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Special Edition 2015 – ESTABLISHED 1982–The Industry Guide for Fitness Facility Management Arc Trainer ® vs Elliptical: The Ultimate Fitness Test See page 6PRESORTED STANDARD WALLY BOYKO PRODUCTIONS , INC. U.S. POSTAGE PAID P.O. Box 2490 MEDFORD, OR WHITE CITY, OR 97503 PERMIT NO. 40 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

BUENACSATGWE ITTHHEINYou see a functional centerpiece that sets your facility apart, proves you are on top of the latest movement in function- al training and equips your trainers with the tools they need to drive business. New members see the equipment that will excite them, challenge them and uncage their inner BEAST.MotionCage Studio CUSTOMIZABLE HOIST knows you have unique needs, that’s why we allow you to customize your MotionCage or smaller MotionCage Studio, from frame color to station combinations. DESIGNED BY TRAINERS HOIST worked with personal trainers and gym owners to develop the MotionCage Functional Trainer, giving you exactly what you need, down to every last non-slip grip and easy-to-adjust handle. INCREASE GROUP TRAINING Capture new market share with Group Training for 2 to 12 clients on more than a dozen stations offering exercises adaptable for elite or beginner athletes.A FUNCTIONAL TRAINING SYSTEM BY HOIST® FITNESS Visit for more details. 800.548.5438

t CONTENTS SPECIAL EDITION 2015 CHECK OUT OUR FREE ON-LINE VERSIONS OF NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL AT NATIONALFITNESSTRADEJOURNAL.COM 6 Arc Trainer® vs Elliptical: National Fitness Trade Journal The Ultimate Fitness Test (541) 830-0400 10 74 Million Potential Members- Publisher Are You Ready For Them? Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. 14 Associate Publisher Preva Video on Demand Helps Operators Meshelle Boyko Motivate and Retain Members Editor Ronnie Boyko 18 Versatile VersaClimber Accommodates Art Direction All Facilities, Exercisers and Athletes Advent Media Associate Editors 22 Ashley Boyko-Mattos MYE AppAudio Now Available on the Robbie Boyko Popular Netpulse Club Mobile App National Advertising MGR. Meshelle Boyko 26 BULKING UP – Core Health & Fitness’ Asst. Advertising Manager Virginia factory beefs up its infrastructure Jim Clark 30 Core Profits 34 MNFsS. FBitVneicsse®PrUeSsAidCeonotrdinator Jacobs Ladder Announces Michelle Thomson Mt. Everest Challenge Contributing Photographers 38 Your 12 Step Program for Sami Vaskola, Matt Shepley, PCI Compliance Carl Thygesen, Wally Boyko Jr. 42 The National Fitness Trade Journal is published quarterly (four Safety Guidelines and Insurance times a year with an exclusive Trade Show Issue (July) for 47 $25 per year by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. A California There’s an Easier Way – A Right Way! Corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503. Editorial contributions must be accompanied by return postage and will be handled with reasonable care; however, the publisher is not responsible for unsolicited materials of any kind. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as is necessary to meet requirements of this publication. The act of mailing material shall constitute an express warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement upon the rights of others. Reproduction of this magazine in part or whole without consent, is prohibited. Send subscription inquiries and address changes to National Fitness Trade Journal, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503 Phone (541) 830-0400 Fax (541) 830-0410. Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., does not endorse advertised products or services represented in this magazine. Furthermore, WBP is not responsible for any warranties or manufacturer claims of product performance. 4 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

PPARYOMCEESNSTINGIT’S NOT ALL JUST APPLES TO APPLES. ASK YOURSELF THIS:What are you actually paying What are you getting – full, What is the total cost when for using multiple software partial, or process only all the fees are added up? services? and payment providers?WHAT DO YOU GET WITH ASF?With ASF, your processing and software is under one roof. Our products and services are fullycustomizable, scalable and integrated to meet your needs, so you don’t have to juggle multiplevendors and pricing structures.YPoroudrucNt•WeCHxoAmtTp’lSeGteINrAeCCLaHUt/DCECDCprIaoNcrYedsOsiUinoRg,FmEEe?mber • Unlimited training & support for you andYou Can’taccount management & payment follow-up. your staff on all ASF products and services. • Online club management software that includes • No long-term contracts or hidden fees. unlimited upgrades & no licensing fees • Confidence in knowing your money will be(check-in, POS, scheduling, reporting & more). there when you expect it.Train for aAt ASF, we work hard to give our clients everything they need to help their club run smoothly and profitably. Our objective is to provide you with the best value and service for your money so you5k andcan stay focused on your business.“I find it challenging paying to learn acompany’s software product. ASF makessure we continually understand their Payment Solutionssoftware without nickel and diming.” Payments I Software I MarketingKyle Hettinger, Canyon Fitness, Castle Rock, CO Call ASF for a free cost of your current services. 1-800-227-3859 FALL 2009 | 5

Arc Trainer® vs Elliptical: The Ultimate Fitness TestTop 5 factors for making an informed purchase decisionCUT THROUGH THE CONFUSION WITH THE to a 20-inch waistline. So how can you tell which claims areCYBEX ULTIMATE FITNESS TEST grounded in fact? First off, demand to see the evidence behind the advertising. In addition to getting to the truth about the productsFor a category that represents over 25% of all fitness equipment you’re investigating, you’ll discover a lot about the substance,purchases, it’s surprising that there’s never been a straightforward, character and background of the manufacturer. In the case ofsystematic method for evaluating your options when choosing a Cybex International, you’ll find a company whose heritage isnon-impact cardio trainer. With all of the different product and rooted in sports medicine and rehabilitation, fields where scientificcompeting claims, choosing which equipment to purchase can evidence is a requisite for purchase consideration, and whereturn into a long, dizzying exercise. Until now. the bars for quality, precision, safety, and effectiveness are set exceptionally high. Cybex International, with over 45 years of research-proveninnovation, design and manufacturing, ARE ALL NON-IMPACThas created the Ultimate Fitness Test, a CARDIO WORKOUTSwhite paper study designed to help the CREATED EQUAL?consumer make an informed purchasedecision. Cybex knows that the choice Not according to recent research.* In fact,you make when purchasing equipment the benefits your members derive fromwill have a significant impact on member these workouts vary widely dependingsatisfaction, and ultimately, your bottom on the type of machine they use. Theline. The Ultimate Fitness Test focuses on University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse,five key factors that will clearly show how among the world’s most respectedthe leading options stack up side-by-side centers of fitness research, recentlyand provide the facts you need to make investigated which type of non-impactthe best decision for your business. cardio trainer provides the most effective cardio workout. The researchers askedGO BEYOND THE HYPE individuals to work out at the same rate of perceived effort on three pieces ofFlip through any trade publication and equipment, one being the Cybex Arcyou’ll be barraged with equipment adspromising everything from bulging biceps6 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Trainer®. Although the test subjects thought they worked out their results and satisfaction will be. Because the Arc Trainerjust as hard on all three machines, they burned more calories and provides less discomfort during a workout, based on its down-consumed more oxygen while on the Arc Trainer. and-back motion, it allows users to exercise at relatively high workloads with minimal levels of knee stress. Comparing this finding to results of those working out on an elliptical, where users will experience a repeated split-second of significant stress on the knee joint, research shows that over time, that excess stress can lead to overuse syndromes such as runner’s knee. To state the obvious, when members are uncomfortable working out on your machines, it is bad for business – their pain can hurt your gain. In fact, they burned 16% more calories on the Arc Trainer vs. EMBRACE MEMBER DIVERSITY WITHan elliptical in the same amount of time. That’s like burning an VERSATILITYextra 26,000 calories, or 7 pounds of fat, per year. Your members have a myriad of needs, goals, and interests.THE CROSS-TRAINING CHALLENGE The problem is, you don’t have unlimited floor space in your facility. Which machine has the versatility to help the mostWhen selecting a non-impact cardio machine, it pays to look diverse range of members in the most different ways? Researchbeyond just the cardio benefits. Ask the manufacturer: What shows it’s the Cybex Arc Trainer.cross-training benefits does the machine deliver? To decidewhich machine provides the greatest cross-training benefits, Anyone can use the Arc Trainer including all-outfirst look at what the Cybex Arc Trainer has to offer, and then competitors, those looking to change their lifestyle, or the strongask other manufacturers if they can provide the same kind of and steady senior hoping to maintain their independence. Theyresearch-based evidence of improved performance. use the Arc Trainer to increase power and speed, lose weight, or reduce their risk of falls. In addition, the Arc Trainer will help Scott Moody, owner of AthleteFIT, a training and research your members reach their fitness goals, whether it is gettingfacility devoted to improving athletic performance, has that desired beach body, getting an injured runner ready forperformed numerous tests on athletes of all ages and skill that upcoming race or rehabbing from surgery. The versatilitylevels. He says, “Despite its classification as a cardio device, of the Arc Trainer provides your facility with multiple fitnessthe Cybex Arc Trainer will improve one’s workload capacity solutions with little footprint.while increasing lower body endurance. These will have directbenefits in performing daily activities, participating in athletic GET THE FACTS ON THE FITTEST NON-events, and reducing injury risks.” IMPACT CARDIO TRAINER Non-impact cardio trainers are not created equal. The choice you make can have a major impact on workout quality, member satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line. Look at all of your options. Ask the tough questions. Demand proof. You’ll discover that there’s only one machine that aces the Ultimate Fitness Test: the Cybex Arc Trainer. For full details on the Arc Trainer, contact us at +1.774.324.8000 or at [email protected] com. For the full Ultimate Fitness Test white paper, visit PAIN VS. GAIN *For full research findings and references listed throughout this article, please download the UltimateIt’s simple logic: the better your members feel when exercising, Fitness Test white paper.the more they’ll be willing to push themselves, and the better SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 7

