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Published by software.development, 2015-12-22 04:54:47

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A Issue 1 BUILDING ENGINEERING SERVICES ASSOCIATION New look, new era Why your membership means more Also in this issue What’s changing? P4 President’s perspective P7 Technical news P8 Member benefits P14 Supporting your business P16 @BESAGroup BESA Group

BESA chief executive Paul McLaughlin Welcome BESA Update 01 In this issue: What’s changing? P4 President’s perspective P7 Technical news P8 Lobbying P10 Training P12 Member benefits P14 Supporting your business P16 Paul McLaughlin Member spotlight P19 New look, new era Social media P21 P22 Events calendar Foreword by BESA chief executive Paul McLaughlin* Welcome to the first edition of your in ensuring building engineering services technologies needed to provide high brand new BESA Magazine and are positioned right at the heart of this quality buildings. welcome to your new look massive effort to transform our country. You can be assured that your association association too. will continue to push hard on your This magazine is part of a wave of Crucial behalf. The current political impetus communications designed to capture the behind construction, along with the feedback we have received from members Firms with specialist building rising value of specialist skills, gives us a about the services you find most valuable engineering skills are central to the great opportunity to drive home the fair and the wider industry issues that matter Chancellor’s aspirations; making them payment message once and for all. most to your businesses. crucial to the national economy and many of our social goals. There is We are also working hard to make sure the We have introduced some subtle changes plenty of work out there, but there are industry gets its fair share of the promised to the association’s identity so that we also some major hurdles to overcome three million new apprenticeships so you can now be referred to simply as the if we are to ensure members of BESA have more skilled people to choose from. ‘Building Engineering Services Association’. can turn opportunity into profit. The work you all do is increasingly We also have a new look and logo. These important and it is our role, as your are not simply cosmetic changes, but For example, there are big concerns over trade association, to support your efforts are designed to reflect the changing role the shortage of skilled people and over to deliver and meet client aspirations. of building engineering services and its cash flow within our supply chains. It is Building engineering services are at the key position within construction and the crucial, therefore, that the government heart of social change and the country’s country at large. recognises the vital role of this sector and acts to support it. future growth and you, as members of This magazine is designed to showcase the BESA, are right at the heart of building the work we are doing for you and Late and unfair payment practices engineering services. also the work you are doing for the are putting many specialist country. Chancellor George Osborne has contractors at risk and, in turn, “ Major opportunities are launched his new National Infrastructure undermining important national opening up for building Commission with access to £100bn projects. The association has been engineering services and worth of investment over the next five lobbying hard for the adoption your association is changing years and we have a crucial part to play of modern payment methods so to keep pace ” you can invest in the skills and BESA chief executive Paul McLaughlin. *Paul McLaughlin was appointed chief executive of BESA in August 2015. BESA Group 2 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 3

WHAT’S CHANGING? Making membership mean more… First and foremost there is a requirement material, giving members the opportunity to tell to raise the visibility of BESA and the A role it plays in the sector. To ensure the story of their business, their relationship with the we increase the level of awareness in of advertisements across high profile means to them. All activity BUILDING ENGINEERING the sector, we will be running a range association and what it SERVICES ASSOCIATION websites, as well as starting an active will be run under the tag campaign to target specifiers and end line ‘membership means clients. Reaching these key decision more.’ If you would like to makers is vital to ensure they are aware be considered for future of BESA and the quality that membership campaigns, just drop us a line conveys, hopefully giving our members on [email protected] an advantage when competing for and we will be in touch! Member brochure business. You will see that a Major Contractors Advisory Board, In conjunction with this we will ensure the new association website providing a unique forum for major that BESA has a presence at the key ( also uses the contractors to review and comment industry trade events, reinforcing our ‘membership means more’ approach to on key sector issues. It also gives an unique and vital role within the industry. highlight the key benefits and services opportunity for members to shape The appointment of Tim Rook as our new we offer. Within the new website, we are BESA’s lobbying agenda and response Technical Director will further reinforce pleased to launch a secure members’ to consultations. the technical expertise the association area. Members told us that there are