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2018 - Atlanta Havoc YAFL

Published by trey.braid, 2017-11-28 09:52:46

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YAFLYouth Arena Football League

PREMISEThe Youth Arena Football League (YAFL) is an Atlanta Havoc sponsored youth football league.Games will be played in the Buford Arena on Saturdays prior to Atlanta Havoc professionalArena Football games during their season. It is being created to give youth football players avehicle to practice and play tackle football year round while giving them exposure to the“Arena” version of professional football. The YAFL is seeking partnerships with any and allyouth football associations in the metro-Atlanta area who would like to have teams come andcompete in the league in this inaugural season of 2018.AGE GROUPSThere will be three different age groups for this league: 1. 6 and 7 year olds 2. 8, 9 and 10 year olds 3. 11, 12, and 13 year oldsThe age for each player for each specific age group will be that player’s age as of September 1 ofthe previous year. For example… In this inaugural season of 2018, players will be eligible forthe divisions according to their age on September 1, 2017.TEAMSEach team will be comprised of a minimum of sixteen (16) players and a maximum of twenty(20) players. The professional Arena Football leagues have eight (8) players on the field at atime. The minimum of 16 players will ensure that you have enough players to scrimmage duringpractices. The maximum of 20 players ensures that you do not have too many players so thatyou will have trouble giving playing time to some of those players.We will have ten (10) teams in each age group in this inaugural season. The first ten teams tocomplete registration for each age group will be the teams that will formulate the league.Registration will be from December 1, 2017 – March 1, 2018. However, registration for any agegroup will close once 10 teams have completed registration for any specific age group.Each team will be allowed to have four (4) coaches on the sideline during the game. You canhave as many coaches as you want for practices, but only 4 may coach during the games. Eachteam is responsible for the background check and certification of any and all coaches associatedwith their specific team.

COSTThe cost for the league will be $200.00 (two hundred and no/100 dollars) per player per team.This will help to cover the fees for jerseys, referees, trainers, security, and the use of the BufordArena. Players will be given a reversible jersey which will serve as two jerseys for HOME andVISITOR based upon their schedule. Any and all helmets, shoulder pads, pants, girdles, pads forpants, cleats, mouth pieces, etc. will be at the expense of the individual player and/or team.RULESThe Rules of the Game will be similar to standard “youth football rules” with the followingexceptions: 1. There will only be eight (8) players on the field for each team at any one time 2. The time for the games will be a TOTAL of 40 minutes with a HALFTIME at 20 minutes of a RUNNING CLOCK! Clock will only stop for TIPS (Time-Outs, Injuries, Penalties, and Scores). Halftime will be for 5 minutes. 3. High Motion (motion towards the line of scrimmage from ONE (1) player on each down) will be permitted as it is in both the AFL and the CFL. 4. The offense will only be given THREE (3) downs to gain ten (10) yards. In the event that they choose to kick on third down, then the ball can be kicked in an effort to either gain point or change field position as it is done in the AFL. 5. There will be no minimum play rules applied to players for each game. 6. Players are not allowed to play for multiple teams during the course of the same season. 7. There are no limits attached to scoring by any one team (score as much as you desire). 8. The walls of the indoor field are IN-PLAY just as they are in the AFL. 9. At the end of the 40 Minute Play-Clock, THERE ARE NO TIE BREAKERS! The game will end in a TIE with that conclusion being part of that team’s record. 10. The winners in each class will be determined at the end of the SEVEN (7) game season by their record and a tie-breaker based on common opponents, head-to-head competition and point-spread.Rules will be agreed upon and ratified by coaches at a Pre-Season meeting once teams areregistered for the inaugural season.For additional information regarding the YAFL, please contact Coach Gerald “Boo” Mitchell,Head Coach of the Atlanta Havoc.Thank You!Coach Gerald “Boo” MitchellAtlanta HavocHead Coach678-200-2037 cell

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