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Wine & Spirit Insider Annual 2022

Published by editor, 2021-12-07 00:45:39

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insiderthe wine & spiritAUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND January 2022 Issue 176 COMPLIMENTARY COPY THE WINE & SPIRIT INSIDER IS A PROMOTIONAL GUIDE FROM THE LIQUOR TRADE TO THE CONSUMER. Winestate Publishing ABN 56 088 226 411 GINUARY & WHITE SPIRITS TASTING In this issue... New Releases & Best Value Buys Under $20

No Limit To Imagination As the Alice in Wonderland quote goes, “We’re all mad here,” and Newy Distillery proves that’s a wonderful place to be. RICK ALLEN KIMBERLY Storey pauses for a second . . . “I’d say imagination, creativity and unconventional flavour combinations that somehow work together.” She was explaining the philosophy behind the young but highly successful Newy Distillery, the family business that has grown in three short years from a backyard shed in Newcastle to a thriving business spread across two adjoining warehouses. The fact she and husband Luke have managed to do it with the not inconsiderable time burden of having three small children – Abbie 3, Layla 18 months, and Harvey “almost 11 weeks” – makes it downright remarkable. “We have a close family and a good support team,” Kimberly says in what sounds a major piece of understatement. Today, aside from Luke’s pride and joy, the magnificent copper still, which sits in the back of their two-in-one Edgeworth warehouse, there’s a popular 40-seat cocktail bar at the front. “The young people want to go in to town, so our suburban cocktail bar tends to be for a slightly older clientele. Aside from gin and cocktails we’re producing a range of vodkas that are also doing really well.” But let’s start at the beginning, before Layla and Harvey had arrived on the scene. It’s 2018 and Kimberly was sitting at home with new baby Abbie in their suburban Cameron Park (Newcastle) home “on maternity leave and bored” when Luke came home and suggested they go into the distilling business. “We’d been married a couple of years and he had always loved gin,” she says. “He’d been making it in his shed for about 10 years by then, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected. “I said okay, but let’s make it in different colours. No-one else was making coloured gin at that stage and I was keen to give it a try. “Luke wasn’t so sure, but he agreed to give it a go.” He’d be glad he did. Fast forward a couple years and you’re spoilt for colour choice … pink, ocean blue, sky blue, turquoise, green, butterfly pea, white or purple gin. And yep, all selling well. The butterfly pea even has a bit of chameleon about it and actually changes colour from purple to pink when you add citrus or tonic. It’s not as rare as it sounds, according to Kimberly, as a few other distilleries produce something similar, but Newy’s major point of difference is that their colours shimmer. “Shake the white bottle and it looks like snowflakes, shake the ocean blue and it looks like waves, and the sky blue looks like clouds,” Kimberley explains. “It’s pretty cool.” If all this sounds gimmicky, don’t be fooled. Silver medals against the world’s best in the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition in London speak volumes for the quality of their product. 122 W I N E S TAT E W ine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

“If the quality wasn’t there, they wouldn’t be selling, but they most “Shake the white bottle and it looks certainly are,” Kimberly says. like snowflakes, shake the ocean blue and it looks like waves, and the sky And the colours are just the start. blue looks like clouds,” Kimberley How about an Australiana gin, with 17 purely native botanicals? explains. “It’s pretty cool.” Or maybe a Spice Explorer gin, with a bit of a kick on the tongue? Unlike the Australiana, this one is made from internationally sourced ingredients Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 123 designed to “take your mouth on a ride to Spice market heaven” according to the website. Then there are the three Fruit Infused gins - passionfruit, pumpkin spice and berry pink gin. Or the Mulled Wine gin made from Australian red wine, fruits and spices which tends to sell well over the Christmas period. The more powerful Coal Miner Strength gin, with 55 .5 per cent alcohol, is yet another option. As you can see, the good folk at Newy aren’t afraid to stretch their creative wings. And, what’s more, there’s no sign of slowing down. They’re equally adventurous with their vodka range and their cocktails. “I think in general terms the creativity side of things is mine, then Luke makes it happen in the distillery,” Kimberly says. “That’s not to say Luke doesn’t have any say with the creativity – of course he does. “But we’ll come up with an idea, and then it tends to be a matter of trial and error. “Sometimes we’re all excited and think things should work together and they just don’t, so we scrap that idea altogether. And at other times the most unlikely of things seem to go really well together.” Clearly there’s no magic formula when it comes to creativity. Luke, as he has been doing for 13 years, remains happiest at the coalface – in this case a new, top shelf copper still that looks a bit like an oversized saxophone– making wild and sometimes wacky ideas come to gin fruition. “The still is definitely Luke’s,” Kimberly says. “We imported it from overseas. It wasn’t cheap but the results are there for all to see.” All the while Kimberly, who is at home these days with little Harvey so young, admits she is always thinking of new things they can try. “I already have a couple in mind that we can look at next, but really, there’s no limit except your imagination,” she says. While all the colours and creativity might not appeal to the gin traditionalists who like their drinks crystal clear, the flagship Signature gin, as well as the Dry gin and Coal Miner Strength cater for that market. And judging by their efforts in the International Wine & Spirits competition, and their fantastic results in this issue’s Ginuary & Friends White Spirits Feature Tasting, they’re catering pretty well indeed. “All the different things we try come on the back of having a quality gin to work with in the first place – there’s no getting away from that,” Kimberly says. “But we’ve been fortunate … we supported our community during COVID by providing hand sanitiser and at the same time were able to grow our brand and our customer base. And hopefully our reputation, too. “We’re getting in to more and more bottle shops and our cocktail bar is popular. If you’d asked three years ago whether we’d be where we are today, I’d have said you’re mad.” Your can order online at Opposite page top left: Their popular suburban cocktail bar sits at the front of their warehouse with the still at the rear. Opposite page bottom left: Luke and Kimberly Storey’s Newy Distillery in Newcastle has come a long way in three short years. Top right: The striking sign that adorns their Edgeworth cocktail bar. Right: The magnificent copper still is Luke’s pride and joy.

