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Crusader Newsletter Spring 2015

Published by NW Christian Schools, 2016-11-12 10:33:57

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Spring 2015 Volume 17 Issue 2Published by Northwest Christian Schools for Alumni, Friends & School FamilyMeet Mike Williams, NWC Launches StudentsIMPACT NWC 2015’s Toward the Future!Featured Funny Man! By Terry Meyer, Director of AdvancementT his year we and Community Relations are so excited to welcome W hen we think of the word Comedian “launch” our minds drift toMike Williams to a rocket gently rising fromkeynote IMPACT the surface of the earth, followedNWC 2015. Mike by weightlessness “show and tell.” That is howWilliams is a it appears for a spectator. From the astronaut’swell known speaker and writer who has a perspective, nothing but years of training andpassion for life. Mike speaks nationwide to an army of support technicians could prepareschools, churches, pro-life organizations and an astronaut for the violence of being launchedother ministries. He offers an amazing mix of into space—deafening sound, intense g-forces—incredible humor and comedic talent, a deeply hurtling thousands of miles an hour away fromtouching personal tesimony, and a true passion NWC has home. Should one of the hundreds of systemsfor families, youth and children, and the a launch that make the journey possible malfunction, theKingdom of God. As one Tennesee minister put mission that result could be (and has been), “Mike had us rolling on the floor with his expandscomedy and his testimony left us in tears!” beyond An astronaut is almost completely dependent space into upon systems that are mostly beyond his control. Continues on P. 7 eternity. He may turn a knob, open a valve, or push a button, but in reality he is only manipulating P2 P4 Continues P6 P8 on P. 2nwc highlights student life alumni invest

P2 the CRUSADER Spring 2015nwc highlights NWC BusinessLaunch (cont. from p.1) Leadership means of helping our students to Academysystems and processes designed by know and love Christ. We comea team of scientists; the sum total alongside our students and families S hould you have been walkingof whom are much greater than in rich mentoring relationships in the halls at the High Schoolthe astronaut himself. In the same hope that they will do likewise as on April 22nd, you wouldway, we may have seen classrooms filledfancy that we they “launch” with students listening intentlyhave control, but into the world. to over twenty business leadersin reality we are They will and professionals who convergedpart of a team lovingly engage on NWC for our first Careerthat determines culture because Fair. Leaders in their respectiveour trajectory. we daily fields—from aviation to law, fromThe question lovingly engage cosmetology to civil engineering—is—where is the our students dedicated a morning to helprocket going? with a Biblical prepare our students to glorifyNWC has a worldview. Christ in whatever occupation Godmission that Again the has prepared for them.expands beyond source ofspace into strength to love Our ultimate goal is to prepareeternity. It our students in leaders who have a heart for Christis to prepare such a way as and a heart for excellence, thatstudents for a to draw them to they would spread the Gospellifetime of God-glorifying ministry, Christ does not throughout a workforce that isregardless of where our students originate from in desperate need of grace andfind themselves. What an incredible us, but from God: holiness.opportunity! As the mission we Now concerning brotherly love youhave is much greater than space, have no need for anyone to write to One strategy that we are employingthe resources we must use to you, for you yourselves have been at the High School is a Businessaccomplish this mission must be taught by God to love one another. Leadership Academy, where our 1 Thessalonians 4:9 students interact closely with topequally greater. To Prepare Minds Finally, NWC is developing vibrant business leaders who both excel inand Transform Hearts we depend on programs to meet the needs of our their professions and understandresources that are not of this world. students. A new program called how to love the Lord by fulfillingNothing but the grace of God, the the Leadership Academy will not the roles God has for them.Word of God, and the strength of only provide our students with tools If you are a business owner andthe Holy Spirit will enable us to and experiences that will help them are interested in mentoring aaccomplish God’s mission. We may find careers, but also give them a Northwest Christian student,develop systems and strategies to platform to engage our culture in please contact Terry Meyer at a way that brings God glory. Our (509) 238-4005 (ext. 139). Afulfill His mission, but even those students will be receiving specific small investment of your time andare dependent upon His grace. training to impact the world, not talents could positively influence only from a career perspective, but the trajectory of a student. EvenSo what are the systems for in such a way as to draw many to one degree of change will turn intoNWC that are critical to launch faith in Christ.our students?First, we are training our students Though not as spectacular as a miles of difference through theto think Biblically. In every class course of a lifetime!we begin with the Word of God as rocket launching into space, our teachers, by faith see from anour ultimate platform for truth, eternal perspective that the workteaching our students to place each they do with young people has an new leading Terry Meyer, NWC’s Newand every fact, concept, and process eternal impact. They understand the Director of Advancementwithin a Biblical context. From strategies NWC has developed to & Community RelationsScience to History, from English to Prepare Minds and Transform Hearts: In January of 2015,Mathematics, our students are not thinking Biblically, fostering Terry Meyer, a long-timeonly learning their three “R’s,” but relationships, and developing NWC educator took on aare learning them within the overall vibrant programs. Yet at the role in our Developmentcontext of Biblical truth. Department. Terry is spearheading same time they understand the unquestionable truth that their work initiatives like the Leadership AcademyThe nnewxtccsr.oitrigca/lwsinys-wteinm-partogNrWamC is in vain unless the Lord is at work and others. Please contact him tois to foster relationships as a (Psalm 127:1). learn how you can be vitally involved with NWCS and impact student lives.

