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Contents SUMMER 2017Check out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at 6 Small Space Big Impact National Fitness Trade Journal (541) 830-040010 Body-Solid: 28 Years Strong Publisher14 Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. The Cycling Effect... On Your Members, On Your Staff, On Your Bottom Line Associate Publisher Meshelle Boyko18 Staying Strong: TRUE Fitness Releases New FUSE XL Strength Line Editor Ronnie Boyko22 How to Create the Ultimate Art Direction Performance Training Area Advent Media26 Associate Editors Ashley Boyko-Mattos The First Sustainable Fitness Studio Robbie Boyko is Here and It’s POWERFUL National Advertising MGR. ` PRIME Fitness: A Modern Spin Meshelle Boyko On Time-Tested Equipment3 33 048 Asst. Advertising Manager Limitless Exercises, Minimal Space Jim Clark Effectively Managing a Sports & Fitness Facility MNFsS. FBitVneicsse®PrUeSsAidCeonotrdinator Michelle Thomson42 Joining a Gym is About More Than Just Going To The Gym Contributing Photographers46 Sami Vaskola, Matt Shepley, Carl Thygesen, Wally Boyko Jr. Independent Contractor or Employee? Which is The Right One? The National Fitness Trade Journal is published quarterly (four times a year with an exclusive Trade Show Issue (July) for $25 per year by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. A California Corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503. Editorial contributions must be accompanied by return postage and will be handled with reasonable care; however, the publisher is not responsible for unsolicited materials of any kind. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as is necessary to meet requirements of this publication. The act of mailing material shall constitute an express warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement upon the rights of others. Reproduction of this magazine in part or whole without consent, is prohibited. Send subscription inquiries and address changes to National Fitness Trade Journal, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503 Phone (541) 830-0400 Fax (541) 830-0410. Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., does not endorse advertised products or services represented in this magazine. Furthermore, WBP is not responsible for any warranties or manufacturer claims of product performance.4 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Q. Why is this mobile app morevaluable to club owners?A. Because it helps everymember pay for their clubmembershipEvery club member can use ASF’s new mobile app toautomatically track their attendance and be rewarded,or reimbursed by their insurance provider. This is anincredible incentive for members to join your club bysaving on membership fees. With additional features, italso translates into more revenue for you and your club.Member Benefits:• Insurance provider rewards and reimbursements• Schedule and purchase classes or training• Seamless check-in• Direct communications with trainers• Automatic access to library of workout videosOwner Benefits:• Design tools to customize your club app• Advertise club promotions to members• Live Membership information integrationYPoroudrucNt ext Great Cardio ASF Payment Solutions • EFT increases your revenue • Credit Card • Point of SaleYou Can’twith payment processingand software integration. • SchedulingTrain for a5k and FALL 2009 | 5

SBmigalIl mSppaacect Ask any fitness equipment manufacturer what one of the most common objections they hear is and they will tell you “I don’t have One of the biggest challenges facing the fitness industry is the SPACE”. However it’s not about the space - it’s about the space SPACE. One of the single largest fixed costs for a fitness for the RIGHT THINGS. If you knew that a piece of equipment or club or studio operator today is rent. Because space is so program was what your members wanted, you’d find the space - or expensive we have seen a shift in the way many clubs are they will go somewhere that did! designed. Every square foot is carefully planned to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. In fact, this was one of the In the last 5 years or so the industry has also been overtaken key drivers to the rise of the Studio Market! Operators figured by the FUNCTIONAL TRAINING movement. Functional training is that if they could eliminate low usage areas and include supposed to mimic activities of daily living and provide exercisers only those that produce the most profit, it would be a win! with the strength and mobility to be more active and productive They were right! In fact, according to IHRSA, since 2010 in their every day tasks. It’s certainly great exercise, but because boutique studios have become the fastest growing segment of the dynamic nature of functional training, it requires a lot of the industry. more of that precious SPACE! Examples include Medicine Ball Throws, Tire Flipping, and Battle Ropes. When exercise is done on stationary machines the space requirement is fixed and predictable. Functional training throws all of that out the window and the space needed can be massive. The payoff can be there, but you have to consider the amount of space you are giving up for one or two people to do one movement. For example, if you have members looking to flip tractor tires - a very popular exercise - you might have to devote 30-40 yards of space to ensure that they can get an effective workout and not endanger your other members who may be using the space for stretching or6 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

core work. Battle Ropes can pose the same challenge, requiring long! In less than 20 square feet you can perform all of your Tire20-30 feet of distance for just the rope! This type of training is Flipping movements! That is a huge space saver! Additionally thecertainly EFFECTIVE but from a space perspective it certainly is anchor points on either side of the unit allow you to perform battlenot EFFICIENT! What’s a club to do? rope or elastic resistance exercises allowing you to set up a 3-4 person circuit training workout in a fraction of the space you would Fortunately for the industry certain manufacturers, like The Abs normally need. Finally, the ability to add plate loaded resistanceCompany, recognize this dilemma and are focused on equipment eliminates the need for multiple tires in a facility by giving youand programming that addresses these critical issues. In short training range of 100-240lbs!they are focused on equipment that requires a SMALL SPACE butmakes a BIG IMPACT! Additionally such products solve the three Another innovation from The Abs Company revolves around thebiggest issues surrounding functional training: SPACE, SAFETY ever-popular Battle Rope exercise. Again this dynamic workout isand FACILITY DAMAGE. extremely effective but you have to devote 20-30 feet of floor space just for one person to train! The all new BattleRope ST® solves thisSpace issue with its revolutionary design (see inset)Exercisers have been flipping tires for decades. This type of trainingis extremely dynamic and provides users with strength, power and Safetyaerobic fitness in one exercise. One of the biggest challenges with functional training is safety. The moves are not typical for the average user and without proper It’s one thing if you have the ability to use tires outdoors but instruction, injury can occur. Tire Flipping is no exception withwhen you bring them inside it’s another story. The TireFlip 180 and most injuries occurring when the unstable tire starts to roll awayTireFlip 180XL require a space that is only 5 feet wide and 4 feet from the user. They can get injured as their body ends up in an awkward position trying to regain control. Additionally there is always risk to the unsuspecting exerciser who can have the tire fall or roll on top of them while they are simply lying down to stretch! Again, the TireFlip 180 solves this issue by moving in a defined and fixed path of motion. Safer for both the user and the exercisers around them! The all-new BattleRope ST Facility Damage Finally, many of the functional moves today put the actual facilityThe Battle Rope ST® features 6lb weighted handles. at risk for damage! When tires are leaned up against a wall orThis unique handle continually flipped onto the floor it can’t help but damage theallows you to surfaces, leaving your beautiful facility looking worn! The TireFlipperform all of your 180 solves this issue because the tire never hits the floor, insteadbattle rope exercises landing on the raised bumpers, which also help users get aand your suspension comfortable grip on the tire for more effective flipping. Whenmoves as well! Best members are launching the medicine balls into your walls andof all it only requires onto your floor damage ensues. The Ab Solo allows users to fire10 feet of space! the medicine balls into a padded return for a fun safe and effective functional core workout! It’s no secret that today’s members are looking for something different. They want functional movement and they want an experience. Whether you own a big box club or a boutique studio it’s imperative to find a way to give them what they want while keeping the realities of the business and facility in place. Products that require a SMALL SPACE but make a BIG IMPACT are the answer! For more information visit, call us at 866-219-5335 or email [email protected] SUMMER 2017 | 7

LED DIRECT REPLACEMENT for HID SAVES $364INPEORPLEIRGAHTTIN/PGERCOYSETASRSaves 68% SIMPLY by Changing “Bulbs”JUST SCREW IT IN, IT’S EZ! BEFORE W/ METAL HALIDE• Directly replaces metal halide and HPS lamps X• No fixture change or rewiring AFTER W/ THE OEO EZ LED• Works with existing ballast or on direct line voltage: you decide• Long LED life technology significantly improves light levels for years• Payback: less than one year (before rebates)• Equals or exceeds brand new metal halide light output• No mercury. No radiation. No UV. RoHS compliant.• Rebate eligible• 5 year warranty TAKE A P&ICSTHUARREEOITF!• 50,000+ hour life THIS AD• Free shipping this month 145W “BRIGHT” Saves $364* per light, per year• 30 day money-back guarantee 180W “BRIGHTER” Saves $324* per light, per year 230W “BRIGHTEST” Saves $267* per light, per year*Operating 24/7 @ national kWh average of 13.6 cents per U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics 2017 Waiting is costly. Call now! (888) 548-1897 • [email protected] NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