GINUARY & WHITE SPIRITS TASTING 60 tasted 45 awarded 124 W I N E S TAT E W ine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

varietal tasting Ginuary is here and we have taken the opportunity to taste a The range of boutique craft spirits including gin, vodka and a few other Judges interesting versions. It is amazing the creativity of the distillers using all kinds of Australian herbs, fruits and other creative Stephen Matthews ingredients. What was a very supportive coment from the judges was the level of expertise involved and the general clean spirit Former lecturer in hospitality underlying all the products. Lots to look forward to here! studies at Regency College of Tafe and the Adelaide Institute VODKA 78 Degrees Australian Newy Distillery Cucumber, of TAFE. Also a former general Vodka HHHH Mint & Lime Newcastle manager of the Earl of Zetland 9 TASTED Attractive delicate citrus prickle to Vodka HHH Hotel, and malt specialist. 7 AWARDED the nose and soft sweet spirit on Big lemon/lime bouquet that Quite a good class of clean spirit the palate with hints of citrus and carries across to the strong well- Russell Johnson wines showing that the suppliers warm back palate. $60 (Neutral) balanced palate. $60 (Fruit) have improved considerably from CEO of Russell Johnson the past. “Interesting infusions of MOUNTAIN SEE RECIPE OTHER WHITE SPIRIT Consulting, for wine & spirit flavour from some and the question Native Botanicals research and development. ‘why’ from others,” said one judge. Macedon Ranges Mountain 4 TASTED Formerly wine division technical Vodka HHHH Vodka Gimlet 3 AWARDED manager of Beringer Blass Wine 38 Special NSW Vodka HHHH Estates. Eight years’ experience Clear, clean and neutral bouquet Distinctive hints Pg 129 Some interesting diversions here! as production manager with with youthful spirit on the slightly MCW Distillery Mount Seagram Spirits. Adelaide Wine forward palate and finishing dry. of citrus aromas and pleasant Compass SA Grappa HHHH Show judge in the brandy class. $55 (Neutral) delicate zesty lemon flavours with Pungent sour plum nose with big some astringency on the finish. broad alcoholic palate that has Tim Gneil $75 (Contemporary) lingering plum flavours and slightly tart finish. $50 Product Manager, Alcohol, Tarac Mount Compass SEE RECIPE Evoke 2021 Batch 3 World Technologies. Responsibility Spirits No.8 First Tasmania Australia for blending brandies and Fleurieu Vodka MC NO8 Sassafras Spirit HHH1/2 neutral spirits. Fortified judge at HHH1/2 Vodka Earthy nose with hints of fruit and Melbourne and Rutherglen wine Clear, clean bouquet clean spirit with herbaceous/earthy shows. Pg 128 flavours and a hint of sweetness. $89 with hints of spirit. Nicely textured Mad Monkey Distillery palate, clean in the mouth with a Flora Botanical SA crisp finish. $52 (Wheat) Cane Spirit HHH Nose has a vibrant lift of citrus Australian Distilling Co Triple with flavoursome spicy/herbal Distilled Vodka HHH citrus palate. Hot finish. $75 Good example of style with hints (Native) of grain on the nose and soft and creamy in the mouth. $75 Newy Distillery Passionfruit Newcastle Vodka HHH Tropical fruit fragrances that also dominate the palate with slight sweetness and drying finish. $55 (Fruit) Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 125

GINUARY&WHITE SPIRITS CLASSIC DRY GIN Wildflower Signature QLD Gin HHH1/2 14 TASTED Subdued earthy fragrances with the base spirit tending to dominate 9 AWARDED the nice dry palate. $80 (Classic London Dry) A number of these were borderline and not quite “classic”. A few had a Ambleside Distillers touch of sweetness that detracted Small Acre South Australia from the style. However, the judges Gin HHH1/2 commented that the better gins Subtle spicy citrus bouquet and were clean and fresh with juniper nicely balanced juniper botanical varietal botanicals rather than being flavours with slight astringency. piney and dull. $79 (Classic) Golden Wattle Sour Ambleside Distillers Big Dry 78 Degrees Classic South Australia Gin HHHH1/2 Gin HHH1/2 INGREDIENTS A melange of aromas – rosemary, Pleasant mid-weight gin. A fresh 60ml Three Chain Road Premium Dry Gin thyme and juniper. Lots of balance of spicy citrus and juniper 10ml Lemon Verbena Infused Sugar Syrup (see below) fresh pleasant botanicals on botanicals with rosemary notes. 15ml Macadamia & Wattleseed Liqueur (We recommend Mac by the flavoursome palate. A great $80 (Classic) Brookie's) example of the style. $85 (Classic) 30ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice Mrs Baker's Still House Dry A Dash of Soda Water Three Chain Road SEE RECIPE \"Sensual & Intellectual\" Premium Dry Pyrenees Gin HHH LEMON VERBENA INFUSED SUGAR SYRUP Rutherglen Gin Clean dry citrus nose with some Golden good juniper freshness to the INGREDIENTS Wattle Sour citrusy palate. $70 (London) 5 whole Lemon Verbena leaves OR 1 tsp dried Lemon Verbena HHHH Pg 126 Leaves Good juniper MCW Distillery FULLMOON 125ml Water botanicals obvious Dry Mount Compass SA 100g caster sugar on the nose that followed through Gin HHH to the well-integrated palate with A big alcoholic bouquet with To make the Lemon Verbena infused sugar syrup combine water good depth of flavour. $80 (New grape-like complexity. Dry crisp & sugar in a pan and heat until sugar is dissolved. Rub Lemon World) spirit dominated palate. $89 Verbena leaves between your hands to release the oils & add them to the sugar syrup. Bring to a boil, stir, and let simmer for Ester Spirits SEE RECIPE CONTEMPORARY about 10 minutes. Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture The Dry Sydney GIN steep for 15 minutes. Strain into a bottle, leaving leaves behind. Gin HHHH Ester Makes approx. 250ml of syrup, will keep in the refrigerator for Complex herbaceous Negroni 19 TASTED up to two weeks. aromas with a fine Pg 127 16 AWARDED COCKTAIL METHOD citric thread. Big flavoursome Generally, a strong class with good palate shows a slight hint of spirit across the board along with Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. sweetness. $84 (Dry) balanced infusions. “What we see Combine all the ingredients, except the soda here is the unique inclusion of water Settlers Spirits Rare Dry interesting new flavours with an in the cocktail shaker. McLaren Vale Gin HHH1/2 Australian herbal and spice twist,” Shake ingredients in cocktail shaker until well Orange peel bouquet with a commented one judge. chilled and the shaker is frosted. coriander drive and intense lime Strain the drink into a rocks glass filled with ice. characters dominating the clean Top with a dash of soda water. palate. $80 Garnish with a zest of lemon. Enjoy. Buller Wines Phone (02) 6032 9660 Email: [email protected] Wholesale enquiries: [email protected] Website: 126 W I N E S TAT E W ine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