New Family Referral NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS P3Program - Win-Win Updated NWC PreschoolN orthwest Christian Schools has established Program, Now with a new referral program called Win-Win, Licensed Daycare Options designed to thank NWC families for acting asambassadors and investing in the NWC community. N orthwest Christian Schools recently updatedCurrent families demonstrate a sincere form of its Early Learning Preschool Program. This newappreciation of our schools by referring friends and program is designed for the parent who wantsfamily members. By providing a tuition discount to preschool and/or licensed childcare all in one location.those referring families, Northwest Christian Schools Classes are offered for children ages three to five. Theoffers a tangible way of saying thank you. A tuition program aims to meet the needs of working parentsdiscount of $300 per new student is available. as well as stay-at-home parents. Families may now customize their child’s preschool program to fit their How can you benefit from schedule. Half-day and full-day options are available this referral program if from two days up to five days a week, 7:00am to you are not a current 6:00pm. Our program curriculum is all Bible-based and family at NWC? Although includes physical education, music, art and library to you may not receive a give children a variety of early learning experiences. direct benefit, you can For more information, contact the NWC Early Learning pass on the blessing of Preschool at (509) 292-6700 (ext. 213). a $300 tuition discount per new student to thenew family, or you can designate it to a family whocould use some help with their tuition bill. Guidelinesfor this program restrict referrals to new familieswho have never had students enrolled at NWC in thepast. Please visit forprogram details and appropriate forms. Think of themany ways that you could bless someone just bytelling them about NWC!Please join us in prayer for Northwest Christian Schools. A Biannual Publication Published for NWCSPray that God would bring the right new families to Alumni & Parents, School Family and Friendseducate their children. The high school continues tohave an enrollment boom each year, but our elementary 5104 E. Bernhill Rd Jana Baldwin, Editorenrollment has grown much slower. Pray for growth, Colbert, WA 99005 Terry Meyer, Contributing Editorespecially in kindergarten through 2nd grade. 509.238.4005 Senior Graduation Class Reunions IMPACT NWC 2015Saturday, June 6, 2015 ’65, ’75, ’95, ’05 with Comedian Mike Williams Saturday, October 17, 2015 1:00 pm 7:00 pm

P4 the CRUSADER Spring 2015 student lifeKendra Kilpatrick, NWC Preschool-8th ProvideNWC’s Lilac Princess, 15,900 Meals Through Generation AliveClass of 2015 Northwest Christian Lower Campus students raisedS enior Kendra Kilpatrick was chosen in approximately $3,750 for Generation Alive’s November to represent NWC as our Lilac “Something to Eat” Initiative, founded by NWC Princess. Kendra was selected to the Fab 14 Alum, Jeremy Affeldt (’97).and then moved forward as one of six princesses in Students from preschool through eighth gradethe Royal Court to serve along with the Lilac Queen. participated in fundraising events that included: pajamaAt this year’s themed days, chili feed and “Fill the Boot.” Their two favoriteselection, “A Festival to events were opportunities to donate money in order toRemember,” she spoke of put a “Pie in the Face” of one of their beloved teachers ora memory from her young administrators, or “Duct Tape a Teacher.”life where she was put in The Something to Eat Campaign is an initiative designeda situation she could not to provide and sendchange. She honored her low-cost nutritionalolder brother, Cody (’13), meals to peopleas one of the most significant people at that time. who are sufferingWhen she was uprooted to Spokane at age 10, from starvation, asCody was her only friend in a city and school that well as give youth awas unfamiliar. In wisdom beyond his years, he tangible opportunitytaught Kendra that in a situation that you cannot to get outside ofchange, you can transform your viewpoint, turning their world to helpthe unbearable into something of joy. others in need.Kendra has extended this brotherly advice to her The money raisedlife philosophy. Serving as Lilac Princess, her most purchased the foodmemorable events were visits to the Veteran’s for the studentsHome Hospital. Veterans thanked Kendra and the to assemble intoother princesses for their visits, but Kendra was meal packets whichemotional with the honor to meet these men who were donated to thebravely served our country. 2nd Harvest FoodRecently participating in a mission trip to Bank in Spokane.Guatemala, Kendra once again exercised this On Friday, February 27th students, staff and parenttransforming viewpoint as she taught first graders volunteers packaged meals to feed an estimated 15,900letters and numbers in Spanish, being blessed people.more than she blessed others. Generation Alive also offered a seven-week outreach classKendra will attend Vanguard University in the fall, during NWC’s after-school enrichment sessions. The classmajoring in Marketing and minoring in Ministry. gave participating students an additional opportunity toShe hopes to use her degree to promote the Lord identify the needs of our community and to come up withthrough marketing the ministries of a church. She service projects to help meet those open, though, to a transforming viewpoint ofwhat God brings into her future.

NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS P5New Robotics CurriculumI n an effort to continually enhance our academic program at NWC, we have adopted a Robotics program that encapsulates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The study of Roboticsenables students to learn a variety of skills that may not be emphasized inother classes at NWC including electronics and computer programming.Recently, several Robotics students competed at the Lakeside High SchoolRobotics Rumble, an invitational competition using the Parallax RobotShield for Aduino Bot model. NWC students were Grand Champions of thisSpokane area competition. Way to go students!The Wizard of Oz Ben AlfordNWC Spring Musical NWC’s First State Wrestling ChampA t NWC, the goal of the Theater Department is for our students to I n February 2015, Ben use the musical and acting talents wrestled to the state title,God has given them as an act of worship getting a pin at the 4:10to glorify Him. In addition, the goal is mark in the 160-pound divisionthat they learn to put others ahead of at the State 2B/1B tourney. Benthemselves, with a heart of sacrifice. The is the first person from NWCtrue windfall for each season is when to win top wrestling honors,the cast and crew bond as friends across and this is just our fourth yearclasses—from seventh grade through 12th of having a wrestling team.grade. Ben will graduate in the Spring 2015.This year with The Wizard of Oz, all ofthose things happened, and created Psalm 1:1-3 declares: “Blessedexperiences that many students will is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, norcarry with them for a lifetime. These are stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;the reasons why Mr. Rick Taylor directs but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law hetheater, “It is not to glorify the individual, meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streamsbut to grow corporately and give glory to of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does notour Lord and Creator. If we lose focus of wither. In all that he does, he prospers.”that goal, then we haven’t put together asuccessful production.” Support from the Ben Alford is a student that as a school we are very proudtheater students’ parents and sponsoring of. Most of all we observe his heart for God and humility andbusinesses and families makes the theater we believe he has prospered in so many ways because hedream a reality each and every year. does embrace these truths in Psalm 1. As Ben graduates, we celebrate with him and his family these significantThank you to everyone who made The accomplishments:Wizard of Oz production such as success! • Ben is one of six valedictorians, maintaining a 4.0 after having taken every advanced class NWC has to offer. • Ben is a two-time state champion in both Wrestling and Cross Country. • Ben has been accepted to three Military Academies (Air Force, Navy, and Army). • Ben has served NWC as a team leader on our ASB team. Ben knows all of the above are a direct result of God’s goodness to him. Please pray with us for Ben Alford that he will continue to trust God as he attends the U.S. Naval Academy to prepare for a life of service to our country.Tinman (Adam Gaines), Dorothy (Hannah Underwood), Lion (Noah Raver), Scarecrow (Jonah Taylor)

