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Published by Empire Pro, 2020-06-04 11:18:29

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TABLE OF CONTENTS About Affilate marketing and why this ebook was made What is the difference between tactics and strategy? Skills that you need to master the nature of affiliate marketing Tactic # 1 Tactic # 2 Tactic # 3 Tactic # 4 Tactic # 5 Tactic # 6 Tactic # 7 Tactic # 8 Strategies to win the affiliate battle

ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING AND WHY THIS EBOOK IS CREATED Affilate marketing is one of the business models that offers profit even without having to have its own product or make its own. You only need to promote or recommend other people's products, then you get a commission if you successfully sell the product to someone. With the ease of internet technology it is very easy to do. You can take advantage of various ways to promote, ranging from social media, email, articles, blogging and others. It seems very easy indeed, and it is these various conveniences that make some people take affiliate marketing lightly and don't bother to work seriously. Even though in reality it is not that easy. What happens is, a lot of people who fail to generate sales after joining the affiliate world because they do not have the right knowledge and strategies and are just mere actions. Like winning a battle, an affiliate must have a strategy to win, or even just to survive in the competitive world of affiliates. Many skills need to be mastered, and like most other aspects of life, to master these various skills requires continuous time and practice. What skills are needed will be explained in a separate chapter in this ebook. Competition in the world of affiliate marketing is quite dense, this proves that affiliate marketing is one of the business models that is very potential indeed. If it is not potential, it is impossible to be filled with many interested people. From this fact, what happens is, when you and other affiliate marketers market the same product to more or less the same market share. Here it is clear you need a strategy to win the competition. At least you get a commission from several sales. You can not win just

by relying on \"halah, the important action\". It can't be like that, affiliate is not a land for inconsequential people. You must have the skills and strategies so that consumers buy from you, not from others. You must have an offer that makes you superior to yourcompetitors For this reason this ebook is present. So that you get the knowledge about strategies and how to play an updated affiliate, and hopefully you are helped by what is written in this ebook. I say happy reading. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES OF TACTICS AND STRATEGIES? Affilate I am sure you have often heard the word tactics and strategy. But among most people who hear it, many still don't know the true meaning and what distinguishes the two. This often results in chaos during practice and execution. And most people consider both the same thing, even though there are similarities, but they are different. What is the difference? In the beginning, the terms tactics and strategy were only used in the military field. But in this day and age tactics and strategies are used in almost all fields, ranging from sports, business, teaching, marketing, finance, politics, even to the same PDKT girls also need a strategy.

Simply stated the difference between the two is: Strategy is more general and is related to achieving the main goal. Even more comprehensive perspective (big picture). And in terms of time frames generally long term. Whereas tactics are specific and focused, their perspectives are detailed, and their timeframes can be long-term, short-term. Still confused? ... Ok, so it's easy to understand, for example let's observe a soccer match: The main goal of a soccer team is to win the championship. And this can be achieved by winning every game, and victory can be achieved by scoring as many goals as possible and preventing the team from conceding. For the achievement of this goal a strategy is needed, and for the strategy to work, it needs no typing. What strategies? .... Which include strategies include:  Choosing a formation, whether 4-4-2; 4-3-3; 4-5-1; 4-2-3-1 etc. (this is an example of strategy)  Determine who is down as a core player, who is a reserve (this is a strategy)  When to make a substitute and who is the replacement (this is an example of a strategy) While the non-typical examples include:  how the scheme to score goals through open-play (this is a tactic example)

 how to defend when an opponent gets a corner kick (this is a tactic example)  how to use the set piece to score (this is a tactic example)  how to take the ball when the ball is in control of the opponent ( this is aexample tactic)  appoint a corner kick / free kick / penalty executioner (this is a tactic example) Now, it's easy to understand right?. Both tactics and strategy must work towards achieving a goal, both long-term and short-term, which in the example in football was to score as many goals as possible and prevent conceding. To achieve the goal must have a strategy, and for the strategy to work, we need some tactics. Tactics and strategies may change, but vision and goals cannot change. Just like soccer, although the initial formation is 4-4-2, but as the game goes on it could change 4-5-1 or 4-4-3, adjusting the conditions of the match. However, the change did not change their goal, namely to win the By scoring goals and preventing conceding. By achieving the short-term goal of winning consistently, this team can realize the long-term goal, which is to win the competition. In the affiliate business is not much different from a soccer match. An affiliate marketer must have a strategy and tactics if you want to score \"goals\". Understanding this principle is very important for the success or failure of your affiliate business.