New website has always been known for, and Tim certain pieces of information, or value- One of the key initiatives we will be add content that you would like to be working on over the next few months exclusively available to you as a member. is securing a range of offers to make Membership Director The new secure area of our website a real difference to your day-to-day Richard Ward allows this, and this will be where going spend. Watch this space for a range of forward you will find all the news and exciting member discounts, off business As BESA’s new membership director, my number one ...”BESA puts members updates just for you. essentials such as your water supply, or priority is to ensure that we meet the needs of the office furniture, through to special offers association’s members and add value to their businesses. at the heart of building There are already a lot of downloadable on tools and equipment relevant to your PDF’s available in the secure area on key BESA occupies a key position in delivering services of genuine engineering services” topics ranging from apprenticeships to business. commercial benefit and in representing your interests and mediation. From here, you will also be Richard Ward - Membership Director I am committed to enhancing and developing the value of Our new vision is more than just a statement, it is the able to download the new logo for use membership in the context of today’s competitive marketplace. guiding principle in all that we do. When considering new Technical Director Tim Rook on your website or corporate stationery initiatives, we will be evaluating them against whether they - helping you to make the change to the I am fortunate to have joined BESA at an exciting time in the will help further the interests of our members in the sector. new brand quickly and easily. You can Association’s history. We have actively been seeking feedback will be working to firmly establish also request van stickers free of charge to from our members on what the association means to them, Over the 111 years of the association, we have provided the association as the go-to place for help spread awareness of the BESA! Visit and as a result we are introducing a number of exciting leadership, guidance and a range of services aimed at adding technical standards. the branding page within the member’s changes. value to our members’ businesses. In a rapidly changing area to find out more. market-place it is more important than ever to ensure that the In a first for the association, we are One of the first things we have done is to re-evaluate our voices of our members are heard loud and clear, whether that featuring members in all of our marketing We understand that lobbying is name. B&ES, whilst accurate in describing the sector we operate be in government, through our membership committees and important to all our members, and as a within, does not signal the fact that at our very core, we are an specialist groups leading the authoring of technical standards result you will be hearing a lot more from association of members. and comments and advice on the UK’s continuously changing us about the progress we are making on regulations. key industry issues such as late payments, The slight tweak to the ‘Building Engineering Services or skills shortages. We are also pleased to Pop-up banner Association’, or the BESA for short addresses that. Our second To equip our organisation for this fast changing modern era announce we will shortly be launching key change has been to factor our member’s feedback into a and to help you future-proof your companies, we have had a vision for the association. We need to have a clear purpose that fresh look at those services and are now focused on those that governs everything the association does, and for us the best add most value. We are also putting extra effort into those areas Hopefully this gives you a taster of your new-look USB STICK encapsulation of that reason-for-being is that… where we can use our influence to create the right economic association and new-look member services. conditions for building engineering services contractors to Merchandise You can find out lots more on our website at thrive. POWER BANK FOR CHARGING PHONE UMBRELLA BESA Group GUY CO 4 Companies: PUBLICATIONS © Copyright 2015 Guy & Co Ltd. 5 TRAINING

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Back to the future The building engineering industry has been relatively slow to embrace digital technology and BESA President Jim Marner says we must catch up. In the iconic film ‘Back to the Future II’, talk of 18-mile high buildings the hero Marty McFly travelled forward built from lightweight, phase in time from October 1985 to the same change materials powered month in 2015 to find a world filled entirely on site by small scale with flying cars and talking clothes. Back renewables. While the first part in the 80s, 2015 did seem like a far off of that seems tricky; you could place. argue we are already capable of delivering the second element While the film was a little premature in that science fiction scenario. about some developments, it was right about how important technology Expectations would become and that things, which seemed like science fiction We do have a lot of catching to us 30 years ago, would now be up to do because we are commonplace. under terrific pressure to deliver to a much higher At a recent awards dinner, the standard than ever before conversation around our table turned to and to meet the expectations apps and ‘wearable’ technologies. Our of building occupants, who new chief executive Paul McLaughlin are used to the very latest spotted my new Apple Watch and technology in all other pointed out that I was wearing more aspects of their lives. needs to be able to apply ‘smart’ computing power on my wrist than put systems in the physical infrastructure of the first man on the moon - less than 50 The ‘performance gap’ that leaves a building. Members of BESA have the years ago. buildings using too much energy and ability to present their clients with the providing too little comfort will no The future might seem mysterious and longer be tolerated. highest quality installation; a building far off, but progress is incredibly fast as a gleaming, fully functioning, and and the biggest challenge is predicting The good news is that we have the complete ‘product’ with a ribbon round it. what comes next. What will be possible technologies to deliver to a much Just as our industry is modernising and in 2045? Can we keep up? There is higher spec; we just have to make sure adopting the appropriate tools, so too they are more widely and properly used. is your trade association. We have a new Digital design via Building Information identity and a new outlook as we seek to Modelling (BIM) is the route to a brave stay in touch and keep our members in new world with projects manufactured the vanguard of progress. off-site; tested and commissioned to the highest possible tolerances and BESA is representing your interests and then quickly and cleanly assembled on making sure you are abreast of all the site. Our practical skills will become changes so clients continue to see you even more important because someone as the ‘go to’ experts for modern building projects. “The future might seem mysterious and far off, but progress is incredibly fast and the biggest challenge is predicting what comes next.“ Jim Marner BESA President BESA Group 6 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 7

TECHNICAL NEWS BESCA’s new audit process means fewer audits for lowest risk members All audits carried out as part of risk-based system, a best in class way This high standard of audit is already the Competent Persons Scheme of rating companies based on their part of BESA membership, meaning that (CPS), administered by Building technical audit results and a clear BESA members who are also part of CPS Engineering Services Competence sign that the highest standards are will now receive just one audit for both Assessment (BESCA), are moving to a being met. membership requirements. A risk based audit measures any non-conformities This then decides how often you will be audited: during your technical audit: Low Medium High Risk Elements Risk Risk Risk Risk category Frequency of audit Assessment Nonconformities Low Every three years Majors 0 1 or 2 3+ Medium Every two years Minors Up to 3 4 or 5 6+ High Annually So, a BESA member who is also part of CPS and is classed as low risk will now receive just one audit every three years. And we will work with you to help you lower your risk rating. Head of Employment Affairs & Skills, Peter Rimmer If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 652 5533. SKILLcard goes smart Peter Rimmer, Head of Employment Affairs and Skills at Engineering Services SKILLcard, streamlining the card checking BESA, said he was extremely proud BESA partners a BESA Group company, has process and making things easier for that SKILLcard had shown “forward become the first Construction both employers and card holders. In thinking“ by choosing to be the first with Build Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) a nutshell, smart cards make it easier specialist scheme to go digital. affiliated scheme to start using to make sure the person carrying out Offsite smart technology. SKILLcard is work on a site is qualified for the job “It is a real coup for our sector to be proud to be the first CSCS affiliate and their identity can be validated leading the way in the modernisation to adopt this technology, putting quickly and easily. of this crucial competence and health our workforce at the forefront of and safety measure,“ said Mr Rimmer. innovation in our industry. The scheme’s printed materials BESA Publications has launched reduce the risks associated with building for at least 3 to 4% of the £100 billion have also been given a fresh new “The improvements offered by the The smart chip featured on the look and the SKILLcard website has smart card will make life much easier a first of its kind guide to offsite performance, productivity, health and construction sector’s annual turnover, construction, in conjunction with safety, wastage and quality on a huge and up to 80% of the construction cost cards is the key to lots of exciting been relaunched, featuring a newly for employers and card holders. the trade association Build Offsite. variety of projects from commercial and for some projects. future developments, and going expanded FAQs section and user Accessing information will be quicker The preview version was launched industrial buildings to healthcare and smart means we are prepared for friendly navigation. and more accurate as the card will be at the Offsite Construction Show educational establishments. The guide is available as an interactive applications not yet used by the immediately updated with any new in October by BESA chief executive PDF or, for the first time, as an Android or industry. Members can visit details about the individual holder. Paul McLaughlin. The guide provides practical support for iOS epub. for the effective use of off-site construction Smart SKILLcards can be checked more information, or contact “This really is a great step The great news is that, by using the methods, a growing sector with rapidly using special downloadable apps the helpdesk on forward for our industry.“ guide, construction professionals can changing technology. It now accounts for smartphones and tablets, or a [email protected] he added. card reader connected to a laptop, or 01768 860 406. To order BESA Publications’ Offsite construction guide, visit, email [email protected] or call 01768 860 405. BESA Group 8 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 9

