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Wine & Spirit Insider September October 2016

Published by editor, 2016-07-28 02:44:45

Description: Wine & Spirit Insider September October 2016


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insiderthe wine & spiritAUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALANDSeptember/October 2016 Issue 149 THE WINE & SPIRIT INSIDER IS AIn this issue... PROMOTIONAL GUIDE FROM THE LIQUOR TRADE TO THE CONSUMER. Winestate Publishing ABN 56 088 226 411Brandy, Cognac & ArmagnacNew Releases & Best Value Buys under $20


28 TASTED24 AWARDEDB R A N DY, C O G N AC & A R M AG N ACAh, the spirit of the grape. Whilst we wax lyrical Johanneshof Cellars ARMAGNACabout the best wines often we overlook its more Edelbrand Marlborough OVER $100spirited cousin, brandy. Here we see its French Brandy NV HHHversions of Cognac and Armagnac and elsewhere A light style; some sweet fruit 6 TASTEDacross the world it is simply called brandy. At its best on the nose and sweet in the 6 AWARDEDit is refined, complex and yet surprisingly smooth, mouth. Some age influence. $82despite its high alcohol content. As a mixer with fruit Fuller-flavoured, richer sherryor liqueur drinks it can add the warmth of alcohol. ARMAGNAC barrel structure showing in thisInterestingly, for “mixers” a less refined broader spirit UNDER $100 group. \"Good diversity here, in ais often the best option. positive way,\" commented one 3 TASTED judge. \"Lots of character andBRANDY Black Bottle Australia 3 AWARDED complexity here - worth chasing Brandy NV HHHH up.\"9 TASTED A light fruity bouquet with Light, youthful well-made spirits5 AWARDED good wood characters showing with good complexity but Delord Armagnac through. Palate is sweet and without great depth. 1985 HHHHHA mixed group with one stand- fruity and showing some A velvety smooth Armagnacout. The judges felt many of reasonable age. $35.99 Janneau VSOP Grand with subtlety of fruit and oakthese could be regarded as Vecchia Romagna France Armagnac sweetness to the nose. The\"mixers\" rather than stand-alone 10Year Reserve Italy NV HHHH palate is well-structured andsippers. A number were either Brandy NV HHH Good brandy nose; some oily complex with long lingeringlightweight in structure or Rich malty caramel aromas complexity with interesting flavours. A very good style.disjointed. and a big and very flavoursome graphite-like notes. Palate $129.90 palate with obvious oak. $60 has depth and character with distinct flavours. $76.99 Château du TariquetBlack Bottle XO Australia Vecchia Romagna Folle Blanche 15 ansBrandy NV HHHHH Etichetta Nera Italy Château du Tariquet VS Bas-Armagnac AOCRich complex and nicely Brandy NV HHH Bas-Armagnac AOC NV HHHH1/2aged fruit cake-like aromas A subtle, slightly drying nose NV HHH Light, sweet and youthful withand excellent structure and and soft simple floral/fruity Simple savoury nose that's dry freshness to the nose andlength to the big full and palate. $60 and dusty with a pleasant, light pleasant sweetness to theflavoursome palate. Some and youthful palate. $49 palate. Not overly complex butcaramel sweetness and good great depth of flavour and awood. $125 Château du Tariquet VSOP grippy finish. $165 Bas-Armagnac AOC NV HHH Light dry caramel aromas with a little more complexity on the fresh flavoursome palate. $59JUDGES Tim Gneil Russell Johnson Stephen Matthews Product Manager, CEO of Russell Johnson Former lecturer in Alcohol, Tarac Consulting, for wine & spirit hospitality studies at Technologies. research and development. Regency College of Responsibility for Formerly wine division Tafe and the Adelaide blending brandies technical manager of Institute of TAFE. and neutral spirits. Beringer Blass Wine Estates. Also a former general Fortified judge at Eight years’ experience as manager of the Earl of Melbourne and production manager with Zetland Hotel, and malt Rutherglen wine Seagram Spirits. Adelaide specialist. shows. Wine Show judge in the brandy class.122 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

feature tastingComte de Lamaestre Hennessy VSOP France Alex Russell WinesArmagnac 1979 HHHH1/2 Cognac NV HHHHA generously rich complex Dark and rich; not overly old or Since 2012, independant winemakerstyle with a spirity lift of dark complex but a well-structured Alex Russell of South Australia’s Riverlandoaky/coffee aroma. Interesting and flavoursome product with has been producing a glorious range ofpalate; great texture and flavour a hint of sweetness and drying premium, alternative varietal wines, winning alength with a really good finish. wood. $79.99 multitude of medals and praise along the way.$139.90 The Alejandro range of premium alternative Frapin VS Cognac wines is now available at quality independantJanneau XO Grand France NV HHH1/2Armagnac NV HHHH Intense and fresh on the retailers and online.A lovely, very well-made, richly nose and smelling of raisinsflavoured product with smooth and caramels with a sweet, LAGREINwood and fruit integration. Nice hot palate with good fruity SAPERAVIbrandy nose; excellent palate depth. $85 MONTEPULCIANOstructure. $102.99 VERMENTINO Frapin VSOP CognacChâteau du Tariquet XO NV (350ml) HHH DURIFBas-Armagnac AOC Dry perfumed bouquet with TEMPRANILLONV HHHH nice brandy notes. Palate showsCaramel sweetness to the flavour and complexity. $65 MOSCATOnose with some good woody and MORE!notes. A simple slightly COGNACfresher style of palate with a OVER $100 SPECIAL OFFER FOR ALLspicy spirity finish. $129 WINESTATE READERS 6 TASTEDChâteau du Tariquet 6 AWARDED Get 20% off and FREE SHIPPING for allFolle Blanche VS Bas- mixed and straight dozens!Armagnac AOC Magnifique! Superb class ofNV HHH1/2 world class cognacs. \"Proving Visit rich, well-rounded and well- that the further up the rung you and use the promo code WINESTATE2016balanced style. Good wood go they become predictablynose and intense fruit-driven better with age,\" noted one at checkout to redeem your discount.flavours on a warm soft judge. \"There is something For wholesale enquiries,palate. $105 about their complexity which is very appealing. Pricey, but contact us today via our websiteCOGNAC worth every dollar!”UNDER $100 Remy Martin XO4 TASTED Cognac NV HHHHH4 AWARDED A complex style with a gorgeous rich classic CognacSolid class of fine youthful nose and a palate that,spirits. Very well made just according to one judge has, \"Alllacking age to take them to the the bells and whistles\". Goodnext level. sherry wood, good spiciness and great fruit richness. $210Remy Martin VSOPCognac NV HHHH Hennessy XO Extra OldFruit age complexity to the France Cognac NV HHHHHnose with a muscadelle-like A beautiful, big, complexlift. Pleasant palate showing style that is developing nicelysome complexity with slightly and leaning towards the dryerastringent fruitiness. $70 end. It has a powerful nose showing intense wood age and intense depth of raisined fruit flavours. $225 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 123