varietal tasting Settlers Spirits Yuzu MOUNTAIN Native Foraged McLaren Vale Gin HHHH1/2 Botanicals Macedon Ranges A very good example of Gin HHH1/2 traditional elegant gin aromas Quite an herbaceous style of with interesting citrus/coriander gin – lots of citrus/lemon notes nuances. Good depth, integration and just a slight sweetness. $75 and length of flavour with a lightly (Contemporary) spicy finish. $80 78 Degrees Sunset Gin HHH1/2 Ambleside Distillers Pale pink with vibrant strawberry Mandarin South Australia fragrances and good length of light Gin HHHH1/2 fruit sweetness on the palate. $80 Aromatic fruity botanicals are (Contemporary) obvious on the nose and follow Newy Distillery Spice through onto the palate filling Explorer Newcastle Gin HHH the mouth with lovely freshness Clean spirituous gin style with a and vibrancy of flavours. $85 neutral nose and some juniper (Contemporary) showing through on the palate. $55 (Contemporary) Willing Distillery SEE RECIPE Newy Distillery Australiana Kakadu Plum & Newcastle Gin HHH Quandong Darwin Top End A hint of botanical fragrances. Gin HHHH1/2 Martini Fresh clean and well-integrated “Like a good ‘Dutch’ palate with nice juniper base. $55 Pg 128 (Contemporary) gin style,” noted one judge. Has an abundance of very intense citrus/ orange-like botanicals on the nose and palate with clean spirit. $89 (Contemporary) Ambleside Distillers No.8 Ester Negroni Botanical South Australia Gin HHHH INGREDIENTS Clean juniper bouquet and a nice 30ml Ester Dry Gin range of botanicals filling the 30ml Camari mouth with flavour. Elegant with a 30ml CocchiTorino Vermouth. hint of sweetness. $79 (Botanical) COCKTAIL METHOD Natural Distilling Co Linalool 1. Measure all ingredients into a mixing glass. Hemp Australia Gin HHHH 2. Add ice Bright pink gin with simple juniper 3. Stir down well nose and surprisingly dry and quite 4. Strain into large rocks over ice. flavoursome on the palate with a 5. Garnish with orange wedge or dehydrated dry finish. $80 (Pink) orange wheel. Little Juniper Signature Mount Compass Spirits Ester Spirits Organic South Australia Distilled Fleurieu Gin HHH Phone: 04 14 836 579 Gin HHHH Neutral spirit nose with pine Email: [email protected] Sweetness like preserved lemons needle subtlety and more pine Web: on the nose with sweet lemon needle notes on the palate. $74 flavours and some powerful minty (Contemporary) nuances. $89.99 (Contemporary) Newy Distillery Signature Newcastle Gin HHH1/2 Clean dry botanical nose with good gin flavour – juniper evident with complex botanicals. $70 (Contemporary) Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 127

GINUARY&WHITE SPIRITS MC NO8 Vodka - Bloody Top End Martini Mary Twist, Red Snapper INGREDIENTS Mount Compass No 8 Vodka is triple distilled from 50ml Kakadu Plum & Quandong Gin Australian grown grain. Our Vodka has a traditional 40% 20ml Dry Vermouth by volume of alcohol for a smooth taste. Can be drunk 5ml Kakadu Plum Syrup over ice or as your favourite cocktail. 3ml D.O.M. Benedictine 2 dashes Orange Bitters Colour : Red Glass: Highball COCKTAIL METHOD Stir and Strain into a Nick & Nora or other INGREDIENTS martini glass and garnish with lime peel. 60ml No8 Vodka With the sweetness of the Quandong, we 25ml Seedlip Pea recommend this gin be served with soda 125mlTomato Juice rather than tonic and a dehydrated slice of 10ml Lemon Aspen grapefruit. For those who insist on tonic, ¼Tsp Worcestershire sauce we have found it pairs best with Fever-Tree 1Tsp Chimichurri Elderflower Tonic. COCKTAIL METHOD Willing Distillery MuddleYour Lemon Aspen in a Highball glass, David Willing - Founder and Head Distiller add your Worcestershire Sauce & Chimichurri then Phone: 08 8900 4868 pour in all remaining ingredients into a highball Email: [email protected] glass, add ice cubes & begin to stir ingredients Website: slowly ensuring they have been mixed thoroughly Garnish Chimichurri + Parsnip Chips + Coriander Martin Distillation Company Pty Ltd Phone: +61 (0)426 811 006 Email: [email protected] Web: 128 W I N E S TAT E W ine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

varietal tasting FRUIT GIN 8 TASTED 4 AWARDED The judges found this to be a polarising group with the other fruit flavours distracting and confusing the gin. One judge commented that the fruit infusions were better served in a vodka style. However, a few made the cut where the fruit flavours punched through with the juniper still evident. Mount Compass Spirits Black Australian Distilling Co Mountain Vodka Gimlet Pepper Fleurieu Gin HHH Shiraz Gin HHH Subdued nose with some Light berry fruit fragrances and INGREDIENTS sweetness and an earthy subtle strawberry-like sweetness 60ml MOUNTAIN vodka resinous pine flavour profile. $80 with hints of gin character 15ml Fresh lime juice (Contemporary) underneath. $85 (Fruit) 30ml simple syrup Ounce Signature Adelaide Newy Distillery Passionfruit Dash of orange bitters Gin HHH Newcastle Gin HHH Ice cubes A presence of limes and Very attractive tropical nose and Blood orange wheel to garnish lemons on the nose with sweet passionfruit flavours with an lemon liqueur-like flavours. $85 alcohol bite and drying finish. $55 COCKTAIL METHOD (Contemporary) (Fruit) 1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Good Spirits Distilling Co. Newy Distillery Pumpkin 2. Add the vodka, lime, simple syrup and Ancient Lands Kakadu Plum Spice Newcastle Gin HHH orange bitters & Wattleseed Darwin NT Toasty, citrus and dry ginger 3. Shake rapidly for about 20 seconds. Gin HHH aromas with a sweet and pleasant 4. Strain into chilled coupe glass A big gin with distinctive Australian spicy citrus driven palate. $55 5. Add Blood orange wheel to garnish lemon myrtle-like characters and (Fruit) powerful earthy elements. $89 Willing Distillery Desert Lime Mountain Distilling Company (Contemporary) Darwin Gin HHH Phone: 0499 926 557 MCW Distillery FULLMOON Hints of citrus on the nose with Email: [email protected] Rose Infused Mount nice soft and subtle citrus flavours Web: Compass SA Gin HHH and a high alcohol finish. $89 Fluoro pink gin smelling of pine (Citrus) needles with light sweet rose/oak flavours. $99 Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 129