P6 the CRUSADER Spring 2015 alumni Mary Ann Steven Malott, (Buick) Class of 2008 Detering, Class of Starbucks customer Nicole Lewis 1968 asked her barista, Steven Malott, if she could take a picture of I have been him because of his resemblance married 38 to comedian Jim Gaffigan. Fast years to my forward one year, comedian Jim amazing Gaffigan is guest hosting the Late, Late Show on CBS, and for one of his husband Bob. segments, shows look alike pictures of himself. Who is the last individual He is man of featured? NWC’s own Steven Malott!God with whom I have co-pastoredfor 34 years. We have been blessed Cameron White, Class of 2006 &with four children (two boys, two Brianne (Didier) White, Class ofgirls) and now six grandchildren! 2007It has been a joyous journey - from Brianne and I married in 2008. Shortlytravelling across Europe in my after we married, I met a Mission Aviationyounger years with music ministry, Fellowship (MAF) recruiter while in flightto being a director with Mary Kay, training. It was then that Brianne and Iand now becoming an ordained began to learn about the awesome work MAFpastor and planting churches. was doing globally. I will be flying into veryThrough all of these various phases remote villages of Papua, Indonesia to deliverof my life I have always been food, supplies, Bibles, other missionariesaware of the incredible opportunity and doctors. I will also transport people withI had in being able to attend NWC. medical emergencies to the nearest hospitalI know that the benefit of getting for treatment. Brianne will be raising ourto sing in choir and study the Bible two young boys, Elijah and Isaac, as well asthrough my junior high and high building relationships with our native neighbors, and serving in the localschool years were foundational to community. Aviation has been a passion of mine since I was young, sothe preparation of my life’s work. I am thrilled to combine it with my heart for all people to know of God’sI am very grateful to the staff of love. We are thankful for the Biblical worldview we were taught at NWC,NWC for their role in forming my and the many teachers there who were a strong Christian example for of service to the Lord. Breanne (Taylor) Tita (Owen) Wyatt, May, Class of 2010 Class of 1987 My husband Austin and I I recently became a published were married in March of author of two novels, both 2014. After both graduating variations on the classic Pride and from Whitworth University Prejudice, that sold six thousand in May 2014, we moved to copies in their first eight weeks of San Antonio, Texas, where publication. Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Austin is attending dental Pursuit and Love’s Fool: The school and I am pursuing Taming of Lydia Bennet were first published in the my career in graphic fall of 2014 under the pen name of Elaine Owen. Thedesign. We will be in Austin for at least four years, first book is dedicated, in part, to former NWC Englishand then we will see where the Lord leads. teacher Nancy Vocature. I am writing my next two books in a similar genre, while I make my first two books available to other markets and continue working full time.Fuller stories for these and other alumni at

NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS P7Mike Williams (cont. from p.1) Loran Graham with Child Evangelism Fellowship. He moved to Spokane, Washington,Many may know Investing wtih Integrity where he graduated from NorthwestMike from his Christian Schools, Whitworthdaily program The Lord is good to NWC by bringing University and Inland Empire Schoolon SiriusXM’s individuals into our community of the Bible. On January 13, 2015,Laugh USA, the Kim moved to the next chapter inBananas Comedy who personally his life in the presence of the LordTelevision series, and professionally and surrounded by friends.Focus On The uphold a BiblicalFamily, the Family worldview. Mr.Comedy Minute, Loran Graham, aPremier Christian parent of twins whoCruises, and major attend the NWC ThelmaChristian music Preschool Program (Ruehlan) Erickson,festivals.Mike has recorded 17 comedy and spouse of Class ofprojects and written 8 books. NWC Alum Kjirstin 1959His four laugh-and-learn volumes- (Strandy) (‘98), also serves on ourTurkey Soup for the Sarcastic NWCS Foundation Planned Giving Thelma Team. Mr. Graham is a proponent passed away Soul - are humorous of Biblically Responsible Investing on November stories of spiritual (BRI). 2, 2014 in encouragement. To Recently in an interview with the Brevard, help students learn Spokesman Review Graham explains North honesty, integrity, the principles of BRI: “The idea is Carolina. She character, and a hard that you look at what activities, was preceded in death by her work products or services a company husband David L. Erickson. ethic, provides and what impact that hashe wrote Don’t Stand on others in society. If a company As a nurse, she devoted her lifeUnder A Flock of Angry has caused physical or mental harm to health care. She was alwaysBirds. And he wrote by exploiting a gambling addiction, willing to serve where she wasLove Is NOT A Three for example, then that’s not a needed. She was a MasterLetter Word, a new company a Christian should invest Gardener and an avid quilter.look at abstinence. The in.” SR, February 8, She loved her granddaughters,Parable of the Muddy 2015. waterfalls and living in herJeep is the story of Mike’s own call Loran recently community. She was passionateto the mission field. published a book about international travel andMike often share his moving her friends.personal testimony of his ownadoption and adoption of his son. on this topic titled Jeff Barker,His uproarious presentations Investing withinclude impersonations, musical Integrity, that Formercomedy, stand-up routines, describes how youhilarious sketches with props, might uphold Kingdom Parent,illusions, and heart to heart principles through Spouse ofmessages. Mike and his family financial investments. Staffserve in the Dominican Republicdirecting a mission touching the Please join us in Jeff Barker diedlives of trafficked girls, a dump thanking God for suddenly andministry, and an orphanage school families who trust in Christ unexpectedly onministry. both personally and professionally. October 14, 2014 at home with hisYou won’t want to miss IMPACTNWC 2015. It will be a one-of-a- Loran Graham is a CPA, CFP wife after spending the morningkind experience! Registration will professional and independent wealth with his children. Jeff is ultimatelyopen at in August. Please advisor in the Pacific Northwest. survived by the legacy of faith thatjoin us! In Remembrance: he left with his family - a legacy that will follow him into eternity. His Kim Hanson, influence will be a strength, a joy and a compass to the generations Class of 1970 to come. Jeff is survived by his Born April 13, wife, Jenny (James) Barker, NWC 1952 in Hood primary music teacher; son, River Oregon, Weldon Barker; daughter, Anneke Kim spent his (Guytano) Pitini (’00); daughter, elementary and Geneva Barker (FS ’24); son, most of his high school years in Nathaniel Barker (FS ’24) and Mount Vernon, Washington where daughter, Natalie Barker (FS’26). his parents were missionaries