B R A N DY, C O G N AC & A R M AG N AC Jean Filloux Cognac STAR RATINGS  1992 HHHHH Light, elegant and lifted bouquet Three-, four- and five-star ratings are signs of with a slight muscadelle excellence in fruit quality and winemaking skill. character. Rich and drying in the All wines are judged ‘blind’ by wine industry mouth with very good flavour professionals and are compared in peer length and complexity from classes by three judges. its age with some great spirit. CM Wine is exclusive to Cellarmasters, $195.90 a major mail-order business. Paul Giraud VSOP CD Cellar door price. Cognac NV HHHH CDO Cellar door only. Lighter, raisined fruit-like aromas SO Sold out. and character which is echoed $N/A Price not available at time of printing. on the smooth, elegant and  Contact information pg 143-144. velvety balanced palate. $112.90 Frapin Fontpinot XO RECOMMENDED cellaring (years). Cognac NV (350ml) HHHH BEST VALUE for $20 & under. Dark expressive fruit cake of a nose and big complex palate For a complete list of what we tasted with good balance between please refer to the sweetness, fruit and wood.Martell Cordon Bleu XO $135Cognac NV HHHHHLovely balance of sweet coffeearomas with a richly structuredpalate that has balance, lengthand complexity. It showsgreat style and has masses ofmouthfilling flavours. $225 We are delighted to announce an amazing one-off opportunity to attend a Business Dinner with Yaacov Michlin President and CEO of Yissum Research Development Company of Hebrew University On the 13th of September at the InterContinental Adelaide Bookings can be made via our website,, where you can also find any other information regarding the Chamber around Australia Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (SA/NT) Inc. A: 239 Magill Road, Maylands 5069 P: 0411 113 749 E: [email protected] W: The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

213 TASTED110 AWARDEDNEW RELEASESA fascinating new release judging with the heroes this time being Eden Hall Edenriesling from the traditional riesling regions (not surprising); Valley Gruneralternative reds, including a couple of very nice monte’s (sic), and Veltliner 2016 HHHwhat was surprising was the quality of the rosé wines. Great to see “A big, ripe fruit saladsome serious work done in this area. nose,” commented one judge. The palate is full and lively but at the same time clean and elegant with decent length. $35SPARKLING OTHER WHITE Artwine Wicked Sirromet Wines VARIETALS & Stepmother Single Wild VI Granite Belt4 TASTED BLENDS Vineyard Clare Valley Viognier 2013 HHH1 AWARDED Fiano 2016 HHHH A rich, perfumed and 20 TASTED Some savoury, spice and complex nose with hintsSmall group, with one perfumed notes on the of toast and wet hay. Fullwine showing character. 6 AWARDED nose with lemon pith, flavoured palate which apricot and quince on has flavours of lycheeSidewood Chloe Some very good wines a soft, well-structured and peach. $35 Oakover WinesCuvee Adelaide Hills here, but not many of palate. $22 White LabelChardonnay Pinot them. Interesting line up Drakesbrook Wines SAUVIGNON Margaret RiverNoir 2013 HHH1/2 of alternative varieties Wild Bird BLANC & Sauvignon BlancFresh, elegant style where the interpretation Peel Savagnin BLENDS Semillonshowing lemon and lime of the variety trumped 2014 HHHH 2016 HHH1/2with hints of fresh bread winemaking. Intriguing nose of 15 TASTED An “elegant, freshand yeasty/toasty notes nettles, cheese cloth 5 AWARDED tropical/varietal palate,”on the nose, which is Berton Vineyards and coriander with said one judge. Cleanrepeated on the palate. Metal Label SEA herbal lift. Citrus and Too many “green, tart, and well-structured,“Good texture and length”, Vermentino lemon sorbet on the unbalanced” wines here, this wine is sure tosaid one judge. $28 2016 HHHH1/2 palate which is carried said the judges. “They be a “crowd pleaser.” Aromas of cut grass, along nicely with some either need more flavour $12.99 honeydew melon and lively acidity. $24.99 to balance the high green apple with a Warner Vineyard acid or look at reduced crunchy and zesty palate. Beechworth acid balance options, Well balanced and Roussanne Marsanne through judicious sugar finishing with lively acidity, 2014 HHH1/2 additions,” said one described as “zingy” by Complex nose showing judge. one judge. $12 some yeasty lees characteristics along withJUDGES - DAY 1 citrus and marmalade. Has what one judge described as a “clean and fresh palate” of good length. $30Stephen John Dave Matthews Shane HarrisSenior Winemaker for The Formerly Winemaker Winemaker for Wines byWine Group Australia and at Rosemount and Geoff Hardy including,owner/winemaker of Stephen Boar’s Rock and Group Pertaringa Wines, K1 andJohn Wines. More than 30 Winemaker for Treasury Handcrafted by Geoff Hardyyears’ winemaking experience. Wine Estates. Vintages Wines. Has also completedHas judged at Adelaide, in Tuscany and California. vintages in Queensland andNational, and Barossa wine Judged in Australia and Victoria. Completed theshows. Regular Winestate overseas. Currently with AWRI advanced sensorypanellist and chairman of Francois Freres group of course and has associatejudges at the Winestate Wine cooperages. judged at McLaren Valeof the Year Awards. wine show.126 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tastingSouth Point Estate Angullong Orange Eden Hall ReserveCentral Victoria Pinot Grigio Eden Valley RieslingSauvignon Blanc 2016 HHH1/2 2016 HHH1/22016 HHH Gentle nose of pear Citrus and orangeFresh, lifted aromatics and apple reflected blossom on the nose,with good varietal notes. on the lively palate, following on to a richThe vibrant palate has which also has what palate that has a touchstructure and style with one judge described of residual sweetness. Agood balance and a clean as “fresh lemonade crowd pleaser. $35finish. $4.99 fruit.” Well-structuredPertaringa with good balance and Schild EstateScarecrow Adelaide length. $19 Barossa ValleySauvignon Blanc Andrew Peace Wines Riesling 2016 HHH2016 HHH Masterpeace SEA Combination of ripeLight, fresh herbaceous Pinot Grigio citrus fruits supportedaromas leading into 2016 HHH by a floral perfumea tropical fruit driven Stone fruits dominated that is like roses. Apalate, carried along by pear and apple at first clean, elegant and wellwith some lively acidity. look with a fresh, clean balanced palate. $15The palate has spice and palate balanced by citruslength – a good food flavours and a hint of Bird in Hand Clarewine. $20 minerality. $13 Valley Riesling 2016 HHHBird in Hand Bird in Hand Eden Hall Eden Koonowla A light, fresh and fruityAdelaide Hills Adelaide Hills Pinot Valley Riesling The Ringmaster style, more of a quafferSauvignon Blanc Gris 2016 HHH 2016 HHHHH Clare Riesling according to one judge.2016 HHH Interesting aromas Lifted, fresh ripe lime 2016 HHH1/2 VBBAEULSYUTSE Clean and simple flavours,“Excellent flavours and of lemon and sage, aromas leading on to good balance. $25balance,” said one judge, described by one judge an intense but well- “Beautiful ripe limewho described the palate as “soft, clean and structured palate that and citrus aromatics,” CHARDONNAYas “clean and zippy” with flavoursome – a good has flavours of lime juice declared one judge.fresh tropical favours and quaffer.” A well balanced cordial. “Rich, elegant A clean, fresh and 29 TASTEDgood balance. $25 wine. $25 and classy,” said one long palate that is well 15 AWARDED judge. $22 balanced with good acidity. $15 Mixed bag, with the older wines generallySatyr Valiant Colmar Estate performing better thanMarlborough Orange Pinot Gris the younger wines. “TheSauvignon Blanc 2015 HHH best wines had texture2015 HHH Good balance, structure and attention to theA varietal-driven style and texture. Herbaceous ripeness of the fruit,” saidwith vegetal and nose and a broad, ripe one judge. “Cool climatetropical aromas on palate with a hint of lees, fruit was evident alongthe nose which are good length. $28 with quality oak for therepeated on the palate. better wines. Some hadDivide the judges RIESLING added acid later in thesomewhat – one for the stage of winemakingaficionados. $19 11 TASTED which didn’t work.” 7 AWARDEDPINOT GRIS/ Rockcliffe SingleGRIGIO Excellent class, with Site Great Southern the quality of the variety Chardonnay13 TASTED talked up by the judges. 2015 HHHHH4 AWARDED These come from the “Elegance, style and great traditional riesling length” was how oneFew and far between. regions and it shows. judge summed up this“The variety lacks wine. Gentle, ripe stoneidentity,” said one judge. Koonowla VBBAEULSYUTSE Patrick of fruit flavours with deft“It doesn’t know what Clare Riesling Coonawarra Estate use of oak and a hintit wants to be; from 2016 HHHH1/2 Wrattonbully & of minerality. A well-colour, yellow fruits to Great nose with intense Coonawarra Riesling structured wine. $45crunchy apple – all very lime and citrus, lifted 2015 HHH1/2confusing.” floral perfume. Excellent A classic varietal nose flavour and balance that is already showing on the lively palate. signs of development, Summed up one judge yet still fresh. Good array as “Style and class.” of flavours and showing $20 promise. $25 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 127