Heavy Equipment for Serious Athletes. Actual rack used by the Pittsburgh Steelers. PRIME is where performance meets innovation. Our Racks were created with the in uence ofprofessional athletes and trainers. A highly durable design, customizable build options and a wide variety of accessories make our Racks the PRIME equipment for any gym. 855.269.4378 • • [email protected] ©2015 Specialty Fitness Systems, LLC. Machine images represent products at the time of printing. Future speci cations are subject to NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNALMADE IN THE U.S.A.8 change. PRIME, Evolution, Hybrid, Legacy and SmartCam are trademarks of Specialty Fitness Systems. Any use of these trademarks, without express written consent of Specialty Fitness Systems, is forbidden.

INNOVATIONMORE WORK IN LESS TIME E-TC600 CALORIES...DONETreadClimber® by Star Trac E-TCA treadmill, elliptical and stepper combined into one machine. TheTreadClimber® by Star Trac is just that, with 2x the calorie burn ofwalking on a flat treadmill at the same speed. For more innovation contact us at (877) 782-7872 or email [email protected] Scan the QR code to the left to see the new features and benefits of the TreadClimber® by Star Trac.FOLLOW US :©2015 Star Trac. All rights reserved. Star Trac and the Star Trac logo are registered trademarks ofCore Health & Fitness, LLC. TreadClimber is a registered trademark of Nautilus, Inc. 15-00009

74 Million Potential Members-Are You Ready For Them?According to a recent demographic study, best part is, it doesn’t matter whether the kids are into sports,kids under the age of 17 account for close to games, video games, art, etc- they all immediately fall in love24% of the 318 million Americans on record. with Exergame. Just look at what some top organizations aroundDoing the math, that’s about 74 million kids! the country are doing with it.As an industry, we have been growing, withthe US market exceeding some 35,000 clubs CALIFORNIA FAMILY FITNESSnot to mention the countless Park and Rec A chain of 18 clubs in and around the northern Californiacenters, Hospital based facilities and private area with a reputation for being a true family fitness center gyms. But the red flag Ironically, they too realized a need to dramatically increase theiris that childhood obesity is still growing! offering and get kids involved and engaged at an early age. So,WHAT?! That doesn’t make any sense. More after much consideration they chose to install the EYEPLAYclubs, more options, more technology, more interactive system from Exergame in 5 locations. The responseprograms, more sports and more obese kids. has been fantastic and now the engagement is starting at theSomething is definitely wrong. youngest kids level. UFC GYMIf you’re operating a health club, gym, fitness center, non-profit UFC Gym touts the motto “Train Different” and that’s exactlyfacility or any other club type of offering, you will feel the pain what they decided to start doing in their kids zone. Realizinghere. What do you have for 7 to 14 year old kids? the need to engage their future members, UFC has now installedIf you’re like most clubs in the country, you don’t have much, if the super popular T-Wall from Exergame at 4 of their Californiaanything. You probably don’t even have the space. Sure, yourchild care is for kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years, but let’s be honest:what 12 year old pre-teen wants to sit in a “day care like” settingwith babies and little kids? Exactly. What’s more, most facilitiesdo not allow kids under 14 or 15 to work out on the main gymfloor. And, if they do, it has to be “with a parent”. I’m all forparents and kids working out together and being active, but inthe gym at that age? No. That’s mom and dad’s sanity medicine.Time they need to get their workout on, relieve stress and so on.So what the heck can clubs do to capitalize on one of the fastestgrowing market segments there is? Enter Exergame. The perfectblend of technology and gaming with a dose of fitness. The10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

locations, including adding one to the pre-sale office at the babysitting. Club Owner Stephanie Sposato said that it haslargest UFC Gym location to be open later this year. Why? “been one of the best investments we have made so far duringBecause it engages these kids, makes fitness interesting and let’s the renovation. It’s been amazing- members love it, the kidsthem associate coming to the club with having fun. That bodes love it and it really makes an impact on a membership tour.”well for retaining mom and dad as members and for getting thesekids to upgrade to full term members when they are able to do SPORT & HEALTH- ROCKVILLEso per the club policy. Putting a T-Wall in the pre-sale office is Just before being acquired by US Fitness Holdings, Sport &another large step forward as it is now becoming a focal point Health was in the process of opening another amazing facilityfor selling memberships. in Rockville, Md. Among some of the most amazing design and functional ideas they chose to implement, they wanted theMIDTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB Kidz Klub to be “super cool”. What did they do? Exergame! Double T-Wall 32 and an EyePlay system with built in screen like flooring to absolutely knock the socks off the parents and kids immediately upon entering. The Exergame systems compliment the brand of Sport & Health and let people know that fitness is truly a family affair at the area’s newest and finest fitness facility. MITCH PARK YMCAThis organization has been one of the top 100 club groups Talk about going “all in”, this trend setting YMCA knew thatfor several years and there is no reason to doubt why. With a despite having a strong reputation for being family friendly, theycommitment to excellence and a new shift in training geared were still severely lacking in the 7 to 14 year old age group.towards “movement and fun”, Midtown was looking to start this They needed a solution to fill this “tween space” at their newconcept at the youngest level. They boast some of the coolest YMCA. They decided to make the investment in a full turnkeyKidTown places, but felt that they needed something more. Exergame room, complete with data tracking, scoreboards, roomEnter Exergame, with a nice mix of products to stimulate these graphics and true FUN-ctional fitness solutions. One year afterkids to movement and fun. The staff here puts an emphasis on installation, the Executive Director said that they couldn’t beprogramming, and not just having this facility used as a holding more pleased with the solution this has provided them and ittank for older kids. They work hard to take their movement was exactly what they needed!philosophy and implement it at this level, thus creating healthier,happier families in their community. Several Midtown locationshave added some pieces of Exergame and a large scale project isin the works to add a more complete Exergame solution.CLUB LA MAISON It’s exactly what your facility needs too. Contact EXERGAMEIn Philadelphia’s Main Line section in a nice little town called today to get your piece of the 74 million members outWayne sits a 35 year old club that is currently undergoing a there just waiting to give you their money (or their parentscomplete overhaul. With increased competition from low cost money) for years to come. Call 1-877-668-4664, orcompetitors and smaller studios, Club La Maison realized the 847-963-8969, e-mail [email protected], or visitneed to appeal to parents and offer something more than just SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 11

Innovative • Efficient • Durable An Evolution in Efficiency Green Series proudly introduces our next generation of eco-friendly cardio equipment. Built rock solid with optional 19” HD touch screen displays, the 8000 Series treadmills feature the NextGEN III Eco Drive SystemTM ---- our most efficient motor drive system. Available December 2015 • [email protected] Interested dealers inquire at [email protected]