TECH-ENHANCED MEMBER-DRIVEN FreeMotion’s s11.9 Indoor Cycle FREEMOTION’S s11.9 CARBON DRIVE™ SYSTEM INDOOR CYCLE Give your clients a sweat-induced experience with tech amenities and an adrenaline rush. FreeMotion’s s11.9 Indoor Cycle is made with a history of innovation and a track record for reliability. FreeMotion’s new and improved Console and Power-Sending Crank Arm gives riders workout data they can see and understand—fueling motivation to reach their personalized fitness goals. Get to know FreeMotion’s complete line of indoor cycles. s11.8 Carbon Drive™ System, s11.6 Chain Drive™ System CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE DETAILS 877.363.8449 | [email protected] | FREEMOTIONFITNESS.COM

Body-Solid: 28 Years StrongF or over 28 years, Forest Park, Illinois-based “Body-Solid had everything we needed in Body-Solid Inc. has been a leader in the fitness stock, the big stuff, the small stuff and industry by collaborating, monitoring, reacting and everything in-between” innovating according to industry needs creating one of the most diverse product catalogs in fitness. The fitness industry has come a long way since 1989, and Body-Solid has been there every step of the way. Despite vast What began as a small strength company founded to provide changes over the last 28 years, Body-Solid’s goal of providingfitness products to specialty retailers has expanded into a global top-quality fitness equipment for hundreds of police and fireleader in the industry with over 600 products sold and supplied departments, military and government, sports teams, schools,in over 65 countries. universities, rehab, medical facilities and community fitness centers across the country and throughout the world, has Beginning in 1996, Body-Solid made their first entry into remained constant.commercial strength with the introduction of the ProClubLinesingle-station line. Today, the line is still actively produced by “The firefighters never used the old gym, butBody-Solid and currently features 20 stations. since we replaced the old equipment with Body-Solid, the gym is as popular as the “Creating the ProClubLine was instrumental in Body-Solid’s kitchen”evolution,” said co-CEO Scott McDonald. “It was the first inwhat would become a long line of commercial products for the Commercial Strengthcompany.” A great example of the breadth and selection of Body-Solid’s commercial strength catalog are three selectorized lines: Eight years later, Body-Solid expanded its reach in the ProClubLine Pro Dual, ProClubLine Series II, and with the ProClubLine Pro Dual line of commercial fitnessequipment and just a year later, Body-Solid yet again broadened ProClubLine Pro Dual Reverse Flytheir commercial strength catalog with a new line of leverage The ProClubLine Pro Dual line features 10 dual function stationsequipment under the ProClubLine banner. with modern design and classic function. Every Pro Dual unit features oversized oval tubing and a two-step powder coat These evolutions saw Body-Solid transform from a paint finish. All 10 units feature dual function stations that arehigh-quality home fitness supplier into a strong competitor specifically designed for space-challenged situations, withoutin the commercial equipment market. A critical component compromising quality or Body-Solid’s success and growth has always been at onceinventory. Body-Solid takes the same approach with commercialproducts. Almost everything is in stock and ready to ship. Also, Body-Solid is consistently ranked best in class forproducts and service by leading industry publications.Product DiversityBody-Solid boasts oneof the widest arrays of Body-Solid Kettleballcommercial productsin the industry with amultitude of productsspanning strength, cardio,iron, bars and accessories.Featured strengthproducts include selectorizedand free weight machines,functional trainers andmulti-station gyms. While avast collection of ellipticals,recumbent/upright bikes, treadmillsand a recently-introduced high-intensity, dual-action fanbike highlight Body-Solid’s cardio line.10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

The Pro Dual line also features the DGYM modular gym introduction of their newest ProClubLine products: hexagon system which combines any four of the 10 dual-action stations training rig, leverage squat, vertical knee raise, ab bench and into one compact 4 stack gym. commercial power rack.“We went with Body-Solid for our corporatefitness center — they were the only companythat had everything we wanted” Commercial Power RackProClubLine Series II Functional Trainer SPR1000 Commercial Power RackProClubLine Series II is Body-Solid’s premium single-station line As the industry evolves, Body-Solid continues to evolve rightdesigned with superior functionality and a sleek modern look, along with it. The best evidence of this is Body-Solid’s newperfect for any fitness facility. The diverse ProClubLine Series commercial power rack.II product line features 17 stations including everything from amulti-press, lat pulldown and chest press to a cable crossover, A hefty addition to Body-Solid’s power rack offerings,functional trainer and weight-assisted chin and dip machine. the SPR1000 power rack features a scratch-resistant black powder-coat finish as well as oversized j-hooks and safeties. Each ProClubLine Series II machine is constructed withtop-quality components making the line a perfect blend of form “The SPR1000 Power Rack is the result of decades ofand functionality. knowledge, design, function, expertise and feedback from clubs and professionals around the world,” said McDonald.Pro-Select Inner & Outer Thigh MachineLastly, Pro-Select is Body-Solid’s most economical single-station In addition to a number of upgrades and attachments,option for smaller studios with seven stations focusing on most the SPR1000 power rack can be expanded nearly 30 inchesmajor muscle groups. with the frame extension option. This extension creates space for extra weight storage and additional room for spotters and In recent years, Body-Solid has re-embraced their roots by integrated group exercises.expanding commercial free weight offerings, highlighted by the Customization is key as this power rack features nearly 20 accessories and attachments including premium safeties, band pegs, storage trays, t-bar platforms, monkey bars, weight horn attachments, plyo steps, dip stations, ball rebounders and more. For those looking to expand even further, two power racks can be combined using Body-Solid’s new monkey bar attachment. This expanded build is ideal for multi-use facilities and allows for multiple users at the same time, maximizing your facility’s space. Body-Solid also offers four pre-built power rack packages, each designed with a specific combination of accessories and attachments. The SPR1000 commercial power rack is entirely modular and can be customized to any facility’s specific needs. Boasting a 1,000-lb. weight capacity, 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe with one-inch hole spacing for fine tuned safety adjustments, Body-Solid’s commercial power rack is the perfect blend of quality, function, versatility and value. Learn More For more information about the SPR1000 Commercial Power Rack or any other of Body-Solid’s commercial offerings, visit, email [email protected] or call (800) 833-1227. SUMMER 2017 | 11

this isn'tcyacling studioLooks can be deceiving. At first glance you may think you’re looking at a traditional cycling studio facility; but it’s so much more. You’re looking at a power plant. A bona fide room full of energy producing indoor cycles. At any given time, Sacramento Eco Fitness fills this room with a new breed of members. Users who are not only looking to burn calories, but produce energy. Energy that not only off-sets cost, but actually creates a surplus to potentially store and re-sell. Fitness studios like Sacramento Eco Fitness are changing the fitness game attracting the ever growing and passionate millennial mind set…one bike & elliptical at a time. Contact us today to learn how you can capitalize on this new trend, capture new members, attract pr/marketing opportunities & lower your operating costs.G510 Indoor Cycle G575U Upright Cycle G575R Recumbent Cycle G875 Elliptical 1.800.709.1400 | GOSPORTSART.COM