NEW RELEASESKrackerjack Brash Vineyard Saint Clair Omaka Oxenberry Farm TheMargaret River Single Vineyard Reserve Marlborough Lemon Tree McLarenChardonnay Margaret River Chardonnay Vale Chardonnay2014 HHHH1/2 Chardonnay 2015 HHH1/2 2015 HHHHas what one judge 2015 HHHH A fuller style with notes “Good lees work,” saidcalled a “tight” palate, A tightly coiled palate of cashew nuts and one judge. Tightly woundbut with good varietal that shows lots of spice. The palate has a with complex aromasfruit flavours and textural promise, according to complex array of varietal of musk, white flowers,element that speaks one judge. White stone fruit flavours and great lemon and oatmealof lees stirring. Bigger fruits, melon and citrus, texture. $37.90 NZ with flavour, texture andstyle. $25 subtle use of oak. $35 length. $25Millon Estate The Landaire Handpicked Palmer WinesRoyal Eden Valley Single Vineyard Reserve Margaret Millon EstateChardonnay Padthaway River Chardonnay The Impressionist2014 HHHH1/2 Chardonnay 2014 HHH1/2 Eden ValleySubtle nose that 2014 HHHH Fresh, light fruit flavours Chardonnay VBBAEULSYUTSEindicates quality cool “Excellent use of oak,” and aromas of ripe 2014 HHHclimate fruit. Elegant said one judge. A well- melon and citrus, a hint Fresh, complex fruitvarietal characteristics structured, elegant of roasted nuts. Complex aromas with a hint ofsupported by “classy” and stylish wine that is and full, yet fine and cashew nuts. A cleanoak with a hint of “creamy, textured, fine restrained. $35 and fairly simple palatecashew nuts. $27.95 and long.” Enjoyed by all with generous flavours. judges. $28 The Wishing $12.95 Jester Hill Wines Tree Adelaide Touchstone Granite Chardonnay Sirromet Wines Andrew Peace Wines Belt Chardonnay 2015 HHH Signature Collection Masterpeace Victoria 2016 HHH1/2 Ripe stone fruits and Granite Belt Rosé 2016 HHHH1/2 Well-balanced fruit and citrus – a leaner style but Chardonnay Alluring nose of pink lady oak. Good expression of “well made,” said one 2014 HHH apples, also on the palate the variety with bright, judge. Complex nose “Big, rich, ripe fruit,” said with strawberries and clean fruit flavours and a and a slight textural hint one judge. The use of cranberries, nicely carried tightly coiled palate. $32 on the medium weight oak slightly dominant on along with some crunchy Rockcliffe Third palate. $15 the nose and palate, but acidity. “Great lift and Reef Great Southern overall a sound wine. $35 lingering flavour,” noted Chardonnay Oldenburg Vineyards one judge. $13 2015 HHH1/2 Stellenbosch Ripe melon fruits Chardonnay ROSÉ underpinned by a hint 2015 HHH of char and spice. Good “A classy style,” said one 15 TASTED flavour, balance and judge, with a creamy length with a touch of palate showing evidence 9 AWARDED minerality. $30 of lees stirring and careful oak treatment. A strong class across the Good length. $20 board from well made fresh and lively wines Sidewood VBBAEULSYUTSE with “crunchy” acid. Adelaide Hills Some were a touch lean. Chardonnay These were all dry or 2015 HHH had balanced sugar/acid Light and elegant nose ratios which was a good with hints of dusty oak thing, said the judges. and cashew nuts leading on to a tightly wound palate that has good varietal flavour, line and length. $20JUDGES - DAY 2 Jeremy Maxwell Marc Allgrove Winery manager Over 20 years in Stephen John at Maxwell Wines. the Australian wine Senior Winemaker for The Previously vintaged industry, both Australia Wine Group Australia and in Sonoma Val-ley, and abroad. Worked at owner/winemaker of Stephen Stellenbosch, Campagnia Hardy’s, Constellation, John Wines. More than 30 and Rhone Valley. Locally Chapel Hill (CEO) years’ winemaking experience. vintages at Wirra Wirra and director of the Has judged at Adelaide, and d'Arenberg. Has Phylloxera board. National, and Barossa wine completed the AWEC shows. Regular Winestate and WSET course with panellist and chairman of distinctions. judges at the Winestate Wine of the Year Awards.128 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tastingGlenwillow Wines Artwine Temptress Artwine Leave Howard Vineyard Palmer WinesBendigo Rosé Single Vineyard Your Hat On Single Clover Single Margaret River2016 HHHH1/2 Clare Valley Vineyard Clare Valley Vineyard Adelaide Malbec 2013 HHHA complex mix of Tempranillo Montepulciano Hills Cabernet Franc Deep, dark purple/strawberry and quince 2016 HHH 2015 HHHH1/2 2015 HHH1/2 red. Definite signs ofaromas with intriguing A “nice dry quaffing Dark crimson colour with Clean, fresh varietal fruit American oak meet richnotes of oyster shell and style,” observed one a deep, dark, intense with wafts of violets, “brooding” dark fruitsaltbush. The palate has judge. Flavours and nose – hint of leather. briar and spice. A fairly flavours with a hint ofpersistent flavour with aromas of fresh, Rich, ripe berry palate lean palate of medium black pepper and mochaa creamy texture, good ripe strawberries that has undertones of weight, but well- notes. $30length and a phenolic and peaches. Nicely chocolate and some structured/balanced. $24touch. $22 balanced. $20 “meaty” savoury Scarpantoni Estate Preston Peak SingleHoward Vineyard elements. “Needs food!” McLaren Vale Gamay Vineyard GranitePicnic Single Bunnamagoo Central stated one judge. $30 2015 HHH1/2 Belt Petit VerdotVineyard Cabernet Ranges Rosé Davey Estate “European” in style said Cabernet 2012 HHHFranc Adelaide Hills 2016 HHH Aficionado McLaren one judge. Fresh, ripe “Big, rich leathery nose,”Rosé 2016 HHH Fragrant floral and herbal Vale Red Blend raspberry driven nose and commented one judge.“Delicate vibrancy with notes. A wine that one 2015 HHHH palate – a nice quaffer that Blackberries, cassis andgreat balance, line and judge said has “Great Bright, vibrant purple would go down well with chocolate on the palatelength,” said one judge. line and length” with a in hue. The nose is pasta. $25 rounded out by finePale salmon in colour, touch of tannin rounding predominantly rich, red Scarpantoni Estate tannin. $32notes of floral and quince out the texture. $21.95 berry fruit leading on to McLaren Vale– a clean, fresh “quaffer.” a full, soft, round “juicy” Barbera 2015 HHH MERLOT &$18 Bird in Hand Pinot palate of cherries and Intense varietal fruit BLENDSRed Knot McLaren Adelaide Hills Rosé plums. Has texture and characteristics whichVale Rosé 2016 HHH 2016 HHH balance. $18 follow through on to a 6 TASTEDCitrus rind and pink Clean, fresh simple style Tenafeate Creek rich, concentrated palate. 2 AWARDEDgrapefruit on the nose, with musky aroma. A Wines Basket “An interesting wine!”repeated on the fine and fairly confected, textural Press One Tree Hill declared one judge. $25 Jeanneret Hummertightly wound palate. palate with some Montepulciano Landaire Single Clare Valley Merlot“Good balance,” said one residual sweetness 2014 HHHH Vineyard Estate 2012 HHHHjudge. $16.99 balanced by acidity. $25 The intense nose Grown Padthaway Divided opinionsShingleback promises rich, ripe plums Tempranillo here, but the majorityHaycutters Salmon Bird in Hand D&B and blackberries and the 2015 HHH enjoyed the slightlyMcLaren Vale Rosé Pour les Amour palate follows suit – an Lifted, fresh “estery” aged/developed2016 HHH Adelaide Hills Rosé opulent array of dark fruit fruit aromas with some characteristics. A soft,Some confection on 2016 HHH flavours. $28 earthy and leather easy, gentle wine withthe nose with hints of Salmon/pink blush colour undertones. A clean, “luscious” varietalmusk stick, but a fresh and a “bright, fresh, easy lively palate that has juicy fruit enhanced by wellstyle with a clean, well drink,” said one judge. A cherry flavours. $26 integrated tannin and oakbalanced palate. $18 clean and approachable Handcrafted treatment. $40 style. Well balanced. $35 by Geoff Hardy McLaren Vale Nero Claire Creek SEA OTHER RED D'Avola 2015 HHH Merlot 2015 HHH VARIETALS & Some intriguing aromatic Aromas and flavours of BLENDS and herbal notes on the ripe plums with a touch nose. Clean and fruit of vanillin oak. A soft and 15 TASTED driven style that one judge easy style with “velvet” 11 AWARDED declared would be the like fruits – a good perfect lunch wine. $30 quaffer. $5.99 Excellent line up of Millbrook Winery interesting alternative red Regional Geographe PINOT NOIR varietals. Led by Montys, Sangiovese which showed generous 2014 HHH 11 TASTED depth of fruit, combined The colour shows early 7 AWARDED with great structure, development, with some others included gamay, tarry hints on the cherry Mixed bag of nice wines, cabernet franc, barbera nose. Predominantly ripe without great intensity. and sangiovese. cherry flavours on a well- Some nice drinks here balanced palate. $22 but we probably need more! The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 129

