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FINAL PROOF Bulletin - February 2 2021

Published by Booth Western Art Museum, 2021-02-08 17:58:35

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A PUBLICATION OF BOOTH WESTERN ART MUSEUM Winter 2021 © Wayne Baize, Knights of the Range, 2007, oil on canvas, 30 x 24”, gift of James & Levon Thomas

There has been plenty said and written about the challenges and hardships endured in 2020. Life and death situations call into question the importance of things that some may view as frivolous – such as art and museums. However, in times of adversity, it is our institutions and the arts that can provide a distraction at the very least and enlightenment or a basis for understanding our shared human existence at best. We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from our members over the past year. Many renewed early, increased their level of support, sponsored our upcoming fundraising event, or sent additional funds. One donor included with his check a note that said, “I thought you might need a Covid shot.” Thank you seems like an inadequate term in such situations, but on behalf of all of us here at the Booth, Thank YOU! As we enter 2021, one of the things I found very interesting in looking at our upcoming schedule of temporary exhibitions was the international view we will be experiencing. One of the dozen photographers in our upcoming Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Descendants exhibition is the French-born artist Anouk Masson Krantz. She has lived in New York City for most of her adult life. Coming off the success of a book she did on the horses of Cumberland Island here in Georgia, she headed West in search of an ideal she believed no longer existed. Setting out with some cynicism, she believed the romantic notions about the cowboy code and the seemingly idyllic life of small towns and big ranches was gone forever. Instead, she found cowboys, and small-town Westerners in general, to be the bedrock of America, clinging to their way of life, their families and their faith. She became excited about not only capturing the images of the region but also bringing her two children into contact with this world so they might be impacted by the experience. Additionally, Bulgarian-born American artist Ross Rossin is no stranger to Booth supporters, having completed the second and third panels in his Commanders in Chief mural project at the Booth over the past year-plus. After several years of inviting Rossin to accompany me on a trip to the core of the Southwest, not just the big cities, we spent nine days driving 1500 miles through national parks, historic sites and varied landscapes roughly two years ago. Rossin grew up watching Western movies, even in Bulgaria. He dreamed of one day coming to America and visiting Monument Valley, the backdrop for many of those movies. It was a surreal experience to then stand next to him as he surveyed the scene from the visitor’s center trying to take it all in and even begin to comprehend it. The exhibition CAPTIVATED: Rossin’s Southwest & BEYOND will showcase art Rossin has created, or even work that was previously finished but he has reworked, based on the powerful emotions he felt while visiting the West and attempted harnessing when he returned home. Similarly, Ross also felt the need to share the West with his family, taking his wife and daughter on a return trip very soon after our adventure. Later this year we will focus on the photographic images of Graham Hobart, born in what is now the African country of Zimbabwe. His exhibition Out of Africa & Into the West will feature images shot in infrared of landscapes and wildlife in Africa and the American West. When printed, these images often look more like drawings than photos. In all three cases, these artists confirm the American West is still a powerful muse that can inspire incredible works of art that convey the universal truths I mentioned above. Please plan to visit all of these exhibitions and see if you agree. I await your feedback. Lastly, I ask for your condolences for the founding family of the Booth Museum. The family matriarch Dot Oscher passed away at 85 on January 6. She will be greatly missed, but her record of community service will endure for generations to come. Seth Hopkins Executive Director CORPORATE PARTNERS 2