Preva Video on Demand Helps Operators Motivateand Retain Members By Sara Kenning, Media Curation Specialist, Video On DemandIn the increasingly competitive gym space, operators are constantly Available on Preva networkedlooking for ways to set their facility apart and provide a great workout equipment, Video On Demand (VOD)experience that keeps members coming back. In conversations is a Precor-curated video contentwith Precor, gym operators expressed a need for improved, modern platform that gives exercisersentertainment that provided a more personalized option than access to a wide range of workout-traditional television and one that also offered a better online browsing enhancing entertainment options. Theexperience. After taking operators’ needs into consideration and cornerstone of VOD is the curatedresearching which types of media enhance, rather than detract from, music playlists, which are organizedan exerciser’s workout, Precor developed Video On Demand. by genre, as well as beats per minute (BPM), giving exercisers the ability to match their music selection to their workout intensity. Studies have shown a correlation between music and exerciser performance; exercisers who listen to music require seven percent less oxygen to complete their workout than exercisers who do not, thus increasing their workout capacity and decreasing their perceived rate of exertion. The ability to tailor entertainment options based on workout intensity allows exercisers to get a better workout, which in turn increases the likelihood that they remain satisfied customers. In addition to heart-pumping music selections, VOD also offers video playlists with entertainment options including extreme sports, travel tours, television shows, education, and more-there’s something for everyone. The Precor Video On Demand Media Curator14 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

VOD is one of the many ways that Precor provides anexercise experience that keeps members coming back andgives operators a way to stand out from the crowd.updates music and entertainment members,” said Dave Flynt, Director, encourages them to exercise longer andplaylists regularly throughout the Interaction Design and Development, enjoy their workouts more.week, which gives exercisers fresh Precor. “Video On Demand is ancontent each time they access the easy way for operators to provide a For Anytime Fitness Owner Darrenplatform and requires no additional personalized fitness experience for Gillespie, VOD helps to distinguish hiseffort on the operator’s behalf. members, which aids in retention.” gym from other fitness facilities in the fiercely competitive downtown Seattle In addition, Precor playlists make it Since Precor introduced the Video market. “Preva networked fitness iseasy for exercisers to discover popular On Demand feature in 2014, views one of the key ways we differentiatecontent. VOD offers everything from have quadrupled and 90 percent of from the competition. Being able tonew clips of the most popular TV people who have used VOD plan on offer VOD gives us a competitive edge,”shows to athletic stunts to videos that using it in the future. Moreover, users said Gillespie. “It’s a game-changer;train your brain while you train your report that they like going to the gym there is no easier or better way tobody. Exercisers can quickly find and more when they can look forward to connect exercisers with the content theyenjoy their preferred programming in using VOD. They also say that VOD love. Since we’ve added this feature toone place. our networked Precor equipment, I’ve There are over 1,000 noticed members using our facilities for “Providing great entertainment videos on VOD at any longer periods of time.”options is a great way for an operator given time. The mostto set his or her facility apart, but popular playlist around VOD is one of the many ways thatthere aren’t enough hours in the day the world is the Top Precor provides an exercise experiencefor already busy operators to find of the Charts music that keeps members coming back andgreat content and push it to their gym playlist. Music playlists gives operators a way to stand out from receive roughly 75 the crowd. In addition, by leveraging percent of total views. online video, the largest growing entertainment industry within the past few years, Precor is also making steps to engage with future exercisers. For more information on Precor Video On Demand and Precor products and services, call 1 (800) 786-8404 or visit SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 15

unapologetically authentic A true blend of strength, sweat and swagger. We do not bend to passing trends. We do not compromise quality to join the latest fads. We innovate for the sake of the best possible workout. We consistently create authentic workout experiences across all areas of fitness. It’s who we are and who we’ll always be – and we make no apologies for either. [email protected] 888.678.2476 ©2015 Core Health & Fitness, LLC. All rights reserved.

Versatile VersaClimberAEcxecrocmismerosdaantedsAAthllleFtaecsilities,Health clubs, athletic training facilities,specialty exercise studios and physicaltherapy clinics today face an increasinglydiverse population of participants, with awide range of ages, fitness levels and needs.To accommodate this broad group, thesefacilities must floor a variety of differentcardio machines. The time-tested VersaClimber offers versatility and motivationto all exercisers – from beginners to competitive athletes. Plus,with its compact, vertical-upright design, space efficiency is oneof the VersaClimber’s key attributes, so it’s easy to find a placefor several units. “VersaClimber is a staple here. We use it with “The VersaClimber is one of the most everyone from the newbie looking to regain efficient workouts that challenges aerobic function to the elite athlete seeking an edge capacity and the neurological system. It on the competition.” takes training to the next level, while burning a large amount of calories using all majorCorey Beasley, muscle groups.”Owner / Trainer, Innovative Results, Costa Mesa, Calif. Gretchen Collins,Versatile, Total-Body Workouts Director of Fitness, East Bank Club, ChicagoTraditionally viewed as an intense modality that only the fittest Variety is built into the VersaClimber, as exercisers can perform low-could endure, the VersaClimber now offers adjustable resistance impact, total-body climbing; stepping; upper-body only training;and various zero-impact workouts that satisfy various fitness seated total-body climbing; or seated isolated upper-body orlevels and that are exceptionally effective for cross training. lower-body conditioning. This makes it ideal for physical therapyWhile engaging all the major muscle groups, VersaClimbing for and rehab as well.20 minutes has been shown to burn 206% more fat and caloriesthan a comparable treadmill workout, and blast more fat andcalories than ellipticals, steppers and indoor group cycling bikes.18 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

“The VersaClimber is our choice when “VersaClimber is the most versatile transitioning rehab athletes to competition and applicable conditioning tool. The status. Treadmills, bicycles and steppers energy system crossover to sport-specific cannot provide the versatility that the conditioning is unmatched, and it will always VersaClimber does when training an athlete’s be in my weight room.” specific cardiovascular work capacity while maintaining a non-impact, closed chain Justin Roethlingshoefer, training environment.” Head Sports Performance Coach, Men’s Ice Hockey,Eddie Casillas, Miami University, Oxford, OhioAT, CSCS, Owner, iCHOR Sports Medicine, Murrieta, Calif. “The VersaClimber is the No. 1 conditioning solution for our varsity athletes. It is the onlyAnd for popular small group training, VersaClimbers can be easily cardio machine that allows someone to trulymounted to a wall to save space or grouped together in multi-units. feel, challenge and improve their personalSingle units also can be attached to squat racks in the weight room 100% effort… both physically and mentally.”for convenient circuit or interval training. Michael R. Rankin, “We love the VersaClimber for its ability to lift our clients’ heart rate into and beyond the CSCS, RSCC*D, Director of Strength & Conditioning, cardio conditioning zone. Adding 100-250 Department of Athletics, Drexel University, Philadelphia feet bursts to a lifting circuit helps maintain intensity, and ultimately makes anything our Unmatched Performance clients have to deal with in the real world that much easier… including climbing Made of double-welded steel in the United States, VersaClimbers mountains.” boast superior durability; virtually maintenance-free operation; and a sleek, clean look. With its space efficiency, range of resistanceAaron Manheimer, levels and numerous configurations: free-standing, multiple unit stations, wall-mounted and equipment-mounted, the world’s mostOwner, Wattage Personal Training, Chicago popular vertical trainer is truly unmatched in meeting the needs of any fitness, training and physical therapy facility. “I utilize the VersaClimber to achieve max anaerobic thresholds, deplete glycogen “The VersaClimber is the best piece of stores, and increase EPOC for my fit clients; functional cardio equipment available today. and also use it with my older clients and those It is versatile for incorporating different who don’t do much cardio on their own.” training modalities for all levels without worrying about injury, and it effectively utilizesMatt Blackwell, limited time with an athlete.”Personal Trainer, The Houstonian Club, Houston Jacques DeVore,Exercisers and athletes can use the VersaClimber to perform CEO, Sirens and Titans Fitness, Los Angelessteady-state endurance, cardio intervals or anaerobic training,using short, quick steps; long, deep strides; or fast sprints. The For more information call 1 (800) 237-2271, e-mailnatural cross crawl pattern strengthens all the major muscles in the [email protected], or visit and lower body, and working against gravity adds challengeby requiring exercisers to push and pull their own body weight. SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 19

35 4 Introducing AudioFetch! Local TV Audio to Apple® and Android® Smartphones. . Entertain your members by providing real . time audio from TVs or any audio source. Available in 4 channel systems that can be . easily expanded to 32+ channels. Users download the AudioFetch App at . iTunes® or Google Play® stores. Phone audio and TV video sync together. Guaranteed low audio latency. . Easy to Install – Light-weight, low profile box can be rack mounted or located near TVs. . Compatible with most WiFi networks. . Plug-n-Play installation with no knobs or other settings to configure. . Accepts an industry-best 3 audio input types (analog, optical or digital coax). Broadcastvision Entertainment • 888-330-4BVE (4283) [email protected] • Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google, Google Play & Android are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