NEW RELEASESSaint Clair Premium Colmar Estate Block Vinrock McLarenMarlborough Pinot 3 Orange Pinot Noir Vale GrenacheNoir 2015 HHH1/2 2015 HHH 2015 HHHA rich mix of red and A clean, fresh and Clean, ripe red fruitdark fruits with a hint of approachable style aromas with some nicespice and charry oak, all with good fruit purity. spice notes. Savoury redof which is reflected on Displaying some earthy and dark fruit flavoursthe palate. “Excellent undertones and a hint of with the spice alsoflavour,” said one judge. oak, with decent length. coming through on a$26.50 NZ $45 soft, gentle palate. $25Rockcliffe Single GRENACHE & Vinrock McLaren Deep Woods Estate Deep Woods VBBAEULSYUTSESite Great Southern BLENDS Vale G.S.M. Estate Margaret Estate EbonyPinot Noir 2015 HHH River Cabernet Margaret River2015 HHH1/2 8 TASTED A big, bold style with Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet ShirazDefinite notes of French 6 AWARDED an array of rich, ripe, 2014 HHHH1/2 2014 HHHHoak here, the palate fruit flavours and Complex nose of red “Good freshness ofshowing good fruit and Solid class of wines aromas. Showing and dark fruits with a lift fruit” showing aromas ofweight with an array of showing the spicy, flavours of liqueur of spice and rosemary, mulberry, boysenberryvarietal flavours. Perhaps berry characters of this cherry and spice with earthy undertones and and blackberry. Judiciousneeds a little time to variety, which is greatly some tarry notes. $25 dusty oak. A lovely, fresh use of oak and reliance onsettle down/sort itself underrated. varietal blend displaying natural tannin has kept thisout. $45 Rusty Mutt Rocky Ox rich cassis flavours, wine “textural and fresh”Satyr Hawke's Bay Tenafeate Creek McLaren Vale G.S.M. described by one judge said one judge. $15Pinot Noir Wines Dry Grown 2015 HHH as a “Well put together2014 HHH1/2 One Tree Hill A ripe, bright and wine.” $35 Domaine Asmara“Spicy and herbal” Grenache confected style that one Gralyn Estate Reserve Heathcoteshowing some “cherry 2015 HHHH judge thought needs a Reserve Margaret Cabernet Sauvignonripe” fruit flavours Excellent varietal little time. The rich fruit River Cabernet 2015 HHHobserved one judge. expression with flavours flavours on the palate are Sauvignon Good varietal expressionThe flavoursome palate and aromas of fresh, supported by good acid 2012 HHHH with mulberry andis supported by lively ripe confected fruit and and tannins. $30 Intriguing and complex boysenberry fruits,acidity and fine tannin. a dusting of spices. A nose of red currants, nice violet lift. Deft use$19 palate that was described CABERNET & black olives, earth, spice of French oak, tightlySileni Estate Cellar as “Lively, bright and BLENDS and cigar box. An elegant wound but will benefitSelection Hawke's delicious,” by one judge, palate that shows from time. $39Bay Pinot Noir and a wine that was 14 TASTED blackberry flavours2015 HHH enjoyed by all. $25 7 AWARDED with eucalypt mint and Water Wheel BendigoFresh, clean strawberry chocolate, good texture Cabernet Sauvignonaromas and flavours – a Grampians Estate “All over the shop,” and length. $120 2014 HHHsoft and easy expression GST Grampians said one judge. “A wide Some advancedof the variety. A well Grenache Shiraz variety of styles here development here, butbalanced wine with Tempranillo from cool climate, lean the majority liked it.delicate acidity and soft 2015 HHHH wines to forward/stale Mainly dark fruit aromastannins. $19.95 Deep, rich purple in wines that were past and flavours with someArtwine Saint colour with ripe, red their use by date.” The tobacco notes. $19Vincent Single raspberries on the nose best here showed greatVineyard Clare Valley and some pleasant varietal character from Karrawatta Christo'sPinot Noir 2015 HHH musky notes. Bright ripe cassis fruit and Paddock LanghorneRiper style driven by rich flavours of raspberries nicely integrated tannins. Creek Cabernetred fruits, with some and cherries with some Sauvignonsubtle vanillin oak and earthy undertones on a Palmer Wines 2014 HHHearthy tones. “Clean, well-structured palate, Margaret River Blackberry and redfresh and balanced” with good length. $28 Cabernet Sauvignon currant with hintsa “well weighted palate,” 2013 HHHHH of cedary oak. Onesaid one judge. $30 Grampians Estate Lifted aromas of judge enjoyed the tightRockcliffe Third Grampians Grenache blackcurrant and olives but generous palate,Reef Great Southern 2015 HHH with notes of violets and summing it up asPinot Noir 2015 HHH “Lifted, ripe christmas cake. “Rich “classy.” $54Full, rich, ripe expression confectionary nose” and and vibrant” with greatof the variety showing a “clean, soft, fresh” varietal fruit flavours.some new French oak. style that would be Well-weighted palateThe textured palate perfect for an al fresco with excellent line andshows ripe cherries lunch, declared one length, all wrapped upsupported by fine tannins judge. Raspberries with a with fine, integratedand a long finish. $30 hint of chocolate. $25 tannins. $30130 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

