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Giving-agreeing-and-disagreeing-opinions (1)

Published by Nurroymee Doloh, 2021-02-19 04:57:05

Description: Giving-agreeing-and-disagreeing-opinions (1)


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What do you think?

Objective Students can seek and give personal opinions in informal discussion with friends agreeing and disagreeing politely Focus on Speaking

Contents Common Expressions Common Expressions Used to Show Used to Show Agreemen Disagreemen Giving opinions in Islam Activity 1,2 Quiz 1,2 t t

Let’s study

Common Expressions Used to Show Agreement Absolutely! / These words Definitely! / express a strong Of Course! agreement with another person. Examples: Do you think that eating less meat is better for the environment? Absolutely!

I agree with you a This is another way hundred percent. to express that you’re in complete agreement with someone. Example: Nothing can replace the feeling of reading paper books. I agree with you a hundred percent.

You can say that This indicates a again! very strong agreement. Example: We shouldn’t worry about things we can’t control. You can say that again!

Common Expressions Used to Show Disagreement I beg to differ. This phrase is usually considered a strong, formal and very polite phrase used for disagreements. Example: Chocolate cake is the best cake. I beg to differ. While chocolate cake is good, coconut cake is the best, in my opinion.

To be honest, I This is a polite way don’t agree with to disagree with someone. that. Example: Skateboarding is a lot safer than riding a bike. To be honest, I don’t agree with that. I know more people who have had skateboarding accidents than bike accidents.

You can’t be serious! This is again an informal way to disagree with someone strongly. It also expresses disbelief. Examples: I think we should stop printing books because no one reads anymore.

If you want to nd out even more about this important topic, then check out this short video below for some key phrases that you can memorize: Nbr fi

Giving opinions in Islam ‘You shall not use force on them; rather, use this Quran to warn those who fear My threats.’ (50:45) ความหมาย: เรา ง ง พวกเขาก าว เเละเ า ไ เ น นาจเห อพวกเขา ง นเ าจง กเ อน วย ล รอาน เเ ก ว อ ญญา ายของ า ้ข้รัส่ตัล่ีทู้ผ่ก้ีนุกัอ้ดืตัต้จ้ันัดืนำอีม่ีทู้ผ็ป้ดิม้จ่ล่ีท่ิส่ิยีดู้ร .

Let’s practice

Activity 1 Upload the le here • Each student gets a copy of the handout with eight statements. • Read each statement and write ‘A’ if you agree, or ‘D’ if you disagree • Next, you choose three statements that you would like to discuss. • Ask your friends to compare the choices in pairs. f . i

Upload the le here Activity 2 Four in a Row – Agreeing and Disagreein Part 1. Write three questions for discussion with your group mates. The questions should be good for giving opinions and agreeing and disagreeing E.g. Do you think the students should wear the uniform or casual clothes in the school 1 2 3 Part 2. In groups, ask your questions and have a conversation. Try to use the these expressions. If you use an expression successfully, you can cross it off. The rst student to cross off four squares in a row is the winner (Note: After using an expression, you have to say some reasons why you choose it) . .if . . . ? . gif

Agreeing and disagreeing quiz 6. If you say \"I couldn't agree with you more\", it means yo Chose the correct answer totally agre 1. If you're agreeing with someone, it means you no longer agre have _______ views on the topic you're totally disagre discussing 7. Which expresses the strongest disagreement correc I'm not so sure about that differen Not necessarily the sam No way 2. Which is best for listening to people agreeing 8. If someone says \"Exactly!\" after you've shared and disagreeing an opinion, it means they _______ with you a news repor strongly disagre a history lectur strongly agre a political debat might agre 3. Which expression shows you strongly agree 9. What can you say if someone interrupts you with what someone's just said before you've nished making your point That's for sure You didn't let me nish I'm not so sure You didn't nish me Well, I suppose so Sorry, go ahead 4. Which expresses weak or unsure agreement on 10. What can you say to settle an argument or something end a discussion that's getting too heated No doubt about it I beg to differ I doubt it Can I throw my two cents in I guess so Let's just agree to disagree 5. Which expression makes it clear that you're Go to Quizizz sharing an opinion, not stating a fact As far as I'm concerned.. As far as I can tell.. As far as I know.. . . . ? . . . ? . . . ? e e t ? e t t . . ? . ? . .if .if ?if e e e . . . . ? e e e u

Correct answers 1. The sam 2. A political debat 3. That's for sur 4. I guess so 5. As far as I'm concerned.. 6. Totally agre 7. No wa 8. Strongly agre 9. You didn't let me nis 10. Let's just agree to disagre e hif e y e . . e e e

Order the words into the correct sentence agree make order people put shoul I _____(1) that _____(2) _____(3) _____(4) in a long time in _____(5) to _____(6) a good decision my opinion reasons several support there’ _____(7) _____(8) _____(9) to _____(10) _____(11) _____(12) all decision helpful it make mos _____(13) of _____(14) _____(15) is very _____(16) to _____(17) a good _____(18) electronic store example laptop computer models old wante For _____(19) two years ago, I _____(20) to buy a _____(21). My old computer was too _____(22) and slow. So I went to a big _____(23) near my house. But there were too many _____(24) And I didn’t know what to choose. So I came back home and visited some online web sites compared effort information regret research review There were many _____(25) and there was lots of _____(26) online. I _____(27) many things, such as size, weight, and so on It took lots of time and _____(28) but I did my _____(29) and after two months I was able to buy a nice computer, and I don’t _____(30) it and is so that think wh _____(31) _____(32) _____(33) _____(34) I _____(35) _____(36). Upload le here if y . . s . d . t . s . d

Correct answers (1) agree (13) most (25) informatio (2) people (14) all (26) researc (3) should (15) it (27) compare (4) put (16) helpful (28) review (5) order (17) make (29) effor (6) make (18) decision (30) regre (7) there’s (19) example (31) an (8) Several (20) wanted (32) wh (9) reasons (21) computer (33) tha (10) support (22) old (34) i (11) my (23) store (35) thin (12) opinion (24) electronic (36) s o k s t y d t t s d h n

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