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Published by Anoushka Sharma, 2021-01-24 11:38:43

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THE DAILY BULLETIN THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 2004 DATE WITH DESTINY: 22 JAN 2021 Palampur The nomination On one side where the forms are filled, and everybody is ready on their Samaj Seva Party is pedestals to watch race move in action . outreaching Health insurance for everybody under the limit of 5 lakhs The two race contenders and cylinders to all, the who will go off against each Bharatiya Republican other on the judgement day Alliances focus on the are Vrinda Adlakha from Farmer Prosperity , to Samaj Seva Party and resolve their grievances Aryan Veen from The and to provide jobs to Bhartiya Republican local youth . Alliances . The gun has been fired , now it’s time to wait and Standing firm on their respective grounds each is watch who hits the target. confident to bag the responsibility of the village affairs

Date today 22/01/21 NEWS ELECTION EVANESCENCE BR ALLIANCES: “FARMERS FOREMOST”, Deserted dusty streets SSP: “HEALTH IS WEALTH” With a lone traveller Walking bare feet The ongoing farmer’s protests have In the hammering summer heat led to a nationwide bedlam. The laurel wreath of BR Alliances A picture is created promises to bring along with its The stage is set triumph, abatement to the farmers Enters the hero of the drama in the form of radical decisions. A typical village in Haryana While the party, that is fully Where the hands are blistered -Aditi Srivastava, XI F determined on making the farmers But the heart is contended great again guarantees full Where grievances are some Will the twist bring light to the dark transparency in decision making, But none publicly intended A pucca road to embark the SSP promises public welfare for A school to learn the residents and the tackling of Will the elections change the scene Jobs to earn issues such as poor healthcare and A plot twist in the straightforward film unemployment, which hang around Will the new party fulfil the needs Hope is all we may like a sword of Damocles over the That are wished by longing eyes For the Future is uncertain I daresay rural population in the extant Boring into the moon on a dark night Yet hope is what feeds us all along pandemic. with a reluctant sigh Tomorrows destiny will right todays wrong The agendas of both parties Are the candidates truly representative A press of a button that decides the destiny represent welfare programs for the of the poorest soul Of this village, of you and of me entire village, but the fallout of the who sleeps on the roads 2021 Sarpanch elections are sure with clothes that he does not own -Gitika Arora, XI F to stretch beyond who forms the government. -Anoushka Sharma, XI F

Date today 22/01/21 NEWS OPINION POLL OPINION POLL PREDICTS A VICTORY FOR SSP: WILL SAMAJ SARPANCH ELECTIONS 2021 SEVA BAG THE ELECTION MEWA? SSP BR Alliances HIGH STAKES FOR BR ALLIANCE, CAN ARYAN VEEN GET BACK ON 43% TRACK? 57% TURNOUT EXPECTED TO RISE AND SO IS THE SUSPENSE SSP surges ahead in the voter preferences by securing a tight 57%, as the BR Alliances drag behind. As Sarpanch elections continue to bring together crores of people every year to form a self government, polls suggest that 2021 turnout rate might be the highest ever recorded. ALL EYES ON THE WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACY Voter Turnout expected to go beyond 70% in the Palampur Sarpanch elections 2021 About 30% are expected to be female voters 20% voter population reported to be first time voters

Date today 22/01/21 NEWS BR ALLIANCES INCHING WILL SAMAJ SEVA PARTY FAIL TO IGNITE THE TORCH OF VICTORY? TOWARDS VICTORY IN VILLAGE PALAMPUR WAITS IN THE LIVE VOTE COUNTING SUSPENSE Contrary to what had been expected from the opinion poll WHY VRINDA ADLAKHA’S WIN results, the BR Alliance have left everyone bewildered by CAN BE A MAJOR POLITICAL securing a steady lead in the live voting count. While the REFORM IN PALAMPUR supporters of the BR Alliances are jumping for joy right now, those of the SSP are having a hard time believing Even if there are several eligible women candidates in the veracity of the situation. However according to the the village, it is unfortunate to note that not many of State Election Commission, the results are only partly them have been able to take up the leadership role. declared, and the counting is still in progress. Lamenting the lack of women in the Panchayat Samiti, a villager expressed her concern over the fact that issues directly related to women are given ‘minimum priority’ in the village. Vrinda Adlakha’s appointment as the Sarpanch is sure to bring some major reforms in Palampur, and it might also give more women the confidence to contest in such elections, while ensuring their full involvement in the decision making process.

Date today 22/01/21 NEWS RIGGED ELECTIONS: PALAMPUR TO EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED? BOGUS VOTES? According to the very recently released statement by the State Election Commission, the Palampur Sarpanch elections 2021 recorded some massive rigging attempts, as the SEC found various bogus votes during the live counting. Citing that the significance of fair elections is paramount and keeping in mind the Code of Conduct, the SEC has announced its decision to hold fresh elections in the coming week. The exact number of spurious votes remains undetermined. ELECTION RIGGING PATTERNS IN INDIA According to the Election Commission, over a million people change their residence in the country every month. Most political parties keep record of those voters who have changed residence and cast counterfeit votes in their name. In addition to impersonation, booth-capturing has become a major hazard to free and fair elections.

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