Your International wine specialists.. 982-992 Port Road, Albert Park, 5014 P: (08) 8349 1200 F: (08) 8349 1277 E: [email protected]

NEW RELEASESSHIRAZ & Rockcliffe SingleBLENDS Site Great Southern2016 - 2014 Shiraz 2014 HHH1/2 Ripe plums with hints of31 TASTED spice, coffee and tar. An19 AWARDED intense and rich wine,“A great class to judge,” but one with “beautifulsaid one judge. “The balance”, poise andbrightness of the fruit length. “All class” saidand structure offer great one judge. $45bang for your buck, withclassic Aussie character.” Sileni Estate CellarThe judges commented Selection Hawke'sthat the vintages of 2014 Bay Syrah 2015 HHHand 2015 are consistently The nose has perfume,strong across the board. white pepper and spice. An easy, approachableBellarine Estate lighter bodied style thatTwo Wives Bellarine emphasises red fruits.Shiraz 2015 HHHHH $19.95Described as “Rhonelike” by one judge, with Beresford Limited Tenafeate Creek Kings of Kangaroo Sth Coast byalluring aromas of ripe Release McLaren Wines Basket Press Ground Heathcote Shinglebackred fruits, a waft of Vale Shiraz One Tree Hill Shiraz Shiraz 2014 HHHH McLaren Vale Shirazroasted meat and hint of 2014 HHHHH 2014 HHHH1/2 Aromas of dark, 2015 HHHoak. The palate does not A cornucopia of lifted “A bright and attractive stewed plums and a Fresh red plumsdisappoint – deep, rich mint, chocolate, drink,” was how one fairly “big” palate, but supported by sweetand generous, a bigger raspberry and red fruits, judge summed it up. one that gets your vanillin oak. The judgesstyle that needs food with a nod to vanillin oak. Herbal notes and some attention. Described by were divided on this one,and will benefit from “Good freshness, great toasty oak on the nose, one judge as a “well but the majority foundcellaring. $27.99 line and persistence, with ripe red berry fruits thought out wine” good depth and varietal excellent attention to flowing on to a slightly having good weight, flavours. $14.95 extraction,” noted one sweet palate that has texture and structure Grampians Estate judge. “Full and juicy flavours of cherry cola, rounded out by well The Stawell Gift with fine tannins,” said liquorice, coffee and integrated tannins. $34 Grampians Shiraz another. $80 chocolate. $25 2015 HHH Vin Vale by Lifted aromas of herbs Karrawatta Shingleback Local Shingleback and mint telling of cooler Joseph Langhorne Heroes McLaren Vale McLaren Vale Shiraz climate fruit. One judge Creek Shiraz Shiraz Grenache 2015 HHH1/2 called this a “fresh and 2014 HHHH1/2 2015 HHHH Dark plums, red and black vibrant style,\" enjoying The nose has aromas “Soft and approachable,” cherries with a hint of the array of fruit and of ripe red and said one judge. Medium coffee grounds supported other flavours. $20 dark fruits with a bodied with a lift of by subtle oak treatment. Gumpara Wines sprinkling of spice. The confectionary, floral, A “fruit forward” style Victor's Old Vine flavoursome palate is lavender and rosemary with excellent depth of Barossa Valley Shiraz “rich, integrated and on the nose, on to a flavour, well-structured. 2015 HHH long” wrapped up “meaty” palate with $14.95 Definitely a crowd pleaser with “velvet” tannins highlights of cherry – a slightly sweetish palate – enjoyed by all the compote and rhubarb. Shingleback VBBAEULSYUTSE that combines rich, ripe judges. $54 $19 Aficionado fruit with the influence of McLaren Vale vanillin oak. $25 Domaine Asmara Shiraz 2015 HHH1/2 Domaine Asmara Reserve Heathcote A softer, riper expression Private Collection Shiraz 2015 HHHH of the variety. Vanillin Heathcote Shiraz Sweet and “meaty” oak and cherry notes 2015 HHH aromas with ripe plums, with a violet lift, the A well rounded wine cherries and raspberries. tightly wound but rich with red and dark fruit “A good mix of red palate shows dark cherry aromas and flavours. and black fruits,” noted and chocolate flavours. The tight, medium one judge, who added $15.99 bodied palate has cherry that the wine had good flavours supported by balance and length Water Wheel Bendigo toasty oak. $35 with “soft and supple” Shiraz 2014 HHH1/2 tannins. $45 “Very bright” said one judge, with pronounced “choc mint” aroma and flavour – perhaps some viognier? A “pretty” wine that has nuances of stone fruit and spice. $19132 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