ALL THE GOOD STUFF IS ONTHE OTHER SIDE OF TIRED. Nothing can prepare you for lateral movement and explosive power like the Change of Direction (C.O.D) machine. The C.O.D. lets you simulate many athletic movements dynamically with a unique combination of resistance and movement. BY AN ATHLETE FOR AN ATHLETE Want to see how we are making athletes stronger? View our Video Training Series at

MYE AppAudio Now Available on thePopular Netpulse Club Mobile AppProvides Clear TV Audio on Member Apple iOS “Partnering with Netpulse to integrate AppAudio provides ourand Android Smartphones throughout the Club mutual customers, and new customers, with the ultimate totalMYE Entertainment is the fitness industry’s largest club app solution,” stated Tony Garcia, MYE Entertainmentprovider of wireless TV audio systems and a leading president. “The integration of MYE AppAudio with the Netpulseadvocate for integrated club marketing and servicesolutions. The 2014 introduction Club Mobile App allows our current customers,of MYE AppAudio established the including Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Retronext generation platform for mobile Fitness, YMCAs and many others, to expandTV audio. A simple, free AppAudio their entertainment offering by activatingdownload from the iTunes or Google AppAudio. Members simply select MYE TVPlay store enables club members Audio from the Netpulse app to enjoy TV audioto enjoy clear TV audio on their throughout the club.”Apple iOS or Android devices fromtelevision monitors anywhere in the A custom branded Netpulse Club Mobilefacility. MYE AppAudio is now an App enables clubs to engage members, driveavailable feature integrated on the revenue and enhance the club experience. InNetpulse Club Mobile App. addition to MYE AppAudio, the Netpulse club app also integrates with a wide range of popular fitness apps and tracking devices including ABC Financial and Fitbit creating a hub for the club member experience. MYE AppAudio integrated into the Netpulse Club Mobile app.22 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

The MYE AppAudio Member Connection AppAudio TV Select AppAudio Special OffersClubs with the MYE AppAudio system provide the free listeningapp while connecting and motivating their membership withdirect mobile marketing initiatives. Exclusive MYE technologydelivers seamless AppAudio integration with existing wirelesstransmitter systems including MYE, Cardio Theater and others.MYE in-club marketing materials educate members on the easeand value of the free AppAudio download. The optional MYE AppAudio Online Mobile Marketing Portalempowers club operators to engage their membership and boostsales with easy uploads of targeted promotional banners, specialoffers, class schedules or any PDF document for members toview on their smartphones – in one location or multiple locationssimultaneously. Club chain organizations can target messagingas they choose in select marketing areas. The customized AppAudio app features club branding andgraphics, uploads and management of promotional messages.The club welcome screen ad or video is the first impressionmembers see each time they open their AppAudio app.The administrator sets the number of seconds before thewelcome ad or video may be skipped. In addition to schedulesand announcements, clubs may easily manage their offers,rewards and referral opportunities. For more information, visit or call 800-779-6759 or 661-964-0217. MYE Entertainment Inc. is the most trusted technology company in the fitness industry with a legacy of product design leadership dating to 1993. MYE develops and markets innovative advanced entertainment and service technology fitness products including AppAudio, the CardioCare Wireless Machine Management System, Eclipse wireless audio transmitters and receivers, integrated TV audio receivers and LED TVs for leading brands including Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Nautilus, Octane, SportsArt, Star Trac and StairMaster. SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 23

=Replace racks of dumbbells with ONE SET OF POWERBLOCKS Commercial Models Costs a fraction of traditional dumbbellsU-20 Patented compact design2.5-20 lbs per hand, replaces 8 pairs. saves spaceU-32 Perfect for work stations4-32 lbs per hand, replaces 8 pairs. set upClub 50 Change weights in seconds10-50 lb per hand, replaces 9 pairs. Optional handle to doClub 90 kettlebell exercises5-90 lbs per hand, replaces 18 pairs. with the dumbbell weight stackClub 12512.5-125 lbs per hand, replaces 16 pairs. Custom club/teamClub 175 handle decals12.5-175 lbs per hand, replaces 22 pairs. available877·316·9853 Call or visit for brochure

BULKING UP – organization in July to lead the factory. Other key hires were made to bolster the factory and supply chain including new leads forCore Health & Fitness’ Virginia logistics, materials management and sales operations.factory beefs up its infrastructureto support production of Nautilus Infrastructure upgrades in customer service have also beenand Star Trac strength lines. deployed. The factory’s customer service department migrated to a state-of the-art CRM system. Order management and distributionIn the fitness business, it’s often the club members activities are now integrated with Core Health & Fitness’s globalwho are looking to bulk up. At Core Health & Fitness systems infrastructure.-- manufacturers, marketers and distributors of iconicbrands including Star Trac®, StairMaster®, Nautilus® This summer, the largest capital investment in 3 years willand Schwinn® indoor cycles--bulking up at their be completed– the addition of second paint line. This upgraderecently acquired Independence, Virginia factory has will provide for greater production flexibility and, down the road,been the name of the game. for paint customization options. Additional capital investments are planned for 2016 including the installation of new computer Over the past few months, Core has upgraded critical software controlled metal fabrication and quality control systems.infrastructure, reconfigured the factory floor, added a 100,000square foot distribution center and started shaping operating plans The product mix at the factory is being transformed as improve quality, shorten lead times and provide new options In addition to Nautilus commercial strength equipment, thefor customers. factory is moving in two lines of strength equipment for Core Health & Fitness’s Star Trac brand. Previously, these products At the ribbon cutting in August of 2014, Jon Little, Vice were produced in Taiwan and China.President of Operations at Core Health & Fitness, told the crowd,including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, that hiring back a “Bringing incremental volume to the Virginia factory was thegreat team and maintaining the confidence of customers were number one priority for the business following our acquisition”,among the company’s primary goals. said Dustin Grosz, President of Core Health & Fitness. “Building strength equipment is a ‘make to order’ business and having aLess than a year later, the turnaround is becoming a full makeover. full production pipeline improves every aspect of the productionToday, nearly 110 people are employed at the factory. Some of the process from staffing the production lines through schedulingfaces are familiar to anyone who’s worked with Nautilus over the shipments to customers”, Grosz continued. “Our organic growthpast years. Greg Webb, who interned for Arthur Jones while still targets for Nautilus strength were good but the addition of Starin high school, is on board. Others, like Mollie Beach who joined Trac strength made all the numbers better.”in 1993, continue to enrich the plant. New talent is also on thescene. Mike Siegel, a 30-year manufacturing veteran joined the “We had a project on the boards to refresh the HumanSport® line”, said Jeff Dilts, Vice President of Product Management and Innovation. “The decision to move the production gave us a green light to accelerate that process”, he added. Star Trac’s HumanSport line consists of six dual-function, cable-based machines that act as 12 workout stations. They utilize dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training options including Base Strength, Core Stabilization andIndependence Virginia factory team members. Tracy Moss and Jim Richardson prepare a new fixture.26 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Inspiration StrengthHumanSport LockNLoad SystemDynamic Movement training. In addition to the equipment, the Meanwhile, in Virginia, a special project team preparedcompany offers a variety of programming created by its Master the factory for the coming arrivals. The team reconfigured theInstructors that enable clubs to market to existing and prospective factory floor to accommodate two new production lines, movedmembers. the upholstery shop and brought online a new warehouse space, racking and inventory control systems. Changes to the HumanSport line included reconfiguring theseats so they can drop down or fold up, making it even easier to Once the final plans were set in Asia and Virginia, weldperform exercises from the standing position. The aesthetics of assembly and samples were shipped via container vesselthe machines were also improved. Square tubing was replaced through the Panama Canal. Upon arrival in Norfolk Harbor, theywith sleek oval tubing and trim choices were updated to natural were transferred to trucks and travelled down Highway 21 towoods and carbon fiber finishes. Independence. The containers were greeted by forklifts and the two teams responsible for the getting production up and running. For Star Trac’s Inspiration Strength® selectorized line, themove enabled a variety of aesthetic changes; the line now features The team would next inspect, install and build new,a modern, rounded tower with a consistent stack height across production-ready rigs. Two weeks later, the first of the USA madethe 17 selectorized pieces. Customer feedback around enhanced HumanSport product was ready for shipment. The first of thebiomechanics was incorporated along with minor changes for Inspiration Strength will be ready this summer.member convenience and improved feel. “On one level, building Star Trac branded strength equipment The Inspiration Strength line retains the popular Lock N in the building that Arthur Jones created feels a little weird”,Load® weight selection technology. Users simply flick a switch said Dilts. “But for Star Trac customers, this isn’t about design--similar to light switch--and adjust the stack to the desired load. philosophy, this is about having the best production and qualityLock N Load saves clubs maintenance time and customer service available for the equipment.”headaches since there are no pins to lose or replace. Grosz added, “The Independence factory is being configured Moving the HumanSport and Inspiration Strength production to optimize the production of strength equipment. Since allpresented the team at Core with a complex planning puzzle and selectorized equipment owes a debt of heritage to Arthur Jones,hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. “We needed the making this place the home of the best equipment production insupply chain to be very closely tied with our sales team”, said the world makes perfect sense.”Jon Little. “During this window, being out of stock means lostsales and market share; producing too much means tying up For more information about Star Trac Inspiration Strength orcash in inventory.” HumanSport®, visit, or call 877-782-7872. SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 27