The Cycling Effect... Just by looking at an indoorOn Your Members,On Your Staff, bike, one can understandOn Your Bottom Line what muscles they’reI ndoor Cycling is hotter than ever thanks to the rise of boutique cycling working. But riders can alsostudios and a vocal celebrity following. instigate a great ab workoutBut having a successful indoor cycling when they’re in the rightprogram goes beyond the “party position, says Tumminello.atmosphere” and pedaling as hard and as An educated indoor cyclingfast as you can. The indoor cycling sweat instructor can direct riders tostorm has members flocking to classes take a slightly bent positionfor some serious fun and serious calorie while riding that will bringburn -- but are you leveraging your indoor together side and center abscycles to increase your revenue while to do some amazing doublegiving members something they can’t get Lisa Renee Tumminello duty work while spinning. In addition, Tumminello says anat your competing gym down the street? indoor cycling workout can help with balance, coordinationGet members fitterCycling is the full body workout with a myriad of endorphin- and endurance.inducing side effects. According to the American College ofSports Medicine (ACSM), the positive bonuses of cycling are Get the right bikethat it’s low-impact (for those working back from an injury), When it comes to finding the right bike for a full spectrumbuilds muscles, boosts endurance, instigates cardiovascular indoor cycling experience, Tumminello has some advice. “I lookconditioning and reduces stress levels. for ease-of-use and how quickly the bike can be personalized to fit the rider,” Tumminello continues. “I also look for the outdoor According to Lisa Renee Tumminello, an established biking feel of the bike, how much space it needs, and the tech aspectexpert, who has competed as a professional road cyclist and is that goes beyond a calorie count and time clock.”now focused on ultra endurance and adventure racing, memberscan crush between 400 to 600 calories in one 45-minute Among her favorite indoor cycles are the s11.9 and s11.8cycling class. Tumminello has been tapped by the fitness Carbon-Drive™ System bikes by FreeMotion. “I like how thesecommunity for her unprecedented knowledge on the sport and bikes have a smaller footprint,” Tumminello begins. “Most gymssays that indoor cycling can help people see quick and long want to make the most of their class sizes so with this bikelasting changes to their bodies.14 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Indoor cycling can create more fitness and weight loss benefits -- build an engine and athey can maximize their square strong weight loss foundation -- instead of just indoor cycles and then walkfootage.” But just because the spinning fast and burning off sugars. away,” Tumminello says. “Theybike is modest in size she says, empower the facility owner withit doesn’t lack on must-have -- Lisa Renee Tumminello their training program, whichfeatures. “The FreeMotion bikes is a blueprint on how ownershave that ‘feel’ I’m looking for; a can take those bikes, increaserealistic, outdoor ride feel that’s their fitness programs, attractalso smooth and comfortable.” new members and elevate fitness levels.Get smarter By educating yourFreeMotion’s Console and instructors on how to leadPower-Sensing Crank Arm, an an effective, results-drivenadd-on feature to their bikes, indoor cycling class, you’recontribute that fit/tech aspect giving members a stellarthat Tumminello says, ‘surprises experience. Because there’sand delights’ the rider. “We more than just getting on theare an on-demand culture,” bike and pedaling. There’s ashe begins. “Exercisers want science behind RPM vs theto know that they are making a rider’s weight, the properchange to their body right now. positioning on the bike toThe Console and Power-Sensing initiate a full body burn; all ofCrank Arm let them know which will directly impact athey’re doing something.” facility owner’s ROI. “There’sThe Crank Arm adds more not another program out thereinformation to the workout by like it,” says Tumminello aboutcalculating RPMs, BPMs, watts and pedal intervals that can FreeMotion’s indoor cycling education. “All the top bikes outhelp riders know what they need to do in this workout to reach there are good. But it’s the education that FreeMotion givestheir goals. you that will truly affect your income and keep membersOften times, riders will go too hard when they should go filling your classes. It’s the motivation and information thateasy, or too easy, when it is time to challenge themselves,” they’re getting from your trainers.”Tumminello continues. “The FreeMotion Power Console takesthe guesswork out of the training and directly measures effort.”By understanding power output in combination with heart rate, Check out the complete line of FreeMotion Indoor Cycles atperceived exertion and other metrics, the riders have powerful www.freemotionfitness.comtools to gauge actual effort and progress. Call: 1-877-363-8449Tumminello says you also want to look for HIIT-training Email: [email protected] on an indoor cycle, like a quick braking system,instant resistance control and of course, quick fit adjustmentsso the class can get started as soon as possible. “The s11.9 fits E X P ERT ADVI C E90% of all people so they can jump on, make one or two bikeadjustments and we’re on our way.” From expert trainer and professional racer, Lisa Renee TumminelloGet educatedPerhaps the biggest difference between the many indoor cyclesout there right now is not what’s on the bike, it’s what you get What you NEED to have in an indoor cycle:in addition to the bike. “FreeMotion’s training program is what 1) Innovative Designtruly makes their bikes different than anything out there rightnow,” Tumminello says. 2) “Outdoor ride” feel FreeMotion’s comprehensive indoor cycling education 3) Train with power 4) An educated class trainerlooks at all aspects of cycling. It educates trainers on whatthey can do to go beyond the ride, and start making a deeperimpact on riders’ fitness levels. “FreeMotion doesn’t just sell SUMMER 2017 | 15

Embrace TechnologyYour members will love you for it! NOW INTRODUCINGMYZONE® VIRTUAL CLASSESThe only system in the world with fullMYZONE® feedback integration.FUNCTIONAL PROMPTSEliminating the need for instructors to usewhite boards.PRIVATE MESSAGINGCommunicate intimately with clients via theMZChat feature within the MYZONE® app.MYZONE® app available on©MYZONE® 2017. All Rights Reserved.Learn more at

BECAUSE SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION. KEISER M3i SIMPLE: • for rider to set up • for owner to maintain • for tech to service Simply the best — and best selling — indoor bike ever built. Now, it’s easy to see for yourself. Simply watch the video at... © 2017 Keiser. All Rights Reserved

Staying Strong:TRUE FitnessReleases NewFUSE XLStrength LineThe new FUSE XL Paramount Series line and Seated Row machines feature unilateral converging and diverging movements. These movements are specificallyof strength equipment merges the best of designed to allow for full articulation of the shoulder and elbow joints resulting in greater muscle recruitment and a morethe Paramount legacy with the durability efficient workout.TRUE is known for. Designed to enhance “Technological advancements in strength equipment and a greater understanding of body movements have resulted inany multi-family complex, hospitality facility, fewer adjustments and more precise movements. Eliminating these unnecessary adjustments helps create a more friendlypersonal training studio or gym, the FUSE XL and non-intimidating user experience,” says Matt Hacker, Vice President-CSO of TRUE Fitness.strength system can help all levels of trainees The strength series was created with functionality in mindachieve total body results. for both the club owner and user with modern functional designs and low maintenance components to minimize service The new Paramount Series FUSE XL strength and requirements. In addition to value and quality engineering, theconditioning circuit merges the best of the Paramount legacy FUSE XL’s space-efficient design has easy entry and exit pointswith the durability TRUE is known for. Designed to enhance for users, giving the equipment a low profile and allowing it toany multi-family complex, hospitality facility, personal training blend easily with other pieces already or gym, the FUSE XL strength system can help all levelsof trainees achieve total body results. This full strength line also features fully enclosed weight stacks that are accessible from the seated position. An The FUSE XL Paramount Series line features several optional integrated adder weight system allows users to adjustuser-friendly amenities to provide users an enhanced workout. resistance in either 5 lb. (2.3kg) or 7.5 lb. (3.4kg) incrementsThis includes a unique to TRUE height adjustment guide that by simply flipping a lever.tells the user where to set the seat based on their height; a QRcode linked to online instructional videos available in a number True to the TRUE name, the FUSE XL features premiumof foreign languages; quick and accurate adjustments courtesy parts and rugged construction to withstand heavy use in anyof 4 bar linkage seat assemblies using gas cylinder assist; andunilateral converging and diverging movements on select piecesfor optimum biomechanics. The line also features full colorstep-by step exercise charts and accessory tray with integratedcup and towel holders. Your members will appreciate thesimplicity and convenience FUSE XL strength equipment offers. The FUSE XL Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown18 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