Whatever your goals when running an affiliate business, whether it's looking for income of 1 to 10 million per month, enter the leaderboard during the contest, or just looking for additional income without being bound by any target, you need the right strategy and the right execution. You can't just \"kick\" like an elementary school kid playing soccer and then expect fantastic results to come just like that. You need to understand the strategy and tactics well, design it, then execute it. How could you successfully design and execute a strategy, if you don't understand the understanding. Well, fortunately you are currently reading this ebook, where you will learn the strategies and tactics of playing affiliates. SKILLS YOU NEED TO MASTER IN AFFILIATE MARKETING In Affilate marketing, there are some basic skills you need to master. This is important because you are not the only person marketing a product, whatever it is. Imagine if you are in the position of a consumer, if there are 5 people offering the same product, the price is the same, the quality is the same, who do you choose to buy from? Of course you choose from the most trusted people with the best deals. Well, to convey information accurately, and deliver a good offer, you need to master the following skills, namely: 1. Creating a WebPage / Landing Page / Review Page Creating a landing page is a basic skill that you must master. In this day and age there are still many affiliate marketers who market in an inconsequential way like spamming in groups, just posting on social media, then just passively waiting. This will not work. You need to create a landing page that contains information about offers. There are about any products / services that you

offer. Landing page here does not mean the vendor's sales page, but you make a page of your own to submit a review, and you recommend this product for consumers. You can list it plus and minus the products you recommend, what results you get when you buy This product, as well as what harm if you do not buy. At the same time you can also offer special bonuses that can only be obtained when buying from your landing page. You can create a text page or landing page format with a video that shows you talking about recommending the product. 2. Copywriting Copywriting contains information messages that you want to convey to potential customers. In a way, whether or not the prospect is interested depends on how you present your offer in writing. Maybe the vendor already provides their own copywriting that you can copy- paste, but think about it, how many other affiliates do the? Then you decide to join them? If so, can you surpass your competitors? If you want to win the competition, then you need a different and superior strategy, one of them is by practicing copywriting skills. 3. Selling As an affiliate, even if you only help sell other people's products, it still can't be denied that you are a seller. Your job is to generate sales and your job is to sell. So of course you must have sales skills, or more specifically, the skill to make a good offer, because the key to sales is how good or bad the offer. If you are able to make an offer that is \"too good to turn down\" then you can generate sales without significant difficulty. Of course to make a good offer you need to know what your customers want, what they like, and of course how you meet their expectations through the products you offer. Conversely, if your offer doesn't appeal to prospects, they won't buy from you. Well, of course this skill needs practice, it can't be obtained just like that.

4. Bring Traffic The only thing that is blocking you from making a sale is traffic (your landing page visitors). You might be able to create a stunning landing page, you might make a compelling copywriting, and maybe your offer is the best, but all of that is useless if you are unable to bring in visitors. This is like you have a magnificent mall in remote remote uninhabited islands, how can all your work to make a profit if no one sees what you have to offer. Simple facts that people often forget. When you have an offer, you must make the offer known to as many prospects as possible. You can use free methods such as through social media or paid advertising. Each, both free and paid, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please choose any method that suits you, because each affiliate has their own way that suits them. There are those that are suitable for method A, some that are suitable for method B, etc. 5. List Building Don't just send traffic to the vendor's sales page without you getting their contact data first. Database list is a very valuable asset. You can build relationships with your leads and offer them whenever you want. Even if they don't buy it now, maybe they will buy it next time. If you only send traffic directly to the vendor's sales page and don't try to capture their data, then you can't follow them up for the long term. This only benefits the vendor and harms yourself. 6. Establish Good Relations (Relations) This is a skill that is non-technical but very important. You must build relationships, both with vendors and with your potential prospective buyers. Try to imagine what happens if you have a bad relationship with a vendor, would you be happy to market the product? And conversely, whether the vendor will provide support to make it easier for you to promote the product? Of course not, maybe even what happens is your name on the black list, even though you may not necessarily make a mistake that is worth tearing your name on the black list.

