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RS-1103 TRICEP EXTENSIONThe NEW HOIST® ROC-IT® RS-1103 Tricep Extension reaches far beyond a traditional tricep machine.Featuring the same revolutionary ROC-IT technology HOIST has become known for, the RS-1103 notonly keeps the user properly aligned through continual motion, the unique arm movement provides multiple grip options for a variety of uses.Visit for more details. Try it out at IHRSA 2016800.548.5438 Booth 1601

WHAT A CONCEPTSmall Group Personal Training Offer small group functional training with the show-stopping Queenax™ and attract more revenue from exercisers with limited budgets to invest in personal training. Queenax is the only functional training system that allows you to train multiple clients doing the same exercise, at the same time. With the ability to use 20+ attachments, you’ll be able to offer more premium add-on classes than ever before. Find out how your Queenax purchase could qualify for free in-club small group curriculum training at © 2016 Precor Incorporated

CONTENTS SPRING 2016 CHECK OUT OUR FREE ON-LINE VERSIONS OF NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL AT NATIONALFITNESSTRADEJOURNAL.COM 6 Nothing Trains Like Tank. Nothing. National Fitness Trade Journal (541) 830-0400 10 Composite Strength by True Fitness Publisher – Strength Reinvented Wally Boyko Productions, Inc.14 Associate Publisher Power in Numbers: Using Group Meshelle Boyko Fitness to Differentiate Your Facility Editor18 Ronnie Boyko Access to a Vibration Workout Art Direction Just Got Easier With Personal Power Plate Advent Media adventmedia.us22 The MYE Entertainment Experience Associate Editors – 21st Marketing and Service Solutions Ashley Boyko-Mattos for the Well-Connected Club Robbie Boyko National Advertising MGR.26 THE CORE FACTOR Meshelle Boyko – Making Functional Training Asst. Advertising Manager More Enjoyable for Everyone Jim Clark30 Nutrishape: A New Profit Center MNFsS. FBitVneicsse®PrUeSsAidCeonotrdinator How Myzone Can Help Your Michelle Thomson34 Brick And Mortar Business Embrace The Movement Of Digital Fitnesss Contributing Photographers Sami Vaskola, Matt Shepley,38 Carl Thygesen, Wally Boyko Jr. Evolving World, Evolving Industry, Evolved Expectations The National Fitness Trade Journal is published quarterly (four42 Navigating the Shuffle times a year with an exclusive Trade Show Issue (July) for46 Gyms Missing the MARKet $25 per year by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. A California on OnlineTraffic Corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503. Editorial contributions must be accompanied by return postage and will be handled with reasonable care; however, the publisher is not responsible for unsolicited materials of any kind. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as is necessary to meet requirements of this publication. The act of mailing material shall constitute an express warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement upon the rights of others. Reproduction of this magazine in part or whole without consent, is prohibited. Send subscription inquiries and address changes to National Fitness Trade Journal, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503 Phone (541) 830-0400 Fax (541) 830-0410. Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., does not endorse advertised products or services represented in this magazine. Furthermore, WBP is not responsible for any warranties or manufacturer claims of product performance.4 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

YPoroudrucNt ext Great CardioYou Can’tTrain for a5k and FALL 2009 | 5

Take a step back and ask yourself what it is about any new kind of exercise equipment that makes it explode in popularityand go viral? First and foremost, it has to deliver more of the results you desire than other methods. Secondly, it has togive you a workout that is easy to get into, feels great, and in a perfect world, takes less time. Third and always a plus, itmust be a workout you can love, not one that is boring or drudgery. Explosive Functional Power for Any Breed of AthleteZONE 1: SPEED POWER ZONE 2: ACCELERATION POWER ZONE 3: EXPLOSIVE POWER“I love using TANK training primarily for speed work. It’s a very explosive piece of equipment. For quickness or building powerin quadriceps, calf muscles and core training. It has made a big difference in my explosive power.”- Karl Canniff, Mixed Martial Arts Athlete6 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Enter TANK, a four wheeled vehicle Resistance that increases with speed… It could stop there, but it doesn’t. Asthat you push to burn fat, or gain a wheeled vehicle, you can push it onquickness, or whip your lower body any surface indoors or outdoors, in anyinto the shape of its life. What’s the kind of weather. It is also very surfacesecret? The faster you push it, the friendly on carpeting, hardwoodmore resistance it offers. The science flooring, or grass. And it comes withis represented by its “Power Curve,” a basket to load up with weights(see below) that can be split into three and accessories for transporting anspeed zones. The lower zone is for a individual or group workout to anyspeed power through stride length location indoors or outdoors.and endurance. The middle zone is tobuild acceleration power by increasing TANK workouts go anywherelaunching power and stride frequency.The top zone challenge the lower body Gentle on Carpetinglike no other piece of equipment, forexplosive power and quickness in …and users can choose their intensity levelathletic movements, or for glutes andlegs that look like you’re on the juice. Gentle on HardwoodYou could even think of it is as “legalperformance enhancement.” TANK turns heads like nothing else… Gentle on Turfgrass …as long as you don’t quit.“We train athletes from high school TANK has been a top secret project atthrough college to the pros. TANK Torque Fitness for months, but ownersin my opinion is a game changer. of clubs and Cross Fit gyms haveIt’s a complete workout system been given previews for feedback andfor any athlete. You can change refinement. They look at it, they pushresistance and intensity up and it, and their faces light up. A commondown, instantly during the run, reaction is, “Why didn’t someonewithout stopping to add or remove think of this before?” Isn’t that whatweights. Never in my life have I is always said about a breakthrough?seen anything like TANK.”– Deventri Jordan, Game Face Training.A Nationally Renowned Training CenterTANK is not only safer than drugs, itis safer than other methods of lowerbody training. Since the user controlsthe intensity throughout the workout,resistance that feels dangerous canbe backed down instantly to a levelthat feels safer. And there is noeccentric loading – returning to the“start” position – as there is withconventional resistance machinesor free-weights. To learn more call 1.763.754.7533, or 1.877.867.7835, or e-mail [email protected] SPRING 2016 | 7

123 The Leader in Fitness Entertainment MYEinc.com8 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

© 2016 Cybex International, Inc. For almost five decades, we’ve been researching everyday challenges of people like you — wear and tear on bodies and treadmills in the world’s harshest workout environments. Today, Cybex treadmills set a new pace for durability, dependability, ease-of-service, uptime, and most importantly, safety and performance. LEARN MORE AT CYBEXINTL.COM/TREADMILLS Cybex Products are Designed & Built in America.

