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WALLY BOYKO PRODUCTIONS, INC. PRESORTED STANDARDP.O. BOX 2490 U.S. POSTAGE PAIDWHITE CITY, OR 97503 MEDFORD, OR PERMIT NO. 40CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Winter 2016 – ESTABLISHED 1982– The Industry Guide for Fitness Facility Management A Premium Treadmillwithout the Premium PriceSee page 6

INCREASINGMEMBERSHIP - USAGE - SATISFACTIONWTHITEH HOIST ® MOTIONCAGE ®There’s a reason we worked with world-renowned fitness facilities, expert MotionCage® Studiopersonal trainers and exercise physiologists to develop the MotionCage®Functional Training System. At HOIST, we listen to exactly what you, yourtrainers and your members want. That’s why the MotionCage® and thecompact MotionCage® Studio were designed with customizable stationlayout and frame color – to fit the exact needs and look of your facility.It’s why we created more than a dozen workout stations – to give yourtrainers and members practically unlimited exercise options. And it’s whythe industry is raving about the most unique functional training system onthe market. Visit for more details. 800.548.5438

SPINNER® RIDE™ SPINNER® SHIFT™ SPINNER® RALLY™ Precor & Spinning®Turn Up the Spin® ExperienceThe inventors of indoor cycling and the innovators of cardio bring you an all-new line of Spinner®bikes that will gear up your Spinning® classes like never before. The three new bikes will feature thereliability and durability you expect from Precor, backed by more than 20 years of industry insights,education and programming from Spinning®.The technologies in these bikes are designed to personalize the ride and improve the fit, feel, andlongevity of every bike you purchase. Give your exercisers the riding experience they’ve alwaysdreamed of with equipment and programming built for long-lasting facility results.COMING TO YOU IN EARLY 2016Visit and be the first to know.©2015 Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. All rights reserved. Spin®, Spinner®, Spinning®, Spin Fitness®, the Spinning logo ® and Trio® are registered trademarks that are owned by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

Contents WINTER 2016Check out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at 6 8000 Treadmill by Green Series National Fitness Trade Journal (541) 830-0400 10 The Most Comprehensive Workout Available Publisher – the new TRUE Traverse Wally Boyko Productions, Inc.14 Meet the Machine Associate Publisher That Will Make HIIT Even Hotter Meshelle Boyko Editor Ronnie Boyko18 Indoor Cycling: Art Direction Enhancing the Member Experience Advent Media Associate Editors22 A Dumbbell That’s…Smart Ashley Boyko-Mattos Robbie Boyko National Advertising MGR. Meshelle Boyko26 Training Your Core is Not an Either Or Asst. Advertising Manager Jim Clark30 Health Club Software Systems: Getting more out of mobile app MNFsS. FBitVneicsse®PrUeSsAidCeonotrdinator technology for your club Michelle Thomson34 Interactive Fitness – Contributing Photographers A Logical Approach to Fitness Sami Vaskola, Matt Shepley,38 Ropeflex: Safe-Simple-Effective Carl Thygesen, Wally Boyko Jr.42 MicroFit Now Offering the Total Fitness Assessment Lab The National Fitness Trade Journal is published quarterly (four46 times a year with an exclusive Trade Show Issue (July) for Under New Management - Now What? $25 per year by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. A California Corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503. Editorial contributions must be accompanied by return postage and will be handled with reasonable care; however, the publisher is not responsible for unsolicited materials of any kind. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as is necessary to meet requirements of this publication. The act of mailing material shall constitute an express warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement upon the rights of others. Reproduction of this magazine in part or whole without consent, is prohibited. Send subscription inquiries and address changes to National Fitness Trade Journal, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503 Phone (541) 830-0400 Fax (541) 830-0410. Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., does not endorse advertised products or services represented in this magazine. Furthermore, WBP is not responsible for any warranties or manufacturer claims of product performance.4 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

CONNECT, ENGAGE,PURCHASE, & SCHEDULEALL FROM YOUR CLUB’SMOBILE APP! Market to members with push notifications Real time PT and class scheduling Drive revenue with member purchases Create referrals through your members as brand evangelists ASF Payment Solutions increases your revenue with payment processing and software integration.YPoroudrucNt ext Great Cardio • EFT (ACH)You Can’t • Credit Card • Point of Sale • SchedulingTrain for a5k and To learn more, call: 1-800-227-3859 Or visit us at asfpaymentsolutions.comPayments I Software I Marketing TRULY INTEGRATED FALL 2009 | 5

8000 Treadmill by Green SeriesA Premium Treadmill without the Premium PriceThe recently launched Connect™ technology, users8000 premium treadmill is can also enjoy their choicea testament to everything of 10 pre-loaded forwardGreen Series™ Fitness motion videos of beautifulexemplifies. Stunningly sceneries from throughoutmodern, yet meticulously the world, included at nocrafted, the new 8000 additional cost. A 19” LEDrepresents the next stage is also available offeringin Green Series Fitness’ B l u e t o o t h ® c o n n e c t i v i t y,growing cardio equipment USB and CSAFE chargingportfolio. Designed for health clubs or any facility seeking a ports, quick speed and elevation toggle shifters and a durablepremium treadmill without the premium price, you’re simply not reading rack.going to find a better value. And if performance and comfort is what you desire, the 8000 delivers with its exclusive Smooth Deck Absorption System, Remaining true to its roots and the Green Series name, biomechanically engineered to ensure a stable and flexible runningthe 8000 is powered by a 6.0 HP, AC NextGEN III Eco-Drive surface for users of up to 500 lbs. Further, with easily adjustableSystem™, delivering an unsurpassed combination of energy- speeds of .2 to 17.2 MPH, elevations of up to 20 percent andefficiency and power. Working in concert with industry-leading over 20 exercise programs, the 8000 will appeal to users of alldrive motors and controllers, Habasit® premium running belts and fitness levels.SlikDek® reversible decks, the 8000 can reduce electricity costs What is Fueling the Growth of Green Series Fitness? by 30 percent. Extensive field tests have also shown the Three years ago, Brigadoon Financial, a private investment NextGEN III Motor to run up to 20 percent cooler than company, acquired Hotel Fitness, with a mission to grow the comparable competitor’s treadmill motors under hospitality sector and expand into other markets. Leveraging the same load and conditions. decades of experience in fitness, distribution, customer service The 8000 treadmill offers two user- and sales, the company has more than tripled revenues, friendly console options engineered multiple lines of Green Series cardio equipment and developed a nationwide dealer network. proving that advanced technology does not have to be complicated. Operating under the Brigadoon Fitness umbrella, Green Series The Entertainment Series console Fitness and its family of commercial cardio products are delivering features a vibrant, high-definition, some of the most energy-efficient, reliable and affordable 19” touchscreen with HDTV, WiFi and equipment in the fitness industry. Bluetooth® connectivity, integrated Apple® and Android® compatibility, USB and CSAFE So how does a relatively small and unknown company produce charging ports. Employing Virtual equipment that consistently outperforms many of the biggest names in the industry? First, by partnering with the leading global manufacturers and challenging conventional thinking. Second, by benchmarking the world’s best fitness equipment and aiming even higher. Third, by testing and6 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Hansen. “At the same time, we recognize the importance of staying current with the latest technology and advancements—we just prefer to do so without overwhelming users with intimidating or cumbersome programming that adds significant costs to the products and frequently goes unused.” Smart Warranty Protection and Customer Support It’s one thing to say your products are reliable. It’s another to back it up. The Green Series warranty is yet another example of how Green Series Fitness continues to challenge conventional thinking. Traditionally, manufacturers attach different warranties to different products, regardless of where and how the equipment is being used. The Green Series warranty is based on the fitness application and amount of use. Light commercial environments, defined as non-dues-paying facilities with up to six hours of daily use, deserve longer warranties, regardless of the products’ commercial rating. All Green Series cardio equipment, including the new 8000 Treadmill, when used in light commercial settings, include a 10 year frame, six year motor (upgraded to seven years on the NextGEN III Motor), six year parts, two year wearables and one year limited labor warranty. Full commercial applications carry a 10 year frame, five year motor, three year parts, two year wearables and one year limited labor warranty. Extended labor warranties are available as well.assessing Green Series products in the most demanding proving Changing How the Industry Does Businessgrounds. And finally, by providing unmatched customer service In an industry where four to six week lead times are the norm,combined with the smartest warranty protection in the industry. service is slow and calls get routed to automated phone systems, Green Series Fitness is changing the game.Focused Product InnovationWhile other cardio equipment manufacturers may focus on With a large U.S. based inventory of equipment and parts,integrating cutting-edge technology with their products, Green orders get shipped within 24 hours or the same day if needed.Series Fitness is taking a somewhat different path. “Our goal is Phones are answered by knowledgeable representatives andnot to provide the most advanced or feature-rich cardio lines on warranty or service needs are handled quickly by experiencedthe planet,” says Dale Hansen, Director of Product Development technicians. It’s this responsive reliability and commitment toat Green Series Fitness. “Rather, we remain focused on delivering excellence that has many industry insiders taking notice andthe best overall value and lowest total cost of ownership. That driving Green Series Fitness to new heights.means committing our resources to developing products that areincredibly durable, efficient, easy to use and affordable, while Experience the most reliable and efficient products at theseproviding unparalleled customer service and support,” states upcoming conferences: - IHRSA, March 21 – 24, Orlando, Florida - NIRSA, April 3 – 4, Orlando, Florida - YMCA General Assembly, July 14-17, Kansas City, Missouri For more information call (800) 862-1509 or your local authorized Green Series Dealer or visit www.GreenSeriesFitness. WINTER 2016 | 7


