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Published by ruemilla.c15a0527, 2020-08-10 13:10:06

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Ruemilla Unekrishnan Bachelor Of Creative Technology With Honours Graphic Design PORTFOLIO

Hello, welcome to my studio 1

Contents About Me My Resume Branding Logo Promotional Items Festive Items Pacakging Illustrtaion Art & Craft 2

About me Ruemilla Unekrishnan Graphic Designer A pixel-prefect Graphic Designer who take great pride in creating visually stunning design. Ruemilla has the talent and ability to be able to quickly understand complex client requirements and the come up with simple and logical solution. On a personal level side, she is eager to take a new challenge in order to progress her career further. 3

My Resume Phone no +6 10 372 3227 Experience Email University [email protected] Resident Artist 2019 Education University Malaysia Kelantan The Northam All Suite Penang Bachelor of creative technology with honours All promotion materials including packaging, ( Visual Communication ) booklet, poster, flyers, and incharge of the social media accounts. Skills Languages Graphic Designer 2020 Photoshop English HNG Capital Sdn Bhd Illustrator Malay Indesign Tamil All promotion materials including packaging, booklet, poster, flyers, corporate identity including logo business cards, collaterals and restaurant brand identity. Incharge of five hospitality outlets.. 4

01 Branding 5 Macalister Mansion, Penang Hotel Whitegrass, Singapore Restaurant

Collaterals Macalister Mansion Collaterals 6

Blanc DATIN KAREN CHAN 7 Director [email protected] 228 Macalister Road, George Town, 10400 Penang

02 Logo DON By Blanc Blanc Restaurant W Kitchen Asian Food Restaurant 8

DON By Blanc Blanc is a fine dining resraurant in Macalister Mansion, Penang. This DON by Blanc logo was created as a second logo for the takeaway and delivery promotion due to MCO. The identity and element used in the logo is based on the outlet logo itself. Logo : DON By Blanc 9

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen W Kitchen W Kitchen is a newly opening restaurant. The logo designed following the customers request. Customer request a simple desisgned with the letter of “W” in it. Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Logo : W Kitchen 10

03 Promotional Items 11 Booklet Whitegrass Restaurant / Macalister Mansion Flyers Whitegrass Restaurant / Macalister Mansion Menu Card The Northam All Suite Penang Banner The Northam All Suite Penang / Whitegrass Restaurant

Whitegrass Sales Kit Whitegrass Sales kit designed aligned with the Whitegrass brand manual. The main reason is to remain the consistency and avoid confusion. Book : Whitegrass Sales kit Size : A4 Orientation : Portrait 12

Macalister Mansion Wedding Package This booklet is to promote the wedding package that Macalister Mansion offers. The booklet is used in online and offline version. All the package is based on the theme. Book : Wedding Package Size : A4 Orientation : Portrait 13

This is the second page of the booklet. This is photo is the latest outdoor photo of the hotel. Each package is differenciate by the colour and photo used. 14

Whitegrass Brand Book Whitegrass is a fine dining restarant located at Singapore. This reataurant has been rebranded by the branding team. The manual book is designed aligned with the branding team. The concept of the new Whiterass is minimal, clean and elegant. Book : Whitegrass Brand Manual Size : A4 Orientation : Landscape 15

Flyers Item: Flyers Size : A4 / A5 Orientation : Portrait 16

Menu Cards Item: Menu Size : A4 / A5 Orientation : Portrait 17

Banner 18

04 Festive Items 19 Greeting Cards Greeting Cards Red Packet

Greeting Cards Greeting cards is designed based on the Whitegrass restaurant brasn manual. This greeting cards is inspiration is minimalist and elegant. Cards : Greeting Cards Size : A5 Orientation : Portrait 20

Festive Greeting Cards Festive greeting cards are designed for all the festive. The cards are designed for Chines New Year 2020. Each artwork is aligned with their own brand identity. This artwork is used in the social media such as facebook and instagram. Cards : Chinese New Year Size : A5 Orientation : Portrait 21

Red Packet Red Packet is common known as “Ang pau” and “Sampul duit Raya”. The red packet is design for Chinese New Year for The Northam All Suite Penang. Item : Red Packet Back Size : A4 Orientation : Portrait Item : Red Packet Front Size : A4 Orientation : Portrait Item : Red Packet Size : A4 Orientation : Portrait 22

05 Packaging Takeaway Carrier Paper Bag 23

Takeaway Carrier This carrier is designed for a Grab & Go promotion at The northam All Suite Penang, The promotion consist of 1 cup of coffee and a pastries of your choice. This carrier will be convinent to carry the pastries and coffee . Item : Takeaway Carrier Size : 8cm x 20cm x 20cm 24

Paper Bag This paper bag was designed for takeaway & delievry serive during MCO. The paper bag size is based on the size of the food box provided by the restaurant. Item : Paper Bag Size : 12cm x 6cm x 12cm 25

06 Illustration Pencil Charcoal Colour Pencil Watercolour Digital 26

Pencil All this drawing are drawn using different shades of pencil such as 2b, 3b, hb, 8b, and so on. Material : Pencils Size: A4/ A1 27

Charcoal All this drawing are drawn using different shades of Charcoal pncils such as soft, medium and hard. Material : Charcoal Pencil Size: A4/ A1 28

Colour Pencil All this pictures are drawn and coloured using the normal stabilo colour pencil. Material : Colour Pencils Size: A3 29

Watercolour It was an intervarsity competition organised by the University. This painting was rewarded as the champion for the competition. Material : w Size: A3 30

Digital 31

07 Art & Craft DIY Phone Casing Deepavali Koolam 32

Deepavali Koolam DIY Phone Casing 13

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