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Wine & Spirit Insider March April 2017

Published by editor, 2017-02-14 01:09:29

Description: Wine & Spirit Insider March April 2017


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insiderthe wine & spiritAUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALANDMarch/April 2017 Issue 152 THE WINE & SPIRIT INSIDER IS ANew to Australia! PROMOTIONAL GUIDE FROM THE LIQUOR TRADE TO THE CONSUMER. Winestate Publishing ABN 56 088 226 411www.champagne-jeeper.comIn this issue...New Releases &Best Value Buys Under $20

253 TASTED126 AWARDEDNEW RELEASESAlways a pleasure! New releases offers a great opportunity to Hand Crafted Hand Craftedcompare wines from around the country and this tasting is no by Geoff Hardy by Geoff Hardyexception. It brings forward early examples of what we can look Adelaide Hills Adelaide Hills Arneisforward to. It is hard to go by the shiraz wines, across all vintages and Gruner Veltliner 2016 HHH1/2price ranges. They consistently deliver. Although there were some 2016 HHHH Lifted perfumeddisappointments, particularly in the merlot and chardonnay flights, Some dried fruit apricot bouquet and an aromaticthe riesling wines stood out, offering yet again a variety that deserves characters on the nose citrussy palate that'smuch more attention. with a perfumed lift. light, fresh and alert with Elegant palate with nice slight pungency. $25 minerally line and a Cirami Estates drying finish. $25 Riverland Verdejo 2016 HHH Berton Vineyards Guava-like characters on Winemakers a broad ripe nose. Soft, Reserve SEA warm and slightly oily Fiano 2016 VBBAEULSYUTSE palate. $15 Nepenthe HHH1/2 Winemakers Select An elegant delicate style Adelaide Hills ArneisSPARKLING Hoggies Estate of wine with fruit salad 2016 HHH South Australia VBBAEULSYUTSE aromas and a simple Fresh green melon11 TASTED Moscato aromatics and an elegant,5 AWARDED 2015 HHH fruity palate with tight flavoursome citrus/pear line of acid. $14 palate. $20A mixed group over Subtle muscat bouquet Pertaringa Regionala range of different and sugary sweet palate Series Adelaide Hillsstyles from the dry to but is kept in balance Gruner Veltlinerthe sweet. Generally with the acid. $14.99 2016 HHHcommercial wines but Fresh and grassy onthey offer nice drinking. Blue Pyrenees the nose with a simple, Estate Midnight slightly austere, palateClaymore This is Cuvee Pyrenees showing floral notes. $30Anfield Adelaide Sparkling Saint Clair FamilyHills Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Estate PremiumChardonnay 2013 HHH Marlborough Gruner2013 HHHH Hints of toast and barley Veltliner 2015 HHHLovely rich strawberry sugar on the nose with A long interesting stylebouquet with brioche- a long, lean and fresh with spicy malty noteslike notes. Complex and palate. $36 and some candied peelcreamy in the mouth characters. $21.50 NZwith nice balance of OTHER WHITE Trentham Estate Mitchelton Centralacidity. $25 VARIETALS & The Family Murray Victoria Marsanne BLENDS Darling Vermentino 2015 HHHTrentham Estate 2016 HHHH1/2 Brown lime andThe Family Murray 18 TASTED Fresh lifted tropical fruit marmalade on the noseDarling Prosecco salad fragrances lift with similar charactersNV HHH1/2 10 AWARDED off the nose and it has on a very fresh palate.Fresh fruity sparkling a light fresh aromatic Potential! $22quaffer. A citrussy nose \"This group of different stone fruit palate that is Cirami Estateswith slight pungency. varietals showed more balanced, elegant and Riverland AlbarinoSimple creamy palate. about the winemaker has nice crunchiness. 2016 HHH1/2\"Great commercial fizz.\" than the actual variety,\" $15 Fresh lemon myrtle-like$15 noted one judge. aromas; very varietal \"Alternative wine making with a palate that'sBird Dog Granite practices don't always delicate, zesty andBelt Sparkling work!\" persistent. Good foodBrut NV HHH wine. $15Nose a complexity ofstrawberry and citrusaromas; slight Vegemitenotes. Creamy caramelpalate. $14.99104 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tastingVIOGNIER SAUVIGNON BLANC &5 TASTED BLENDS4 AWARDED 19 TASTEDA small but a solid 10 AWARDEDflight of fruity winesthat winemakers are, The judges commentedaccording to one judge that the better wines- \"Getting a handle had fruit flavouron\". \"Winemakers are and layered tropicalallowing the fruit to complexity but notedexpress itself which that there were toocreates really nice food many stripped, simplewines,\" said another. dry white wines here. \"These varietals shouldNepenthe scream varietal characterWinemakers Select which is why they are soAdelaide Hills popular.\"Viognier 2016 HHHHA very stylish winesmelling of citrus andfresh quinces with greenapple flavours on a freshbalanced palate. Goodline of acid. $20Saint Clair FamilyEstate PremiumHawke's BayViognier 2015 HHHHA delightful tropical liftto the nose with a slightbutterscotch note. Gooddepth of varietal flavourson a soft generouspalate. $21.50 NZBlue Pyrenees Umamu EstateEstate Pyrenees Margaret RiverViognier Sauvignon Blanc2014 HHH1/2 SemillonSlightly simple but very 2010 HHHH1/2fresh with citrus aromas A great, bright green,and showing a crisp food wine. The nosemineral line to the long shows marzipan-liketight palate. $22 bottle age complexityGiggling Goose and has an interestingWines Single palate that is still freshVineyard Padthaway and yet complex. $24Limestone CoastViognier 2016 HHHApricots and peaches onthe nose. Warm and firmin the mouth with ripefruit flavours. $18 Trevelen Farm Great ᰠ䈀䰀䔀一䐀䤀一䜀 䔀堀䌀䔀䰀䰀䔀一䌀䔀ᴠ Southern Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 䐀䤀匀吀刀䤀䈀唀吀䔀䐀 䈀夀 2016 HHHH A nice blend with the 倀栀漀渀攀㨀  ㈀ 㘀 ㈀  㘀 ㄀㘀 ⴀ 䔀洀愀椀氀㨀 椀渀昀漀䀀搀椀猀挀漀瘀攀爀瘀椀渀⸀挀漀洀⸀愀甀 semillon dominating. The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 105 Lovely ripe rich fruit salad nose with a generous and flavoursome palate. Plenty of acid. $18