INTRODUCING Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength Increase metabolism. Improve power. SPARC does it all, more safely, because it’s biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low impact. No matter who your members are, SPARC’s intuitive “get on and go” design invites them to simply choose incline and intensity levels, then reach their fitness goals in record time.Built without compromise for over 45 years. SPARC PRESTIGE VRS EAGLE NX BRAVO PROLearn more at Cybex Products are Upgrade your club with © 2015 Cybex International, Inc. Designed & Built in America. customized Cybex Visit

The Most Comprehensive WorkoutAvailable – the new TRUE Traverse.A part of TRUE’s new HIT Series – High The ability to train in all three planes of motion (Coronal, Sagittal,Intensity Training – the Traverse is and Transverse) allows the human body to move in the way it wasrevolutionizing the fitness industry with designed to by bending, twisting, leaning and lunging, all whilethis innovative machine and its unique using the Traverse. Benefits of these types of movements? Roundedmovement. With the side-to-side, lateral out training by addressing all muscle groups and movements,motion of the TRUE Traverse, users decreased risk of injury and corrective surgeries by prehabilitatingwill get a workout like they have never your body, and rehabilitation used to train any deconditionedexperienced before, while completing a muscles and movements.workout that is easy and gentle on thejoints. The Traverse works on sculpting Along with utilizing the body’s natural movements, the Traverseyour core and lower body better than concentrates on stabilizing all parts of the body. Meaning itany elliptical or other cardio fitness addresses the needs of every muscle group and training plane,piece on the market today. Mobility, so that muscles do not become deconditioned. Building totalstability, strength, power, and agility – the body stabilization will minimize potential injury and correctivefoundations of physical training; and theTraverse addresses them all. The TRUE Traverse provides a smooth motion for a betterworkout in less time, allowing users to reach their target heart ratetwenty-three percent faster than when using traditional ellipticalmachines. With unique programming features, such as the Cardio360 workout, users will activate more muscle groups than on othercardio machines, and will accomplish an intense workout like neverbefore. The Traverse targets the inner thigh, outer thigh, core, andglutes, all in one machine! The lateral motion of the Traverse allows users to train inthree planes of motion, versus just one plane of motion whenusing traditional ellipticals or other cardio equipment. Trainingsolely in one plane of motion will result in the deconditioning ofneglected muscle groups, and could resort in unnecessary injuries.10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

surgeries to the back and disks, The Traverse is equipped with a digital contact heart rate ligaments and tendons, muscle monitoring system as well as a Polar® wireless telemetry system strains and tears, and even to assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and fractures through acute or maximizing workout results. One touch HRC Cruise Control™ is minor misuse. also included, which allows the user to “lock in” on a specific The Traverse is target heart rate. Once the target is set, TRUE HRC Cruise available with two Control™ will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout different console options: the duration of the workout to maintain the targeted heart rate the Emerge or the Escalate9. (operates just like the Cruise Control in your car). The Emerge console is our most basic option The Traverse comes equipped with a magnetic generator for TRUE cardio equipment and features a resistance source and 30 resistance levels, which allows users simplistic workout experience with a simple to increase the intensity of their workout each and every time to Start and Stop functionality and basic data personally challenge themselves. The multi-position handle bars read outs. The Emerge also houses thirteen provide ultimate comfort to each user no matter what size; simply grip the moisture resistant, multi-position handles where most workouts that users can select from comfortable and complete your workout with ease. to make sure The small foot print and self-generating capability of thiseach user is always challenged. The Escalate9 console is a 9-inch machine allow this piece to be placed virtually anywhere within anycolor display that features twenty-six pre-programmed workouts fitness facility while maximizing valuable real estate. No need toall displayed on a 9-inch color active LCD matrix display. TheEscalate9 console also allows users to connect their music playing confine this piece of equipment near a wall or electrical outlet,device to the console and control volume level, song selection, with self-generating capabilities, the Traverse powers itselfand charging of the device through the console itself. and can be placed in the center of any room if needed. Need to rearrange? No problem. The Traverse comes The Escalate9 console also provides users with the Cardio 360 equipped with two, front mounted transport wheels forworkout that is completely customized for the Traverse. Simply easy maneuverability that make moving and transportingfollow the instructions presented on the console screen and mimic the Traverse a breeze.the video demonstrations for an intense, twenty minute cardio This quality piece of fitness equipment is constructedworkout. Exercises include squatting down, standing on your toes/heels, etc. Get ready to feel the burn! with durability and longevity in mind. With a welded, heavy gauge steel frame and dual stage drive system, the TRUE Traverse is sure to withstand even the most intense workouts for years to come. The TRUE Traverse comes with a full commercial warranty that includes lifetime coverage on the frame and three years of coverage on parts and labor. The TRUE Traverse is manufactured with the same high quality and craftsmanship that TRUE has been known for in the fitness industry for over thirty-four years. Experience the HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING provided by the new TRUE Traverse today. For more information about the new TRUE Traverse, and all of TRUE’s product offerings, please visit WINTER 2016 | 11

When your focus shifts from “buying equipment” to buying long term competitive advantage,Torque’s Dollar Logic yields a superior set up in an economical space.It makes sense to focus equipment buying LOGICdecisions on acquiring the most long termcompetitive advantage for the dollar. This TORQUE DOLLAR LOGICmeans training the body better than anywhereelse with a superior set up in an economical BEGINNER INDIVIDUAL MODERATE INTENSITY ULTIMATE INTENSITYspace. Torque’s Multi-Jungles introduce Deconditioned Functional Group Functional Group Functionalcable technology training in your facility in a X-Racksmall quad configuration. Torque’s X-Lab and M8 Circuit M8 Free Weight & Cable X-Lab Ultimate SystemsX-Rack not only put you on offense against Technology Jungles Functional Systemsinterlopers like box gyms, they also enableyou to conduct multiple types of small group Dollar Logic focuses equipment purchase decisions on acquiring thetraining in the same space. The result is a long most long term competitive advantage for the dollar.term competitive advantage that affordablyfuels your top line and bottom line.You get there with Dollar Logic.Torque Fitness Toll Free: (877) 867-7835 // P: (763) 754-7533E: [email protected] //