Composite Strength manufacturer’s cardio offerings in an attempt to sell whole gymby True Fitness – packages and keep competitors at bay.Strength Reinvented Up to now things in the strength world still haven’t veryDuring the decades of the 70’s, 80’s and changed much and as a result strength only manufacturers areeven early 90’s as the health club industry becoming as rare as the innovation they need to survive. Althoughwas really beginning to take shape, strength there are some minor differentiating features among brands, mostproducts were the primary equipment focus. buyers still base their purchasing decisions on price, estheticsCardio during this time was still a secondary and continuity of branding with their cardio.consideration with products mostly limited toa small selection of low-tech stationary bikes This lengthy stagnation of innovation in the function of strengthand basic treadmills. Stair climbers came on products has caused trainers and athletes to look for alternativethe scene towards of end of this period but methods of training as the boundaries of athletic performancestrength was still generating the most revenue are constantly being tested. As a result many forward thinkingfor suppliers. trainers have moved towards Total Body Integration Movements that more closely mimic real world physical demands and athleticHowever as electronic technology motions. The problem with traditional isolation training equipment like leg extensions, bicep curls etc. is our bodies are rarely sittingbegan to advance and new cardio still when we need to use those muscles. Because we are usually in motion when we need those muscles to work we also need toproducts were being developed, stabilize them and leverage them in unison with other muscles and stabilizing soft tissue. Integration Training is the best waylike elliptical trainers and more to prepare our bodies for those demands by strengthening not only our skeletal musculature but also the soft tissue (ligamentsadvanced treadmills and bikes, and tendons) that support and connect ourthe equipment revenue pie began muscles so the human body can perform as a well-balanced machine. Strengtheningto get re-sliced with cardio sales these supportive and connecting soft tissues is also the key to reducing the risk of injury.steadily outgaining strength. The biggest problem up to now for Integration Training has been how to implement it safely.Trends always follow the money Unless you’ve been livingand as a result the focus under a rock you know how wildly popular Integrationof the major provider’s Training has becomeproduct development as evidenced by theresources turned Cross-Fit craze, obstacleto cardio. Strength course competitionsbecame an also ran and group training classes that involve everything from flipping giant tractor tires tocommodity withimprovements mostlylimited to cosmeticsthat would complement the BODY PRESS10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

pushing cars around in the parking lot. If you’ve seen any elite is the Core Trainer which combines a knee raise with a rowingathletes train you know that their trainers have come up with motion. This concurrent upper and lower body pulling exercisesome very imaginative practices that get unprecedented results. is also very dynamic and integrates many muscle groups into a multi-dimensional motion. There are other machines in the series Here’s the proverbial rub; the vast majority of health clubs but the take away is that this technology guides and supports themembers don’t have the physical skills to perform most of these user to leverage their entire body into performing each particularexercises safely. If they do attempt them it takes close supervision total body integration exercise motion. Now everyday gym goersand often still results in a high rate of injuries. This is great for can finally train like one of those elite athletes. Now those elitethe physical therapy industry but not so much for the club’s athletes can push themselves to new levels of performance withbalance sheet or the member’s wellbeing. The problem is that machines that will greatly reduce the risk of injury compared tothese are free form exercises that require substantial athleticism, the free form integration training alternatives. These natural realbalance, coordination and strength. You’ve got people that are world motions created by Composite Strength® will level theused to sitting at their desk all day and then coming into the playing field by instilling confidence into users of all ability and mindlessly walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes whoare now trying to swing kettle bells over their heads and a lot of To summarize Composite Strength® Machines are safe andother things that they have no business attempting. It’s a formula simple to operate. They move like humans naturally move.for disaster. They produce balanced total body strength gains. They Now that you understand the problem get you through your strength workout twice as fast.with capitalizing on this trainingtrend that is certainly here to stay, let The comprehensive muscle activation increases yourme introduce you to the solution. It’s metabolic rate to burn more calories. It will becalled Composite Strength®. What makes love at first sweat.this patented new technology so unique andeffective is that these are machines that control Visit for more information or callthe movement pattern for the user but still combine 800-426-6570.multiple muscle groups into one exercise motion.For example one machine is called the Body CORE TRAINERPress which combines an upper body pressingmotion with a leg pressing motion. This multi-dimensional dynamic motion integratesmany muscle groups because theuser’s spinal alignment withthe handles and foot plateis constantly changingduring the exercise.Again this is whathappens inour everydayreal worldmovements.Another machine SPRING 2016 | 11

Strength TrainingJust Got Smarter.“ For anyone serious about building muscle, or improving performance, Mark Coles - nothing even comes close to matching Physique Coach the potential for output and efficiency that this technology offers. – Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder on ”PRIME’s SmartStrength technology. Ben Pakulski -IFBB Pro BodybuilderPRIME is taking the strength world by storm. PRIME’s patented variable resistance SmartStrength technology puts the powerin the hands of the user. Unlike traditional strength equipment, SmartStrength allows users to easily manipulate the strengthcurve, creating more opportunity for muscle fiber recruitment from origin to insertion. Visit today tolearn why the brightest minds in strength training are joining the PRIME revolution! Find Your PRIME.855.269.4378 • • [email protected] IN THE U.S.A. ©2015 Specialty Fitness Systems, LLC. Machine images represent products at the time of printing. Future specifications are subject to change. PRIME, Evolution, Hybrid, Legacy and SmartCam are trademarks of Specialty Fitness Systems. Any use of these trademarks, without express written consent of Specialty Fitness Systems, is forbidden.

OUR CONSOLE. YOUR WAY. OPENHUB™ FAMILY OF CONSOLES SEE OUR LIVE DEMOS AT IHRSA - BOOTH #1900 SMART. AFFORDABLE. FLEXIBLE. When we set out to design our new console, our philosophy was simple: provide a flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer for today and into the future. Introducing the new OpenHubTM family of Cardio Consoles. OpenHubTM is a smart, affordable, configurable solution available on Star Trac® and StairMaster® cardio equipment. The best part is, you add (and pay for) only what you want, when you want. The future of club connectivity is here. The future is OpenHubTM.FEATURED PARTNERS: WORKOUT DATA COMPETITION TRACKING & GAMES ENTERTAINMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT CONNECTS TO PHONES & TABLETS VIDEO 8R0E0C/E9I0V0EmRHzSTREAMINGHDMIVIA CABLENetpulse, Virtual Active, ECOFIT, Fitness EMS, Varian, School Dude, Facility Dude, ANT+, Wahoo Fitness, Nike+, Strava, Endomondo, Mye, Bluetooth, mapmyrun, mapmyfitness, PerformanceIQ, and MyZone are registered trademarks and or service marks owned by other companies not affiliated with Core Health & Fitness LLC and are not owned by Core Health & Fitness LLC.

