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CONTENTS 03 5 Pink Cafes in Korea You 4 Should Visit10 05 Charlotte Cho 13 breaks down Ko rean Skincare for us 07 5 Winter Fashion Trendings in Korea 10 Meet Park Sora 11 6 Korean makeup trends you need to try now 13 Seoul Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 Highlight 17 Korean Makeup tips 18 Overnight beauty tips “Honey” 19 3CE Newest Col -lection 21 5 Trendiest Hairstyles 2

5 Pink cafes in Cafe culture is a huge thing in Korea, andKorea you should some posit that this is because Korean youths aren’t accustomed to inviting peo- visit ple over to their homes. Thus, they need a comfortable place to socialise — bonus Quick question: what do you immediately points if it happens to be a hip and photo- think of when we mention pink cafes? genic cafe! If you answered “Hello Kitty Cafes”, we don’t blame you. The cutesy character The next time you are in Korea, why not cafe has been popping up in countries take a breather and check out these 5 gor- like Korea, Taiwan, and even Singapore. geous pink cafes? We promise you your However, not everyone appreciates the Instagram feed (and your followers!) will saccharine sweet decor. Luckily, with the thank you for it. advent of Millennial Pink, we’ve since come to realise that pink doesn’t always ZAPANGI have to mean kitschy. The rosy hue can be used to great effect to create Insta- The entrance to Zapangi is cleverly hidden gram-worthy minimalist interiors, as with behind a fake vending machine, cheerfully these 5 pink cafes on our list. painted in pink. Interestingly, did you know that “zapangi” is the Korean word for “vend- ing machine”? This is the sort of tongue- in-cheek kitsch we live for. The pink theme extends to the inside of the store. Expect to find pink ice-cream chests, takeaway cups, tins, and assorted packaging. Address: 400- 2 Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Photo credit: @zapangi_official on InstagramMAGNSTUDIO COFFEE 3Besides coffee, mAgnstudio also servescraft beers. The minimalist space alsooffers merchandise perfect for the Tumblrcrowd. Don’t forget to take a picture of theiconic pink stairs when you’re there!Address: 1170-9, Geumho-dong 3-ga,Seongdong-gu, SeoulPhoto credit: @burnachiravit on Instaexercpt from:

ONE IN A MILLION With Millennial Pink accents, minimalist decor, and a good dose of greenery, One In A Million is practically a honeypot for Ins- tagram-gold. Clearly K-Pop star Taeyeon agrees, as she had a shoot for her album at this very cafe recently. Photo credit: @oneinamillion_seoul on Insta- gramSTYLENANDA PINK POOLCAFELocated on the fifth floor of Stylenanda’sMyeongdong Pink Hotel, the Pink PoolCafe is a must-visit for all K-Fashion lov-ers. Not only do you get to browse throughStylenanda’s clothes, there’s also 3CEcosmetics on display. Oh right, the pool-themed cafe is really cute too! Sometimes,you may even spot the Stylenanda mod-els having a photoshoot at the cafe itself.There’s also a rooftop lounge for anyonewho prefers an al fresco experience.Address: 37-8, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea(66-2, Chungmuro 2-ga)Photo credit: @pinkpoolcafe on Instagram DORE DORE Dore Dore actually has more than one location, with one of the most accessible outlets (for us tourists, I mean) located at Gangnam Lotte De- partment Store. However, sources say that the one at Common Ground is a must visit, as its decor is particularly striking. Nevertheless, you can be sure that every Dore Dore cafe is pink and very Insta-worthy. Don’t forget to try out their popular Feel Good! Cake rainbow cake if you’re there! Address: 1F 40 Dosandae-ro 15 gil Gangnam- gu Photo credit: @yuristacoco on Instagram 4