WHAT ARE YOUWAITING FOR?All over the country, the breakthroughHelix Lateral Trainer is making members(and facility owners) SMILE.The patented, 360-degree no-impact motion of Helix deliversresults other products can only dream of.And it’s FUN. Look at those smiles.And, it’s proven – over 1,000 facilities, from Super Bowlwinners to 24 Hr Fitness to elite universities, to many Y’s,to the military are using, and LOVING, Helix.Let’s review – breakthrough, patented product that deliversunmatched results, makes members happy, helps sell newmemberships, is cost effective, has a small footprint, isdurable and no-maintenance and facility owners love it.What are you waiting for? The patented, 360° motion of Helix provides no-impact, multi-plane training that creates up to 44% greater muscle activation in 7 different core and lower body muscle groups.World’s First Lateral Trainer™ 888.435.4926 (888-HELIXCO) [email protected]

Meet the Machine That Will Make HIIT Even HotterNo doubt about it, High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most explosive fitness trends ever. In fact, theAmerican College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has ranked it among the top three trends worldwide for the pastthree years in a row. Why so popular? Simple.HIIT is the ideal workout for this fast-paced, time-starved, HIIT can’t get much better than that, can it?on-demand era. Oh yes, it can. Here’s how.Studies show that just three 27-minute HIIT sessions a weekdeliver the same anaerobic and aerobic benefits as five one-hour Super-popular training technique meets super-effectivecardio workouts.1 A typical session takes only 20 to 30 minutes, HIIT equipment.and can result in huge gains in: High Intensity Interval Training technique has actually been• Fat burn (up to an 18.9% decrease in body fat2) around a long time but it’s most relevant today. But there’s• Metabolism3 never been a machine specifically designed for HIIT workouts,• Power (for example, up to a 49.3% gain in average leg from the ground up, based on in-depth research and world-class exercise science. Until now. power4)• Endurance (up to a 26% increase in aerobic capacity5) Cybex International saw the need, and more than filled it. Cybex invented an all-in-one solution that lets exercisers achieveHIIT provides huge business benefits, too. their most important fitness goals. What’s more, this solution makes HIIT safe and accessible for all types of members,Facility owners, operators and managers love how HIIT can lead to: not just serious athletes. In other words, says Scott Moody of AthleteFit, “Cybex just took HIIT out of its niche and into the• Increased member loyalty mainstream.”• An influx of new members• More members reaching their fitness goals — which in turn The next stage in HIIT’s evolution is here. Cybex SPARC. can justify premium pricing14 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

“Cybex just took HIIT out of its niche and into the mainstream.”— Scott Moody, CEO/Founder, AthleteFitSPARC (short for Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio) Three reasons SPARC’s the ideal solution for your the world’s most versatile, results-driven, user-accessible newfitness product. It’s specially designed for use in group fitness 1. Cybex cut the cords. SPARC is completely self-powered. Itclasses, stand-alone HIIT training and/or as part of a larger needs no plug. No electricity. And next to no maintenance.circuit training program. 2. SPARC packs a ton of performance into a tiny footprint. It How does it compare to other HIIT tools? Simply put, there fits practically anywhere. So you can use it to supercharge youris no comparison. functional, suspension and other training zones. Amp up cross- training classes. And electrify boot camps.Six amazing HIIT benefits. All from one incrediblemachine. 3. HIIT’s not just for athletes anymore. More than 80% of the typical gym’s membership is made up of novice andOnly Cybex SPARC Trainer offers a truly low-impact way for intermediate exercisers. Wouldn’t it be great if more of yourexercisers to achieve all the following goals: members could experience and enjoy HIIT? Cybex thought so, too. Hence, SPARC’s low-impact design and the ease with which• Burn fat members can adjust the intensity level. As a result, SPARC can• Build muscle help virtually all your member segments get hooked on HIIT—• Increase metabolism athletes, high-end fitness enthusiasts, general health seekers,• Gain power active adults, beginners and even chronic disease patients.• Improve endurance• Strengthen and shape the lower body The next stage of HIIT evolution has hit the market. Now for your next step.Three factors that make SPARC the perfect HIIT machinefor your members. Visit Cybex online to learn more about SPARC. Or better yet, experience it in person. Call 774.324.8000 and request a1. Less pain, more gain. SPARC’s patented arc motion is SPARC demo today.biomechanically validated to be gentle on the knee. Result: yourmembers’ perceived exertion is minimized. That encourages them The two questions that sparked one extraordinaryto work harder. And the harder they work, the better their results. answer.2. Unmatched performance at flat-out athletic speeds. Cybex approaches new product development differentlySPARC’s sprint-like mechanics in a non-impact environment than most companies. Instead of simply trying to beat themake it totally unique in the resisted cardio category. No rower, competition to market and capitalize on emerging trends,stepper or spin bike comes close. Cybex starts by asking two questions:3. “Get on and go” design. With its intuitive settings and 1. How can we help the human body work better?brilliant “touch and train” console, SPARC is exceptionally easyfor your members to use. They simply choose their incline and 2. How can this innovation help fitness centers be moreintensity levels, and launch into short-burst, high-efficiency successful?workouts that help them hit their goals fast. The company — the only fitness equipment manufacturer with its own world- renowned research institute — then follows a rigorous, science-based approach to creating new products that will lead to optimum results for the individuals and businesses it serves. That’s how SPARC was born. 1 you-need-know-about-high-intensity-interval-training-338676 2Smith et al. 2013, J Strength Cond Res 3Greer et al. 2014, Res Q Exercise Sport 4Signorile 2013 5Tjønna et al. 2008, Circulation WINTER 2016 | 15

ALL THE GOOD STUFF IS ONTHE OTHER SIDE OF TIRED. Nothing can prepare you for lateral movement and explosive power like the Change of Direction (C.O.D) machine. The C.O.D. lets you simulate many athletic movements dynamically with a unique combination of resistance and movement. BY AN ATHLETE FOR AN ATHLETE Want to see how we are making athletes stronger? View our Video Training Series at

Indoor Cycling: Enhancing the Member ExperienceBy Michael Dorman, Precor Product Manager Indoor CyclingCardiovascular exercise should be a key cycling classes, into your offerings, you will grow your businesscomponent of any gym member’s fitness while retaining members.regimen, but one of the challenges manymembers face is pushing themselves to Group indoor cycling classes offer a variety of membercontinually improve their fitness levels. retention benefits to operators that can also enhance theAlthough cardiovascular equipment is a member experience. One of the advantages of indoor cyclingstandard fixture on any gym floor, many classes is that they appeal to a large portion of any facility’sfacilities don’t have offerings that will motivate membership base. Since these classes are led by certifiedmembers to stay engaged with their training. instructors who teach members proper form and technique, a single class can accommodate beginner riders, as well asIf you’re only offering cardiovascular equipment to members, you seasoned experts. Instructors provide a foundation for beginnersmight be forgoing the opportunity to drive secondary revenue to learn the right techniques and the added motivation moreand create a more engaged member community via group fitness advanced riders need to improve upon their skills and fitnessclasses. By incorporating group fitness classes, especially indoor levels. When participants get the instruction and motivation they need to reach their fitness goals, they are more likely to remain loyal gym members. Indoor cycling classes are structured to foster community18 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