Power in Numbers: Using Group Fitness to Differentiate Your Facility By: Erica Tillinghast, Precor Global Education Manager As a gym owner or operator, you probably know that differentiation is key to building business and beating out competitors. However, figuring out exactly how to set your gym apart can be tricky. Luckily, the Queenax™ functional training system can help you set your facility apart and offer gym-goers a one of a kind experience that keeps them coming back.14 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

• Queenax acts as its own marketing tool due to its dynamic System is worth more advertising than money can buy.exerciser experience and striking appearance. When a member has an exceptional gym experience on the Queenax, whether it be in a group or personal training setting,• Versatility of Queenax gives you the ability to offer then they are likely to tell friends and family membersmembers a variety of classes meaning they’re more likely to about it, or even bring them along to experience the uniqueget the fitness results they’re looking for and more likely to programming themselves.keep coming back to your facility. In addition, since the Queenax has an eye-catching• One of the important things about a gym is creating a design, it speaks for itself. When you are able to hold groupsense of community. Queenax helps to foster a sense of exercise classes in high traffic areas like the basketballcommunity by creating a variety of different touch points court or on the cardio floor, you can catch the attention ofbetween members and staff. members passing by and when they see how much fun class participants are having, they’ll want to learn more about the Set yourself apart by creating a fitness experience that experience themselves.will help you acquire new members and keep your currentones satisfied. As you know, it can be difficult to retain Success Begets Successmembers for the long-term with increasing competitionamong facilities of all sizes. That’s why it’s important to stay One of the main reasons an exerciser cancels a gymaware of the tools in your business-building arsenal that help membership is because they get bored with their workouts.keep and attract members. One of those tools is the Queenax Group fitness classes are a great way for operators to combatfunctional training system. Its versatility makes it the perfect disengagement—the classes foster interaction betweentool to meet the needs of operators and owners alike. members and they also act as a way for members to build bonds with gym staff. The versatility of group exercise classes One of the best ways to set your facility apart from that can be led on Queenax--from aerial yoga to TRX classes-the competition is through your group exercise offerings. -allow your members to vary their workouts, combat boredom,The American College of Sports Medicine defines group build bonds and reach their fitness goals faster. All of theseexercise as “exercise performed by a group of individuals are important elements to building a gym atmosphere thatled by an instructor,” and it’s a great way to build a sense keeps members happy and engaged.of community among members, add value to the gymexperience, and promote your fitness business from within. However, many members quit striving toward a goalThe versatile Queenax system harnesses the power of group because they become bored or discouraged. Group exercisefitness to help your members reach their fitness goals, help creates an environment that helps members achieve theiryou differentiate your facility from the competition, and goals in a safe, fun and engaging environment—friendlyattract new members. competition provides extra motivation and the professional programming is designed to deliver results, especially when In addition the physical and programmatic aspects of you match up classes to replicate some of the current trends,the Queenax System make it a key tool for attracting and like CrossFit, into your facility. By offering a metabolicretaining gym members. The unique and eye-catching workout using equipment like a Queenax, you help membersdesign of Queenax makes it a focal point of any facility accelerate results and push their performance. Functionaland acts as a starting point for conversations between gym fitness systems allow for a wider range of classes using themembers and staff. space and equipment that you have in your facility, and will keep your gym members satisfied with their results and moreBuild Your Business from the Inside Out likely to remain happy customers.No doubt you are acutely aware of how much you spend on For more information on Queenax and functional fitness,advertising each month, but you might not be aware of the please visit or contact a salesways you can advertise your business without spending a representative by calling 1-800-786-8404dime. When it comes to building business, having a Queenax SPRING 2016 | 15

Wearables are officiallythe #1 trend in fitness.MYZONE isleading the way.According to their recent industrysurvey, ACSM has officially named2016 the year of wearable technology.Even hotter than fitness methodslike HIIT and body weight training,wearables are ACSM’s #1 fitness trend.Visit us at IHRSA 2016 to learnhow you can give yourmembers the mostaccurate wearabletechnology around. IHRSA Booth # 2515 © MYZONE® 2016, all rights reserved.

nerothe new black Now available • 1.888.991.9991

Access to a Vibration Workout JustGot Easier With Personal Power PlateThe New Compact and Portable Personal in weight loss. For example, studies have shown that Power PlatePower Plate Offers the Same Benefits as the users lose twice as much belly fat in six months compared to thoseFull Sized Models with Added Convenience using diet and conventional exercise alone.The latest addition to the Power Plate® family ushers in a more The Personal Power Plate can be conveniently stored under a bed or in a closet, and also comes with a soft carrying caseaccessible option to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of any and remote control to easily adjust its various settings. For more information, visit the Personal Power Plate website at https://fitness routine, regardless of space availability. gold standard in whole body vibration technology hasextended its line of equipment with the Personal Power Plate – a Small Group Trainingnew, compact and portable model of the industry-leading Power Access to vibration training is growing in the U.S. with numerousPlate that harnesses the same benefits of the full-sized versions facilities across the country finding success with Power Platewith more convenience and portability. group exercises classes, including The Claremont Club, located inWeighing in at less than 40 pounds, the Personal Power Southern California in the city of Claremont. The studio featuresPlate is an easy way to conveniently amplify a workout anywhere eight Power Plate pro6+ machines and offers a total of eightat any time. The Personal Power Plate fits into almost different classes for all fitness levels. As Power Plate is compatibleany existing workout routine and even condenses the with any fitness ability, the Claremont Club offers Get Fit Vibe Campworkout time, providing the ability to get the – a total body workout to help with weight loss, strengthresults of a “30-minute workout” in significantly and/or fitness goals for any level, Tabata – aless time. high-intensity interval training program,Not only for at-home use, the and Posture, Flexibility and Massage –Personal Power Plate is perfect for an experience that helps you gainbusy, on-the- go personal trainers. flexibility for daily activities, as wellThese trainers who frequently as in your workout routine and ittravel to clients’ homes or ends with Power Plate’sdifferent fitness clubs will relaxing deep tissuefind the Personal Power Plate be a useful tool allowing them Other fitness clubsto easily add whole body vibration offering Power Plate grouptraining to their offering. workouts include Plate Fit and TheThe powerful technology used in Power Plate Xcceleration Station, both located inhas many proven benefits. Similar to its Los Angeles.larger counterparts, the Personal Power With established interest in PowerPlate provides countless benefits, Plate group exercise classes, theincluding: improved strength, new Personal Power Plate offersbalance, circulation, flexibility, and even more opportunities for clubsincreased metabolic demand to aid and studios to integrate whole body18 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

vibration to their existing class schedule. The Personal Power Plate and others. Now, the Personal Power Plate allows anyone tois perfect for studios that offer a variety of workouts, including have access to the same world-renowned, high-quality workoutyoga, Pilates, TRX, barre and others. in the comfort of their own home.A History of Proven Health & Wellness BenefitsPower Plate has long been documented as a successful toolto combat some of the most challenging health and wellnessproblems. According to a study published in Obesity Facts,The European Journal of Obesity, working out with Power Plate,along with a healthy diet, was shown to decrease visceral fat bydouble the amount when compared with diet and exercise alone.Additionally, Power Plate users were able to keep the weight offmore effectively. As the dangers of excess fat around the stomachare strongly correlated with increased health risks, especially ifcombined with a high BMI, the Power Plate is a great tool not onlyfor fitness, but also in achieving better health.Training Like The ProsWidely known for health and wellness, it’s no surprise thatreportedly 3/4 of the top three sports leagues in the U.S. usePower Plate in their training routines. The vibration is like no otherin activating muscle performance, building strength, improvingflexibility and decreasing the risk for injury. They can achieve a fullrange of static, dynamic and plyometric exercises to keep them intop shape throughout the season and off-season.Hollywood’s Elite Training SolutionWith a vast array of benefits that save time and also producelasting results, Power Plate has long been known as a go-toworkout tool for many celebrities throughout the U.S., and isreportedly used by Courteney Cox, Kris Jenner, Cindy Crawford,Cher, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, Mark Wahlberg,Yolanda Foster,Madonna For more information about these and other Power Plate products, visit, or call 877-87-PLATE. SPRING 2016 | 19