LOBBYING Why is lobbying important? The case for digital procurement and payment You told us that lobbying is really important to you as BESA members. and easier. Such a system could, once public bodies were awarding contracts By lobbying government and related agencies, both automatically, issue a payment schedule formally and informally, we represent you on issues that to the registered supplier stating when really matter, making sure your voices are heard and payments become due and the period for helping shape the future of the industry. discharging payments. The online payment schedule would also Our approach set out the anticipated throughput of cash, based on the terms of the contract to lobbying What have we been award and pricing mechanisms, providing digital transparency of cash flow. BESA We have established a reputation for engaging with doing recently? has proposed that in circumstances where payments were late (ie, beyond government over many decades, and we do so in the the 30 day public sector time limit), the following ways: In August BESA responded to a BIS consultation on system would automatically include proposals to introduce a Small Business Commissioner. the interest in the payment to be made 1 issues we think might interest members With the majority of our members made-up of SMEs, we were Over the past couple of years BESA has focused services. We have asked for the - without the need for the supplier to We respond to departmental consultations on any request that interest. 2 We monitor inquiries held by parliamentary committees generally very supportive of the proposals. The government has been engaging with government on same level of focus and investment for BESA has welcomed the government’s the need for electronic procurement, managing the governmental and wider now set-out its response, which will be put into law through the Enterprise Bill currently going through Parliament. This tendering and payment across the public sector property portfolio. lead in driving forward digitisation 3 The BESA management team has regular meetings at is great news for small businesses, who will have the help of public sector. Merging the Government Contracts through its BIM strategy, which is a commissioner to resolve disputes and avoid future issues the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) through general advice and information, particularly around Members often report that in responding Finder and Construction Pipeline services designed to deliver real savings through greater efficiencies in the construction to public sector tenders, they have to into a centralised online procurement and the Department for Communities and Local payment from larger suppliers. pay registration fees before inputting portal system would allow public process. And yet the specialist contractors Government (DCLG) as well as agencies like the British Most recently we have responded to a new House of Lords the same information (into numerous sector clients to manage the supply who design and install the systems that Standards Institute (BSI) and the Health and Safety committee which was set up after the May general election to procurement portals), they have chain at project make buildings work, often Executive (HSE), meaning we often are able to have an review National Policy for the Built Environment. This inquiry completed many times before. As well and strategic level waste a great deal of time at influence on the content of a policy proposal before it clearly has long-term implications for our members. At the time as being time-consuming and adding through analysis PQQ and once tenders have is published of writing, the committee has not yet published its report. unnecessary costs inevitably passed back of ‘big data’. This been won, chasing payment. 4 We collaborate with partners, such as the Electrical When it does, it will be considered by the Secretary of State at to the client, this is also inefficient for the would enable public Payment Procurement This can and should be eliminated. tendering organisations that manually sector payment the DCLG, who will then decide how to act on the committee’s Contractors Association (ECA) and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), to have recommendations. The DCLG is then likely to publish a check the inputted data. requirements to be Our simple message to the even greater influencing power in areas where we have consultation – to which we will respond. We’ve told government our members’ verified throughout Monitoring new government is that & common interest Representation and engagement is one of the key benefits financial stability can be jeopardised by the supply chain. Enforcement inefficiency in the business It would also allow processes behind construction 5 We use our strong intelligence network and solid evidence that BESA provides