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Published by Monica Arce, 2020-04-06 04:40:53

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PATTS EXPO 2019 ABA Society officers introducing the Showcasing ABA Society booth to Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez Booth. (PATTS College President & COO). PATTS EXPO 2019 held at PATTS Lobby. Last July 22-26, 2019 at the PATTS Lobby for last year’s Recruitment Week and the theme for this event was entitled, “ PATTS Expo 2019: Advancing Aviation Network, the Gen-Z Way.” The last year's events consist of Booths of program-oriented organizations, showcasing the pride of their group and also our course. The ABA Society officers representing our booth and ABA Jacket to Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (PATTS College President & COO), the “All Out Bouyant Apparel” as part of our decoration in our Booth.

Sophomore Students, Section-1M & 2M. Freshmen Students, Section-1M. General Assembly Mr. & Ms. Men-In-Black, Daniel Ezenwa & Maria Angela Ligon. The BS Airline Business Administration Department celebrated their yearly General Assembly in the City of Las Piñas last, September 22, 2019. Everybody’s wearing black and white attires revealing last year’s event theme, “Men in Black: Leading You to Where You’re Supposed to be.” Batch 2017, ABA Alumni Mr. Xavier Francis Raguindin was invited to give a short inspirational talk. He shared his experience as an ABA student and also as a college student and how his struggles and accomplishments led him to his current success. The ABA Society officers and instructors were searching for the candidates for Mr. and Ms. MIB. A mini fashion show was done to show the handsome and gorgeous agent-looking candidates. Mr. Daniel Ezenwa together with Ms. Maria Angela Ligon won the title for Mr. and Ms. MIB 2019. Students who attended the event were excited and enjoying all the activities. Men In Black

2M Sales Pitch Presentation. 1M Sales Pitch Presentation. A Boundless Arabia Sales Pitch 2019 winner, 2M. Ms. and Mr. ABA 2019, Yuri Gabriel G. Ishii and Benedict Emmanuel B. Bugarin. It is the time to shine for the BS Airline Business Administration students to gather together and celebrate the 34th ABA Day with the theme: A Boundless Arabia. The event was conducted last October 6, 2019 at the Chairman’s Penthouse. Hosted by Kristoffer Keano Nicolau. Mr. Ejad A. Adap (ABASOC President) led the opening prayer, followed by Ms. Sharona G. Calica (ABASOC Co-Adviser) for the opening remarks. There are several Sales Pitch Presentations were performed by the students in an inspiring fashion – promoting their chosen middle-eastern airline with the magic of the recent Aladdin film. The 2M team won the title for Best Sales Pitch 2019. Lastly, the most awaited event of the entire program, Mr. and Ms. ABA 2019. The contestants’ astonishing Arabian outfits were proudly shown and their intellect was tested through the much awaited Q&A portion. Mr. and Ms. ABA 2019, Mr. Benedict Emmanuel B. Bugarin with Ms. Yuri Gabriel G. Ishii won the title.

PRE-CHRISTMAS FOOD BAZAAR A Toast for the Benefits of Children’s Joy Foundation Pre-Christmas- food bazaar held at open’s The BS Airline Business Volleyball court. Administration Department gives back Joy Pre-Christmas Food Bazaar: A Toast for the Children’s Joy Foundation was held at Open’s Volleyball Court last, December 13, 2019. This kind of program was conducted to donate and help Children’s Joy Foundation. The ABA Society Officers were in-charge that time at the selling booth area. BS ABA CAROLING The Children’s joy foundation, showcasing their talent. On December 19, 2019, BS Airline Business Administration gives back Joy Caroling was held at PATTS Lobby with our brothers and sisters of the Children’s Joy Foundation showcasing their talent through singing and playing instruments together with the ABA Society officers and Instructors of BS ABA Department, and also ABA students present their Christmas Presentation. Lastly, Ms. Precious Christine T. Pabarlan gave the donation to Ms. Regie Delo Santos.