interaction, which leads to more engaged members. Group members and drive results, and when members get results, theyclasses foster one on one contact between members and gym will keep coming back and keep class participation rates high.staff, creating a more personalized experience. In addition,many indoor cycling class In addition to retention benefits, an indoor cycling offeringparticipants develop presents the opportunity toinstructor loyalty and generate secondary revenueconsistently attend that streams. There are a varietyspecific instructor’s classes, of ways to monetize yourwhich also strengthens indoor cycling offerings, suchmember retention for as offering Spinning as anoperators. To add, a member a la carte add-on to a basewho is fully engaged with membership and hostinghis instructor is far more certification and continuinglikely to spread the word to education sessions for membershis friends, thus expanding who want to take their skill setyour membership base. to the next level or even becomeFinally, the member to instructors themselves. You canmember engagement that even extend your indoor cyclinggroup cycling classes experience to the great outdoorscreate drives the kind by hosting paid road rides.of community feel that When it comes down toenables members to push it, it’s important to considertheir fitness levels. When whether an indoor cyclingmembers feel safe enough offering is a fit for your push themselves, they Remember to look at thecan achieve their fitness demographic composition ofgoals, which can ultimately your membership base, asmake the difference well as the staff and facilitybetween retaining or losing resources that you can devoteyour members. to launching a program. Should you find that indoor To ensure that your staff cycling is a fit for you and yourand members are getting members, it is a great optionthe most out of their indoor for attracting and retainingcycling experience, make members as part of a long termsure your instructors are business growth strategy.certified by an accreditedresource. Even better, For more information on the Precor line of Spinner® bikes,choosing a certification please visit or contact a salesprogram with a highly recognizable and respected brand name, representative by calling Spinning®, will bring additional credibility to your indoorcycling program. Choosing an accredited training program likeSpinning means that your instructors will be trained to motivate WINTER 2016 | 19

ADD CUTTING EDGE INTERACTIVE FITNESS TO YOUR FACILITY One of the fastest growing and most profitable trends in the health and fitness industry. Exergame Fitness is the #1 provider of interactive fitness & gaming products.We make fitness fun for the whole family, any age or activity level.Whether it may be a kids room, high intensity training, or rehab, Exergame Fitness can provide you with the equipment, service, tools, and resources for your organization to succeed and drive membership. Contact us today to recieve your free interactive fitness buyers guide.

A Dumbbell That’s…SmartA Rack of Dumbbells in the Space of One Pair…Smart. equipment or to try a new piece of equipment that is hitting thePowerBlock commercial dumbbells can replace up to 22 pairs of market that your club members are asking for.dumbbells, or over 4000 pounds of free weights in less than 2square feet. PowerBlock commercial dumbbells could be part of the solution to the space problem in your facility. It is a bigger This can open up a world of possibilities for you in your challenge than ever before trying to keep up with the latestcurrent facility to put a “rack” of dumbbells where you could not equipment demanded by users/consumers and where do you putbefore. Like at every power rack. Maybein the spinning room where they keep it? With five models available, there is aleaving dumbbells on the floor from PowerBlock commercial dumbbell sizethe rack in the other room. How about for every strength training application,the new Personal Training area you are from group training classes to NFL linecontemplating? They would be great next men. PowerBlock commercial dumbbellto your row of Power Plates® right? sizes available are: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125 and 12.5-175 pounds per You get the point. If you are planning hand. Models 50 pounds and up comea new facility, the space savings of with a stand. Stands take up less thanPowerBlock can allow you to use the 2 square feet of space. The 50 and 90space you saved for additional cardio pound sets also have an optional kettle22 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

bell handle that allows you to do kettle bell movements with the It was two stories, and upstairs was a full line of Life Fitness®weight stack from the dumbbells…smart again, just switch the weight stack machines as well as 45 cardio machines. Additionally,handle. PowerBlock dumbbells are engineered for maximum there was several Octane® and Matrix® cardio pieces available.balance and control, you use a selector pin much like a weight This was all set on a PLAE® floor and offered beautiful views ofstack machine to change weights in seconds within the weight the picturesque Minnesota landscape through an abundance ofrange of the model being used. windows. There was also 5,500 square feet of biokinetics testingDumbbells continue to be a staple in strength training and are one and lab space.of the most versatile strength training tools everdeveloped. Dumbbells allow the user to work Downstairs were custom Sorinex® rackshis or her entire body without the restrictions painted in school colors as well as manyof set movement planes that machines or other custom Sorinex strength pieces. At theeven bars have. Dumbbells can be used to racks were rows of 5-90 pound and 12.5-125mimic real world movements making them pound PowerBlock dumbbells with customalso ideal for functional training. Bethel Royals decals. Bars were by Heavy Metal® and soft goods from Gopher Sports®.One of the exciting trends in the fitness There was also 40 yards of indoor turf.marketplace is the athletic performancetraining center. A couple of famous APT When I circled back to Rick Meyer (A.T.C,centers that come to mind are EXOS – Core C.S.C.S Head Strength & Conditioning Coach,Performance Centers and IMG Academy. Assistant FB Coach, HPE Instructor) recentlyOriginally geared towards hard core to see how things were going at the newathletes wanting to get that “edge” over facility he had these comments;the competition or get in “season shape” “The new facility is working out great. We arebefore the season. The facilities feature able to more effectively cater to the needs ofwell trained instructors that have specific the entire Bethel community through the useareas of expertise in every facet of athletic of the flexible and dynamic weight equipmentperformance. These training facilities have that we installed into our new facility. Ineven evolved to having Post-Grad Programs, terms of dumbbells, the PowerBlocks wereAdult Programs, Youth Camps, Team Training, the ideal solution for our facility. The 12Pro/College training, Tactical Training and even Boarding Schools. sets of selectorized Dumbbells have allowedBecause of the high level of expertise, trainers even train to be our students, staff, and faculty to get a fulltrainers there. workout without the wait. The students, staff, and faculty have really taken a liking to their flexibility and variability. For the Often times these facilities are set up in a work stations format, price of one full set of Dumbbells, PowerBlock equipped us withwhere they will have an anchor Power Rack surrounded by bars, 12 full sets in a much smaller footprint. I was unsure how thebumper plates, bands etc. Everything they need to train a small Bethel community would take to the selectorized dumbbells, butgroup of athletes in a rotation. They will have this set up times 5, I have been overwhelmed by the great feedback and the usage of10, 20 or even 40 work stations. At each station they will have a the PowerBlocks from all individuals using our weight equipment.”commercial PowerBlock set to do dumbbell work without havingto leave the area. So, if you need a whole rack of dumbbells and only have 2 square feet of space to work with, give PowerBlock a call. We’ll make itRecently I attended an install of a new facility at Bethel University fit your space and your St. Paul Minnesota. I was very impressed and reminded of theevolution of the modern strength training facility. At 22,500 square To learn more call 507-451-5152 or 877-316-9853, e-mailfeet, the facility was spacious, bright, modern, and laid out in a very [email protected], or visit They caninviting matter. Just seeing the facility made you want to workout. also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. WINTER 2016 | 23

Your Workout Just Got Smarter. PRIME’s patented adjustable SmartStrength technology offers built in variable resistance muscle training.With a simple SmartCamadjustment, users canalter the strengthcurve at the beginning,middle and end of eachexercise motion.By exhausting theentire stretch of muscle,SmartStrength efficientlypromotes maximummuscle fiber recruitment.PRIME’s SmartStrengthtechnology offers essentially5 machines in 1!855.269.4378 • • [email protected] IN THE U.S.A. ©2015 Specialty Fitness Systems, LLC. Machine images represent products at the time of printing. Future specifications are subject to change. PRIME, Evolution, Hybrid, Legacy and SmartCam are trademarks of Specialty Fitness Systems. Any use of these trademarks, without express written consent of Specialty Fitness Systems, is forbidden.