NEW RELEASESSaint Clair Family Aylesbury Estate Nepenthe Altitude RIESLING PertaringaEstate Vicar's Waterfall Gully Adelaide Hills Pinot Regional SeriesChoice Marlborough Geographe Gris 2016 HHHH 17 TASTED Clare Valley RieslingSauvignon Blanc Sauvignon Blanc Bright lifted floral/citrus 13 AWARDED 2016 HHH1/22016 HHHH 2016 HHH aromas with a nicely Ripe tropical charactersA very obvious, powerful, Subtle grassy/ balanced, slippery A very consistent class on the nose which isvarietal with pungent gooseberry fruit textured, palate full of displaying true varietal echoed on a lean palategooseberry aromas and characters balanced by a vibrant lime-like flavours characters. A number and is layered with limestrong tropical flavours crisp line of acid. $25 and sweet on the finish. of wines here were elements. $30layered with crisp acidity. $20 fresh and lively and for Rockridge Watervale$19.50 NZ Pertaringa Regional Trentham Estate drinking now but many Riesling 2016 HHHCastelli Western Series Adelaide Hills The Family Murray of them also offer great Ripe varietal fruit aromasAustralia Sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc Darling Pinot Grigio ageing propositions. \"A and zippy flavours ofBlanc Semillon 2016 HHH 2016 HHH1/2 fantastic variety,\" said limes and lemons with2016 HHH1/2 Leafy bouquet with a Nose reminiscent of one judge. hints of orange blossom.Nice aromas of tropical hint of tropics and a crisp lemon meringue pie. $14.99fruit laced with lemon green apple palate. $30 Soft in the mouth with Barking Mad Ryder Clare Valleydrops. Light fruit salad stone fruit flavours and Watervale Riesling Riesling 2016 HHHpalate with a good acid Empirica by Castelli some spiciness. $15 2016 HHHH A lifted lime cordial of abackbone. $22 Pemberton Fumé Cooks Lot Orange A classic riesling style nose - very varietal withRyder Clare Valley Blanc 2015 HHH Pinot Gris with perfumed citrussy an excellent rich flavourSauvignon Blanc Powerful complexity of 2016 HHH1/2 bouquet and a great crisp profile and tight acidity.2016 HHH strong oak and varietal Simple lifted perfumed palate that has balance, $15Delicate green wine fruit with smoky notes. bouquet. Palate rich elegance and some Trevelen Farmwith ripe tropical fruit Excellent style. $28 with flavour, showing complexity. $20 Katie's Kiss Greataromas and flavours an attractive phenolic Southern Rieslingwrapped in crisp acidity. PINOT GRIS/ edge and slightly sharp Mr Riggs Watervale 2016 HHH$15 GRIGIO acidity. $22 Clare Valley Riesling Simple, light and slightlyGiggling Goose Reillys Adelaide Hills 2016 HHHH tropical bouquet and aWines Single 9 TASTED Pinot Gris Lovely reserved sweet uncomplicatedVineyard Padthaway 5 AWARDED 2016 HHH1/2 perfumed floral varietal palate. $16Limestone Coast Nice pear-like varietal fragrances with a fresh Claymore JoshuaSauvignon Blanc The judges were expression on both the and stylish palate with a Tree Clare Valley2016 HHH pleased with this flight. nose and palate with crisp line of acid. It just Riesling 2016 HHHA zippy wine with light There were no wine attractive perfumed needs a little time. $25 A shy nose and a crispherbaceous and tropical making faults and they elements. $25 minerally citrus palate.fruit. Fresh aromas and were pleased to see Long Hop Adelaide Trevelen Farm Estate Has ageing potential. $22lingering flavours. $18 the style moving to the Hills Pinot Gris Great Southern Capel Vale RegionalBrygon Reserve dry spectrum. \"These 2016 HHH Riesling 2016 HHHH Series Mount BarkerWines Flying High wines are starting to A light, well balanced, A classy elegant wine Riesling 2016 HHHMargaret River show some nice varietal quaffer with simple with beautiful fresh Ripe tropical aromasSauvignon Blanc fruit characters and pear-like fruit and crisp varietal fruit characters with a perfumed lift2016 HHH offer great lunch time acidity. $20 and a crisp acid and a simple butDelicate green bean drinking.\" backbone. Another flavoursome palate.aromas with a spicy lift one that needs some $24.95and a lightweight but cellaring. $25 Reillys Watervaleflavoursome palate. Riesling 2016 HHH$24.99 Cooks Lot Lovely ripe fresh lime/ Orange Riesling citrus aromas which is 2016 HHH1/2 echoed on the palate An elegant classy and evolves into fruit riesling with excellent salad flavours. $25 varietal lift to the nose and some great brown lime-like flavours. $22JUDGES - DAY 1 & 2 Ulurick Grey-Smith Stephen John Coonawarra based Owner/winemaker of Mark Soloman freelance winemaker. Stephen John Wines. Scientist with AWRI. Winemaker for Padthaway More than 30 years’ Member of Technical Estate. Four years at BRL winemaking experience. & Quality panel of the Hardy and De Bortoli Has judged at Adelaide, Institute. Completed respectively, with time also National, and Barossa the Advanced Wine spent in Germany, Canada wine shows. Regular Assessment Course and Champagne. Judge Winestate panellist and and Wine Show at various regional wine chairman of judges at Judging Course. shows. the Winestate Wine of the Year Awards.106 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tasting Capel Vale Single Brygon Reserve Vineyard Series Wines The Bruce Whispering Hill Margaret River Mount Barker Semillon Sauvignon Riesling 2016 HHH Blanc 2016 HHH A typical cool climate Subtle musky lolly-like riesling - tight, elegant bouquet and an elegant and perfumed with hints confectionery fruit of lemon zest. $32.95 palate. $24.99 Highroller Reserve Brygon Reserve SA Riesling Wines Hummingbird 2015 HHH Margaret River Perfumed nose with Semillon Sauvignon hints of ginger. Complex Blanc 2016 HHH palate with bottle age Nose has a light characters evolving. aromatic lift with a crisp $14 refreshing palate. Real crowd pleaser. $24.99 SEMILLON & BLENDS CHARDONNAY 11 TASTED 23 TASTED 4 AWARDED 7 AWARDED Very little varietal The judges were character obvious in this disappointed with this group; the better wines flight. \"Too many simple had some. \"These wines green fruit wines,\" would fit the 'lunch commented one judge. wine/quaffer' category \"The young wines - and there is nothing weren't ready - the older wrong with that!\". wines were too old and too fat. Other wines Millbrook Winery lacked the layering or Barking Owl complexity the judges Margaret River look for.\" Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2016 HHH1/2 Saint Clair Family Grassy gooseberry Estate Premium aromatics and lovely Marlborough fresh green bean Chardonnay flavours. An excellent 2015 HHHH quaffer according to the A full-bodied style with judges. $18 a rich creamy nose and a stylish, textured palate Thomson Estate that is complex, soft and Limestone Cliffs SA creamy with loads of Semillon Sauvignon flavour. $21.50 NZ Blanc 2016 HHH A big creamy flavoursome style with the semillon characters dominating the blend. $18es Ben Radford These valuesine Chief winemaker for reflect the journey Rockford Wines, since we seek from vine 2006. Previously a to wine. winemaker with Yalumba, Irvine Wines. He's Available online vintaged in South Africa, Spain and Burgundy. The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 107ine