So it is with your potential potential buyers. It is their source that you get the money in your account. If your relationship with them is bad, can they still open their wallets and send money into your account? Conversely, if your relationship with them is good, they will look forward to \"when is there another new product?\". Yes, this is serious. Now, that was some of the skills you need to master. Next we will discuss the tics that you can apply in your actions in the field of affiliate marketing. USETACTIC # 1 THE PRODUCT AND REVIEW THE PRODUCT HONESTLY The affiliate business provides various conveniences, one of which is that you are not required to buy the product first, although there are also some affiliate programs that require buying, before being allowed to market by the vendor (owner product). A few years back, you can still implement copy-paste strategies from the vendor's sales page. You don't need to bother analyzing the product you want to market, just copy what is written on the vendor's sales page, then paste it on your own page. It's really easy and simple, so this strategy is loved by lazy people. Unfortunately, at this time such a method no longer has a significant influence, because today's consumers have started to be smart and critical. They are no longer easy to believe with the myriad benefits or benefits written on the sales page - although there are still some consumers who are easy to believe.

As a solution today, you must dare to show the strengths and weaknesses of the products you market. So it's not just the excess product that is heralded, while the product defects are hidden half to death. Do not worry consumers cancel buying just because you expose product deficiencies, on the contrary it actually makes you appear as an honest and trusted person in the eyes of consumers, and consumers like honest people. Conversely, showing the advantages of the product alone, without daring to explain the weaknesses of the product will only show that you are a braggart, and consumers will not be willing to believe in a braggart. Yes, of course, only if there are indeed weaknesses in the product you are promoting, if there really isn't a serious shortage, then don't make it up. Now, the question is, how can you possibly explain the advantages and disadvantages of a product and remain neutral if you do not use the product / service offered? Some vendors provide Free Revie (FR) access for affiliates so that affiliates can try their products for free, and in return the affiliates can provide testimonials displayed on the vendor's sales page. You can use FR access to try out the product if the vendor allows, if not, buy the product before starting to market. As an affiliate, your main role is to effectively and convincingly promote the product and find people who are willing to buy the product. In order to be able to fulfill this role properly, you must be able to accurately educate your market share regarding the product information you are marketing. Well, isn't it difficult for you to do that if you don't buy the product yourself?. And the further effect of that is that you will have difficulty convincing potential customers. Then the end if you are not able to convince potential customers, you will certainly have difficulty generating sales of any product / service that you offer. You need to try the product itself before marketing it as an affiliate, and test whether it is true that the product / service can fulfill what was promised or not. If YES, please market it, if it turns out NO, then don't recommend it to anyone. How could a

bad product be recommended to someone else? \"Lah, loss, already buy expensive but can not return the capital\". I know some of you might think like that, but it's better than you losing integrity and credibility. It's better to lose money, than to lose credibility (which in the end also makes you lose more money). Indeed you will be out of capital money up front, but if the prospect likes your review then you are able to sell well, then you will return capital many times over. And even if there are many prospects who are reluctant to buy just because you reveal the lack of products, it is not your fault, but the fault of the product that has poor quality. At least you have done your job very well as an honest and integrity affiliate. By doing these tips, your potential customers will feel the sincerity and honesty of you. They trust your recommendations because you have used and proven the quality of the product yourself, and then your consumers are also interested in proving it themselves. Of course they are more interested in your honesty than the bonuses from your competition. The value of bonuses offered by your competition cannot match the high cost of honesty that is indeed impossible to value in money. Isn't leaving a lie and showing honesty a good thing? However, it should be noted, that this does not mean looking for product weaknesses and then deliberately vilifying them in front of the hospital. Not like that. You still have to be neutral, show the advantages of the product, as well as the shortcomings so that the buyer does not feel sorry and cheated after buying. That's the important thing. Unfortunately a lot of affiliate marketers are not willing to do this. The most common reason is because they themselves are too stingy and don't want to invest. The positive side that you can take is: if you do these tips, then you will successfully outperform other affiliates who are just promotions. You have a plus compared to them. If you are able to do this correctly, then you will be able to maximize the actual profit potential of the affiliate business, not just get seasonal commissions.