World’s Best Dumbbell =Replace racks of dumbbells with ONE SET OF POWERBLOCKS Commercial Models Costs a fraction of traditional dumbbellsU-32 Patented compact design4-32 lbs per hand, replaces 8 pairs. saves spaceClub 50 Perfect for work stations10-50 lb per hand, replaces 9 pairs. set upClub 90 Change weights in seconds5-90 lbs per hand, replaces 18 pairs.Club 125 Optional handle to do12.5-125 lbs per hand, replaces 16 pairs. kettlebell exercisesClub 175 with the dumbbell12.5-175 lbs per hand, replaces 22 pairs. weight stack Custom club/team handle decals available877·316·9853 Call or visit for brochure

The MYE Entertainment Experience –21st Marketing and Service Solutionsfor the Well-Connected ClubAdvances in technology present health and fitness The MYE AppAudio™ Member Connectionprofessionals with challenges and opportunities, yetthe mission remains to create an environment where A simple, free AppAudio downloadmembers experience exceptional service, value and from the iTunes or Google Playresults. As the industry’s largest provider of fitness entertainment store enables club members to enjoy TV audio on their Appleand service technology systems, MYE Entertainment leads the iOS or Android devices fromway in the development of integrated solutions that enable club television monitors anywhere inoperators to efficiently engage their members, build relationships the facility. The MYE AppAudioand improve their bottom line. system provides the free listening application while connecting “We work with every major cardio equipment manufacturer to and motivating membership withenhance the club experience with state-of-the-art entertainment direct mobile marketing initiatives.and seamless equipment management services,” shared Tony Exclusive MYE technology deliversGarcia, MYE Entertainment founder and president. “Our collective seamless AppAudio integrationgoal is to enable club operators to deliver member experience that with existing wireless transmitterdemonstrates value, boosts membership referrals and revenues – systems including MYE, Cardioand to maintain and extend the life of their cardio equipment assets Theater and others.with an online tracking system.” The optional MYE AppAudio The popular MYE AppAudio mobile TV audio app, introduced Mobile Marketing Service empowers club operators to engage theirin 2014, established the next generation platform for listening membership with easy uploads of special offers, class schedules oron smartphones. The new wave of MYE technology represents any PDF document for members to view on their smartphones – inan innovative suite of services to deliver entertainment, manage one location or multiple locations and motivate club members to realize their goals (andrefer their friends). The new AppCardioTV application, an extension of MYE AppAudio, is now available for Technogym Unity consoles providing22 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

audio from Cardio Theater style wall or ceiling mounted TV system.Members simply open the app on the Technogym Unity console,select the desired TV and listen with their headphones. “Moving forward, working with our partners, we will introduceinnovative new services that build on over twenty years of fitnessentertainment leadership,” Garcia said. “For example, our MYEEclipse Smart Programming TV Audio Receiver is the industry’sbest selling TV audio receiver with a host of features includinguniversal transmitter compatibility. Our technological experienceand business relationships, with both leading manufacturers andclub operators, allow us to develop products and services thatmake the market.” MYE CardioCare™ Machine Management Now clubs can protect their most valuable assets, and minimize annoying downtime, by managing their entire cardio equipment inventory on one convenient platform. The MYE CardioCare system provides usage and diagnostic data for every model of cardio machine. All equipment is seamlessly aggregated and automatically captures data during every workout session then stores that data in the secure MYE datacenter. Club staff and/or service providers have 24/7 online access to manage the entire cardio equipment inventory. What’s next? For more information, visit or call 800-779-6759 or 661-964-0217.MYE Integrated Club TV Audio Receivers MYE Entertainment Inc. is the most trusted technology company in the fitness industry with a legacy ofMYE wireless club TV audio receivers are integrated into leading product design leadership dating to 1993. MYE developscardio equipment brands including select models from Cybex, Life and markets innovative advanced entertainmentFitness, Matrix, Octane, SportsArt and Star Trac. The integrated and service technology fitness products includingseamless MYE design eliminates traditional Cardio Theater style AppAudio, AppCardioTV, the CardioCare Wirelessreceivers tied to machines. Exercisers plug in their headphones, Machine Management System, Eclipse wirelessselect the ceiling or wall mounted TV channel and enjoy. MYE audio transmitters and receivers, integrated TV audioIntegrated Club TV Audio Receivers are compatible with MYE, receivers and LED TVs and mobile audio applicationsCardio Theater and other TV transmitters. for leading brands including Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Nautilus, Octane, Precor, SportsArt, Star Trac, StairMaster and Technogym. SPRING 2016 | 23

800.862.1509 [email protected]

Their Loss......Your Gain Nutrishape medical weight management system is now available to the tness industry. Be the rst facility to o er Nutrishape in your area. No start up licensing fee for the rst 50 facilities Call 855-668-8747

MTHaEkinCgORFuEnFcAtiCoTnOalRT-rainingMore Enjoyable for EveryoneAsk any health club owner, personal trainer, The Core may be the most talked about area of the body, but it isYoga or Pilates instructor what muscles of also the key to keeping your members coming back and using yourthe body are the most important for overall facility. A recent study showed that it’s not so much what specifichealth and performance. Chances are workout, class or program you offer to your members, or even howthey will respond by saying “Your Core.” effective it is -- The study showed that it’s more about giving yourThis really comes as no surprise as the members an Enjoyable experience so they want to keep comingcore is the center of the body and is the back and continue using your facility. No one wants members tokey to good health and fitness. Yoga and drop out, so identifying how to make their fitness experience anPilates instructors talk about energy, power, enjoyable one is paramount.balance and structural integrity. Personaltrainers and bodybuilders talk about the Many clubs are turning to functional training as a way to keephealth benefits of a flat belly or the definition members motivated and interested. Functional training definitelyneeded to win a physique contest. Physical adds interest but it requires a strong core to participate in many oftherapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers the popular small group classes. Functional training emphasizesfocus on the core for rehabilitation and injury core stability and core strength, but many club members, especiallyprevention. beginners and those who are out shape, do not have the required strength to successfully participate. There is nothing worse thanThe Core Zone at The Fitness Factory in Williamsport PA pulling a muscle or straining a joint or just losing your balance while working out. Any sort of pain or injury is clearly not enjoyable and could soon turn a motivated member into a NON-member. When functional training began to gain popularity in clubs it was more about balance and recreation movements focused mainly on your core muscles. Then came the CROSSFIT movement which took functional training into the direction of a more hardcore, extreme workout promising quicker results in less time. So what can club owners do to lessen the chance of injuries and a non-enjoyable experience? Promote core training as the foundational requirement for a safe, joyful workout. Enjoyment from exercise comes as a result of success and feelings of achievement. There is no better way to reach these goals than to offer your members a chance to build the most important part of their body and the basis for all functional training: THE CORE. Offering a dedicated core training area with isolated core exercise machines allows your members to safely strengthen the core muscles which provides the body with the structural integrity needed for balance and coordination. Once strengthened, the risk of injury from performing daily activities and intense workouts is greatly reduced. This message shared from staff to members should emphasize the importance of a strong healthy core before trying new programs especially the more extreme, Cross Conditioning workouts.26 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