NEW RELEASESCooks Lot Orange Trevelen Farm Estate Nepenthe OTHER RED Heartland FirstChardonnay Great Southern Winemakers Select VARIETALS & Release Langhorne2015 HHHH Chardonnay Adelaide Hills BLENDS Creek MalbecOak and fruit complexity 2014 HHH Zinfandel Rosé 2015 HHH1/2to the nose with Bonox- A huge old fashioned 2016 HHH1/2 21 TASTED Herbaceous and spicylike notes and a long, oak-driven style layered Simple, clean and lifted 8 AWARDED on the nose and greatwarm and very classy with ripe fruit and with a estery fruit aromas with depth and length of bigpalate with attractive nice acid balance. $25 a broad and slightly The panel found this to sweet fruit flavours.phenolic notes. $22 drying palate that be a fascinating class Drying on the finish. $45Smithbrook ROSÉ finishes warm. $20 to judge. \"There was a Mount AvocaPemberton Trentham Estate malbec highlight and Limited ReleaseChardonnay 16 TASTED The Family Murray a few other enjoyable Pyrenees2016 HHH1/2 8 AWARDED Darling Sangiovese wines,\" said one SangioveseA soft elegant style with Rosé 2016 HHH judge. \"A lot of interest 2016 HHHsome complexity of fruit The essence of this style A light lolly pink wine here; give them a go\", An excellent Chianti stylesalad and peach-like fruit, is \"quaffability\"; wines with a subdued nose suggested one judge. quaffer with lifted blacksubtle oak and cashew that are fresh, lively, and a sweet/sour-like cherry fruit and bacon-characters. $17 purpose made wines fruit palate. $15 Taylors Wines Taylor like savouriness. $38Thomson Estate not after thoughts. A Ara Single Estate Made Clare Trentham EstateLookout Ridge SA mixed group here but Marlborough Rosé Valley Malbec The Family MurrayChardonnay there were some good 2016 HHH 2015 HHHHH Darling Nero2016 HHH1/2 examples. Ripe estery stonefruit An intense fruit-driven D'Avola 2015 HHHMango/peach fruit aromas and soft, creamy style with varietal A very approachableseamlessly integrated Taylors Wines and flavoursome palate. characters that are quaffer - simple, cleanwith the oak and creamy Adelaide Hills $16.99 reminiscent of Kirsch, and fresh with plentymalo influence. Has Pinot Noir Rosé Tapestry Wines single malt and licorice. of ripe red berry fruits.weight, texture and 2016 HHHH Single Vineyard Has a nice level of $15balance. $18 A fresh, well-balanced, McLaren Vale Rosé sweetness and some Hand CraftedTaylors Wines Clare dolly pink crowd-pleaser 2016 HHH lovely firm tannins. $25 by Geoff HardyValley Chardonnay with lots of lively Bright pink wine with Southern Fleurieu2016 HHH1/2 confectionery/tropical a lifted nose and a red Bassham Riverland Cabernet Franc\"A class act.\" A bright fruit characters and a berry fruit palate. $18 Graciano 2015 HHHgreen wine that is a nice long finish. $19 Graham Norton's 2016 HHHH1/2 A lightweight withcomplexity of cashews, OWN Pink by Design Upfront Vegemite-like simple aromas showingmangoes, melons, Taylors Wines Taylor Marlborough Rosé aromas with some a violet lift and lingeringtoasty oak and meaty Made Adelaide Hills 2016 HHH confectionery fruit sitting plum sauce flavours. $30notes. $19 Pinot Noir Rosé Perfumed tropical fruit behind. A lovely syrupy Mr Riggs YaccaMillbrook Winery 2016 HHHH fragrances with lovely sweet fruit pastille Paddock AdelaideBarking Owl Confectionery sweet flavour length on a soft palate with savoury-like Hills TempranilloPemberton strawberry-like bouquet balanced palate. $20 complexity. $25 2015 HHHChardonnay with lovely fresh creamy Cooks Lot Orange Big jammy aromas and2016 HHH red jube fruit flavours Rosé 2016 HHH MyattsField long drying tannic palatePleasant cool climate and a good level of Estery aromas of musk Perth Hills Durif with nice level of fruitstyle with subtle toasty acidity. $25 sticks with a warm, 2015 HHH1/2 characters. $30oak, tinned pear-like slightly sweet but well Intense porty/black berryfruit and buttery notes. balanced palate. $22 richness on the nose.$18 Dense palate with lovely depth of fruit and sweet oak flavours. $30NASAA Organic Wine of the Year 2017 Invitation to Submit Wines Judging on WEDNESDAY 22 of MARCH 2017 Adelaide Convention Centre The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tastingPINOT NOIR GRENACHE & BLENDS5 TASTED4 AWARDED 5 TASTED 3 AWARDED\"These pinots werea pleasure to judge,\" A small, solid class ofagreed the judges. nice drinking wines. McLaren Vale III Associates Four Score McLaren Vale Grenache 2015 HHH1/2 Very approachable style with plenty of lifted, fresh confectionery varietal fruit characters. Soft and juicy in the mouth. $35 Mr Riggs The Magnet McLaren Vale Grenache 2014 HHH1/2 A light, simple, fresh quaffer with a nice savoury character to the varietal fruit and showing a hint of Five Spices. $30Gala Estate White Tatalia WinesLabel Tasmania Pinot Heathcote G.S.M.Noir 2015 HHHH 2015 HHHComplex varietal with Another good quaffermeaty/smallgoods with rich, sweet, redcharacters to the choc/ berry fruit and subtlecherry nose. Soft grenache spiciness. $36and nicely texturedpalate. Has length and MERLOT &elegance. $30 BLENDSCooks Lot OrangePinot Noir 10 TASTED2015 HHH1/2 1 AWARDEDMore of a light dryred style with simple The judges were verysavoury/cherry disappointed with thesefragrances and a basic, merlots. \"Too manybut faultless, palate. $22 simple, green fruit winesChain Of Ponds with aggressive dryingSection 400 tannins,\" concluded oneAdelaide Hills Pinot of the panel.Noir 2016 HHHRed berry nose with Pure Vision Southsavoury/licorice notes Australia Merlotand lovely subtlety of 2015 HHH1/2varietal fruit flavours. A big rich mix of ripe$20 plum and chocolateGala Estate Reserve cake charactersSilver Label with hints of saltedTasmania Pinot Noir caramels. Developing2014 HHH nicely. $15A savoury fruit stylewith beef consumécharacters mixing withviolets and cherries. $45 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 109