Charlotte Cho breaks downKorean skincare for us...In Asia especially, it’s not about covering up your cleanse method. Water-based cleansersskin with makeup to make it look flawless. It’s break down water-based debris such asnot about finding a miracle cream that magically dirt and sweat. They typically come inreverses signs of ageing. Instead, a lot of Asian cream or foam formulas.philosophy is about taking preventative mea- Exfoliate: This is a step you can do week-sures to make sure it never gets to that point. ly. Use a chemical-based exfoliator thatCaring for skin is taken for granted as part of uses an ingredient like alpha hydroxy acidoverall health, like brushing teeth. to penetrate skin and clean deep in your pores. Use a mechanical exfoliant like aAnd of course, there’s the famous multi-step sugar scrub to slough off dead skin fromKorean skin care routine that involves layering the surface of your skin.products, starting from the lightest formulas tothe heaviest. Tone: Do this after you cleanse (or exfoliate, if you’ve chosen to do that step).Here’s a quick run-down of each step: A lot of toner formulas of the past were very astringent and left faces “squeaky Oil cleanse: The first step in your “dou- clean,” but that’s beginning to change,ble-cleanse” method. Don’t let the oil in the name especially as western companies take adeter you. This step works for all skin types, cue from Asian ones. Korean toners focusincluding those that are acne-prone or oily. An on hydrating the skin, prepping it to betteroil-based product breaks down oil-based impuri- absorb the other products in your skincareties such as makeup and SPF. routine. I recommend using a toner thatWater cleanse: The second step in your double also doubles as a gentle exfoliator such as the Son and Park Beauty Water.Excerpt from: Essence: After you tone, your skin is prepared for essence, which is typically a liquid formula that’s made with ingredients that help make your skin look less dull and brighten your complexion by encour- aging skin cells to regenerate. Ampoule: This is like a denser, slicker ver- sion of essence that’s supercharged with ingredients that help address signs of skin damage, whether it’s plumping fine lines by making sure skin is properly hydrated or reducing the appearance of pigmenta- tion through skin renewal. Sheet Masks: Perhaps the most iconic (and easily recognisable) step in Asian skin regimens, you can do this once or twice week. As the name suggests, it’s a mask that you wear for about 15 minutes. Typically they’re made from cotton or gel sheets that have been soaked in serums and essences. There are many that are 5

specially formulated to treat particular skin ing sure you cleanse thoroughly and exfoli-concerns ranging from acne to dryness and ating to eliminate breakouts. Then hydrate tomuch else. keep skin in a healthy state and minimize fine lines. Then protect with SPF. The sun is the Eye cream: The skin around the eyes is cause of the majority of skin damage.especially delicate, so you want to use some-thing richer here than you would the rest of Aside from drinking tons of water to keepyour face. Use a tapping motion as opposed yourself hydrated as well as consumingto a rubbing motion to avoid stretching the healthy vegetables and fruits, I would defi-skin, which could lead to wrinkles down the nitely recommend putting a humidifier byroad. your desk if you work at an office! You would be surprised at how dry office air is, espe- Emulsion: This is a lighter-weight mois- cially in the winter time when the heater isturiser that works to penetrate into the skin on high. Dry air can lead to dry skin which isand hydrate at a deeper level. It’s often a more prone to flaking. By keeping a humidifi-liquid or liquidy cream consistency. er by the desk, it helps your skin feel hydrat-Sleeping pack, or night cream: This is the ed as well as get the moisture it needs frommost emollient, or creamiest, product in your the air.routine. You slather this on last because it’sso thick that it could prevent the rest of yourproducts from getting absorbed into the skin.While it moisturises on the spot, it also keepsyou hydrated as you sleep because it’s madewith humectants: ingredients that hold andretain moisture.If you’re not ready to dive in with all 10 steps,try slowly adding one product at a time. I’drecommend beginning with making sure youcleanse thoroughly and exfoliating to elimi-nate breakouts. Then hydrate to keep skin ina healthy state and minimize fine lines. Thenprotect with SPF. The sun is the cause of themajority of skin damage. Women in Korea are definitely more ada- mant about washing their faces as soon as they get home so they can start their night time skin regime! They think of it as a ses- sion for pampering themselves which I think every women should start to adopt. You want to let your skin breathe and help your pores be clean from all the congested dirtIf you’re not ready to dive in with all 10 and make-up. Simply getting into the mindsetsteps, try slowly adding one product at atime. I’d recommend beginning with mak- of taking off your make-up as soon as you get home will drastically help any woman’s problem skin. 6