One way to bridge the gap from conventional core training to IMPACT FITNESS, LLC, it now offers a range of innovativefunctional exercise is by adding a unique piece of equipment, such functional training solutions as well. Impact Fitness offers aas the new X3SBench (, which focuses on growing line of functional training equipment largely serving thethe core and also utilizes principles of functional training. The commercial fitness market and the growing category of functionalX3SBench combines three movements, lower body, upper body and fitness and Cross Training. Its product portfolio includes Impactisolated core training into one motion while eliminating the rest Cages, cage accessories, Boxing Rigs and The Tire Flip 180, aperiod in between exercises. Not only can you perform isolated core unique training device that puts a new lift on an old but its the perfect piece of equipment to ease introduce The Impact line of functional cages is completely customizable.your members to more dynamic functional training. It’s the Regardless of size or budget, there is and Impact Solution forperfect segue into the trendy world of small group and functional every club. Instead of having to purchase common, off the shelftraining. Realizing the popularity of this type of exercise, The Abs equipment, operators can now design something unique to theirCompany knew they needed to expand our reach into this area of clubs and really stand out from the crowd.the market. The acquisition of Impact Fitness provided just suchan opportunity. Sean Gagnon, President of the Abs Company, commented on the acquisition: “We believe the combination of these brands will position our company for the explosive growth in the functional, Cross Training and boxing categories. The Abs Company/Impact Fitness combination enables us to approach the market with a broader and deeper product portfolio, and improves our ability to address the faster growing segments of the fitness market.” When it comes to making functional training more enjoyable for everyone, it is important to start with the Core. Contact The Abs Company for innovative solutions to help your members enjoy the benefits of core stability and functional training by calling 866-219-5335 or via email at [email protected] Tire Filp 180 XL The Abs Company is a leading manufacturer of innovativecore training solutions, and with its recent purchase of Impact Hex Cage at Retro Fitness SPRING 2016 | 27

Check us out at IHRSA Booth #3831 Listen to TV Audio 3 Listen to TV Audio 5 Download AudioFetch App Download AudioFetch AppGoogle Play® or Apple Itunes® Google Play® or Apple Itunes® Listen to TV Audio 4 Download AudioFetch App Google Play® or Apple Itunes®POST YOUR LOGO BROADCAST TV AUDIO TO APPLEORADVERTISE HERE & ANDROID SMARTPHONES. Broadcast real time audio from TVs installed throughout your facility to Apple and Android devices. Users download the FREE AudioFetch app at Itunes or Google Play. You can post your logo or advertise on the app at no additional cost. NO MONTHLY FEES!ELIMINATE CABLE,SATELLITE & IPTV REMOTECONTROLS WITH CAB.Use existing controls on cardio equipment tocontrol personal viewing screens and/or ANYCable, Satellite or IPTV set top box without thebattery operated remote control.Broadcastvision first offered a solution for settop box control in 2011 and is the clear-cutmarket leader in this technology. Call or email us today for more information: 888.330.4283 (4BVE) [email protected]

Nutrishape: A New Profit Center Nutrishape was founded in 2009 by a long timefitness expert and a world renowned Bariatricphysician. They set out to create a uniqueand comprehensive program that includednutritional counseling, exercise, and behavioralmodification all supervised by a team of bariatricphysicians, nurses, dieticians and for the firsttime ever with the participation of their ownpersonal physician. The Nutrishape programs even sports performance for athletes. All of these are offeredare so comprehensive that they can even offer under one software, integrated with a state of the art app thatbariatric surgical patients preoperative and is available on Android Google Play and Apple App Store. Thepostoperative weight management programs. app gives you a complete weekly food plan along with a grocery list and exercise tracker that syncs with most activity trackers such as Fitbit.Nutrishape utilizes all the necessary components for permanentweight management program:• Effective plans that produce quick and permanent results• Incorporate supervised exercise prescription to fit the individual’s lifestyle• Education sessions to teach patients how to eat without ever dieting again• Behavior modification education for life- long success• Grocery shopping & portion control education• Internet and app based support and e-learning programs Today, Nutrishape is launching its program to fitnessclubs across the country and ties in the medical communitywith the fitness community for the first time. No other weightmanagement system works like Nutrishape. Nutrishape workswith hospitals, physicians and now fitness clubs. Nutrishapeoffers a variety of plans for weight loss, bodybuilding, and30 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Nutrishape takes into consideration all diet restrictions, medical which is a 6-week program geared for the new resolution crowdconditions, diseases and allergies. Whether you are seeking a to insure success as well increase revenues. There are a variety ofvegan, gluten free or any other family medical diet restriction, other programs that will help your club succeed and help increasethey have you covered. Nutrishape is a great addition to your club your but better yet a business system that is sure to increaseyour club revenues. We all know the importance of healthy eating Nutrishape comes with all the marketing materials customizedplan along with a good club. We also know that a lot of your to your club, available in digital and print format and social media.members may be getting nutritional advice from somewhere and They offer a variety of programs and specials that can keep yourthey are even purchasing certain products not from your club. revenue stream growing all year long. Not to mention, getting theImagine having the tools and training to not only give your members surgical patients post operatively into your club to become memberswhat they want but to also make more money with Nutrishape for life. In such a competitive fitness club market, you can’t affordsystem. You can be charging more for the nutritional plan and not to have Nutrishape in your club. The potential to get into thecounseling. You can also sell products and supplements in house medical weight management field is here and won’t be availableor via a drop ship method. You can even sell ready to eat meals that in your area for long. Join Nutrishape’s growing market before youare shelf stable and need no refrigeration as well as the complete are left in the dust.line of shakes and smoothies that Nutrishape offers that you can sellin your bar. Nutrishape works with surgical patients and physicians Nutrishape is waiving the club licensing fee of $6,995 for thethat will be referred to your club that normally would never come first 50 clubs that join their program. Be the first club to join andto a fitness club. Best of all, you have an exclusive ability to be the get the exclusivity of offering Nutrishape in your immediate market.only club in your area to have it all. Nutrishape offers Nutrishape Nutrishape is a turn-key system that can make you money the firstat work and can help you launch your own corporate program for day you start it. Do you need an edge over your competitors, thennutritional guidance with predesigned lesson plans and behavioral Nutrishape may be the answer. Offer your members the best weightlessons available at your fingertips. management program with the ability to help you retain them longer because you will be the only club in your immediate area. Nutrishape programs help to increase your training dollars withtheir contests and programs such as Ripped7, a seven week contest Call 855-668-8747 or to learn more gothat is offered to the already in shape members. The Ultimate loser, to SPRING 2016 | 31