NEW RELEASESCABERNET CABERNET Pertaringa Shingleback D BlockBLENDS SAUVIGNON Understudy McLaren Reserve McLaren Vale Cabernet Vale Cabernet8 TASTED 18 TASTED Sauvignon Sauvignon 2015 HHHH1/2 2013 HHH2 AWARDED 6 AWARDED Aromas of blackcurrants Beautifully complex and and sweet oak with a nicely layered style withMore green herbaceous A mixed result. \"Some dash of cinnamon. The rich fruit, sweet oak andwines here. \"You have to beautiful cabernets palate is elegant, alert drying tannins. Needshave balance,\" said one here,\" said one judge. and well-balanced with time. $55judge. \"The wines can't \"That had intense a tight finish. Has morejust be green. A couple blackberry/cassis cellaring potential. $22 SHIRAZ 2015got through because characters; wines with Kingston Estatethey showed more fruit, texture, balance and Coonawarra 24 TASTEDhad length and finer 'legs' for future ageing. Cabernet Sauvignon 15 AWARDEDtannins.\" On the downside there 2015 HHH1/2 were dried out extracted Rich cassis fruit lift to A very consistentClaymore London ones with aggressive the nose and a generous group of predominantlyCalling Clare Valley tannins.\" palate with complex fruit commercial styles.Cabernet Malbec flavours, sweet oak and Many of these wines2015 HHHH Mollydooker Wines soft tannins. $16.99 were ready for drinkingInky black wine with a Gigglepot McLaren Mitchelton Central now with stylisticspicy blackberry nose Vale Cabernet Victoria Cabernet variation resulting inand a fine, long and Sauvignon Sauvignon different opinions fromseamlessly balanced 2015 HHHHH 2014 HHH the judges. Lots tofresh raspberry/ A really great wine that Wine is a lovely choose from the mid-strawberry-like palate. $22 is rich and full-bodied richness of ripe weight wines to the with beautiful aromas blackberry fruit blockbusters.Blue Pyrenees of blackberries, mint characters seamlesslyEstate Red and toasty oak. The blended with sweetPyrenees Cabernet generous flavoursome oak. $22Sauvignon Merlot palate is dark, rich andShiraz Malbec very chocolaty. $49 Olivia VBBAEULSYUTSE2013 HHH1/2 CoonawarraGreat depth of varietal Cabernet Sauvignonfruit characters of 2013 HHHcherry brandy and Inky red wine with minty\"fleshy butcher shop\". notes to the varietalTight tannins and some nose and simple fruitspiciness. $42 and light oak on the palate. $19.99 Wines made for eating Yep! They are smiling110 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER BUT WHY? It is probably the Double Gold and Top 100 listing for their 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Sydney International Wine Competition. That’s on top of 2016 Halliday’s Companion giving them 95 points for 2013 38DAYS Shiraz/Cabernet 94 points 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon 94 points 2014 Sands of Time Shiraz But smiling! They should be grinning from ear to ear. Check out our website to learn more of the story. In the picture our Winemaker and Viticulturist – James Hastwell and Richard McGeachy. [email protected]