wine & spirit insider tastingThe Wishing Tree Krackerjack Bin Landaire Single SWEET WHITE Conte Estate WinesAdelaide Shiraz 213 Margaret River Vineyard Estate Sticky Gecko Noble2014 HHH Shiraz Cabernet Grown Padthaway 5 TASTED Rot Botrytis McLarenRipe plums, wood Sauvignon Shiraz 2013 HHH1/2 3 AWARDED Vale Gewurztraminerspices, earthy notes and 2013 HHHHH “Ripe, dark plums” with Small class but some 2010 HHHHa hint of confection. An “Great freshness for age,” a “tight but focussed lovely examples of sweet Citrus peel, candiedeasy, approachable style said one judge. Aromas palate,” said one judge. and fortified styles. orange, marmalade andwith some depth and of beef stock, saltbush, Plum, cherry clove and Balance of sugar and acid honey aromas, nicelycomplexity. $15 red and dark berries with spice with a peppermint is key here! reflected on the palate. earthy undertone and lift indicating a cool Lovely botrytis style withYarrawood Estate cedary oak. The long climate style. $32 Pertaringa Rampart a long and generousTall TalesYarra Valley palate delivers with red Preston Peak The McLaren Vale palate. $25Shiraz 2014 HHH cherry and blackcurrant Rock Single Vineyard Vintage Fortified Pertaringa LakesidePredominantly ripe, red flavours rounded out by Granite Belt Shiraz 2015 HHHHH South Australiafruits with “meaty” fine tannins. $25 2012 HHH1/2 All judges were struck by Moscato 2016 HHHaromas and flavours, a A lovely, rich “Aussie” the brightness and purity Alluring aromas of lychee,touch of coffee bean. Palmer Wines style was how one judge of fruit, one saying that jasmine, clove and musk.A full, round and ripe Margaret River describe this wine, also this wine has a “long Residual sugar on thepalate. $28 Shiraz 2013 noting the freshness of life ahead.” Blackberries, palate nicely balanced HHHH1/2 fruit supported by a well- black cherries and with gentle acidity.Rockcliffe Third Dark cherry, liquorice and structured, long palate. $53 liquorice flavours, with “Fresh and aromatic,”Reef Great Southern pepper, hints of smoky Millon Estate The just the right amount of said one judge. $20Shiraz 2014 HHH meat. A full, generous Royal Barossa Valley sweetness and tannins“Polished dark cherry and “honest” palate that Shiraz 2013 HHH to wrap it all up. $35fruit,” said one judge, is driven by bright fruit An array of ripe red fruitswith a “supple and long flavours, with a touch of with some sweetishpalate.” Balance is the key sweet vanillin oak and oak influence. Soft andhere, along with some firm but fine tannins. $35 supple palate, an easylifted aromatics. $30 and approachable wine. Preston Peak East $29.95SHIRAZ & West Single Vineyard Angullong CrossingBLENDS 2013 Granite Belt Shiraz Reserve Orange& OLDER 2012 HHHH1/2 Shiraz 2013 HHH “Powerful, ripe, rich berry A medium bodied style16 TASTED fruit” and “A very classy that has floral lift on the8 AWARDED wine,” said one judge. A nose with some meaty palate that is intense but notes. “Ripe cherry andSome excellent wines soft, with great balance, berry fruit,” said onehere but others were length and well integrated judge. $48tired and extracted. tannins. $64“These should have beenbottled earlier,” said one Koonowla VBBAEULSYUTSEjudge. “Winemakers The Ringmasterdidn’t understand that Clare Shirazthey were making an 2013 HHH1/2early red by excess whole Softer expression of thebunch experimentation; variety with some herbalgood for early impact but and floral notes on thenot for aging.” nose. Plums and cherries on the palate with hints of pepper, spice and capsicum. $15 when water is a problem, compost & mulch is the solution. The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 133