for its members. But it’s also helpful to the lack of transparency in and prolonged suppliers to improve Digital Hub equates to waste; whereas nature of the cash-flow cycle in the government, who are keen to work with us (and our fellow to provide an additional resource to government their procurement trade associations) for a number of reasons. In the simplest construction supply chain. To date, the performance by Online Government digitisation will deliver of terms, we represent private businesses and it is these impact and measurement of initiatives allowing them Construction Data Hub savings for the public sector types of businesses, large and small, that collectively create like project bank accounts, prompt to study their and reduced cost for the employment, revenues and profits that will help fuel the UK payment codes and revised late payment procurement failures at a micro and construction industry thereby economy to growth and help reduce the public legislation have been hampered by macro level. improving productivity the government’s sector deficit. under-investment in government digital new mantra. systems and processes. At the same time, an online payment Investment in such processes is essential management system would resolve The government has made good and will benefit everybody involved – not To find out more login to your member’s area at the problem of how to implement least the taxpayer. progress in the integration of digital and manage payment processes, passport control, DVLA and other citizen- making payment monitoring clearer To find out more login to your member’s area at BESA Group 10 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 11

TRAINING MEMBER BENEFITS Putting our BEST foot forward Training is at the core of BESA’s services to members and we are constantly innovating to ensure that specialist sector needs are identified and addressed. A success story Strength to strength in Scotland in Wales BEST Scotland is pleased to have received excellent audit reports on both quality and finance from Skills Development Scotland, our funding body. BESA members have been actively supporting BEST Wales to ensure We are also proactively working to strengthen future skills provision in the sector by: that specialist training needs continue to be served. Working in close partnership with Launching a new suite of HVACR SECTT, SNIPEF and CITB to lobby Skills Modern Apprenticeship Awards The level of support gained was Development Scotland for additional in conjunction with Summit Skills, unprecedented, with a 100% increase funding for the Construction & Scottish Qualifications Agency and in the number of apprentices Building Services sector. Employers. enrolling on the 2015/16 Level 2 H&V course. This increase in apprentices To find out more about either of these initiatives, please contact your training adviser. has protected a college which was at risk of closing its delivery, effectively safeguarding provision in Wales. Green shoots in England BEST Wales is also performing well above the Welsh national benchmark After a challenging year, BEST’s Still working with our existing training for Building Services Engineering operation in England is evolving to advisers, our focus at this point is on Sector Apprenticeships: ensure the needs of apprentices and driving recruitment in the areas our employers are met, and that the skills members have identified as specialisms 89.4% success vs. 84% gap in our sector continues to be of priority as well as concentrating on benchmark for Level 2 addressed. meeting employer needs, continuing the Apprenticeships development of Trailblazer standards and Following an extensive review of the preparing for the Apprenticeship levy. market, BESA Training (as BEST England is now known) has partnered with Leeds 100% success vs. 85% College of Building to deliver training to If you would like a more detailed benchmark for Level 3 apprentices. update on BESA Training, please Apprenticeships contact your training adviser. Maintaining our historic buildings Traditional M&E systems can’t always peers when tendering for work on be easily adapted to historic sites historic buildings. With an initial course where the fabric of the building needs planned to take place in March at to be maintained. Southwark Cathedral, BESA’s aspiration is that this becomes the ‘go to’ course for BESA has been working with Historic England and CIBSE to develop a one specialist historic building contractors, day course for M&E contractors who are creating a pool of preferred contractors interested in working in this field. who are ‘historic building aware.’ If you would like a more detailed All attendees will receive a CPD update on BESA Training, please certificate, putting them ahead of their contact your training adviser. BESA Group 12 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 13