GINUARY&WHITE SPIRITS GIN Newy Distillery Coal Miner Strength Newcastle Gin 6 TASTED HHHH1/2 6 AWARDED A good lift of juniper on the alcoholic nose. Good solid gin Great class with good flavours flavours with the powerful alcohol that are not just alcohol but not distracting from the botanicals. “supercharged gin”. “Navy is a $80 (Navy Strength) bartender’s style as a mixer rather than a consumer style however the Mrs Baker's Still House consumer is missing out,” as far Barrel Aged \"Courageous as one judge is concerned. “It is & Reflective\" Pyrenees Gin expensive but worth it!” HHH Pleasant vanilla oak on the nose Australian Distilling Co Navy and nice hints of gin flavour with a Gin HHHHH slight oaky aged finish. $70 (Aged) “A star!” A great example of the style it is intense and beautifully Three Chain Road balanced with big spirit and big Elderflower Rutherglen flavours punching through. There is Gin HHH just a delicate hint of sweetness. Grain driven nose and sweet grain $94.99 (Navy) spirit on the palate with soft sweet tannins. $80 (Old Tom) Ester Spirits The SEE RECIPE Strong Sydney Gin HHHHH Ester Bees Another good Knees example of the Pg 130 Ester Bees Knees Navy style with all round amazing depth. Very well put together, with INGREDIENTS the incredibly intense spiciness 30ml Ester Strong perfectly matching the juniper. 15ml Yuzu Umeshu $114 (Navy Strength) 20ml Honey Syrup (2:1 Honey:Water) 20ml Lemon Juice Ounce Bold Adelaide Gin 1/2 -1 Egg White, optional HHHH1/2 Big vibrant juniper lift to the nose COCKTAIL METHOD with lovely complex integration 1. For honey syrup. Combine in a sauce pan, place on heat of botanicals on the palate. Has and stir until well mixed. Do not boil. excellent intensity and overall 2. Combine all ingredients in shaker. balance. $95 (Traditional) 3. Add ice and shake hard. 4. Strain into chilled martini or coupe. 5. Garnish with bee pollen or lemon twist. Ester Spirits Phone: 04 14 836 579 Email: [email protected] Web: 130 W I N E S TAT E W ine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

184 TASTED 110 AWARDED NEW RELEASES Another excellent new releases judging with the cream rising to the top. At this time of year we get all kinds of grades, from the good, the bad and the ugly. Forunately the latter has almost disappeared and even the \"bad\" wines are generally borderline, with one judge in and the other two out. For you, you don't have to worry about such things. Every wine with a review mentioned here is worth drinking and we would happily join you in this. Just check out the words to work out what you like. Enjoy! SPARKLING Dopff & Irion RIESLING Majella Gardner's Vineyard Cremant dÁlsace Coonawarra The Peninsulas 11 TASTED Alsace Brut Blanc 12 TASTED Riesling 2021 Riesling 2014 7 AWARDED de Blancs NV 11 AWARDED HHHH1/2 97pts HHHH1/2 97pts HHH 91pts Soft, delicate and Delightful aromatic mix A solid class with Subtle yeasty touch A strong class from varietally pure of orange peel, toast a couple of real to citrus/green apple young vintage wines to with lovely floral/ and honey lifts off the standouts and a good aromas with upfront older versions showing honeysuckle fruit nose with a complex group of quaffers. creamy citrus flavours. how well the variety characters, green layering of long, “Good to see the $20.99 can age. “Quite a apple nuances and a luscious and beautifully proseccos made in a Bec Hardy Wines diverse range showing tight minerally acid aged flavours. $20 dry style,” commented Pertaringa the flexibility of the backbone. $17 Hoggies Estate one judge. Lakeside South variety,” said one judge. Drop Zone Clare Coonawarra Australia Moscato “The 2021 vintage is Valley Riesling Riesling Lou Miranda Estate 2021 HHH 90pts one to watch!” 2021 HHHH1/2 2021 HHHH 94pts Fierce III King Musky floral fragrances 97pts Lifted floral bouquet Valley Prosecco Majella and flavours with Pretty honeyed/ with a delicate citrus/ NV HHHH1/2 96pts Coonawarra nice touch of citrus. jasmine-like fruit green apple palate, Vibrant pale green Sparkling Shiraz Moscato lover’s fragrances with a great acid structure and wine with a fine bead 2020 HHHH1/2 delight! $20 mineral thread and slightly sweet finish. and bright tropical fruit 97pts Michelini Alpine persistent lemon curd $14.99 fragrances showing Fleshy mulberry Valleys Prosecco richness to the palate Gardner's Vineyard a savoury edge. Well richness to the nose Rosé 2021 with a lovely line of The Peninsulas balanced, zesty, green with a touch of HHH 90pts acid. $27 Riesling apple palate. $35 mintiness, and good Crisp style with Turkish 2013 HHHH 94pts savoury fruit drive to Delight-like characters, “Utterly delicious!” the balanced palate some sweetness and enthused one judge. with soft tannins and balancing acidity. $26 Beautifully aged, multi spicy finish. $40 Tempus Two layered buttery, toasty, Hoggies Estate Copper Hunter orange peel and nutty Coonawarra Valley Prosecco characters. $20 Chardonnay Pinot 2020 HHH 90pts Noir NV HHH 90pts Quite rich and complex Toasty nose with a for a prosecco with honey note and nice lingering lemon/caramel viscosity to the toasty/ characters. $30 nutty palate. Good acidity. $14.99 Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 131