Australia & New Zealand Tasting Express and Wine Display - Vinitaly Veronafiere, Verona April 10-13, 2016Conducted by Peter Jackson Vinitaly 2016 statistics: The wines displayed were:(Winestate Magazine) • Over 92,000 square meters of displays The wine companies and wines to enjoy Winestate Magazine, as the Australian include:media sponsor of Vinitaly (the world’s with 4400 producers featuring over 30,000largest wine expo) conducted the Australia individual wines. Wines for Joanie (Tasmania) 2014display of selected premium wines as well Wines for Joanie Chardonnayas a guided tasting of a number of boutique • 15 display halls plus external displays ofwines to professional and enthusiast Bird in Hand (Adelaide Hills) 2012 Birdgroups during Vinitaly. wine equipment, foods, beer and olive oil. in Hand Nest Egg Chardonnay Vinitaly and the wines from Australia and • 4,400 exhibitors (Winestate again was Mount Avoca (Victoria) 2015 LagreinNZ were extensively promoted by bothWinestate Magazine (print, digital and the ONLY Australian display at the event). Totino Estate (Adelaide Hills) 2012website) as well as Vinitaly in the lead up Francesco Reserve Shirazto, and during Vinitaly. The Australian event • Winestate partnered with Tourismwas featured in online promotions, as well Possingham & Summers (McLarenas the hard copy catalogue and CD ROM Northern Territory and South Australian Vale) 2012 Possingham and Summersdistributed to tens of thousands of media Tourism to provide an exciting new option Signature Shirazand professional visitors. for visitors from the EU promoting the “Explorer’s Way” travelling between Molly’s Cradle (McLaren Vale) 2013 Winestate was provided with web pages Adelaide and Darwin. Cradle Shirazon the web page in both Italianas well as English that included a menu for • Over 150,000+ registered guests - the Macaw Creek (Clare Valley) 2008 MountTasting Express. Lofty Ranges Reserve Shiraz Cabernet 2016 numbers reported as being a similar In addition, the March/April 2016 issue number to previous years. Midnights Promise (Hunter Valley,of Winestate featured the wines on display NSW) 2013 Midnights Promise Shirazwith a series of display advertising from • Open to the public on the Sunday 6ththe participating wineries. This magazine Latitude 34 Wine Company (Westernwas distributed to guests who tasted the April - all visitors required to pay 50 Euro Australia) 2012 Optimus The Terraceswines, along with it being sent to local admission each day. ShirazItalian importers. The magazine wasalso distributed to the newsstands at the Tasting Express at Vinitaly Hastwell & Lightfoot (McLaren Vale)Veronafiere complex. Hastwell & Lightfoot 2012 Cabernet The Australian Tasting Express program, Sauvignon now in its 8th year was titled – Boutique Wines of Australia - It was the only event Simon Hackett (McLaren Vale) 2010 from Australia or New Zealand. Simon Hackett “The Champion” Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon The tasting featured 11 wines. The tasting was professionally run by the Vinitaly staff and professional sommeliers from the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers. Vinitaly also supplied Italian speaking staff to assist with translation during the presentation. Guests were charged 20 Euro (by Vinitaly).134 W I N E S TAT E September/October 2016

The tasting went for 90 minutes in English It was also noted by the guests (at both 3. There is an amazing demand for Touristwith Italian translation. There were 50 the Tasting Express and the display), thatpaying guests. They were from countries there was no Australian or NZ participation information on Australian wines anddiverse as Italy, Russia, Belarus, Poland, in Vinitaly apart from Winestate Magazine. our wine regions. We must promote theGermany, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Some guests at both Tasting Express and diverse regions and icon styles acrossNorway, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, UK, also at the Winestate display expressed the country. Some asked for a wine fromUSA, China and Canada. concern that they could not arrange the region of Australia called “the South business with Australian (or NZ) wine East Australia” region and asked where Their background was varied but many representatives (from other companies) it was on our displayed wine map(!) Itwere involved directly in wine buying, at what is the world’s biggest wine event. was explained to all who asked whatimporting, distribution or hospitality. Those The wines represented on the Winestate this meant and how Winestate waswho attended the Winestate Display were displays were well received with comments promoting regionality (and has done sosimilarly from diverse backgrounds. A large such as “amazing”, “unlike anything from for the last 30 years).number of trainee sommeliers attended. Italy or France”, “I did not realise that Australia and New Zealand made wines of 4. Many the guests were from professionalFeedback - Tasting Express, Tourism this quality” and most commonly “whereSA & NT and Winestate can I buy these wines in my country?” buying groups, sommeliers, restaurant owners, hotel groups and more. Over The overall feedback was extremely All guests were provided with brochures half were from outside Italy. Buyers /positive with guests commenting on the as well as all contact details of the suppliers. importers from China, Netherlands, Italy,distinct styles apparent from the wines UK, USA, Slovenia, Slovakia, Swedenfrom each Australian region. There was On Day 1 over 6,000 glasses were poured and Malta commenced businessextensive discussion on climate, irrigation, on the Australia site. negotiations with many participatingscrew cap vs cork, as well as some quite wine companies.enthusiastic discussions regarding alcohol Observations and Some Conclusions.content. 5. Vinitaly is a meeting place for wine 1. Every guest who tried the wines was buyers from all countries who come to impressed with the quality and surprised taste and discover wines from around at the low price. It was agreed that many the world - not just Italy. restaurants (particularly in Italy) would like to feature a premium Australian or 6. Those bottles that displayed the NZ wine on their list but there was no distributor (yet) available to buy from. Winestate medal were commented on favourably – it was agreed this would 2. The display featured Tasmanian help in retail and hospitality sales. Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, as well as a SA Sauvignon Blanc. It was surprising the number of buyers that requested tasting of these - in particular the Chardonnay. This had not occurred in previous years. Comments were very positive. Perhaps southern Europe is a possible target market for Chardonnay!

BEST VALUE BUYS - All under $20Koonowla Clare Koonowla James Busby Story Bay Sidewood Adelaide HillsRiesling 2016 The Ringmaster Clare Margaret River Semillon Chardonnay 2015Great nose with intense lime Riesling 2016 Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Light and elegant nose with hintsand citrus, lifted floral perfume. “Beautiful ripe lime and citrus of dusty oak and cashew nutsExcellent flavour and balance aromatics,” declared one judge. A classic with great use of both leading on to a tightly woundon the lively palate. Summed A clean, fresh and long palate varieties; a balance of grassy and palate that has good varietalup one judge as, “Style and that is well balanced with good snow pea-like characters. $12 flavour, line and length. $20class.” $20 acidity. $15 First Choice Liquor Sidewood EstateKoonowla Wines Koonowla Wines Phone: 1300 308 833 Phone: +61 08 8389 9234Phone: +61 08 8849 2080 Phone: +61 08 8849 2080 Email: customerservice@ Email: [email protected]: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Web: Web: Web: VALUE WINES OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND$U2N0DE&R Is updated in each issue of The Wine & Spirit Insider. TO QUALIFY (NZ $25 & UNDER) Some wines may - if they are still available - remain in the next issue’s Best Value Wines listing. Others 1 Wines must have first been recommended will sell out, or be replaced by higher-rated wines. in Winestate Magazine style or new release The Wine & Spirit Insider’s Best Value Wines listing tastings. Style tastings are defined as varietal comprises the best wines currently available, from big- tastings - eg, shiraz, chardonnay, etc. - or name brands and the higher volume ‘second labels’ blended styles such as shiraz/cabernet wines. from the smaller producers, as tasted by Winestate 2 Wines from designated regional tastings Magazine panels. The Best Value Wines listing gives are eligible provided they are widely available. credit to the value wines in the marketplace - wines 3 All wines must be currently available from that would otherwise be overshadowed by their much the winery, or be readily available in the more expensive cousins. marketplace. Cellar door wine is ineligable.136 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