MEMBER BENEFITS A insurance BUILDING ENGINEERING SERVICES ASSOCIATION A unique As a REFCOM member, your high standards and the quality of your work mean you’re a lower risk to insurers than other construction trades. To recognise your REFCOM F-Gas accreditation we’ve partnered with insurance specialists, Arthur J. Gallagher, to create an You’ve worked hard for your BESA accreditation, and insurance product specifically to meet your needs. We’ve the great news is that your high professional standards worked together to offer this product at a discounted rate make you lower risk, and more attractive to insurers. to our members, and the discount is even bigger if you’re a BESA has been working with Arthur J Gallagher (AJG) REFCOM Elite member. since 2007 to offer you cost effective insurance cover that’s tailored to match your business needs. The simple, single insurance product covers you for employer The core product features tailored liability and indemnity and public liability, contract works and professional indemnity. cover and you can add on optional extras, meaning you’re The cover is completely bespoke and wide ranging and paying for no more or no less cover than you really need includes £5m public liability as standard. and getting a product specifically tailored to you. For more information, visit: To get a tailored quote for your business, give one of AJG’s advisors a call on 0800 612 2275 or email [email protected] BESA Group 14 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 15

SUPPORTING YOUR BUSINESS Protecting your business against HR NEWS cyber criminals Update to the working time directive for mobile workers A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) means that journeys made by mobile workers must now count as working time. Email marketing If they don’t have a fixed place of work, time spent travelling between their homes and their first or last customers of the day will be counted made easy as working hours. Companies will need to make sure that their workers: You might have seen the issue of cybercrime in the news recently, as more high profile companies run into Do not work more than the legal weekly problems. The most recent case of hacking, of TalkTalk, has working hours limit (48 hours) It’s worth cost the business an estimated £35m in lost earnings and noting that workers can opt-out of this limit Email marketing will no doubt have affected public trust in the company. by putting it in writing Marketing is key to your business being a success, if you to do list! What is cybercrime? Have a minimum of 11 hours rest between have the best product or service going, you need to let working days people know about it! Sign up According to the Oxford Dictionary, cybercrime is defined as Have at least 24 hours consecutive non- any criminal activity carried out by means of a computer or There are many online marketing tools, which enable you to Sign up to email marketing service, MailChimp the internet. working time per week design, send and track emails. Tracking your email marketing which is free for up to 2000 subscribers and you can send 12,000 emails per month with no charge campaign is essential as it gives you an insight into what You’ve probably heard a lot about identity theft and phishing, To calculate a working week, employers should works/doesn’t work for your customers, as you can see who Create a list where criminals will try to access your personal details. You take an average over a 17 week period. opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Create an online sign up form for your newsletter which can be may also have received an email claiming to be from your bank or mortgage lender, asking you to supply details, which is an added to your website and social media Email marketing tools such as Mailing Manager, Mail example of phishing. The good news is there is lots you can do Jet, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp are great online Make your subject line appealing! to protect yourself. programmes to get started with. Make sure your email subject line is short and snappy. An offer or teaser will entice the recipient to open e.g. Open me for 20% How can I protect myself and my business? Email marketing is an efficient way of communicating discount today only with current or potential customers whilst promoting your business. Unfortunately not all businesses have the time or Design your email template By following a few simple hints and tips you can help keep both your personal and business details safe: resources to do this on a regular basis. Creating your campaign couldn’t be easier. By using the email designer you simply drag and drop pictures and content blocks 1 If you receive an email from an unknown person, do not open any 6 If you’re buying anything online, make sure the site has a valid SSL. Not to worry as Your BESA is here to give you a helping onto the page template, exactly where you want them. Easier still, attachments unless you are sure they’re safe You can check this by looking at the web address. If it starts https, hand, as we guide you through how to create a simple MailChimp can provide you with a ready-made template the payment system is protected but effective email marketing campaign, which isn’t time Check your work 2 Invest in security software for your PC or network - there are a If customers are purchasing on your website, make sure to ask for number of major providers that have off-the-shelf packages you consuming and better still free! can buy relatively inexpensively 7 card CVV details (the 3 numbers of the back of the card) to ensure Send a test email to either yourself or a colleague to double check the email formatting, spelling and pictures are correct that they are not using stolen details There are many exciting MailChimp features which can 3 Keep your computer regularly updated, applying any software help you create a more complex and advanced email Track it! updates you have access to 8 Clearly define your security policy – for example you may consider marketing campaign but hopefully we have given you 4 Consider your use of Public Wi-Fi networks as they aren’t secure. restricting administrative rights so that employees