BONUSTACTIC # 2 HAS EXPIRED, WHAT IS SOLUTION? As an affiliate marketer, should you give a bonus every time you offer a product ?. Actually, no one ever requires, but it is undeniable that the existence of a bonus is one of the \"pellets\" that makes potential customers enticed to buy products through your reference. Simply put, try to imagine that A sells fried chicken for IDR 10,000, while B sells the same fried chicken plus gets free fried potatoes for IDR 10,000. Which do you choose? Very human right if the offer of B is more desirable than its competitors, namely the A. In the affiliate world applies the same thing. Unfortunately this actually led to bonus competition which arguably was not healthy anymore. The term \"bonus rod\" aka \"bonus war\". Each affiliate marketer offers insane bonuses, not infrequently they even sacrifice a commission to give bonuses that are \"wow\", ranging from offering digital products, premium courses, to some who offer t-shirts and watches as bonuses. As a result there is an imbalance of competitiveness between affiliates who have a myriad of bonus stock with newbies who do not have bonus stock at all. This reality is what you have seen until now. But what most other affiliates don't realize is that the bonus war strategy is no longer relevant for 2019 and thereafter. Before 2019 this method might still be reliable, but for now it is not fully effective. How come?. The first reason is, when someone is confused by facing many choices at once, they tend not to choose at all. When you offer affiliate products to your prospects, you are not the only person who sends offers. Besides you there are still

your competitors who offer the same product, and of course the bonus is different. If your bonus is less tempting than your competition, then the prospective buyer certainly leaves your offer and buys from someone else's affiliate link. And even if the bonus you offer is as strong as Optimalin e-books as your competition, and even then it will only confuse your prospects. And you know what happens to people who are confused by too many choices? ... YES, they decide not to choose. It's easier for your prospect to say NO than YES. The second reason is because the bonus offered is not necessarily needed by prospective buyers. Often people who buy ebooks, video courses or the like, they don't read through to completion, some even just silence after they buy. Well, what they buy using money alone is not utilized, let alone free ones. The third reason is, the level of consumer intelligence which is currently increasing. When you offer a bonus in your offer, the prospect already knows that it is only your lure that they want to buy, and they also know that you are not the only person offering a bonus. So surely they will be looking for who else the affiliate offers more WOW bonuses. Then, should the bonus strategy be abandoned? No ... of course not. As an affiliate marketer you should indeed offer bonuses in each of your offers. Don't let your offer contain no bonus at all. However, as a solution so that you do not get caught up in the bonus war, make sure your bonus is related to the product you offer, and also make sure the bonus is needed by your prospects. Do not let you play affiliate software products but offer cooking recipes as a bonus. This is clearly not connected. If you sell pots or stoves, then offer a recipe ebook as a bonus, this new connection. In addition to the relevant bonuses, you must also add value to each affiliate program that you participate in. What kind of value? Yes whatever is your value. Quite simple, no need to be complicated. Maybe your bonus is not much, but even so you are easily contacted by prospects, if asked for input you can give satisfactory

advice, if asked you are able to answer honestly, if your confused prospect is willing to serve, if the prospect does not know how to order your product you are willing to go down direct hand help etc. Value like this even though at first glance seems trivial but preferred by consumers. Don't underestimate the simple things above. Although it seems trivial, but that kind of value is sought and liked by potential customers. So, slowly leave the bonus war and start competing with VALUE. OUTTACTIC # 3 FROM THE COMPETITION Winning competition is not easy. If you are too tired of fighting in an arena full of competition, why not try to stay away from the competition? Make no mistake, pull over does not mean giving up, quite the opposite. Pulling over here means that you are playing in a field that is not widely played by other affiliates, so your chances of getting a commission are more open. And this land is being cultivated by many top affiliates, even though their names are not included in the leaderboard ranking. Then how to pull over from competition? One way is to play in the High-Ticket- Affiliate (HTA) or Low-Ticket area. If you are still a beginner and have not much experience, it helps you start from the low ticket first, whereas if you are confident enough, you can play in the HTA area. Low Ticket Affiliate This is an affiliate program with low product prices, and because it is cheap, the commission is small. The price of the product is only around 50 to 100,000.

Commissions for affiliates are at most around Rp. 25,000 to 75,000 per sale. At first glance it does not seem at all profitable, but the low ticket program has its own advantages that are not possessed by the HTA program or the medium. Because of its small commission, there are probably not many people who are interested in marketing this product. So automatically the competition will be more lax. The advantage besides minimal competition, this product is easier to sell to various circles of various economic levels thanks to its cheap price. In addition you also do not have to bother offering bonuses, because usually buyers of low-priced products also do not expect bonuses obtained from the products they buy. Even if someone asks for a bonus, you just have to Optimize the e-book to say: \"Yes sir, the product price of 100,000 is just asking for a bonus ...\", it's easy. That was some of the advantages. Now, while the drawback is the amount of the commission is too small. When you play in this area, maybe you feel that your income is not worth the effort you do. Let alone realize the dream, for just paying an internet package may still be mediocre. If you are still a beginner affiliate marketer, then you should start from this program. Selling cheap products first, while practicing flight hours. It doesn't matter if you only have a small commission, the name is learning. Medium This is where the affiliate program area with the most intense competition. Its products are in the middle price range, approximately Rp. 250,000 to Rp. 800,000. The commission is also between Rp 100,000 to 400,000 per sale, some are more. With a range of prices that are \"not-expensive-but-also-not-cheap\", it is not surprising that this area is most in demand by affiliate marketers. Some of them use legal strategies, but not a few of them use dirty methods to get a commission. You should avoid this area, unless you are sure you can enjoy competition in this area.