environment. To ensure the longevity and quality of FUSE XL, user-friendly and great for beginners. With these features,TRUE included military spec lubricated cables; solid steel FUSE XL will appeal to a wider variety of gym-goers atpivot axles with lifetime lubricated sealed bearings for friction various fitness level and are especially helpful to peoplefree movement; and high grade frame bolts with zinc plated who are starting their fitness journey to help them feel morehardware to prevent corrosion. knowledgeable and comfortable about using the equipment, lowering fears about injury or public embarrassment. The new strength series from TRUE currently includes12 pieces, consisting of a Shoulder Press, Seated Leg Curl, Safety is also an important benefit to new gymLeg Extension, Biceps Curl, Triceps Pushdown, Lat Pulldown, members. A novice member can sit down and performLeg Press, Pec Fly/Rear Delt, Low Back Extension, and exercises on strength machines with very little risk of injuryAbdominal. In addition, an Inner/Outer Thigh, Lateral Raise, versus attempting to deadlift with no coaching. In addition,Rotary Torso, and Horizontal Leg Curl will soon be available. training on machines could help improve the ability to do functional exercises. For example, using the FUSE 0300 But how does FUSE XL best fit within your modern gym Leg Press could help improve the ability to do an exercisesetting? “Despite the myriad of new trends in fitness, strength like with selectorized machines remains the choice of themajority of club members. Circuit training is familiar to most The FUSE XL line provides a workout for the entireand is a non-intimidating and integral part of all major health body. Since this line has a machine for each muscle group,clubs,” says Hacker. a trainee runs no risk of leaving a body part untrained and will have to put little thought into planning their exercise The main purpose of traditional strength training is the program. A club or trainer could advise novice traineesisolation of an individual muscle to maximize overload. This to come in just 3 times a week do the same total bodyresults in increasing strength, size and tone of the targeted body workout on the 16-piece system and see real results. Allpart by teaching the body to increase muscular output in order in all, the FUSE XL line is great to have in any gym settingto perform that specific task efficiently. This type of strength because it can help the novice to intermediate trainee gettraining can be beneficial to several types of users, including a safe, effective, and total body workout.a body builder looking to target a specific area or a physicaltherapy patient with limited range of motion due to an injury. TRUE Fitness is a leading manufacturer of premium cardio and strength fitness products for both the Because the FUSE XL line has simple instructions commercial and retail market. Dedicated to outstandingand height adjustment guides on each placard, it is very quality and superior design, the company and its fitness equipment are consistently ranked among the top in the industry. TRUE Fitness is based in St. Louis, Missouri and has a network of dealers throughout the country and around the globe. Additional information about the company’s products and services can be found at or call 1-800-426-6570. SUMMER 2017 | 19

The Future of Strength Training Is Here. Made in America SmartStrengthTM Technology.PRIME Fitness is ushering in a new era of strength training equipment. For a complete look inside PRIME’s patented SmartStrengthTM technology, visit today!855.269.4378 • • [email protected] IN THE U.S.A. ©2015 Specialty Fitness Systems, LLC. Machine images represent products at the time of printing. Future specifications are subject to change. PRIME, Evolution, Hybrid, Legacy and SmartCam are trademarks of Specialty Fitness Systems. Any use of these trademarks, without express written consent of Specialty Fitness Systems, is forbidden.

How to Create theUltimate PerformanceWhyfacilitiesareincorporating functional training: From outdated exercises like step aerobics and crunches toTraining Area the now-loved kettlebell swings and suspension training, the type of workout consumers seek has evolved significantly and the demand for functional training shows no signs of slowing down.W hen people come to your facility Take for example the new category of gyms that has been to pursue their fitness and training created in the last couple of years that is Functional Boutique goals, you want them to see it as Gyms. These facilities could be considered the extreme version of functional training, as they focus solely on functional movements and equipment. These facilities also do a great job of providingthe ultimate place to realize their full potential. a community aspect to facilities that creates a positive sense ofThis means bringing forth exciting workout belonging and motivates members to show up. Traditional facilityexperiences that enhance their life outside of owners must understand the importance of providing this type of training in a way that makes sense for their facility and membertheir workout. Over the last decade, the shift demographics. Traditional facilities can also use functional trainingin fitness has moved toward a life-long and to their advantage by designing classes and group training around it, increasing revenue and service offerings from the approach by incorporating One of the reasons for this rise in popularity is that many of thecommunity and functional training to the workout benefits can be seen and felt, increasing individual’s overall qualityexperience, putting to rest the days of boring, of life and performance in day-to-day activities. In comparison to standard strength training, which focuses more on training isolatedtemporary fitness routines spent on treadmills. In muscle groups, functional training develops muscles to workorder to gain and retain members, fitness facilities together by simulating real-life movements. Because functionalmust embrace the surge of functional training training incorporates the full body, it can not only help individuals increase total-body strength, but also realize improvements in taskshappening all around them.With its undeniable rise inpopularity, many facilityowners understand theimportance of incorporatingfunctional training into theirfacility, but wonder where toeven begin when it comesto planning an entirely newlayout to incorporate theequipment needed to meetthis demand. Group training on Torque X-LAB and accessories, The Vault.22 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

like hauling groceries or playing recreational sports with friends or Next, the customer reviews the layout and has the ability tofamily. Functional training is also a great way to prevent injury, as give feedback on what he or she would change or keep in orderthe body’s muscles become stronger and conditioned to perform to create the perfect space. For example, the facility owner mightthe movements done in real life, therefore reducing the risk of like to see their space with racks and rigs, more storage racks,tearing a muscle when doing daily activities like squatting to pick or a TANK zone with turf. X-TEAM DESIGN takes that feedbackup a child. As exercise science progresses and more of the benefits and creates a new 2-D layout. Once the customer is excited aboutare understood, members will continue to look for opportunities the 2-D layout, X-TEAM DESIGN creates a 3-D layout for theto train functionally and will seek out facilities that best cater to customer, bringing the vision to life by showing color, graphics,this need. Resource: ( branding, and X-RACK and accessories, GameFace Training. X-TEAM Design 3D Layout. See more concepts and designs at www. to create the perfect functional training space After the customer approves this design, Torque Fitness providesCreating a space that meets this demand and motivates members the timing and logistics of the products, which ship to the customerrequires equipment that delivers functional training solutions, directly from Torque’s U.S based warehouse within 10 days. Thecolors that complement the facility’s space and brand, and a customer has the option of utilizing Torque’s white glove servicelayout which flows in a way that creates a pleasant experience for to receive the products and then install, or completely eliminatemembers as they move through their workout. This space should any guess work and have a full product install done in their facility.excite employees and members alike to always come back for When facility owners understand the importance of incorporatingmore, with the promise of new and exciting workout experiences functional performance training into their facility and utilizeeach time. While this dream facility may seem out of reach, it is X-TEAM Design as a resource to do so, the possibilities that existnot. In fact, the process of design can be one that is inspiring, in creating the perfect space are virtually endless. For a free layout,enjoyable, and without cost. contact Torque Fitness at 763-754-7533,, or email us at [email protected] DesignAchieving this space all starts with the facility’s vision and Torque X-RACK Placement, Lifetime Fitness.Fitness’ X-TEAM Design. This team is dedicated to creating theperfect functional and performance training layout for eachcustomer and has created thousands of layouts, each completelyunique, taking into account the size and desires of the facility, theclientele, the number of members the customer wants to train,the brand image, and more. The first step in the process of creating the ultimateperformance training area is simply sending Torque space plansor room dimensions and training goals for the facility. Then,X-TEAM design goes to work creating a customized layout withthese wants in mind and sends you a 2-D layout, fully equippedwith Torque products. SUMMER 2017 | 23


COMMERCIAL DUMBBELLS Replace racks of dumbbells with ONE SET OF POWERBLOCKS Now you can have a rack of dumbbells at every...RACKSizes available: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125 and 12.5-175 lbs per hand. 877·316·9853 Call or visit for brochure

The First Sustainable Sacramento Eco Fitness, a cycling studio and small group training facility,Fitness Studio is Here found a way to overcome all of theseand It’s POWERFUL obstacles by making one strategic business decision. “We needed to find something that was going to be completely different from anything that has been done before,” explains owner Jose Avina. That something turned out to be a sustainable mindset. Thanks to the eco-inno- vative technology of SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment, Sacramento Eco Fitness became the first sustainable cycling studio in the United States.Jose Avina, Owner of the first ever sustainable cycling SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Indoor Cycles at Sacramento Ecostudio. Fitness.H ave you noticed the shift happening in Sustainability Makes A Difference the fitness industry? Lately, there has been less and less talk about the classic little-bits-of- Sustainable fitness tells a story that few studios have yet to everything fitness clubs that offer a variety of touch on -- a story of personal health supporting environmental equipment and more talk about the uprising of health. Jose’s story has become the foundation of all of his small ‘boutique’ fitness facilities. But all kinds of marketing efforts to bring in new members. Best of all, the boutique facilities -- whether they focus on cycling, concept sells itself. “We honestly haven’t spent much [money] HIIT, dance, or personal training -- still face the at all,” he admits. “We have been very fortunate to be in the same obstacles to success: How to retain members eyes of the media and they have given us a lot of publicity and while bringing in new ones, all the while keeping members found us that way.” costs low, competing with the local gym franchises, and turning a profit. Luckily, there’s one solution for All it took was a single press release. Word of Sacramento everything: being different in a way that matters. Eco Fitness’s grand opening and the mission Jose was looking to fulfill was shared 166 times in the first week; since then the gym has been mentioned in 20 articles, ranging from local outlets to Forbes magazine, and featured on local news stations five times. The momentum hasn’t stopped, either, as26 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

