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We Are Jersey: November 2015 Issue

Published by We Are Jersey Magazine, 2015-11-15 18:29:41

Description: In this issue, we feature the dope international battle rapper, singer, director and producer, Lottazay as well as talented DJ and producer Nicky P from the EDM, House and party scene. We also introduce to you, your girls new favorite R&B singer, Nader who is the come up artist that you NEED to watch out for. B3B3 also swags up this issue with her styles from the Henriochi Collection as well as her lyricism as one of the top female rappers from Jersey. Come check it out!

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We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 1

We Are JerseyContributorsPublisher: Bridget Papino Daniel BanksEditor: Shanna BanksPhotographer: Anthony SwintModels: Bria Thomas Jennifer Kim Jessica Lara Artists: B3B3 Lottazay Nicky P NaderFind us! Check out our previous issues onJerseyTurntupEnt and WeAreJerseyMagazine Send all inquiries to [email protected] We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

The JuiceWeAreJersey November 2015 | Issue 8WHAT’S INSIDE Featuring Lottazay6 A Message from yourPublishers8 The Come Up Artist:Nader16 B3B326 Nicky P38 LottazayB3B3 NaderWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 3

We Are Jersey4 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Model: Bria ThomasWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 5

We Are Jersey A Message From Your Publishers Photography by Brandon Huggins We Are Jersey Magazine is a subsidiary company birthed out of the parent business entitled Jersey Turn’t Up Enter- tainment. Having achieved rising success within only two years of business, the owners wanted to create something that would expand their networking repertoire while promoting positive talent both locally and abroad. The idea of creat- ing We Are Jersey Magazine began when co- CEOs, Daniel Banks & Bridget Papino, were featured in the July 2014 is- sue of another magazine company. After discussion with the owner of that magazine, as well as experiencing the positive responses that exposure generated towards their entertain- ment business, they decided to begin a magazine company of their own that would target a new type of entertainment promoting style. We Are Jersey Magazine’s goal is designed to provide exposure, references and resources that will in- fluence all those aspiring to do something positive with the talents they possess. Through the lives of the individuals that6 We AWreeJeArrseyJeMrsaegyaMzinageaNziOneVNEMOVBERM2B0E1R5 2w01w5w.

We Are JerWseyAre Jersey The Messageare highlighted in the magazine, it is the desire of We Are JerseysofpMfWMpafWosoeooorfoforceceaaeaa.NsNsuugrgrss“hAAesiaesiaWttibbwrzowrzogiilelesisiehyynnggJJtJtJlAereeereeheiheergerxxrrertetsasahspsopeoeettepepteeeeyyJeyeyerrrrr,er,dnonoiiMriMihehemtcmtcsinneoeenoiiaasoiscoicyuuggggtetet”oorarahhihiaoapfopzfzitetosogginsiensennremrenanaa,oe,oettnnpauhtfuhtfppodogdopeppeprrasmmltltodiodiiziiamamftfseseislstlitinieeeeveaetataanpenpilielrrnvvnvv,iteitepeleeleddirrypyptsslttadrdiriifafattnnetseooehehllfsssesepcpotceeeeppnhnuutr “We Are Jersey” is a positive platform with great opportunities.WWeeAWAreereAJeJreresresJeyryMsMeyaagMgaazaizgnianezeNinNOeOVSVEEPEMTMBEBEMERRB2E20R0115250 w1 w5www ww.jw.ejerwsr.esjeyrytsuteurynrtntuutrupnpetenuntp.tce.conomt.mcom77 7

NaderWeAreJerseyThe come up artistR&B | PoP8 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 9

We Are Jersey1100 WWeeAArreeJJeerrsseeyyMMaaggaazzinineeNNOOVVEEMMBBEERR22001155 wwwwww.j.ejerrsseeyyttuurrnnttuuppeenntt.c.coomm

NaderWeAreJersey Nader There are not enough words to describe such a passionate anddetermined young gentleman, so we will start with three: NADER bynature. Born to Lebanese parents with humble beginnings, NADER is nostranger to hard work. In pursuance of his dream/musiccareer, NADER embarks through each day filled with what hecalls his, “beautiful struggle.” After a full day’s work, he spends all of hisfree time writing, vocal training, practicing the piano, hitting the gym,and everything else that may come with being the next superstar. NAD-ER is involved and committed in every aspect of his career.Over the last 3 years, the New Jersey native has been crafting hissound with established producer, Eddie “Shy Boogs” Timmons -(Rico Love, Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, Omarion). Under theguidance and development of Timmons, he discovered thesound that represented who he is as an artist.NADER combines deepprimal lyrics of passion and longing as well as an insatiable urge to ex-press his unspoken desires. We are granted direct access to a world oftemptation and tortured love through his music. The sound infuses adarker side to R&B/Pop music. NADER has an international appeal anda mindset with the plans of being a global music sensation. “The ALT-R&B Buzz Maker” - Richard Spadine “EXTREMELY INTERESTING” - Shawn Grant “Nader Is Just What The Music World Needs” - Sean CarlinWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 11