Millon Estate The Tiki Estate Marlborough James Busby Rich & McPherson Wine Co.Impressionist Eden Valley Pinot Noir Rosé 2015 Spicy Australia Shiraz Curious SEA Shiraz 2015Chardonnay 2014 Instantly appealing, very floral Cabernet 2014 Subdued nose; hints of berries and charming rosé, fresh and and oak with a respectableFresh, complex fruit aromas with vibrantly fruity. Salmon pink, Spicy fruit and dusty oak on the amount of dark fruits on the longa hint of cashew nuts. A clean with good body and strong yet nose and nice varietal characters warm palate. Good drink. $14.99and fairly simple palate with delicate plum, strawberry and on the lightweight palate. Goodgenerous flavours. $12.95 spice flavours, smooth and drinking here. 3-5 $4 McPherson Wines Pty Ltd vivacious. $23 Phone: +61 03 92630200The Collective Wine Company First Choice Liquor Email: [email protected]: +61 2 9955 2008 TMV Ltd t/aTiki Wines Ltd Phone: 1300 308 833 Web: [email protected] Phone: +64 3 326 5551 Email: customerservice@Web: www. Email: [email protected] Web: Web: The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 137

BEST VALUE BUYS - All under $20Shingleback Aficionado Salena Estate Wines James Busby Big & Bold Shearer's Hill PremiumMcLaren Vale Shiraz 2015 Legacy Loxton Shiraz Australia Shiraz 2015 Langhorne CreekA softer, riper expression of 2014 Shiraz 2014the variety. Vanillin oak and Simple, soft and very drinkable Deep purple wine with good Smells of fruit cake; nicecherry notes with a violet lift, showing some bottle depth and intensity of dark peppery presence and anthe tightly wound but rich palate development and fruit cake berry fruits, smoky oak and 'honest', savoury, oak dominatedshows dark cherry and chocolate characters. $12 wrapped up in firm grippy palate. $18flavours. $15.99 tannins. 1-2 $4 Salena Estate Wines CMV Farms/Shearer's HillShingleback Phone: +61 08 8584 1333 First Choice Liquor Phone: +61 0477 003 133Phone: +61 8 8323 9199 Email: [email protected] Phone: 1300 308 833 Email: [email protected]: [email protected] Web: Email: customerservice@ Web: Web: PUBLIC TASTING BEST WEST~ OF THE ~ Winestate Best of the West ~ 500 of the best wines from WA Friday 20 January 2017 ~ 6pm - 8.30pm ~ Perth Hyatt Regency Ballroom Winestate magazine Subscribers can be allocated TWO free tickets upon request. Additional tickets $50 each Ticket requests ~ [email protected] or call 08 8357 9277138 The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

Blaxland Vineyards Beresford Bell Tower Deep Woods Estate Ebony Koonowla TheDomain Barossa McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014 Margaret River Cabernet Ringmaster ClareBlack Tongue Barossa Subtle licorice note to the fruity Shiraz 2014 Shiraz 2013Shiraz 2014 aromas. Rich layered oak driven “Good freshness of fruit” Softer expression of the variety palate; good fruit beneath. showing aromas of mulberry, with some herbal and floralDark fruit bouquet with subtle $18.99 boysenberry and blackberry. notes on the nose. Plums andclove overtones. Generous juicy Judicious use of oak and reliance cherries on the palate withfruit flavours with good use of Vok Beverages on natural tannin has kept this hints of pepper, spice andoak and acid. 3-5 $16 Phone: +61 08 8182 1841 wine “textural and fresh” said capsicum. $15 Email: [email protected] one judge. $15Blaxland Vineyards P/L Web: Koonowla WinesPhone: +61 0408 558 219 Fogarty Wine Group Phone: +61 08 8849 2080Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 8 9282 5450 Email: [email protected]: Email: [email protected] Web: Web: when water is a problem, compost & mulch is the solution. The Wine & Spirit INSIDER 139

BEST VALUE BUYS - All under $20GMH South Australia Shingleback Red Knot Hereford Heathcote Trentham Estate MurrayShiraz 2014 McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015 Shiraz 2015 Darling Noble Taminga 2013 (375ml)Savoury toasty oak aromas. Meaty characters to the Youthful sweet berry bouquet Delicious golden wine. LovelyVelvety smooth, dark fruit palate nose and a rich palate with and somewhat sweet and lift of honeysuckle and orangehas balance, some complexity mouthfilling dark fruit/blueberry simple palate with slightly tart blossom on the honeyed noseand tonnes of tannins. $20 flavours and some fine tannins. acidity. $15 and a long luscious toffee and $14.95 marmalade palate that hasWines by Geoff Hardy balance and length. $16Phone: +61 08 8388 3700 Shingleback C&J WinesEmail: richard@winesbygeoffhardy. Phone: +61 08 8323 9199 Phone: +61 408 474 833 Trentham Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 03 5024 8888Web: www.handcraftedbygeoffhardy. Web: Web: Email: [email protected] Web: wine & spiritA U S T R A L I A N & N E W Z E A L A N D Issue 149 | September/October 2016Editor & Publisher Winestate Web Site electronic medium or machine-readable form without E-mail: [email protected] the express permission of the publisher. Every care isPeter Simic E-mail: [email protected] taken in compiling the contents of this publication, butManaging Editor Printing DAI Rubicon the publisher assumes no responsibility for the effects Website: arising therefrom. ABN 56 088 226 411Lara Simic E-mail: [email protected] Bozsoki E-mail: [email protected] Designer WINESTATE is published seven times a year by Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd.Naomi Fry E-mail: [email protected] WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD, Telephone (08) 8357 9277Marketing Manager 81 King William Road, Unley SA 5061. Facsimile (08) 8357 9212 Copyright 2016 by WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD. E-mail [email protected] Jackson E-mail: [email protected] This publication may not, in whole or in part, be copied, Website Coordinator photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any E-mail: [email protected] The Wine & Spirit INSIDER

Situated near Denmark on the pristine South Coast of Western AustraliaCellar Door & Function Centre Taste the wines, Walk the wildflower trails & enjoy the view! Peg, Peter and Anthony Buxton 141 1847 Redmond West Road, Denmark WA 6333 Telephone: (08) 9845 3031 Mobile: 0428 453 031 Email: [email protected] w w . y i l g a r n i a . c o m . a uThe Wine & Spirit INSIDER

The world at your fleet.For Australian and New Zealand wine shippers, it’s a world of opportunity. In fact exportersof all our premium commodities are benefiting from Hamburg Süd’s global services spread.With our reliable fixed-day weekly sailings to all key markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe,North America and South America, our sophisticated cargo care systems and our logisticsresources, we’re the carrier of choice for all outward looking, forward thinking producers.No matter what.

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