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KG Jan 2018

Published by ict, 2018-02-20 08:00:09

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Bhavans celebrated India's70th Republic Day as studentstook pride in glorifying andcelebrating the spirit of unity.To mark the importance of thisday, a grand celebration washeld in the school, and manyactivities were planned withinthe school premises. The schoolechoed with patriotic fervour asthe children drew scenes ofRepublic Day celebrations, sangpatriotic songs, even the Tinytots of Kindergarten expressedtheir patriotism throughmesmerizing dances and songs.Students came dressed asIndian national leaders andwalked the ramp proudlyrepresenting the gems of Indianhistory. 02

Grandparents DayGrandparents are a participated with greatfamily’s greatest treasure, zeal and enthusiasm. Thethe founders of a loving winners were honouredlegacy, the greatest with gifts presented bystorytellers, the keepers the Principal, much to theof tradition. Grandparents delight of the participants.are a family’s strong Appropriate music andfoundation. Through their enthusiastic grandpar-special love and care, ent-grandchild combina-grandparents keep a tions made the day’s eventsfamily close at heart. In a runaway hit. Thehonour of them Bhavans Principal’s address left aKindergarten organised lasting impression on allGrandparents Day. present. The School Staff also interacted with theThe function started with guests, during the highwelcoming the grandparents tea arranged for them.followed by a song from The general mood was onethe senior KG students. of exultation and every-There were Games in one was truly happy.which grandparents 03

Grandparents Day04

Prize distributionThis proverb highlights certificates. Vice Princi-the importance of play pal Mr. Nandakumarin a student’s life. Just graced the occasion andlike in a game, in life, congratulated all theyou win some you lose winners. It was asome. Participating in moment to cherish asvarious games and the tiny tots stood onsports develops a sport- the victory stand anding spirit. In sports, the received their awards.participating candidatemay win or lose. Thestudents learn to acceptboth victory and defeatwith grace.Kindergarten had itssports prize distributionon 10 th january 2018.All the winners werethrilled and excited toreceive their medals and 05


Parent CornerChildren go through child to modulate their itively. It is also impor-distinct periods of emotion and grasp the tant for the parent todevelopment as they concept of delay of learn that their child ismove from infants to gratification. While learning new things onyoung adults. During they are able to say a daily basis and needseach of these stages, NO, they need help in an outlet to discussmultiple changes in the learning to accept NO this. The parentdevelopment of the from others as well. should; at this timebrain are taking place. This stage of rapid encourage positive dis-In the early school age, physical and intellectu- cussion, help themthe child begins a new al development pre- experiment to under-phase of development; pares the children to stand the concepts andrealising their inde- interact with others develop their skills.pendent nature and while being able to As much as some momsdevelop the ability to compete physically and and dads would like tosay NO. intellectually. The par- think so, there simplyA major challenge ents role during this aren’t any perfect par-during this time is emo- time is very important, ents. And, try as youtional regulation or as they need to act as might like, it’s nearlyMeltdowns. Parents the coach to direct impossible to be a goodcan use the bond devel- them correctly and to parent without trainingoped with the child in encourage, support and discipline.infancy to help the their development pos- 07

Limits are one form of want when they want before moving on to it, so you may havediscipline and it’s help- some challenges in another. You may store for you. Don’tful to know the impor- give up – you can do repeat yourself during this.tance of setting limits Be ready to tell your the training process, child “no” quite oftenfor preschoolers. Par- during the process. Try but the results will be to explain why theyents often set limits for can’t do something worth it in the future. rather than just tellingtheir children, not only them no, for example: You know the impor- “You can’t do thisfor disciplinary rea- today because it’s rain- tance of setting limits ing, but perhaps yousons, but also to help can do this instead.” for young learners, but Give them an optionkeep their children when you tell them no. you don’t want to crush Try not to set too manysafe. limits at one time. Your their spirit in the pro- child needs to be ableChildren who feel like to achieve success with cess. Be sure they know following one limitthey’re loved and you love them evenvalued by their parents though you have towill be more willing to establish limits.accept correction and Finally, be a studentlimits. Limits may be and learn as you go.used to help your young There is no perfectlearner learn what is parenting method,acceptable and what is realize that it is a longnot so they can learn learning process andself-control. Young enjoy the process.children have a tenden-cy to want what they Ramakrishnan. B (Parent of Darsh KG1C) 08

A monthly Newsletter of Kindergarten PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SCHOOL Mussafah, Sector 9, Shabiya, Post Box No: 39972 Abu Dhabi – UAE Editor : Yogita karmarkarJanuary 2018 VOLUME III ISSUE VIII

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