ART FOR LUNCH Winter Virtual Open Studio Friday, February 19, 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST, Zoom Booth’s Facebook page – Wednesdays 12:15 pm EST Join us in creating a winter-themed story and artwork (4 – 8 years). Advance registration REQUIRED at February 3, Native Hands — Lisa Wheeler and Jim Dunham MARCH February 17, Artist Demonstration: Amanda Lovett Exhibit Opening: Middle & High Schools Virtual Art Exhibition March 3, Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Exhibit Date: March 16 – April 11 Descendants — Dr. Samuel Gerace III Pieces of art have been chosen by teachers that are representative of the work from their school art March 17, Artist Demonstration: programs. View the exhibit only on the Museum’s Sivananda “Siva” Nyayapathi website. April 7, Cowboy Gear — Many Names with Many Origins — Jim Dunham April 21, Artist Demonstration: Mick McAndrews FEBRUARY Exhibit Opening, Virtual Gallery Walk: Recent Treasures: Acquisition Highlights For the Love of Art 2021 Digital Celebration & Art Thursday, March 25, 7:00 pm EST Booth’s Facebook page Auction and YouTube channel Saturday, February 20, 7:00 pm EST, Zoom Opening on Executive Director Seth Hopkins’ birthday, An art auction wrapped in a Variety Show! This event this exhibition is full of gifts the Booth has received in replaces the Booth’s only major annual fundraiser and the past two years and a few purchases. Join Seth and we need your support! Go to Curators Lisa Wheeler and Dr. Sam Gerace for a look for more information. at the newest paintings, sculptures, photographs and objects added to the permanent collection. Virtual Gallery Walk: Vaquero Legacies & Diverse APRIL Descendants – Dr. Samuel Gerace, III and Seth Hopkins Spring Break Virtual Art Camp Thursday, February 25, 7:00 pm EST, Booth Museum’s Monday – Friday, April 5 – April 9, Facebook page and YouTube Channel 10:00 am – 11:30 am EST daily Ages 6 – 12 years, Zoom Join Booth’s Curator of Photography Dr. Sam Gerace and Booth’s Executive Director Seth Hopkins as they walk Explore various themes and create a new art project everyone through Booth’s newest photography exhibit every day! Advance registration REQUIRED at and discuss how the exhibit celebrates diversity in the West. Virtual Home School Fridays Evening Lecture: Scott Christensen Friday, February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, Thursday, April 15, 7:00 pm EST, Bergman Theatre, 1:00 – 2:30 pm EST (1st Friday of the month February-May), Booth’s Facebook page Ages 6–12 years, Zoom Booth Museum members are invited to an evening Advance registration REQUIRED at lecture featuring artist Scott Christensen. A limited homeschool/. number of in-person tickets available with ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. To reserve go to Virtual President’s Day or watch the lecture on Booth’s Monday, February 15, 10:00 – 10:45 am EST, Facebook page. Booth’s Facebook page Primary & Elementary Schools Virtual Art Exhibition A special presidential-themed Facebook Live! Art Lesson Exhibition Date: April 13 – May 9 with Booth Educator/Artist Ms. Donna. Pieces have been chosen by teachers that are representative of the work from their school art programs. View the exhibit only on the Museum’s website. 3

March 18 - August 15 Since Booth’s opening in 2003, we have been lucky to have many collectors and © Gordon Snidow, When Rain Turns to Sleet, 1977, oil on board, donors who have offered us art and objects 23 x 30”, Gift of Wilsher Western Art Collection – Shirley Holland as possible donations. Each year we turn away many more items than we accept, as © Michael Coleman, Morning Mist, n.d., oil on board, 24 x 29”, gift of each year the quality bar gets higher and Stephen & Sharon Zimmerman storage space gets tighter. On average the Booth has acquired four pieces a month 4 over the last two years. This number includes a few purchases. Our newest exhibition, opening on Seth Hopkins’ birthday, will primarily highlight gifts the Booth received in 2019 and 2020. Included in the exhibition will be paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs. There are many ways art comes to the Booth. Several long term friends of the Booth who are nearing the end of their collecting journey and want to make sure their prized possessions wind up somewhere where they will be kept safe and enjoyed by other people, have begun donating their art to us. By giving pieces now, they can also enjoy seeing them on display here at the Booth. Others who have passed on have left wonderful works in their will as bequests to the Booth permanent collection. Sometimes patrons will offer to buy a piece directly for the Museum in support of an artist they admire. Recent Treasures will highlight the best of the Museum’s recent additions, including important artists like Melvin Warren, Josh Elliott, Michael Coleman, Rebecca Tobey, Star York and many more, working in styles from traditional to quite contemporary. So please plan to visit and see first-hand Recent Treasures: Acquisition Highlights opening March 18.