cannot install software without authorisation, or you could lock USB ports to enough guidance to help you get started. MailChimp has numerous analytical features that allow you to Make sure you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for any secure avoid the downloading of malicious data understand your customers better. Who opened your campaign, what time and where. What exactly they clicked on and how transactions or when sending sensitive information many times. If emails bounce back, MailChimp will automatically Make sure your passwords are secure. We recommend using a 9 Ensure your employees are aware of all the security measures you cleanse your subscriber list. It will show you who has subscribed/ 5 have in place and routinely delete accounts of any members of Did you find this helpful? Is there something you would like to unsubscribed and how your campaign stats compare with other mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols staff that leave (particularly those who might be disgruntled!) know more about to help support your business? Then get in touch, MailChimp users in your industry we would love to hear from you. Email [email protected] Good luck! BESA Group 16 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 17

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT It’s crucial to improve productivity There are some great engineering companies in the UK and many, who left during the recession, now want to come back and drive investment in British industry and infrastructure once again. We need to create the right conditions to encourage them to invest here. This is a great time to be in engineering - with terrific prospects. However, there is no doubt that the industry is some way from where it could be in terms of productivity. This is a complex issue with a number of contributory factors including improving our grasp of new technologies; tackling the unfair payment culture and addressing the skills shortage. “Improving productivity must be a priority However, there are huge opportunities particularly in for building engineering firms.” the energy, transport and research markets where there * is growing demand for high class facilities if we can get BESA vice president Tim Hopkinson . this right. Productivity is not about driving people harder, but about working ‘smarter’ and encouraging SMEs, in particular, to use We also have to do more to reduce the burden of risk on technology to operate in ways that allow them to deliver small contractors and BESA is looking closely at the impact of more and co-ordinate their supply chains better. liquidated damages and professional liability. That means delivering materials to site on time; providing The burden of risk that is passed down the supply chain to accurate design drawings; and helping firms throughout some of our smallest firms is manifestly unfair and discourages the supply chain to use productivity tools like Building many from expanding into new markets. Information Modelling (BIM). Growing the number and quality of apprenticeships will also be key. This whole area has gone full circle. When I first started out, most young people were encouraged to develop a trade; get some practical experience and then look to improve their academic qualifications later on. Then we went through a period where university became the preferred step on leaving school. Now we are back to where the apprenticeship route is desirable and encouraged - and that has to be a good thing. The future prosperity of the sector depends on smaller firms being encouraged to expand outside the business sectors in which they feel most comfortable in order to take advantage of growing opportunities in markets they currently consider too risky. * Tim Hopkinson is also managing director of Hargreaves This does require further focus on issues surrounding fair Ductwork and chairman of BESA Ductwork Group. payment so they can feel confident about investing in the necessary skills and technologies to expand their reach. BESA Group 18 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 19

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA Third wave sweeps grease extract to BESA new heights @BESAGroup “Let’s be more social!” Grease extract cleaning is enjoying its third major business surge in the past two decades, according to Indepth Hygiene managing director Richard Norman. always - today BESA member companies like Surrey-based Indepth Hygiene are riding the ‘third wave’ of grease extract system cleaning. The first wave came in the 90s following the infamous Burger Indepth Hygiene managing director Richard Norman Who to King fire that closed Heathrow Airport and led to a £200m insurance claim; then came the Regulatory Reform Order Examples of those in the industry who are of 2005 that embedded grease extract systems in fire risk practising great social media are: regulations. Now we have the current market boom sparked In the beginning As you may have noticed throughout Your BESA magazine there have CIBSE - @CIBSE by insurance companies putting landlords and tenants under been some new additions and subtle changes made to BESA Group. ECA - @ECALive pressure to improve building safety. Originally the business, which is based next to Sutton railway One update we are delighted to share with you is our new activity on BIFM - @BIFM_UK station, specialised in commercial kitchen deep cleaning, but Richard Norman’s father Alan founded Indepth Hygiene grease extract cleaning was a natural progression and today social