people have continued to flock to the gym since its opening in running a fitness studio. Energy generated through a workout onDecember last year. ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment is immediately converted into utility-grade electricity through built-in micro-inverters and fed Now known as Sacramento’s ‘hidden gem gym’ by the back through the plug into any standard outlet. This means thatpress, Jose and his team have been able to quadruple their your facility is not only taking steps to become more sustainablememberships over the past five months. but that it is producing clean renewable energy itself; this makes you instantly eligible for financial incentives such as tax breaks “[Members] are leaving their cheaper memberships to come and and support our mission to power the grid through theirmembership dues and energy output,” Jose says. “They take This sort of story isn’t limited to California, either. Otherpride in being a member here and are constantly asking about cities, counties and even states across the country are makinghow many watts we’ve produced as a whole.” big pushes for sustainable development and renewable energy. By utilizing green business practices and incorporatingGo Green and See More Green With ECO-POWR™ cardio products, fitness facilities from coast toECO-POWR™ coast can receive financial incentives from going green. Whether it be tax breaks, grants, or other financial support, embracing a sustainable mindset really can lower operation costs. And you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that more members at a lower cost help lead to increased profits in your facility, too. So that brings up an important question: If your gym is in need of new fitness equipment, why not go for the kind that can help you become more profitable and help the planet? We’ll give you a hint: There isn’t.Operators of any size can benefit from adding ECO-POWR™ For more information on how going green can make theequipment to their fitness facility. Adding a green initiative difference in your facility visit bring in members who embrace eco-friendly lifestyles, ecopowr or contact Ivo Grossi at 425-481-9479.but also contributes to reducing the costs associated withThe cycling class is about to begin and turn Sacramento Eco Fitness into a Power Plant! SUMMER 2017 | 27

Listen to TV Audio 3 Listen to TV Audio 5 Download AudioFetch App Download AudioFetch AppGoogle Play® or Apple Itunes® Google Play® or Apple Itunes® Listen to TV Audio 4 Download AudioFetch App Google Play® or Apple Itunes®POST YOUR LOGO BROADCAST TV AUDIO TO APPLEORADVERTISE HERE & ANDROID SMARTPHONES. Broadcast real time audio from TVs installed throughout your facility to Apple and Android devices. Users download the FREE AudioFetch app at iTunes or Google Play. You can post your logo or advertise on the app at no additional cost. NO MONTHLY FEES!ELIMINATE CABLE,SATELLITE & IPTV REMOTECONTROLS WITH CAB.Use existing controls on cardio equipment tocontrol personal viewing screens and/or ANYCable, Satellite or IPTV set top box without thebattery operated remote control.Broadcastvision first offered a solution for settop box control in 2011 and is the clear-cutmarket leader in this technology. Call or email us today for more information: 888.330.4283 (4BVE) [email protected]

NEWLY DESIGNED,MORE INCLINED.Meet the redesigned ELEVATE Row ADJ andELEVATE Core ADJ, part of the re-imaginedELEVATE Circuit. Now with 7 levels of awesomeyou and your members will love.More incline means a more targeted andchallenging workout with precise adjustabilityfor your entry level fitness enthusiasts andyour most elite athletes. And all in anew matte black finish.For more informationvisit call 858 764 0078. Always Inclined. © 2017 Total Gym Global Corp. All Rights Reserved.

PRIME Fitness: PRIME Evolution Triceps ExtensionA Modern SpinOn Time-Tested The ScienceEquipment Behind PRIME’s SmartStrengthIf you haven’t already, you’re about Technologyto be introduced to the future Recent scientificof commercial strength training research studies show thatequipment – and it’s very cool. our muscles can be strengthened For decades, the functionality of traditional selectorized and throughout theirplate loaded equipment has seen very little innovation. Coupled entire range ofwith the rising popularity of hyper-focused training formats, fitness motion. In other words,facilities are resorting to other types of equipment to satisfy the our bodies can recruitversatility required to meet their members’ needs. As a result, the muscle fiber across thedemand for traditional selectorized and plate loaded machines has entire stretch of a muscle,decreased in recent years. According to the 2015 Global Fitness from origin to insertion.Industry Trends Report, facilities were purchasing less selectorized The real-world implications result inresistance equipment, down 3% since 2013. However, it doesn’t a variety of benefits ranging from: increasedlook like resistance machines are going extinct any time soon. range of motion, flexibility, injury prevention and overall strength/Machines offer a safe alternative for a variety of strength exercises, muscular gains. PRIME’s SmartStrength technology offers exactlyspecifically for the rapidly growing aging population that benefit that, the ability to target load multiple ranges (or areas) of a singlefrom strength training. Furthermore, many exercises such as exercise motion. By moving the peak resistance throughouthamstring curls and leg extensions are simply better executed the exercise motion, users can concentrate their training at theon machines. lengthened, medial and shortened positions – promoting total muscle strength and development.So, who will offer facilities a solution that will bridge the gapbetween exercise versatility and functionality? SmartStrength Technology vs. Traditional EquipmentMeet PRIME Fitness Traditional selectorized and plate loaded equipment limits a user toPRIME Fitness equipment has revolutionized strength training a constant resistance during an exercise - training a single strengthmachines with their patented SmartStrength™ technology. curve that targets only the medial (or middle) range of the muscle.PRIME’s science-driven approach to strength equipment brings While this is certainly an effective way to train, it delivers a singleresistance machines into the 21st century. “We believe there will functional use and does not adequately train the entire musclealways be a place for selectorized and plate loaded equipment in effectively. The graphic below depicts the resistance curve of athe market. In fact, we believe by making equipment smarter, we traditional machine.can offer fitness facilities with a multi-functional solution to helpmeet the diverse needs of their members,” said Jarrad Griffin, Traditional MachineSVP of PRIME Fitness. “With PRIME SmartStrength technology Strength Curve[on both selectorized and plate loaded equipment], facilities canoffer a wide spectrum of benefits for their members – regardlessof their training methods and fitness goals.”30 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

PRIME’s SmartStrength technology accomplishes the same “When working with MAT clients, our specialists are alwaysbenefit of a traditional machine at the medial range (Setting #1), working towards specifically strengthening their clients’but doesn’t stop there. With SmartStrength, a simple adjustment weak links. Since bringing in PRIME equipment and theirmoves the peak resistance throughout the range, effectively innovative SmartStrength™ technology, our team canstrengthening each portion of the musculature. now manipulate the resistance profile of an exercise, an advantage that no other equipment can offer.” - Founder of Muscle Activation Techniques - Greg RoskopfSmartStrength: Plate LoadedVersatility Personified Extreme RowAs training methods and formats evolve, it’s critical that the facilities’, such as the Applied Science and Performance Instituteequipment we use evolves with them. Today, gym goers have very and M10 Fitness, to national gyms chains like 24 Hour Fitnessspecific goals and exercise methods to reach them – so offering and YMCAs, to the weight rooms of Pittsburgh Steelers andtools with adjustability and versatility is more important than ever the University of South Carolina. “Regardless of your facilitiesbefore. For example, the goals of a 65-year-old demographics and user base, PRIME equipment offers annew comer to the gym and a 25-year-old athlete advantage unlike any other equipment in the market. If you’remay be very different, however, the equipment interested in learning more about how our equipment can takeused to achieve their goals are the same. That’s your facility to the next level, contact us today,” continued Griffin.the key benefit of PRIME – offering versatilityand adjustability that can be tailored to the Visit or call (855) 269-4378 torequirements to meet a wide variety of training learn more about PRIME’s SmartStrength technology.applications, including: • Functional Strength Training • Hypertrophy Training • Athletic Performance Training • Rehabilitation • Weight Loss Training • Physique Development • One-to-One Personal Training “For anyone serious about building muscle, or improving performance, nothing else even comes close to matching the potential for output and efficiency that this technology offers. It’s absolutely essential that you check out the PRIME line today.” - IFBB Pro & MI40 Gym Owner – Ben PakulskiThe Best Facilities In The World Choose PRIME “I’ve had a lot of injuries and can’t do a lot of the things I used to do lifting-wise. When I came to the YMCA, I wasSince hitting the market in Q4 of 2014, PRIME Fitness introduced to the PRIME equipment here. I’ve made moreequipment has gained international traction, being adopted by progress in the last 3 months than I did in year and a half.”some of the most elite training facilities in the world. “We feelthat our equipment speaks for itself. Our equipment appeals to - YMCA Member/PRIME Usera very eclectic range of facilities. From extremely specialized SUMMER 2017 | 31