Training Your Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comesCore is Not an to training the core.Either Or There is no doubt that successful core conditioning requiresIf you like exercise, chances are you’re doing it wrong. a lot more than just doing planks or crunches to be effective. Because the core is composed of multiple muscle groupsArthur Jones (including the abdominal and low back muscles, diaphragm, and pelvic floor muscles), effective core training must address all ofWebster defines the core as “a central and often these areas with both functional and isolated training techniques.foundational part” - this definition pertains to thecenter of the earth, to the core of the fruit, and Synergistic Approach to Core Trainingto the foundation of human musculature. The Functional core training exercises can be a bit challenging forcore is the most important structural part of the beginners, and that’s one way that isolated core training plays ahuman body. Walking, running, sitting, standing valuable role. Isolated movements work with one muscle group andand just about any other muscular movements are can be used to restore proper muscle balance and strengthen thedependent on the core muscles. Besides normal weak links around the core. Doing isolation core exercise allows aneveryday function, the core is also the area of the individual to more safely and effectively participate in functionalbody that we judge to determine overall fitness and core training activities while also reducing the risk of injury.attraction. Whether you like it or not, your coredefines and advertises your health and fitness level If you have previous injuries and your body is not working into everyone you meet. harmony, start with isolation training to build up those muscles that are weak. Once you’ve activated the core muscles andCore Strength Training developed a base level of strength, feel free to explore the trendyfrom Multiple Angles world of functional training. Individuals should use all theOver the past few years, weapons in their training arsenal. Functional strength trainingfunctional training has serves as a supplement to traditional strength training, not as abecome a popular mantra replacement. Isolation training is a must if you want to reduceof fitness professionalsclaiming it as the only your risks of injury whileway to train. In fact, performing high intensityseveral fitness gurus are functional trainingsaying that isolation type workouts. Bottom line:exercise is “old school” 80% of the populationand even bad for you. experience low back pain. Strengthening your core with both functional and isolated exercises is the key to joining the 20% who don’t.26 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

The Importance of Functional Core Training a great way for your members to complete their workout. TheseIf you think about what you do with your body on a given day – fixed plane machines allow your members to use heavier resistancepicking up bags of groceries or your children, putting something to perform specific isolated abdominal exercises more safely foronto a high shelf, carrying a briefcase, and simple actions like building core strength.pushing open a door – all of these everyday movements involvemultiple joints, muscles and planes of motion. In order to Trending: Dedicated Core Training Areaperform any of the above functional activities your core muscles Along with the trend of building a dedicated functional trainingare utilized to stabilize every movement. Weak core muscles area, many health clubs are also creating a separate Core Trainingcause your body to compensatewith other muscles causing an area as well. This could be asimbalance which can lead to all simple as moving the abdominalsorts of daily aches and pains machines from the strengthand or injury. circuit and placing them in a dedicated “Core Zone.” This Doing a russian twist with area can be expanded with aa medicine ball or tossing a mixed variety of both isolationweighted ball using a machine and functional core traininglike the Ab Solo or a Target machines to complete theAbs bench is an example of circuit.a functional Core Trainingexercise. These functional The New X3S BENCHexercises help build the One new item to consider forrelationship and synergy of your your core training area is thecore muscles working together. latest offering from The AbsFunctional core training Company called the “X3Srequires proper form and must Bench,” which combines bothbe supervised for beginners. A functional and isolated exercisegood option is to offer small safely in one machine. Thisgroup classes so a trainer can correct and teach newbies proper unique combination enables you to functionally exercise yourtechnique in order to prevent possible muscles strains and back complete core while isolating your quads, glutes and hamstringsinjuries. with one simple compound movement. The X3S Bench can challenge any fitness level with the use of dumbells or weightedComplete Your Workout with Isolated Core Training balls for a total body workout. Check out the all new X3S on theMost experts agree that you should work on building core strength web at the end of your workout, so as not to fatigue the core beforeyour workout since core muscles are used as stabilizers for many For more information call toll free at 866-219-5335 or viaexercises. Offering fixed abdominal machines such as The Vertical email at [email protected] or The AbsBench at the end of a strength circuit is always WINTER 2016 | 27

We Have Over 20 Years ofFlooring Experience Under Our Feet… …That’s why, when it comes to choosing the right flooring for their facilities, health and fitness clients worldwide trust Centaur Floor Systems to do the footwork for them. Centaur steps to the task with a vast selection of high quality brands in floor coverings that stand up to your demands. Call a flooring expert now at 800-536-9007 or hop online to for more information.

Health Club Software Systems: Getting moreout of mobile app technology for your clubA unique new club mobile app from ASF. their smartphones. An added convenience is syncing to theirIt’s not surprising that the number of health clubs adopting phone’s Outlook calendar. Members can also add themselves tomobile app technology has grown significantly over the past two a class, or PT waiting list and check into the club with the appyears. Mobile app usage in clubs has seen the biggest growth barcode. Clubs can send push notifications to their membersover the past two years with a 62% increase. Online Class and offer referral reward programs, fitness challenges, workoutReservations alone have increased by 144%. ASF Payment tracking and will benefit from PT sales. “Through combiningSolutions recognized the need for clubs and their members to ASF’s application programming interface (API) with Netpulse, thisefficiently connect and strengthen club engagement through app is the first of its kind to be native in the fitness industry anda better app. In addition,ASF saw how SMS texting, not have to operate through acombined with its mobile web-enhanced method. Thisapp would increase member not only means immediateusage and revenue. member access, but also they will not have to log-in multiple By integrating ASF’s times for different functions;new mobile app with its plus, it operates with tensoftware’s online scheduler, times more efficiency,” saidclub members can now Sean Kirby, Vice President ofview and register by phone Client Relations at ASF.their classes and PTappointments (day, week, While connecting directlymonth, type, or instructor). with members throughMembers can schedule PT ASF’s mobile app, clubsappointments; reserve spots can strengthen engagement,in popular classes such as increase revenue andZumba, Spin, etc.; view enhance the membertheir previous PT sessions, experience by integratingor purchase new ones from key ASF technologies in one club-branded mobile app.30 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

“The new ASF mobile app members would includeis truly groundbreaking the URL that links tofor the fitness industry. mobile phones for yourIt is among the first club app. The newClub Mobile Apps to member can click on thehave fully native class text and install the app.scheduling, PT booking For example, it couldand session management read: “Click this link tocombined with a wealth download YOUR FREEof member engagement mobile app today!” Thisand revenue generating would automaticallyfeatures. This represents deliver your club app toan incredibly innovative the new member via a textoffering and a big win and would encourage themfor ASF customers,” said to download it the day afterJohn Ford, President of they enrolled.Netpulse. How would this benefitHow tech strategy your club and the newusing SMS texting member? By creating acombined with your value-add the day after amobile app increases new member joins yourclub revenue. club, you’re engagingThe ability to them right out of the gate,communicate via mobile devices is becoming greater. Text and you’re establishingmessages, mobile apps, push notifications – the list goes an ongoing connection. From this point forward, you can useon. However, more sophisticated club marketers are using a combination of SMS text messages and push notificationscombinations of mobile communications to promote and engage through your mobile app to send alerts to all your memberstheir members. Adding technology to your health club software such as: “Check your mobile app for our latest club challenge”,and marketing campaigns should make the task of driving or “New Training class just added to the schedule.” Thisrevenue and retaining members much easier. combination of communications can also generate more club revenue. For example, with the use of SMS text messaging and With the majority of members using smartphones, clubs can push notifications with your mobile app, you can send Specialsnow take advantage by creating a better member experience, on PT Services like, “Book now on line for a reduced price whenand up-selling them on products and services. Furthermore, you purchase 10 or more PT Sessions.” Through your club’speople bought 5 times more on mobile devices than PCs and TVs mobile app, members can purchase packages with a simple click.combined in 2014. You now have the ability to prompt your club These types of campaigns will continually encourage and engagemembers via a text to download your club app that translates into your members to participate in what your club has to offer whileclub revenue. So, how can you accomplish this? achieving their fitness goals. Cross-promotional marketing through mobile technologies SMS and mobile apps go hand-in-hand; and texting can play can increase the return of each of these SMS and Mobile Appa key role in member app downloads. For example, if health clubs investments. The successful marketers in the fitness industrycombine these technologies as part of a new member revenue will think creatively about how to utilize these combinations forand retention strategy, it could prove to be valuable for club the success of their clubs. Today, SMS texting can leverage yourgrowth. Through advertising, clubs can encourage prospects to club’s mobile app and vice versa, which in turn will create bettertext back a specific SMS number to receive their free trial pass. member engagement and open up purchasing opportunities. ThisBy opting in, the prospect has integrated into your club software is just the first step towards multi-technology thinking to drive(CRM). Additionally, new members can utilize your club’s mobile the mobile market and fitness to refer their friends and help drive new leads into the salespipeline. However, after you’ve invested in a mobile app, how do Stephen Wilson is the Marketing Manager at ASF Paymentyou promote it to new members? Solutions and a 20-year veteran of marketing and advertising. For more information on ASF products and services such as One of the integration features offered to clubs with SMS our club SMS Texting and Mobile App, call 1-800-227-3859,text messaging is New Member Alerts, which is a series of or visit www.asfpaymentsolutions.comautomated text messages that a club can assign for each newmember enrolled. One of the messages your club can send to new WINTER 2016 | 31