Pamaskong Handog The 20 Families, ABASOC ni ABA held at Officers, Ms. Cattleya Riverville Camille P. Gealon (BS ABA Neighborhood, UPS 5. Adviser) & Dr. Alma A. Tan (BS ABA Chairperson). It has always been a tradition in the Christmas season for children to receive gifts. Last December 21, 2019, the ABA Society together with the instructors went to Riverville Neighborhood, UPS 5. It was a program full of smiles as the children of the Riverville Neighborhood played games and danced. The purpose of this program was to give the “Pamaskong Handog” which is the 20 basic “Noche Buena” goods to the families of Riverville Neighborhood. ABAttle of Great Minds, Elimination ABAttle of Great Round held at Room 317. Minds: Marketing and Airfreight Operations Quiz Bee ABAttle of Great Minds Champion 2020, Ms. Angela Every year, BS Airline Business Ligon, Ms. Rhona Lorraine Fojas, Ms. Ronie Bautista with Administration students showcase their vast Dr. Alma A. Tan (BS ABA Chairperson), and Ms. Cattleya knowledge on ABAttle of Great Minds: Camille P. Gealon (BS ABA Adviser). Marketing and Airfreight Operations Quiz Bee. Final Round of Quiz Bee 2020 held at Final Round of Quiz bee held at PATTS AVR last, February 06, 2020. The AVR. said program has two Rounds: Elimination Round held at Room 317 last, January 29, 2020 wherein there were 9 teams competing and in its Final Round, only 5 teams left. This competition can help improve the knowledge and also to recall the topics to the participants of the Quiz Bee.

51st Foundation Day ABAggage Techno Conveyor Team, College Extemporaneous Speech PATTS Dance Idol finalist, Christian Joy Rebenque, Jumaneh Competition, 3rd Placer: Ms. ABA Dance Management. Morena Mae C. Maninang. Yusuf, Jerard Monterey with Ms. Cattleya Camille P. Gealon (BS ABA Adviser) and Dr. Alma A. Tan (BS ABA Chairperson). Ms. PATTS 2020 1st Runner up, Ms. Yuri Gabriel Ms. PATTS 2020, Kenneally Ishii. Bustalino. Every month of February, we celebrate our Foundation Day at PATTS College of Aeronautics. This year’s big event was the 51st Foundation Day as we gather together and make the most out of our college life. As we celebrate the Foundation day last, February 11-12, 2020, BS Airline Business Administration Department joined several of activities and programs such as the Mr. and Ms. PATTS Pageant, PATTS Dance Idol, Departmental Exhibits, Academic & Skills Competitions and Booths & Bazaars. All of the students of BS ABA Department participated in the said programs while enjoying and showcasing their talents, skills, and vast knowledge. The most unforgettable moment is that the 2 of the candidates of BS ABA Department won the title of being Ms. PATTS 2020 1ST Runner-up, Ms. Yuri Gabriel Ishii and Ms. PATTS 2020, Ms. Kenneally Bustalino. The BS ABA Department is proud of having students that have something to prove and exceptional talents, skills, vast knowledge and can compete as well.

She was interviewed last March 28, 2020 and these are M the Guide questions for her interview: I L 1. In your own experience, how flexible was it to be a BS E ABA graduate in terms of finding job opportunities - S Aside from the Airline studies, ABA also has marketing and business administration subjects. These S 2 things are both needed in any company or industry, I which means you can apply to almost anywhere, and B not just to airline companies. L E 2. Was taking up BS ABA your first choice? If yes, what Batch 2013, Miles is/are the factor/s have you considered in choosing BS finished BS in Airline ABA? If not, what made you want to pursue BS Business Administration. ABA? - No. I pursued ABA because I knew that Currently, Miles is a having Marketing and Business Administration as Flight Attendant in majors would bring me more job opportunities. Cathay Pacific Airways. 3. As a BS ABA graduate what message do you wish to impart to the current BS ABA students? - Study hard but don’t forget to enjoy as well. Make the most out of your College life. Join different extra curricular activities that can help you hone your other skills and talents. Build up your self confidence. You’ll need it a lot. 4. In terms of applying in an airline industry, does being a BS ABA student serve as an edge? – Yes, because ABA has a lot of airline related subjects and graduating from an aviation school is a plus. 5. If you were given a chance to shift to another course when you were studying, would you choose to stay in ABA or shift to another course? - I had plans of shifting to performing arts when I was still studying but chose not to. I decided to stay in ABA because, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. And also, Shifting to another course would mean additional expenses and delaying my graduation time. I was eager to help my family, so staying in ABA was the wisest decision I had to make. I also thought that graduating from a business related course would get me a job faster. True enough, I was able to land a job as a sales executive in a Telecommunications company shortly after graduating. Fast forward to 2020, I am now a flight attendant and a freelance actor. There are just things in life that you have to do because it’s more economical, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll forget your “other dream/s”. You can always pursue whatever it is that you want to do in life. Just be patient and have faith in God.

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