NEW RELEASES Gardner's Vineyard Blackbilly Adelaide Emma Marris The King's 'Favour' OTHER Bassham Riverland The Peninsulas Pinot Gris 2021 Marlborough Waihopai Valley WHITE Arinto 2021 Riesling HHH1/2 92pts Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough VARIETALS & HHHH1/2 97pts 2021 HHH1/2 92pts A vibrant mix of citrus 2021 HHHH 94pts Sauvignon Blanc BLENDS Intense green apple Fresh citrus blossom and pome fruit aromas Fresh, zesty and elegant 2021 HHH1/2 92pts nose with floral hints. aromas and a crunchy, with stonefruit richness style that is a mix of Pleasant tropical fruit 22 TASTED Long, interesting nicely textured, palate to the textured palate. tropical, citrus and green fragrances and upfront 18 AWARDED herbaceous/lemon with nice phenolic $25 apple fruit characters. passionfruit flavours “So good to see so palate, deft use of oak balance. $25 $21.99 NZ with a good line of many great wines and excellent acidity. Cloudbreak Wines The Ned acid. $21.99 NZ showcasing excellent $20 Cuvee Rene Dopff Adelaide Hills Skyscraper Saracen Estates winemaking skills Fox Creek McLaren Alsace Riesling Pinot Gris 2021 Waihopai Valley Margaret River across so many Vale Chenin Blanc 2019 HHH1/2 92pts HHH 91pts Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc diverse varieties,” 2021 Richly concentrated An apple-like nose Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2021 said one judge. “The HHHH1/2 97pts honey/brioche aromas with floral nuances and 2021 HHHH 94pts HHH1/2 92pts best showed not only A floral “lolly bag” of and persistent, intense fruit flavours on Intense estery toasty Zesty tropical aromas varietal fruit intensity a nose with an estery maturing, honeyed a creamy palate. $35 citrus bouquet with a and a full bodied, lime/ but good artefact.” lift. Fresh crunchy citrus flavours. $23.99 creamy textured palate gooseberry palate with Farmer & The Pink Lady-like apple Lou Miranda Estate exhibiting stonefruit a phenolic crunch. $22 Scientist Single flavour profile with Allegiance Wines Fierce III Barossa and citrus flavours. Lake Chalice Vineyard Heathcote acid balancing the Alumni Eden Valley Valley Pinot Grigio $21.99 NZ The Falcon Fiano 2021 sweetness. $23 Riesling 2021 2021 HHH 91pts Saint Clair Pioneer Marlborough HHHHH 98pts Barristers Block HHH 90pts A well-made wine that Block 1 Foundation Sauvignon Blanc A beautiful aromatic Aston Langhorne Zesty citrus bouquet and is an attractive lifted Marlborough 2021 HHH 90pts nose with solid Creek Fiano 2021 generously flavoured mix of fresh quince and Sauvignon Blanc A very intense punchy/ influence of HHHH1/2 97pts juicy lime palate. Good apple characters. $35 2021 HHHH 94pts passionfruit wine with herbaceous/gooseberry Fresh lifted citrus acid support. $25 Pungent gooseberry generous tropical/ characters and an driven aromas and SAUVIGNON aromas and an intense citrus characters. interesting, perfumed uncomplicated savoury by Merrill Dancing BLANC & palate with persistent $18.99 NZ palate with subtle oak citrus palate with river Queen Clare Valley BLENDS green apple/gooseberry Leefield Station and juicy acidity. $25 rock-like minerality Riesling 2021 flavours. Good acidity. Waihopai Valley running through and HHH 90pts 17 TASTED $28.90 NZ Marlborough Paisley Linen good acid line. $30 Vibrant musky/rose 12 AWARDED Saint Clair Barrique Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills Cuvee Rene Dopff petal lift to the nose with Marlborough 2021 HHH 90pts Fiano 2021 Alsace Pinot Blanc zesty citrus flavours. A mixed result. “Some Sauvignon Blanc Tropical nose with green HHHHH 98pts 2019 Great acid. $25 nicely structured wines 2020 HHHH 94pts bean subtleties. Lean Bright green, super HHHH1/2 97pts here,” said one judge. Complex and acid palate with good textural, wine with a A balanced, persistent Sidney Wilcox “We saw a good interesting. Delightful tropical persistence. malo influence and and well-structured Reserve South range of styles from nose, smells of baked $19.99 NZ lingering varietal wine. Smells of toasty Australia Riesling the green and grassy lemon tart with Saint Clair Pioneer fruit – very savoury lemon butter and is 2020 HHH 90pts wines to the tropical honeycake/lemon Block 3 43 Degrees and complex with an creamy and fruity in Appealing white floral fruit driven ones and freshness to the Marlborough oily texture and good the mouth with an oily bouquet with honeyed then the well-crafted palate. $28.90 NZ Sauvignon Blanc acidity. $30 texture. $17.99 complexity to the high textured styles.” 2021 HHH 90pts acid citrus palate. $25 A straightforward fresh Saint Clair Origin grassy green classic Gardner's Vineyard Marlborough herbaceous style The Peninsulas Sauvignon Blanc of sauvignon blanc. Riesling 2012 2021 HHHH1/2 $28.90 NZ HHH 90pts 97pts Saint Clair Almost amber in colour Vibrant pale green Wairau Reserve with delightful nutty hues with attractive Marlborough caramel complexity. At grapefruit/snow pea- Sauvignon Blanc its peak. $20 like complexity to 2021 HHH 90pts the nose with similar An intense, pungent PINOT GRIS characters echoed on and uncomplicated GRIGIO the fresh and crunchy tropical fruit bomb of a palate. $19.90 NZ wine. $34.90 NZ 4 TASTED 3 AWARDED Delta Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc A couple of good 2021 HHHH1/2 examples of the two 97pts different styles – grigio A sweetness of lime and and gris. green bean fragrances with a richness and intensity of peach and gooseberry flavours showing a hint of musky sweetness. $20 NZ 132 W I N E S TAT E Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