High Ticket Affiliate (HTA) This is an area of affiliates that meets the criteria of \"dream fulfillment\" as well as minimal competition. How not, this HTA commission could be \"cheap\" alone could amount to 1 million. If in a month you succeed in closing on just 10 people, then you already have 10 million. That's just cheap, you know, there's even a Super-High- Ticket (SHTA) type whose commissions for affiliates are above 3 million per sale. Interesting right. Of course, as the name implies, the product is definitely expensive, from millions to tens of millions of rupiah. Surely you can't possibly offer it to just anyone. And the selling strategy is also not possible using a standard method. Spamming, bonus warfare and such have certainly failed in this area. In addition, HTA is not just anyone who can market it. Unlike the majority of affiliate programs where everyone is free to join for free, specifically this HTA is usually an affiliate marketer must meet certain conditions first before being able to market HTA products. Usually the first requirement must be to register first, and the list is not free. In fact, there are some HTA that provide other conditions besides the registration fee. But normally in Indonesia, only need to register with a fee. There is a fee once paid, there is a pay per month. Because the list must pay first, then the competition is not as dense as the medium area. In the HTA area, it has been filtered from the beginning who are the people who are really serious, and who aren't. Besides that, this HTA program usually has limited membership quota, so automatically the competition becomes more relaxed. If you want to make affiliate marketing as a way to realize your dreams, then this HTA program is the most appropriate program. In addition to its large commission, the competition is also not as dense as the medium area. But the first weakness, yes, of course you first come out the cost to register. Apart from that, you can't use standard strategies and target just anyone, because it's

certain the market share is different. Yes yes, the price is like that ... you want to be offered to people with free mentality ?. So in conclusion, move away to areas with minimal competition you can live by marketing Low ticket or high ticket products. If you are still a beginner, take the low ticket first. If you are confident enough, follow the high ticket program. Medium area make it just a distraction. FOCUSTACTIC # 4 ON SOME AFFILIATE PROGRAMS The majority of affiliate programs available today can be followed for free, and some of them offer high commissions that are too tempting to turn down. This has provoked several affiliate marketers to register in as many affiliate programs as possible. In general, this method seems like the best way to get as much commission as possible. The more sources that have the potential to generate profits, the more you can produce, that's what you thought so far. Besides that you think there is nothing to lose in marketing many affiliate products anyway. But the reality is not like that. Marketing many affiliate products at the same time actually drains your mind. There will be so many things that make your focus diverted. And the result, instead of getting an abundant commission, you actually are not able to produce the slightest commission because you are not going to work on which one first. Although the potential benefits are limitless, it must be realized that the resources you have are limited, both energy, thought, time, capital, etc. everything is limited. So it's best to optimize the limited potential to the maximum in an area that you truly believe is capable of producing. So it's better to offer 1-4 affiliate products that offer commissions above 35% in 1 month, and give your best effort to promote it. If you have started to stabilize, then you may add.

In the midst of the many existing affiliate programs, maybe you are confused about what program is the most ideal for you. Some of these tips might help. 1. Choose products that are evergreen Evergreen means that this product is durable for the long term. Until whenever there are still people who need this product. For example, products from the health niche are one example of evergreen products, because there will always be people who have health problems, and not everyone wants health. In addition to a durable market, also select products whose sales are open all the time. There are some products that offer large commissions, but access to sales is only open periodically. Once opened at most only for a few days, then closed and who knows when it will open again. This is certainly not the first choice if you want a stable and continuous affiliate commission. 2. Choose what suits your interests Choosing an affiliate program that matches your interests will make you enjoy working more. In addition, your insights will also be more numerous if it relates to the niche that interests you. For example, if you like fitness and are diligent to the gym, maybe an affiliate program about weight loss or muscle building is right for you. If you like computer, maybe affiliate software is suitable for you, etc. However it certainly feels different when compared to marketing affiliate products that you are not interested in. 3. Choose those who offer large commissions Marketing high-ticket products will speed up your path to achieving your dreams. A High-ticket product may be more difficult to sell because the price is more expensive, but if you are able to sell it, the results can be enjoyed.