Member motivation on the go.Get the revolutionary MYZONE MZ-3 physical activity belt andnew MYZONE app to engage and retain members like neverbefore. With the MZ-3, your members can track their effortand stay connected with your club no matter where they are. Get started now at © MYZONE® 2015, all rights reserved.

get a grip, train hard | ROPEFLEX® RX2500 WITH OPTIONAL INTERACTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM+ Multi-Mode Rope Training Machine (verical, horizontal & bottom) Narrow ADA Compliant Design (removable seat & adjustable pulleys) Soft-Braided Rope for a Comfortable Grip Progressive Resistance Magnetic MechanismRX2200 RX3300 RX5500 OUTDOOR RX2300 RX2100 650.549.5888 | HIPEQ, LLC | 80 Glenn Way, Suite 8 | San Carlos, CA 94070 email: [email protected]

Interactive Fitness – A Logical Approach to FitnessThe idea of exercise being ‘boring’ is quickly fading everyday are not alone in benefiting from fun in their workouts andmore and more. Working out and exercising has finally caught up activities.with modern times, and is now exciting for many that are new tothe industry. From Zumba classes to Crossfit, from accelerom- In an age when people, especially the new generation,eters in your running shoes to watches that track your heartbeat, are obsessed with technology, it is almost necessary to haveit is anything but boring now. It is a gradual industry change that Interactive Fitness equipment at a health club or gym. Gyms getis still evolving. boring to people because they lose motivation for their routine and then excuse themselves from working out. Any gym can Interactive Fitness is a broad term that could mean lots of provide you with equipment, but the motivation is what trulydifferent things. Technically watching a TV show while you’re matters, all the gym equipment in the world is useless withoutrunning on a treadmill is ‘interactive’ fitness. Its true form is the motivation to use it.often referred to as,“Exergaming,” a combination of exercise andgaming, a unique approach to exercising. Using gamification Kids and adults can exercise socially and play ‘multiplayerconcepts, the equipment and programs are centered on engaging games’. Friendly competition, challenges, and high scores aretechnology, measurable results and fun. the aspects of gamification that really keep people engaged. You know you have something unique when people of all ages areWhat are the Benefits of Interactive Fitness Equipment? laughing and smiling during their workout routines.What makes Interactive Fitness and Exergaming so special?Every new concept or idea claims to be a game changer; and Why Exergame Fitness?while some are, most are not. What makes Interactive Fitness Exergame Fitness has consistently been the #1 provider ofso great is how accessible and engaging the equipment is, to interactive fitness and gaming products around the world. Weeveryone. From kids at a YMCA center to seniors staying active, are the heart of the Interactive Fitness industry, for any solutionand even to a Crossfit gym. It proves you can not only be active or product needed we are the company to go to. We understandwith the equipment, but have actual fun with it. That has been Exergaming and Interactive Fitness better than anyone, and activelylacking from traditional fitness equipment for some time; kids use this knowledge to better gyms, health clubs, recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, and others in the industry.34 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Not only does Exergame Fitness provide equipment to Performance X (Adults)our customers, but a whole package with it. We install the This room is where Exergaming shines, with high intensityequipment and train you on how to use it, providing you workouts and group training. From strength conditioning towith the knowledge to get the most use and value out of the reaction training, the Performance X Room provides a highequipment. Marketing materials, exercise programs, training octane and energetic environment for group training. This roomvideos, and an abundance of other resources are provided online could easily replace a traditional fitness area.for an organization that buys from us. We provide all of thetools, resources, and knowledge you need to succeed with the A T-Wall in Every Club in Americaequipment. The T-Wall is a top seller of ours and certainly embodies much of the ideas and concepts of Exergaming and Interactive Fitness.A Solution for Every Age We have developed full exercise programs - Workouts of theJust because Interactive Fitness equipment can be used by Week or “WOWs” – that show a sliver of the huge amount ofanyone does not mean every machine should be used by functional fitness training that is possible with this machine. Weeveryone. We understand the equipment we sell, from how to would love every gym in the country to have a T-Wall and benefituse them to how they work on the inside. We implement this from the functional training and interactive fitness value it canknowledge into three different room solutions that cater to add to any space.different needs and ages. The Playground Room, Youth X Room,and Performance X – which basically breaks down into a kids, Compared to other equipment, this machine takes upteens, and adult focused solutions. virtually no room, only sticking out of the wall a few inches. It comes with singleplayer and multiplayer games all built in thatPlayground (1-10) can be customized from time to speed and even colors.The Exergame Playground is a place where kids can go andhave fun while exercising, at the same learning and growing As far as products appealing to a wide variety ofphysically, mentally, and emotionally all together. The goal is to demographics, the T-Wall is the leader by far. From kids hittinggive the kids a place of their own where they can spend just as lights on a T-Wall 16, to someone in a wheelchair doing rehabili-much time in the gym as their parents, while staying active and tation exercises, and all the way to serious functional training onmotivated with exciting equipment and activities. a T-Wall 64, this machine can handle it all.Youth X (7-14) Exergame Fitness is the #1 provider of interactive fitnessUsing concepts from gamification, teens will not even realize & gaming products. Any questions at all, please call usthey are working out. Too young to be in the kids room and too at 877.668.4664 or visit at for the main fitness areas, this room offers a model of We are also present on social media, just searchsocial interaction, movement, and engagement that has proven @exergamefitness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Googlefitness methodology behind it. +, and YouTube. WINTER 2016 | 35

Hard Abs Made Easy follow us on: call for details 1-866-219-5335 • outside the U.S. 1-908-879-2713 The Abs Company, P. O. Box 9 Chester, NJ 07930 Patent and trademark information available upon request. © 2015 The Abs Company (310) 514-1155