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Limitless Exercises, Minimal SpaceINTRODUCING THE FREE TRAINER, A movements, this machine truly can do it all. You canHIGH-GRADE UNIQUE MACHINE WITH A literally do all your classic exercises on one machineSMALL FOOTPRINT CAPABLE OF OVER and even improve upon these making100 EXERCISES FROM THE MOST them feel better, and in secondsTRADITIONAL TO ULTRA-HIGH shift into movement basedINTENSITY activities with varying loads if you want forceWith so many new fitness concepts and development ortypes of facilities in which to train, one power.typical constraint for the facility ownerhas always been space and therein This machine can help to add stability, resistance, power andmaximizing the return per square progression to an already extensive list of rehab/conditioningfoot of space. When it comes to exercise programs, and even take them to the next level. It’s notraining there are so many new methodsthat have come to the forefront, and being doubt every trainers dream to think of ways to make rehab andable to combine strength with functional conditioning either more functional or movement specifictraining is a way to get a great workout and to the respective clients sport or activity withoutexcellent results. Being able to achieve this compromising both body position and form. Allwith a compact machine that allows for a easily doable and attainable withtotal body workout comprised of strength and this machine.functional training would be the winning The LFT’s main feature arecombination, though until now that has its two loading arms which arebeen an unattainable goal. utilized for the majority of its exercises. These This is where the Limitless Free arms are machinedTrainer (LFT) is one of a kind. Deriving its in stainless steel, arename for both its unique look and capability to extremely durable andperform over 100 exercises, including traditional able to withstand massivebodybuilding and functional movements. From amounts of weight andthe simplest traditional exercises, to some of the pressure. These are mounted to the frame with a heavy duty hardest and most explosive multi-rotational bearing system functional and athletic34 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

that allows a fluidity of movement which Despite the expansive list of exercises,can replicate that of a barbell or dumbbell the LFT has a compact footprint utilizingdepending on the exercise. The loading very little floor space which is beneficialarms rest on a 3 tiered impact structure, for most gym owners, studio owners andeach of these tiers are easily & safely locked home gym users alike. Most multi-functioninto position at various heights depending machines capable of performing only aon the desired exercise. fraction of the exercises will typically take up significantly more space and at a far As a user, picking up the machines heftier cost.arms for the first time it is immediatelynoticeable that the handles ergonomic At face value to a deconditioned usermovement helps to alleviate any stress the machine may not be entirely intuitiveduring exercise. You therefore get the same for dozen or more exercises, but with somequality feel as free-weights which allow total coaching and guidance this machine easilyfreedom of movement, yet you also get the becomes a user favorite, and a machinerefined quality and feel of selectorized machines which are all that can be used independently without guidance for an amazingtypically geared at only one movement. total body workout. To anyone that is well versed, not only is it intuitive and simple to use, but discovering more and more Every exercise can be performed with or without additional possibilities, exercises, and movements can become an obsessiveweight plates, not unlike exercises with an Olympic bar or smith challenge and tremendously rewarding. As you load on moremachine, where the bar already has sufficient weight to provide weight or increase the pace and difficulty level that joy cana reasonable starting weight. To increase the already dynamic quickly turn into sweat and better yet serious results.versatility further, the LFT has been designed to incorporate Pairing up multiple units could also facilitate some incrediblebattle ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and suspension group class opportunities that would be completely unique andtraining rigs. satisfying to the participants, and with so many exercises at the instructors disposal, no two workouts should ever be the A key to any machine is reliability and longevity, and here same which adds the magical addiction factor, and what betteryet again the LFT shines. The engineering was specifically addiction that that of your favorite workout! When you purchase a Free Trainer you’re buying a machine designed to ensure that the machine withstand the that can do so much, require so little space and minimal capital most rigorous use of even the most hardcore facilities. outlay. The satisfaction from your clients and trainers will be the It’s manufactured using the highest grade steel, real investment and will pay dividends over the many years of components and hardware available, and has reliable and satisfying usage. been tested under the most strenuous conditions with the primary aim of quality and reliability. Global Fitness has been an industry leader and innovator for over 20 years, and with its huge California based distribution center, shipping anywhere to the US or Worldwide is simple. The Free Trainer is production ready and the first production batches are currently being completed with first shipments to clients anticipated for early July. The first few hundred already sold and committed, should you wish to pre-order yours you may do so online with a fully refundable deposit and the balance payable at the time of shipping. You may view a series of product videos and picture gallery at: freetrainer. For limitless information, dealer inquiries, sales and info visit: or call us: 888.991.9991 or 310.808.0888, you may also email: [email protected] SUMMER 2017 | 35

COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT FOR ANY FACILITY–IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!NEW for 2017! Multi-Grip Chin Bar Monkey Bars Fat Chin-Up Multi-Grip Pull UpWeight Plate Horns Rear Extension Cannonball GripsStability Ball Holder Storage Tray Ball Rebounder J-Cups U-Link Bar Holder Dual T-BarPremium Safeties Plyo Step Commercial Power Rack (SPR1000)A FULL LINE OF STRENGTH, CARDIO AND DYNAMIC TRAINING EQUIPMENTNEW for 2017! NEW for 2017!Pro ClubLine Series II Functional Trainer (S2FT) Pro ClubLine Series II Cable Crossover (S2CCO) For more information, call 1-800-833-1227/e-mail: [email protected] Visit us online at @bodysolid t @bodysolid t t

Effectively Managing a Sports &Fitness FacilityE ffectively managing sports and fitness facilities and guzzle electricity. This old-technology lighting is currently in demands that the operator drive profitability by, use in billions of square feet of facilities throughout the Unitedin part, controlling costs. Rent, wages, insurance, States. A simple and economical solution to reduce the cost ofmaintenance and many other costs are almost operation is to implement a light upgrade to the OEO EZ LED.beyond a sports and fitness facility operator’s ability The OEO EZ LED has gained in popularity because it deliversto control, and generally rise year over year. But better light output and light quality while using significantlya simple way to reduce your operating costs is less energy. Also, because it is offered in the lumen optionsstaring you in the face; that is, if you are looking up. of “BRIGHT,” “BRIGHTER,” and “BRIGHTEST”, which notLighting is the largest portion of a sports and fitness only allows a user to match the light level of a new metal halidefacility’s energy cost. Lighting represents up to 60 or HPS (the “BRIGHT” EZ LED), it can actually improve lightpercent of sports and fitness facility’s electricity levels (with the “BRIGHTER and “BRIGHTEST”) while savingconsumption, and is one of the easiest areas for cost over 50%+ in energy costs simply by changing “bulbs.” Each isreduction. It can be as simple as changing to the priced the same for a fast ROI of less than one year based uponOEO EZ LED light bulb. energy savings alone. And, due to a long life cycle, the OEO EZ LED is easier and less costly to maintain. Upgrading to the OEO EZ LED will significantly reduce your sports and fitness facility’s electrical expense. For decades, many sports and fitness facilities have used old The ABCs of Today’smetal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs that are Lighting Jargon Made Easyslow to start up, quick to lose brightness and fast to burn out, If you are looking back fondly to the “good old days” in lighting when you went to the store and purchased a 100W incandescent bulb and knew exactly what you were buying without any further information about the bulb, those days are truly in the past. But don’t despair. Today’s lighting is not that complicated. There are just a few concepts to keep in mind when looking to upgrade your sports and fitness facility’s lighting. Wattage is part of the lighting story. Wattage refers to the energy demanded by the bulb (actually called a lamp) to produce light. The old MH or HPS lamps still used in many sports and fitness facilities typically require 400W or 1000W lamps. The 170W OEO EZ LEDThe OEO EZ LED plug-and-play technology enables you to utilize your existing (BRIGHT) uses 170 watts andmetal halide fixture. directly replaces a 400W MH/HPS38 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