How not, a sale of high-priced products that are \"cheap\" alone can give you a commission of 700 thousand to 1 million more per sale, especially expensive. Compare with products whose commissions are only 100 thousand. And if you realize, actually marketing products whose commissions are in the tens of thousands, by marketing products whose commissions are millions of them ARE THE SAME COPY. What is done is the same, but the result is DIFFERENT. Of course selling high-ticket products requires more advanced skills than marketing products that cost under 1 million. But as long as you have the will to learn, you can master this skill. 4. Choose an affiliate program whose vendors want to teach you how to sell Many vendors are \"ignorant\" to their affiliates. Vendors like this usually do not provide the support needed by affiliates. Even if you provide support, most only the standard ones such as banners or promotional tools. This is too standard. But there are also vendors who are willing to teach you how and strategies to market their products armed with the experience he has. This is the most profitable affiliate program for you to take, because you not only have the opportunity to get a commission but also get knowledge. So even if you don't get a commission, at least you can get the knowledge. However, programs like this are usually limited to only a few people, if the affiliate quota is full then people who have not yet joined are not permitted to register. It aims to maintain exclusivity and limit competition. In addition, to join a program like this is usually not free registration. You have to pay some money to join. The amount is also different, there is a one-time payment for life, there are also those who pay periodically every month. But don't hesitate, your money will not be wasted because you also get educational material when you register. So you have nothing to lose, just consider business school fees.

5. Choose products belonging to experts in their fields, even though they are not well known Products belonging to experts who have years of experience in their fields are definitely more accountable. By marketing their products, it is unlikely that there are complaints from customers. And you might not know, these experienced experts are not necessarily famous. Often they play in the shadows, like magic warriors who meditate on the top of a remote hill, but once they come down the mountain, the other warriors will \"shut up\" to him. They are though not famous but really do exist. And even though it's not well-known, the experience and knowledge are \"more powerful\" than those you call \"mastah\" which appears every day in your social media timeline. So don't underestimate them. TACTIC # 5 PERSONAL BRANDING Some \"mastahs\" out there say that \"affiliates don't need to build personal branding, which is important to bring traffic to the vendor's sales page. If they buy, then you get a commission, if you don't even buy at least you have done your job\".Is that right? ... think again !. There are 2 facts you must realize, the first fact is: You only get a commission if the consumer decides to buy through your reference. If it turns out he bought through a reference to someone other than you, yes you do not get a commission. The second fact is: People tend to hesitate to buy from strangers they don't know. Conversely, if potential customers know and trust you, they will be happy to buy from your references, even though your competitors are offering better deals. Imagine if you want to buy a product that is quite expensive, do you choose to buy it from a friend you know, or buy from a salesman you don't know ?. Most likely you will buy from your friends.

Well, in affiliate competition often a prospective customer receives offers from several affiliates at the same time that offer the same product. So, if you are unable to show yourself as a credible affiliate, then how can potential customers be willing to buy from you? How do you convince prospects to take your offer and leave your competition? Is it a bonus war again? ... if you read this ebook from the beginning surely you already know that the method is no longer fully effective. Building credibility does take time, but you will reap the fruits of your labor. So don't just think about short-term profits. Think about long-term benefits. DOTACTIC # 6 NOT GIVE ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS OR CASHBACKS FROM SACRIFICIAL COMMISSION Some affiliate marketers sometimes offer cashback or extra discounts as an incentive when buying from their affiliate links. Cashback and discounts are indeed more lucrative for buyers, because mathematically, they pay lower prices for the products / services they buy. However, most affiliate programs prohibit cashback. If you are proven to have committed this violation, then as a sanction not only is your commission not paid by the vendor, but your affiliate access is also blocked. And your name will be on the black list. Double losses ... already canceled commissions, still have to fulfill the promise of giving cashback to consumers who buy through your reference. Besides that, even if an affiliate program allows cashback, you still shouldn't do this strategy. Why?. Is not the reason is too clear: because you as an affiliate will get a commission MORE LITTLE than you should get. This will make you not only lose money, but also time and energy. Say you offer a cashback of 50% of the nominal of