Ropeflex: Safe-Simple-EffectiveRope trainers like ROPEFLEX engage all muscles in Our entry level ROPEFLEX RX2100 and New RX2100X (Xyour body while providing the benefits of aerobic being double resistance drum) easily attaches to existing crossfitand isokinetic exercises. This activates your rig/power rack framing and adds yet another versatile workoutentire powerhouse and offers a potent cardio + station with a very affordable cost. The rack-mountable designresistance workout duo. Rope training equipment can turn any tired old power-rack into a cutting edge, brand newsuch as ROPEFLEX is based on simple and piece of equipment.functional principles, using the laws of physicsto allow you to get the same advantage and feelof rope climbing while virtually eliminating allinjury risk. ROPEFLEX, a California based company (since 2008), offers a Beam Mounted RX2100full line of commercial rope trainers all Made in the USA and builtto the highest quality, commercial grade standards. Functional Strength Training Functional strength is the ability to run your load-joints (shoulders, Let’s face it, rope training is a grueling and challenging hips, knees, and ankles) through a full range of motion withoutworkout. It’s going to be hard work and if it isn’t you just have pain, stiffness, or restriction. This is also known as load-jointto increase the number of reps and/or resistance level. Rope articulation. Every movement you make originates from the core.pulling essentially works even the smallest muscles in your body Therefore, working your core is critical for not only that 6-pack, butallowing new muscle fibers to be generated while reducing your also for adequate core stability and proper posture. Rope trainingfat percentage. Rope pulling is also an aerobic workout so you’ll works your entire core, which includes your abs, your transversebe burning more calories. abdominis and your lower back. Rope training is an effective and practical workout which means you gain the strength required toPowerful Resistance-Training perform real-life functions such as lifting, pulling, pushing andOnly ROPEFLEX machines add progressive resistance to your grasping.routines which not only allows you to conserve muscle mass butbuild more muscle and strength while burning body fat. The fasterand harder you pull the stronger the magnetic resistance. (Up to200 lbs. on our new X series drums)Our progressive resistance system gives a “true” weight workoutthat is a smoother/heavier feel than other machines. For thosethat need more resistance we have doubled the resistance in ourNew X Series Drum that can be added to any of our machines.High Intensity Interval-Training The ROPEFLEX RX2500 is our flagship model (most popular forRope training is challenging, effective, and mimics natural body Gyms, Schools, Trainers) and is a full size commercial verticalmotion. Therefore, you can easily combine it with other intense rope climber complete with middle and lower pulleys for additionalexercises or just mix up a variety of rope training workouts with horizontal and bottom pulls. The cushioned seat can be usedshort breaks in between to create a power-packed HIIT workout or for sitting or removed for standing rope pulls and if desired canthe new HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training). also be removed to accommodate wheelchairs (ADA compliant).38 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Safe and effective rope pulling is now available The Better Alternativeto athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts and Rope pulling is a challenging, effective and safe way to enhanceeven for injury/rehabilitation purposes at an the daily workout routine. In rope training with a pulling machineaffordable cost with more features and lower like the ROPEFLEX all force is applied to your muscular system,cost than other competitive models. Perfect for which means minimal stress is applied to the joints.CrossFit gyms, health clubs, schools/universities For all workout/training facilities, rope trainers can become a and police/fire centers. new additional workout station as either a standalone unit or as a And, with our constantly simple addition to existing weight training apparatus such as power cages. For the individual exerciser rope pulling helps in adding adjusting progressive variety to their workouts. ROPEFLEX rope trainers with progressive resistance, your resistance will not only strengthen the core but will build muscle and burn calories. workouts will continue to For more information about Rope Pulling and ROPEFLEX full challenge you commercial rope training equipment please check us out for years to, email us at [email protected] or call us come. at 1-650-549-5888 ext. 1.RX2500 with optional HypervisonHolder for Spray Bottles and Towels Easily attaches to all equipment or walls. Convenient cleaning prevents germ and virus transmission. Eliminate expensive disposable wipes. Save up to 95%!216-378-4298 • • [email protected] WINTER 2016 | 39

Take Workoutsto New Heights Get back to basics with the MtEverclimb™ continuous rope climbing system. Provide a total body workout machine to your athletes that’s safer than conventional rope climbing. Call us today at 866-282-5402 to find out how to add MtEverclimb™ to your facility. Made In The USA

World’s Best Dumbbell =Replace racks of dumbbells with ONE SET OF POWERBLOCKS Commercial Models Costs a fraction of traditional dumbbellsU-32 Patented compact design4-32 lbs per hand, replaces 8 pairs. saves spaceClub 50 Perfect for work stations10-50 lb per hand, replaces 9 pairs. set upClub 90 Change weights in seconds5-90 lbs per hand, replaces 18 pairs.Club 125 Optional handle to do12.5-125 lbs per hand, replaces 16 pairs. kettlebell exercisesClub 175 with the dumbbell12.5-175 lbs per hand, replaces 22 pairs. weight stack Custom club/team handle decals available877·316·9853 Call or visit for brochure

MicroFit Now Offering the Total Fitness Assessment LabMicroFit, Inc. has been producing quality Health, MicroFit has served this entire range of clients for 30 yearsFitness, and Wellness assessment equipmentand application software solutions since 1986. and their commitment to excellence has been the guidingThe most recent offering is their new MF-1215 principle which has allowed them to survive and thrive in atreadmill which can be controlled automatically highly competitive industry. So if your goal is to create additionalby their latest HealthWizard 5.5.0 software. This revenue, improve the “member experience” for improved retention,product concept is in the same tradition as their and ultimately improve your business growth and services throughadvanced RoboBike technology which completely increased medical and general referrals, be sure to check outautomated the Monark 818e and 828e testing the MicroFit Total Fitness Assessment Lab solution for yourself.ergometers dating back to 1996 when first MicroFit also offers a full range of alternative testing equipmentdeveloped for the USAF Cycle Ergometry Program. and HealthWizard software options for those with a limited budget. For those organizations looking for the total integrated approach In summary, Fitness Assessments are now considered one of theto human performance assessments, quality reporting and data key “best practices” for any organization wanting to differentiatemanagement features, your wait is over! No other company has put themselves from the low cost “equipment rental” competitors whosuch a comprehensive program together at such an affordable price. are primarily in the business of selling memberships to those theyThis complete package offering, pictured below, can be comfortably do not expect to serve long term. Initial fitness assessments arepositioned in an area 12’ X 12’ and is ideal for colleges / universities, essential to establish baseline starting points for proper exerciserecreation centers, service oriented health clubs, military and first instruction or for specific medical prescription. Realistic goalresponder training centers, hospital based medical fitness, and for the setting can take place and an individual’s progress can be trackedgrowing number of corporate health and wellness programs designed over time. With MicroFit HealthWizard software, group analysis canto lower their healthcare costs. also allow organizations to assess the results of their investment in staff, equipment, as well as their overall programming efforts. For more information, call toll free 1-800-822-0405 or email [email protected] NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

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Premium Five-Star Tanning Tanning from a Increase Membership, Stand-Up More Bottom Line Profits Kind of • HEX originated vertical tanning inCompany! 1979 and remains the global leader today • UL listed tanning system with the highest consumer safety rating • Only HEX utilizes green materials in construction • Over 100 finishes available and includes an IPOD docking station and LED signage • Our patented 3 in 1 smart lamps tan the face, body and legs evenly. They also produce a persistant tan color that increases over the next 4-5 days • Only system incorporating electronic ballasts – 25% savings on electrical bills • Service is our #1 Priority. When you call HEX you are greeted by a friendly sales consultant who can answer all your questions and take care of your every need HTS 9000 with attached dressing room programmable LED display optional For more information HTS 9000 please contact us at without attached 1-800-556-3201 dressing room [email protected] HEX beds can be customized“Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.” “Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions oropen wounds are present.” “Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.” “Warning:

This changes everything. The new TM8000. 19” Touchscreen with TV, WiFi & Virtual Connect™ Workouts Left & Right Speed & Elevation Quick Paddles 6.0 HP NextGEN III Eco Drive System™ Lubricant-Infused Habasit® 25,000 Mile Maintenance-Free Running BeltUp to 20% Incline Angled Aluminum Side Rails 800.862.1509 Call today and learn how Green Series Fitness™ is changing the way the industry does • [email protected]