We Are Jersey12 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 13

We Are Jersey14 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 15

We Are Jersey16 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey B3B3’ HOT HIP-HOP artist FEMALE rAPPERWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBERS2t0y1l5ed wwbwy.jeHrseeynturrinotucpieCnto.collmecti1o7n

We Are Jersey1W8e AWreeJAerrseeyJeMrseaygaMziangeaSzEinPeTNEOMVBEEMR B20E1R52 0w1w5ww.jewrwse.yjetrusrenyttuuprnentut.pceonmt.com18

B3B3’WeAreJersey B3B3’ Hailing from The Bronx while reigning in New Jersey;Certified Songwriter, Producer, Engineer and dominating Female MCB3B3’ (pronounced Bay-Bay) is receiving tru-skool industry-wide rec-ognition for her ‘Pay Homage’ album hosted by the Legendary DJ JazzyJoyce, executive produced by ZNuff Starr in Jersey’s own Music HeavenStudios. With the gift of swift, potent lyrically rich flows and story lines,‘Pay Homage’ is setting to make amends in what seems to be amiss incurrent Hip Hop mainstream culture; respect for its founding FemCeesand Queens. In an industry celebrating ‘petty’ everything, B3B3’s vi-sion never ceased to over stand the gap between female MCs unity. Shehas never strayed from where she received influence, in turn garneringrecognition from heavyweights MC Lyte, Monie Love, Ivy Queen, Pepafrom Salt N Pepa for B3’s rendition of ‘Tramp’ and even Kool DJ RedAlert. It’s been 16 years since B3B3’ stepped on the scene as a singersongwriter and ‘Prodigy child’ with her then team ‘Allied Forces’ underthe guidance of respected Jersey native, Producer Buddhakai. All theyears of late nights at the studio cultivated a passion for creating andwriting. B3B3’ soon learned music was in fact her ultimate muse. Musicis her reason. Late nights and long hours in the studio have solidifiedher craft proving to be the foundation for this most viable part of herlife. Similar to seeing Van Gogh exhibited in a Paris Gallery, B3B3’ attri-butes her albums as the Gallery to her verbal artistry. With focus on allaspects of her craft B3B3’ designed the Pay Homage album cover dedi-cated to the lineage of her Female Hip Hop predecessors. Post a minibreak after the ‘Pay Homage’ official release B3B3’ jumped back in thebooth to execute her next project which will be her highly anticipatedWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 19

We Are Jersey B3B3’official Debut LP, released under Music Heaven Records. Fans of B3B3’ canexpect various music stylefrom Boom Bap to Trap with some ‘Got Em!’ punchlines thrown in themix seen throughout B3’s previous works. As B3B3’ continues perform-ing nationally she is steadily growing her fan base and will now, alongsidePatersons own Znuff Starr, be hitting major cities from Atlanta to Seattleon the ‘Pay Homage’ promo tour. Through B3B3’s verbal supremacy, vocalsand energetic live stage performances she has caught the attention of somebig names in the industry. Having opened up for Hip Hop legends such asTalib Kweli and Oscar Winning composer Common, B3 rocks the stagewith a full live band banging out live beats keeping the crowd lit. Watchingher perform is always an elevated Hip Hop Cultural experience so it’s nowonder B3B3’ is not to be overlooked as a Phenom destined for super star-dom who will soon be inspiring the minds of the next Hip Hop Legend toshow love and ‘Pay Homage’. Follow B3B3’ everywhere at @b3b3music andcheck out her website for all upcoming releases and per-formance.Connect with B3B3’ We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 21

We Are Jersey22 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 23

We Are Jersey24 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Model: Jennifer KimWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 25

We Are JerseyDJ | ProduceR26 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 27