wine & spirit insider tasting Fox Creek McLaren RiverBank Estate Cloudbreak Wines The Ned Vale Vermentino Rebellious Swan Adelaide Hills Marlborough Rosé 2021 HHHH 94pts Valley Verdelho Chardonnay 2021 HHH 90pts Very savoury, full 2021 HHH1/2 92pts 2021 HHH 90pts A lift of Turkish Delight- bodied, wine with Floral nose with a green Pleasant zesty lemon like aromas with quite an oily texture and stalky edge, fresh nose with some nice a crisp confectionery herbaceous-like green apple/herbaceous complexity to the palate. $18.99 NZ varietal characters. flavours and nice palate. $35 “Yummy!” $26 minerality. $25 Fermoy FE 919 Reserve Saint Clair Pioneer Margaret River Riverland Petit Fermoy FE Block 11 Cell Rosé 2021 Manseng Margaret River Block Marlborough HHH 90pts 2021 HHHH 94pts Classic White Chardonnay Boiled lolly nose with Nose like dried fruit 2021 HHH 90pts 2020 HHH 90pts a balance of pleasant with a floral edge with Zesty fresh lemon Toasty nose with sweetness on the zesty a soft interesting floral/ driven style with subtle zesty lemon notes acid palate. $20 slightly tropical palate hints of stonefruit and balanced toasty/ The Craft Series and mineral acidity. $29 characters. $20 cashew palate. by Merrill Charley Murrumbateman 'The Exemplar' Sidney Wilcox $34.90 NZ Rose Riverland Winery Wild Waihopai Valley Old Vine South Fox Creek Adelaide Grenache Rosé Canberra District Marlborough Australia Zibibbo Hills Pecorino The Craft Series 2021 HHHH1/2 Rosé 2021 Viognier 2015 2020 HHHH 94pts 2021 HHH 90pts 'The Pioneer' 97pts HHH 90pts HHHH1/2 97pts Well-made wine with Fresh high acid wine Marlborough A zippy food wine with Berry/cherry nose Amazing colour for a a “jubilant dancing” with characters of Chardonnay delicate sour cherry and baked cherry 6-year-old with toasty minty herbal nose and lemons, peaches and 2016 HHH 90pts fragrances showing a tart palate. Big lick nutty floral fragrances an intensity of musky herbs. $26 A pleasant drink that savoury element and of sweetness on the and complex aged lolly fruit flavours. $25 is a melange of lemon confectionery crunch finish. $25 flavours on the creamy Cuvee Rene CHARDONNAY curd, buttery toast and to the palate with textured palate. Lovely Dopff Alsace oak. $65 NZ supporting acidity. $25 GRENACHE & food wine. $65 NZ Gewurztraminer 8 TASTED La Bise Adelaide BLENDS Bassham Riverland 2019 HHHH 94pts 4 AWARDED ROSÉ Hills Rosé 2021 Vermentino Very fragrant nose – HHH1/2 92pts 6 TASTED 2021 HHHH 94pts all musk and roses A 50/50 result here 14 TASTED A lift of strawberries 4 AWARDED Delicate spicy floral with a potpourri of a with the recommended 6 AWARDED and cream on the fragrances lift off the palate. Good balance wines having more nose and red berry Some reasonable nose with an attractive of residual sugar and balance rather than Very mixed bag! flavours with a zippy examples showing balance of fresh crispy acidity. $23.99 being over oaked. “Some winemakers acid edge. $22 sweet spice with warm citrus flavours. $20 Gardner's Vineyard “Some winemakers were trying for Saint Clair Pioneer alcohol overtones. Fermoy Margaret The Peninsulas Dry are trying too hard to different options from Block Marlborough “The best showed River Semillon White 2012 lift the flavour with the lean Provincial style Rosé 2021 HHH1/2 freshness and Sauvignon Blanc HHHH 94pts artefact and losing the to full bodied luscious 92pts savouriness without 2021 HHHH 94pts Nicely aged earthy/ fruit,” noted one judge. ones and an ‘orange’ Aromas of raspberry too much oak,” noted Balanced fruit intensity honeyed food wine with style that doesn’t fit and licorice with fresh one judge. with richness of good mineral backbone Fox Creek Adelaide anywhere,” said one strawberry-like flavours semillon bringing and nicely balancing Hills Chardonnay judge. “Some nailed it; and crunchy acid. Tempus Two lemon characters to acidity. $20 2021 HHH1/2 92pts some didn’t.” “Delicious!” $28.90 NZ Graphite South the sauvignon blanc Bassham Riverland “A proper chardonnay,” Australia Grenache greenness. $25 Fernao Pires noted one judge! A 2020 HHHH1/2 2021 HHH1/2 92pts complexity of toasty, 97pts Interesting well-made buttery and citrus Ruby red wine with a wine with very savoury elements. $23 spicy plum bouquet aromas and a simple, showing bramble fresh and “slippery” touches and zippy crisp palate. $20 acid carried by the spicy licorice and savoury red fruit palate. $17 JUDGES - DAY 1 Courtney Christie Sarah Zhang National sales manager Winemaker at TWG (The Wine Brock Harrison at Radoux Australia Oak Group). Previously vintaged at Sparkling and full-bodied white Cooperage. Has vintaged Berri Estates, West Cape Howe, winemaker for Elderton Wines. in Portugal, Spain and Italy. WA and Grower Wine Group Formerly at Pernod Ricard Previous experience at Rockford, in Australia. Overseas includes Wines. Has been a judge at the Elderton and Kangarilla Road. Villa Maria, Marlborough and Royal Adelaide and associate Associate judge at the Swan Bordeaux for six months, Right judge at the Royal Melbourne, Valley wine show. Eleven years Bank Chateaux, through a Canberra International Riesling as owner of Flying Fish Cafe. Bordeaux consultant. Has judged Challenge and Barossa and at the Riverland wine show. Adelaide Hills wine shows.. Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 133