DESIGN NO. 101 OB-20KG/OBX-20KG DESIGN NO. 125 OBS-20KG DESIGN NO. 127 OBS66 PRECISION. QUALITY. VALUE. Each club has a unique vision of how to differentiate their facility and equipment from the club down the street and across town. That’s why Ivanko Olympic bars cover the full spectrum of exercise requirements, performance levels, safety, and durability. With 195,000 - 218,000 PSI tensile strength steel so they are less likely to bend. And precision straightening for zero rotational torque in heavy lifting. What you see and feel in Ivanko Olympic bars comes from 48 years of building muscle with strong steel.P.O. Box 1470 • San Pedro, CA 90733 • USA • Phone 310.514.1155 • Fax 310.514.1363 • email [email protected] •

We Have Over 20 Years ofFlooring Experience Under Our Feet… …That’s why, when it comes to choosing the right flooring for their facilities, health and fitness clients worldwide trust Centaur Floor Systems to do the footwork for them. Centaur steps to the task with a vast selection of high quality brands in floor coverings that stand up to your demands. Call a flooring expert now at 800-536-9007 or hop online to for more information.

HCaonwHMeylpzoYnoeur Make no mistake, smartphone apps that help you workoutBrick And at home, play a role in keeping consumers accountable, orMortar Business connect you with other exercisers can be seen as a rival force,Embrace The chipping away at those prospects in the marketplace. However,MDiogviteaml FeinttneOsfs MYZONE has been built differently. MYZONE has been built through the lens of the operator. It has been built specifically to help operators engage their members, and extract more LTV via new member on boarding, a value add to training services, and increase member retention.As fitness business operators we all essentially have New Member Onboardingthe same high level purpose: improving the lives ofour community. One layer beneath that, however, our It is widely accepted that members who engage in the firstcommercial goal is to maximize shareholder value. 30, 60, or 90 days of their membership are members who willGiven our business model, that means a few things. stay much longer and be worth more to you in the form of LTV. MYZONE is being used by clubs around the world as a toolFirstly, our business is very much made up of fixed costs, to facilitate this. On joining, the member is given a MYZONEmeaning that on day one our monthly expense number creates challenge, “if you earn X points in the first 30 days we willa big hurdle to jump over with revenue, but once we do, the reward you with Y.” By using this basic form of gamificationincremental membership revenue created will fall directly to the you are driving the behavior you want, affecting what you canbottom line (as does the gross profits of items such as training affect, and in doing so increasing the likelihood of long tenureand paid programming). Secondly, we are faced with the concept and deep engagement. Studies show that by applying this tacticof customer acquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV). We you can take your new members average visit from 5.62 visits toneed to acquire new members as efficiently as possible (low 8.73 visits per month for the first 2 months. Gamification withcost) and try to make an ROI on them over time by selling them extrinsic rewards works, and tracking the effort new memberslots of products and services. It may be that your customer costs put into exercise in the first 30, 60, 90 days is correlated withon average $150 to acquire in the form of sales and marketing, how deeply they engage.but then you may make $750 over the course of their life withyou, leaving you with a “net LTV” of $600 in simple math, Enhancing Personal Trainingignoring the time value of money for this explanation. Thechallenge for fitness operators is to maximize that LTV and havethe ratio between CAC and LTV be as high as possible (in thiscase 5:1), and a net LTV as high as possible (in this case $600).In the fitness business, the LTV expansion comes from havinggreater length of stay, and more secondary spend. (See Graph)So if having a greater length of stay and more secondaryspending is the basis of the game, the question is will the onsetof digital fitness erode our numbers or grow them? Will digitalfitness act as a competing force and make it more expensive toacquire new customers, as there are more competitors to servicethe demand, or can digital fitness be leveraged to help extractmore LTV over time for the operator?34 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

MYZONE helps prove that with Retention of Membershipthe calorie burn metric and points system helping to retain paid programming becomes easierTrainers typically only see their clients twice a week, however the All roads lead to Rome, and all retention studies show thatresults of this client comes down both the cardio homework they higher usage equals longer tenure of membership. However,complete, and they food that they eat. The MYZONE platform as operators, we are faced with members who join up withhas been built to help trainers keep their clients accountable enthusiasm, some hit and some miss. Those that “hit” areto their cardio, using the smartphone app to “thumbs up” then faced with attrition in enthusiasm, attrition in usage, andthe workout or post a comment. Further, the app has a photo attrition in membership fees. Surely once we engage themfunction within it to keep a convenient timeline of the food they in their first 30, 60, and 90 days. we are then challengedconsume, helping the trainer to give corrective feedback. This to engage them over time. MYZONE is set up for a form ofvalue add takes the trainer from being an hourly appointment gamification which continually rewards members, through goalto a comprehensive coach, building value, tightening the attainment, challenges with friends, and a platform that canrelationship, and driving PT retention. reward members who hit the benchmark each and every month.Validating HIIT Consider giving every member who reached the World Health Origination guidelines an entry into a raffle. This could beHIIT training is where many clubs in 2016 will derive their paid monthly, and never disappearing. The lottery creates wonderfulprogramming fees. The essence of HIIT is to train at a high social fodder and helps members keep the eye on the monthlyintensity in order to achieve EPOC or after burn. The MYZONE live goal. Our client studies show we can increase usage by overdisplay keeps the member accountable to this level of intensity, 25% with engagement in these type of lottery challenges.and it validates to them that in order to ‘go there’ they need thesupport of a group, the encouragement of the coach, and the As a fitness operator, that is how you can apply MYZONE tofeedback of the live display. Those 3 things is why they pay extra. onboard, engage, and build LTV. Like smart phones and social“How could I burn 900 calories myself? I need this group.” media, digital fitness is not going away. The question is: Do you have a plan to engage with it so your business can win? MYZONE helps prove that with the calorie burn metric andpoints system helping to retain paid programming becomes NEWS FLASHeasier. It gives a tangible handle to promote to other members asa proven solution. MYZONE is launching their new Sports Bra and Apple watch app at IHRSA! Visit booth #2515 to see for yourself. To learn more contact Ron Sobiek at [email protected], or by calling (715) 587-7661.; #myzonemoves SPRING 2016 | 35

ALL THE GOOD STUFF IS ONTHE OTHER SIDE OF TIRED. Nothing can prepare you for lateral movement and explosive power like the Change of Direction (C.O.D) machine. The C.O.D. lets you simulate many athletic movements dynamically with a unique combination of resistance and movement. BY AN ATHLETE FOR AN ATHLETE Want to see how we are making athletes stronger? View our Video Training Series at