wine & spirit insider tasting Kingston Estate VBBAEULSYUTSE Glenlofty Estate The Chain Of Ponds K1 by Geoff Hardy Mt Benson Sawmill Vineyard Grave's Gate Middle Hill Adelaide Coonawarra Pyrenees Shiraz Adelaide Hills Shiraz Hills Shiraz Shiraz 2015 HHHH 2015 HHH1/2 2015 HHH 2015 HHH A classic style. Lovely A rich but elegant Herbaceous and minty Red berry fragrances spicy bramble-like shiraz - very classy with on the nose with a tight with herbaceous notes bouquet and a palate, beautiful red berry fruit and beautifully structured and slightly green that according to one balanced by some well palate. $20 flavours. $25 judge is \"reminiscent handled sweet oak. $45 of black forest torte\". Graham Domaine Asmara $16.99 Curtis Cavaliere Norton's OWN VBBAEULSYUTSE Private Collection McLaren Vale Shiraz South Australia Heathcote Shiraz Domaine Asmara 2015 HHH Shiraz 2015 HHH 2015 HHH Reserve Heathcote Stalky black berry Porty/jammy aromas and Plenty of prune-like fruit Shiraz 2015 HHHH bouquet with a spicy lift a very oaky palate with characters matched with A big old Aussie style and a big, nicely ageing, jubey fruit underneath. the cedary oak and good shiraz that has a powerful flavour profile. $70 $20 line of acid. $35 concentration of fruit pastille-like varietal fruit Ryder Clare Valley Pertaringa Mount Avoca seamlessly balanced with Shiraz 2015 HHH Undercover McLaren Reserve Pyrenees the oak. $49 The nose has the Vale Shiraz Shiraz 2015 HHH richness of Christmas 2015 HHH Subtle jubey varietal fruitSew & Sew Mr Riggs Piebald cake. The palate is Red berry bouquet and fragrances leading to aSashiko Series Adelaide Hills Syrah long, rich and very tight palate seamlessly slightly drying sweet/McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015 HHH1/2 flavoursome. $15 layered with tannins, oak sour fruit palate. $802015 HHHH1/2 Lovely sweet shiraz and fruit. $22Excellent colour, fruit mingles with fresh Shingleback VBBAEULSYUTSEbeautiful ripe varietal new oak and is nicely Haycutters Brygon Reservefruit and some great oak supported by the acid McLaren Vale Shiraz Wines The Bruceuse. Lovely fragrances and the firm tannins. $30 2015 HHH Margaret Riveron the nose and masses A classic Aussie style Shiraz 2015 HHHof intense flavours on with its fruit cake-like Oaky nose with a spicythe long well-balanced nose and big soft fruit/ lift and more of thepalate. $25 sweet oak palate. sweet oak obvious on $16.95 the palate. $24.99 PARINGA WE AIM TO MAKE THE BEST VALUE AUSTRALIAN SHIRAZ ON THE PLANET. Full-bodied, the fruit is plush and sweet, with ripe fruit flavours of blackberries and dark raspberries forming a deep, rounded core. - Paringa Shiraz 2014 Tasting Note Alan Hickinbotham | Paringa Wines | Established 1999 P. +61 406 537 660 | E. [email protected] | W. PO Box 61 West Beach SA 5024 @paringawines The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 111