5 Winter FashionLooks That Are TrendingThroughout Korea Looking for some inspiration for the winter season coming up?! We’ve collected some of the most stylish women in Korea and internationally, with a great fashion sense for you to get inspired by!First, you need a serious thick sweater that thin long-sleeved shirt. Think layers, tiny layers andgoes with everything, so you can wear iteveryday. You’ll want all of your shirts and way too many layers. Don’t just embody an onionsweaters to cover your butt, so buy them aslong as you can find. Bonus if it has a hood. in layers of personality, dress like an onion. (Don’tThen you need thin, warm underlayers. Theyare the foundation of everything: under your smell like an onion, though.) As for your footsies,pants you’ll need thin leggings, under yourlong sleeved shirt you’ll need a thinner, long buy the super fuzzy socks or if you need to putsleeved shirt. Those girls you see in Seoulwearing only leggings in the bitter cold? They shoes on top, wear two pairs of socks. 7have a secret weapon, a fuzzy, fur-like lininginside the leggings. Back to the top, even bet-ter if you have a thin tank top underneath that

Excerpt from: 8


Meet theSTYLENANDAGAL: Park SoraName: Sora Park Q: What’s the best part of your job?Birthday: 29th July, 1988Current Location: Seoul Sora: I get to try different clothes.Profession: ModelHeight: 166cm Q: What’s your favourite fashion style?Weight: 48kg Name: Sora ParkBirthday: 29th July, 1988 Sora: Chic style, I like to wear stylish,Current Location: Seoul monotone clothes and complete the lookProfession: Model with a feminine makeup, such as puttingHeight: 166cm on red lip color.Weight: 48kg Q: Any beauty tips to share with STY- LENANDA’s fans? Sora: Remember to clean your face thor- oughly before going to bed every night and put on sunscreen every day! Q: What’s your favourite holiday destina- tion? Sora: Wherever there is a beach, I just love summer. Q: What’s your favourite food? Sora: Korean BBQ. Q: Do you enjoy clubbing? SOra: Yes, with friends but I don’t go club- bing that often really.excerpt from: 10

6 Korean Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that South Korea is bringing their Agame to the world of beauty.With K-Pop bands infiltrating the hearts and tumblrs of many ateenage girl, and gorgeous, glossy-eyed Korean models dominating fashion campaigns, it’sno wonder we’re taking notes.From eye bags to gradient lips, here’s a round up of some ofthe most popular trends straight from Seoul.Dewy SkinA glowing complexion is the first step to-wards a fresh and rested look. A Koreaninnovation, the air cushion is the perfectproduct for flawless looking skin.What’s an air cushion? A sponge soakedwith foundation encased in an easy-to-use,portable compact. This makes it great fortouch-ups, too.I’m using IOPE’s Air Cushion in ShimmerBeige. With an added benefit of SPF 50, notonly does it even out the skin-tone, it alsoprotects the skin from harmful UV rays Pupy Eyeliner Not to be confused with the puppy eye, the puppy liner is the puppy eye’s cleaner, more sophisticated cousin. This look makes the eye appear rounder and more doll-like. To achieve it, simply extend your liner following the slope of the eye downwards, rather than flicking upwards as done with a cat eye. 11