P8 the CRUSADER Spring 2015 In Memory of Lew Button, 1937-2004 I t is hard to believe it has been over a decade since Mr. Lew Button, NWC Headmaster and friend to many, passed away. As we cross this milestone, we would like to take time to remember a man who touched countless lives at Northwest Christian Schools. Mr. Lew Button came to Northwest Christian in the fall of 1980 as a science teacher. In 1981 he became the principal for grades K-8 and in 1985 Mr. Button was promoted to Headmaster where he served until his retirement in 1997.Mr. Button was a key individual who did his part to bring NWC through the tumultuous 1980’s when theschool struggled greatly financially. He was a friend to staff members and a mentor who left a lastingimpression on the hearts of NWC students.Upon his retirement, a scholarship was set up in his honor – The Lew Button Memorial Scholarship Fund.This is one of many funds within the NWCS Endowment – the interest of which provides scholarships to families who need help with tuition during their own times of financial struggle - the way Mr. Button wanted it.We encourage you to make a commitment in memory of Lew Button. Donors whomake a one time gift of $100 or more, or a monthly recurring commitment of $10 ormore will receive a NWC lanyard as a memento to remember to pray for NWC andthe families needing financial aid. Invest Opportunity If you would like to know more about the specific named endowments at NWC or are interested in establishing a new endowment, please contact us Scan the QR code with your at (509) 238-4005 (ext. 142). It is with humble gratitude we thank allphone to secure online giving of our donors for their support – both their prayers and their gifts.In Remembrance Dan Jane Papst, Mortlock, FormerChad Rattray, Class of 1995 Class of 1972 Parent Chad Michael Dan Mortlock Jane Papst Rattray, was a one-of-a- slipped into 37, died of kind man from the arms of complications a family of ten children. Born June her Savior related to the 12, 1953 in Seattle, Washington, on December flu on January God seized him suddenly on 27, 2014, after a long illness. 20, 2015. Monday, April 6th, and took Jane enjoyed reading, crafts and He attended him home early the next day in needlework, picking huckleberries and graduated Spokane, WA. and mushrooms at the familyfrom Northwest Christian Schools, cabin, trips to Alaska and Hawaii,Spokane Falls Community College, Dan was a high school teacher in collecting antiques, and watchingand from Eastern Washington Hermiston, Turkey, Battle Ground, old “Maverick” reruns. She was aUniversity with a degree in and most recently at the Spokane wonderful cook, and she alwaysInternational Affairs and Cultural Skills Center (Newtech). remembered birthdays andAnthropology. anniversaries. A faithful member ofChad was an entrepreneur, running He is survived by his mother, Fourth Memorial Church for manyhis hot dog stand, Cheddar Chad, to Brownie; seven brothers, two years, Jane also volunteered atput himself through college, Chad sisters, and their spouses; his both the Union Gospel Mission andwas always willing to give out a former wife Fulya, and daughter, NWCS.hand and kind words to customers well as passers-by. Chad wasalso known as DJ Cheddar Chad, Rev. Floyd Dunlap, Former Principalperforming on local radio stationsand at several Spokane venues. Reverend Floyd R. Dunlap died November 19, 2014 at the age of 89. He served as principal at multiple Christian schools, serving at Northwest Christian Schools from 1963 to 1967. Remembrance Articles at

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