NEW RELEASESSHIRAZ & jb wines McIvor Mitchelton Mitchelton PrintBLENDS 2014 Creek Single Heathcote Central Central Victoria Vineyard Barossa Victoria Shiraz Shiraz 2013 HHH1/216 TASTED Valley Shiraz 2014 HHH A big but stylish wine11 AWARDED 2014 HHH1/2 Nice wine with fresh with an abundanceA very solid group Slight medicinal Cherry Ripe-like varietal of lovely ripe fruitof consistent wines. characters to the fruit characters and that's a mix between\"Another year of ageing greenish varietal fruit some spiciness. $40 Christmas and Blackshows what cellaring that is nicely balanced Forest cake. $75can do - softening by the oak and acid. Mr Riggs McLarenthrough bottle maturity,\" $20 Vale Shiraz JT The Patriarchagreed the judges. James Haselgrove 2014 HHH Clare Valley ShirazExcellent oak balance Futures McLaren Purple black wine with 2012 HHH1/2across the board. Vale Shiraz dark jammy fruit on the Very mature wine for 2014 HHH1/2 nose and palate and a a 5-year-old. It hasGlenlofty Estate A beautifully balanced, nice spicy lift. $50 evolving tertiary fruitPyrenees Shiraz round and rich style of characters, nice oak and2014 HHHH1/2 shiraz that is full of dark SHIRAZ & a tight acid backbone.Fantastic colour with spicy varietal fruit and BLENDS $29.99lovely big rich Christmas cedary oak. $40 2013 & OLDERcake-like varietal fruit. Brygon Reserve Reschke Bull Trader Gala EstateBeautiful aromas lift Wines Signature 13 TASTED Coonawarra Shiraz Tasmania Lateoff the nose and it is Series Coonawarra 6 AWARDED 2009 HHH1/2 Harvest Rieslingsoft and generous in Shiraz 2014 HHH An excellent dinner wine 2016 HHHHthe mouth with velvety Smells of black currants \"Quite an up and down with obvious maturity. The nose is a freshnesstannins. $27 with a mature chewy class,\" thought the Spicy and cedary on the of orange blossom andBlue Pyrenees palate and silky smooth judges. There were nose with rich fruit cake- honey fragrances theEstate Section One tannins. $17.99 wines showing juicy like flavours. $23 characters of which arePyrenees Shiraz Forester Estate fresh fruit and offering echoed on the lovely2014 HHHH Margaret River further ageing potential Umamu Estate crisp palate. $35A tight, well structured Shiraz 2014 HHH but then there were Margaret River K1 by Geoff Hardywine with a powerful Rich chocolaty/berry those that missed out Shiraz 2009 HHH1/2 Adelaide Hillscomplexity of great aromas and long, because they were Still amazingly bright and Autumn Harvestvarietal fruit and lovely elegant palate with getting tired. fresh for an eight-year- Rieslingsweet oak. Needs some balanced flavours and old with spicy fruit/oak 2016 HHH1/2more time. $42 soft tannins. $24 Farmer's Leap fragrances and dry, well Lovely lifted dried Shingleback Davey Padthaway Shiraz structured, palate. $34 apricot-like botrytis Estate Reserve 2013 HHHH aromas and a slightly McLaren Vale Shiraz This shiraz has great SWEET WHITE oily marmalade palate. 2014 HHH purple hues, plenty of & FORTIFIED Great sugar/acid Dark berry fruits and juicy, fresh, dark cherry balance. $20 cedary oak on the lifted fruit, some well handled 4 TASTED MyattsField Kenneth nose and powerful oak and lovely firm 4 AWARDED Green Perth Hills palate. $24.95 tannins. $25 Touriga Durif Shiraz Blue Pyrenees A very good, albeit 2014 HHH1/2 Estate Pyrenees Shingleback The small, flight of sweets Mature, ripe and well Shiraz 2014 HHH Gate McLaren Vale and fortifieds. Very good balanced style with nice Cedary minty fragrances Shiraz 2013 HHH1/2 balance of sugar and clean spirit, jammy fruit and mid-weight palate A classy wine that fruit is the key - which all and a warm and drying with ripe fruit and light has elegance and these wines delivered. finish. $30 oak. $26 complexity. Spicy lift to Mitchelton Crescent the nose and ripe fruit Bream Creek Late Central Victoria and great oak on the Picked Tasmania Shiraz Mourvedre palate. $34.95 Schonburger Grenache 2014 HHH 2016 HHH A rich ripe classic Aussie Simple honeysuckle blend with jubey cherry/ fragrances and a simple, berry fruit and firm sugary, fresh peach fruit tannins. $28 palate. $27112 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