DESIGN NO. 101 OB-20KG/OBX-20KG DESIGN NO. 125 OBS-20KG DESIGN NO. 127 OBS66 PRECISION. QUALITY. VALUE. Each club has a unique vision of how to differentiate their facility and equipment from the club down the street and across town. That’s why Ivanko Olympic bars cover the full spectrum of exercise requirements, performance levels, safety, and durability. With 195,000 - 218,000 PSI tensile strength steel so they are less likely to bend. And precision straightening for zero rotational torque in heavy lifting. What you see and feel in Ivanko Olympic bars comes from 48 years of building muscle with strong steel.P.O. Box 1470 • San Pedro, CA 90733 • USA • Phone 310.514.1155 • Fax 310.514.1363 • email [email protected] •

Cybex Arc Trainer • Reduce Joint Stress • Increase Energy Levels • Burn More Calories • Build Strength & Power© 2015 Cybex International. All rights reserved. Real results. Meaningful innovation. The Arc Trainer® is scientifically proven to create 84% less knee stress than an elliptical. With low incline, low resistance start-up and easy-to-read CardioTouch™ display, the Arc Trainer is ideally suited for all ages and experience levels. Which machine gives you the most for your equipment-buying dollar: Arc Trainer®, elliptical, or AMT®? Find out now. Download The Ultimate Fitness Test, an exclusive white paper for fitness center owners, operators, and trainers. Contact us at +1.774.324.8000.

Core Profits This is the point where most counselors start to tell the prospect about the need to do cardio, strength training and change theirYou’ve heard the phrase, “The way to get what diet. Though this is ultimately the case, one needs to ask: Is thisyou want is to give people what they want.” This is prospect ready for this information? Or will this be overwhelmingtrue in life and in business. The great thing about to an already apprehensive prospect? This is the point where manythe Health Club business is that your members potential members are lost, when in fact this should be the mostand potential members will tell you what they want crucial moment of opportunity to convert a prospect into a member.if you simply listen and observe. Year after year ourindustry releases the top trends - the top things Why don’t they join?that members want from your club. Year after year It’s no secret that in order to run a successful health club businessCORE TRAINING is near the top of that list. you need to continually gain new members. Attrition rates have stayed steady for many years and we know that over half of Your members have spoken and they are telling you that they members are gone within 6 months of joining your club. Thereforewant flat abs and a strong core. If you help them get this (what it is critical to constantly have new members joining the club.they want) they will become loyal members of your club (what youwant). So what can you do to help them get what they want? Give The key to gaining new members is understanding why they dothem a way to get flat abs and a healthy waistline. Give them a and do not join. Do you know the number one reason that a memberway to perform a range and variety of Core Training at your Club. will not join your club? If you guessed price or location you would be mistaken! The number one reason prospects leave your clubThe Typical Tour without joining is that they don’t think they will feel comfortableWhen a perspective member comes into your club, a well trained there - that they won’t be successful.membership counselor will do a needs and wants assessmentto find out why they are there. Most often in the course of their Research tells us that one of the top things prospects wantinterview they will tell you that they want to do something ‘about is a flat stomach. You don’t even need the research because thethis area’ (pointing to their belly and waistline). Lets face it - people prospects themselves will tell you this in their interview. If youequate flat abs with being fit and it’s something most exercisers overwhelm them with all of the things they need to do to achieveaspire to attain. this, how do you think they will feel? Perhaps like they wont fit in there? That they won’t be successful? A New Perspective If a prospect walked into your club, told you exactly what they wanted and you showed them you have it, would they join? Of course they would! Let’s go back to our prospect who told you they30 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

wanted to flatten their stomach - they wanted to strengthen their It is imperative that club owners listen to the needs and wants ofcore. Instead of talking to them about the diet and cardio, what if this segment of the membership and make sure that they too feelyou said “That’s great. We have a dedicated area in the club just comfortable and successful in the club.for this - it’s called the Core Strength Zone. Let me show you!” Andthen you take them over to a few fun and effective ab machines A great way to accomplish this is to create dedicated spacessuch as the Ab Coaster or Ab Solo, and show them how it’s done. in the club that the average member wants to use and can do so successfully. One example is the selectorized strength circuit. Don’t you think this will take the tour in a whole new direction? Though not overly popular with the training population the generalNow the prospect says to themselves - she listened to me, they membership still flocks here because they know they can get anhave what I want here, I bet there are a lot of other great things effective workout and be successful doing it.this club has to offer! The prospect will now feel more comfortableand open to seeing what else your club has to offer. Another great option is having a Core Strength Zone - a dedicated area in the club for your members to train their abs and This approach doesn’t just go for people who talk about getting strengthen their core. Such an area can include 3-4 popular Aba flat belly. It’s what you could be doing for every prospect that Machines and some open floor space as well for non equipmentcomes through the door. Instead of a standard tour showing the based exercises. We have installed such areas in clubs world widethings that you feel are important, customize the tour and gear it and members love it. The idea is to create a space where membersto what THEY want to see (based on their initial interview) and can focus on a body part that is important to them and allowswatch your closing ratios climb! them to train in a comfortable, non intimidating environment.Profiting from your Existing Members The Gateway to Fitness ProfitsAs we discussed earlier, the 2 parts to a successful health club It’s clear that providing your members and prospects with areas ofoperation are your new member pipeline and capitalizing on your the club where they can feel comfortable and successful will helpexisting membership base. The most successful club owners you to grow and retain membership. It’s also clear that non-duesknow that having members is not enough. You need to have those revenue is critical for the long term success of most fitness centers.members actually coming to the club! The more they come to the Let’s bring it all together to create a well oiled, profitable the more potential you have to sell them additional productsand services. Especially in this age of low priced high volume We know that some members will be coming in for the latestclubs, non dues revenue is critical. One thing for sure is that they fitness activities such as small group training and high intensitywon’t spend money if they are not in the club. interval training. We know others will want to work one to one with a personal trainer. Having these offerings inside the club walls Research tells us that a member who visits your club 8 times is critical or they will seek them out elsewhere as the industryper month is 50% more likely to REMAIN a member. Think about has seen. The question remains how do you increase the usagethat for a second. A member that shows up just 2 times per week of these services to the 90% of members that are not currentlyhas an attrition rate of HALF! Not only are they remaining members participating?longer, but you have more opportunities to make money from them.Additionally, those members who are showing up will be getting The answer lies in providing yourself with ample opportunity tobetter results than members who don’t show up, which will also offer training services to that other 90% of the membership. Youlead to lower attrition. can do this if they are coming to the club and are being exposed to it. They will only keep coming to your club if they are feelingSuccess for the General Membership comfortable and successful. Areas such as your strength circuitMany club owners I speak with focus their non dues revenue and Core Strength Zone do just that which is why we call themaround personal training and the ever growing Small Group The Gateway. They bring the members in, keep them coming,Training. The member who uses a personal trainer is typically their and give you the opportunity to engage them in all the othermost valuable member to the club, so naturally owners want to great fitness options your club has to offer! Don’t ignore this veryprovide offerings that cater to this profitable group. This includes important aspect of club/member dynamic and you will stay onequipment selection and programming options. Though a sound the road to success.plan on the surface, it has an inherent flaw. What percentageof your members participate in training? If you are a non studio The Abs Company specializes in commercial ab and corefacility the national average is around 10%. That means 90% of strengthening equipment. Their concept The Core Strengththe membership is not using these services yet the club is not Zone provides club members with a dedicated core area inbeing designed for them! It is this 90% that will typically spend over 60 countries around the world. Regardless of size orless and be most likely to quit. budget The Abs Company can design a Core Strength Zone just for your club. For more information visit our website at If the equipment and program offerings at your club are being, or call toll free at 866-219-5335dictated by the needs of the personal training community you are or via email at [email protected] the other 90% of your membership. That’s a horrible risk. SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 31