your affiliate commission, doesn't this mean that you have to sell twice the normal amount. And certainly the energy and time you use to bring in buyers is doubled. And not only that, by giving cashback you will only get a consumer base that contains people \"stingy\". These people are never willing to pay full price for whatever they buy. Once you offer cashback, then they will continue to ask for cashback. If at any time you offer a product without frills cashback, they are reluctant to buy. Isn't this a bad thing for the long term? In addition, offering cashback actually instills an image in the minds of potential customers that you are a desperate affiliate marketer. They will think, if you are able to sell in an elegant way, why should you desperately cut the commission profit for cashback ?. Consumers today are not innocent friends ... they are able to think critically. So instead of offering cashback, it's better to offer a more elegant value. As a substitute for cashback, give an incentive of equal (or higher) value at full price for the product you offer. This will provide a compelling reason for potential customers to decide to buy at full price. You will build a consumer base whose contents are indeed people who have money and are willing to pay in full on the product you offer. Isn't this better for the long term? So instead of lowering prices, it's better to increase value. To attract buyers, it is possible to offer cashback is the easiest and easiest way, but certainly not the best way. Especially for the long term, and you already know the reason. And even if you find other affiliate marketers getting lots of buyers thanks to giving cashback, don't begrudge them and don't be lured into doing the same thing. Because in fact they are just lazy people who gather cheap mental customers. Cheap-minded consumers usually provide quick short-term benefits, because they are easily tempted by cheap prices, but then it is not uncommon for their attitudes to be very troublesome, not even a few of those who always bargain and complain about prices, even after being discounted even though they are still fussy. Surely

you do not want to get consumers like that right ?. As a classy affiliate marketer, you should only get classy customers as well. DOTACTIC # 7 NOT MARKET PRODUCTS WITH VENDORS THAT DO NOT WANT TO BOTHER Often as an affiliate you have to answer a series of questions from potential customers who should not be you, but to vendors (product owners). It is the vendor's obligation to provide contacts so that he can be contacted if someone wants to ask about his product. So if there are prospects who ask things that should be asked directly to the vendor, you can directly point to the vendor's customer service / admin. unfortunately there are still some vendors who are hard to contact, or don't even want to bother serving questions at all. In addition to contacts, vendors should also prepare support for their affiliates so that they can market their products more optimally, whether they are promotional banners, copywriting templates or anything that facilitates affiliates. Unfortunately, there are still many vendors who are too lazy to provide this kind of support. If you meet a vendor who does not want to bother at all, then you should not have to market the product. Better leave. Remember, as an affiliate you are a businessman, not the vendor's lackeys. You and the vendor are business partners. The vendor is not your employer. Are you willing to partner with people who do not fulfill their duties? Are you willing to waste time and energy on jobs that vendors should do? Your time and energy are too valuable for that.

Choose vendor-owned products that provide support to affiliates and at the same time for potential customers. This kind of vendor is usually very supportive and easy to work with. If you ask he will definitely answer, even though it might be a slow response but it will definitely be served. If you need input, he is willing to provide input to help you. Isn't this kind of an ideal partner? Can profit, as well as knowledge too. Even if you are a newbie who has not been able to generate commissions, you can still learn knowledge from vendors like this. DON'TTACTIC # 8 THOUGH EVERYTHING, BUT DO EVERYTHING IS HALAL ONLY There have been instances where an affiliate committed various violations in order to generate sales. Either he did it intentionally or unknowingly. Among the examples include using pirated products as bonuses, offering digital products that are not PLR for bonuses, and various other cheats. Of course those caught were immediately blocked and hit a black list. Is not something like this is very detrimental to all parties involved. For the vendor, of course his reputation is tarnished even though he is innocent. As for consumers, he is greatly disadvantaged if he gets an incentive in the form of a product that turns out to be pirated without his knowledge. And for the affiliate, of course, the result is blocked and the commission is not paid, and his name is on the black list. This means that all his efforts in vain. Not just in vain, but because his name is already on the black list then the next to follow another affiliate program will be difficult, because the name and reputation are already bad. Not to mention the responsibility of the afterlife because they have been trying to find property in a way that is not lawful. Business is not just profit and loss, but heaven and hell, remember this carefully. I will not lecture at length, you just pay attention to this carefully and work honestly and with integrity.