Under New Management - Now What?By Kim Koehler, Senior Consultant, Global Fitness AssociationSo you bought a new gym and now you want to put your mark(eting) imprint on it. . . Don’t put that “UNDERNEW MANAGEMENT” sign up quite yet.If you still have a solid client base (and we hope you purchased in • Caliber of Staffpart based on their strong client base i.e. DOLLARS), chances arethey were okay with the old management. There might be some • Other services (babysitting, massage, nutritional counseling). Inclients you are trying to woo back who were not thrilled with the making the choice, they weigh each of the variables and place away the gym was run, but the greatest potential for new business monetary value on their experience. Avoid making changes to theare those who really don’t care about the management old or new! business model that may alienate your current client base. Marketing is about your product/service portfolio and the value Here are some guidelines on how you can manage change whileproposition of each offering. Your existing client base joined the building YOUR brand.facility for a variety of reasons: 1Don’t be an absentee owner. Spend time getting to know• Location your clients/members. Depending on the size of your new business, you should know them enough to ask a one• Facility (clean, showers, pool) pertinent question about their life. How is your new grandson, did you get that job you wanted, did you relax on your vacation . . . you• Equipment get the idea.• Variety of classesA WINNING COMBINATION TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS SBA EXPRESS WORKING CAPITAL LOAN Loan amounts range from $20,000 up to $150,000 The business is the collateral! EQUIPMENT LEASE Leases range from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 The equipment is the collateral! CALL (800) 788-3884 FOR A NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT! Paul Bosley, Managing Member [email protected] www.businessfinancedepot.com46 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

2Do some research. It is easy to set up a questionnaire • Create a contest . . . boot camp marathon, “try”atholon, best dog through survey monkey and send out to your client/member workouts (yes people love to show off their pooches). base. This will allow you to: • Promote from outside. Have a street fair in your parking lotUnderstand what is working and what is not. (check insurance). Invite local vendors to participate. Capitalize on the buy local movement.If you do want to make changes to your products/services this willallow them to provide input and will be easier to get buy in. • Create a club challenge, free membership for getting the most likes on Facebook, bringing in the most friends, or starting yourIt shows you are interested in them and value their membership. own small group training.3Get to know your staff and appreciate their relationships with Buying a new business can be exciting, exhilarating and a little the clients/members. You might have a buddy that teaches scary. To take the uneasy part out of it, remember slow and steady a killer Boot Camp and can’t wait to bring him/her in. But brand building wins the race.chances are, your clients have already bonded with their own bootcamp instructor AND if that person leaves . . . so might the class. Global Fitness Association, created by fitness professionals with over 40 years in the fitness industry, has emerged as the number one4Once you have done your homework, you can get creative resource in the industry. Do what hundreds of fitness professionals and have fun! Develop buzz about what is new and have a have done and become a member today for only $10.00 per month. killer promotion behind it. There are so many promotional Special thanks to Linda Hood, Gary Gresham, and Jason Alles forpossibilities but here are a few jump starter ideas. contributing to this article.• Have grand opening with prizes and games include workshops For more information on this topic, call 925-672-4800 oraround new services and share your vision. email [email protected] in America Over 3,000 colleges, government organizations and health clubs use MicroFit software and integrated testing equipment to assess and track the wellness of their students, employees and members. • Wellness Assessment • Fitness Assessment • Diet & Nutrition • Exercise Training Free trial software: 800-822-0405 [email protected] WINTER 2016 | 47 Your Online One-Stop-Shopping SourceCheck out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at NationalFitnessTradeJournal.comLIST YOUR COMPANY HERE! List your company’s information in our NFTJ Web Directory, both print and online, for only $1000per year (5 issues). To learn more, go to, call (541) 830-0400, or email [email protected] CERTIFICATION/ LICENSING/ HOIST Fitness Sy[email protected]•aa8llee6t6t..-cc4oo3mm5-2009 EDUCATION FRANCHISING • 800-548-5438BILLING SERVICES NAwjilllawliiata’[email protected]•ena8sfmb0sna0B-f.cb7uo2as6m.icn-3oe5ms0s6 Ms Fitness / Miss Fitness www.hoistfitness.comASF Payment Solutions 541-830-0400 [email protected]• 800-227-3859 FITNESS LOCKERS [email protected]• ENTERTAINMENT [email protected]•.rcs8o.0cm0o-m88-IDEAL Nautilus [email protected] •M8Y0E0-C7l7u9b-6T7V59Systems NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS/ • 800-874-8941EZFacility • 866-498-3279 SUPPLEMENTS [email protected] cw•[email protected] [email protected] FITNESS TESTING PILATES Pcworwemcwmo.prsrl•[email protected] EQUIPMENT [email protected]•nn8ss4iitt7yy-..cc6o5o6mm-ß3001 Lagree Fitness • 818-260-0433 Prime Fitness [email protected]&eetFtrriaatniinneeesrrsss•..ccoomm [email protected]•irc8or0fo0itf-.i8ct.2oc2mo-m0405 • 855-269-4378Cybex • 774-324-8000 FLOORING PUBLICATIONS [email protected] Centaur Floor Systems [email protected] [email protected][email protected] • 800-536-9007 National Fitness Trade Journal Star Trac • [email protected]•aa8mm77ee-ff6iitt6nn8ee-s4ss6s.6.cc4oomm [email protected] www.startrac.comiwG•[email protected]nneessss..ccoomm [email protected] REFURBISHED/REMANUFAC- [email protected]@tr.ggoyypmmolttirosop•po9ol1ilsi8s.-c.c9o4om3m-6677 FREE WEIGHT TURED EQUIPMENT [email protected][email protected]•h8eh8lei8xl-icx4oc3.o5c-.oc4mo92m6 EQUIPMENT Fitness Equipment Source True Fitness • 800-426-6570Jacobs Ladder • 866-697-4100 I•wv3aw1n0wk-.o5iv1Ba4an-1rk1bo5eb5lal • 800-748-5125 [email protected]ssee..ccoomm [email protected] [email protected] [email protected][email protected]oHm/OleImSTond [email protected]•olo8c7ck7k.c-.c3o1om6m-9853 SOFTWARE TANNING EQUIPMENT &Pcworwemcwmo.prsrl•[email protected] [email protected]•gg8tt8hh8..c-c8oo5mm1-8989 •A8S0F0P-2a2y7m-3e8n5t9Solutions [email protected]•sa8ts8et8re.-cr6.oc7m8o-m2476 FUNCTIONAL FITNESS [email protected][email protected]•trr8tar0ca0.c-c2.oc2mo8m-6635 Torque Fitness • 877-867-7835 [email protected] TRADE [email protected]• [email protected] [email protected]•fia8li6cty6il.-ict4yo9.mc8-o3m279 National Fitness Trade [email protected]•t8eb0ien0rc-.c2.c3oo7m-m2271 INSURANCE STRENGTH EQUIPMENT nw• [email protected] w•[email protected]ucyt.eico.ocnmosm The Abs Company WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY • 866-219-5335 x4 MYZONE • 715-587-7661 LEASING/FINANCING [email protected] Affiliates Capital B•w7IwL0T2w-b.2by1il5At-bg2ya1a8sg1sai s& [email protected] • 978-400-1628 [email protected] WHOLE BODY VIBRATION [email protected] Cybex • 774-324-8000 Power Plate • 877-877-5283 • [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] wGywmwtr.goypmoltiosp•o9l1is8.-c9o4m3-6677 YOUTH FITNESS [email protected] Kid Shape • 800-788-3884 [email protected] [email protected]•aa8mm77ee-ff6iitt6nn8ee-s4ss6s.6.cc4oomm WINTER 2016 | 49

Your Youth Fitness SolutionCustom designed Pre-designed - Fits Right In to fit any room!FINANCING AVAILABLE - Contact me for a quote today! THREE INCREDIBLE OPTIONS: • Custom designed play area built to fit into any size room • Pre-designed play area fits right in to any standard room • KidShape® Internet Solution PAUL BOSLEY Healthclub Experts (800) 788-3884 [email protected] 50 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

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