WHY ARE THESEPEOPLE SMILING? EB Fitness Cleveland, OhioWhen was the last time you saw people smiling, downright giddy in fact, while using a piece ofcardio equipment?That’s what you get with Helix Lateral Trainers. Everyone that tries Helix loves Helix. In just a fewshort years, over 1,000 facilities have added Helix. From Super Bowl winning teams, to 24 HourFitness, to elite universities such as Penn State, to dozens of Y’s and many others.The patented, 360° lateral motion of Helix creates RADICALLY greater muscle NOactivation than traditional cardio, so members (and athletes), see REAL results, PaymentsFAST. Which keeps them smiling. FORAnd, our special finance program, which includes no payments for 90 days, will 90 Days!keep you smiling!Will yours be the next great facility to enjoy Helix? World’s First Lateral Trainer™ 888.435.4926 (888-HELIXCO) [email protected]

PHONE: 800-668-2340 www.theinsuranceguy.comFAX: 303-800-05482425 S YANK CIRCLELAKEWOOD, CO 80228 Ken Reinig, President Tiffany White Sales & MarketingCOMPLETE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS FOR THE FITNESS INDUSTRY• Health Club Property • Personal Trainer • Equipment Manufacturers• Liability & Work Comp • Liability • Product LiabilityKen Reinig and his team have been insuring the health club industry for over 20 years.If you would like to partner up with the industry’s leading risk management specialistand probably save some money on your insurance premiums, give Ken or Tiffany acall at 800-668-2340. Or drop them an email at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Jacobs Ladder Announces Mt. Everest ChallengeAlmost 11 years ago, Jacobs Ladder LLC bought the Have you ever wondered if you could climb Mt. Everest?patent and rights to build Jacobs Ladder. “It’s been Here’s your chance.a wild ride,” explains president Bob Palka. “Whenwe first bought the assets and the patent, I had no In the past 5 years, Jacobs Ladder has grown by over 30%idea where it would take us. In the past two months, per year and continues to grow at a strong pace with thewe were at the JCC Trade Show, YMCA Trade Show, introduction of new products like Jacobs Ladder 2 and, theirIHRSA and FIBO. Trade showattendees have gone from, ‘What most recent product, the Stairway. The Stairway usesis that?’ 11 years ago to, ‘I have the same drive train as Jacobs Ladder but in a stairbeen dying to try Jacobs Ladder’ climber form. Now, Jacobs Ladder has introducedtoday.” When Jacobs Ladder firststarted the operations in July 2004, the ‘Climb to Mt. Everest’ challenge. Using any ofvery few people had experienced the Jacobs Ladder products, clients can track theirhigh intensity, low impact nature ‘feet climbed.’ Once they reach 29,035 feet,of Jacobs Ladder. Today, Jacobs club management contacts Jacobs Ladder withLadder is a preferred supplier the name of the client, size of t-shirt, and aof Gold’s Gym, JCC, World picture of the client next to Jacobs Ladder.Gym, and Anytime Fitness. Jacobs Ladder then posts it on their facebookIt can be seen in UFC gyms, page ( strength facilities, derexercise). It’s not only a great way tomilitary installments, and get people on the ladder, it’s a great wayprofessional teams around to get in shape and have fun whilethe country and the world. doing it.Jacobs Ladder LLC has Once they try it,shipped product to over Jacobs Ladder users are49 countries and boasts first intrigued by the20-25% of its sales interna- workout. It is verytionally. engaging because you are climbing a ladder. Then, the user gets a feel for the intensity. Normal users may only go for 5-10 minutes in their first workout because they are not used to the movement. It then becomes a challenge.34 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

With all of the growth, JacobsLadder LLC continues to concentrateon building durable products that willbe in the market for years to come.Jacobs Ladder is built in the USA andcomes with a 4 year parts / 1 yearlabor warranty. “We believe we have adesign that works,” says Jacobs LadderGeneral Manager, Dave Dezik. “It notonly works because of the workout forclients but because of the durability forgym owners.” For more information, please visit the Jacobs Ladder website at, or call 866.697.4100. A WINNING COMBINATION TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS SBA EXPRESS WORKING CAPITAL LOAN Loan amounts range from $20,000 up to $150,000 The business is the collateral! EQUIPMENT LEASE Leases range from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 The equipment is the collateral! CALL (800) 788-3884 FOR A NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT! Paul Bosley, Managing Member [email protected] SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 35

74 MILLIONPOTENTIAL MEMBERS Kids under 17 are one of the fastest growing segments in our industry Call Today 877.668.4664 Join The Movement!

Premium Five-Star Tanning Tanning from a Increase Membership, Stand-Up More Bottom Line Profits Kind of • HEX originated vertical tanning inCompany! 1979 and remains the global leader today • UL listed tanning system with the highest consumer safety rating • Only HEX utilizes green materials in construction • Over 100 finishes available and includes an IPOD docking station and LED signage • Our patented 3 in 1 smart lamps tan the face, body and legs evenly. They also produce a persistant tan color that increases over the next 4-5 days • Only system incorporating electronic ballasts – 25% savings on electrical bills • Service is our #1 Priority. When you call HEX you are greeted by a friendly sales consultant who can answer all your questions and take care of your every need HTS 9000 with attached dressing room programammable LED display optionalFor more information HTS 9000 please contact us at without attached 1-800-556-3201 dressing [email protected] HEX beds can be customized

Your 12 Step Program for PCI ComplianceDoes your member data security 3Protect stored cardholder today’s compliance standards? Fortunately this is where a good health club management system will help make your job much easier. If you’re using ASFIf not, you are leaving yourself, and your member data exposed to perform your recurring payment data, you do not need to storeto potential fraud. The major credit card brands worked together any of it on your own. We’ll take care of this for you. We fullyto develop a set of PCI security standards, which affect every encrypt all cardholder data and regularly review all procedures andbusiness that processes, stores or transmits credit card data. These controls used to protect the data. If you are not using ASF, makestandards apply to everyone with a hand in credit card payments sure your provider is certified PCI-DSS compliant.– even gym owners. You have a responsibility for managing creditcard data within your own environment. You need to consider what cardholder data you are storing onsite, if any. Many gyms we • Are you storing paper contracts within speak with store paper copies of their members your office that contain credit card contract. Most of these contracts will have information? the members credit card data included. This is a bad business practice and a compliance • Do you store full credit card data in a nightmare. If you store contracts you should file on your computer system? regularly check that none are missing and • Do you keep credit card data in any your contract storage area should be physically shape within your office? secured. As you can see, it gets to be a realIf you answered yes to any of these questions, nightmare very quickly. On the flip side, you canyou need systems or procedures in place “sanitize” the forms and still remain secure this information so it will be PCI By removing all but the last 4 digits of the cardCompliant. There are 12 major points of number, you don’t need to treat them as PCIcompliance that fall under PCI: data. If you choose to remove the card numbers, make sure you do it in a way that the data can’t be read.1Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data. 4Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public Dedicate the computer system(s) you use to run your gym software applications and to transmit data. In addition, If you’re using a billing company processing application,on-site credit card transactions should be on an isolated, secure they should do this for you. Verify that all cardholder data is sentnetwork. If you provide wireless Internet access to your clients, or encrypted between the payment PC and the data center. ASFhave a system used by others for non-PCI activity make sure they are manages this requirement for everyone who is using the ASFnot linked to your isolated network. We recommend a hardware router application for card processing.or firewall. If you are unable to use a hardware router or firewall,consider using a software firewall on the system itself. Windows has 5Protect all systems against malware and regularly updatea built in firewall that can be configured to perform this blocking. anti-virus software or programs. Ensure you have an anti-virus program installed on the2Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and systems used for billing applications and payment processing. other security parameters. Verify that all systems are able to detect malware and are Change the passwords on user accounts that were pre-installed configured to automatically download new virus pattern updates.on your system or router when you purchased them. Hackers Lastly, make sure the anti-virus product is performing full systemmaintain lists of default accounts that ship with devices. When a scans regularly. We recommend doing the scans every week athacker discovers your network for the first time, they will attempt a identify what you have installed and then attempt to log intothe devices using the default account lists. We recommend you 6Develop and maintain secure systems and applications.examine and change the default accounts on your Internet router, Again, verify that your billing provider manages this on theirwireless access points and computer systems. end. We manage this requirement for everyone who is using the ASF application for card processing. Provided you don’t have38 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