Southwest Rising: Contemporary Art & the Legacy of Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Decendants Elaine Horwitch Through July 11 Through April 25 Learn about the origins of the American cowboy, the Vaquero. Explore the work of artists who benefited from the Originally from Spain, the Vaquero first came to the Americas in representation of Elaine Horwitch. Considered the most 1687. Their influence is present in modern cowboy and ranching significant art dealer of her time, Horwitch was instrumental in cultures. This exhibition features over fifty color and black and making the American public aware of the “Southwest pop” art white photographs by twelve contemporary photographers. movement. She helped launch the careers of many of the most popular artists in contemporary Western art, including Anne Coe, R.C. Gorman, Doug Hyde, Merrill Mahaffey, Billy Schenck and Fritz Scholder. Indians & Cowboys: Redefined by Duke & Woodard Carrie Penley: Reflections on Nature Through February 21 Through March 14 Don’t miss the final weeks of this stunning exhibit featuring the Georgia artist, Carrie Penley works in acrylic and mixed media, paintings of Duke Beardsley and the sculpture of Greg Woodard. creating unique works of art using neutral colors, expressive Both artists employ a unique blend of modern art styling and brushstrokes and contrast. Her mixed media pieces use torn or traditional Western iconography. cut paper from discarded magazines, books and other glue-able materials. She arranges and rearranges the mixed media on her Recent Treasures: Acquisition Highlights canvas until she feels there is a balance then she paints in the March 18 – August 15 subject. Opening on Executive Director Seth Hopkins’ birthday, this exhibition is full of gifts the Booth has received in the past two years and a few purchases. Join Seth and Curators Lisa Wheeler and Dr. Sam Gerace at 7:00 pm EST on March 18 via the Booth’s Facebook and YouTube Channel for a look at the newest paintings, sculptures, photographs and objects added to the permanent collection. FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Ron and Lisa Brill John and Samantha Brandreth Daniel and Brenda Mahaffey Stephen Bressler and Laree Perez David Aiken Ron and Lynn Cagle Bryan Brooks and John Haupert John Mariana Gregory Brown and Brandy Minick William and Susan Brogdon Pete and Julie Contrucci Bill and Sandra Byers Barbara Martin Dan and Betty Byrd James Kiefer James and Judy Dellinger Sandy and Melissa Carter Paul and Carla McCombs Charles and Jane Center James B. Miller Fred and Beryl Everett Sam and Sheri Chilcote David and Janice Miller Andree and Rob Crow Nancy Montgomery Winn and Dawn Forkner Ann and Thomas Currey George and Holly Montanus Suzanne M. Dansby Joel and Karen Piassick Jim and Clio Friedewald Jim and Dory Dorsett Jack and Luanna Morris Ben and Meg DuBose Don and Neva Rountree Billy Hasty Ann and Tom Earley Greg Morse Michael and Robin Farrens Joyce Carter Stevens Bryan King Julie French and Cedric Muenzing David and Jinny Mullins Susan K. and Lance Friedland DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE Luther and Teresa King Ryan and Diane Fuhrmann Duffy and Tina Oyster Steven and Kelly Buckner Mason King Thomas and Patricia Gibbs Earline Burke Michael and Anne King John and Marty Gillin Harry and Brenda Patterson Danielle and Ted Davies Janet Martin and Larry Eggersman Richard and Catherine Haining Jim and Cindy Eaton Larry and Connie Olson Bryan and Jan Hall Pam Platt James and Christi Edwards Palma and Raymond Rhoades David and Susan Harwood Reid and Cathy Funston Otis and Sandy Scarborough Doug and Susie Haugen Brett and Caroline Player Richard and Anne Goodsell James and Levon Thomas Barry and Lynn Henderson David and Cynthia Hayes Jackie and Randy Thompson Philip and Sue Henry Tom and Sandra Player Craig Macnab Michael and Justine Tidwell Jack and Ellen Holland Candace Alexander McNair Beth Tilley and Gregory Frisbee Ben and Fran Hollis Kim Poggenpohl Rick and Andrea Miller Kathryn and Bill Winn Seth and Joyce Hopkins Barbara H. Hunter Jane Price-Harmon and Mikell Jones Steve and Stephanie Hutcherson John and Charlotte Kimberlin Phil and Bai Rainwater Jim and Joey Lattimore Howard Schutte and Anne Payne Mary Ann Scogin Charles and Gayle Smith Ray and Monica Smith Bob and Susie Miller CURATOR’S CIRCLE Jennifer and John Spivey Donald J. Moschetti Greg and Kelly Altman Carl Stewart Butch and Catherine Rawson Anonymous (2) Mel and Linda Teetz Patty and Doug Reid Eleanor Barton and Marion Benson Ray Thacker James L. Rhoden, Jr. Walter H. Beckham, III Carol and Ramon Tome Robert and Mary Yellowlees Don and Becky Bergert Louis and Jenny Tonsmeire Richard and Lynn Berkowitz Dee Venzer COLLECTOR’S CIRCLE Ray and Susan Bernick Randal Weber and Jane Edmond Henry Bauer and Mary Carole Cooney Jerry and Camille Black Lawson Whitaker Larry and Linda Beard David and Nancy Blevins Bill and Beth Williams Christina and Paul Blackney Dan and Marty Boone Wendy Willson Evette Borchich Butch and Jane Bradshaw Herschel and Ruth Wisebram Ken and Deanna Zylstra 5

