up in a karaoke box in Xujiahui. excited. I’d also love to start taking climbing courses. FAULT 20 | FACES 35

STYLEfdaeubltbyfarcyeasn fau lt fac e s photography, crafts & creative direction Benjo Arwas photography assistants ALEXIS RANSOM, JUSTIN TRUONG co-styling Lisa Bae @ The Rex Agency and Catlin Myers styling assistant VIOLA BATES hair JUANITA LYON using ORIBE HAIR CARE @ Art Department AGENCY hair assistant YUKO KAMADA makeup & men grooming NICOLE CHEW using MAKE UP FOR EVER, ORIBE HAIR CARE @ Art Department agency makeup assistant STEPHANIE PULEIO models JONATHAN RIVAS @ Vision Models LA , MERETHE HOPLAND, KAROL SANTOS, ISABEL HICKMANN @ NEXT LA, AMANDA SMITH, ARMON @ PHOTOGENICS LA36 FAULT Magazine

Jacket by Isabel Marant, FAULT 20 | FACES 37 tee by Madeworn.

STYLEfault faces Fur coat by Brian Lichtenberg, fringe skirt by DKNY, leopard leather vest and belt by Maria Lucia Hohan, rings by Misahara, bodychain by Jacquie Aiche.38 FAULT Magazine

Left: Blouse by The Kooples, FAULT 20 | FACES 39 necklace by Chrome Hearts, rings by Nik Stone. Right: Blazer by Diesel Black and Gold, leather jacket by Each x Other, turtleneck by Ralph Lauren, jeansby Frame, rings by Nik Stone, shoes vintage.

STYLEfdaeubltbyfarcyeasnDress by Franziska Fox Left: Henley by Chrome Hearts, t-shirt by Clade, button down40 FAULT Magazine by Sand, jeans by Levi’s. Right: Leather jacket vintage, denim jacket by Levi’s, shirt by Richard James.

Leather jacket by Chrome Hearts, FAULT 20 | FACES 41beaded dress by Patricia Bonaldi, earrings by Maria BlDacreks. s by Osklen

STYLEfault faces42 FAULT Magazine Left: Blouse by The Kooples, FAULT 19 | MILLIONS 42 necklace by Chrome Hearts, blazer by Haider Ackermann, rings by Nik Stone. Right: Blazer by Diesel Black and Gold, leather jacket by Each x Other, turtleneck by Ralph Lauren, jeans by Frame, rings by Nik Stone.

Left: Jacket by vintage Dior Homme, FAULT 20 | FACES 43shirt by Burberry, tie by Dolce & Gabbana, jeans by Topman, shoes by Mezlan, sunglasses by Rayban. Right: Leather jacket by Topman, cardigan by The Kooples, white tee by Calvin Klein, jeans by Topman, shoes by Mezlan.

STYLEsfacciato S FA IATO photography Pauline Darley photography assistant Lara Guffroy styling Gemma Bedini hair Rimi Ura makeup & manicure Cyril Laine retouch Jeanne @ 42Digitalanswers model Justyna @ Evidence Dress by Steven Tai, neoprene top by Ground Zero, shoes by Marni vintage.44 FAULT Magazine

Leather breast plate by Collar stylist’s own, skirt wore asNicomede Talavera, short dress top by Jean Paul Gaultier, trouserby Ground Zero, blue skirt by by Steven Tai, bag by Yazbukey,Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes by gloves by Aristide, Boots by PacoMinna Parikka, gloves by Aristide. Rabanne, sunglasses by D&G. FAULT 20 | FACES 45

STYLE Bunny ears by Fleet ilya @ Mise en Cage, dress by Jean-Charlessfacciato de Castelbajac, cuff stylist’s own.Hat stylist’s own, vest by Jean PaulGaultier, harness by Zana Bayne @Mise en Cage, trousers by MaisonMartin Margiela, boots by PacoRabanne, gloves by Yazbukey.46 FAULT Magazine

Dress by Steven Tai, latex Bodysuit by Icarius vintage, beltstockings by TrÈs Bonjour @ by Alexandre Vauthier , skirtMise en Cage, flat shoes by Minna by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac,Parikka, hat by COS, socks by shoes by Minna Parikka,Topshop, rings by Eddie Borgo. bracelet by Michael Kors. FAULT 20 | FACES 47

STYLEsfacciato Yellow dress by Steven Tai, collar by Carven vintage, white dress by Anne Sofie Madsen.Skirt wore as top by Jean PaulGaultier, shoulder pads byMaison Martin Margiela vintage,vest by Christina Economu,gloves by Aristide.48 FAULT Magazine

Dress by Hugo Boss, coat by Reval Denim Guild, gloves by Tosca Blu, neckpiece by Diesel, boots by Marc Ellis.RELAXED photography Liis Anton photography assistant Margus Johanson styling Külli Piibar makeup Triinu-Liis Rahe hair Kati Vaikre model Helina Metsik @ MJ Models FAULT 20 | FACES 49

STYLErelaxed attitudeDress by Britt Samoson,tulle by Uschanka,headpiece by Britt Samoson.50 FAULT Magazine

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