FRUENSTCATUIORNASNT & Modern Australian cuisine showcasing the finest and freshest local beef, poultry and seafood. Extensive wine list highlighting the best of all major South Australian regions. Beautiful function space suitable for up to 60 people seated or 100 cocktail style.Phone: +61 (8) 8231 7611 18 Leigh St. Adelaide, South Australia 5000 [email protected] (for booking enquiries)

BEST VALUE BUYS - All under $20Berton Vineyards Thornbury Marlborough Drakesbrook Wild Bird Hoggies Estate SouthWinemakers Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Peel Chardonnay 2013 Australia Moscato 2015SEA Fiano 2016 Lively, with fresh, strong,An elegant delicate style of ripely herbaceous flavours Green melon nose with Subtle muscat bouquet andwine with fruit salad aromas of passionfruit, limes and caramel characters sugary sweet palate but is keptand a simple fruity palate capsicums, crisp, dry and developing and unctuous in balance with the acid. $14.99with tight line of acid. $14 lingering. Top value. $15 green melon flavours. $19.99Berton Vineyards Villa Maria Estate Ltd Drakesbrook Wines Hoggies Estate (Stentiford Pty Ltd)Phone: +61 2 6968 1600 Phone: +64 9 255 1754 Phone: 0427 944 503 Phone: 0418 854 102Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]: Web: Web: Web: www.hoggieswine.comBEST VALUE WINES OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND$U2N0DE&R Is updated in each issue of The Wine & Spirit Insider. TO QUALIFY (NZ $25 & UNDER) Some wines may - if they are still available - remain in the next issue’s Best Value Wines listing. Others 1 Wines must have first been recommended will sell out, or be replaced by higher-rated wines. in Winestate Magazine style or new release The Wine & Spirit Insider’s Best Value Wines listing tastings. Style tastings are defined as varietal comprises the best wines currently available, from big- tastings - eg, shiraz, chardonnay, etc. - or name brands and the higher volume ‘second labels’ blended styles such as shiraz/cabernet wines. from the smaller producers, as tasted by Winestate 2 Wines from designated regional tastings Magazine panels. The Best Value Wines listing gives are eligible provided they are widely available. credit to the value wines in the marketplace - wines 3 All wines must be currently available from that would otherwise be overshadowed by their much the winery, or be readily available in the more expensive cousins. marketplace. Cellar door wine is ineligable.114 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

Shanahans Wines Olivia Coonawarra Blackstone Paddock Tudor Central VictoriaThe Barking Dog Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015Valley G.S.M. 2015 Inky red wine with minty Shiraz 2014 A great wine with lifted floralA delightfully spicy plum nose notes to the varietal nose Slightly aged/leathery notes fragrances and good weightthat's intense and warm. The and simple fruit and light on the charry oak nose. of spicy blue fruit flavourspalate is big and ripe, but oak on the palate. $19.99 Deep dark brooding fruit/oak on the palate with chewybalanced with plenty of plum flavours and mouth puckering tannins in support. $12.99fruit flavours. The soft tannins Hoggies Estate (Stentiford Pty Ltd) tannins. Warm finish. $19.99build to a firm finish. $19.95 Phone: 0418 854 102 Aldi Stores Email: [email protected] Aldi Stores Phone: 02 9675 9382Shanahans Wines Web: Phone: 02 9675 9382 Web: 08 8563 0555 Web: [email protected]: The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 115