Carrie Penley: Reflections on Nature Through March 14, 2021 ontemporary wildlife artist Carrie Penley is featured in the exhibition Reflections on Nature in the Borderland’s gallery. Carrie was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia, and later attended the University of Georgia where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995. After college she lived in Atlanta while working as an interior designer under the tutelage of Dan Carithers and Dotty Travis. This experience was instrumental in her creative and design aesthetic development and she continues to draw on her experiences from those formative years. A self-taught artist, Carrie painted privately for 13 years while working in the design field and raising her three children. In 2012, she established a studio and began exhibiting her work full-time. Carrie says, “I experiment with many different styles and genres but my subject of choice is wildlife. I paint wildlife for the sake of reminding my audience we have beautiful creatures worthy of admiration and protection.” Working in both acrylic and mixed media, she creates unique works of art using neutral colors, expressive brushstrokes and contrast. For the mixed media pieces she tears or cuts paper from discarded magazines, books and other glue-able materials that she finds in thrift stores or collects from friends and arranges and rearranges them on the canvas until she feels there is a balance. Then, she paints in the subject. Carrie says, “In some pieces, I leave a lot of the collage material exposed; and in others, it becomes a subtle texture that can barely be seen.” Her work has been acquired for several private and commercial collections in cities such as Atlanta, New York, Austin, Dallas, Telluride and Park City. She is represented by galleries in Wyoming, Florida and Atlanta. © Carrie Penley, Frontier Foe, 2020, acrylic collage and resin on canvas 6

VAQUERO LEGACIES & DIVERSE DESCENDANTS Come experience the rich history of the American cowboy with the new photography exhibition Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Descendants. Opening February 13, this exhibition presents the work of more than a dozen contemporary photographers who explore North America’s cowboy and ranching cultures. With more than 50 color and black and white photographs, guests will have the chance to learn more about the origins of the American cowboy. The Vaquero were cowboys from Spain who first came to the Americas in 1687. Since then, much of the ranching and rodeo cultures found across the United States have been influenced by these first cowboys. Vaquero Legacies brings to the forefront the diverse descendants of the early American cowboy. Included are the charros of Mexico, the paniolos of Hawaii and the many rodeos that can be found across America from historic Black Rodeos to the Indian National Finals Rodeo. As Richard DuCree, an artist in the exhibition explains, using the example of an African-American rodeo star, “Despite facing discrimination, great legends emerged and made their mark in history. Bill Pickett who developed the rodeo technique of ‘bulldogging’ is one of many Western legends.” Vaquero Legacies is a celebration of these stories and the diversity found in the historic American cowboy. Artists in the exhibition include Richard DuCree, Jay Dusard, Collin Erie, Antonio Gómez, Anouk Krantz, Nadine Levin, Barbara Van Cleve, Travis Gillett, Ivan McClellan, Julia Cumes, Roseanna Sales, Christopher Pugmire with filmmaker Doug Hancock and others. © Christopher Pugmire, Tegan Crook, Hualapai Junior Rodeo, Peach Springs, AZ, 2018, pigment print VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS Students and teachers from Georgia and beyond now have a new way to participate in field trips to the Booth. The Booth officially founded its Distance Learning Studio in the fall of 2020, serving over 2400 students and teachers to date! Participants engage in live, hands-on curriculum-based programs highlighting the Booth’s collection of art and artifacts in content areas of Westward Expansion, American Indian culture and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Programs also offer age-appropriate art activities such as journal drawing or building a horse out of easy-to-find and recycled materials! Students and teachers from as far away as Alaska and Peru have experienced a virtual field trip to the Booth thanks to programs delivered through user-friendly platforms such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Please encourage the schools your children or grandchildren attend to take a look at our offerings. Booth educator Erin Zaballa climbs the Rocky Mountains with students during a Westward Ho! virtual field trip as education program manager Lynnette Ivey operates the AV cart 7

Georgia Museums Inc. | Booth Western Art Museum | PO Box 3070 | Cartersville, Georgia 30120 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 63 Cartersville, GA 30120 OUR MISSION: The Booth Western Art Museum will educate, entertain, and inspire guests through the exploration of Western Art, popular culture and American heritage in a welcoming environment. ANNE ELDRIDGE A Legacy of Giving Anne Eldridge was a respected art collector with many friends in the Western art world, who passed away in 2019. She was a savvy and successful businesswoman who supported several area charities. From the very beginning of the Booth in 2003, Anne was a supportive member, cheerleader and one of the first Circle members. She regularly donated art and/or financial support when it was needed most. Recently, the Museum was informed she had saved her biggest gift for last. The Booth received $500,000 from Anne’s estate and learned there will be more to come. In addition, more than a dozen important works from her collection will be added to the Booth permanent collection including art by Martin Grelle, Billy Schenck, Mel Warren and James Reynolds. The current gift and the anticipated additional funds will significantly increase the Booth’s endowment and build a lasting foundation for generations of visitors to enjoy all the Booth has to offer. “Anne was a dear friend to the Booth, and me personally,” said Executive Director Seth Hopkins. “Her generous gifts will have a lasting impact on this institution. To honor Anne’s legacy, and her late husband, we will be designating the north lawn as the Robert & Anne Eldridge Sculpture Garden. Works from her collection will also be featured in an upcoming exhibition showcasing recent acquisitions. We all miss her but seeing her name here permanently will help us remember our wonderful shared experiences.”

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