another application developed to manage credit card payments, 11Regularly test security systems and won’t have to take any action with this item. As a PCI merchant, you are required to have your network scanned by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Find out if your7Restrict access to cardholder data by business need to know. billing company will help you with this. For example, ASF will be Confirm that your billing company will store and manage your helping our clients meet this PCI compliance requirement in thestored cardholder data within their application. You, as the club near future with our Merchant Compliance Program.owner should ensure that you only allow access to the applicationto authorized personnel. If you store printed documents, or other 12Maintain a policy that addresses information security fortypes of cardholder data you need to have a process in place to all personnel.limit access to the information. PCI compliance requires you to have an Information Security Policy that addresses security within your organization. Review8Identify and authenticate access to system components. this regularly with your staff. Every person who accesses your club management systemmust have a unique ID and password. No one should be using These 12 items are an important part of ensuring your businessshared accounts. is following PCI compliance guidelines. PCI is a means of building customers’ trust and protecting your business against damaging9Restrict physical access to cardholder data. leaks of confidential information. Looking after your customers by Ensure your systems are only accessible by authorized staff being PCI compliant will help to ensure continued growth of yourmembers and are not accessible by members. If you are storing business and reinforce goodwill with your customers.contracts or other documents with full cardholder data, you needto put physical controls in place to limit access to the area. ASF Payment Solutions has been an industry leader in payment management and club software systems for over forty years.10Track and monitor all access to network resources and ASF believes that exceptional service and support are essential cardholder data. in building solid relationships with their clients. For more Ensure the firewall you’re using is configured to only allow information on their programs, visit www.asfpaymentsolutions.access to your billing company from your secure system and have com or call 800-227-3859.the logs from the firewall saved, protected and reviewed. Application-OnlyUP TO $250,000!Ready to purchase new fitness and non-fitness equipment? All we need isa completed, dated and signed credit application and the equipment quote(s): 60 months Call or e-mail for a credit application $1 purchase option or for more information. No down payment Just first payment in advance Simple? Meant to be. Single digit interest rate. Looking for a lower rate? Full financial package option available, too. Looking to also upgrade the club? Allowance for improvements. 2-3 hour decision turnaround On approved Chuck Lemar [email protected] T: 978-400-1628 F: 972-767-4647 SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 39

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Safety Guidelines and Insurance(Establishing Risk Management Tools to Protect You and Your Club)Whether you are a seasoned club owner or someone who purchase property insurance. Do not use your property insurance has just started in the business of fitness, there are some as a “maintenance” policy. Save it for the big stuff.important steps you need to take to keep your club safe andinsulate you from litigation. Having the correct insurance is 5Get rid of your “museum” pieces of equipment. Keep youressential, but maintaining consistent risk management protocol equipment fresh, your cables updated, and your flooringis perhaps even more important. (especially the wet areas) safe. A simple procedure like stenciling your club’s logo on all of your treadmill decks can helpThe following steps will hopefully set the basic safety standards eliminate the problem of a member stepping on a moving belt.for your gym and will also provide you with an insurance Older equipment is much more likely to fail or malfunction and“checklist” of the coverage you should consider to provide usually when under the highest degree of weight bearing stress.maximum protection for your business. 6Fire your problem member. Please keep in mind that this1Make safety and risk management a part of your club’s is YOUR business and that you have the right to refuse internal operations. As part of a regular staff meeting, service to anyone as long as you are not discriminating. club owners should also discuss risk management A problem member not only disrupts your business, it canissues. Some sample topics of discussion would be; equipment also affect your income. Take complaints from other membersmaintenance, problem wet areas, and proper member orientation. seriously and maintain zero tolerance for any aggressive behavior or sexual harassment.2Use a separate waiver document. The problem with most waivers is that they are buried within all of the other 7Clean up your staff. Your employees are a direct wording in a membership agreement form. Some waivers reflection of you and your business culture. Verify thatare even printed on the back of an agreement or are written so your trainers are certified and do background checks onpoorly that they wouldn’t hold up no matter how conspicuous it all employees that will be interacting with minors. Our industry,is. By having a separate Waiver & Release Form for members by nature, involves a lot of personal interaction and someto sign, the club can demonstrate that they have warned their “touching” while we work with our clients. Sexual innuendoclients of the possible dangers of working out and they have or dating members should not be tolerated. That goes for youagreed not to sue in the event of an accident. The waiver should too, Mr. club owner.also be signed by all guests. Now that we have set some basic procedures for risk management,3It is inevitable; members will get hurt while at the club. the following insurance checklist will help you protect the asset Even if the injury is totally the fault of the member, you that you have created. Choosing the right insurance requires some should go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure knowledge of what your exposures are so that you can work withthat the member is OK. Be sure to document every conversation, your agent to come up with a game plan for protection.act of kindness, and follow up call. Send in an incident report toyour agent along with a copy of the member’s waiver and any other 1Contents: Consider the replacement value of all yourinformation that you feel would be important for your insurance equipment, inventory, computers, phone systems, andcompany to know about. Witness reports are also crucial when furniture. Do not make the mistake of choosing a lowreporting an incident. Keep in mind that acts of kindness and limit to save on premium costs. Property insurance is relativelyeven offers of a free training session do not constitute admission cheap. A typical club will pay approximately $300 a year forof guilt. Just practice the Golden Rule and you will be fine. every $100,000 of protection. All property insurance comes with “coinsurance” that can severely penalize you if you have a loss4Fix the small stuff at your club. Don’t wait for stuff and are underinsured. to break before you replace them. Roof leaks are a particular problem that can affect your ability to maintain 2Tenant Improvements: Whether or not you or yourcompetitive property insurance rates. A club that has backup of landlord paid for your “build-out” costs, your lease willsewer & drains, clogged gutters that cause interior damage and probably require that you are responsible for any “interiorroofs that need to be updated, may result in the club’s ability to improvements” in the event of a fire or any other property loss.42 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Therefore, you will need to estimate this cost and add this 6Employment Practices Liability Insurance: This is aadditional coverage to your application. You will probably also separate policy designed to cover you from claims broughtneed to insure the HVAC and all plate glass. Be sure to let your against you by an employee for sexual harassment,agent know so that he/she can assist you in calculating your total discrimination and wrongful termination.exposure to property loss. 7Workers Compensation: Even if you only use independent3Loss of Business Income: This is an amount of protection that contractors, you will likely be required to protect them from will replace your net income and on-going necessary expenses injury while they are working on your behalf. in the event your club would have to close due to a coveredproperty loss (fire, tornado, roof collapse, etc). We recommend that Finally, read your Exclusions & Limitations: Nobody readsyou try to protect at least 4 months of revenue. However, only you can their insurance policies; not even me. However, we should alldetermine how much coverage, if any, you want to purchase to replace review the areas of the policy that are listed as “exclusions andyour income if you are shut down as a result of a major catastrophe. limitations”. This is where you will find out what you are NOT covered for. Insurance, as a rule, is designed to transfer risk; it4Building Coverage: Just like your contents protection, you does not eliminate it. need to determine the replacement value to rebuild from the ground up. This figure can vary depending on the type Ken Reinig is President of Reinigof construction and the area of the country you are located. It is Insurance Solutions. If you have anyoften helpful to consult a local contractor to determine the proper questions or would like to obtain freelimit. Keep in mind you are the one who is ultimately responsible risk management information includingfor choosing the proper protection limits. sample waivers and club policies and guidelines, he can be contacted at5Liability Insurance: Make sure that your liability insurance [email protected] also covers professional. You may also want to consider an umbrella or excess policy to cover claims thatexceed $1,000,000.Convenient Bottle and Towel HolderEasily attaches to all 216-378-4298equipment or walls.Prevent germ and www.gymvalet.comvirus transmission. [email protected] expensivedisposable wipes.Save up to 95%! SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 43

