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A Newsletter of Wise Kindergarten June 2020 Volume IV, Issue 3

Index KG1 Portion KG2 Portion Literacy Math EVS Lemonade Day Yellow Day Father’s Day Activity Time Talent Show Last Day Birthdays Parent Corner

JUNE 2020 LITERACY LETTERS : t, i, p, n. SIGHT WORDS: he, she. STORY: Goldilocks and the three bears. The ant and the dove. RHYME: 1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive. Old Mac Donald. NUMERACY ORAL (6-10) WRITTEN (4 and 5) SHAPE: Rectangle. CONCEPT: Up/Down More/Less EVS 1. SENSE ORGANS. 2. LIVING AND NON-LIVING THINGS. 3. ANIMAL KINGDOM (PET/FARM/WILD/OCEAN ANIMALS)


JUNE 2020 LITERACY Cursive small letters: ‘m’, ‘n’, ‘v’, ‘y’, ‘k’, ‘z’, ‘x’, ‘r’, ‘s’, ‘f’. Vowel words: /o/ and /u/ vowel words. Concept of a and an Singular and plural. Introduction of is and are Using this/ that, these/those. Sight Words: your, all, are, come, some, said, here, there, they, only, their, old, like Story: The foolish lion and the clever rabbit The Rainbow Fish. The very hungry caterpillar Rhyme: Subah Savere Aati titli Machli Jal ki Rani hai My pigeon’s house If all the raindrops NUMERACY 1. Rote counting: 1– 100 2. Writing: 71– 100 3. Number names: one, two three, four, five. 4. Concepts: Hot/Cold Open/Close More/Less

NUMERACY Concept: Push/Pull Between Numbers: 1-30 Backward counting: 20-0 Before numbers EVS 1. Animals and their babies 2. Birds and Ocean Animals 3. Insects and Reptiles 4. Life Cycle of a Butterfly 5. Animals and their uses. CONVERSATION 1. Animals and their babies. 2. Birds and Ocean Animals. 3. Insects and Reptiles. 4. Life cycle of a butterfly. 5. Animals and their uses. SPECIAL DAYS 1. World Environment Day. 2. Father’s Day.

Reading is a passport to countless adventures - Mary Pope Osborne Phonetics plays a key role in learning to blend and read. The new sounds introduced this month for KG1 were /t/,/i/,/p/,/n/ . The teachers included a lot of interesting activities to make the learning process fun. Reading and speaking correctly are an important part of KG2 curriculum. The children were encouraged to do so with the help of presentations and activities that included sight word sentences and CVC word sentences, story telling and rhymes.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics - Paul Halmos Our junior kindergarten students were engaged in a variety of activities ranging from counting numbers 1 to 10, writing numbers 4 and 5, recognizing shapes like triangle and rectangle with colours e.g. orange, yellow and brown. The students understood the concepts better by listening to songs and doing activities related to it. Our senior kindergarten students enjoyed the activities that they did while they learnt any new concept like backward counting, before, after and between numbers etc. This hands on learning builds a strong mathematical foundation.

Understanding the world gives the child a sense of empowerment. In the month of June the KG1 children were introduced to the animal world. They learned all about animals by virtual exploration and doing various activities related to the theme. Our KG2 children learned about different kinds of animals and their habitats followed by the life cycle of a butterfly. Each topic was followed by an activity related to it which made it all the more interesting for them.

On 1 June 2020, Junior Kindergarten celebrated ‘Lemonade day’ to beat the scorching heat of summer and get refreshed. The session started with explaining the nutritional benefits of lemon. The teacher demonstrated and explained how to make a glass of lemonade step by step. The students prepared their own lemonade by following instructions delivered by the teachers. It was also a sensory activity involving the use of all the five senses.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It gives us hope and happiness. Yellow day celebrations began with an introduction of the colour yellow in different creative ways. The KG1 students were all dressed up in different shades of yellow. They were asked to prepare a collage of their favourite yellow colour cartoon. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and it was an effective way to develop their motor skills.

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature - Antoine François Prevost Father's day, a special day to celebrate the amazing fathers of Kindergarten. The children made cards and gifts during class for their daddies, to be gifted later during the day. They were so excited to make these special mementos.