Premium Five-Star Tanning Tanning from a Increase Membership, Stand-Up More Bottom Line Profits Kind of • HEX originated vertical tanning inCompany! 1979 and remains the global leader today • UL listed tanning system with the highest consumer safety rating • Only HEX utilizes green materials in construction • Over 100 finishes available and includes an IPOD docking station and LED signage • Our patented 3 in 1 smart lamps tan the face, body and legs evenly. They also produce a persistant tan color that increases over the next 4-5 days • Only system incorporating electronic ballasts – 25% savings on electrical bills • Service is our #1 Priority. When you call HEX you are greeted by a friendly sales consultant who can answer all your questions and take care of your every need HTS 9000 with attached dressing room programmable LED display optional For more information HTS 9000 please contact us at without attached 1-800-556-3201 dressing room [email protected] HEX beds can be customized“Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.” “Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions oropen wounds are present.” “Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.” “Warning:

Evolving World, Evolving Industry, Evolved ExpectationsMost people would agree that we now live in a world thrive in this ever changing market? For years gyms have been trying to create unique identities,of instant gratification. When we have a question we and while some have been successful doing so, others have simplygrab our smart phones and Google™ the answer almost lacked the creativity. This begs the age old question as to why one would join this gym rather than the competing gym in the area.instantaneously. As our expectations have evolved so too The answer lies in not one area but several.have our expectations at the gym. With so many new • Start with the culture of the business • The target clientele that the gym would like to attractbusiness models competing for the same clientele, and • The amenities offered to the members • The workout classes and group exercise options, if anywith new millennials joining the workforce, we have a tough • The type and quantity of equipment offered • Then the key to sum that all up is the overall look and feel ofchallenge to meet. Serving up the same old offering simply doesn’t work the facility • Matched with the overall look and feel of the equipmentanymore, and the competition in the fitness space simply growsexponentially. It is tough enough that small footprint business Exploring this a little deeper allows us to better understandmodels, offering group and functional classes have taken a big that the gym is not only a place to work-out, get or stay fit, butbite out of traditional gyms, but so many outdoor alternatives keep for many it is a lifestyle. It is a community, it is a place of refugeforming, evolving and doing the same. Are these just trends or away from work and the outside stresses of life, and it needs tofads, or are these real sustainable models that are here to stay? It provide that feel in order to create that sense of appeal.seem quite apparent regardless, that adaptability is key, and thoseslow to do so can chewed up by the competition. If attrition wasn’t already one of the biggest concerns for gymowners, the problem has snow balled in recent years. The questionthen beckons, what does it take for a gym to survive or better yet38 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Global Fitness Inc., a 20 year old California based company look and feel that matches the desired results, and attracts thewith several satellite locations around the globe realized early on, type of member best suited for the facility.that when given the choice, people like customizable solutions.This is evident in our homes, apparel, vehicles, mobile devices, In some cases the facilities are corporate gyms, sports teams,and so many other areas of our lives. All things being equal, we cruise liners, celebrity homes, and other specialty type projects.would all live in a “Pleasantville” like environment which would In these cases Global Fitness have been exceptionally successfulfeel, well, a little vanilla! in being able to mirror those elements which are important to the organization, company, or owner respectively. Sometimes going to Just as the industry keeps evolving so has Global Fitness, the farthest degree by implementing:and with these factors in mind thecompany went to work, hired some • Expensive fabrics, and materials forgreat designers, and collectively the upholsteryinstituted some new standards forpremium customizable solutions for • Special paints and paint process,their clients. Over recent years, they powder-coating or chroming for thehave really taken this to the next level, framesand the results have been more thanimpressive. They now offer 5 standard • Custom colored overlays and decalscustomizations, such as frame color, • Custom designed graphics for theshroud colors, shroud designs, overlay/console colors, and upholstery colors shroudsand textures. This allows for literally • Incorporating a corporate seal, logohundreds of unique combinations in amyriad of colors. Beyond that, they have or company name into the designseven more detailed fully customizableoptions which include unique artwork for We spoke further with Roy, andframes and shrouds, as well as custom he explained that in his experience,branding. simply utilizing industry standardized equipment can work well for some We spoke to their Co-founder, Roy organizations, but these are mostly largerGreenberg who explained and detailed chains, and even some of these chainsthe process for us, and here is what we have taken the customized approach,were able to construe. the best example being Planet Fitness. Perhaps that in itself could be the best They start by discussing several key proof of concept for what Global Fitnesselements with their clients, namely: does.1. The footprint of the location2. The neighborhood/area of the location With the above said, it is many of3. The target clientele that the facility the smaller independent chains, or individual clubs that may not realize that should be geared towards this option is available to them, or may4. The target number of members and perhaps believe that the cost is outside of their budget. Here again Greenberg daily visits suggests that nothing could be further5. The overall flow, feel and look to be from the truth, and suggests checking out Global Fitness to see how attainable achieved these options actually are.6. The preferences of the owner in Therefore it seems pretty clear that terms of brands and equipment choices in today’s ever evolving fitness industry, one of the keys is to create7. The CAPEX for the project the right environment and to make it easier to attract the best suited clientele, so evolve, adapt, and customize. Armed with all of this vital information, their team of expertsgoes to work on creating the ideal equipment assortment, look and For more information contact Global Fitness toll free atfeel that the client has dreamed up. The result is an equipment 888-991-9991, call 310-808-0888, emaillineup which is created to impress, but even more so to offer the [email protected], or visit SPRING 2016 | 39

The Core of Good Health follow us on: call for details 1-866-219-5335 • outside the U.S. 1-908-879-2713 The Abs Company, P. O. Box 9 Chester, NJ 07930 Patent and trademark information available upon request. © 2016 The Abs Company

Navigating the ShuffleWhen you think about it, there are a lot it; they are able to come and go from your gym with ninja stealthof shuffles out there. There’s the IPod because the only thing that even resembles a record of theirshuffle, the playing card shuffler, and even existence was that paper flyer you handed out at a local caféa dance called the Cupid Shuffle! However, offering a free pass. If your front desk is not paying attentionas a gym and health club owner the worst or the pile of flyers gets lost, so are your records. Having gymshuffle you may be all too familiar with is the management software with a strong CRM component, able toshuffle clients and prospective clients can not only report on who walked through the door, but what theyget lost in. So how can technology help? did and where they spent their money is a vital tool. With so much business done online it is essential that your managementProspective Clients software contain tools to get your business online. Having an online portal where clients can register eliminates the needLet’s face it: new clients can get lost in the shuffle. As much to manually enter prospects into the system and allows for aas we would like to think it doesn’t happen, it does. It’s pretty place clients can peruse current facility offerings, and eveneasy to lose someone you don’t know much about. Think about see a full list of available classes. With potential clients being far more educated now than at any other given point in history, providing them the tools to educate themselves can go a long way in getting them to visit your facility. Current Members After learning about prospective clients you may be thinking how could I lose current clients—I have all of their information already! Gaining client information is important; however, you need to gain the right information. Current clients have extremely valuable information—you just need to know how to organize and access it. Sure, you can tell how much your members are paying from your bank statements, but this can be both time-consuming and rarely gives you any insight into the success or failure of your products and services. With competent software, not only can you track how much each member pays, you also have immediate access to an array of crucial information including clients with expiring memberships, clients with class packages that are about to run out and, most importantly, who’s memberships or packages have already expired. Think about it, every package that goes un-renewed or42 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