There’s an Easier Way – A Right Way!By MaryAnn Molloy, Senior Consultant, Global Fitness AssociationMeet Global Fitness Association’s taken her 25 years in consumer marketing Footprint helping or hurting you? Do youMarketing 2.0 Team! and now runs a personal training studio. know what a Digital Store Front is? Visit We are all here for you! our website at www.globalfitnessasso-The Global Fitness Association Marketing and we’llarm is gaining strength. We’ve expanded Working across several marketing plat- conduct a free search of your businessour marketing offerings to include more of forms, we can help with everything from on the top 40 listing site platforms, andwhat you’ve been requesting to make you creating an organic marketing strategy to we’ll email you a report card telling youmore successful in your own endeavors assisting you with social media marketing. how you’re doing - with no obligation onto build guest traffic. The Marketing 2.0 your part.Team combines cutting edge technol- Today’s key focus is the Digital Storeogy with the classical tried and true. Front. You have a Digital Store Front These interactive marketing tools andWhether it is helping you move to whether you know it or not. While everyone techniques offer a multi-channel strat-the latest in online best practices knows they need to have an Internet pres-or designing a targeted market- ence, it is hard to find the right formula egy for customer contact. Currently,ing piece, we have the pieces with this ever-changing technology. It’s many small businesses do notand expertise to work with you both a science and an art (just like the have an interactive marketingbased upon your needs and health club business). strategy that supports growthbudget. opportunities. In today’s com- Can your customers find you online? petitive environment coupled The Marketing 2.0 Team In today’s market, savvy consumers are with economic conditions, itat Global Fitness Associa- doing their research online whether buy- is not enough just to have ation has a combined industry ing a house, car or a gym membership. website. Your market may beexperience of over 70 years. They are not only shopping by price (even local, however you also need aBoth club owners and marketing if they think they are initially). Are your global reach to help level the play-gurus, Jason Alles, Kim Koehler and customers finding you? Is your DigitalMaryAnn Molloy will personally interact ing field with big box clubs. If donewith you and help you get on the pathway correctly and consistently you couldto profitability. Jason Alles literally grew even gain an advantage.up in the business. He has 30 years ex- The Global Fitness Association Mar-perience working for the clubs his father keting 2.0 Team will show you tools andfounded SportsLife in Atlanta GA. Jason techniques, used by the Fortune 500, tohas channeled his passion for the industry enhance your Internet marketing presence.and marketing to create a system that has We can do it for you or show you how - de-been proven to generate guests. MaryAnn pending on your time and budget.Molloy has over 25 years starting with big Global Fitness Association can showbox gyms and then moving into her own you how to control your content and op-women’s only gym and of late a private timize your search engine reach withouttraining studio for people over 40. She also those high priced internet/SEO consultantshas taught a personal trainer certification (today’s snake oil salesmen - at least somecourse and mentored trainers into their of them). You might get calls from someown businesses. Kim Koehler has a degree consultants who have figured out com-in Economics and a Masters in Marketing. plicated algorithms to crack the Goggle(We had to have ONE brainiac). She has or Bing codes, but at the end of the day, your message is still being controlled by these entities.46 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL

Instead we have methods that help you: Front proprietary software is available, guest traffic by taking control of your you don’t have to tackle this daunting message and connecting with your cus- • Create your message task alone. tomers and prospects. Be sure to like us • Control your message on Facebook to get the latest news and • Connect with customers and prospects Let’s not forget, Digital Store Front scheduled webinar times. Marketing is just one piece of the puzzle. The bottom line is, the more (relevant Regardless of what technologies and Global Fitness Association, createdand original) content (blogs, reviews, tools you use, you are still in a people by several fitness professionals withlikes) you have on the WWW (World business, and we can help! At the end over 40 years in the fitness industry,Wide Web) the better your chances of of the day, you need guest traffic to has emerged as the number onebeing discovered. Keep in mind, people increase sales and optimization of your resource in the industry. Do whatwill find you because they did either an current membership (yes, people again)! hundreds of fitness professionalsorganic or a specific search. However Our motto is “more guests…less guess- have done and become a memberthey discover you, you will need to have work.” We have developed a strategy today for only $10.00 per much content about your business out and systems that can be customizedthere so you are easy to find. for your target market that will generate Special thanks to Jason Alles, Kim more guest traffic. These strategies and Koehler, Gary Gresham, and Gary Hood Every successful business, whether it systems have been proven to work even for contributing to this article. For moreis a sole proprietorship or big box gym, in the toughest economic and competi- information or for a FREE evaluation callis doing this because they know it helps tive markets. MaryAnn Molloy 919-745-8520 or emailand have allocated valuable resources [email protected] making this happen. Now that the Stay tuned for our mini-webinars (yes,Global Fitness Association, Digital Store we know you’re busy) and video snippets where will show you how to create moreMade in America Over 3,000 colleges, government organizations and health clubs use MicroFit software and integrated testing equipment to assess and track the wellness of their students, employees and members. • Wellness Assessment • Fitness Assessment • Diet & Nutrition • Exercise Training Free trial software: 800-822-0405 [email protected] SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 47 Your Online One-Stop-Shopping SourceCheck out our free on-line versions of National Fitness Trade Journal at NationalFitnessTradeJournal.comLIST YOUR COMPANY HERE! List your company’s information in our NFTJ Web Directory, both print and online, for only $1000per year (5 issues). To learn more, go to, call (541) 830-0400, or email [email protected] FITNESS LICENSING/ •B7IL0T2-b2y15A-g2a18s1si & [email protected]•aa8llee6t6t..-cc4oo3mm5-2009 ENTERTAINMENT FRANCHISING www.biltbyagassiandreyes.comBILLING SERVICES sw•[email protected].nc.ocmom Ms Fitness / Miss Fitness [email protected] Payment Solutions M•[email protected] 541-830-0400 [email protected]•po9ol1ilsi8s.-c.c9o4om3m-6677• 800-227-3859 FITNESS TESTING LOCKERS Cybex • bioDensity • 847-656-3001 [email protected]•.rcs8o.0cm0o-m88-IDEAL [email protected] [email protected]ß NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS/ [email protected] • 866-498-3279 Microfit • 800-822-0405 SUPPLEMENTS H•[email protected] S•[email protected] MtEverClimb • [email protected] [email protected] PILATES www.mteverclimb.comCARDIO EQUIPMENT FLOORING Lagree Fitness • 818-260-0433 [email protected]@4a0.ccd2aa-es4sHc0c6aae2ddaeeltbbhiikk&eetFtrriaatniinneeesrrsss•..ccoomm •[email protected]..mccoosmm sw•[email protected] • 774-324-8000 FREE WEIGHT PUBLICATIONS Precor • EQUIPMENT [email protected] [email protected] I•[email protected]ccoomm National Fitness Trade Journal [email protected]@g.aeemxxeeerrgg•aa8mm77ee-ff6iitt6nn8ee-s4ss6s.6.cc4oomm [email protected]•olo8c7ck7k.c-.c3o1om6m-9853 [email protected] iw•[email protected]..ccoommG•[email protected]tsnneessss..ccoomm [email protected]•gg8tt8hh8..c-c8oo5mm1-8989 REFURBISHED/REMANUFAC- RopeFlex • [email protected]•po9ol1ilsi8s.-c.c9o4om3m-6677 FUNCTIONAL FITNESS TURED EQUIPMENT [email protected]•h8eh8lei8xl-icx4oc3.o5c-.oc4mo92m6 wTowrqwu.etoFriqtnueesfistn•e8s7s7.c-8o6m7-7835 Fitness Equipment Source [email protected] Ladder • 866-697-4100 [email protected] • 800-748-5125 [email protected][email protected]xxeerrcciissee..ccoomm GENERAL CONTRACTOR [email protected] Torque Fitness • 877-867-7835Precor • 800-786-8404 iw•[email protected]ttiioonn..ccoomm SAUNA & STEAM EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES [email protected] INSURANCE Diamond Fitness TANNING EQUIPMENT &StairMaster • 888-678-2476 Reinig Insurance Solutions • 800-966-7758 w•[email protected] [email protected][email protected] [email protected] TRADE SHOWSSwtwarwT.rsatacr•tr8a0c0.-c2o2m8-6635 LEASING/FINANCING SERVICES National Fitness Trade [email protected] Affiliates Capital M• n•[email protected][email protected]• • 978-400-1628 [email protected] WHOLE BODY [email protected]•t8eb0ien0rc-.c2.c3oo7m-m2271 SOFTWARE Power Plate • 877-877-5283CERTIFICATION/ [email protected] A•[email protected]oaanll..cscoomm www.powerplate.comEDUCATION •[email protected]eerrttss..ccoomm EZFacility • 866-498-3279 [email protected][email protected]•ena8sfmb0sna0B-f.cb7uo2as6m.icn-3oe5ms0s6 YOUTH FITNESS [email protected][email protected] STRENGTH EQUIPMENT Exergame • 877-668-4664 wT• [email protected] [email protected] SPECIAL EDITION 2015 | 49

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