BEST VALUE BUYS - All under $20Shingleback Haycutters Kingston Estate Graham Norton's OWN Sanguine Estate KindredMcLaren Vale Shiraz 2015 Coonawarra Shiraz 2015 South Australia Shiraz Heathcote Shiraz 2015A classic Aussie style with its A classic style. Lovely spicy 2015 A very good silky soft winefruit cake-like nose and big soft bramble-like bouquet and Porty/jammy aromas and that is balanced, fresh andfruit/sweet oak palate. $16.95 a palate, that according to a very oaky palate with very approachable with one judge is \"reminiscent of jubey fruit underneath. $20 sweet fruit and spicy oak onShingleback black forest torte\". $16.99 the nose and palate. $17.95Phone: +61 8 8323 9199 Invivo WinesEmail: [email protected] Kingston Estate Wines Pty Ltd Phone: +64 21 852 068 Sanguine EstateWeb: Phone: +61 8 82433759 Email: [email protected] Phone: 0417 831 076 Email: [email protected] Web: Email: [email protected] Web: Web: wine & spiritA U S T R A L I A N & N E W Z E A L A N D Issue 152 | March/April 2017Editor & Publisher Winestate Web Site electronic medium or machine-readable form without E-mail: [email protected] the express permission of the publisher. Every care isPeter Simic E-mail: [email protected] taken in compiling the contents of this publication, butManaging Editor Printing DAI Rubicon the publisher assumes no responsibility for the effects Website: arising therefrom. ABN 56 088 226 411Lara Simic E-mail: [email protected] Bozsoki E-mail: [email protected] Designer WINESTATE is published seven times a year by Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd.Naomi Fry E-mail: [email protected] WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD, Telephone (08) 8357 9277Marketing Manager 81 King William Road, Unley SA 5061. Facsimile (08) 8357 9212 Copyright 2017 by WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD. E-mail [email protected] Jackson E-mail: [email protected] This publication may not, in whole or in part, be copied, Website Coordinator photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any E-mail: [email protected] The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

HOW WE JUDGE WINESTATE MAGAZINE TASTING CRITERIA OUR STAR RATING SYSTEM Our tastings and published ratings are designed with one thing in mind: to provide a useful and genuine balanced guide on wines to our readers. In order to achieve this we follow certain procedures in an activity that is notoriously difficult! There are regular criticisms of wine shows and various scoring systems; here is how we approach our tastings.A wide selection of wines there are unpleasant flavours. These advertise if they wish, their awarded final ‘medals’ are then converted into wine’s review will be featured regardlessWines are invited from any producer, a star rating system for publication in of advertising. The judges’ decisions areprovided that they meet the criteria Winestate. A gold means 5 stars, silver final and these are published accordingof the class being judged. The class is 4, and bronze is 3 stars. to the judges’ scores, whether advertisingmay be a regional, style or new release is taken or not.tasting and generally the wines must be The biggest judging systemavailable for consumers to purchase, The judgesalthough we have museum and rare Winestate examines on average morewine tastings as well. Australasian wines per year than We take care in selecting our judges. any other forum - more than 10,000. But remember: judges are human andAwarding scores Compare this to the biggest show in their own preference will influence Australia, the royal Melbourne wine their scores. We use judges withWinestate carries out the judging show, with just over 4000 entries. complementary backgrounds and ausing Australian capital city wine show three-person panel for each flight willprocedures; the wines are not known Independence of advertising include winemakers with technicalto the judges. The three judges taste expertise and often a marketing/retailthe wines blind and assign a score Winestate does charge a nominal expert who knows consumer tastes.without reference to each other. Once entrance fee for wines submitted which Often one or more of the judges arethis is done, only then do they compare covers our administration costs only, masters of wine with vast internationalscores, and if there is dissension they and will often purchase ‘yardstick’ experience, and most judges havere-taste the wines and come to an wines to be evaluated where we believe experience at major Australian wineagreement. Scores are compiled using that these are of consumer or trade shows. We are also aware of expertise.the 20-point international system: gold interest if these have not been entered If we are judging a region, for example,is 18.5 and above; silver is 17 and by the wineries. In order to produce we will have a winemaker judge fromabove and is an excellent wine; bronze the biggest and best wine magazine, that region because that person knowsis 15.5 and above and represents good Winestate includes advertising; the local style. We balance that withwine. A reasonable, sound everyday- however, this is fiercely independent a judge from outside the region anddrinking wine scores 15 (but does of any wine tasting editorial. Wine generally someone with broad andnot gain a medal). A bland but clean companies are advised of the blind mature scores 14. Below this score tasting results and it is their choice toHOW WE COMPAREWinestate Rating Comment Wine show Medal International 20 100 Point System Point System HHHHH Outstanding Gold 18.5 - 20 97 - 100 HHHH1/2 Excellent High Silver 95 - 96 Very Good 18 - 18.4 93 - 94 HHHH Silver 91 - 92 HHH1/2 Good/Very Good High Bronze 17 - 17.9 89 - 90 Good HHH Bronze 16.5 - 16.9 15.5 - 16.4 Wine judging is an inexact art, not a science - even at the highest levels of proficiency. Accordingly, Winestate uses the star ratingsystem which reflects a range, rather than a specific point score. Point systems indicate a level of accuracy that simply does not exist. The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 117

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