World Environment Day : Children participated in the World Environment Day activity based on the theme, “Biodiversity”. The KG1 kids did some colouring activity whereas the KG2 children made posters. They all made wonderful creations with recycling materials. Living and Non-Living Things : In this activity, the KG1 children demonstrated different features of living and non-living things, made a beautiful collage and they learned to differentiate between living and non-living things. Birds and Ocean Animals : The KG2 children made a Venn diagram to differentiate between the birds and ocean animals and colourful pictures to depict the difference (a bird and a shark). They drew a penguin to show the common features.

Pet, Farm and Wild Animals : KG1 students enthusiastically participated in this activity by making a colourful ‘cat’ with different shapes. They also learned to differentiate between pet, farm and wild animals and the importance of different animals. Insects and Reptiles : The KG2 kids made an “ant using different shapes. They discussed about different insects and reptiles. Ocean Animals : KG1 students learned about different ocean animals and their features .They had fun making a ‘stingray’. Life Cycle of Butterfly : Children love colourful butterflies. The KG2 kids made a beautiful and colourful drawing to show the different stages of a butterfly’s lifecycle.

The Kindergarten talent show was an amazing platform for the kids to showcase their talents. It was a great way to help them overcome their shyness and become bold. There were rhymes, songs, story enactment and dance. It was an exciting and an eventful week.

The First term of Kindergarten drew to a close on 30th June 2020. The junior kindergarten children made ice candies with popsicle sticks and craft paper. The senior kindergarten students made lemonade with colour paper and crayons. It was a fun filled day which ended with fond farewells and the hope of seeing each other soon.

THE SUMMER WITHIN “In the midst of Winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible Summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me there’s something stronger, something better, pushing right back.” ― Albert Camus My son, attired in his bright yellow uniform and carrying a newly bought bag along with complementing ‘cars’ merchandise stationery, stood there all excited and full of hope to step out of the door. He was all eager to take the short journey to the school and enter his kindergarten classroom. But there I was, closing the door and directing him towards the dining table, instead; and putting a laptop in front of him, telling him that this would be his classroom for the next few months. The disappointment and the events that followed is history, as they say! The place under the dining table found a new fancy for the tot during the class time. Anything remotely incomprehensible in what was taught would see him scooting down. But then he did manage to curve his 3s; cross his hands to the buns song and keep smiling even if he didn’t sight the ‘she’, ‘me’ or ‘he’. The occasional disappearance of one or more of her kids, either under the dining table or elsewhere, would definitely put the teacher in a spot of bother. Indifference, insecurity, physical disconnect with her kids along with treading on uncharted territory wouldn’t be a good place to be in. Bad moods, bad internet, bad responses…all would amount to a bad day for the teacher. Boosts or Glucose, whatever the secret behind the energy level of the teacher and her innovative teaching techniques, the next day she would bounce back and come up with her big bright smile and do her magic tricks to mesmerize the tots. Gradually, the place under the dining table did become a less frequented spot! The initial laughs by the family members at the scooting was slowly replaced by the concerns about his attention span. There I was, a worried parent now! Masks, gloves, stay at home, work from home, calls from work, meetings at work, cook, cook and cook at home, one laptop, two laptops, four chargers., three headphones, I could make a new digital rhyme on it. And to top it all, the child under the dining table. An adherent advocate of keeping the teaching learning process in school, strictly between the teacher and the child, here I was, with my laptop in hand, trying to pull him out of his hiding place. Now the teacher can’t come physically and do the act, so I had to do it. Angry looks, friendly coaxing, enticing with goodies, nothing worked for a while. Days of failed attempts put sense into me that he can’t do it alone, neither can the teacher. I had to step in, we as a family had to step in; not in an over-bearing way, but like a friend and guide by his side. For starters, I changed his place, moved him from the ‘notorious’ dining table to a simple study table that never had scope to scoot under!!

For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me there’s something stronger, something better, pushing right back. Here’s saluting the invincible Summer within each one of us - the child, the teacher and the parent. Happy Summer to us all!! Megha Victor Parent of Joseph, KG 1E

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”—Nelson Mandela A newsletter of Wise Kindergarten JUNE 2020

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