Orange Blush Aegyo SalForget pink. Orange -- in its incar- Eye bag sufferers rejoice! Eyenations of peach, coral and tanger- bags are cute in South Korea andine -- will give you that pretty flush there’s a term for it, too. “Aegyothat makes your heart sing. I use Sal” (loosely translated as “cute/tint rather than to use blush on, winsome skin”) describes the fatthis help the color to stay on longer pockets under the eyes that are thought to make the eyes appearGradient Lips rounder, fuller and younger. Don’t have ‘em? Fake it.Cherry popsicle lips of childhood 1. Apply a highlight shade rightcan be yours once more and you below the lower lash line. I useddon’t even need to take a trip to Venus in the Urban Decay Mattethe corner store. Palette.1. Apply skin toned concealer or 2. Using a matte brown, carve infoundation over your lips. your “bag” around half a centime-2. Using a brush, apply a pink to ter below your lash line. I usedthe centre of the lips and blend Urban Decay’s Faint. Blend withoutwards. I used a combination of a cotton bud.coral and red from the Maqpro Pe-tite Fard Creme Palette in PP22.excerpt from: 12

SEOUL FASHION WEEKFALL/WINTER 2017HIGHLIGHT excerpt from: elle thailand For Seoul Fashion Week Seoul Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2017, which runs from March 27 to April 1, 2017, with more than 70 shows from South Korean brands at the forefront of the group called the Seoul Collection. In the Generation Next and in the show booth, including many new brands, many of today’s ‘Pete Korn’ is a collection of 7 brand new and old. To be the highlight of the Seoul Fashion Week last season. “The Best” A.AV Fall / Winter 2017 This season’s ‘best season’ is given toA.AV, a new wave. But there are perfor-mances in both South Korea. And inter-national as in Paris and Milan as well asworks are also sold in the Korean mallalong with many world-class super brands.They are featured at Tailoring for bothmen and women. As seen from the 2017winter collection, A.AV continues to offertailor-made products. But there are twiststo the form of the work looks differentfrom the simple form of a simple. That’swhere the designer picked up the old Mixand Match pieces with the sportware. Butcome out look unique in the pattern. Andthe black-and-white pair used continuous-ly. In this season, there is also a red dropto the winter does not look too pale. 13

“Most fun” D-Antidote Fall/Winter 2017 Another brand new. In the GenerationNext, this brand shows. The new waveof Korea is second to none. After FILA, afamous South Korean sports brand, joinedup with Gosha Rubchinskiy to become aseason in the series. Spring / Summer2017In this latest season, FILA is joining forceswith D-Antidote to become the ‘SeouLon-don’ collection, which features an anti-fash-ion theme inspired by stylish designs andprints. Influenced by the British Punk fash-ion. Bringing tattoos like Tartan and match-ing colors to the Soo Catwoman and theLondon Punk 70s - 80’s. Meet the Sportystyle, becoming a fun new fan club. “Darkest Dark” D.GNAK FallWinter 2017 The brand that dominates anyone who loves D.GNAK received the ‘best of the best’ fromfashion in the so-called ‘dark line’ as always, us. The most notable was the standard ofand in recent seasons like this, D.GNAK still tailoring. And matching the basic piece withhave the mind to dominate. When the collec- the Iconic Shade Street-Fashion It does nottion called Fantasma continues to stimulate look strange. When composing Luke com-the hallucination with clothes in black color in plete with new pair of shoes Sneakers thatthe room. The prints are based on the thriller. will become Wish-List of many people with.Including styling like hair color and color con- Everything looks so perfect.tact lenses together. All of the collections of 14

“The Most Dramatic”Blindness Fall/Winter 2017 As many of you know, South Korea is one of the youngest countries to enjoy fashion. And not dressed as a secondary country. Especially during the fashion week that many people find a piece of bang! Get flash from the Street Style photographer, then Blindness has become a brand that meets the needs of this one best brand. This latest collection is a piece of work- manship. It’s up to the stylist, the woman, the man, the man, the woman, all the things that are connected by destroying the line of sex. If you look at the details on the work carefully. This collection is one more detail on the piece that is packed full of pearl embroidery. Material blend And a miracle pattern to get the Silhou- ette quaint. “Cutest” KYE Fall/Winter 2017 Seoul Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2017 is Jacket for both boys and girls. Nike AF1not likely to be out of KYE because it is a col- shoes decorated fur. It’s also a fashion idealection of cool winter with the shape and color. for the fashionista looking for shoes “Rain-The pastel color to the dizzy. Comes with soft, bow Fingers” to match with the pieces. Thevelvety material like Coat and Fur (Artificial) barbie little girls are different. 15