STRATEGY TO WIN AFFILIATE BATTLES Win the battle (competition) in the world of affilate marketing is not easy, but it is also impossible as long as you are not a lazy affiliate who just wants to be comfortable without wanting to fight. Ffiliate competition can be won by running the right strategy consistently for the long term. Affiliate business is not a land for weak losers who don't have a fighting spirit. And when you have decided to enter the affiliate business then you must try to stay in it. It's like running a marathon, not a sprint. You need stamina to continue to be in this business. It's useless if you can only go fast at the start but then run out of breath and give up soon after. Winning the affiliate battle does not mean just winning the affiliate contest. But winning small struggles every day. Big wins can be achieved by achieving small wins consistently, every day. You want to get a consistent commission from the affiliate business right? ... Then you need to work hard and smart. If you want to achieve more income, then the business you are doing must also exceed the others. You are obliged to try above the minimum standard. Well, the question is, what kind of business is above this standard? Lots of affiliates don't know, and you're lucky this ebook is in your hands now. Please follow the following steps and strategies:

1.Intention Before doing any steps, you must know your intention to be in this Affiliate business for what? To get additional income? Only for side work office? For a full time job? To get a greater income than office work before deciding whether to resign ?. Or what for? ... You have to find the answer first, otherwise you will just spin around and not make any progress. Do not underestimate this stage, or you will only experience stuck like most other affiliate marketing. Set your intentions first, for example you want to get extra income. Determine the exact number, and how long you want to reach the target. If you have no intention from the start, then how could it possibly work. 2. Find the product and prove the benefits yourself Next you need to do is find a product that you will market. Before you promote, use the product first. By proving its quality, then you will be able to make convincing and non-existent reviews. Prospects will be easier to believe if you explain the product as it is, both pluses and minuses. Tell them that you recommend the product because \"you have proven yourself\" the quality and benefits. Start with Low-ticket first. Earn your first 50 thousand commission first. It doesn't matter even if the commission is small, what is important can be increased. Earn the first 100 thousand, the first 1 million, the first 5 million and so on. If you are confident, join the high-ticket program. 3. Create a Website / Landing Page As an affiliate, the most powerful weapon you need to have is: CREDIBILITY. Lots of affiliate business people, but the ones who really can generate fantastic amounts of sales are only those who have credibility, while the rest are just complementary players.

By having a website you will be impressed more CREDIBLE than affiliates who do not have a website. At a minimum you have a landing page that contains a review of the products you offer. There are 2 types of pages that you need to at least make, the first is of course REVIEW PAGE which contains your reviews and offers, what buyers get when buying through your affiliate link etc. The second is SQUEEZE PAGE to get contact data of traffic visiting your page. Yes, you still need to build a list of consumer databases even though what you are selling is not your own product. You surely realize that not all people who visit your website decide to buy ?. So by capturing their data, even if you don't buy at least you can follow them up for other offers. 4. Create Lead Magnets & Subscribe to Autoresponders Still related to list building, you need to create lead magnets, which is a \"lure\" that you will give free if visitors want to provide their contact data, generally in the form of a name and email address. Whatever the form may be, it can be an ebook, video, graphic, service or anything as long as there is no violation in it. You can also prepare several bonuses to be included in the offer. Choose bonuses that are still related to the products offered. If you don't have an idea yet for lead magnets / bonuses, you can use the product with a PLR license. However, it is best to provide original products of your own, and if you want to excel, give them high quality! Don't offer something ordinary, because of course many other affiliates do that. Then after getting their data, then what to do ?. You follow them up by giving an email series that contains something useful for your list. You need to subscribe to an autoresponder to save your prospect's data and send an email series to them automatically. This is definitely more energy and time saving when compared to you sending emails one by one manually to hundreds or thousands of people.

5. Start Bringing in Traffic and Generating Sales ! It's time for your offer to be seen. You can use free methods such as through social media or paid advertising. Each, both free and paid, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please choose any method that suits you, because each affiliate has their own way that suits them. I assume that you already know how to bring traffic, so there is no need to explain further. 6. Continue to bring in new traffic, keep old customers. Getting a commission from the sale is not the end of your struggle. This is only the beginning. Don't you want to get a commission that is sustainable, not just periodic, sometimes it can sometimes not? Then you need to create a funnel system. Your business must continue to live even if it is not offering any product. Don't stop bringing new traffic to your squeeze page and capture their data, and for the old database keep in touch with them. Send interesting emails do not have to sell anything. Build credibility and closeness, so that one day you offer a product, they already believe and are ready to buy. GET FULL PROGRAM HERE!!!!

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