facilities and other commercial facilities, the prevalent selection is 5000K, which delivers a brighter, daylight look.Before After Now that you are an indoor sports facility lighting expert, let’s take a look at how you can save on yourfor an immediate energy savings of 58%. In terms of dollars electrical costs.saved in energy costs, that equals a savings of $273 per light,per year when operated 24/7 at the national kWh average. A Typical Case Study afterThe 380W OEO EZ LED directly replaces a 1000W MH/ an Upgrade to the OEO EZ LEDHPS for an immediate energy savings of 62% which equalsa savings of $738 per light upgraded, per year. Each will Upgrading to an LED system traditionally meant thatproduce equivalent brightness and better light quality. you would have to replace your entire sports and fitness facility’s lighting with new LED fixtures and controls. “Lumen” is the standard measurement of how much light With today’s innovative technology, there are newis being produced; i.e., the brightness of the lamp’s light. solutions that provide sports and facility managers withThe OEO EZ LED lumens are directed mainly down to the more cost-effective options. Now you can eliminatefloor where needed and saves 58-62 percent of the energy fixture replacement costs by simply replacing theused by MH or HPS lamps. A typical 400W MH or HPS lamp MH or HPS lamps in existing fixtures with the ballastmight initially produce 35,000 lumens, but it is scattered compatible, direct-replacement OEO EZ LED. Theover 360 degrees and, unlike the OEO EZ LED, these lamps OEO EZ LED “plug-and-play” technology enables youexperience rapid lumen depreciation of up to 50 percent over to utilize the existing magnetic ballast rather thantheir short life cycle. Further, the quality of light produced by replacing the entire fixture or ballast, or bypassing theMH and HPS lamps is inferior to the OEO EZ LED. ballast, which takes labor. In the time it takes to screw in the OEO EZ LED, you have converted your inefficient old- Light quality is partially the “color rendering” of the technology system to the OEO EZ LED and can begin realizinglight produced, which is measured by an index known as substantial cost savings.CRI. The higher the CRI, the better the light quality will be; Here is a typical scenario: XYZ sports and fitness facilityobjects appear clearer and sharper, and colors look truer. is 150,000 sq.ft. The average light grid for sports and fitnessThe typical MH lamp is at <65 CRI. The OEO EZ LED has a facilities is, at minimum, 1 fixture per 1,000 sq. ft., so thisCRI of 84. sports and fitness facility has 150 CWA metal halide fixtures that burn 400W MH lamps. This sports and fitness facility You will also want to know what light color temperature uses the lighting 18 hours a day, Monday through Friday,is desired. Kelvin (K) is the scale used to describe color with no weekend operations (4,680 hours a year). The localtemperature. The typical household lamp is generally at utility-company blended rate, including demand charges and3000K, which is a warmer white light. In sports and fitness such, is $0.10 per kilowatt hour. Being a smart operator, the facility manager decides to switch his MH lamps out for the 200W OEO EZ LED (BRIGHTER) plug-and-play lamps. By doing so, this manager will save 30,000W, or over 140,000 kWh in a 12-month period. Based on the utility rate, the savings is over $14,000 annually. Since the OEO EZ LEDs have a five year warranty, the savings over the life of the OEO EZ LED is $72,000! Today you do not have to make a choice of lighting quality vs. energy savings. With the OEO EZ LED, you can have both. For more information call 800-553-2112 or visit SUMMER 2017 | 39

IFNTRROEDUECINGTTRHEAINERToll Free 888-991-9991 O ce 310-808-0888 Global 1639 West Rosecrans Ave Gardena, CA 90249

Five-StaHrHHAHmH enities• HEX originated vertical tanning in 1979 HTS-9000 tanning systems and remains the global leader today. HEX systems are located on 6 continents• UL listed tanning system with the highest consumer safety rating• Only HEX utilizes green materials in construction• Virtually maintenance free, easy to clean, and naturally more hygienic than beds• Our patented 3 in 1 Smart Lamps ™ tan the face, body and legs evenly• Now introducing Opulence by HEX – a cosmetic Red Light Therapy system that balances your members’ energy and is good for hair, skin, joints and more• Google ‘red light therapy’ or visit YouTube and you will learn many positive things people experience using red light therapy - there are over 11 million results (5 million results since January 2017)• Service is our #1 Priority. When you call HEX you are greeted by a friendly sales consultant who can answer all your questions and take care of your every needFor more information please contact us at Opulence Red Light Therapy [email protected]“Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.” “Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.” “Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.” “Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.”

Joining a Gym is About MoreThan Just Going To The GymW hy do people go to the gym? Club and encouragement to keep your members wanting more, and members may go hoping to lose a few to attract new members through the culture and brand youpounds or get in better shape, but being with want to, goal oriented people helps topropel those members towards a bigger and The gym is about commitmenthealthier picture of themselves. With increased When prospects join a gym, they’re not assigned a numberattendance, these infrequent members meet and receive a t-shirt. They’re making a commitment towardsmore people, make friends, learn to develop changing their lives for the better. It’s natural for clubs tobetter workout habits and most importantly, push members outside their comfort zone and give themeducate themselves to drop bad habits. They the ability to try new challenges. Your club should createnot only learn more about improving their an environment where members feel safe. Having early clubworkouts, but also educate themselves about engagement by introducing them to other members, you helpnutrition and how the appropriate activity and them interact and join the social atmosphere of your can improve their lives. This also  helps to eliminate preconceived insecurities that members may have about joining a gym in the first place. All The gym is also a state of mind, a refuge, and a social of this will ultimately lead to a member’s better health andclub. The gym is what you and your members make it. Let’s greater self-esteem.delve into the philosophy of going to the gym as motivation The gym is a lifestyle with benefits Gym members eventually learn that fitness is a lifestyle choice, and not a quick fix. If they start to feel better, see results, get stronger and “buy-into” a healthier lifestyle, it will benefit other areas of a member’s life as well. Improving your42 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

level of fitness makes everything easier including simple tasks upfront, not only to increase your gym enrollment, but to makelike carrying groceries, climbing stairs, or enduring a long it a fun and rewarding place to work for you and your team.walk, or hike with friends and family. These people tend tohave a more positive outlook; manage stress better; have more Christie McPhersonenergy; and generally feel better. Client Training Manager ASF Payment Solutions Gaining muscle and losing fat are not the only reasons [email protected] join gyms. Many people join for the fun and socialinteraction it gives them. People join gyms to form friendships Christie McPherson  has been with ASFthrough classes, group training sessions playing racquetball Payment Solutions for 15 years as a clienttogether, or just general workouts. If members look to their training manager and focuses on providinggym as a fun experience, they no longer consider their workout the best systems training in the business.routine an arduous chore. When the experience is fun, your Product development and system qualitymembers will participate more often and retention becomes less assurance are also an integral part of herof an issue for your club. responsibilities at ASF. She enjoys working with  a staff that genuinely cares about helping clients growConclusion their businesses and is happy to promote teamwork, fitnessIn the end, the gym is what you make it, and you should and a healthy lifestyle, which fits her core values as a certifiedencourage potential members to join your gym for whatever Schwinn cycle instructor. reason they  choose, but encourage engagement and fun. Theidea that potential members can use your gym to get in shape; To learn more, call: 800-227-3859 or, visit:get their favorite smoothie; take part in a variety of classes; asfpaymentsolutions.combuild comradery and friendships should be communicatedBottle and Towel Holder #1 for Clean & Safe Equipment! Easy-to-reach cleaning supplies! Prevent germ and virus transmission. Most economical & eco-friendly alternative to expensive disposable wipes.Cleaning Supplies Right On The Equipment! Members &staff love theconvenience! Summer Special Pricing! Use Discount Code: 216-378-4298 [email protected] SUMMER 2017 | 43 (310) 514-1155

We Change Lives from the Core follow us on: call for details 1-866-219-5335 • outside the U.S. 1-908-879-2713 The Abs Company, P. O. Box 9 Chester, NJ 07930 Patent and trademark information available upon request. © 2016 The Abs Company