NEW RELEASES Caught Red Handed Cloudbreak Wines Fox Creek Haselgrove Australian Private- Oscar McLaren Vale Adelaide Hills Limited Release Alternative Series Label Wine Grenache Shiraz Pinot Noir 2021 McLaren Vale Nero McLaren Vale Yarraville Glory NV HHH 90pts HHH 90pts D'Avola 2021 Montepulciano 'DOXA' McLaren Nose is jammy, spicy Spicy red licorice HHHH1/2 97pts 2020 HHH 90pts Vale Cabernet and licorice-like with aromas with a super Intense black pepper lift “Smells like a blackberry Sauvignon dark fruit flavours and savoury palate and fine to the licorice/blackberry thicket!” Firm fleshy Cabernet Franc grippy tannins. $25 tannins. $35 nose. The fruit, oak and cherry palate. Good Merlot 2016 tannins all in perfect acidity. $26 HHH 90pts Calcannia Clare The Ned balance on the juicy Leafy, dark chocolate Valley Grenache Marlborough palate with crunchy CABERNET & and sweet vanilla Shiraz Mourvedre Pinot Noir 2020 acidity. “Yummy!” $29 BLENDS aromas and flavours. 2019 HHH 90pts HHH 90pts Grounded Cru High acid. $24.95 Well-structured blend; Great cool climate Good Food & 18 TASTED warming intensity of style; gamey nose and Wine Show 21st 9 AWARDED SHIRAZ & blackberries, prunes velvety smooth cherry Birthday McLaren BLENDS and olives. $28 palate. $25.99 NZ Vale Adelaide Hills Mixed results here. The Gate McLaren Langhorne Creek The better wines Vale Cabernet 34 TASTED Gardner's Vineyard Saint Clair Pioneer Red Blend showed excellent Sauvignon Shiraz 18 AWARDED The Peninsulas Block 15 Strip 2020 HHHH 95pts varietal expression. 2019 HHHH 94pts Another mixed result Grenache Block Marlborough Peppery, blackberry “Beautiful tension of Lifted leafy bouquet here. The balanced 2013 HHH 90pts Pinot Noir and chocolate bouquet varietal fruit and oak,” with cassis and dark wines showed through Spicy tarry bouquet 2020 HHH 90pts and a lush, sweet, said one judge. “The olive elements. Bright whether leaner, fuller and juicy fruit flavours Stalky rhubarb dark fruit palate. Great winemakers elongated blackberry palate; or in between styles. with grippy tannins; bouquet; quite spicy on balance, length and the fruit whilst not mouth coating tannins. “The overworked still youthful! $20 the palate with savoury concentration. $30 pushing the tannic $39.95 wines were marked fruit and crunchy acid. Haselgrove extraction.” Jim Brand down,” said one judge. PINOT NOIR $39.90 NZ Alternative Series The Pursuit “The older wines were McLaren Vale The Musician Coonawarra ripe and porty and 19 TASTED Saint Clair Pioneer Sangiovese by Majella Cabernet appeared to be losing 8 AWARDED Block 5 Bull Block 2020 HHH1/2 93pts Coonawarra Sauvignon their freshness.” Marlborough Big, well-structured Cabernet 2018 HHHH 94pts Very mixed group Pinot Noir 2020 and somewhat tannic Sauvignon Shiraz Still youthful and Sutton Grange of wines here! “Too HHH 90pts wine with bright dry 2019 HHHH1/2 developing. Lovely mix Winery Fairbank many were extracted Rich persistence of red and black plum 97pts of red currant fruit, Central Victoria and overripe,” said one brambles and dark fruit. $26 A nose of cassis fruit, cigar box oak, forest Syrah 2019 judge. “There is a fine chocolate with soft Bassham Riverland spices and menthol. floor elements. Good HHHH1/2 97pts line between producing tannins and high acid. Montepulciano Palate is juicy and acidity. $50 A pretty fragrant a dry red or a varietal.” $39.90 NZ 2020 HHH1/2 93pts fleshy and fills the Hoggies Estate complexity of red The better wines Firm and mouth with jubey Coonawarra currants and vanilla. showed good restraint. Saint Clair assertive with rich menthol fruit flavours. Cabernet The persistent palate Omaka Reserve concentration of dark Bracing acidity and soft Sauvignon is juicy, flavoursome Run Free By Marlborough spicy fruit and mouth tannins. $19 2020 HHH 90pts and balanced with Singlefile Great Pinot Noir 2020 coating tannins. $30 Spicy blackcurrant chalky tannins and Southern Pinot HHH 90pts Truffle Hill Nightfall Leo varietal characteristics moderate acidity. Very Noir 2021 Fruit cake of a style Pemberton Merlot Coonawarra with nice menthol more-ish! $35 HHH1/2 93pts with savoury notes, Cabernet Franc Cabernet notes. $14.99 “The most true to the velvety tannins and 2020 HHH1/2 92pts Sauvignon 2018 Red Knot McLaren variety,” said one judge. good line of acid. A nose of plums, dark HHHH1/2 97pts Vale Cabernet Red cherry bouquet with $45.90 NZ chocolate and violets A big, beautiful Sauvignon a farmyard complexity that is echoed on the and well-structured 2020 HHH 90pts and a savoury/gamey OTHER RED slightly tannic palate. $35 cabernet that is all Intense mintiness palate. $25 VARIETALS & cassis, mint, spices to the nose with BLENDS and chocolate with chocolaty brambly fruit sweet oak and ripe flavours. $15 Tomich Duck And 17 TASTED Cape Jaffa Wines tannins. Plenty of years Clarence Hill Weave Adelaide 8 AWARDED CJ Wrattonbully left in it yet! $120 Reserve McLaren Hills Pinot Noir Barbera 2021 HHH Vale Cabernet 2021 HHH 90pts The judges found too 90pts Tempus Two Copper Sauvignon Good gamey/savoury many jammy overripe Funky, meaty and Coonawarra 2019 HHH 90pts style with a menthol wines here. “Fresh is peppery aromas with Barossa Cabernet Ripe spicy plum fruit, note, fine tannins and best,” said one judge. a racy savoury fruit Shiraz 2020 cedary oak influence vibrant acidity. $20 “Leave them alone; palate. $29 HHHH 94pts and drying tannins. $65 Fullylove less is more with these Fox Creek Limited Minty peppery black Tumbarumba wines and trying too Release McLaren fruit fragrances with a Pinot Noir 2021 hard does them no Vale Tempranillo dry, high acid, palate HHH 90pts favours.” 2021 HHH 90pts showing attractive red A very drinkable A sound varietal with and dark fruitiness. $35 mid-weight wine with bright fleshy minty bright floral/perfumed dark fruit aromas and strawberry characters. flavours. $29 $25 134 W I N E S TAT E Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

Old Plains Longhop Tempus Two Lou Miranda Estate Best of BEST VALUE BUYS 2021 - All under $20 Mt Lofty Ranges Copper HV Hunter Fierce III Barossa Shiraz 2020 Valley Shiraz Valley Shiraz HHHH 94pts 2021 HHH 90pts 2019 HHH 90pts Deep ruby wine; Balanced wine with Upfront plum and sour intense and complex pretty jubey red fruits, cherry aromas with a with fleshy minty spicy oak and pleasant richness of maturing blueberry fruit, spicy/ tannins. $35 flavours. $40 peppery touches and Shingleback chewy tannins. $20 Haycutters James Haselgrove Pruner's Hut Single McLaren Vale Futures McLaren Vineyard McLaren Shiraz 2020 Vale Shiraz Vale Shiraz HHH 90pts 2019 HHH 90pts 2020 HHHH 94pts Simple well-made Spicy plum and Generous dark varietal shiraz with savoury blackberry fragrances fruit with licorice fruit, smoky oak and with a lovely dense notes, some residual tannin richness. $18 dark fruit palate. $75 sweetness balancing Shingleback acid and soft tannins. Davey Brothers Zema Estate The King's 'A Trentham Reserve Murray $22 McLaren Vale Family Selection Sticky End' Darling Noble Taminga 2015 Jim Brand Shiraz 2020 Coonawarra Shiraz Waihopai Valley Honeyed stonefruit fragrances with The Remnants HHH 90pts 2016 HHH 90pts Marlborough nice floral elements. Fleshy mouth- Coonawarra Shiraz Super savoury Savoury, complex and Noble Sauvignon filling sweet fruit flavours. Needs 2019 HHHH 94pts quaffable wine with nutty wine layered with Blanc 2019 food! $18 A big fleshy wine. Nice jubey fruit, chocolate lush dark fruits and HHHH1/2 97pts balance of sweet and notes and fine tannins. firm tannins. $42 Golden wine that offers Trentham Estate Pty Ltd savoury characters, $18 a sweet mouthfilling Phone: 03 5024 8888 persistent tannins and Thomson Estate SWEET viscosity of caramel Email: [email protected] good acid spine. $50 Old Pumphouse WHITE & and honeysuckle Web: The Old Faithful South Australia FORTIFIEDS characters with a McLaren Vale Shiraz 2020 seamless balance Follow us and keep up Shiraz 2018 HHH 90pts 2 TASTED between residual to date with all our latest HHHH 94pts Spicy jubey varietal 2 AWARDED sweetness and wine info, tastings and Interesting old school fruit, vanillin oak, light phenolics. $31.99 NZ style that’s dark, tannins and some Very classy examples events on facebook, brooding and oaky – it decent acidity. $25 of a fortified and a twitter and instagram. is full-on but the fruit Bec Hardy Wines stickie. Winestate Magazine can carry it. $75 Bec Hardy McLaren Geoff Merrill Vale Shiraz Carmine's The @WinestateEd Reserve McLaren 2020 HHH 90pts Tribute 60 Year Vale Shiraz Spicy oak aromas Blend SA Rare 2014 HHHH 94pts and attractive berry/ Tawny NV Another old school plum flavours with HHHHH 98pts style – well aged cola notes and high Deep amber hues with dense dark fruit tannins. $30 with beautiful nutty fig seamlessly integrated Clarence Hill fragrances showing with the spicy oak. $65 Adelaide Shiraz good rancio characters Red Knot Classified 2019 HHH 90pts and has delicious fruit McLaren Vale Subtle aromatic cake-like complexity to Shiraz 2020 berry style, some the lingering velvety HHH1/2 93pts stalkiness, hints of smooth palate. $390 Full-bodied with good vanilla and powdery savoury drive, minty tannins. $18 dark plum fruit, licorice Lou Miranda Estate notes and drying Fierce III Barossa tannins. $19 Shiraz Grenache Shingleback D Mataro 2019 Block Reserve HHH 90pts McLaren Vale Nice nutty nose with Shiraz 2018 minty overtones and HHH1/2 93pts pleasant juicy red fruit A complex chewy flavours. $40 fruitcake of a wine. Great flavour persistence and high level of acidity. $55 Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 135