media. We recommend you follow them both on 40 years ago and continued to handle the firm’s marketing air duct cleaning, kitchen extract cleaning and fire damper Social media is a great way to keep track of developments within the industry, Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates activities, until he passed away four years ago. He handed testing account for over 70% of the company’s sharing updates and latest news. As social media happens in real time it is a from within the industry. over the management reins to his son in 1993 and today the work. Grease extract duct cleaning is the great go-to resource for users. company has a turnover of around £3m and directly employs fastest growing sector because of increased more than 50 people. awareness of the fire risks associated with these 70% We want to be more social with our members. We want to follow you, share The Key to Twitter systems - particularly in commercial kitchens. with you, tweet and retweet with you. If you’re not familiar with social media Direct Messages Intensified then you may be thinking what on earth a tweet is. Direct Messages are private messages between the sender and recipient If grease is allowed to build up in key contributor to the association’s Guide “Filling in a report that says you What is Twitter? #Hashtag the ductwork, it will act as a highly to Good Practice - ‘Internal Cleanliness of weren’t able to clean the system fully A hashtag is used to mark keywords efficient medium for transmitting fire Ventilation Systems’ (TR/19), published by because it needs access panels is not Twitter is a service to communicate and stay connected through the or topics throughout a building. B&ES Publications and revised in 2013. exchange of quick, frequent messages. good enough,” he says. “In order to @Username Often a fire will start inside the ductwork Since it first appeared in 1998, TR/19 has comply with TR/19, the owner should People post tweets, which may contain photos, videos, links and up to 140 The @-sign is used to call out usernames simply because the temperature been widely accepted within the building be supplied with a full schematic that characters of text. becomes high enough to ignite the engineering services sector and by the shows where the system could not Tweet grease. 90% of fires in catering premises UK insurance industry as the standard be cleaned and why. If you need help setting up Twitter for your business go to A Tweet is a message posted containing are intensified by ignition of deposits in to which ventilation systems should be and search for ‘Get Started with Twitter in your 140 characters or fewer grease extract ducting. cleaned. The updated version provides “If access panels are required, business’ article. Retweet clarity about when and to what standard installing them should form a natural A Retweet is a Tweet from a third party “As a result, many UK insurance providers grease extract systems should be cleaned, part of the clean. Not supplying that has been replicated in another user’s now put conditions and warranties in and provides a detailed explanation of panels would, therefore, mean the Give us a follow Twitter timeline their policies that can lead to claims the frequency of cleaning required based work did not comply with TR/19.” being rejected on the grounds that the on the type of cooking and the hours of @BESAGroup is the new Twitter handle for BESA Group. Follow @BESA_CEO Follow Paul McLaughlin, CEO of BESA Group, as building operator has failed to maintain kitchen usage. us on Twitter for daily news and updates from the association, he gives an insight into the daily workings of the association. the ventilation effectively - or, simply, and the building and engineering industry. Find out where can’t prove that they have maintenance However, there are now many companies we are or where we will be at upcoming events, exhibitions, @RobDriscoll_Law Follow Rob Driscoll, Head of Commercial strategies in place.” says Richard. operating in the sector that only carry award ceremonies and member days out. Join us in live Twitter and Legal at BESA for updates on legal matters within the out partial cleaning, but still claim they industry. Rob often takes part in live Twitter debates and is Richard is also chairman of the BESA are complying with TR/19, according to debates as we provide updates on lobbying and take part in campaigning against #latepayment Ventilation Hygiene branch and was a Richard. live Q and As. BESA Group 20 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 21

EVENTS CALENDAR 2016 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Accountex 2016 Heat Pump Group Executive Committee 11-12 May, Excel, London 21 January, 18 May, 19 May (at AGM & lunch at Trinity EFMC 2016 House), 15 September 8-9 June, Milan Ductwork Group Executive Facilities Show 2016 Committee 21-23 June, Excel, London 4 February, 18 May, 19 May (at AGM & lunch at Trinity Pensions and Benefits House), 29 September UK 2016 The ACR Show 2016 28-29 June, QEII Conference Centre, London 16-18 February NEC Birmingham AGM 2016 Service & Facilities Group 7 July Executive Committee 18 February, 19 May (at AGM & lunch at Trinity House), The Building Services 31 May, 13 October Summit 10 80 10 Heating & Plumbing Services 23 November British Library, London Group Executive Committee 3 March, 19 May (at AGM & lunch at Trinity House), 8 June, 5 October BESA Group 22 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAINING 23

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