Independent Contractor or Employee?Which is The Right One? By Gary Hood, Global Fitness AssociationIn this issue we’ll be discussing your workers’ classification. 1099 W-2 Each year across the country, thousands of fitness centers make In each case, it is very important to consider all the facts – noan attempt to do their tax returns by filing the appropriate forms single fact provides the answer. Carefully review the followingfor their workers’ with 1099’s or W-2’s being issued. Classifying employee/worker incorrectly can spell trouble if you don’tunderstand the guidelines. We know your workers’ want the most Behavioral Control - These facts show whether there is a righttake home pay they can, but correctly classifying them can save to direct or control how the worker does the work. A worker is anyou thousands of dollars and a big headache if you’re audited by employee when the business has the right to direct and control thethe IRS and/or Workers’ Compensation. worker. The business does not have to actually direct or control the way the work is done – as long as the employer has the right For federal tax purposes, this is an important distinction. Worker to direct and control the work. For example: Instructions – if youclassification affects how you pay your federal income tax, social receive extensive instructions on how work is to be done, thissecurity and Medicare taxes, and how you file your tax return. suggests that you are an employee. Instructions can cover a wideClassification affects your eligibility for employer and social security range of topics, for example: How, when, or where to do the work,and Medicare benefits and your tax responsibilities. If you aren’tsure of your work status, you should find out as soon as possible. The courts have considered many facts in deciding whether aworker is an independent contractor or an employee. These relevantfacts fall into three main categories: • behavioral control • financial control and • relationship of the parties.FINANCING OPTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS SBA 7(a) CONSOLIDATION LOAN Loans range from $250,000 up to $5,000,000 Reduce your monthly payments 10% or more SBA EXPRESS WORKING CAPITAL LOAN Loan range from $20,000 up to $150,000 The business is the collateral! EQUIPMENT LEASE Leases range from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 The equipment is the collateral! CALL (800) 788-3884 FOR A NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT! Paul Bosley, Managing Member [email protected] www.healthclubexperts.com46 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

what tools or equipment to use what assistants to hire to help with either an employee or an independent contractor. Written Contracts –the work, where to purchase supplies and services. If you receive a written contract may show what both you and the business intend.less extensive instructions about what should be done, but not This may be very significant if it is difficult, if not impossible, tohow it should be done, you may be an independent contractor. For determine status based on other facts.instance, instructions about time and place may be less importantthan directions on how the work is performed with training about The status of a worker as an employee of a company rather thanrequired procedures and methods, this indicates that the business an independent contractor is important for determining who is towants the work done in a certain way, and this suggests that you pay the payroll taxes or to wage withholding taxes. If the worker ismay be an employee. considered an independent contractor, then the employer would not withhold any taxes from the independent contractor’s payments.Financial Control - These facts show whether there is a right The employer would provide the independent contractor with grossto direct or control the business part of the work. For example: sums and would submit a 1099 tax form to the IRS reflectingSignificant Investment – if you have a significant investment in its payments to the Independent Contractor. It would be theyour work, you may be an independent contractor. While there is no Independent Contractors responsibility to maintain its own recordsprecise dollar test, the investment must have substance. However, and file its forms independently.a significant investment is not necessary to be an independentcontractor. Expenses – if you are not reimbursed for some or all If the worker is considered an employee, then the employer isbusiness expenses, then you may be an independent contractor, responsible for paying social security, Medicare, and unemploymentespecially if your unreimbursed business expenses are high. (FUTA) taxes on the wages. The employer must provide a Form W-2,Opportunity for Profit or Loss – if you can realize a profit or incur Wage and Tax Statement at the end of the year, showing the amounta loss, this suggests that you are in business for yourself and that of taxes withheld from the employees may be an independent contractor. Visit the IRS website for more detailed information on this subject.Relationship of the Parties - These are facts that illustrate how thebusiness and the worker perceive their relationship. For example: Global Fitness Association, created by fitness professionalsEmployee Benefits – if you receive benefits, such as insurance, with over 40 years in the fitness industry, has emerged as thepension, or paid leave, this is an indication that you may be an number one resource in the industry.employee. If you do not receive benefits, however, you could be Special thanks to Linda Hood, Gary Gresham, Jim Phillips, and Nikolai Zavadsky for contributing to this article. You guys are the best!Upgrade Your Wellness Program Over 3,000 colleges, government organizations and health clubs use MicroFit software and integrated testing equipment to assess and track the wellness of their students, employees and members. • Wellness Assessment • Fitness Assessment • Diet & Nutrition • Exercise Training 800-822-0405 [email protected] SUMMER 2017 | 47 Your Online One-Stop-Shopping SourceCheck out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at NationalFitnessTradeJournal.comLIST YOUR COMPANY HERE! List your company’s information in our NFTJ Web Directory, both print and online, for only $1000per year (5 issues). To learn more, go to, call (541) 830-0400, or email [email protected] FITNESS healthclubEXPERTS • 561-702-5505 Keiser • [email protected]•aa8llee6t6t..-cc4oo3mm5-2009 ENTERTAINMENT [email protected] www.keiser.comBILLING SERVICES Broadcastvision • 888-330-4283 LICENSING/ [email protected][email protected]aanll..cscoomm FRANCHISING MtEverClimb • [email protected]•fia8li6cty6il.-ict4yo9.mc8-o3m279 [email protected] Ms Fitness / Miss Fitness www.mteverclimb.comCARDIO EQUIPMENT MYE Club TV Systems 541-830-0400 [email protected] • 800-833-1227 • 800-779-6759 NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS/ Prime Fitness USA • SUPPLEMENTS [email protected] [email protected] Nutrishape • 855-668-8747 [email protected] • 877-363-8449 FITNESS EQUIPMENT PARTS Promaxima • National Gym Supply [email protected] [email protected] • 800-GYMPART Stark International • 717-545-3324 [email protected] Series Fitness RopeFlex • 650-549-5888• 800-862-1509 [email protected] [email protected] FITNESS TESTING PILATES [email protected] [email protected]•irc8or0fo0itf-.i8ct.2oc2mo-m0405 wLawgrwe.elaFgirteneefsistn•e8s1s8.c-2o6m0-0433 SportsArt • 800-709-1400Jacobs Ladder • 866-697-4100 FLOORING PUBLICATIONS Centaur Floor Systems Ms. Fitness Magazine [email protected] • 800-536-9007 Total Gym • 800-971-2071Keiser • 559-256-8000 [email protected] [email protected] FREE WEIGHT [email protected] [email protected] EQUIPMENT REFURBISHED/REMANUFAC- Torque Fitness • 877-867-7835LeMond Powered by HOIST Ivanko Barbell Co. • 310-514-1155 TURED EQUIPMENT• 800-548-5438 Global Fitness • 888-991-9991 [email protected]/lemond [email protected] True Fitness • [email protected] PowerBlock • 877-316-9853 [email protected] www.truefitness.comPromaxima • 866-780-7164 SOFTWARE [email protected] [email protected] ASF Payment Solutions TANNING EQUIPMENT &[email protected] Promaxima • 866-780-7164 • 800-227-3859 SUPPLIESSportsArt • 800-709-1400 [email protected]• [email protected] [email protected] TRADE [email protected] Umax Strength • 888-851-8989 EZFacility • 866-498-3279 National Fitness Trade ShowTotal Gym • 800-971-2071 • [email protected] [email protected] [email protected][email protected] FUNCTIONAL FITNESS STRENGTH EQUIPMENT WEARABLE TECHNOLOGYTrue Fitness • 800-426-6570 Promaxima • 866-780-7164 The Abs Company MYZONE • • 866-219-5335 x4 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] • 800-237-2271 The Abs Company [email protected] WHOLE BODY • 866-219-5335 x4 Body-Solid • 800-833-1227 Power Plate • [email protected] www.powerplate.comCERTIFICATION/ [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Torque Fitness • 877-867-7835 FreeMotion • 877-363-8449 YOUTH FITNESSNAwjilllawliiata’[email protected]•ena8sfmb0sna0B-f.cb7uo2as6m.icn-3oe5ms0s6 [email protected]•ah8pc0el0u.-nb7ee8tx8p-3e8rt8s4.comENERGY EFFICIENCY [email protected] [email protected] Promaxima • 866-780-7164OEO Energy Solutions • 800-553-2112 INSURANCE HOIST Fitness Systems • wR• 8ew0in0wi-g.6k6Ien8ys-m2u3ra4an0nincseuSraonlucteio.cnosm 800-548-5438 [email protected] [email protected] LEASING/FINANCING [email protected] cAw• [email protected]apl.ictaol.mcom SUMMER 2017 | 49

Your Youth Fitness SolutionCustom designed Pre-designed - Fits Right In to fit any room!FINANCING AVAILABLE - Contact me for a quote today! THREE INCREDIBLE OPTIONS: • Custom designed play area built to fit into any size room • Pre-designed play area fits right in to any standard room • KidShape® Internet Solution PAUL BOSLEY Healthclub Experts (800) 788-3884 [email protected] 50 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

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