sits expired is, for the most part, money left on the table. Strong and, in turn, gain more money. A huge key to that principle issoftware will provide notifications and ample reporting to keep not only attracting, but also signing prospective clients. A lotthe business owner in the know. For example, “ALERT: Bryant of businesses find themselves struggling with this due to poorhas 1 session remaining on his Personal Training 10-Pack” may tracking. From tracking interested prospects to tracking whatbe an inconvenience in terms of the email, yet the possible prospects are doing and buying — Gym Management Softwarereturn is well worth it. Furthermore, with a POS system, you can is a great way to ensure no one gets lost in the shuffle.associate purchases with clients. Although it may be somethingas simple as a Gatorade with every For more information on howZumba class, that info creates a EZFacility can help navigatebuying profile for clients. Once you the shuffle call 1-866-498-3279,know what products a client prefers e-mail [email protected], or visityou can expand upon those offerings sell more! Without managementsoftware, you may struggle to trackthese critical variables that help yousmoothly manage your business. The ultimate goal—for a gym orhealth club --is to gain more clientsBottle and Towel Holder Easily attaches to all equipment or walls. Convenient cleaning prevents germ and virus transmission. Eliminate expensive disposable wipes! Save up to 95% on equipment cleaning costs. Visit us at IHRSA Booth #3150 NIRSA Booth #1023 216-378-4298 [email protected] SPRING 2016 | 43

Take Workoutsto New Heights Get back to basics with the MtEverclimb™ continuous rope climbing system. Provide a total body workout machine to your athletes that’s safer than conventional rope climbing. Call us today at 866-282-5402 to find out how to add MtEverclimb™ to your facility. Made In The USA

LTNIROKTAEHINTISANGNK. NOTHING. The faster you push it, the harder it gets. In training athletes from high school 3 Workout Zones – Choose Your Intensity Levelthrough college to the pros, TANK is agame changer – a complete workoutsystem for any athlete. You can changeresistance and intensity up and down,instantly during the run. There is nothingelse like this. – Deventri Jordon, Game Face Training A Nationally Renowned Training CenterZONE 1: SPEED POWER ZONE 2: ACCELERATION POWER ZONE 3: EXPLOSIVE POWERExplosive Functional Power For Any Breed Of Athlete.www.torquef // [email protected] // Toll Free 877-867-7835

Gyms Missing the MARKet on Online TrafficBy Gary Hood, Global Fitness AssociationNewswire: Many Gyms across the country are missing the MARKet on online traffic and searches.The numbers are significant. The latest consumer surveys suggest that 83% of prospective gym members are researching their options online before ever stepping into a gym. They are searching for you on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and unfortunately many gyms are missing out on that traffic by not being consistent with their business listing information. Google and other search engines search third-party directories and databases to see where the business is listed and how it is listed. The more places it finds the business, the higher it will rank the site in search and make it more visible for the consumer to see. Your business listing information is a platform that allows new customers who are searching for you to see key information. A potential customer probably won’t know to search for your website, A WINNING COMBINATION TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS SBA EXPRESS WORKING CAPITAL LOAN Loan amounts range from $20,000 up to $150,000 The business is the collateral! EQUIPMENT LEASE Leases range from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 The equipment is the collateral! CALL (800) 788-3884 FOR A NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT! Paul Bosley, Managing Member [email protected] www.businessfinancedepot.com46 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

but they may very well find your business in a local or industry setup and online cleanup, plus a one-time fee of $349.00 fordirectory. If your business name, location, phone, and hours of listing your gym information on over 100+ directories with ongoingoperation aren’t readily available and listed correctly on 100+ updates, for a total investment of $ directories, the consumer will probably not find you andmove on to a gym that does appear. You will also receive access to an individual control panel that allows for live updates to directory information, analytics that allow Even when gyms have an online presence, they aren’t doing performance-based tracking of your gym’s visibility across onlinea great job protecting their brand. Through our research, we directories, telephone support, and a guaranteed annual renewalhave found 87% of the gyms in this country contain inaccurate at the same price, less the setup fee.information online resulting in customer losses each year becausethey can’t be found. Trust me, your online reputation and business So where does your gym stand in the online marketplace? We’dlisting information counts if you want to get a high acceptance recommend running a free analysis to establish a baseline. Thescore with Google and the rest of the big named players. online visibility report is a free service for all gyms. Increasing your online visibility can be expensive, but it The report is available by emailing your business name,doesn’t have to be. When developing a marketing strategy and physical address (city, state, zip) and company phone number tobudget for your gym, you should become familiar with the term, [email protected] The report will be completed“directory listings service.” From a budget perspective, you don’t within 48 hours and returned to you at no charge or obligation.have to break the bank. Most directory services charge a monthly A $79.00 value.reoccurring fee of $149.00 to $299.00 per month for theirservices, totaling thousands of dollars. Ouch! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Global Fitness Association is a world-class trade association that You can increase your online visibility without the monthly provides support, training and resources to professionals in thereoccurring fees. Here’s how: You can get discounted rates through fitness industry.the Global Fitness Association, which offers wholesale pricing tomembers through the online marketing firm Social5. Special thanks to Linda Hood, Gary Gresham, Nikolai Zavadsky, and Jeremiah Stettler for contributing to this article. Global Fitness Association members and non-members alikecan participate in this directory listing service through Social5, a For more information on this topic, call 925-672-4800trusted partner, for a one-time fee of $129.00 that covers accountUpgrade Your Wellness Program Over 3,000 colleges, government organizations and health clubs use MicroFit software and integrated testing equipment to assess and track the wellness of their students, employees and members. • Wellness Assessment • Fitness Assessment • Diet & Nutrition • Exercise Training 800-822-0405 [email protected] SPRING 2016 | 47 Your Online One-Stop-Shopping SourceCheck out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at NationalFitnessTradeJournal.comLIST YOUR COMPANY HERE! List your company’s information in our NFTJ Web Directory, both print and online, for only $1000per year (5 issues). 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Your Youth Fitness SolutionCustom designed Pre-designed - Fits Right In to fit any room!FINANCING AVAILABLE - Contact me for a quote today! THREE INCREDIBLE OPTIONS: • Custom designed play area built to fit into any size room • Pre-designed play area fits right in to any standard room • KidShape® Internet Solution PAUL BOSLEY Healthclub Experts (800) 788-3884 [email protected] 50 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

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