We Are Jersey Nicky P nicky p Music is the only sound that drives him, and with that, up and coming DJ/producer Nickyp is ready, set and determined to play the game and shoot it to the high score. His relentless energy reaches far beyond his home base of New Jersey, as Nicholas Po- toczny is the roar of the underground. His story has begun to un- fold, as he shares with us his hopes for his promising career and future. Few things other than music would be able to lock the attention of a young Nicholas. Growing up a curious teenager, he explored the entire spectrum of music before finding his one true love in big room-electro, heavy bass house and elements of uplifting trance. Fascinated by the big, bulky distortion of alternative metal and rock, the transition to EDM was easily made. As America witnessed a renaissance in electronic dance music, Nickyp was caught by the beat, exploring the endless possibilities of technol- ogy. And that’s how this story unfolds. It all started with a kick. The kick he got from Fedde le Grand’s set at Electric Zoo in 2010. Seeing the Dutchman rock, the Pioneer gear and ruling the crowd, was nothing less but his own dream coming to life, so Nickyp suf- fered a love at first sound. From that moment on, he was hooked. He bought his own CDJ’s, made the clubs his weekend hang-out and taught himself the tricks of the DJ’s he witnessed. Having28 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Photo by Andy MacWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 29

We Are Jersey30 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Nicky P mastered the fine art of DJ’ing, it was time for Nickyp to meet the crowds and take his talents outside, onto the dance floor. And so he did. New York City nightlife was calling, and answer the call he did. Rocking the decks of NYC’s finest clubs, from Pacha and Gansevoort to Highline Ballroom, VIP Room, Hudson Terrace and Webster Hall, no venue was safe to the raw talents of Nickyp. The night lights for- ever lured, and held Nickyp in a tight grip to this very day, enraptured from the first until the very last beat. Storming Manhattan’s finest rooms, facing ever-growing, maddening crowds, he has proven to be an outstanding DJ, with stamina for the bigger, better and greater things the scene has to offer. With ‘Hard Wired’ doing its trick on Pop Rok Muzik and his latest bit of studio magic ‘Impulse’ (supported by the likes of Sick Individuals, Justin Prime and M.I.K.E.), it’s clear that Nickyp is no one-trick pony. Producing and playing out his own sounds offer him a freedom like nothing else. His genre-bending stu- dio work as well as his creative ways of continuously surprising the crowd tell us there’s many more goodies to come from this rising star. Nickyp is a name to see, remember and keep an eye on.We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 31

We Are Jersey32 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 33

We Are Jersey34 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 35

We Are Jersey36 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Model: Jessica LaraWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 37

LottazayWeAreJerseyfeatured artistinternational battle rappersinger |Songwriter| producer38 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 39

We Are Jersey Lottazay lottazay “Lottazay”, (born Deshan Terrell Carter, January 30, 1988 in Long Branch NJ), is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and director. He is internationally known for his achievements in battle rap. Music was Lottazay’s first love. It was ignited as a child by the great Mi- chael Jackson. His family taught him all there was to know about R&B/ Soul music and he eventually became a “student” of the craft, especially hip-hop. From childhood, he loved creating and performing music. In 2007 at the age of 19, he debuted his skills on BET’s “106 & Park” for Freestyle Friday and won for six consecutive weeks. His performance gained the attention of the world renowned Grind Time, a popular battle rap league (MTV’s Fight club, Smack Ultimate Rap League (URL) (sponsored by Diddy), King of the Dot (sponsored by Drake/OvO) and more). He was invited back to URL and asked to do another two sea- sons with BET’s “106 & Park” for its revamped Ultimate Freestyle Friday. His accomplishments in the battle rap world have taken him across the country and abroad. Pronounced top 5 battle rapper in the battle rap industry, with a total of 3.4 million views on youtube, it’s safe to say Lot- tazay has established a name for himself. After blazing through the battle universe, having achieved the goal40 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 41

We Are Jersey42 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are Jersey Lottazayof gaining worldwide recognition, he decided to bring his talents to thebroader music world with projects that showcased his other talents such assinging, songwriting, producing and directing.With his latest project, “The Air Up There” released Sept 11, it gives anintrospective look into the man and artist that Lottazay is. This Ep solelyshowcases Lottazay’s soulful singing voice that can easily be mistaken as aTrey Songz’s Style or Drake with a little edge.With the mainstream attention on him, he has had many doors open forhim in all aspect Radio, TV, Clothing etc. Lottazay has been featured onthe new reality show “TheComeback Kings” ft. Hip Hop legends Ed Lover, Treach, Mr.Cheeks, BlackRob and many more. He has also been a guest on Sway in the Morningand has popular designer Michael Cherry as one of his clothing sponsors.We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 43

We Are Jersey44 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 45

We Are Jersey46 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 47

We Are JerseyModel: Jessica LaraPhotography by Brandon Huggins48 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

We Are JerseyWe Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015 49

We Are Jersey50 We Are Jersey Magazine NOVEMBER 2015

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