Best of BEST VALUE BUYS 2021 - All under $20 Are you Game? Arneis 2020 Leefield Station Waihopai Leefield Station Waihopai Trentham Estate Estate Grown Green apple nose with nutty Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Valley Marlborough Murray Darling Merlot 2019 nuances and a dash of spice. Very Lifted sweet passionfruit fragrances Chardonnay 2018 A stylish and classy wine with a creamy in the mouth with citrus and with intense varietal flavours on a A floral and spicy elegance to the spicy plum and berry nose showing baked apple flavours with good line soft and creamy palate. Nice acid nose with flavoursome citrus driven a perfumed lift and a lovely palate of acidity. $20 zing to the finish. $19.99 fruit flavours, a hint of oak and malo that has richness, complexity and creaminess. $19.99 length. $18 Fowles Wine Pty Ltd Marisco Vineyards Phone: +61 3 5796 2150 Phone: +64 9 522 9684 Marisco Vineyards Trentham Estate Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Phone: +64 9 522 9684 Phone: 03 5024 8888 Web: Web: Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Web: Web: BEST OF BEST VALUE WINES OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND $U2N0DE&R Is updated in each issue of The Wine & Spirit Insider. Some TO QUALIFY (NZ $25 & UNDER) wines may - if they are still available - remain in the next issue’s Best Value Wines listing. Others will sell out, or be 1 Wines must have first been recommended in replaced by higher-rated wines. Winestate Magazine style or new release tastings. Style The Wine & Spirit Insider’s Best Value Wines listing comprises tastings are defined as varietal tastings - eg, shiraz, the best wines currently available, from big-name brands and chardonnay, etc. - or blended styles such as shiraz/ the higher volume ‘second labels’ from the smaller producers, cabernet wines. as tasted by Winestate Magazine panels. The Best Value Wines 2 Wines from designated regional tastings are listing gives credit to the value wines in the marketplace - wines eligible provided they are widely available. that would otherwise be overshadowed by their much more 3 All wines must be currently available from the expensive cousins. winery, or be readily available in the marketplace. Cellar door wine is ineligable. 136 W I N E S TAT E Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022

Gapsted Wines High Country Dee Vine Estate Nericon Brothers In Arms Just 'Cos Domaine Tournon Shay's Flat King Valley Tempranillo 2019 Riverina Durif 2018 Langhorne Creek Cabernet Vineyard (NASAA) Pyrenees Beginning to show some age with a Dark purple wine – a lovely mix of Sauvignon 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 leathery/meaty nose and fruit cake- plum jam and cherry pie-like aromas. Still very youthful with good Dense stonefruit fragrances with like characters on the palate with old Fleshy flavours reminiscent of varietal characters of cassis, olives a herbal edge and intense varietal spicy oak. $20 Sarsaparilla. Great palate structure and earthiness. The palate has a fruit characters on a soft and supple and good level of acidity. $11.99 mineral edge with layers of graphite palate. $20 Gapsted Wines tannins. $19 Phone: 03 5751 9100 Dee Vine Estate Pty Ltd M. Chapoutier Australia Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Phone: 02 6963 5555 Brothers In Arms Phone: 03 9602 1570 Web: Email: [email protected] Phone: 08 8537 3182 Email: [email protected] Web: Email: [email protected] Web: Web: the wine & spiritA U S T R A L I A N & N E W Z E A L A N D Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 Editor & Publisher Winestate Web Site electronic medium or machine-readable form without E-mail: [email protected] the express permission of the publisher. Every care is Peter Simic E-mail: [email protected] taken in compiling the contents of this publication, but Managing Editor Printing DAI Rubicon the publisher assumes no responsibility for the effects Website: arising therefrom. ABN 56 088 226 411 Lara Simic E-mail: [email protected] Administration Lyn Hannam E-mail: [email protected] Graphic Designer WINESTATE is published six times a year by Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd. Naomi Fry E-mail: [email protected] WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD, Telephone (08) 8357 9277 Marketing Manager 81 King William Road, Unley SA 5061. Facsimile (08) 8357 9212 Copyright 2022 by WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD. E-mail [email protected] Debra Silver E-mail: [email protected] This publication may not, in whole or in part, be copied, Website Tasting Coordinator photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any E-mail: [email protected] Wine of the Year Awards Annual Edition 2022 W I N E S TAT E 137

Life gets so hard and they just start to break This country was founded But there’s only so much by hard-work on the land any man or woman can take But after years of toil, Before life gets so hard our mates need a hand. and they just start to break Our world is unsettled Let’s not take for granted, and it’s taking it’s toll what our farmers provide And though our farmers are tough, It’s time to say thank you it’s breaking their soul and stand by their side. Our mates in the bush... So to all of our farmers, we can’t hear them shout. their families and friends From getting squeezed at the farm gate, We need you, we’re with you, between floods and drought it’s far from the end They’re strong and they’re proud And to my fellow aussies and they work to provide that live far from the gate They get kicked in the guts For our mates in the bush... and take it all in their stride It’s time to donate! It’s time to donate.

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