“The Most Trendy”CHARM’S Fall/Winter 2017 There is is no better brand than CHARM’S the heavy metal trend of the past season,brand new light on the show in the Seoul Col- Streetwear is easy to sell. Such as T-shirts,lection and become a trend when each season cut patterns, Hoodie printed CHARM’s x Ker-can capture the direction of fashion. CHARM’S mit and Bomber jacket. For the winter withcollections each season feature easy-to-wear the bright colors. It is still possible for youngitems. No more messy details. In recent sea- Koreans to like fashion.sons, in addition to the prints that still rely on “Most interesting” PushBUTTON Fall/Winter 2017The wisdom of PushBUTTON in this sea- does not make us cry. In terms of design workson. It’s fun to go with the big fashion brands But it makes us cry Wow! As for the show of thesuch as Balenciaga and Christian Dior. It’s a skill of the team in possession. That is to showreturn to the luxury and elegance of fashion the potential for the world to see. This shirt Thisin the mid-20th century. Loved in the 50’s material, a Korean-style brand PushButton, is asfashion wear, but the colors in the color block good as the luxury couture in make it stand out. Although this collection 16



3CE NEWEST COLLECTION“3CE X MAISON KITSUNE” exerpt from: 3CE X MAISON KITSUNE The collaborar- For 3CE x Maison Kitsune, there aretion between Stylenanda and the famous french cosmetic products including Soft Cheekclothing brand MAISON KITSUNE. The brand (Pure Peony, Ginger Pink and Sweety Me).name comes from Japanese. KITSUNE Setting Powder (Light Beigh and Mediummeans fox, which is the main character of Beigh 1,250 Baht) Lip Balm (Blush Coral,this collection.The items in this collection Peach Beigh and Rose Sweets Price 650ranges from cases, phones, bags, make up Baht) and Mini Brush Kit includes 5 brushessets, brushes, blushes, talcum powder and (2,150 Baht)lip balm. There are 3 product variants for iPhone The girls know that Stylenanda’s cos- 7/7/8 and Samsung S8 / S8 + for 690 Baht.metics, or the familiar 3CE brand, have part- Tote bag (Navy and Red for 850 Baht) andnered with the French fashion brand, Mai- Pouch, cosmetics and gift items (890 baht).son Kitsune, to launch a special collection There are 3 designs as well. It’s cheaperof 3CE x Maison Kitsune. Actually, Maison than Maison Kitsune products, many ofKitsune does not agree with the cosmetics them are also beautifully designed to collectbrand. Previously only shu uemura. more colors! 19


5 TRENDIEST HAIRSTYLESTHAT YOU CAN TRY RIGHTNOW excerpt from: 1. Quirky Bangs The quirky bangs Korean hairstyle for girls accen- tuate the hairdo like nothing. The style is just so chic and eccentric. The thick leaf shaped bang gives a different look altogether.2. Boyish Pixie The boyish pixie, dressed in longsharper strands give a spiky feel to thehair. 21

3. Curly Pinned bun The curly pinned bun gives a chic and cute look to the face. The face appears tender and pleasant with this style4. Simple Tousled Ponytail The ponytail gets an edgy look with the thickshort bangs on both sides of the face. The stylehas a ruffled essence but is still attractive. 5. Sleek Half Up The sleek half up hairstyle has a very tousled feel to it. The style is dressed in a stylish mid part. The red lips complement this Korean hair style. 22

Designed By: Pincha P. Yanisa T

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